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inklore · 6 months ago
spectral tease.
Tumblr media
premise: druig loves to see how many times he can make you come by only using his mind.
pairing: druig x (f)reader
warnings: sexual content (unprotected sex), creampie, multiple orgasms, overstimulation, teasing, mentions of safe word, druig using his powers on reader (consensually), pet names (my girl, pretty girl), no spoilers! you are in control of your reading consumption so if you don’t vibe with any of the above please do not go on. 18+ only minors dni, you will be blocked.
word count: 1.70k+
etc: look i’m not saying i’m obsessed with druig but i’m also not saying i’m NOT obsessed. will i let this man consume me and be all i talk about for months? absolutely. and this little idea wouldn’t leave my head hours after seeing the movie so it’s probably not the best, but i just need more of this man in my life ok!
“I can’t–” your voice is hoarse from moaning, pleading, whining. You try to form a coherent sentence but only fragments are able to process in your mind and slip out from your wet swollen lips. Your body burns from sensitivity and pleasure that only seems to build more and more with each time you cum. Each time he fucks up into you. Each time you feel that beautiful haze in your mind.
And you’ve lost count as to how many times you’ve been thrown over the precipice. How many times you’ve begged and pleaded that you couldn’t cum anymore, even when the pleasure never seems to end, never seems to stop building. And Druig loves it. Loves to fill your mind with nothing but him, nothing but pleasure and a demand for you to keep cumming until you’re begging him to let up, or for more. The only sounds in the room coming for your aching throat, the squelch of your soaked cunt and the slap from his hips as he fucks you harder.
His hands are on either side of your head, his fingers digging into your hair as he holds you there, bending you so your foreheads are pressed together. His hips thrusting up into you sharp, harsh, fast. “Oh, I know you can take more.” He grins pounds into you harder, swallows down your moan when he kisses you devouring your mouth and moans as he doesn’t let up. Makes your already fucked out canal take more, he wants you to feel it tomorrow, the next day, after that. He wants you so sensitive that when you move all you can think about is him. 
“Cant,” you breathe, whimper. “Too much, please, Druig.” His soft chuckle sends a flutter through you, pools in your belly at his cruelty that you love so much. You know all you’d have to do is whisper those two words and this would all be over. He would stop, wrap you up, help you come down, there would be no hesitation. But the two of you get some sick satisfaction at seeing how many times Druig can make you cum untouched by his everything but his mind. And even with your body shaking and the wetness coating your thighs, your throat raw and burning with each moan. Part of you still wants more. Wants to feel even more pleasure. Your core burning so deliciously from his relentlessness, from how many times you’ve tightened and fluttered around his thick cock.
“You can do one more, I know you can.” Druig’s breath is hot against your lips, as he stares up at you, “you’ve been so good, you can do one more for me right?” He’s slowed his thrusts just slightly, if only to allow you to focus on his words, to give you the slightest of breaks before he goes back to pounding into you leaving you a whimpering mess again. One of his hands runs down your neck, thumb skating across your jaw and lifting your chin separating your foreheads so the two of you can properly look at each other. And you’re so beautiful like this he thinks; cheeks warm and tinted with heat and lust, eyes heavy from exhaustion. Your mouth swollen and coated from the two of you. He’s done this to you, made you a fucked out mess all because of his cock and mind, and fuck he loves it. “Do you want to stop, hmm?” He runs his thumb along your bottom lip, “we can stop, pretty girl.”
The over sensitive part of your body and mind is screaming yes, but the slow drag of his cock thrusting up into you, the languid gentle motion rebuilding that mountain of pleasure inside that’s begging for more. To reach, to jump off of, to let Druig make you cum again and again until you really can’t take anymore. Fuck you until neither of you know anything but this feeling, but this heat and pleasure shared together.
So you shake your head, whimper a soft ‘no’ that makes Druig smirk, pull your lips to his in a passionate kiss full of tongue, and teeth and moans. “Good girl.” The praise alone makes you whimper, but as you feel his thrusts pick back up, his hand going to your hip to push you down as he thrusts up. Your over sensitive core burning and begging for more. Your moans loud and incoherent. Your nails digging into his chest, your back arching slightly when you feel the palm of his hand make contact with your ass cheek in a hard slap. The deep groan Druig let’s out against your lips makes your stomach flutter. “My pretty girl, look at me.” You do, your body bracing to go over that precipice, to feel that deep bone shattering pleasure. To see his eyes glow that beautiful gold before all you can see is him, Druig, all you can feel is him in every fiber of your nerve endings. Your mind body and soul being flooded and taken over by him, his pleasures, his desires. Sending you through an euphoric bliss that even when it’s too much it’s not enough.
And when he does it your body freezes, trembles, shakes, your mind filled with that beautiful haze, every fiber of you letting him take over, letting him control you so willingly. Until your vision clears and you’re meeting Druig’s gaze, moaning and shaking as your orgasm rolls through you and he fucks into you while you clench and grip onto his cock. “That’s my girl, good, so good.” He groans, the warmth of his palm on your cheek grounds you. Druig watches your mouth hang open, eyes go from his golden hold to your beautiful ones. Watches your body tremble and wither above him, your cunt flutter and clench against his cock making him thrust faster, harder, until he’s finishing seconds after you. Praises on his lips, kisses and teeth pressed to your lips, shoulder, any flesh he can reach. Any part of you he can touch and consume.
Your body slumps over to rest on his chest, exhaustion completely taking you out. The after effects from another orgasm burning hot and white through your body and core. The two of you catching your breath, Druig running his fingers along your back, pressing soft kisses to your temple. “Think you broke your record.” He teases.
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Make You Scream
Pairing: Druig x (female) Eternal!Reader
Summary: you’re at a family dinner with the Eternals when Druig starts to get handsy. However, he’s left seething after you manage to stay completely silent, and so he makes it his mission to take you home and make you scream...
Warnings: swearing, smut, fingering, semi-public sexual acts, Dom!Druig, oral (f receiving), overstimulation/ multiple orgasms, penetrative sex (m+f), tiniest bit of mind control, minors DNI
A/N: happy Eternals on Disney+ day my loves, here’s some more Druig smut bc I feel like it’s been a lil while since I did a full oneshot for him, hope you like this my babies!!🖤✨🥰
Tumblr media
This is for people 18+ only. Minors do not read on. If you click ‘keep reading’ you are hereby agreeing that you are 18 or older.
These were the moments you loved. Moments spent with your family. It was so rare that all of you would be together at one time, so you relished these small moments together.
You were all currently on the Domo, you and all ten of your fellow Eternals. Ajak and Gilgamesh had prepared the most delicious of meals. You’d all finished eating now, you were all just sat around talking and laughing, enjoying each other’s company.
You had all just come down from laughing at something Kingo had said when you suddenly felt Druig’s hand come to rest on your thigh. You were only in a short sundress so his hand was brushing against your bare skin. You pay no mind to the small gesture, continuing to chat away with the rest of the Eternals.
But then Druig starts to move his hand even high up your thigh, his fingers leaving goosebumps on your flesh as he travels towards your core. The slightest of sighs leaves your lips, quiet enough for only Druig to hear, and only because he was specifically listening out for you.
You can practically feel the smirk that stretches Druig’s lips when his fingers finally reach the apex of your thighs, brushing along your clothed core. He pushes his finger in slightly, just about making contact with your clit through the thin material of your panties.
You can then feel his brows furrow as you don’t even flinch at his contact. Your breathing remains steady, your face unreadable. Clearly frustrated by your lack of reaction Druig pushes his fingers harder against your clit, starting a circling motion. The only sign of you acknowledging this was your body tensing slightly, but still, nothing that anyone else would even notice.
You hear Druig huff lightly as he ramps up his motions, pushing your panties to the side and finally connecting his fingers directly with your clit. You smirk, cocking your head to pay better attention to what Ikaris was currently saying from across the table. Druig’s finger start to build a steady pace, circling your clit just the way he knows you like it.
You could practically feel the frustration rolling off Druig as you continued to show no reaction to him having his hand between your thighs whilst in the middle of a family dinner.
His frustration radiates into his movements as he again decides to take things even further, desperate to pull some kind of response from you. His fingers delve lower through your folds until he reaches your entrance. He circles your hole twice before he pushes two of his fingers inside you. You squirm the slightest bit as his fingers find home inside you, sinking down to the knuckles. But again, your squirm was no more than you would shift just to get comfortable in your seat, it was nothing to warrant any kind of acknowledgment from anyone else.
Druig starts to pump his fingers in and out of you, curling them expertly to hit that sweet spot inside you. He then latches his thumb onto you clit, circling in time with his fingers working inside of you. You keep your attention on the conversation at hand, even joining in the laughing when Sprite cracks a witty comment.
If anything, Druig is the one getting more worked up than you. You can just about hear his breathing start to get heavier next to you, the tiniest of grunts passing his lips as he works his hand furiously between your legs. You laugh lightly, enjoying how desperate he was to make you crack. But you knew you wouldn’t. You were good at this game.
Druig feels your walls start to close in around his fingers, your orgasm approaching.You feel the smugness start to rise in his body again, thinking surely you’d have to break when he actually made you cum. But you didn’t. Your orgasm washes over you, your pussy clenching and convulsing around Druig’s fingers.
But on the outside you merely sighed softly, your breathing ever so slightly heavier than normal. Once Druig has pumped you through your orgasm he pulls his fingers from you harshly, a tiny squeak leaving your lips.
You hear him grunt in frustration next to you, his jaw taught, his nostrils flared. You look over at him and smirk, winking at him quickly.
You’d barely closed the door to yours and Druig’s room on the Domo when he’s suddenly roughly shoving you against it. His forearm is just below your neck, pinning you up against the door. His other hands grabs the hair at the back of your neck, forcing your head to tilt upwards to where his face is hovering above you, his lips curved in anger.
“What the hell was that?” He seethes, his lips forming a snarl where they were just an inch away from yours.
“You tell me” you bite back, raising an eyebrow defiantly. “You’re the one who decided to finger me under the dinner table."
