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Summary: You never knew Lingere had such an effect on your Eternal husband, which broadens your horizon in how to have control over the mind controller himself.
Tumblr media
WC: 8,700 (So Lengthy, sorry!)
Warnings: SMUT! With a pinch of fluff :D
Previous parts in Sub Druig Series:
A/N: I HAD to had a third installment of the Sub Druig series that seemed to be exploded on this site! I hope you guys like it!
“What about this one?”
“That seems a bit….much,”
You were staring at a scandalous two-piece lingerie set that Sersi was holding up for you, in which you looked with wide eyes and almost felt a bit clammy. It was nearly sheer, you giving Sersi a scandalous look.
“I’ll be practically naked in this!” You huffed at her and grabbed the lingerie from her grasp to hide it from sight. Sersi just giggled and shrugged while she moved on to look at another set of lingerie that was hanging on the wall. It was not your idea to go to a lingerie and adult store with Sersi, not to mention her wanting to find some things for herself and Dane. You liked the pair of them together, they were compatible and complimented each other really well. But as you were wandering around the store, Seri’s motives of finding something for her gravitated to finding something for me. It was not why you came in the first place, only to accompany Sersi. Sersi didn’t have to say it, but she merely wanted to see if you were going to be tempted by anything scandalous or revealing for Druig.
But that already made you blush madly.
Your relationship with Druig stood the test of time, lasting centuries and beyond the boundaries, you never thought you had. Ever since you two got together so long ago, within the earlier years of the planet itself, you two were inseparable and were crazy for one another. There was never a dull or angry moment with him, and the fact that he was head over heels for you was enough for you to feel almost invincible. You two were a packaged deal, Druig made sure of that whenever there was a decision to be made or a choice that needed to be concrete.
The one side of Druig that was still private, something scared and you never dared to expose to the light, was the intimate side of your relationship. You two were rather private in the sensual and physical aspect of your relationship together, not going farther than holding hands when you two were out and about or around the others. It was a mutual agreement, neither one of you having the true urge to flaunt what you had with one another. But it was when you two were alone, your atmosphere was private beyond intimate when you saw the sensual and organic sides to one another. There were no barriers, no walls that were guarding either one of your hearts were seen or felt, all that was present was the pair of you. Because of that, you saw a clear new side of Druig that you never thought you’d see.
The vulnerable and submissive side of him.
Druig felt so safe and was willing to be exposed and open to you, which was such a contrast to how he carried himself out in the open. He was almost cool and calm, wise with his words and knowing what to say to calm a situation down in the heat of the moment. Throughout the years of being together and living with the Eternals amongst the humans, you could see some of the pressure and intense stress that would be on his shoulders. As time went by and the human race evolved, it was harder to see and watch Druig go throughout the day without feeling pain or regret for not helping the Humans. He craved to protect them from one another, to bring harmony to them in times of war or anger. All you could do was hold his hand, to remind him gently and with soothing words that it was not his fault. It worked most of the time, yet there were a few circumstances that hand-holding, and words weren’t going to be enough to take him out of his head.
So the next step was him, literally at your mercy.
The first time it happened was in Babylonia, a moment of being vulnerable with Druig in your arms turned out to be one of the best nights of your life. Druig wanted you to show him how to love you, properly and completely love you on a level you never thought you knew you needed. Everything about that night set your mind ablaze, overriding your senses and making your love for Druig blossom. The way he held you, the way he kissed your skin and moaned against your jaw, and the way he made love to you as if you were the sole source of life that he needed. It wasn’t fucking, that word seemed too harsh and too brutal in what you two shared that night.
You made love, the pure definition of love.
To see Druig under your spell, hanging on your word and following every command that you gave him, both surprised you and brought out a new side of you that you never thought existed. Something deep inside of you, almost primal in a way, craved and wanted to be dominant and commanding to Druig. There was no need to over overboard with it either, you never wanted to push that envelope that far. Plus, Druig was more of a pushover for you anyways. If he could, Druig would crawl on his belly if you told him to, after coaxing him into his vulnerable side. It took you centuries later to figure out what kind of trance Druig would get into, and it surprised you when you did the research.
You two were inseparable, even after you all separated at Technotilian when Druig and enough of seeing humans destroy one another. You pained your heart too, following Druig with no sign of being hesitant in your choice. He was your husband after all, you two getting married in the late 1100s during the Crusades. You both worked as one, so where he went you would follow. It was vice versa with the choices you would make, Druig following you as well. So the pair of your built a life in the Amazon with those Druig took under his mind control, making a small community that was shut away from the rest of the world and its sins. You both breathed life in the village, seeing the growth and bounty of those soldiers and families forming together as years bled into decades, decades in centuries.
But 500 years seemed like a blink of an eye.
You were summoned back to your family to stop the Emergence of a new Celestial, who was dead asleep within the compounds of the Earth. Arishem showed Sersi was true nature of Eternals, which infuriated yourself and Druig all the more when she broke the news at the village, with the others in tow. Not only that but to hear of the death of Ajak, which was a hard pill to swallow. You were needing to talk to Druig privately and converse with him about what he wanted to do. You saw the anger, felt it too in his voice, but deep down you knew that you had to help. So it didn’t take that long to convince Druig to not just help your family, but help save the world.
And you both did, barely though.
Now that things were somewhat back to normal and the planet was saved, you and Druig were trying to find your rhythm again. Druig knew that the village would be fine without the pair of your running it, leaving it to the people to diced if they would rather stay or go out on their own, That choice was laid there for them, Druig never holding them there against their will. So you both chose to go on the Domo with Makkari and Thena, to go off and find other Eternals that could be out there in the universe or even farther out from there. But before you two would do on the Domo, you wanted to take a few things with you for the trip.
So that’s where you were, in a lingerie shop, with Sersi and blushing like a madwoman.
“Come on, try this one. At least try it on for me!” Sersi tried one last one with you. It seemed alright on the hanger, a deep red color that was almost crimson in the light of the store and against your pale hand when you held it up. The material was stretchy, lace and simple designs were etched in, and it seemed more tasteful than the first one. Only to stop Sersi from pestering you into trying on these scandalous pieces, you gave in and went to the dressing room. In your mind you thought you were already going to hate it, going into a negative mind space instantly because of how your view about your body image. It wasn’t that you hated how you looked: you were perfectly fine in your mind. But this was new: putting on clothing like this that seemed to show more skin than you were used to, it felt like you were jumping head first into cold waters.
But once you emerged, wearing the piece feeling entirely exposed, something inside of you shifted. Seeing and feeling the fabric against your skin, analyzing how it brought out the dip in your hips along your waist and the curves near your breasts no longer felt embarrassed. You were floored by how you looked in the mirror, not being able to say a word as your eyes went up and down along your body. It has been some time since you had amazing self-confidence in your body, and there was never any real need for you to simplify it yourself since Druig almost showered you with affection and love. He would tell you constantly that he loved your body, all of the curves and dips you had was perfect for him. Druig never slowed in his physical affection for you, and there was no doubt that he loved you with everything.
“Wow,” You whispered, seeing that garment on your body and feeling a rush under your skin. You’ve felt that rush before, the sudden sense of empowerment in your veins and your soul. Like you were on top of a cliff, seeing all that was in front of you, right before you would take the leap and plunge into the water. You’ve felt this with Druig, having him under your trance and spell so willingly. That feeling and taste of power were rare but amazing to feel. This was just the same.
You walked over to the cashier, keeping the garment in the bag as you handed it over to pay. Sersi watched a grin on her face, you giving her a friendly glare.
“Not a single word, Sersi,” You said to her as the cashier was ringing you up. Seris just giggled.
The Domo
You were looking at yourself again in the mirror, seeing the lingerie you bought a mere month ago on Earth on your body again as you were in your bathroom. This time, you felt the jitters against your lower stomach and a small wave of clamminess in your palms. You were seeing this in a new light, maybe a second or third time guessing yourself when it came to what you wanted to do, and what you wanted to show Druig.
You hid your purchase all this time, thinking that you needed the perfect moment to show this to Druig. After you bought it, things were making your body and keeping you occupied, placing that garment on the back burner. Once you were settled on the Domo, back in your old joined room with Druig, other errands made you all busy. The pair of you with Thena and Makkari was busy trying to navigate the galaxy that it was hard to find some real alone time.
But you finally found the time, and you were going to take it for all its worth.
The soft sound of the door into your bedroom opening and closing was heard, you took a shaky breath as you looked over your image one more time in the mirror of the bathroom. You wore make-up one more small suggestion from Sersi. Sersi surprised you in more ways than one. After you left that lingerie shop with Sersi, your purchase in its bag, and Sersi having a few items of her own, you gave her a questionable look.
“I like doing some adventurous stuff with Dane,” She replied with a shrug, though you saw the faintest blush on her cheeks. You grinned, liking this new side of Sersi.
“My heart?” Druig asked, using your pet name from the bedroom, “You okay? You ran off after dinner,”
“Yeah,” You called back out, taking in a sharp inhale as you looked at your image one more time,” I’ll be right there,”
With one more glance over how you looked, you felt a bit satisfied with how you appeared. Your hair was long and in waves, around your shoulders and feeling lighter than ever. The red lipstick you wore popped against your skin and freckles, making your bright eyes pop and almost look illuminated. But it was the deep red of the fabric that once again made you lose your breath. It was a teddy bodysuit, floral lace with a scalloped trim, and a collar that held up the top of the piece with nothing along your backside. There was a small opening right between the valley of your breasts, closed right above your belly bottom. One part of you felt exposed, almost like you were on display, in how it was showing skin in certain areas but hiding the other parts that would be too scandalous. However, the other part of you felt free in this outfit. The way it fits against your body seemed very right, almost like it was meant for you to wear.
You had to have faith that Druig would love it, that he would love anything you were in for certain, but especially this. You’ve been married for nearly a thousand years, and yet it still felt so fresh and almost intimidating to you to do something like this with Druig. But this was Druig, this was your husband that you knew so well and loved beyond reason and logic. The same Druig that you were friends with before you fell in love, and the very Druig who knew you entirely.
You threw on a black robe that came to your mid-thigh and walked out of the bathroom a bit timidly, seeing Druig already in the bedroom and rummaging through the dresser against the wall. He changed into his loose pants and a thin shirt, his hair already askew and ruffled. You had no idea how you were going to do this, you’ve only made it so far as to throw up a hint of makeup and the lingerie without freaking out and almost having a meltdown. But you calmed yourself, slipping out and closing the bathroom door with a soft click.
“Hello you,” You said to him in a breath, seeing him stand fully back up and grin from hearing your voice.
“Hello to you—“ He replied, turning to face you. He froze, seeing you in a black robe with makeup on and a small look of anticipation on your face. You could tell he was surprised to see you like this, wearing something that was not your typical fashion. He grinned, you seeing that dimple on his cheek as he smiled at you and walked over with pep to his step.
“What’s this about?” he asked in genuine curiosity. You just cocked your head at him, trying to remain calm. Even the way he stared at you made you feel that sense of wonder like you already had the hook in him and there was no way you were going to release it.
“I wanted to show you something that I got,” You explained, your voice a bit breathy as he stood in front of you, still giving you enough space but he felt close enough, “And now that I’m standing here in front of you, I’m getting a bit nervous,”
Druig grinned widely at you and seeing you look a bit flustered. One of your hands kept the robe shut in front of you, not wanting to show him just yet as Druig took the other hand in his. You felt him rub his thumb along the top of your hand to give you some ease.
“I feel rather honored that I make you nervous,” He said in a warm tone, seeing the small blush upon your cheeks, “Even after nearly 900 years of marriage, I love makin’ you nervous,”
“You make me feel a lot of things,” You reminded him, squeezing your hand in his as you took in a long breath, “Just…..don’t judge me,”
Druig stared into your eyes deeply, seeing the hesitance that was there and almost the uneasiness too. He took another step, being toe to toe with you and reaching up to frame your face every so gently within his strong yet soothing hands.
“I would never judge you,” He reminded you calmly, his voice soothing yet serious at the same time as he stared into your eyes. You saw the truth, knowing deep down that Druig would never see you in a different light. You were an open book to him, and it was the same for him. There was nothing either of you hid from the other, and that was the main component and reason your relationship lasted this long and stayed this strong.
So you took your breath, keeping your eyes directly on Druig’s as the hand that was keeping your robe shut started to loosen its hold on the fabric. It felt like you were going in slow motion, so tempting to just drop your hand and let the fabric be seen. But you had another plan in mind.
“Then go sit on the bed,” You said in a low tone, not in a menacing way but a hum. Druig searched your eyes, seeing the small amount of braver that sunk in as he finally grinned at you. He kissed you sweetly one last time, leaning into you slightly and making you feel the love on his lips. Within a moment before you could react or kiss him back, he moved away from you and over to the edge of the bed, sitting on the surface and watching you. You could see he was amused with what you had planned, not at all impatient. He kept his stare on you, almost looking a bit excited himself. Once again, you had a split moment of worry and uneasiness in your gut.
Yet it went away as you saw him smile at you, taking you back to those rare smiles that were only meant for you. It was only a handful of times you saw that kind of grin on his face, the dimple showing on his cheek and his eyes twinkling from pure happiness. You saw it when you were married when you kissed for the first time, and the first time you two were beyond intimate together in Babylonia. Now it was there again, perhaps it was because he was seeing you about to be vulnerable and open to him.
The robe opened without you thinking twice, showing the very front of the lingerie.
Within a second, the mood in the room instantly shifted and morphed into something deeper. Your eyes were trained on Druig, solely on him alone as he saw what you were wearing. The robe was still hanging off your shoulders, not falling to the ground just yet but simply being on your shoulders and your arms. The blue in his eyes was shining as he finally saw the lingerie against your skin, you waiting with bated breath to see or hear his reaction. For a moment he was frozen like a statue, maybe frozen in time as he was on the bed and watching you
But then the shift happened in his eyes, you saw it and almost felt it. His eyes widened and you heard his breath quicken as he looked at you up and down. Something seemed to break down in him, the rational side of him almost left the room as his mouth nearly dropped open in either shock or amazement. You were still standing so still, not knowing what to say or what to do. Finally, you heard one word that slipped from his lips. It sounded hoarse, almost like a whimper on his lips as he let it float in the room.