“And you didn’t even squirm. Didn’t make a single noise” his nostrils flare with anger again.
“Well what can I say, I’m just very good at staying quiet” you shrug teasingly, lifting your chin in defiance.
“Oh yeah?” He taunts.
“Yeah” you tease back.
He looks you up and down, raking his gaze over you. He then shifts, moving his hips forward, trapping your own hips between his and door behind you. A small gasp leaves your lips as you feel his hardened cock pushing against you, straining in the fabric of his jeans.
“Oh we’ll see about that.” His breath is hot against your lips, his mouth so close and yet so far away. “I’m gonna make you scream sweetheart, I’m gonna make you fucking beg for my cock” he growls, leaning into your mouth only to pull back again at the last second, leaving you hanging with want. A soft whine sounds from you as he pulls himself away from you, leaving you limp against the door.
“Strip. Then get on the bed” he commands, his tone leaving no room for argument.
And so you follow his instructions swiftly, shimmying out of your little dress before tugging your panties down your legs, leaving you completely naked under his watchful gaze. An approving smirk paints his lips as he takes in your naked form, a sight he’d seen a thousand times before and yet one he would never grow tired of.
You gulp lightly, his eyes on you sending a flutter to your core. You walk over to the bed, laying down on your back, sitting up on your elbows.
“Open your legs” his voice is somehow simultaneously sharp and smooth.
Your mouth hangs open as your breathing already starts to get heavy, just the anticipation of what’s to come setting your entire body alight. You obey his instruction again, spreading your legs open on the bed, revealing your already soaked centre to him. He lets out a cocky scoff as he takes in the view. He’s then sauntering over to you, pulling his shirt over his head and throwing it aside just before he reaches the edge of the bed.
His eyes lock with yours as he sinks to his knees in front of you. His smirk grows at the sound of your moan. That’s what he wanted, to hear all manner of sinful sounds fall from your lips. He licks those cocky lips of his before he dives into your pussy. His eyes stay on yours as his mouth latches onto your clit, sucking it into his mouth and flicking his tongue over it fervently.
You let out a small cry, tossing your head back as you revel in the feeling of his tongue gliding over your clit. He feels so good, your mind is already spinning. Going down on you was one of Druig’s favourite past times, so it’s suffice to say that he knows exactly what he’s doing, knows exactly how to work you. Your hips are starting to move of their own accord, bucking and grinding against his face. Another moan escapes you before you have time to swallow it. You resort to biting down on your bottom lip, attempting to keep your sounds contained.
“Let go of your lip, I want to hear you” Druig hums into your folds.
A whimper trembles through you as you dig your teeth harder into your lip. Druig sighs into your cunt, the vibrations surging through you. But you’re left wanting when his mouth moves off you suddenly. You look up just in time to lock eyes with him again, watching them start to glow gold.
“I said let go of your lip” he speaks slowly and deliberately.
You feel your entire body relax, your jaw going slack where your mouth suddenly hangs open.
“That’s better” Druig taunts, his eyes dimming as he reattaches his mouth to your throbbing clit.
You can hear yourself slowly start to get louder and louder as Druig coaxes you closer and closer to your climax. The fire burns deep in your core, Druig’s tongue working pure magic on your clit.
“Ah fuck, Druig” you cry, your head twisting to the side, your eyes screwed shut, one fist balled in the sheets beneath you, the other tightly wound in Druig’s hair. He hums in approval of your moans, the vibrations finally tipping you over the edge. A strangled cry flies from your throat as your climax races through you, pleasure coursing through your entire body. You gasp loudly with each breath as you convulse, Druig’s tongue continuing to work your clit as you flinch and jerk under his touch.
He finally pulls his mouth off you with a pop, looking down at you with pride plastered on his face as you fall back weakly onto the bed. Your chest is rising and falling deeply with your ragged breathing. You let out a hum of satisfaction.
But Druig just smirks again.
“Oh we’re not done yet sweetheart” he drawls, grabbing one of your legs and throwing it over his shoulder, pulling you close to him again. Another moan already escapes you before he even touches you again.
He bites at your inner thigh, nipping across your skin before he reaches the apex of your thigh. He attaches his mouth to you again, but this time he situates himself lower, his tongue swirling around your hole. He pushes his nose against your clit, rubbing in an up and down motion as he starts to flick his tongue in and out of your entrance.
“Shit” you whisper. He’d barely even started up again and already your core was tightening like a coil, pleasure burning in the pit of your stomach.
As your moans get louder Druig works his tongue against you with more fervour, as if he was rewarding you for being more vocal. Your hand finds its way back into his hair, helping hold him in place as your hips rock against his face. He has one hand holding your thigh in place where it’s hooked over his shoulder. His other hand finds your free one, his fingers interlacing with yours, giving you a small squeeze as more sounds fall from your lips.
“Druig... fuck” you cry. “That feels amazing” you whine, your voice cracking with pleasure. He hums again.
“Ah, Druig... I’m gonna cum. Fuck...” you gasp as your second climax crashes over you. Your back arches, your toes curling, digging into Druig’s back, your hand twisting painfully tight in his hair. You swear you can feel him laugh cockily against you as you ride out your orgasm on his face.
You collapse against the mattress again, expecting Druig to stop. But he doesn’t. He just keeps going, his tongue fervently darting in and out of you. Your body starts to spasm, something like a sob leaving your throat as yet another little death rocks through your body.
“Shit, Druig” you pant, a tear springing in your eye as your body becomes overwhelmed by the sensations. Your thighs clench around his head, locking him in a vice-like grip as pleasure rolls through your body. He finally relents are you cry out a pathetic mewl, your body flinching away from his mouth.
He kisses the skin of your inner thigh where it rests just next to his head. He gently pushes your leg off him, leaving you sprawled, a fucked out mess, on the bed.
Another chuckle rumbles through his chest as he kisses his way up your body until his mouth finds yours. He opens your lips with his own, sliding his tongue against yours, giving you a taste of yourself. You both groan into the kiss as your hands rapidly paw at each other. His hands snake around your neck, fingers twining in your hair. Your hands roam all over his bare chest, nails raking across his skin.
Your hands travel down his body until you reach the waistband of his jeans. But he just presses his hips tighter against yours, grinding the rough fabric against your sensitive slit, leaving your hands no room to unbuckle his trousers. You mewl into his mouth, a sudden desperation to have him inside you.
“What do you want little one?” He taunts, pulling back slightly, his eyes dark and lust-blown as they look down at you. You whine again, bucking your hips against his, silently asking for what you seek.
“Come on sweetheart, use your words. Let me hear you” he teases, his lips finding their way to your neck, kissing and sucking at your skin.
He continues his grinding movement, giving you just enough pressure to feel it, but not enough to really get you going. He was deliberately teasing you, waiting for your pleas to fall from your lips. You huff, finally feeling the same frustration that Druig must’ve felt earlier; the frustration of not getting what you want. If you wanted him to fuck you, you really were gonna have to beg for it.
You turn your head so your lips are against his ear. “Please Druig” you purr against the shell of his ear. He pushes himself up on his arms to look at you again.
“Please what?” He cocks his head to the side, his eyes dropping to your lips briefly. “What do you want baby?” He grinds particularly hard on that last sentence, finally causing you snap with need.
“You. I want you Druig. I want you to fuck me, please. I need you. I need to feel you inside me, please Druig please” you cry, kissing all over his neck and throat between each word, your nails digging harshly into his back as you desperately pull him against you.
“Please Druig please” you continue to murmur against his skin as your hands travel back down towards his navel again. He groans loudly in your ear.
“Good girl” he praises before he finally reaches down between your two bodies, helping you to undo his belt and jeans. You roughly shove them down his legs, freeing his already leaking cock. You moan as you capture his mouth with your own again, your hand grabbing his dick. You start to move your wrist, pumping him lightly. But he’s quick to stop you, grabbing your wrist in his hand. He grunts with the restraint, fighting the want to just let you keep working him with your hand.
But he’s then swift to line himself up with your entrance, gathering your slick by stroking his head through your folds a few times. He then, at last, sinks his cock inside you. You both moan as you envelope him with your warmth, a further cry escaping your throat as he bottoms out inside you. You see a smirk on his lips again as he suddenly starts a fast and brutal pace.
He doesn’t waste time warming you up or letting your adjust to his size or his rhythm, he simply begins to pound into you, his hips slapping harshly against yours. You’re now powerless to stop the sounds that fly from your mouth, moans and whimpers, gasps and sighs as he hits that spot inside you over and over again.
“Oh fuck Druig, you feel so good” you cry into his neck.
“Yeah?” He breathes into the crook of your neck. You nod frantically as his hips jar into yours.
“Then let me hear you baby, let everyone hear you” he demands, biting down hard into your shoulder.
You cry out loudly at the pain and you feel him laugh darkly. You completely let go, all inhibitions and anxieties put aside, you simply let every sound that your body wanted to make loose from your mouth.
“That’s it baby” he encourages as you start to feel your walls tightening around him, another climax inbound. You can feel how sensitive you are from your previous orgasms, but right now you don’t care because fuck he felt so good inside you.
“Ahh, Druig” you pant loudly, your voice cracking again. “Shit, I’m gonna cum” you squeak.
“Yeah?” He kisses up your throat again. “Cum for me baby."
And so you do. And so he fulfils his promise, his name a scream on your lips as your orgasm tears through your body.
“Shit baby, you sound so fucking beautiful screaming my name” he grunts as his pace stutters and falters, his hips jaggedly rutting into yours as he approaches his own climax. Your name is a curse on his lips as he finally stills, his hot load spilling inside you, his hot breath mixing with yours as both your mouths hang open in euphoria. He kisses you sloppily again as you both revel in your highs, your sweaty bodies clinging to each other. He pulls back the slightest bit to look at you again, a complete wreck beneath him. That gods-forsaken smirk back on his face.
“Told you I’d make you scream."