The way he stared at you made you instantly think that he viewed you as the center of the universe, beyond the universe. You’ve seen this stare before, and it was the kind of stare that he only shared with you behind closed doors. The feeling of him gazing at you like a prize only heightened your senses and your heartbeat at the same time. The very first time you saw him look at you in such a manner was so long ago in Babylonia, having him under your as you rode him and your orgasm took flight with him proclaiming you a Goddess. You remembered that sentence fully:
“You look a Goddess, you look like a gorgeous Goddess above me, and I get to worship you….only you…”
You could see it, in his eyes, that he was once again worshipping you.
The way his eyes moved so slow, starting at your hips and moving up to your exposed stomach, at such a tedious rate. You could see he was staring at the fabric against your skin, keeping you snug enough to highlight your curves and the dips along your thighs. It was one thing to see it on you when you were alone in that lingerie store, thinking that you were rather confident in yourself. Yet now, seeing the reaction on Druig’s face was enough to magnify and heightened that confidence inside of you.
“Do you like it?” you asked, almost sheepishly. Although it was just the pair of you, you already felt plenty exposed in that room and with Druig observing you. Maybe you thought was a foolish thing to ask, merely because you were seeing his reaction play out. He gulped, literally gulped, as if he wasn’t able to breathe for the last moment. He finally blinked a few times, never losing your gaze and finally saying something else after that pregnant pause.
“You look amazin,” he said in a gasp, his voice sounding so raw in that split second. He then was clutching the edge of the bed in a death grip, his fingers were digging into the fabric of the bedding and it looked like he was about to rip it into a thousand pieces. You were wondering why he wasn’t moving, or why he wasn’t doing anything in general. Yet it took you several seconds to register what was going on and see that singular pondering look in his eyes. The way he was clutching the bed like it was keeping him on the ground, or keeping him in one place.
Was he….was he waiting for you to tell him what to do?
“Is it amazing enough that you wish to take it off of me?” You asked, feeling that secretive but dominant side of you come into play. There was a flirtatious way you say it, nothing brash or bold about it. Anytime you two were going to interact like this, you made sure he was fully into it and not halfway. That line was never crossed with you, nor was it crossed with him. So you had to make sure, fully make sure, that Druig was in the right headspace.
“No,” he replied, you then looking at him with a hint of confusion and almost in remorse. Maybe this was not the best idea, you almost felt foolish while you were about to cover yourself back up. But Druig saw you, a bit of regret on your face and he immediately got up. Within seconds, he was in front of you, moving so fast from the bed that he looked like a blur and he placed his hands on yours to stop you from covering yourself.
“Wait…no! Not like that,” he said in a rush, seeing the look of fear on your face from the possible rejection he just went through. He gulped, scanning your eyes and keeping your hands in his own, “Not like that I all, I swear! I just….I want to watch you for a little bit longer and just….I…”
He groaned, leaning in a bit and closing his eyes almost in frustration and maybe defeat. You let him, almost pulling him into your hold as well as his hands slowly slipped from your hands to touch the fabric against your waist. Once his fingers brushed the fabric and your skin, he full-on shuttered and almost caved in. That wall he would usually have up around him crumbled within seconds from just touching you. His fingers still touched your waist slightly, and once he inhaled so harshly within a moment that his arm went around you and he finally leaned into you hard to kiss you.
This kiss felt like liquid fire, and you couldn’t help but whimper when your lips touched.
It felt hot and heavy, but not desperate. Not just yet. Druig was almost trying to contain himself by kissing you and not going further than that. You let him consume you, feeling those kisses against your lips was enough for you to push those doubts away that were haunting you for the briefest of moments and seconds. It was a rare thing to have Druig be at a loss for words, he always knew what to say and how to say it at the right moment. But with him needing to kiss you, solely because he had no proper words to shower on you and to give you.
One of his hands framed the back of your neck, keeping you in one spot as he pushed plenty of more kisses against your lips with such assurance and dedication that it took your breath away. His other hand was still splayed on your waist, almost like it was glued there with no sign of letting you go.
He pulled away, staying so close to you as he released his lips from yours as he gazed hotly into your eyes. His eyes started to go back and glazed over, his entire face seeming flushed, and there was a certain spell that he seemed to be under your touch. Just like before, it thrilled you and heightened your senses at the same time.
“You’re the most beautiful person I have ever seen in my life,” he said in a breath against your lips, gazing hard at you and having you see how truthful he was, making your heart skip a beat as he inhaled sharply and held you a bit closer, “I have never seen anyone as gorgeous as you,”
“Don’t just say that because I’m wearing this,” You said sheepishly, yet Druig shook his head so quickly it could have fallen off his head. The hand behind your neck slid down your neck onto your collarbone, near the fabric against your collarbone, and rested it there almost possessively.
“You’re always been beautiful to me,” he said, almost like a vow to you, “I love everythin’ about you. Whether it’s the shine in your hair, or the brightness in your eyes when you laugh. I love looking at you every day and considering myself lucky to call you my wife, my love, my siren, my everything.”
You stayed quiet, letting those words stick against your skin and heart as Druig said it to you like a prayer. He’s said it so many times, plenty of times in both good times and bad. He had no hesitation in telling you how much he cared for you, how much he adored you, and the love he had for you exceeded anything else on the planet.
“Seeing you here…wearing this just for me….God, I feel so fuckin’ lucky and beyond loved,” He said to you, his voice almost wavering as he kept his hard stare at you, “You have such a hold of me that I can’t control it…but I don’t want to control it. I want you to have control,”
There it was: Druig giving you control in this situation.
You had to be honest, you were feeling a new wave coming into your veins from hearing him say that to you. It always made you feel so good, so powerful, when Druig was willing to be at your command in those moments alone. You never knew you had it in you, not even after the first time you did this. Even with the boundaries being there and you both worked so hard to establish and use them in these moments, that sense of power was both exhilarating and scary at the same time. But if he was willing to make this jump with you, you were going to jump with him.
“You want me to have control?” You asked, dropping your voice almost an octave and staring at Druig with gentle yet dominant eyes. Druig heard it in your tone, saw it in your gaze, and felt it as you placed your hands on the one hand that was on your collarbone and that was somewhat playing with the edge of the fabric against your skin. Druig gulped, nodding his head a bit rapidly now as he was long gone. You laced your fingers with his on your collarbone, leaving the past in the past and taking the jump. You leaned into his hold, your lips touching his own barely.
“Then I want you to help me feel amazing in this, only for you,” You hummed against his lips.
Druig moved swiftly, locking his lips with yours as he lifted you suddenly in his arms. You almost squeaked, feeling his hands under your thighs and making you wrap your legs around his thick waist while your hands and fingers sank into his hair. You two were locked in a heated kiss, showing no sign of slowing down as he walked the pair of you over to the bed again while he was tracing your lower lips with the tip of his tongue. Although you had control in this situation, it felt like Druig was pushing your buttons making you weak in the knees.
He placed you on the bed, right on the edge gently and with a hint of urgency, letting himself fall to his knees and was perched between your legs. It reminded you of that same time he was beneath you on the loveseat in Babylonia, pliant under your touch but still worshipping you with everything he had. His arms pushed over your shoulders, getting the robe off of your body finally and making you feel the hint of chill from the room. His fingers brushed against your bare shoulders and forearms, having you sigh against his lips as his tongue touched yours and he leaned into you some more. Maybe Druig was distracting you, his hands descending to the front of your outfit and right over your breasts. He groaned touching the fabric that was covering you with a hint of modesty but still showing enough skin to make him shake. The opening in the middle of your breasts and near your belly button made him slightly quiver when his hands are touching your bare stomach.
Finally, he stopped kissing your lips and was descending his kisses along your jawline to your neck, then down your body nice and easily as if it was second nature to you. You were watching in a dazed stare, your puffy lips and dilated eyes were trained on Druig as his hands went to your hips to hold you close to him while his lips were mapping out your body nice and slow. You felt every kiss like it was a bolt of lightning, and seeing him on his knees between your thighs was enough to make your head swim and almost so light-headed.
You were watching in stunned silence, seeing that he was getting closer and closer to where you were aching the most. Once he got to your chest, he leaned into kissing each bare breast that was exposed in the garment, having you nearly moan out loud from feeling his lips on your skin. Your fingers latched into his brown hair, holding you gently but almost with some control as he was going lower, and lower, and lower. He kissed through the dark red fabric, leaving wet and dark marks on the red material as he moved on with no sign of slowing down. His hands on your hips tightened as he was now near your lower stomach.
You were gazing in amazement and wonder as he was pushing his love onto you. It showed the massive devotion he had for you as he finally made it to your crotch Druig paused, taking in a long moment before he looked up at you with the pure look of lust in your orbs. It made you pause and freeze, locking eyes with him as he reached to take off the smaller piece of underwear that you were wearing beneath the lingerie. He kept his gaze at you as the material slipped down your thighs and legs, him moving the underwear off in a huff and without breaking eye contact. With his hands on your thighs to gently keep you on the edge of the bed, Druig finally exhaled and gave you a sweet yet seductive grin.
His lips finally made it where you needed them, you sighing in ecstasy
You felt his lips and tongue against your cunt, moving with such precision that it made you almost keel over him and gasp into his hair. No matter how many times he’s done this to you, it always felt like the very first time and it felt like electricity in your veins. Druig knew where to touch with his fingers and where to lick with the flat of his tongue, your folds moving with ease under his spell and the pleasure deep in your lower stomach was growing by the second. HIs gripped your hips, mostly the fabric on your hips as he held it between his fingers like a lifeline. You tried to stay upright and watch him devour you between your legs, but with every lick he gave and every push of his tongue against your walls, it was making it harder for you to stay upright. Finally, with one fatal swipe of his tongue right at your entrance and over your clit, you moaned loudly and fell back onto the bed in a heap.
Druig pulled you closer by your lingerie on your lips, still eating you out in such an intimate yet filthy way that it was making your head spin. All you could do was hold the bedsheet neat to your head, groaning and moaning into your arm as he was making your pleasure build up higher and higher. It was such a turn on how he held onto your lingerie for an anchor, showing so sign of letting you go as he was still licking you out with no sign of slowing down. You were feeling the peak coming through as the minutes was going by, Druig knew how to push your buttons and how to make your thighs shake. He was making everything heightened on your skin, in your mind, and between your legs. Although he kept his hands on his hips. You knew full well how he would do this to you when he was worked up the right way.
He would eat you out with his tongue alone.
“Oh…oh f-fuck Druig…” You moaned out loud with a shawm of pleasure hitting down your spine. You felt his groan against your folds, hearing you call out his name was a trigger for him, Reaching down, you laced your fingers in his brown locks and yanked slightly to have him groan again as you gulped for air, “Your tongue….you’re w-wrecking me. Don’t s-s-stop….don’t you d-dare.”
it was harder to talk to him and stay in control of the way he was devouring you with his mouth and lips. But you felt him lick you deeper and harder as if he wanted to be consumed fully by you. He showed no sign of slowing down and stopping, which was already a clear indicator that you were going to orgasm sooner than later. But you couldn't help but go along for the ride, feeling how his hands were keeping you in one spot and still giving you tedious licks and suckling along your folds so smoothly and delicately. One of his hands left your hip to reach up, along your stomach, and to the opening of the lingerie that was between your breast. Once his hands touched your skin there, his entire hand almost disappearing within the red lace and his fingers tracing the swells of your breasts, you gasped loudly and moaned hoarsely. You could feel your thighs shaking and the pulse under your skin going faster.
You were close. So close.
“I’m about to cum,” You gasped out loud, thinking that he could hear you as you felt that spring in your lower stomach about to snap into a thousand pieces, “P-please….please make me cum. I need to c-cum…Make me—“
He silence you with one suck on your clit, his lips around it and he sucked. Hard.
You screamed out as the orgasm hit you sideways and made you feel like you were made of stars. It was like this every time, the feeling of being out of your body and soaring through the stars. How your sense amplified and everything felt beyond good and right. There was no other feeling like it, you’ve never had another feeling that was just as close. You forgot, for a moment, if it lasted for seconds or minutes, but that high that was scorching through you was enough to make you not care.
Finally, you were coming down from your high, the tempo was slowing down within you and you tried to find your breath again. For a moment you forgot where you were, a tired smile on your lips as your limbs were feeling so loose and languid. But your hand touching the hair between your legs, you pulled slightly within the locks. The body that was still there, never once leaving you and releasing you, was slowly maneuvering from the ground against the bed to almost slithering over you. You felt the dip of the bed, not being able to move at the moment as you were finally seeing a blissed-out face hovering over you.
He looked out of state himself: his eyes were still glazed over and shining as they locked with your eyes, his cheeks beyond flushed and looking sensitive that you wanted to touch them with your fingers. But it was the lips that got you: a deep crimson color that was glistening with your release.
You leaned up to kiss him smoothly, feeling and tasting your release on his lips transferring to your lips and making you sigh against his hold. His fingers that were on your chest moved up to cradle your head, leaning into you fully and his body pushing down into you slightly for you to feel him from head to toe. That was when you felt how insanely hard he was between your legs, almost trying to ease some of it himself as he kissed you hotly. Your mind was reeling, finally coming to your senses, pushing your own body up to press against him. He nearly growled against your lips, almost faltering as you pulled away from him and stared at him hard in the eyes.
“I need you to fuck me,” You said to him, seeing him watch you with utter amazement and lust in his eyes as you gulped and spoke again with your head festering to the lingerie, “While I’m wearing this,”
“God..” he groaned, leaning down to rest his forehead against your shoulder. You could tell he was trying to control himself, in that heat of the moment righter after he made you climax with just his mouth. You waited, pressing soothing kisses against his head as he was breathing in through his nose and out through his mouth. You felt so much love for him, not just because he gave you a mind-blowing orgasm, but merely because he was willing to do anything for you and worship you like the Goddess he thought you were.
“I love that you love me in this,” You whispered into his hair as he was still holding you close and breathing hotly against your bare shoulder, “I feel so good in this only because you love this. And to be able to let go, to feel so good while I wear this, that’s all I want right now. You make me feel so fucking good, Druig. You fuck me so good, love me so good….do it again for me,”
Druig wrapped both arms around you for the briefest of moments, almost letting what you were telling him to sink into your bones. This felt more intimate than the other times you two did something like this with you at the helm. It felt more sacred, organic in a way, and once Druig held you for that solid second or two, he moved swiftly and with no sign of slowing down.
He stood up, still between your parted thighs as you watched on the bated breath while he threw off his shirt smoothly and unbuckled his jeans. While he was undressing, his eyes never left yours, almost like he was in trance with you. With every piece of clothing being removed and thrown to the side, you felt your pulse quickening again and your body shivering in the mere anticipation. The thrill of seeing his pale skin with a hint of seat and blush along his chest and neck, the ruffled brown hair that you had your hand in mere moments before, and the gaze of pure lust in his eyes were enough for you to feel aroused again.
And he was all for you.
Once he was fully naked and exposed to you, you couldn’t help but lick your lips as you were seeing him in all his glory. The strong thighs, the toned stomach, and the pure muscles in his arms reminded you of the massive tree trunks in the Amazon. And lastly, how hard he was between his legs.
You finally sat up, staring up at him with a hint of fondness there but with a sinful smile on your face. Seeing him standing in front of you, baring his body and his soul, never got old for you. Not after centuries of being together. It was still so fresh in your gut and bones, and you merely smiled at him.
“Go sit against the pillows,” you said calmly to him, feeling him still for a moment as you gulped, “I wanna ride you while I’m wearing this,”
With swiftness and smooth movements, Druig maneuvered himself near the headboard, not hesitating. You stood up and watched him, drinking in him and how beautiful and blissed-out he seemed in your shared bed. You wanted to take a picture or paint one for that matter, of how he was fully naked and waiting for you. Willingly waiting, and that made your heart soar all the more.
You moved one leg onto the bed and then the other to kneel on the edge. Without breaking eye contact with him, you crawled on the bed, going smoothly and slowly over to him. You could see he was nearly panting, making your skin almost buzz against the lingerie that seemed like a second skin at this point. It felt like a game you two were playing, not even caring who was going to win or lose. You both were winning at this point.
Once you were perched over him, seeing him look up at you and looking lost in a gaze again, you brackets his hips with your thighs and sat up to hover over him. You grabbed his cock, feeling how hard and stiff it was and it made you gasp out. Druig whimpered very slightly, but stayed still and kept his eyes on yours. You took in one long breath, smiling blissfully at Druig below you.
“I fucking love you,” you said to him, sinking down on him and feeling him fill you up within a second.
You both moaned, you almost falling on top of him as you were trying to compose yourself. Druig grasped your hips instantly, keeping you upright as you took a few moments to both adjust with him feeling you to the brim, but to simply watch him. You loved him more than words, way more than words as you were watching him below you. Nothing else compared to this: not the first rays of the sun in the morning or the first rainfall of the season. Having the very man who loved you, who adored you, who called you his world and more, was worth every single action you did on this planet alone. You didn’t need anything else, not the vas’s amount of money or jewels, of power to reign over humans. All you needed was him, all you needed and ever wanted was Druig.
And Druig had you.
You rolled your hips, feeling that sensation of being full and the right spots being nudged once again. You loved this feeling, letting your body do what it needed to do to reach that peak of pleasure and euphoria. It was such a new thing to discover earlier on in the prime early times on the planet. Something about your body feeling so light like it was on fire and sparked with desire, it made you wonder all the more how humans can cope with it all. But you realized why, merely because they shared this with someone they loved. For you, it was Druig, and there was no one else you’d do this with.
Your eyes were fluttering, trying to keep them open but it was so hard with how good you were feeling. You could feel your skin feeling so sensitive then, all over like a prickling sensation. Placing your hands on Druig’s shoulders, you were moving your hips nice and steady, not needing to rush it since you had all the time in the world and you wanted to ride it out as much as you could. Druig had no issue with it, at least you didn’t think so while he was moving his hips to match your movements. His hands were running all over your waist and stomach, touching and tracing the lingerie and making you feel his calloused fingers through the fabric. You didn’t realize how much of a turn-on it was when he did this, and you were moaning lowly and in a sultry way.
“I….I can feel everything, “ you moaned as Druig wrapped his arms around you, pulling in close as you two still moved almost in sync. You pressed your face into his hair, whimpering when he got a particular spot that made you see stars, “You know how to fuck me so good, Druig. I love it, I crave it, I absolutely love it when you fuck me,”
You knew that Druig thrived on praise, whether it was gentle or dirty talk. It was a good trigger for him, a turn-on if you will, so he was melting in your hold as you were praising him while he was rolling his hips into you slow and deep. Some of the tell signs that he was close was showing and you could feel it in your embrace as his fingers are tracing your lingerie again. Your hips move a punch faster, knowing that you didn’t need to thrust so hard to get off. You had this perfect pace, and once you felt that ascending sensation in your core and lower stomach, you knew you were on the right path.
“Are you close,” you gasped in his locks as you felt him almost stammering a bit in his movements. He nodded his head, pressing his head into the opening of the lingerie, right between your breasts as you grinned and pushed down a bit harder. He groaned, pushing up to you a bit harder while you too felt your orgasm coming. It would be a dream to climax with Druig at the same time, and you then knew that was going to be your motive.
“I wanna cum together,” You pleaded, feeling him moan against your chest as you moved a pinch faster then and that peak was fast approaching, “P-please, I wanna cum with y-you,”
“Fuck yes,” He said in a rumble, pulling you in a pinch tighter and pressing a kiss right in the valley of your breast,” I want that t-too. P-Please let me—“
You both stopped and moaned loudly, your combined climaxes were enough to stop everything in its tracks.
Once again, you felt like you left your body and were flaying somewhere amongst the stars and galaxies above you. But this time, you felt Druig was with you in the ride, shaking in your hold as he was still reposed up tight in you and all that warmth was flooding inside of you like a beacon of happiness and love. You sighed leaning into him hard with no strength left to stay up on your own. Druig leaned back, moaning as he did, keeping you in his arms and showing no sign of letting you go.
You both were engulfed in one another, your orgasms were coming down smoothly and calmly while you two were caressing each other’s skin and arms. It felt so natural to do so since this was no fast or rushed fucking session. This felt deeper, more intimate, more connected than anything. So when Druig finally pulled out of you, you grimaced a bit and almost shivered as he moved to get out of bed. You wanted to protest, but your body was too tired to do so.
You sunk into the bed, grabbing a pillow to wrap around your arms as you were splaying out belly down on the sheets. You heard the running water of the sink in the bathroom, and a few seconds later felt soothing hands along your waist and legs.
“I got you,” He said in a whisper, moving a wet towel to clean you up. You hummed, tiredness and fatigue were hitting you hard. As it should since you climaxed twice that night. Once Druig was done cleaning you and himself up, you felt his soothing fingers on the back of your neck where the clasp of the collar was to your lingerie.
“How…how do I…” He started, you grunting.
“A button’s there to unclasp it,” You replied in a groggy tone. Sure enough, after a few seconds, he unclasped the collar piece and you felt him maneuver and push the lingerie down and off your body. You sighed in relief, the feeling of being naked and free from the one-piece was beyond heavenly. Druig grabbed the top blanket to drape over the top of the pair of you, then pulled you in close to nestle against you. You hummed, pushing your face into his sweaty neck and smiling.
“If we ever get to earth again,” Druig said in a sleepy tone, his fingers dancing along your bareback, “I’m buyin’ you more lingere to wear,”
“How much more?” You asked groggily.
“The entire fucking shop,” He answered. You grinned, falling asleep with that promise in your brain.
The End.
A/N: GAH, I'm going to go into hiding again! I hope you did like it :D
TAGLIST: @awkwardfangirl2014 @a-lumos-in-the-nox @heartofwritiing @ftrmrs-barry-keoghan @vinvantae @hottpinkpenguin @basicrese @spideyswebshooters @virtueassassin
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honeygarfield · a day ago
Fic recs, pt. IV
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Our Future- Neville Longbottom x reader- by @nevilleismywhore
Sparks- Andrew Garfield!Peter Parker x fem!reader- by @bug-boy32
This blurb- Tom Holland!Peter Parker x reader- by @astonishingparker
Kiss Me, Kiss Me- Andrew Garfield!Peter Parker x reader- by @euphoriaparkers
Wouldn’t change it for the world- Andrew Garfield!Peter Parker x fem!reader- by @bug-boy32
Strawberry Milkshakes- Andrew Garfield!Peter Parker x fem!reader- by @bug-boy32
This blurb- Bucky Barnes x princess!reader- by @dylwrites
This blurb- Druig x reader- by @dylwrites
This blurb- Andrew Garfield!Peter Parker x reader- by @dylwrites
This blurb- Tobey Maguire!Peter Parker x reader- by @dylwrites
This blurb- Andrew Garfield!Peter Parker x reader- by @dylwrites
This blurb- Theodore Nott x reader- by @dylwrites
This blurb- Theodore Nott x reader- by @dylwrites
This blurb- Sirius Black x reader- by @dylwrites
Meet mum- Tom Holland x reader- by @arvinsescape
Sweet Creature- Tom Holland x reader- by @arvinsescape
instant connection- Steve Rogers x fem!reader- by @claireunoia
fondness- Steve Rogers x fem!reader- by @claireunoia
cute coffee artist- Steve Rogers x fem!reader- by @claireunoia
vacay- Steve Rogers x fem!reader- by @claireunoia
shut up- Bucky Barnes x fem!reader- by @claireunoia
celeb yacht chronicles- Bucky Barnes x fem!reader- by @claireunoia
ouch!- Bucky Barnes x fem!reader- by @claireunoia
Happy Birthday, Peter- Tom Holland!Peter Parker x reader- by @silkholland
Bad Aim- Tom Holland!Peter Parker x reader- by @silkholland
Care for a Beverage??- Tom Holland!Peter Parker x reader- by @silkholland
In This Moment- Tom Holland!Peter Parker x fem!reader- by @silkholland
but everything’s the same- Alex Turcotte x reader- by @nickblankenburg
Cutting Edge series- Nathan MacKinnon x reader- by @ghstandpucks
Too Shy- Tom Holland x reader- by- @lauras-collection
This headcanon- Erik Johnson x reader- by @laurenairay
This blurb- Sebastian Aho x reader- by @kailyn-writes
This blurb- Mathew Barzal x reader- by @kailyn-writes
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Just Let Me Go- Andre Burakovsky x reader- by @laurenairay
Shortcuts- Din Djarin x fem!reader- by @djarsdin
collide- Tom Holland x princess!reader- by @websterss
only love can hurt like this- Miguel Diaz x sick!fem!reader- by @websterss
pick-me-up- Bucky Barnes x fem!reader- by @starryevermore
you are my sunshine- Bucky Barnes x fem!reader- by @starryevermore
This headcanon- Miguel Diaz x reader- by @moonwayne
Today was horrible- Eli “Hawk” Moskowitz x reader- by @moonwayne
This headcanon- Cobra Kai characters x reader- by @moonwayne
This headcanon- Cobra Kai characters x reader- by @moonwayne
This headcanon- Cobra Kai characters x reader- by @moonwayne
This headcanon- Eli “Hawk” Moskowitz x reader- by @moonwayne
it’s okay if you forget me- Bucky Barnes x fem!reader- by @starryevermore
the notebook- Bucky Barnes x fem!reader- by @starryevermore
This blurb- Frederick Andersen x reader- by @harlowhockeystick
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heartofwritiing · 2 days ago
I’ll look after you
Paring: druig x fem!eternal!reader
Summary: During a deviant attack you get hurt protecting druig.
A/n: here’s s another quick fic! Im writing a bunch of little fics to post in between chapters to amtaf just for myself and the people who don’t wanna read that seris :) when the idea came to me I knew I had to write it!! hope you guys like it! :) italics means flashback!
Warning(s): short af only like 1,000 words, angst, violence, fighting, descriptions of blood and wound’s, druig having doubts/insecurities, a little fluff at the end! unedited!
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Bared teeth snarled at you as a Deviant was closing in on you. Everything was calm and peaceful for once, not a Deaveint in sight for a least two weeks and then as you were all siting around they attacked. You, Thena, Druig, Gilgamesh, Kingo and Ikaris were fighting off a group of them, Thena and Ikaris already had taken two out. There were three left and one was cornoring you. Its long tail whipping out at you but you stabbed it before it could make contact with your torso.
You kept dodging it’s advances, you slide with your weapon in hand slicing its side open. It’s Blood poured out as it screeched in pain. It snarled at you when you stood up from behind it you hoped it would keep focusing on you long enough for Gilgamesh to come up behind it. He punches it so hard it flies through the air and hits a tree knocking it to the ground. You make your move and stab the Deviant through its heart. It dies with one last final cry and flops.
“Nice move back there, with the sliding.” Gil says proudly, motioning with his hands.
“Thanks, Thena taught me that move, maybe she could teach it to you.” You wink, causing him to laugh in his belly.
“I think ill leave it to you and Thena. Don’t think my back could handle it.”
“Fair enough.” You shrugged.
You both go on a search for the others to see if they need help. When you find them Thena and Ikaris are fighting side by side
It’s it nice sight to see. Gilgamesh runs of to aid them. You hear grunting from not so far away as your eyes scan the woods you see Druig. Who was being tossed aside like a rag doll and your heart dropped as you watched him slide across the dirt and heard him groan in pain. The Deviant began stalking Druig like its prey. Without even a second thought, you ran towards the Deviant at full force and jabbing it with your sword. Its attention now on turned to you. Druig watched on his side as you taunted the Deviant and moved backwards away from him.
“Come on!” You waved your sword at its razor sharp jaws and it lunged for you. You dodged just in time sending a blow right at its head and it didn’t seem to like it very much. Your fighting went on as you maneuvered around the deviant getting as many hits on it as you could. But it wasn't enough to put it down. It’s tail swooped you under your legs causing you to fall on your back, knocking your sword out of your hands. You hit the ground and winced out in pain but that wasn’t the worse. The Devaint was pining you down to the earth and digging its claws into your chest. Its mouth coming down to clamp down on your shoulder. You cried out in agony due to the searing pain flowing through your body as tears slipped down your cheeks. You tried punching, kicking anything to pry it off you but nothing. It wasn’t until a beam of light hit the Deviant in the side as Ikaris few towards it knocking it off you.
You laid there in the dirt as nothing but pain surges through your body. The wounds growing in your shoulder and abdomen. Your ears were ringing when Gilgamesh came to your side and Thena on the other you could barely make out what they were saying.