You and Druig walk hand-in-hand into the common area the next morning, finding most of your fellow Eternals already there and waiting. All conversation stops when you two enter, all eyes snapping towards you. You and Druig look around in confusion before Sprite finally pipes up.
“You do realise that all our rooms are adjoined here on the Domo?” She cringes.
“Yeah what we heard last night was just down right disturbing” Kingo chimes in, pulling a mock disgusted face.
You blush and bury your head in Druig’s chest, but you just know he’s just the most shit-eating grin plastered on his face, full of pride that everyone else got to hear the way you scream for him.
A/N: this may or may not have been inspired by my personal ability to stay incredibly quiet in bed👀 lmao, hope you enjoyed this!!✨🖤💫
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clints-lucky-arrow · 4 months ago
Imagine Druig's partner teasing him in public and he decides he needs to teach them a lesson so he fucks them right then and there while mind controlling everyone not to notice telling them how much he wishes everyone could see what a whore they are and who they belong to
Oh wow. 🥵 I did a tiny bit of that the mind control aspect in the first chapter of 'Incentive,' but the teasing aspect...
kyphi. || druig x f!reader.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
WARNINGS: Explicit Sexual Content. Mind Control. Visions. Public Sex. Slight Exhibition Kink. Not Beta-Read. Minorly Edited.
Likes, comments, and reblogs are much appreciated!
Tumblr media
Babylon is humid tonight.
It's a damp, thick heat that has a way of burrowing under one's skin. It makes him itch. Makes him uncomfortable enough to tug at the collar of his tunic and consider making for the Domo to gain some reprieve - but then you enter.
There are beads in your headdress. Brightly colored, and the teardrop jewels catch the light of the flickering flame torches as you step inside the cool interior of the temple. A breath catches sharply in his throat. Try as he might, Druig can't tear his eyes away.
A flank of giggling humans surround you. Little girls tug at your arms, cooing at the golden layers of bracelets on your wrists. Women crowd around in hushed tones to whisper conspiratorially in your ear.
You only smile in response. The soft words that leave you are warm and affectionate. Druig can't tear his eyes away from the gentle twist of your lips.
By Arishem, you look beautiful. Every inch the goddess that they whisper you are. It would be agony, if you weren't already his.
The hem of your dress whispers as you sweep across the room. He adjusts himself on the plush bed of pillows to make room for you - lips curved into a smirk. It's just the two of you. Usually, the night would be filled with Sprite's fantastical bursts of illusions. However, tonight, all of the other Eternals are elsewhere. Yourself and Druig are joining one of the many performances in the temple for the evening.
Alone, except for the humans.
Bands of bracelets jingle as you sink down next to him. A patchwork blanket is passed from nearby. Druig takes it with a silent nod of thanks - draping it across the two of you as you shift close against him. The sweet smell of Egyptian kyphi fills his senses, and only serves to further addle his mind.
Strands of soft hair brush his shoulder as you turn towards him. Your face is angled down, bottom lip caught playfully between your teeth, and watching him from underneath lowered lashes. As your hand reaches up to brush a lock of hair from his forehead, a vision bursts across his eyes.
Panting breaths. His chest firm against yours. Your body arched as his lips whisper hungrily down your throat. The clash of teeth and tongue while the rising fabric of your dress bunches underneath his fingertips.
And then - wetness, right between the apex of your thighs. The bliss, pure and carnal, as his cock plunges deep into your cunt over and over again. How he would fill you. The sounds that you'd make.
He recoils. Instead of being offended, it just makes you laugh. You can already see the blush spreading across his cheeks. How he tries to compose himself - sky blue eyes fluttering closed as he inhales deeply, trying to push those images aside. Not that you'll let him. Your hand lands on his knee, and they come back, accompanied by even more.
It gets him hard already. The way that you're able to intrude into his thoughts.
Druig can control humans, can reach in to work their minds like puppets, but he can't do what you do. He can't read thoughts. Nor imbed them. He isn't able to see all nightmares, fears, hopes and dreams, and make them appear real within the depths of the mind.
Sprite inspires, Druig controls, but you implant. You make even Eternals feel - in a way that he cannot.
And you use it to torture him in the worst way.
"Stop," he growls roughly, as your fingers trace teasingly up his inner thigh. "By Arishem, you need to stop."
Your lips brush teasingly over his ear. "Or what?"
Something in your tone is the final step in twisting free that burning, hungry thing within him. It rises thick in the back of his throat. Fills his veins until he nearly aches with want, goaded all the time by the aroma of kyphi perfume. As he looks at you, seeing that returned desire reflected in your eyes, Druig can already see just how much you want it too.
His eyes glow with molten gold.
Around you, all of the humans fall still. Their eyes haze over - growing unseeing as dozens of heads lift to face the sky beyond the temple's pillars. Druig moves, rolling on top to push you down against the nest of cushions below. Your breath is warm against his lips. Already, his hands are travelling up underneath the skirt of your dress. The stiff swell upon his front grinds into the warmth of your hidden core.
"Part of me wants them to watch this," he whispers against the pit of your throat, casting a look at the now mindless humans. "They should see their goddess like this - being such a damn whore. Would it make them think less of you?"
He guides the undergarments down your legs. All other thoughts have abandoned his mind. There's only lust left - and a deep, aching need to make that vision you showed him a reality. Your hands fumble with his belt, and his lips part in a rough gasp as your fingers close around his aching cock.
A pained groan leaves him as your thumb moves over the tip. Precum smears under your touch. It sends a bolt of sharp electricity straight through him, and his length twitches excitedly in your grip. Humming, Druig shifts down to line himself up against the wet heat of your entrance. Your eyes meet his, and the bridge of your noses touch.
It softens something in him.
"I just want them to know that you're mine," he whispers, before pushing himself inside - and filling you until you cry out.
Tumblr media
Likes, comments, and reblogs are much appreciated!
A/N: I felt like more Druig 😂 and I have done a good few pieces for him before, including a miniseries! If interested, check out my masterlist below!
*I do not accept requests.
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aphrogeneias · 6 months ago
𝐢𝐧 𝐩𝐥𝐚𝐢𝐧 𝐬𝐢𝐠𝐡𝐭
Tumblr media
pairing: druig x eternal!reader
summary: after centuries of hiding, what gives your relationship away is a simple, plain black t-shirt. inspired by the prompt "sharing a closet, because at this point, A spends more time in B's clothes than they do their do your own"
word count: 1.1k
warning: secret relationship, established relationship, fluff, family time with the eternals. i know kingo, sersi and sprite weren't in that last scene but i do what i want.
The early morning wind blew through the windows of Ajak's home, the stormy skies of South Dakota stretching far and wide beyond the large windows of the old house.
With what seemed like a herculean effort, you managed to sneak out of bed and out of your lover's arms. A few centuries - give or take - of practice hadn't been able to teach you how to leave him just yet. Be it leaving the small bed you two shared, tangled under the comforter, pressed together as if you were one, or watching him leave down the stairs of the Pyramid of the Sun. It was never easy.
It was also hard to have to stay away even when you were in the room. Unlike Sersi and Ikaris, you were never open with your affections in front of the others. It seemed like the right thing to do, one less distraction to worry about. You made that decision together, sitting at the top of the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, overlooking the city, gazing at the stars of the clear night sky - you remember that night as clearly as if it had happened yesterday.
Stolen glances and fleeting touches, borrowed moments during the day, hiding behind walls and little white lies and poorly made excuses, were all you had. At night, you sneaked into each other's quarters, much like you had done the night before, after everyone had already been asleep.
You missed the warmth of Druig's body, but you missed your dose of morning coffee just a little more that day. It was an incredibly human habit, one that you'd picked up over the past century. It seemed silly, since the caffeine had no effect on your body, but a warm cup of freshly brewed coffee had become a necessity.
The smell of breakfast hit you as soon as you left the bedroom, padding barefooted through the hallway, rubbing the sleep still lingering in your eyes. It was still early, but there was already a litany of voices coming from the kitchen. As you entered the open space downstairs, a soft smile grew on your lips despite your still sleepy state.
After many lifetimes, seeing your family all together in the same space filled your heart with love. While Phastos and Ben took care of little Jack's breakfast, Sersi and Makkari were deep in conversation about something your sleep-addled brain couldn't quite catch yet. Thena's cunning eyes watched it all from her place at the table, and Kingo and Sprite's bickering didn't seem to slow down, not even while they ate.
That chaos was peace to you.
You greeted them all with a simple "Morning" mumbled under your breath, voice raspy from disuse. As they answered, your back was already turned to the group, going straight for the coffee machine on the counter, filling a ceramic mug with the warm drink. Before you could take that sacred, first sip of the day, you heard Sersi's voice calling for you.
"Is that shirt yours, Y/N?"
Confused, you turned around slowly, looking down at yourself. Holding your coffee mug in one hand, you ran the other over the fabric of the black shirt you were wearing - Druig's shirt. When you realized what she was implying, you felt the heat taking over your face, warming your cheeks with a raging intensity. 
"Uh, yeah." You attempted to lie. "Jus' an old shirt."
"I think I've seen this one before too." Kingo barges in, a comedic lift on his eyebrow. "Not too long ago."
"What's all this fuss about a shirt?" Phastos said without looking up from the toast he was making. When he did look, he adjusted his glasses, and you could see the dawn of a realization in his expression. An unimpressed "Oh." was all you heard, then.
There was something about the conspiratory mood amongst your oldest friends that you did not like. Thena let out a laugh, which she tried to conceal once you furrowed your eyebrows at her.
"I have no idea what you're all going on about." You complained, but deep down you were scared of what they were trying to do. "It's literally just a sh…"
"Has anyone seen my…" 
All eyes turned to the kitchen's entryway, where Druig was just standing, shirtless. His hair was everywhere, face still a little crumpled with sleep, blue eyes hazy. He seemed to have almost immediately understood what was happening, because he looked just as you - a deer in the headlights. 
You barely had time to exchange a look when you heard Kingo say "Ah, yes. That's where we've seen that shirt before."