“Y/n, stay still, Ikaris killed the Devaint and went to get Ajak just hold on.” Gilgamesh's words were a little jumbled together as you looked up at their worried faces gazing down at you. You heard the leaves crunching as someone walked towards you.
“How could you be so reckless?!” Druig’s rough accent echoed in your ears as he leaned over you. When he saw you however his whole face shifted into guilt.
“Druig!” Thenas voice warned. The venomous look she sent him was enough to make him back up a little. Not wanting to face the wrath of the goddess of war. Before you could even reply your vision was going black and the last thing you heard was your name being called before you passed out.
Ajak had healed you and laid you to rest in your room on The Domo. Druig couldn’t stop thinking about you, what you had done for him. Could he have really been that oblivious to your true feelings for him? He was angry at himself for the way he acted towards you. Angry that you took on that Deviant alone to save him. He didn’t understand why you would do that for him.
Druig was at your door contemplating whether or not to go in. He just wanted to check in on you, the concern filling in his chest overwhelming him. Ajak had assured everyone that you were going to be alright but he didn’t want to believe it. He wouldn’t be calm until he saw you, he knew it was his fault you nearly bled to death. If only he would’ve gotten up and helped you or if you didn’t get knocked over. No matter what the reason was, he was putting the weight on himself and it wasn’t good.
Druig inhaled deeply and took a step closer to the door. He pressed his hand to the plate on the wall and the door slide open with a soft hiss. Your room was dimly lit in a warm glow coming from your bedside lamp. He saw you laying on your back in bed as you slept peacefully. He walked closer till he was on the side of your bed and looking down at you.
He admired your features up close. He regretted the way he spoke to you before you passed out.
Druig was torn in his mind between why you would jump in front of a deavint like that for him. it wasn't until he bumped into sersi an hour earlier and he asked about you that she told him.
“how is she?” Druig asks as he and Sersi meet walking in opposite directions.
The hallway of the bedrooms was vacant except for the two raven haired eternals their voices bouncing off the stone walls even though the spoke at a normal level.
“resting. Ajak says she needs to sleep to let her body heal.” Sersi explains. Druig just nods not meeting her eyes.
There was something hanging in the air between them and Sersi almost hesitated with her words, opening and closing her mouth. Not wanting to reveal your feelings. She didn't want to betray your trust. You were one of her closest friends, Of course she knew how you felt. The amount of conversations you both have had late at night when you both couldn’t sleep so you would sit in the room where you all woke up was enough to build a close friendship between you two.
Sersi inhaled as she finally decided that you would never act on your feelings but she would give a little push. There was no harm in that right?
“ She cares about you, you know.'' It was a statement. Druig’s eyes met Sersi’s and she could almost see them say I know. And that's what he was afraid of. You caring or even loving him was a scary thought. He’s never had someone care for him like you have. Always trying to include him in things and always being kind towards him.
All he did was nod and Sersi watched as he turned and walked down the hallway. For the next hour Druig was in his room pacing, thinking. Which led him to finally end up in your room standing over your bed.
He finally decided that it was his turn to look after you. He would be by your side like you were for him from now on. He would be there when you awoke even if he had to wake you with a kiss, like in those stories he knows you love so much. Even if he had to wait years, he would do it for you.
He brushed a pice of hair gently off your cheek and you were stirring in your sleep, frowning your eyebrows and then relaxing your face almost like his touch soothed you. Druig swore he saw you smile for a moment and he couldn’t help the swell in his chest at the thought. He didn’t know how long he was there for, hours maybe but he didn’t care. As long he was by your side it didn’t matter. Maybe when you woke up he would finally tell you something that was on his tongue for the past couple hours.
a/n: i kinda like writing druig with insecure thoughts because i would love to know what’s actually going through his head and i just feel like hes a person with so much turmoil and emotions that he doesn’t get to express.
🏷: @magnificentzombiebasement @redheadspark @drspencerreid921 @a-lumos-in-the-nox
if anyone would like to be added to my druig tag list please let me know!
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takenbypeter · a day ago
Number 7
Which one of your OTP…
7. Secretly loves nose/forehead kisses
Peter Parker - You
Peter Parker loves your nose/forehead kisses, not so much secretly but more shyly. At first he’d be super shy in giving or receiving these types of kisses, which would sort of reflect on you, making you sort of shy as well. Given some time though, you two would be more open and confident in these types of kisses. 
Peter Maximoff - You
When you first gave him a nose kiss he found the physical feeling slightly funny being not used to it. But secretly he loved it and now he’ll go up to you randomly and give you nose kisses all the time.
Bucky Barnes - You
He loves it. Bucky typically is the type to give you forehead kisses here and there, so when you uno reverse him, he’s slightly thrown off, but he secretly adores when you give him forehead kisses.
Loki - You
Loki would never admit it, but he loves your nose kisses. You quickly catch on to this, and tease him about it. When he denies enjoying it, you tell him, you’ll stop then. But he’d quickly refute the idea saying that’s not what he meant. 
Druig - You
Druig loves forehead kisses, it’s no secret. In fact, he’s the one who usually initiates it, he’d do it so much to show you that he loves you, and every time he does it, you get butterflies in your stomach.
Which one of your OTP…list
Feel Free to request
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writingdumpster · 22 hours ago
pairing: Druig x reader
warnings: none
word count: 950, short one
summary: You had a child with Druig but kept it a secret from him. 5 years later he pays you a visit.
Tumblr media
The knock on the door had been a small surprise but the person behind it was the biggest shock you’d had in your long life. You were silent when you saw him, terrified about what was going to come next.
“Hello, beautiful,” Druig’s voice was as silky as you remembered it and it made you weak at the knees despite the anxiety rushing through every part of your body. You glanced back into your apartment, scared that your secret would be revealed at any moment.
“Druig,” you said quietly. “What are you doing here?” You asked. Druig was a little off put by the lack of warmth in your reception of him. He had been expecting a happy reunion after 5 years apart from you. You didn’t really tell him why you left when you did, but you told him it wasn’t about him. You told him that you needed space, that you weren’t upset with him. It had hurt him, but he believed you when you told him that you didn’t stop loving him, and that you just needed some time.
There was a thump from inside your apartment. You stepped out of the doorway to stand in the hall with Druig, closing the door behind you. He noticed this action immediately and frowned. You had never been able to get anything past the telepath.
“Who’s in there with you?” He asked.
“No one,” you lied.
“You know that I can tell when you’re lying,” Druig reminded you. You knew he would read your mind if you kept it from him, he had never been particularly patient. You took a deep breath and tried to summon all the bravery this would require. You opened your mouth to speak when the door opened behind you.
“Mommy? Can we watch a movie?” The voice of your four year old daughter broke the tension that was there, but brought on a whole new tension with it. Druig’s face dropped the moment he saw the child. She had his eyes and his dark brown hair and she was unmistakably his daughter, but he couldn’t believe it. You would’ve told him. You had always told each other everything.
“Sure, sweetie, in a little bit. Just give mommy a minute to talk to her friend,” you said to her, your voice faltering as you spoke. Your daughter gave Druig a toothy grin and then turned back into the house and closed the door. You were staring at the ground, refusing to meet Druig’s eye. There was a tense silence hanging around the two of you.
“Is she…Is she mine?” Druig asked quietly. You looked up to meet his eye after a moment, a single tear slipping from your eye. You nodded, unable to speak.
“Why didn’t you tell me?” Druig asked, there was hurt in his voice. You took a deep breath and wiped the tear from your eye.
“She can’t grow up in the village, it wouldn’t be good for her. And I couldn’t ask you to leave them. They’re your life,” you said quietly. You looked down at your feet again. His eyes made you too weak, you couldn’t look at them and keep it together.
“You’re my life,” Druig told you. “That’s what I came here for, love. I’ve missed you more than I ever imagined I could and I need you back in my life.” He reached forward and took your hands in his. You looked at him. You had missed him too. Every night when you went to sleep the bed felt empty without him. Every morning when you woke up you wished that he was there to kiss you ‘good morning.’ Every birthday your daughter had, you felt overwhelming guilt that her father wasn’t there. But you left for a reason, and that reason hadn’t gone away.
“It’s not just me now, Dru. I have her to take care of now. I can’t go back with you.”
“I know, love. I get it.” His expression deflated a bit. “I wish you would’ve told me about her, I’ve missed so much of her life,” Druig told you. Another tear escaped your eye.
“I’m sorry. I know I should’ve told you,” you said. “I did what I thought was best for everyone.”
“We don’t have to do best for everyone. Just best for us,” Druig told you. You smiled softly. You watched as his eyes flicked to your lips. Before he could, you leaned up to kiss him. You hadn’t kissed anyone else since you left him 5 years ago.Your daughter kept you busy and you never found yourself interested in anyone else ever since you and Druig had gotten together. There was nobody that compared to him.
“I missed you so much,” you whispered when you pulled away, your foreheads still touching. Druig’s hands rose to your cheeks and he tilted your face up to press another soft kiss against your lips.
“I missed you too, beautiful,” Druig said. “Never again. We’re in this together for the rest of time,” he vowed to you. One last tear slid down your cheek, this one from joy. Druig wiped it away with his thumb. You snaked your arms around his neck and pulled yourself into his chest, burying your face in his neck, and inhaling the clean scent that Druig always had. Druig’s hands moved from your face, one sliding down to your waist and the other tangling itself in your hair. The two of you took a deep breath together, feeling yourself settle back into what you used to be. What you had always been.
“Can I...meet her?” Druig asked, his arms still around you. You pulled away from him and nodded with a smile.
“Her name is Lily.”
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cosplayproblemsposts · 2 days ago
Dig my grave
Tumblr media
A little bit of fluff with my boy-druig. perusal male reader.
Shadows hide secrets especially when it comes to questioning one's sexuality "I'm so stupid" you lean your head on a nearby wall. A hotel corridor in England "I need to stop, I like girls and he isn't a girl". For the past decades, you've been twisting and turning with your label as a man and what a man should be.
Druig your friend and fellow Eternal "He doesn't...I'm so dumb" the entire hotel had been rented to hold an intense party. So many people attended and one of those people was Druig and now here you are scolding yourself in an empty corridor. The party couldn't be any louder as it is "Maybe I can sneak out" you personally invited him but the moment you saw Druig you dashed.
With a smack to the face, you took a deep breath and flash off to find the closet exit. "C'mon where are you?" you panicked when you didn't find a nearby exit "Looking for me" a shiver met your body. His voice makes it even worse "Hey Druig...I thought you didn't like these kinds of things" Druig shrugs "You invited me so I had to come".
You watch him lean up against the wall "I just thought you were being nice when you said you'll show". Druig seemed offended "You think so poorly of me" you wanted to say more but a mortal friend interrupted. "Looks whose here, Becky. This is your second chance mate now go" you were shoved into the girl's direction.
Druig felt like a fool for believing you weren't straight "Hey...what's up Becky?" she smiles. "Oh hey Y/N' I thought I saw you" you hum but all you wanted was to leave but that plan blew up in your face "Yeah". "Wanna dance," she asks while twirling showing off her dress "I can't dance" she just rolls her eyes. "And, ain't like your performing for anyone now C'mon" is it better than mentally dying in the company of Druig?...yeah it is.
You were right you can't dance "I feel a little awkward," you say over the music "No, need to feel misplaced C'mon just get into it". You felt like an idiot even though everyone in the ballroom was nowhere near watching you. Flashing lights, a disco ball spinning along with the DJ everything didn't feel that great. "I really like you Y/N". "Huh.." Becky just looks up at you "You don't have to say anything right now. I can wait yeah" with a nod you look around to see Druig on his own.
"I'm sorry if you excuse me I just..." you depart from Becky who celebrates at the fact she confessed, "Hey Druig". The other male looks at you "How are you enjoying the party?" he shrugs "Could've been better" you frown a little "What, do you mean?". Druig just stares at you "It's a bit loud in here, isn't it. C'mon follow me".
You walk alongside Druig "Why did you invite me?" you fall silent "I wanted an excuse to leave but I guess that isn't gonna work". Druig chuckles "We can still ditch" there it is his mischief grin "What...that'd rude" the other male sighs. "Goodie goodie" honestly you hate and love that stupid nickname "Shut up...fine let's bounce only if you wear your helmet this time".
You don't know why you agreed but you kinda felt happy that you did "Milkshakes are better" you declared. "Whatever you say...but chocolate milk" Druig chiefs kiss at the end "Whatever" both of you sat outside on a curb outside a Milkshake cafe.
"So Becky how long have you known her?" you cringe a little "For a few months" he hums whilst slurping his chocolate milk. You groan along with a little kick "I don't know if I like her or...do you feel as if you should like this one person but in the end you...yeah" wow not confusing at all. Druig doesn't say anything "I question why I'm like this and I don't want to believe I'm 'unnatural'...you know?" you furrow and unfurrow "Druig please say something".
Druig doesn't say anything "Okay I know it sounds weird but...you know me and I know you" Druig finally meets your gaze. "No, it's not weird and it's natural to feel this way" you make a weird face "Are you sure?" he nods. "I think I'm bisexual and...No I know I'm bisexual" Druig watches you fiddle with your fingers "And right now I'm in the midst of a...gay? no bisexual panic".
Druig reaches over and places a hand on your knee "I know a thing or two about figuring out sexuality" you frown in confusion. "What?...what about Makkari?" he chuckles "We both know who I truly desire" once again confusion washes over you. "Who?" Druig has to admit you've your blonde moments and sometimes it's cute to watch you fade out.
"You!" your face shows nothing but shock and relief "I...What?" he grins and without a second thought he leans in. "It has always been you" soft, gentle, and afraid that he might cause you to run for the hills but no you moved forward.
"You are my desire"
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atomwritez · 2 days ago
*rubs hands together* throuple headcanon where Kingo is an orgasm-denying little shit while Druig holds your hands to stop you finishing yourself off
oh i can just picture this:
druig's sitting behind you, one arm wrapped around your waist so his free hand can massage your breasts and play with your nipples, as while kingo's head is dipped between your thighs, his hands keeping your legs spread so you can't squirm away.
and you're right there, you're so close, you can feel that coil ready to snap, it's been that way for you have no idea how long. your lovers are cruel, in the best way possible. they've had you on edge, dizzy with want, but just as you're about to cum, kingo pulls away, smirking as you whine and squirm.
in a bout of frustration, you reach down to get yourself off, your pussy aching for relief, but before your fingers can even make contact with your skin, you feel a hand wrap around each wrist, and you turn your head back to see druig, shaking his head as he clicks his tongue.