Hiding your face with your hands, after placing your mug of increasingly colder coffee on the counter once more, you had no idea what to say, or how to face the truth. They had finally figured you out.
It was about time, though.
Druig was faster than you. "Is it that obvious?"
"You're all stupid." Sprite called out, not stopping eating her cereal. "She was always wearing his tunics back in the day, all of her clothes smelled like him. How could we not know?"
"Not all of us have all of your free time." Phastos countered, and then pointed at your boyfriend. "And, please, go put on a shirt. Not everyone here is your girlfriend."
As the conversation and the laughter erupted, you watched as Sersi mouthed a well-humored "I'm happy for you!" at you and Druig, who approached you slowly, a gentle smile on his face, lightening his features. Without restraints, you smiled back.
"Seems like I just lost another one."
"Are you sure you don't want it back?" You teased. Druig reached for your shoulder, running his hand gently down your arm, his touch leaving goosebumps in his wake, and finally landing on your hand, which he took on his own. 
"You look better in it than I ever did, anyway." He complimented, with a look in his eyes that was reserved just for you. Always you.
Relishing in your newfound freedom, he pulled you in, and you immediately hid your face in his chest. Chuckling, he whispered, "Good morning, dove."
And over all the teasing and groaning from the other Eternals in the room, you looked at Druig with a little more than love in your eyes, something akin to hope, filled with expectation, eyes searching for his own. Reflected in his blue irises, the future seemed promising.
Instead of spilling all that was threatening to consume you whole - all of those years of barely concealed, hidden adoration in silence - you answered back.
"Good morning."
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tokkiotears · 6 months ago
A fic where the eternals don't know you're a thing with Druig until they see years of photos of you and him all over your house.❤
Tumblr media
note: am i crying?? maybe.... i took some creative liberty with this one, but kept the main request there <3 i hope you all enjoy as much as i did. idc that its november,,, christmas now..
pairing: druig x (f)reader
summary: the holidays bring your large family of eternals over to celebrate. when they walk into your home and see photo after photo of you and druig, they realize something that has been under their noses for millenia
warnings: sweet sweet puppy love n lovey dovey druig
wc: 1k
Christmas wasn’t a holiday that Eternals celebrated, in fact, you weren’t sure if there were any that they did. Nevertheless, for the sake of old times and catching up on how eternal life was, you were all going to celebrate this year. It had been decided that you would be throwing the event, as it was known that you were the best event planner there ever had been.
The stone cottage you owned in the French countryside was the perfect venue. The interior was cozy, the walls plastered in photos and paintings, the floor with mismatched carpets and rugs. There was a small kitchen that led into the living room, warmed by a brick fireplace. The tree was decorated with an assortment of tinsel and ornaments that glittered from the flames.
“Druig!” You call, hoping to reach your husband on the modest second floor. The mug you held in your hands was filled with your favorite: hot chocolate. You double and triple check the food in the oven and that the cookies had been set out. The fireplace was cracking loudly, the ambiance just right. Eventually, you hear the rhythm of footsteps down the staircase, indicating that your husband was about to come rob you of your sweet drink.
“Yes, my darling?” He approaches you from behind, sneaking a kiss onto your temple, “Ooh, is that hot chocolate?”
You roll your eyes playfully, but you don’t resist when his arm reaches around yours and removes the mug from your hand. “You’d better plan on making me more, you thief.”
Druig slips his arm around your waist as he sips on the drink. He pulls your body against his and moves gently with the old Sinatra record playing from the living room. The man gives you a puppy-eyed look, “Oh but of course, my darling wife.”
You lean your head back and rest it on his with closed eyes, “I made your favorites.”
Your voice is nearly a whisper, but an excited hum escapes him. Gently, he takes your hand and twirls you much like he had in the countless dances you’d shared before. “Oh, how I love you, Y/N.”
He traps you between the counter and his body, peppering your face with kisses remnant of the hot chocolate that was once yours. Your hand finds its way to his low back, fingertips grazing over the knit sweater.
The harsh knock on the door startles you both. This is followed by a troubled Kingo shouting, “Let us in! It’s freezing!”
“Oops!” You giggle. Druig sneaks in one more kiss before letting you shuffle towards the door. You swing the door open, greeting everyone. A swift blur lets you know that Makkari has shot right past you and straight towards the fireplace. Snowflakes flurry in the air after her.
“Come on in guys! Welcome!” You squeak, “Please leave your shoes right by the door”
“I hope you heard that Makkari!” Kingo can hardly finish his sentence before there is another brief flash and a pair of boots wobble to a stop on the wooded floor. They file in one by one after the movie star, some shivering more than others.
“There are blankets on the couches and next to the tree,” You tell them in between greetings, “And there is cocoa on the stove.”
You shut the door securely after they all enter, adjusting so that all their shoes are against the wall with your foot.
“Oh, you’re already here?” You hear from the other room. It was Kingo asking the question.
Knowing Druig, he’s probably responded by momentarily raising his brows or with a curt nod.
“Dude, look at these,” Sprite drags Kingo and Ikaris to the wall where all your pictures are hung.
“What the…” Kingo mutters in disbelief, then shrieking, “I missed the wedding?!”
“Wedding?” Ajak looks a tad intrigued, joining the other Eternals at the wall. There are a plethora of photos. Not just the wedding, but the many vacations and triumphs you held. Plenty of candid photos that caught Druig in a softer light that the others didn’t often see.
“That is so much good content for my documentary wasted!” Kingo huffs. Sprite has a look of disbelief on her face.
“Like, when did this all even happen? It hasn’t even been like a thousand years since we last saw each other?”
Phastos grins, placing a gift under the tree. “If you guys paid more attention you would’ve seen it coming.”
You glance to Druig, who is smugly sipping his cocoa and sitting on one of the recliners closest to the fireplace. He throws you a wink. “You’ve lost your chance boys, I beat you to it.”
Sersi grins at you, wiggling her fingers as if to say “show me the ring!”. You girls all gather around, forming a little huddle as you reveal your sparkling ring. Phastos had helped make it. A gorgeous golden band, intricate and delicate, holding a gorgeous pear stone that matched the hue of your husband's eyes. His ring had threads of magic that matched your own. Thena smiles proudly, pulling Gilgamesh closer to look. Ajak turns to you, her fingers pushing a strand of hair from your face.
“I’m so very happy for you.”
“Thank you, Ajak.” You hum, leaning into her touch.
“Alright. Enough of the gossip. I want to try some of this food.” Gilgamesh grumbles, moving towards the kitchen. The room erupts in laughter and everyone but you and Druig crowds into the kitchen to serve themselves dinner.
You offer him a hand which he takes, joining you in standing. Even you can see that the infatuation in his eyes is just as strong as it was the day he first laid eyes on you. “Mine forever?”
“Forever.” He presses a kiss to your forehead, where you can just peek at the message Makkari was signing to you:
“You even have him in the matching Christmas socks? You’ve impressed me!”
You grin at her, leaning into your husband, so very happy that your family surrounds you.
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siempre-bucky · 6 months ago
Team Effort
Druig x Fem!Reader
Summary: Sprite and the other Eternals team up to finally get Druig and the reader together after centuries of pining. Angered by all the illusions you both confront your feelings.
WC: 1.7k
A/N: Thank you anon! I loved writing this for you! ♡ It's 3am I edited this the best I could :')
Tumblr media
Ancient Greece was by far your favorite place to be, you loved shopping with your friends in the town center since it was the best way to occupy the time on this planet. "What about this one?" Sersi asks as she picks up a gold bangle off a table, holding it up to you. You scrunch your nose and take it from her, inspecting it closely. Closing one eye so you could see all the small imperfections in the bracelet.
"No, it's a rip-off," you inform her, placing it back on the table. Scanning the table you notice a glimmering blue gemstone hanging by a silver chain. You lowly cock your head and pick it up.
"This is-"
"Druig would like it," Sersi blurts out before sucking in her lips, avoiding your gaze. Trying to fight a blush off, you narrow your eyes at her "If you're still insisting I like him, you're wrong," you huff.
You look at her demeanor change, her brown eyes weren't looking into yours but over your shoulder at the fruit stall. You almost missed the small nod she gave "So you understand?" You ask her for confirmation.
"Yeah, sure, Y/N," she laughs it off "Listen I need to go...catch up with Ikaris, I'll see you back at the Domo tonight for dinner." You watched her run away, it was so odd since you planned to shop all day. Your eyes flickered back to the necklace, maybe Druig would like it? You should buy it.
"What did you find?" His raspy voice behind you sent a pleasant chill down your spine, you felt his clothed chest nearly pressing against your shoulder. You clear your throat and turn to face him. His ocean blue eyes peer down at the necklace.
The gemstone hovers above his hand as if he was hesitant to place it in the palm you were desperate to hold, "Let me buy it for you," he insists, his smirk sending shockwaves through your nerves.
You chuckle a little "I can't let you do that, Dru."
He rolls his eyes and steps a little closer to you, the sheer magnetic force of his being drawing you closer to him "Let me buy the woman I love a necklace." Your eyes go wide, stepping back with the ball of your foot, moving ever so slightly away from him.
"Y-you love me?" Your voice was shaking, the words barely creating sound.
"I've loved you since the moment I met you, darling."
"I love yo-" you stopped yourself mid-sentence, annoyance filling your chest. Your shaking hand rises to smack him, the metallic gold of an illusion dissipating at the touch, "enough with the tricks, Sprite."
The illusion of Druig disappears, the short redhead smirking below you "So you do love him?" She accuses playfully, her expression full of arrogance.
You shake your head "No."
"Well it sure seemed like it... you were about to say it."
"Enough!" You bark, your angered tone getting the attention of the Athenians. You smile politely at the patrons as you looked around the small area, setting their nerves.
"Fine... but how did you know it was me?"
You smile softly and dip your head so she couldn't see the lovesick eyes you had "He never calls me darling, he calls me beautiful."
Sprite shrugs her shoulders and with a roll of her eyes, she walks away. You clearly missed the Grinch-like smile on her face. You toss the necklace back on the table and never look back at it; simply was just a pipe dream.