"ah ah, naughty girl. you cum when we say you do. not when you decide you want to."
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cutelittleluckysoul · 2 days ago
The urge to take care of Druig, Be his girlfriend, Cook for/with him, cuddle with him, stay in bed late with him, take long walks with him, make sure he's safe, give him kisses all over his face, movie nights, soft sex, rough sex, slow sex, fast sex and just having the best life better
(Sorry I'm in a really soft mood for him rn 😁😁)
Oh this is so soft and perfect!
Can you imagine cooking with him? Soft music playing in the background. His hips bumping yours teasingly. Him using a spoon to sing the part of a song that's his favourite, pointing the mic to you so you can join. He doesn't care if you can sing or not. He just enjoys singing with you.
Or on a rainy day he will slow dance with you in the living room. No music besides the pitter patter of the rain. Your head on his chest, his one hand holding yours placed on his chest as well above his heart.
Waking up next to him, seeing his beautiful face all relaxed while he still sleeps soundly. He looks so pretty even in his sleep. Softly tracing his features with your fingers. Drawing patterns on his chest. Definitely loves waking up with you giving his face soft kisses.
Will tickle you just to tease you some more. Ending up with him on top of you while you're still laughing while he squishes you with his weight, laughing himself. Will softly kiss you which will turn into a lazy make out session.
Ugh can you imagine lazy morning sex with him? Barely awake while he holds you very close, sloppy kisses to your neck while he is slowly thrusting into you. Nog franticly because you don't really care about cumming but just this actually is very nice. Will stay inside you afterwards as you fall back asleep.
Movie nights with him, popcorn fights, debating the movie you saw, silly comments during the movie. All the good stuff. Spooning on the sofa while you watch. Dozing off during it.
Tumblr media
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rebecca--barnes · a month ago
The four horsemen of phase 4!
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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writerzunite · 6 months ago
Beautiful, Beautiful ❦
Tumblr media
You were the Sun, and he was the Moon. He was fire, and you were ice. You were Persephone and he was Hades. Destined to be, eternally.
He vowed to never leave you. You were his whole heart, his reason for existing, and he loved you for 6,500 years.
And he never broke his promise.
Druig x Eternal F!Reader
Summary: how you and Druig fell in love.
Part Two
It took Druig approximately 300 years to finally realize that you were more than just an ally. And then it took about 200 years for him to realize you were more than just a friend. He loved you. He couldn’t describe how he felt, it was so intricate yet delicate, as if with one touch he’d ruin it. It was similar to a breath of fresh air after swimming in the river. The colors of sunsets. Gentle, yet powerful all the same.
He dreamt of you in Mesopotamia, when he fell asleep to the Milky Way. The early days where the purpose was fighting Deviants and emotions couldn’t get in the way of the mission. But in the night, Druig couldn’t help but let his mind wander to the possibilities, especially when they could go home to Olympia.
Decades turned into centuries. Humans died but more were born. The Eternals moved to Babylon. Trees grew taller, streams became rivers, but Druig’s love for you remained unchanged. He felt cursed but in the best way. The mission didn’t matter anymore to him, only you.
The nights become unbearable. He drifts off and wakes up alone, thinking of your mouth, your skin, your bright eyes, everything. All of it. He’s intoxicated but he doesn’t give a damn. He wanted you to himself, just you and him. Only you, forever.
He watched Sersi and Ikaris have what he didn’t. But instead of feeling discouraged, he only felt a spark. But Ajak made sure that spark became a forest fire.
“You love her. We do not know how much time we have here. Tell her how you feel.” Ajak could only smile at how truly lovesick the once brooding Druig had become. She had a keen eye and saw how he looked at you. His gaze would linger, his facial features softening, his frown becoming a relaxed smile.
She also noticed the small glances you made at Druig as well. You fidgeted with your fingers when flustered, which is what you did constantly around Druig. You protected him the most with your telekinesis powers during battles against the Deviants. Lingering touches.
The love between you and Druig was a beautiful love forged from longing during the centuries.
You thought of him at night when you couldn’t sleep. The way he would look at you, so soft and gentle. He hated everyone but you, only you. His eyes on you constantly. You clutched your chest where your heart slammed against your rib cage.
It all came crashing together when Druig got knocked aside violently by a Deviant’s serpent-like tail. You could hear Druig’s sudden gasp of surprise as the tail crushed his ribs and sent him flying across the sand. You let out a cry of fright and sorrow, and without thinking, you run to his collapsed body.
“Druig! Druig!” You outstretch your hands and his body moves on his own towards you, and you fall to your knees to catch him in your arms. You cradle his head in your arms, ignoring the resuming battle around you.
Ajak appears before you call out for her, kneeling down next to you. She opens her mouth to tell you to rejoin the battle, she can heal Druig, and that everything would be alright.
“No, Ajak, I cannot leave him,” you brush his raven hair from his blood-soaked forehead.
She said nothing, only healing him with a wave of her hand. The blood disappears from Druig’s forehead and his eyes snap open like a wild animals.
“Druig,” you whisper, crushing him in a hug and falling on top of him. “Druig, you’re all right. Oh, I was so worried…”
Druig almost passed out again from what was happening. He shakily lifted his hand and cradled the back of your head, letting himself close his eyes in relief.
“You’re all right,” he murmured. “Good.”
“No, you’re all right! I thought…,” you leaned back and he saw your eyes filled with unshed tears. “Don’t leave me like that again.” You close your eyes and the tears began to fall from your lashes.
Ajak only watched in bewilderment when Druig softly wiped them away from your cheeks. “Beautiful, beautiful Y/N, I could never.”
It was new love, precious and gentle like a summer breeze. Druig spent every waking moment with you while you worked on building structures, buildings, and homes for humans across Babylon with a wave of your hands. You both would explore hidden natural treasures Babylon had to offer. Sneaking small, delicate kisses. Hands intertwined. Then he would walk you to your bedchamber, leaving you with the feeling of his lips on your own.
“My beautiful, beautiful girl…,” he’d murmur into your hair, lips ghosting the shell of your ear, making you shiver. Hands on your hips, waist, everywhere. “You have stolen my heart.” Lips on your neck, collarbone, throat. You would think he’d put those thoughts in your head on purpose, but no. You were falling in true love with him, and so was he.
He’d make his true feelings known in the dark of night, whispering his love for you in your ear, just like how you had imagined it during previous nights alone. He’d have you against a wall in your bedchamber, breath hot and heavy from the jog from the roof to here. It was innocent, but when he saw you in that dress and a flower in your hair, he had to tell you his true feelings.
“I love you, Y/N, my beautiful girl.”
A kiss on the shell of your ear.
“You are a dream…you’ve stolen my whole heart.”
A small bite to your earlobe.
“Druig-“ your whisper was cut off by a chaste kiss, his large hands cupping your face, tilting your head up to meet his lips.
“My Y/N, I love you.”
“Druig…I love you.”
“Don’t leave me,” he’s dragging his lips slowly down your neck, and you bite your lip.
“Never,” you hold the back of his neck, nails slightly scratching him, and he pulls back so his eyes could meet your own.
“And I’ll never leave you, my darling. Nothing in the universe could tear us apart.”
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greenorangevioletgrass · 5 months ago
only joy, only anguish (druig smut)
Tumblr media
masterlist | buy me a kofi?
pairing: dom!druig x human!fem!reader
summary: It’s a nice, peaceful summer morning in your little house with druig, so naturally, you’d want to stir shit up (aka the 2 times you messed with druig, and the 1 time he made you pay for it.)
word count: 5,339
warnings: language, domestic fluff, cottagecore vibes, no spoilers, so much smut! [d/s dynamics, oral (f), oral (m), edging, chasing kink, rough play, spanking, pussy slapping, degradation, orgasm control, overstimulation, fingering, praise kink, unprotected sex, face slapping, creampie, told you there’s a lot]
notes: here goes the first of the joycean druig trilogy! this one is based on A Prayer, by James Joyce, and it’s hands down the subbiest thing i’ve ever written sdksjdhfks big thanks to @cocoamoonmalfoy​ @cumholland​ and @inklore​ for giving me the fuels to go through with this! enjoy and pls reblog if you liked it! <3
The sloshes of steady river flow sound distant outside your bedroom window. The rural hustle and bustle of the village ever farther away. Only warm sunlight and gentle rustling of leaves luring you out of a deep sleep.
That, and the cold empty spot in the bed next to you.
Despite being a literal god, your lover is truly a man of simple pleasures. He enjoys catching the sunrise and morning walks in the woods and errand runs into town, catching up with the locals. And as miffed as you are about waking up alone, your heart can’t help but flutter at how endearing he is.
Just as you suspected, he’s parked by the kitchen window —a cup of coffee in one hand, a half-eaten Pop Tart in the other. Gazing out at the little patch of garden outside as the radio provides a steady drone of white noise.
He turns as he hears you padding into the room.
“Hello, my sunshine,” he greets you through a bite of his food— an all-too-familiar sight since the beginning of your relationship.
It’s a nice, peaceful summer morning in your little house, so naturally, you’d want to stir shit up.
“Morning, Druig,” you kiss him on the cheek, swiftly stealing the Pop Tart from his grasp and taking the last finishing bite. Eyes twinkling in mischief.
“Oh come on, that’s the last one!” he whines, and you almost forget that he’s not a young boy, but a 7,000-year-old immortal being.
“Yeah, and you didn’t think to save the last one for me?” you retort in feigned annoyance, scoffing, “Some lover you are, old man.”
And just as quickly as he scowls, he softens. Pulls you closer and nuzzles your nose with his. “You don’t really mean that, do you, love?” he gives you a peck on the lips, then on your cheek. Your shoulder.
“Maybe I do.”
He makes a face at you, like he doesn’t even have to read your mind to know you’re lying. “Why don’t I pick up some more for you later on, huh?”
“Mm, that’s more like it.” you smile in satisfaction, this time taking his coffee cup, holding your laughter as his face drops the second time.
“Okay, now you’re just taking the piss.”
He reaches out to grab it back, but you quickly turn away dramatically. “You don’t need caffeine, o great protector— I do!”
“Then get your own!”
You hold the drink close to your chest, reveling in the warmth against the morning air. “Tastes better like this. Tastes like…” you noisily slurp the warm drink like it’s the best thing you’ve ever had, “Victory.”
He smiles, but his next words are laced with warning. “Watch it, little one.”
It’s impossible to miss, that split second of dark gaze he throws your way. Any other human (or perhaps any other creature, for that matter) would cower in fear. He can be as cruel and ruthless when he wants to be.
But the thing is, you’re not just any other human. And you quite like the wicked side of him. So you say,
“Or what?”
Realization dawns on Druig’s face. It’s a game that you play —for no particular reason but for your own pure entertainment. If he didn’t know any better, one would think you were the goddess of mischief herself. And your little antics always end with a bang, in every sense of the word.
So he plays along.
“I gotta go into town, be back in a bit.” he kisses you squarely on the lips. “Hey. Be good for me.”
Not a request; an order.
You wait until he walks away, not the slightest bit deterred by his lack of response to your taunt, because you know you have the last word.
“No promises.”
Druig comes home with an armful of groceries and an empty house. He calls out to you, but there’s no answer —not from the kitchen, not from upstairs, nothing. It’s not until he tosses his keys onto the table that he finds your handwriting on a piece of paper.
‘Out for a walk. Join me?’
He shakes his head, not even fighting back the smile that breaks out on the corners of his mouth. Following the usual trail out the back of the house, towards the woodlands. Fighting the urge to look into your unbelievable mind; instead, he wonders, pictures, imagines what trouble you’ve got in store for him.
He finds you crouched under a tree, foraging mushrooms and putting them into a basket. Your yellow sundress a stark contrast against the dark browns and deep greens of tree trunks and bushes. Sun on your shoulders, bare, save for the straps of your dress tied behind your neck and the shawl wrapped around your forearms. Wind weaving waves in your clothes and your hair. So beautiful, so… lively. Sunshine personified. It reminds him of Sprite’s tale about Persephone’s downfall with Hades.
He wonders if Hades was the one that’s doomed after all.
You hear his footsteps, twigs and leaves crunching underneath him. “Need any help?”
“No, I’m…” you close the soil back up and brush the dirt off of your hands. “I’m done.”
He offers his hand, and you gladly take it, letting him pull you up. His eyes are twinkling with a hint of smile and you can’t help but ask,
“What is it?”
He wraps his arms around waist. “You look breathtaking.”
“I thought you’d like it.” you hum, his palms finding the thin cotton against your soft skin. Greedy on the swell of your ass and your supple thighs.
Druig’s eyes light up when he notices the lack of… additional fabric underneath. “Oh, I really, really do.”
“All for you, my devilish one.” you lead him towards a nearby red oak tree, not that he needed any further invitation.
He grins, gently nudging you back against the tall tree trunk. Nudging your nose as if he’s about to kiss you, but then he turns for the corner of your jaw instead. “Lift up that dress for me,” he whispers.
And with the sky a pale blue cup over the laughing lands, like a snowball of your own little world, you hike up the skirt of your dress, exposing your knees, your thighs…
Your naked cunt.
Druig draws a slow breath. Calculating. Composing himself. “Well. I think you’re the devilish one, sunshine.”
You lean closer for a kiss, but he’s already down on his knees, hooking your leg over his shoulder and trailing kisses up your inner thigh until he finds himself dead center at your glistening folds. He teases your opening, right where your juices are threatening to drip down, catching it with a lick of his tongue. The tip of his nose bumps into your touch-starved clit, and he nuzzles it like he would your face.
“God…” you instinctively grasp his hair.
He looks up, blue eyes blinking innocently. “Yes?”
“Fuck off,” your voice coming out a half moan, half chuckle.
His index finger traces your slit, head tilted to the side. “You don’t really mean that, do you, love?”
You feel that finger entering you, and your little quip comes out in a gasp. And as if one isn’t enough, he pulls out and thrusts inside with another one. It fires up all your nerve endings, sending you out of your body, and before you can react, his mouth takes in your clit —somehow anchoring you back to reality.
And the reality is you’re getting your pussy eaten out by your eternal lover in the woods in broad daylight.