The sky turned dark, the moon rising to take its place amongst the stars, lighting the lush green hilltop. Druig coolly leaned on a stone pillar, a vine of sweet red grapes in his hand. "3," he counts as he throws one of the small orbs in the air, catching it in his mouth. He chews with a satisfied smile as he watches the ocean in front of him.
"Didn't you get enough at dinner?" You joke from behind him. He turns and smirks, hanging the vine teasingly in between you two.
"Want some?" he offers with a hum.
You shake your head and move closer, your hips swaying side to side. Naturally, he watches you and the way your body moves, but he soon squints as you pass him "No," you say simply as you walk towards the edge "I had too much at dinner."
"Well then my beautiful, beautiful Y/N... what brings you up here?" he places his hands behind his back and walks up behind you.
"There's something I need to tell you," you say nervously, afraid of your words getting jumbled together. It was a big moment and you just wanted it to be perfect. "Druig, you know I care about you, right?" You ask.
He sidesteps and walks to be shoulder to shoulder with you "Of course, just tell me," He tells you, short in anticipation, his poor heart was thundering against his chest. This was the moment he waited years for.
"I've been in love with you since I could remember," you admit to him, looking away. He drops the grapes and steps in front of you. His wildest dreams coming true, if only it was real. His eyes clouded over with a golden haze, Sprites illusion disappearing as he controlled her.
She growls and crosses her arms "I'm getting really tired of this," she muttered under her breath. Druig's eyes return to normal, towering over her. She moves back as he advances, hands taking their place behind his back.
Druig was one of the very few that struck fear into the smallest eternal "Sprite," he chuckles darkly, accent thick as he spoke, "you should know better than to mess with me, you've seen what I can do to those who cross me."
"Ok, whatever! You're the worst to mess with," she whines.
"For the next time, if you dare," he prompts, "she doesn't need to move like that around me and she never eats when Kingo cooks."
The girl turned on her heels and looked over her shoulder, cutting the silence "Stop blushing, you look desperate."
Sprite walks onto the Domo with a prideful skip in her step, knowing the information she did. Stepping into the main room she sees her fellow Eternals "Ladies and gentlemen!" she announces with a wide toothy grin "we have now completed the second stage of the plan, both admitted it. What's the next step?"
"I don't know... maybe not meddle in their love lives?" Kingo calls out from the back of Phastos' lab.
"Overruled," Ajak speaks up, gathering up her blue robes to sit down comfortably beside him.
"We need to get them alone somehow, none of us can interfere," Sersi joins in the conversation. Ikaris places his arm around her green-clad shoulder and nods in agreement.
"Send them on a mission, fake a Deviant sighting," he offers.
The blonde goddess in the corner peels herself off the wall with elegance, she'd grown tired of the plotting and meddling. She loved you both dearly and knew the perfect way for you to finally confront the feelings you secretly shared "Stop!" she waves her hand at them "I will handle everything."
And she did. The next evening Thena told you of a party Ajak was hosting for all of you to celebrate another year on earth together. She placed a new white gown on your bed, telling you it was a formal affair.
As the sun began to set, you walked the town center at the exact spot Thena told you. "Are you just early or did you plan this?" Druig accuses smugly from the bench on the corner. You turn to look at him, his black robes highlighting the blue eyes you loved so much. It wasn't him. You were tired of Sprite's game.
"No? Thena told me to be here... or was that you?" Your final words came out with an undeniable bitterness. Druig rises from his seat and looks at you, not falling for Sprite's illusion. Almost like a dance, you two start slowly circling each other, wary of the presence of the other.
"I'm tired of being tricked," you sighed, defeated.
"I've never tricked you."
You scoff and shake your head "Your illusions are blurring together," you taunt.
Druig lowers his eyebrows in frustration "Illusions? You're the one who keeps fucking with my emotions!" He yells, stomping his foot. You stop your circling and you bring your shoulders back, unwavering.
"I have never messed with you!"
He growls and clenches his fists so tight his knuckles turn white. Even if she looked like a child he was still going to beat her up. His face gets closer to yours, trying to look into the eyes he believes aren't real "I don't know what the hell you want from me! Stop hanging my love for the real Y/N over my head!" He screams in your face, his red with fury and his eyes starting to turn gold, getting ready to take control and end this.
Your face softened almost instantly, you weren't scared at his yelling any longer. The words he spoke echoed in your mind. Timidly, the pads of your fingers reach to touch his jawline. Dragging them along the smooth pale skin "You're real," you whisper. They touch the tips of his cheekbones, tracing the scar on his cheek from a battle. This was your Druig.
His skin tingles, visible bumps appear on his arms from the cool touch of your hands. His eyes looked into your watchful y/e/c ones, following along as you committed his face in the fire glow to memory. This was no illusion, this was real and you were standing in front of him "This isn't one of Sprite's tricks," he whispers to you, soft and smooth.
"You love me?" you question him, leaning in slowly. He matches your movements and falls closer into you. First, it was the tips of your toes, then your chests molding together perfectly. Designed for each other.
"I've always loved you, beautiful." His arms snake around your waist, closing the gap between you. You press your lips against his own, they were as delicate as you always dreamed they would be. Your hands make their way up his head, tangling them into the dark locks of soft brown hair before resting them on the back of his neck. His fingers feel like a firey blaze on your back, lighting sparks as they trail up your spine.
Your lips move in harmony, full of the love you stored for all these long years. There was no more wonder of what it would be like; no more dreams, just reality, a slow, beautiful reality.
He pulls back and connects his forehead to yours, eyes crinkling from his grin. You swore he never smile this widely, and you have never felt so complete.
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balenciagabucky · 6 months ago
𝐭𝐡𝐨𝐬𝐞 𝐢𝐧𝐧𝐨𝐜𝐞𝐧𝐭 𝐞𝐲𝐞𝐬; 𝐝𝐫𝐮𝐢𝐠
Tumblr media
pairing ☽˚⁀➷。druig x fem!reader
summary ☽˚⁀➷。 pleasure is all he cares for giving
word count ☽˚⁀➷。 5184
warnings ☽˚⁀➷。 foreplay, female oral, imagery, squirting, sleeping
Looking up through his window the first beams of light coming from the moon are beginning to shine down through the clouds. The cool rain has slowed to a very light sprinkle with a just faint pitter patter falling across his window now. The crickets seem louder but it's a welcome sound to his ears after the thunderous roar of the downpour earlier. He might get to wake up to the sun shining in across his face tomorrow morning and feel the warmth on his skin again. The only warmth he feels right now comes from his blanket, wrapped across and around him. Bringing him deeper into his most intimate and relaxing places - his own bed. He still can't shake the cool daggers of ice grabbing at his feet no matter how hard he tries. It's been like that for as long as he can remember.
And he does know of one way to keep them warm without fail - being wrapped up next to you. Holding your body tight against his skin. Arm draped down your side and across your stomach, feeling your silky smooth skin against his brings true warmth and comfort. The way your legs feel pushed against his and your feet pressed into his. They'll keep him warm for sure, the cozy embrace we share to chase away the vicious cold, filling the air with warmth and inner tranquility.
Bringing his face closer in towards your neck, he soaks in your intoxicating smell. A combination of that new body wash you've tried along with a faint hint of something more - a smell that has always told him you're feeling aroused. It's an almost primal urge when he can pick up that faint smell coming from deep within you. He yearns for it, craves it and needs it as he needs you here next to him.
He relishes in the way your hair brushes against his nose as he moves in closer and gently kisses the back of your neck. As a faint moan escapes your lips, he can feel your body loosen up and relax even more - almost as if you're melting into his arms. He loves the feeling of control, knowing that his actions can decide your mood and have the power to bring you to higher levels of pleasure than you will allow anyone else to. Bringing his hand up, letting his fingers gently ripple up your stomach finding their way to your forearm and snake up towards your neck he gently parts your hair away from your face to expose his favorite part of you - that beautiful spot where your neck and shoulders meet in a smooth embrace.
Planting a kiss onto that amazing patch of skin instantly brings his mind to a new place - one where you and Druig exist freely, away from the problems and issues of the waking world. He feels happy and loved when he’s with you knowing that you feel the same. Your body begins to turn towards him. Your legs still entwined together, you turn your back so you can look into each other's eyes. Those beautiful eyes - the ones he could just drown in forever are his truest weakness. He could never help but fall in love with them each time they locked into his.
"You're looking amazingly beautiful tonight, sweetheart. Shame it's still raining outside." He says before planting a kiss on your collarbone and caressing your chest with his hand as Druig moves it slowly back towards your stomach.
"I guess we'll have to find some other way to entertain ourselves then" you say with a slight shiver in your voice as he kisses back up your shoulder. his lips tracing the way up your neck towards the spot where your jaw meets the neck.
"Mmm, I'm not sure that will be a problem tonight," Druig whispers into your ear before giving you a kiss on the cheek, teasing his way towards your lips. Soft gentle kisses are his favorite. Placing one here and another there as he works his way around your lips. Druig can see the want in your eyes as he slowly moves to give you that kiss you want and then almost pull back at the last moment. He wants to make you yearn for his lips pressed against yours - to heighten your senses and make his touch that much more powerful when he gives in to your body. Slowly kissing your chin and making his way back towards your lips, he begins to place them just on the edge of your lips. He’s not sure he can hold himself back much longer. The velvety skin on your lips is near too much for him - their softness is unsurpassed by any other he’s known before. He needs to taste them. In the ultimate tease, He swiftly and softly runs his tongue across your lips - feeling them gently part ways as he moistens them for you. He can feel the excitement and anticipation reach a tipping point in you and he gives in to it.
Planting his lips against yours, feeling that soft kiss and filling his mouth with your taste, he knows tonight will be one worth remembering for a long time to come.
It's just the way you feel in his arms. The way you touch each other in all the right places without the other needing to tell you what to do. The way you smell and taste. Everything about you is perfect together and perfect for both of you. He makes you his so that you can make him yours.
He can feel you melting into his arms as you kiss and slip into that deep sense of bliss. his lips pressing against yours and your tongues meeting in the middle as your lips part sends chills down his spine and he can feel the goosebumps start to rise up on your arms as he runs his fingers across them. The taste of your sweet lips entering his mouth as his tongue presses in and runs across your teeth - then pushing back and feeling your warm soft tongue pressed against his as he reaches up and licks the roof of your mouth stopping at the back of your teeth. It's such a wonderful sensation for him. So warm and slick, firm yet vulnerable at the same time. The dance of your tongues is more erotic than any dance of the body we've ever had.
Your bodies grow hot with arousal and his hands take on minds of their own. Caressing and exploring your stomach. Gently grabbing and massaging all those perfectly shaped spots along your side. Reaching up and feeling the soft mounds of your breasts, feeling the soft red lace stretched up against your skin. His hands find that sweet spot right in the middle of your chest as he runs his fingers up towards your shoulder giving a gentle squeeze on it. You let out a soft moan as his hands firm up around you and begin their slow descent back towards your breasts. He can see your breathing deepen and your nipples gently poking through with ever more force through the lace that he loves so much on your body. Slowly circles are made surrounding them, moving ever closer to the center of your gorgeous breast and he can see your nipples firm up in an attempt to break free of their restraint and be touched, pulled and squeezed.
His hands moving in closer, gently massaging and squeezing your breasts he can see your chest rise up - pushing them wholly into his hand he gives a firm squeeze. Releasing after a few seconds he traced the outline of your beautifully shaped nipple - now quite firm and longing for his mouth pressed up around it.
Lifting his head up out of the wonderful corner of your neck with one last passionate kiss he bent around so your breasts filled his vision. Your hand rises up and runs through his hair lovingly as he cups your breast and lower his head in towards them. As he let out a slow, deep breath less than an inch away from your skin you can feel the hot air sneaking through your red lace and gracing your skin with a feeling you've earned for all day.
He loves everything about pleasing you. Especially teasing your nipples, and more so pleasing them. The way they perk up as he gently places his lips against your top right over your rock hard nipples and lets loose another slow breath - giving them a little squeeze at the same time. He looks up towards those perfect eyes and sees the sweetest look of pleasure and desire fill them. He also can't help but notice the goosebumps across your chest and want to caress every one of them with his tongue.
Giving your nipple a gentle bite a sharp moan slips through your lips and he knows he’s playing his part well. Moving himself up back towards your face, I cover your chest in soft kisses. Sometimes stopping to pay a bit more attention to one spot and letting his tongue escape from his mouth to give a gentle lick onto that spot - particularly that line where your breasts become your chest again. He has to taste your lips again. Working his way back up, he creeps up your neck towards your ear - giving a gentle nibble or two before he works down your jawline and presses his lips against yours. He can taste the desire on your breath now. That primal urge fills the air and he knows how badly you need him right now - but he’s a man who loves his foreplay. It's incredibly empowering and fun building you up so much to what's getting ready to go down tonight.
And so begins the loss of your clothing. He loves the sight of you in lingerie, but he’s got to get under your skin sometimes and there's only one way to do that. He plants one final kiss on your lips and begins making a line of kisses down your chin to your neck and further down your chest as his hands reach up and gently pull back the straps on your top. The way your top has loosened up now allows him to grab a hold of it in his teeth and little by little pull it down - placing a tender kiss behind each inch of freshly exposed skin.
"God I love when you take your time, you know just how to get me going in all the right ways, no one else has even had me so aroused," you whisper to him with a few soft moans in between words.
His mouth is full but he manages to let out an "Mmm" of acknowledgement as his tongue begins to circle your nipple like a shark following its next meal. Gently running his tongue along that beautiful line where your breast becomes the nipple as he watches it pucker up and reach out for his warm mouth around it. He needs to fill his mouth with you now and with one slight of tongue you are surrounded by him. his lips provide a seal for him to give you a gentle suck as his tongue runs circles around your beautiful nipple. He can feel it growing even firmer and he pulls back - taking it gently in his teeth for a couple seconds before letting it go. He could stay like this for hours. The thrill of bringing you to new heights of arousal would never let him grow tired of this.
Yet his hands can't help but wonder as he brings some much needed attention to your perfect breasts. They've been massaging your chest and arms but have begun to slowly wander down. Running down your sides and across your stomach just a little bit lower each time - but never too low. He’s not giving himself away that easily tonight.
They work their way out towards your sides, reaching your hips and feeling the strong, womanly bones within. He gives a firm squeeze, feeling the way they expand outward and grow away from your waist. Your beautiful ass is pushed slightly out from the position you are laying in and the extra skin feels wonderful in his hands as he hooks his thumb into the side of your lace thong and peels it out from your sides - watching the way it slightly tightens around your velvety mound.
His mouth is beginning to catch up with his hands now - kissing a soft path down from your chest and across your stomach. He loves attention to detail and takes his time exploring your stomach with his tongue. Some kisses right in the middle, others moving out towards the sides, others finding their place in all the areas in between and of course a couple right on your belly button. His hands massaging your hips and moving slowly through and into your thighs - feeling them fill his hands and working all the tension right on out of them.
With a gentle hand running through your inner thighs now and again your moans are beginning to grow from deeper within - filling his head with all sorts of amazing feelings and that feeling of power begins to take over again as your legs gently spread as if guided by an unseen hand begging for his touch between them.
His lips are right on the hem of your thong, feeling that soft red lace on his lips and the smell of you filling his nose. It's like being on a high no drug could ever give, pure & natural - yet addicting. He thinks about how addicted he is to you and revels in the thought of you feeling the same for him.
The drug that is you begins to take over and he finds your legs spreading to accommodate him moving down ever more. Finding the soft, smooth skin of your inner thighs leaves his mouth in a state of bliss - kissing and licking them up and down. Starting by your knees just working his way in, two steps forward and one back. Enjoying every inch of your legs thoroughly, massaging them with his hands as he moves along.
It is only then that he notices what he’s done to you. Looking forward towards you, Druig noticed the glistening spot in between your legs showing through your beautiful folds of love. That's one of his favorite things about your lace lingerie - the way he can almost see right through it yet still has much left to his imagination. Yet there was no mistaking this - your sweet nectar has begun to seep out through your smooth lips and right through the thong. The stirring deep within his crotch has reached an all-time high. He can feel his own juices beginning to seep out and soak into his boxers.
The sight of you is overpowering him and he leans in to smell you up close. His hands glide in across your thighs and stop to rest in that spot where your inner thigh ends and transitions into the lips of your graceful womanhood. His thumbs begin to gently work that spot with gradual intensity as he breathes in deeply. Intoxicated by your scent he feels lightheaded and dizzy for a moment as he catches his breath.
Looking up into your eyes he can feel you begging for his tongue against you without a word coming from your lips. "Those beautiful eyes of yours, I'd do anything to please them," he says, leaving you nothing to do except smile- even though your skin is flushed, he can see your lips spread. He lets out another breath towards the center of your love; the only thing separating it from his mouth now is that beautifully soaked lace you wear. Almost instantly your face is flushed again as all the blood in your head rushes back into your crotch and a deep, satisfying moan leaves your mouth - chest rising and back arching slightly.
As they work on your thighs, slowly inward his hands can feel just how much you've loosened up. Your body is like molten wax, ready to be molded into his own creation. His hand reaches up onto your beautiful mound, feeling it's warm and the heat emanating from deep within your body. He gives you a gentle squeeze loving the way the lace tightens up against your skin. He can almost see your wetness soak through even more as he does this and is enthralled by just how hot he’s gotten you.
Kissing your mound all up and down through the lace is a wonderful sensation that he can't get enough of. Each breath he lets out warms you even more and he can hear your breathing quicken as he moves down again. Kissing your lips and getting a taste of your sweet nectar on his is amazing. Such a sweet taste resting on his lips, he gives them a lick and is amazed by the way a string of it connects him to you when he pulls away.
He needs to taste you, unobstructed. his hand gently pulls back on your thong, exposing your smooth lips in all their glory. Marveling at the sight, your lips filled with a rosy hue, glistening with all the tension he’s filled out with. He moves in and pursues his lips blowing a cool jet of air across them - watching you shiver and tremble before him.
Taking one last look at what he’s done to you he moves forward into you. Gently kissing the outermost folds of your lips, licking and caressing your most intimate parts. The sweet taste of you is all over and he can feel your juices dripping out and onto his chin - He’s holding back as long as he can before he goes for the real prize.
Your moans are now almost constant, each kiss and lick sends another out from deep within you as his hands continue massaging your hips - slowly working up towards your stomach where they can feel your quickened breathing as your body trembles all under the work of his tongue.
He pulls back and notices the way your lips have spread themselves for him, exposing your swollen clit begging for the embrace of his mouth against it. He’s found it hard to hold back anymore when exposed to such an erotic sight and he moves right back in. Just a little closer this time, using his tongue to spread your juices across your lips. Ensuring they're as completely soaked as his chin has become from you.
Your clit brushes up against his cheek and he can feel a burning warmth within it as he slowly licks just along the shroud of skin which protects and covers it.
"Oh his god, please don't make me wait any longer, I don't think I can take anymore," are the words which fill his ears. He can hear the desperation in your voice which instantly turns to pleasure as his tongue makes a quick look around your clit and he gives it a series of soft kisses. These kisses continued to deepen as he slowly engulfed the tip of your loving core in his mouth. With lips locked around it, he gives a good suck and feels your clit swelling even more as it's pulled deep into his mouth. his tongue running across it, then around in circles and back across it as a deep moan is freed from you and your entire body shudders with delight.
Such a sensitive clit can only take so much at one time now so he change his focus back to your labia. Gently pulling on them and nibbling them gently with his lips pulled back over his teeth. A single hand making its way back from your stomach and towards the inside of your thighs - gently massaging and rubbing on them - working closer towards their end. Finding your clit like it was a part of his own body and gently rubbing it in circles as his tongue reaches inside, parting your folds and exposing that beautiful hole in between. It fills with your wetness in such a way that it looks like it was meant only for him.