And God, you’re getting it good.
Despite his icy demeanor, Druig is a gentle lover when he wants to be. He caresses you with great familiarity, knowing exactly how to hit which spot that sends you reeling. Renders you desperate to touch him anywhere. And he licks you and sucks you and consumes you like he’s savoring everything. All the twitches and throbs. All the pretty sounds you make.
He enjoys every single second of it.
His moans vibrate through your core, stuffed full with his fingers, and you can’t hold it any longer. The orgasm sends shocks of pleasure from head to toe, and you arch your hips for more, more, more until you can’t take it anymore and you’re tugging his hair back for some relief.
He looks up at you, marveling at how your face twists in pure bliss. Easing kisses down your thighs in sync with the rise and fall of your chest. Licking the wet, tasty slick off of his digits and smoothing your dress back down. You might be gone from the orgasm, but he’s gone for you.
You help him up, all too eager to kiss him— only then realizing that you didn’t even kiss him hello earlier. His lips meet yours halfway. The unmistakable taste of your arousal is palpable on his tongue. His chin. His perfect nose, and you kiss it all clean.
“My beautiful, beautiful sunshine.”
He says it with such wonder. Peace. And for a moment, you consider just… taking him right here, or lead him back home, back to your loving bed. Damn your antics, damn your wicked plan.
You smooth out his hair, all sticking out from your undoing, smiling as you regain your composure. “My turn now.”
He simply hums as you cup him through his pants, rubbing up and down his clothed length. “Go on, then.”
There’s no need for pleasantries anymore. You want this as much as he does, no questions necessary. So you bring yourself to your knees, hands deftly unbuttoning his trousers and taking out his beautiful cock. The length stands thick and curving, the tip already leaking with precum. Oh this is gonna be fun, you muse.
He tastes divine, and you make sure he knows it. Your mouth latches onto him, lapping up, taking more and more of him inside. His large, rough hands find the back of your head —though he’s not entirely sure whether it’s to bring you closer and hold you back.
Soon, your hand joins, palm slick with your spit, and you pump him faster. Tighter around his girth. Paying close attention to his breathy groans and needy murmurs.
“Yes, my love… just like that.” his fingers curl around your hair as you gag a little bit on his cock. “Fuck, so good for me…”
Druig’s painfully close. His hips start thrusting forward too, forcing it in the back of your throat. It makes your eyes water, but you wouldn’t have it any other way. The torture is sweet, and your little surprise in the end… even better.
You take his cock out of your mouth, keeping your pumping motion steady. “You gonna cum for me?”
“You gonna ask me nicely?”
“Make me cum, please.”
“Yeah?” your grin grows naughty, picking up the pace as he nods vehemently, welcoming the build up, getting ready for the high, and then…
No strokes, not even a still fist around his cock. Not your mouth teasing him, either.
You’re already standing up to your full height, gazing right into his blue eyes.
“What…?” he barely musters.
“I don’t think I’m gonna let you,” you answer casually, as if talking about the weather. Then, as quickly as you turned against him, you grab your basket and run for your life.
“Race you back home!”
Oh, yes. You’re definitely his downfall.
Druig can easily catch you within a few steps, even with his blue balls and terrible case of cruel, cruel edging.
It’s the flurry of your dress, your fit of giggles, the way you glance over your shoulders that keeps him one step behind. He gladly lets you think you have the upper hand. 
He might be doomed, but best believe he’s taking you with him.
He’s only a few feet away from you, just out of reach, but you rush inside and slam the front door in his face. There’s more laughter and footsteps retreating inside.
Calmness sweeps through his body, and he lightly opens the door. It’s his time to play now. “Come out, come out, wherever you are…” he teases you in a sing-songy tune. 
He peeks into the coat room, but there’s no sign of life there. He steps into the living room, scanning the corners. Under the dining table. In the kitchen. Nothing.
“Sunshine?” He calls out to you as he walks up the stairs. Drawing out the steps, the low creaks of the wood ringing clear.
He makes his entrance into the bedroom known. The door screech is slow and grating, footsteps falling heavy on the hardwood floors. He stops in front of the door, scanning the room for any sign of you and finding your trusty boots peeking out from under the window curtains.
You hear him chuckle, “You are so predictable.” his voice dies down, cut off by the draw of the curtain.
Hook, line, and sinker. You hold your breath, trying to contain your laughter so you don’t give away your hiding spot. Barefoot and tucked safely underneath the bed.
But he lifts the covers from the edge of the bed, a wicked smirk plastered on his face when his eyes meet yours. “You don’t actually think I fell for that, do you, love?”
Your heart is beating out of your eardrums as you frantically crawl out of the other side. But it’s too late. By the time you’ve got out, Druig’s already waiting for you and lifting you up by the arms. Seizing you with complete ease, despite all your thrashing.
“You’re a right troublemaker, aren’t you, little one? I think I need to set you straight.” he pins your arms behind your back, wrists together, keeping them there with one hand.
There’s no wiggling out of his grasp with force anymore, so you resort to gentle squirms and batting your eyelashes. “I’m sorry, I was just messing with you.”
“Oh, you were just messing with me?” His eyebrows shoot up, as if asking you a question with no right answer. He doesn’t miss how you grind against his front. “And you think you can get away with it? Think I’ll still fuck you just ‘cause you’re being sweet and needy for me?”
The heat rises to your cheeks, and you hide your face in the crook of his neck.
“No, no. Look at me.” Druig murmurs, having none of this. He grabs you by the back of your head and tuts in disapproval. “You’ve made your bed, little one. Now you’re gonna lie in it.”
“Please…” Your heart clenches— you should be terrified of what he’s planned in his fucked up little head, but your pussy clenches harder at the thought of receiving your punishment, knowing all the sins you’ve committed. It’s a twisted kind of pleasure the two of you indulge in.
“Bit too late for that now.” he chuckles darkly. And then his gaze turns cold --gone is the loving Druig who worships the ground you walk on. This Druig is gonna ravage you into pieces and you’re going to love every single moment of it.
He undoes the halter ties behind your neck and roughly yanks down the dress until it falls to the floor. You try to cover your modesty quicker than you can think, but he stops you even before that.
“Don’t get all shy on me, love. Bend over the bed.” he pushes you off with just a pad of finger, and you lay on your stomach. Legs spread, propped up on your tiptoes on the floor.
Your fingers bunch the bed sheets, feeling sure you’re gonna explode from his single featherlight touch down your hips.
“You sure you want this?” he asks softly, checking up on you one last time. “I’m not gonna go easy on you, little one.”
Maybe it’s the butterflies fluttering in your stomach. Or maybe it’s his firm warning in a hushed, gentle tone. Or maybe it’s what he calls you.
Little one.
You bury your face in the sheets, push your ass up high and nod, “Yes. Want this so bad.”
He hums. “Okay,” he whispers.
And then it starts.
The first strike feels delicious, and you let out a little moan for it. For him. He spanks you hard enough to jolt forward, but still leaves you wanting more. Harder. 
His palm smoothes over your tender cheek. And then he goes again, spanking your other cheek one, two, three more times. A mix of his soft side and rough edges.
“S’that hurt?”
You shake your head.
Smack! His hand lands in warning. Not as hard, but quicker than you expected. “Use your words, little one.”
“No, sir. Feels good.” You rasp, among your shaky breaths.
He’s out of your line of sight, standing just behind you, but you can definitely feel the smile laced in his voice. “Good girl.”
He likes it when you call him that, and you know it. What you don’t know is how much he likes to watch you in the in-between. Moments before he hits the soft swell of your backside, when your legs tense up in anticipation. The way you jut your ass out for him. And the moment just after; when you whine and whimper. Writhing and restless, trying hard to keep yourself propped up. No matter how rough.
In fact, you like it rough. Druig spanks you hard enough that you cry out in pained bliss —overwhelmed by the burn on your skin, and his low growl that fills your ears. And if you arch into the side of the bed just right, your clit gets the tiniest, slightest bit of relief upon the touch.
“Whoa, what do we have here?” he stops, like he’s catching onto your little grinding motion.
“I’m not doing anything,” you lie smoothly —or so you think.
But he dips his hand between your legs, knuckles grazing past your dripping cunt to touch the wet patch under you. “You’ve made a mess all over, little one.”
“Hmm?” you try to prop yourself up, but Druig’s already flipped you onto your back, pinning you underneath him, spreading your legs open.
He stares at you with a wolfish grin, and in that moment, you’re certain he’s gonna wreck you until you’re crying and begging for him.
(To stop or keep going, that’s another matter.)
“I guess this pussy’s just aching for a punishment, too, huh?” he slaps your inner thighs, one and then the other, more of a teasing than anything.
You’re dying for him to touch you there, but all you can say is, “Please.”
“Please what, my love? Punish you?” he asks pointedly. “Gladly.”
The feeling of his fingers smacking against your sensitive clit is truly electric, and the sound against your wet folds, your unrestrained moan that accompanies it… there’s no word for it. You’re just hurtling forward, not knowing whether to curl up or open yourself up to his cruel torture.
No matter. He decides that for you.
He slaps your pussy again. Alternating between light pats and sharper spanks, and soon you’re overwhelmed with the all too familiar feeling. The kind that makes your brain foggy and your limbs feel like floating. The pulsating ache in your pussy keeps building up, and it’s so easy to let it take over your body and give in to the pleasure.
“Don’t cum yet.” his voice comes crashing in as his hand halts to a stop.
You blink at him. “Were you in my head?”
“Didn’t need to.” he shrugs. “I know you, sunshine. I know exactly…” a sharp smack on your left thigh, “when…” another on your right side, “...you’re. Gonna. Cum.”
One for each word, hitting your pussy every single time.
“I… I can’t—” your resolve is slipping, and you’re finding it harder and harder to obey him.
“Don’t you dare cum, you fucking slut.” he grabs your jaw harshly, forcing you to look into his eyes as he lands lash after lash on your cunt.
But with those icy blues, wicked hands and that filthy name he called you, you stand no chance at all. The last one isn’t even that hard, but the pad of his middle finger presses right on your clit and you’re bursting for him.
Relief washes over you as you find some release. But at the same time, the same parts of you are screaming in agony because his heated touch, his weighted hand… all gone. He just watches you reach your orgasm and ruins it.
When your eyes shift back into focus, you find him looking down at you, shaking his head lightly. “Oh, little one. You disappoint me.”
Your heart falls upon hearing that. “I’m sorry, I’m really really sorry—” you grab at his waist, his shirt, afraid he’s going to get up and leave you. The cruelest punishment of all. “I can’t help it… feels too good.”
“Oh, it feels too good? Is that right?” he coos at you in mocking.
You nod fervently, eyes blinking heavy for your ruthless lover.
He nods back, the tight crease between his eyebrows loosens, and you think maybe your tactic is working. Maybe he’d allow you this little thing for once. “Okay,” he concedes.
And for a minute, he seems like he is giving in. Rubbing your still-tender clit and seeking open-mouthed kisses on your bite-worn lips. Listening intently to the rhythm of your body, letting it rise into another crescendo.
He swallows your moans as you cum a second time, easier and gentler than the first, falling apart in the comfort of his hand and his embrace.
But then he doesn’t stop.
He maintains the pattern he’s drawing on your clit —too hard, too fast, too… much. The euphoric sensation of your high grows overwhelming and before you know it, you’re writhing and thrashing desperately under him. “Wait—”
And through it all, he keeps his cruel calm facade. “I thought you wanted to cum?” he says, daring you to protest him.
It’s not that you don’t want to protest; you’re simply too fucked out to find the words.
He smiles at you sweetly, deceivingly so. “You wanted to cum, so you’re gonna cum, over and over again until I say it’s enough. Okay, little one?”
You’re already so close again. You can’t think about anything but the persistent ache between your legs, drowning you in submission’s misery.
“Hey. Look at me.” He instructs you firmly. “Be a good girl and cum for me, yeah? Can you do that?” His voice softens, and you find yourself melting into his touch, his words… his being.
The contradiction between his sweet words and unrelenting hand is making you dizzy. “Yes, sir. I’ll do anything for you,” you murmur into his chest.
“That’s my girl.” He captures your lips with his, enshrouding you with love and warmth. Easing you into the thrust of his two fingers inside you at once.
You gasp, falling out of his kiss, but he doesn’t care. He just nuzzles your face, fingers pumps in and out of you just fast enough to keep you on your high. And then his mouth trails down your neck, along your soft breasts to suck on your diamond-hard tits.
You cum all over his fingers helplessly, shaking as he holds your body down with his own. You try to pry his hand away —a meager attempt, really- but he simply brushes you off. When you try it a second time, he swats your hand in warning. But it’s too, too much. You just want to breathe for a second.
But he doesn’t let up. Instead, he grabs your wrist and pins it over your head. Fucking you and playing with you impossibly harder. Punishing you more and more.
Your body ceases to fight back, your limbs are growing heavier the further you go. But your breaking brain is screaming, although what comes out of your mouth is simply,
“Too much… I can’t…”
“Yes, you can, little one. Just let go.” he sounds so tender, so comforting. He could be using his powers on you right now, but you’re beyond caring at this point.
You just nod along and give in to the erratic pulsing in your body. The pain is sharp and dull at the same time, and you’ve lost count how many times you’ve come undone. But it feels so fucking good, your eyes are watering, sobs hitching in your throat.
He chuckles, his breath is hot against your skin. “Look at you, so pretty like this. All mine. My dirty little slut.” Druig wipes away your tears so gently, a stark contrast to his unrelenting pace between your legs. “Haven’t even got my cock in you yet, but you look so fucked out already.”
Your mind is hazy, but another, more pressing need takes over when you hear the words ‘his cock.’ A string of pleas fall out of your lips, barely coherent. You sloppily kiss him, desperately trying to tell him what you want without telling him what you want.
He kisses you back like he understands. Like he’s got you. It’s a brief moment of love and reassurance in this twisted game you’re playing.
His hand slows to a stop, and you arch into him in joy and anguish —joy for a breath of relief, and anguish for the loss of his addicting touch.
And more joy, as you get to watch him tear off his clothes, revealing his lean muscles and alabaster skin, and then take his place on top of you.
He draws a bated breath as he teases your pussy with his cock. “So ready for me, aren’t you, little one?”
He nudges your sensitive clit and your eyes flutter closed at the sensation. “Yes. Fuck.”
“Hey. Ask properly. What do you want.” Not a question; an order.
Your tongue feels heavy, clouded and slurred. “Want you to fuck me, sir.”
“There we go. That wasn’t so hard, right?” he grins, infuriatingly chirpy over the state of you, lining himself against your opening.
He pushes in with one swift thrust, and knocks the air out of you. Even after having his fingers inside you, the stretch still deliciously aches. You’re so sensitive, so full, so flooded by him.
And he is every bit as drunk on you as you are on him. You close in around him, soft walls slick with desire gripping him like a vice. He is so thick, so big, so perfect inside you, and he closes his eyes in ecstasy, a moment’s silence in the eye of the storm.
“You’re breathtaking,” he sighs, sitting up so he can take a better look at you.
All gorgeous and wrecked for him and him alone.
He draws himself back, nearly all the way out of you. You whine at the loss and the emptiness, and once again when he fills you up again. He grinds in and out of you unhurried, finding delight in the twists and turns of your beautiful curves. How you leave crescent moon dents on his trim waist. How he can see, can feel your stomach bulge as he fills you as the sobs ripped out of you, singing broken melodies.
And how it sounds better than any song he’s ever heard in his painfully long life.
You have no idea how long you’ve been at this. Your body feels heavy, like the sensation is blanketing you and weighing you down. Your grasp at his waist loosens bit by bit, and soon you’re just limply carried through the motions as he fucks you hard.
His hand tucks away the wild strands of hair on your face, as if awakening you from your stupor. “You’re slipping, my love,” he softly points out.
“I know.”
“Wanna keep going?”
“Yes please,” you nod, arching closer into him.
Oh, how Druig’s heart swells upon this sight. So pretty and pliant. All for him to take and save and soothe and spare.
He smiles a little. “You’re an insatiable little thing, aren’t you, little one?” he hums, picking up the pace and watching you lose your goddamn mind.
“Only for you, sir— fuck...” you squeak as he hits that spot deep within you.
“Look at me. Hey.” his palm lands across your cheek. “Look at me.”
Your eyes find his, all dark and dangerous, but you’re too far gone that all you can say is, “Again.”
He smiles, adoring in contrast for what’s to come. “My dirty little fucking slut,” and then a slap on the other cheek.
Who is he to deny himself of such pleasure? The fucked up tinge in his core flares whenever he sees your jaw fall open upon the impact of his threatening hand. Clenching tighter around his cock as you inch closer towards yet another orgasm.
That very same palm soothes your tingling skin, thumb caressing your lower lip. You didn’t need any instructions —you put his digit into your mouth and suck like you sucked his cock earlier. Hard and sloppy, making his pace falter a little.
Druig pulls his hand away with a heavy heart, but eager to place his wetted thumb on your clit. Your cunt flutters around him, goading him to go harder, give you more, more, more all through your high.
And you need him more than you need air.
You blindly reach for his free hand, putting it on your chest. Maybe if he keeps you there, you won’t float away. Maybe he’ll bring you down again gently and all will be well.
His fingers pinch your nipples, a shooting sensation against his dulcet voice. “Just one more, my love. Give me just one more, okay?”
“I’ll try…” you purr, barely loud enough for him to hear.
“No, no. I said, you’re gonna cum until I say it’s enough,” he reminds you, cupping your jaw so you look right at him, “and I say, one more.”
His last words come out in a growl, your cheeks squished together and it sends you reeling. You blindly reach for his hand, guiding it on the column of your neck. Maybe if he keeps you there, you won’t float away, and you’ll be able to cum one last time.
He tightens his grip on your throat just a little, just enough to make your head dizzy and your soul ascend in a blissful little death. For a moment, you exist solely in the form of pleasure coursing through your veins. The pulsing of your clit. The clench of your cunt. The flutter of your inner walls until your lover unleashes his sweet release, painting it pearly white with his divine sex.
He collapses on top of you, forehead resting against yours. He lifts his hips to unsheath himself from you, but you whimper, wrapping your loose arms around him. 
Your high is dissipating, and now everything feels like it’s fading. The gentle hand wiping sweat off of your face feels like it’s simply hovering over your skin, and his raggedy baritone sounds so far away.
“My beautiful, beautiful girl...” he nuzzles your nose, peppering soft kisses all over your face. “Are you with me?”
You don’t say anything. You just take everything he’s giving you. At that moment, it’s the only thing you know.
“Look at me,” he whispers, kind and caring. Gone is the cruel, austere side of him, and you find yourself breathing easier. “Come back to me, my love.”
You try to fight the sleep in your eyes and gaze into his baby blues, soothing and shielding you from harm. From loneliness. “Hey,” you finally breathe out.
The specks of dust flying around in the sunshine makes the sight before you look like a painting. Your lover, soft and steady and so fucking enamored, gazing at you so tenderly. And then a smile, that goddamn smile that stole your heart, blossoms on his face and the painting comes to life.
“Hello, my sunshine,” he greets you, and it feels like home.
In all honest truth, it is home.
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
this man owns my heart mhm
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itsapeterthing · 4 months ago
Sunshine || Druig
Tumblr media
pairing: druig x eternal!reader
summary: as the eternal with the gift of weather and nature, you use it to your advantage, especially with your husband, druig
a/n: this is based off of a request from a very long time ago, but i hope you enjoy!
word count: 1.1k
warnings: eternals insulting druig as always, fluff
masterlist || taglist
You laughed as Druig’s body pressed against yours, gently shoving you into the wall behind the both of you.
“Do you think it’s funny?” He asked, the smirk on his face evident that even he thought it was amusing.
“I don't know what you’re talking about.” You said, feigning ignorance.
However, of course you knew what he was talking about. Your husband was completely soaking wet, even with water droplets from his bangs dripping down onto your forehead as he stood above you. His clothes were drenched and his hands so slippery, he had a hard time pinning them to the wall behind you. It would be impossible not to know what he was talking about even if you weren’t the one who caused it.
“Oh you don’t know, do you?” He asked, leaning in closer. “Just so happens my own personal rain cloud was following me around all day, right?”
You looked at him and shrugged.
“You looked grumpy.”
“And you thought that would fix it?”
“No,” You smiled. “But I know what will.”
Before Druig had another chance to speak, you placed your hands against his clothed, soaking wet chest and leaned into him, pressing your lips against his. 
Even without your eyes open, you could tell he was smiling.
Then you heard them.
“Oh my gosh that’s disgusting!” You distinctively heard Kingo exclaim amongst the chorus of groans from the others.
This wasn’t uncommon- this had been going on since Druig and you had first gotten caught together by them centuries ago thus exposing your relationship. Though long ago you used to grow embarrassed under their teasing and vocal disapproval, it had been such a long time since, that you had stopped caring what they thought all together. Druig on the other hand used to tease you about it frequently, often flirting with you in front of them just to get a rise out of them and you.
However, all the time apart seemed to have an effect on him as Druig pulled away from your lips and a light blush coated his cheeks. As much as Druig liked to play things cool and act as though nothing bothered him, you could tell he was flustered.
It was almost entertaining.
“Oh please,” You said, purposely leaving your hands on your partner’s chest. “Did you guys get soft the past few hundred years or something? Haven’t you seen people kiss?”
“Yeah, people,” Sprite argued. “Not you and... whatever Druig is. He’s like a walking nightmare.”
Although you knew thousands of years came with bitterness between members of your group- especially Druig as he wasn’t so… cheerful- you had always hated the brutal teasing they inflicted on your husband, knowing that sometimes names like that could cut deep.
Without even realizing it, the sky above you had turned gray, the clouds that had once grazed the beautiful blue sky becoming one gloomy mess.
Hearing the grumble within the clouds, sure that it would start pouring any minute, Druig looked up at the sky and back down to you.
Leaning in, he placed one hand on your back and rubbed gentle circles against your clothed skin before connecting his mind with yours.
“It’s okay,” he thought. “Don’t mind them. I’ve already got rained on enough for the day.”
Hearing his soothing voice in your mind, you glanced up and saw the cloudy skies before looking back at Druig and nodding. You closed your eyes and before you knew it, the sky was back to allowing the sun’s rays to pour through the trees without a rain cloud in the sky.
“Why are you all here anyway?” You asked, turning your attention back to the rest of the eternals.
“It’s a long story.” Sersi replied.
As you crossed your arms, you shrugged.
“We’ve got time.”
“You’re going to want to sit down for this.” Ikaris said.
Though your husband had nearly always had a problem with him and vice versa, you had always gotten along with your fellow eternals, being open-minded and able to see from several different points of view. So, as you looked up at them, and especially Sersi and Ikaris and noted the sincerity on their faces, you understood the situation may have been more serious than you originally thought.
You glanced back at Druig worried and although you could both communicate with your minds, you had known each other so long that you could communicate with your eyes wordlessly as well.
Matching your expression and understanding the two of you were on the same page, Druig looked back at the eternals and nodded.
“Come inside then.” Druig said, not allowing his concern to show through to others. “Make yourself at home.”
Guiding them in direction of the building from behind, Druig stopped short before he stepped through the doors, gripping your own arm to stop you.
“Uh uh.” He said, holding you back. “You’re not going in until you fix the mess you’ve made.”
“And what’s that?” You asked, facing him.
Druig said nothing, only tilted his said to the side and stared at you blankly.
That’s when his dripping hair and soaking wet clothes caught your attention again.
“Oh!” You laughed, nudging off his grip on your arm. “Sorry, my love, I forgot.”
Leaning forward, you rested your own hands against his arms and stepped towards him, pressing your lips against his.
As you did, a gust of wind blew through the both of you, drying your husband instantly as you kissed him softly and brushed your hands up and down against the clothed skin of his arms.
No matter how many times you did that, Druig would never get over it. He was almost too embarrassed to admit that every time you did it, his heart began racing in his chest and he grew a little bit dizzy. No matter how headstrong Druig wanted to appear to be in front of the other eternals, he would always melt for you.
He almost welcomed your teasing rain clouds over his head, because he knew this moment would follow. These moments brought the warmth of a thousand suns that would make up for hundreds of rain clouds and he adored every second of it.
Through thousands of years, he enjoyed every second of you.
“Better?” You asked as you pulled away and smiled up at him.
Druig only smiled.
“Much better.”
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Tumblr media
Definitely my new comfort movie - the family vibess
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waspswidows · 4 months ago
Make You Scream
Pairing: Druig x (female) Eternal!Reader
Summary: you’re at a family dinner with the Eternals when Druig starts to get handsy. However, he’s left seething after you manage to stay completely silent, and so he makes it his mission to take you home and make you scream...
Warnings: swearing, smut, fingering, semi-public sexual acts, Dom!Druig, oral (f receiving), overstimulation/ multiple orgasms, penetrative sex (m+f), tiniest bit of mind control, minors DNI
A/N: happy Eternals on Disney+ day my loves, here’s some more Druig smut bc I feel like it’s been a lil while since I did a full oneshot for him, hope you like this my babies!!🖤✨🥰
Tumblr media
This is for people 18+ only. Minors do not read on. If you click ‘keep reading’ you are hereby agreeing that you are 18 or older.
These were the moments you loved. Moments spent with your family. It was so rare that all of you would be together at one time, so you relished these small moments together.
You were all currently on the Domo, you and all ten of your fellow Eternals. Ajak and Gilgamesh had prepared the most delicious of meals. You’d all finished eating now, you were all just sat around talking and laughing, enjoying each other’s company.
You had all just come down from laughing at something Kingo had said when you suddenly felt Druig’s hand come to rest on your thigh. You were only in a short sundress so his hand was brushing against your bare skin. You pay no mind to the small gesture, continuing to chat away with the rest of the Eternals.
But then Druig starts to move his hand even high up your thigh, his fingers leaving goosebumps on your flesh as he travels towards your core. The slightest of sighs leaves your lips, quiet enough for only Druig to hear, and only because he was specifically listening out for you.
You can practically feel the smirk that stretches Druig’s lips when his fingers finally reach the apex of your thighs, brushing along your clothed core. He pushes his finger in slightly, just about making contact with your clit through the thin material of your panties.
You can then feel his brows furrow as you don’t even flinch at his contact. Your breathing remains steady, your face unreadable. Clearly frustrated by your lack of reaction Druig pushes his fingers harder against your clit, starting a circling motion. The only sign of you acknowledging this was your body tensing slightly, but still, nothing that anyone else would even notice.
You hear Druig huff lightly as he ramps up his motions, pushing your panties to the side and finally connecting his fingers directly with your clit. You smirk, cocking your head to pay better attention to what Ikaris was currently saying from across the table. Druig’s finger start to build a steady pace, circling your clit just the way he knows you like it.
You could practically feel the frustration rolling off Druig as you continued to show no reaction to him having his hand between your thighs whilst in the middle of a family dinner.
His frustration radiates into his movements as he again decides to take things even further, desperate to pull some kind of response from you. His fingers delve lower through your folds until he reaches your entrance. He circles your hole twice before he pushes two of his fingers inside you. You squirm the slightest bit as his fingers find home inside you, sinking down to the knuckles. But again, your squirm was no more than you would shift just to get comfortable in your seat, it was nothing to warrant any kind of acknowledgment from anyone else.
Druig starts to pump his fingers in and out of you, curling them expertly to hit that sweet spot inside you. He then latches his thumb onto you clit, circling in time with his fingers working inside of you. You keep your attention on the conversation at hand, even joining in the laughing when Sprite cracks a witty comment.
If anything, Druig is the one getting more worked up than you. You can just about hear his breathing start to get heavier next to you, the tiniest of grunts passing his lips as he works his hand furiously between your legs. You laugh lightly, enjoying how desperate he was to make you crack. But you knew you wouldn’t. You were good at this game.
Druig feels your walls start to close in around his fingers, your orgasm approaching.You feel the smugness start to rise in his body again, thinking surely you’d have to break when he actually made you cum. But you didn’t. Your orgasm washes over you, your pussy clenching and convulsing around Druig’s fingers.
But on the outside you merely sighed softly, your breathing ever so slightly heavier than normal. Once Druig has pumped you through your orgasm he pulls his fingers from you harshly, a tiny squeak leaving your lips.
You hear him grunt in frustration next to you, his jaw taught, his nostrils flared. You look over at him and smirk, winking at him quickly.