He gently push his tongue in towards the epicenter of this sweet torture. He can feel your muscles grabbing at his tongue as he dances around the outskirts of your love tunnel - trying to pull at him, bring him in deeper. The thick feel to your wetness on his tongue is like no other he’s ever experienced, even with you. He’s not sure he’s ever seen you this aroused. If he were to pull his head back, He’s sure he'd see you dripping out and onto your bed.
As his tongue continues reaching further inside you, he can feel the tender folds of your insides around him. Quivering and spasming as he continues to rhythmically circle your clit with soaking wet fingers.
Switching off now, he knows you can take his tongue right against your clit again. In one smooth, slow motion he pulls his tongue from within you up and across your lips and onto your clit - taking as much of your sweet nectar with him as he can. His fingers are now feeling and exploring your sweet insides.
Paying the utmost attention to your breathing and moaning, he times the strokes of his tongue to match up with your body - bringing you more in sync than before - and bringing you up to that special edge where he tries to keep you for as long as possible.
As another sharp moan lets loose - this one from even deeper within than before - he can feel a slow rhythmic contraction begin to fill your insides. Your hands reach down and pull his head in closer, running through his hair and filling him with a desire to satisfy you in every way he can. He looks up and your eyes lock for a moment as you beg him, "Please let me cum for you"
My fingers instinctively reach deeper, curving slightly around and feeling you stretch with his entry. Keeping the same motions against your clit with his tongue, he slows down a little - just enough to keep you riding that wave of pleasure and ecstasy. He sends a free hand up towards those beautiful breasts of yours again, running his fingers up your stomach along the way. Another spasm erupts through your body just as he brushes past your nipple before slowly moving back on to them - grabbing one and giving it a nice tight pinch as he moves onto the other.
The spasms running through your body are becoming more powerful and frequent now. He’s not going to be able to hold you back much longer without flat out denying you of this orgasm. Under other circumstances he might do just that, but he feels like you've earned this one. You've played nice together and you could use some release after a night like this one.
Your body arches forward again as you prop yourself up on your elbows. The sight is an amazing one to see. Your body fully exposed to him - all for his own taking. The way your breasts perk out from your chest is enough to almost send him over the edge by themselves.
He pulls his finger out of you and is greeted by a steady gush of fluid from within you. All the dripping from you, held back by his finger is free to flow now. He moves his head down in an attempt to lap it all up, but with so much of it flowing out there's no chance he'll get it all. He pulls his head back to watch a stream of it slowly running out of you and down through your ass. The thickness of it, it's color and most of all its taste just keep turning him on more than he would have thought possible. And to think, his cock hasn't even been brought out yet.
His hand is soaked and he wants you to taste just how sweet you really are. Burying his face back inside of you again he reaches his hand up towards your lips. He gently runs them across your lips before you spread them open and begin to suck your juices right off of him. Your moans tell him you are surely enjoying your own taste - you wonder how many times you've tasted yourself before when he’s not around. When you're missing his touch and try to imagine him there with you - fingering and rubbing yourself into a hot, wet frenzy just to keep your mind straight when he’s not around.
His tongue continues to explore your folds of velvety soft lips as he feels your body slowly tensing up again. You've fallen into an almost constant moan with his fingers still in your mouth. Feeling what you can do to his fingers is leaving an almost un-ignorable heat in between his legs. He can feel the precum leaking out of him and down his rock hard member. He can feel his ball tightening up in his boxers, pulling themselves tight against his shift. Bringing you this far is one of his biggest turn ons, Druig seems to get off more on bringing someone he cares for pleasure than receiving it.
As your legs wrap themselves around his neck - he feels trapped in the best possible way. He could stay there the rest of his life and never have another care in the world if he had his way. He brings his hands down and wraps them around your back. Pulling you in closer. Pulling your rocking hips closer. The two of you stuck together in the hot, sexy embrace that only true lovers will know.
A sharp yelp bursts out from you and he knows your time is near. He runs his hands across your back, holding you as close as he can for this moment of true release for you. Your hands are running through his hair, tugging and pulling on it. Needing something, anything to grab on to. He can feel the muscles all through your body slowly growing more and more tense.
"I'm going to come, don't stop!" you roll off your lips with a whimper as you tighten up hard and seem to freeze up.
He can feel it through him. Through his arms holding you close, through your legs pulling him in, through his tongue driven deep in between your folds of love and sensuality. Every muscle in your body begins a deep rhythmic spasm as the tension gushes out of your body with a slow deep and most of all, loud moan. It's that perfect kind of orgasm - just slowly and intensely coming forward. You know it's coming but it still always takes you by surprise, always takes your breath away and always leaves you satisfied in the most complete way.
He can feel your hot nectar from deep within you gushing out, draining into his mouth, across his cheeks, down your legs and into the already growing wet spot beneath you. his tongue can feel your beautiful cave spasming around it. Your muscles are incredibly strong and they grabbed his tongue so hard he thought he might never get it back! Each spasm pushing more of your juices into his mouth from deep within you - everything he’s worked up in you is all coming out for him now and he’s mesmerized by the taste, look and most of all the smell of it. That deep primal urge coming out in you - pouring out into his mouth from deep within you. He can never get enough of it.
For a while, it seemed like each spasm and contraction just grew stronger and longer - building upon themselves like a temple to their God. If he had tried to count them he surely would have lost his count - it was way too beautiful of a moment of a moment to even consider the thought. The only thing left to do was to ride out your wave of an orgasm and help you down from it as you come back to reality.
The pulsations continued for a while. Slowly making their way down in intensity - the first ones were hard, fast and tight. Gradually loosening up until it was almost a steady stream of pulsations coming from inside of your hot, wet folds and travelling to the furthest reaches of your body.
Every touch he made sent more of them shooting through you, the look on your face was one of pure pleasure and sensory overload. He could make you come again and again - but he feels you might need a breather first.
Still gently lapping up all of your sweet nectar into his mouth he followed the suit of your spasms - gradually lessening to match the rhythm of your body. For the first time in, he’s not sure how long your grip began to loosen and your body began to feel like it had gone limp. His arms around your back seemed like all that was holding you up anymore.
As he looked up from his perch within your legs he noticed the fine bead of sweat covering your entire body, goosebumps across every inch of your skin and the most satisfied look he’s ever seen on your face. Barely able to open your eyes, you opened your mouth but no words could come out. With one arm firmly holding you up he reached up with the other hand and placed a finger over your lips letting you know he understands everything you feel right now.
Helping you lay back down and standing up to admire his beautiful woman and what he’s done to her one last time he felt an immense sense of accomplishment and pride rush through him.
"We'll have to continue this tomorrow, you're all tired out for now," he whispered into your ear as he watched the most beautiful smile he’s seen in a long time grace your face and you simply nod in agreement.
He takes his place in bed and lays down next to you, scooting up close next to you and wrapping his arms back around you. He can still feel a slight shiver run through your body as he brushes your hair back and gives you a kiss on the cheek followed by another several more across the back of your neck. Settled back in together you feel more together than ever, connected on much more than a physical level. Nothing could compare to this moment. You'll both be getting a wonderful night of sleep. Thoughts of what tomorrow may bring run through his mind - and as if you could read his thoughts a slight giggle escapes you as he watches a little smirk appear on your lips.
One last kiss goodnight as he whispers softly in your ear, "Sleep tight and have nothing but the sweetest dreams - Goodnight beautiful."
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writing-wh0re · 6 months ago
Hey um I’m literally craving some Druig smut Rn and was wondering if you could write something with Druig x a shy fem reader. Like Idek she is just all nervous and he’s all confident and cocky and just loves to tease her just to watch her face go all red-
Thank you so much ☺️☺️
All writing will be #writing-wh0re-requests.
Druig x Eternals Reader (Shy around Druig)
Words: 1,872
Warnings: Smut18+, Unprotected Vaginal Sex, Male Performing Oral, Praise Kink (both), Begging Kink (?), Slight Cocky Druig, Cum kink (?)
A/n: Not heaps of plot, mainly smut. I hope you enjoy this! I really like writing for Druig..
Please note, there are no spoilers in this! Use of characters only, no link to movie.
Druig Headcanon
Something Special - Smut18+
I love you - Smut18+
Druig always had a suave about him.
For thousands of years he found it funny to tease me, his little lingering touches, side smirks and fast winks, they always had my head cloudy and stomach erupt with butterflies.
“Bet you wish you could use your power on me huh.” I roll my eyes at Ikaris, training beside him was never a favourite task of mine.
“Who says she hasn’t?”
I feel my heartbeat pick up at Druig’s comment, his arms crossed over his chest, leaning against a nearby wall.
Ikaris chuckles, his eyes wandering over me, studying me almost.
“Doesn’t power absorption drain the recipient?” I flick my eyes over to Druig, a sly smirk on his lips. “If anything, Y/n makes me feel more empowered.”
“You can be a real dick Ikaris.” I spit, the taller man chuckling.
“You have a point Ikaris, but who said she’s using your power?”
Ikaris scoffs, shaking his head. What a cocky motherfuck.
I feel Druig’s body behind me, his warm breath fanning my neck, instantly causing goosebumps to liter my skin.
“Take my hand.”
My eyes flick down to his hand, his pinky softly brushing against my wrist. I look over my shoulder, the closeness of Druig causing both butterflies and arousal to pool between my thighs. Fuck, he smells so good.
Druig nods softly, encouraging me as I take his hand in mine, a small spark of purple light flicking between our palms.
“Get him to leave us alone, let everyone know you finally beat him in training.”
Druig’s free hand holds my hip, pulling my body against his more, the warmth of his chest radiating over my back, his cheek pressed to the side of my head, his whispered words causing shocks of electricity to flow up my spine.
“You’ve got this.”
His encouragement is all I need as Ikaris looks over at us.
“Am I interrupting something?”