You’d barely closed the door to yours and Druig’s room on the Domo when he’s suddenly roughly shoving you against it. His forearm is just below your neck, pinning you up against the door. His other hands grabs the hair at the back of your neck, forcing your head to tilt upwards to where his face is hovering above you, his lips curved in anger.
“What the hell was that?” He seethes, his lips forming a snarl where they were just an inch away from yours.
“You tell me” you bite back, raising an eyebrow defiantly. “You’re the one who decided to finger me under the dinner table."
“And you didn’t even squirm. Didn’t make a single noise” his nostrils flare with anger again.
“Well what can I say, I’m just very good at staying quiet” you shrug teasingly, lifting your chin in defiance.
“Oh yeah?” He taunts.
“Yeah” you tease back.
He looks you up and down, raking his gaze over you. He then shifts, moving his hips forward, trapping your own hips between his and door behind you. A small gasp leaves your lips as you feel his hardened cock pushing against you, straining in the fabric of his jeans.
“Oh we’ll see about that.” His breath is hot against your lips, his mouth so close and yet so far away. “I’m gonna make you scream sweetheart, I’m gonna make you fucking beg for my cock” he growls, leaning into your mouth only to pull back again at the last second, leaving you hanging with want. A soft whine sounds from you as he pulls himself away from you, leaving you limp against the door.
“Strip. Then get on the bed” he commands, his tone leaving no room for argument.
And so you follow his instructions swiftly, shimmying out of your little dress before tugging your panties down your legs, leaving you completely naked under his watchful gaze. An approving smirk paints his lips as he takes in your naked form, a sight he’d seen a thousand times before and yet one he would never grow tired of.
You gulp lightly, his eyes on you sending a flutter to your core. You walk over to the bed, laying down on your back, sitting up on your elbows.
“Open your legs” his voice is somehow simultaneously sharp and smooth.
Your mouth hangs open as your breathing already starts to get heavy, just the anticipation of what’s to come setting your entire body alight. You obey his instruction again, spreading your legs open on the bed, revealing your already soaked centre to him. He lets out a cocky scoff as he takes in the view. He’s then sauntering over to you, pulling his shirt over his head and throwing it aside just before he reaches the edge of the bed.
His eyes lock with yours as he sinks to his knees in front of you. His smirk grows at the sound of your moan. That’s what he wanted, to hear all manner of sinful sounds fall from your lips. He licks those cocky lips of his before he dives into your pussy. His eyes stay on yours as his mouth latches onto your clit, sucking it into his mouth and flicking his tongue over it fervently.
You let out a small cry, tossing your head back as you revel in the feeling of his tongue gliding over your clit. He feels so good, your mind is already spinning. Going down on you was one of Druig’s favourite past times, so it’s suffice to say that he knows exactly what he’s doing, knows exactly how to work you. Your hips are starting to move of their own accord, bucking and grinding against his face. Another moan escapes you before you have time to swallow it. You resort to biting down on your bottom lip, attempting to keep your sounds contained.
“Let go of your lip, I want to hear you” Druig hums into your folds.
A whimper trembles through you as you dig your teeth harder into your lip. Druig sighs into your cunt, the vibrations surging through you. But you’re left wanting when his mouth moves off you suddenly. You look up just in time to lock eyes with him again, watching them start to glow gold.
“I said let go of your lip” he speaks slowly and deliberately.
You feel your entire body relax, your jaw going slack where your mouth suddenly hangs open.
“That’s better” Druig taunts, his eyes dimming as he reattaches his mouth to your throbbing clit.
You can hear yourself slowly start to get louder and louder as Druig coaxes you closer and closer to your climax. The fire burns deep in your core, Druig’s tongue working pure magic on your clit.
“Ah fuck, Druig” you cry, your head twisting to the side, your eyes screwed shut, one fist balled in the sheets beneath you, the other tightly wound in Druig’s hair. He hums in approval of your moans, the vibrations finally tipping you over the edge. A strangled cry flies from your throat as your climax races through you, pleasure coursing through your entire body. You gasp loudly with each breath as you convulse, Druig’s tongue continuing to work your clit as you flinch and jerk under his touch.
He finally pulls his mouth off you with a pop, looking down at you with pride plastered on his face as you fall back weakly onto the bed. Your chest is rising and falling deeply with your ragged breathing. You let out a hum of satisfaction.
But Druig just smirks again.
“Oh we’re not done yet sweetheart” he drawls, grabbing one of your legs and throwing it over his shoulder, pulling you close to him again. Another moan already escapes you before he even touches you again.
He bites at your inner thigh, nipping across your skin before he reaches the apex of your thigh. He attaches his mouth to you again, but this time he situates himself lower, his tongue swirling around your hole. He pushes his nose against your clit, rubbing in an up and down motion as he starts to flick his tongue in and out of your entrance.
“Shit” you whisper. He’d barely even started up again and already your core was tightening like a coil, pleasure burning in the pit of your stomach.
As your moans get louder Druig works his tongue against you with more fervour, as if he was rewarding you for being more vocal. Your hand finds its way back into his hair, helping hold him in place as your hips rock against his face. He has one hand holding your thigh in place where it’s hooked over his shoulder. His other hand finds your free one, his fingers interlacing with yours, giving you a small squeeze as more sounds fall from your lips.
“Druig... fuck” you cry. “That feels amazing” you whine, your voice cracking with pleasure. He hums again.
“Ah, Druig... I’m gonna cum. Fuck...” you gasp as your second climax crashes over you. Your back arches, your toes curling, digging into Druig’s back, your hand twisting painfully tight in his hair. You swear you can feel him laugh cockily against you as you ride out your orgasm on his face.
You collapse against the mattress again, expecting Druig to stop. But he doesn’t. He just keeps going, his tongue fervently darting in and out of you. Your body starts to spasm, something like a sob leaving your throat as yet another little death rocks through your body.
“Shit, Druig” you pant, a tear springing in your eye as your body becomes overwhelmed by the sensations. Your thighs clench around his head, locking him in a vice-like grip as pleasure rolls through your body. He finally relents are you cry out a pathetic mewl, your body flinching away from his mouth.
He kisses the skin of your inner thigh where it rests just next to his head. He gently pushes your leg off him, leaving you sprawled, a fucked out mess, on the bed.
Another chuckle rumbles through his chest as he kisses his way up your body until his mouth finds yours. He opens your lips with his own, sliding his tongue against yours, giving you a taste of yourself. You both groan into the kiss as your hands rapidly paw at each other. His hands snake around your neck, fingers twining in your hair. Your hands roam all over his bare chest, nails raking across his skin.
Your hands travel down his body until you reach the waistband of his jeans. But he just presses his hips tighter against yours, grinding the rough fabric against your sensitive slit, leaving your hands no room to unbuckle his trousers. You mewl into his mouth, a sudden desperation to have him inside you.
“What do you want little one?” He taunts, pulling back slightly, his eyes dark and lust-blown as they look down at you. You whine again, bucking your hips against his, silently asking for what you seek.
“Come on sweetheart, use your words. Let me hear you” he teases, his lips finding their way to your neck, kissing and sucking at your skin.
He continues his grinding movement, giving you just enough pressure to feel it, but not enough to really get you going. He was deliberately teasing you, waiting for your pleas to fall from your lips. You huff, finally feeling the same frustration that Druig must’ve felt earlier; the frustration of not getting what you want. If you wanted him to fuck you, you really were gonna have to beg for it.
You turn your head so your lips are against his ear. “Please Druig” you purr against the shell of his ear. He pushes himself up on his arms to look at you again.
“Please what?” He cocks his head to the side, his eyes dropping to your lips briefly. “What do you want baby?” He grinds particularly hard on that last sentence, finally causing you snap with need.
“You. I want you Druig. I want you to fuck me, please. I need you. I need to feel you inside me, please Druig please” you cry, kissing all over his neck and throat between each word, your nails digging harshly into his back as you desperately pull him against you.
“Please Druig please” you continue to murmur against his skin as your hands travel back down towards his navel again. He groans loudly in your ear.
“Good girl” he praises before he finally reaches down between your two bodies, helping you to undo his belt and jeans. You roughly shove them down his legs, freeing his already leaking cock. You moan as you capture his mouth with your own again, your hand grabbing his dick. You start to move your wrist, pumping him lightly. But he’s quick to stop you, grabbing your wrist in his hand. He grunts with the restraint, fighting the want to just let you keep working him with your hand.
But he’s then swift to line himself up with your entrance, gathering your slick by stroking his head through your folds a few times. He then, at last, sinks his cock inside you. You both moan as you envelope him with your warmth, a further cry escaping your throat as he bottoms out inside you. You see a smirk on his lips again as he suddenly starts a fast and brutal pace.
He doesn’t waste time warming you up or letting your adjust to his size or his rhythm, he simply begins to pound into you, his hips slapping harshly against yours. You’re now powerless to stop the sounds that fly from your mouth, moans and whimpers, gasps and sighs as he hits that spot inside you over and over again.
“Oh fuck Druig, you feel so good” you cry into his neck.
“Yeah?” He breathes into the crook of your neck. You nod frantically as his hips jar into yours.
“Then let me hear you baby, let everyone hear you” he demands, biting down hard into your shoulder.
You cry out loudly at the pain and you feel him laugh darkly. You completely let go, all inhibitions and anxieties put aside, you simply let every sound that your body wanted to make loose from your mouth.
“That’s it baby” he encourages as you start to feel your walls tightening around him, another climax inbound. You can feel how sensitive you are from your previous orgasms, but right now you don’t care because fuck he felt so good inside you.
“Ahh, Druig” you pant loudly, your voice cracking again. “Shit, I’m gonna cum” you squeak.
“Yeah?” He kisses up your throat again. “Cum for me baby."
And so you do. And so he fulfils his promise, his name a scream on your lips as your orgasm tears through your body.
“Shit baby, you sound so fucking beautiful screaming my name” he grunts as his pace stutters and falters, his hips jaggedly rutting into yours as he approaches his own climax. Your name is a curse on his lips as he finally stills, his hot load spilling inside you, his hot breath mixing with yours as both your mouths hang open in euphoria. He kisses you sloppily again as you both revel in your highs, your sweaty bodies clinging to each other. He pulls back the slightest bit to look at you again, a complete wreck beneath him. That gods-forsaken smirk back on his face.
“Told you I’d make you scream."
You and Druig walk hand-in-hand into the common area the next morning, finding most of your fellow Eternals already there and waiting. All conversation stops when you two enter, all eyes snapping towards you. You and Druig look around in confusion before Sprite finally pipes up.
“You do realise that all our rooms are adjoined here on the Domo?” She cringes.
“Yeah what we heard last night was just down right disturbing” Kingo chimes in, pulling a mock disgusted face.
You blush and bury your head in Druig’s chest, but you just know he’s just the most shit-eating grin plastered on his face, full of pride that everyone else got to hear the way you scream for him.
A/N: this may or may not have been inspired by my personal ability to stay incredibly quiet in bed👀 lmao, hope you enjoyed this!!✨🖤💫
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eternallytoph · 5 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
he can hit me with a rock any day
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atomwritez · 2 days ago
Uh... idk what kind of angst 😭😭 I suck at coming up with stuff, literally anything that comes to your mind will be perfect, I just want my heart to hurt yk
Maybe something along the lines of he's slowly falling out of love with reader and for Makkari? Idk anything you want :)
you started to notice druig was becoming more and more distant with you. it was a gradual thing, being with someone for decades upon decades didn't bring about fast changes
you did notice, however, that he was spending more time with makkari, giving her that smile that used to only be reserved for you, nudging her gently during team meetings, making her smile
it confused you at first, because you knew they were good friends. you were even friends with makkari, it was hard not to be. she was nice and sweet, a good friend and an even better teammate. but something was going on.
like sand falling through your fingers, you could feel druig slipping away from you, he'd gone back to sleeping in his own room rather than sharing yours with you, and it hurt. why couldn't he just talk to you and end it?
a few nights before ajak finally decided to let you all go your separate ways, you took matters into your own hands. you wrote your teammates each a small note, and in the ones addressed to druig and makkari, you wished them happiness. you couldn't leave on a sour note with them, because even if druig stopped loving you, you couldn't bring yourself to stop loving him.
after leaving the notes, you left the domo, taking your few belongings and setting out to start a new life somewhere else, never knowing if your former lover even read what you left him. never knowing if he missed you. never knowing if he regretted his decisions.
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achaoticeternal · 5 months ago
this whole scene is the reason i exist
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bloodydilf · 5 months ago
Thin Walls.
Tumblr media
pairing: druig x reader x ikaris (no established relationship, he's just there as a.. witness??)
tags: 18+ only (minors DNI), thigh riding, slight exhibitionism/voyeurism situation (ikaris is hearing everything), dub-con mind control, dirty talk, cocky!druig, like one swear word djbdjd
note: the idea was better in my head tbh,, it's like once I write it down it sucks 🙈
Tumblr media
druig has you perched on his thigh after you've been begging to be touched.
you did everything to get his attention: wore revealing clothing around him & the eternals, slipped innuendos into conversations, made him jealous by spending time with ikaris–the one person he had issues with.
it's safe to say you got what you wanted. but it wasn't enough.
“it's either my thigh or nothing, sweetheart. you want to act like a needy bitch, you're gonna ride it like one.”
he had his back against the bed's headboard,, hands on your waist, guiding your hips to rut against the hard muscle.
“that's it, darlin', just like that.”
the denim jeans he wore rubbed you just right. he'd bounce his leg just to hear you cry out.
you were desperate to get off; your hands gripped onto his shoulders tight, swiveling your hips until your muscles ached.
loud moans and whines fell from your lips, so you tried to muffle them by pressing your mouth against druig's shoulder
until he said “no, no, I wanna hear those pretty noises.”
“but druig–”
his eyes would glow gold, any protests would die on your tongue.
“I'm sure ikaris wants to hear how good I'm making you feel too. Isn't that right, brother?”
with your human hearing, it was impossible to hear ikaris on the other side of the wall, soft curses and ragged pants.
it was no surprise to him that druig knew he was listening in.
with eyes clenched shut, he bucked into his slick covered hand,, raven locks plastered against his sweaty forehead as he tried to hold back a throaty groan.
druig could hear the effect you had on ikaris, giving him the option to gloat:
“if only you could hear what he's doing right now, my love. I bet he wishes his hand were your tight hole. too bad he has to settle for himself.”
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