“Actually Ikaris, you are.” I lace my fingers with Druig, a shudder racking my body as I absorb part of Druig’s power.
“Leave us Ikaris, don’t forget who you lost to today.” Ikaris's eyes glow a warm yellow before returning back to normal. Ikaris nods his head at the both of us before walking out of the room.
“Oh Ikaris.” Druig spins out of our embrace, his hand leaving mine. “Lock the door behind you.”
Ikaris turns, locking the door and pulling it closed as I feel heat filling my cheeks. The gym suddenly feels smaller than normal, my eyes fixated on Druig, a proud smirk on his face.
“Controlling the powerful Ikaris.” Druig chuckles closing the small gap between us, his hand brushing against my cheek. I feel my breathing become ragged, my heart hammering in my chest. “Only you can do that.”
My breath hitches slightly, his words causing a soft smile to dance across my lips. My eyes darted away from him.
“Why do I make you nervous darling?”
I open and close my mouth, no words forming as I try and think of something to say, anything. C’mon Y/n. You’re an eternal for fuck sake.
Druig chuckles, his lips brushing against my cheek before whispering.
“You make me nervous as well.”
He pulls back slightly, our eyes locking together, his roaming my face before flicking from my lips to my eyes.
I stand on my tippy toes, Druig’s hands instantly falling to my hips, pulling me against his chest, our foreheads pressing against each other. I wrap my arms around his neck pulling him down to me as the gap closes between us, our lips falling together in perfect sync.
His grip on my hips tighten as my tongue slips past his lips, swirling against his, my fingers raking through his hair.
Druig pulls away from our kiss, both of our chests raising and falling, his cheeks flushed and my filled with blush.
“Three thousand years.”
My eyebrows knit together in confusion as our eyes meet.
“I’ve waited three thousand years to kiss you.”
A burst of happiness panges my heart.
“Let’s not waste another second.” I smirk, pulling him closer to me by his leather jacket, our lips falling together once again, a soft moan leaving his lips.
His hands move down to my thighs, picking me up as I wrap my legs around his torso.
Our tongues fight against each other, his fingertips caressing the globes of my ass through my shorts.
Druig places me down on the gym’s bathroom sink. The cold bench caused a hiss to escape me.
He pulls away from me again, his eyes roaming over my body. A confidence surges through me as I pull my shirt from my skin, quickly unclasping my bra. Druig licks his lips, smirking as he slowly drags his fingers up my body, my eyes staying locked with his.
His hand gently cups my boobs, his lips parting before his face is buried in my cleavage, his mouth trailing kisses across each one, his tongue flicking over my nipples.
“Shit.” I gasp, his eyes flicking up to mine, his teeth pulling on my hard nipple.
Druig sucks hickies into my skin, swirling his tongue around each spot to soothe the pain.
“You’re so beautiful.”
I smile at his words, my mind still trying to figure out if this is really happening, after all this time.
His fingers loop in the waistband of my shorts, pulling them down my legs in one swift motion, his fingertips tracing my clothed core. A deep chuckle rumbles through his chest, his free hand tilting my head up to look into his eyes.
“Darling, who made you this wet?”
I whimper, wiggling my hips into his touch.
“Tell me darling.”
“Druig, you did.”
His eyes darken as his name passes my lips in a breathless moan.
“Mmm, say that again.”
His fingers press against my clit, the roughness of the lace brushing against my damp core.
His proud smile sends arousal straight to my pussy, my clit throbbing against his finger before he slips past my panties, circling his finger around.
“Please” My plea causes a soft chuckle to leave his lips, his fingers sliding into me with ease as I gasp.
“Let me take my time darling, we’ve waited too long for me to rush.”
I nod in response, not trusting my voice or brain to form any words. Druig smiles, looking down at his fingers disappearing into my slick pussy, a low moan passing his lips.
“Good girl.”
My walls clench around him at the praise, his tongue clicking in response.
“Does my girl have a praise kink?”
My cheeks fill with blush again, a sly smirk on his face.
“You’re my good girl, aren't you baby?”
My walls flutter, a gush of wetness flowing through me.
Druig hums in response, his lips locking with mine, his other hand falling behind my neck as his fingers pump in and out of me. My chorus of moans becoming muffled by his lips, his thumb rubbing circles on my clit.
“Oh fuck.” I tilt my head back, his lips trailing down my neck, kissing his way down my body.
He keeps his fingers inside of me, his kisses trailing up and down my thighs, inches away from my dripping pussy each time.
“Say it love, tell me what you need.”
He scoffs, shaking his head, his fingers pressing against my g-spot.
“More than that darling.”
“Fuck me, eat me, do something.”
“Needy little thing aren’t you.”
I groan in frustration, thrusting my hips up wanting his fingers to continue their pace. His tongue slips past my folds, my fingers instantly lacing in his hair, tugging on the strands as he laps my clit. His moan sends soft vibrations around my skin, his fingers slowly pulling out of me before sliding back in, his tongue swirling in different directions on my clit.
“Druig, yes.”
I feel his smile against my pussy, his pace picking up as electricity sparks though my legs. His free hand holds my hips down against the bench, completely devouring me as I feel my release build with every flick of his tongue and stroke of his fingers.
“I’m cumming.” Druig sucks my clit completely throwing me over the edge, my fingers pulling his hair as he groans loud. He sits back, looking over my body while sucking his fingers clean, butterflies completely taking over my stomach, my legs shaking with aftershocks from my orgasm.
“Look at you, all mine.”
“Only yours.”
Druig licks his lips, a smile dancing across his face.
“Yes love?”
“Fuck me.”
Druig chuckles, slowly undoing his belt and slipping out of his clothes.
“Anything for you.”
His cock springs free, my lips parting as I take in the man before me, the man who’s taken over all of my dreams, the man who I have waited years for.
Druig looks at me raising his eyebrow, silently asking for permission as I nod.
His lips brush against mine, his cock running up and down my slit, collecting my wetness. Both of us moan loud as he slides inside of me, my walls fluttering around him, his cock twitching inside of me.
“Made for me.”
I wrap my arms around his neck, kissing down his neck as I mark his skin. My nails dig into his shoulder blades when his hips start moving, his cock sliding in and out of me.
Druig hisses, his face buried in crock of my neck, “Fuck, so tight.”
“So big.” My praise causes his cock to twitch inside of me again, a small smirk on my lips I pick up on his praise kink.
His cock slips in and out of me with perfect rhythm, our lips finding each other again, his hands roaming my body.
“You feel so good.”
My eyes roll back slightly, his cock massaging my walls perfectly, hitting every spot exactly where I need him.
“God Druig.”
I place my hand on his cheek, our eyes locking together.
“Druig, fuck.” I moan, biting my lip as he holds my leg up, hooking his arm under to get a deeper angle.
“Y/n, baby, fuck.”
My walls flutter around him, his pace picking up.
“Just like that, fill my pussy Druig, please.”
Druig moans loud, his head tilting back, lips parted and eyes squeezed shut. His fingertips dig into my skin as my eyes roll back, the feeling of both of us reaching our peaks washing over me, the warmth of his release filling me.
Druig stays buried inside of me for a few seconds, both of us savouring the feeling as he quickly pecks my lips.
“I hope to do that again sometime.”
I roll my eyes at him, playful shoving him before grabbing my clothes and getting changed.
“Let me know when and where.” I wink as he shakes his head smiling, his hands falling to my waist as he kisses me softly, lingering on my lips. I go in for another kiss before Ajak’s voice booms through the Domo.
“Y/n! Druig! What have I said about using each other’s powers on Ikaris!”
Druig grabs my hand, pulling me behind him as we run away from a furious Ikaris and disappointed Ajak.
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buckyhoney · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
𝐧𝐨𝐭𝐞: lmao, im a whore inspired by this ask
𝐩𝐚𝐢𝐫𝐢𝐧𝐠: druig x reader
𝐫𝐞𝐛𝐥𝐨𝐠𝐬/𝐟𝐞𝐞𝐝𝐛𝐚𝐜𝐤/𝐥𝐢𝐤𝐞𝐬 𝐚𝐫𝐞 𝐠𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐭𝐥𝐲 𝐚𝐩𝐩𝐫𝐞𝐜𝐢𝐚𝐭𝐞𝐝 & 𝐡𝐢𝐠𝐡𝐥𝐲 𝐞𝐧𝐜𝐨𝐮𝐫𝐚𝐠𝐞𝐝! 𝐡𝐨𝐰𝐞𝐯𝐞𝐫, 𝐃𝐎 𝐍𝐎𝐓 𝐫𝐞𝐩𝐨𝐬𝐭/𝐬𝐭𝐞𝐚𝐥 𝐀𝐍𝐘 𝐨𝐟 𝐦𝐲 𝐟𝐢𝐜𝐬!
𝟏𝟖+ 𝐰𝐚𝐫𝐧𝐢𝐧𝐠
𝐰𝐚𝐫𝐧𝐢𝐧𝐠𝐬: 18+, language, thigh riding, exhibitionism?, degrading kink, this is uneditied
It seems like the waves of sexual frustration came at the worst times. Laying in bed, your thighs squeezed shut- desperately trying to relieve some frustration but failing miserably.
Druig sits in the other room on a call with the other Eternals, catching up and talking about the latest adventures they'd been on. It was a rather boring call, but he sat with the phone on speaker leaning back in the desk chair.
His thighs are covered by the thin pajama pants and t-shirt covering his chest. Druig's appearance made the wetness between your thighs grow.
Standing in the doorway, you watched and waited for him to give you the okay that you could come in.
A smile tugs on the corner of his mouth and you slowly walk toward him. Sitting on the small chair in front of the dark wooded desk, you watched his light blue eyes squint together in confusion. Scooting back, not making a sound, letting Kingo continue the story about his latest film.
Druig pats his thigh. Butterflies swarm your stomach as you got up and went around the desk and sat on his lap- straddled his lap. Druig's eyes fell to your lower half. Only a sheer layer of panties covered your wet heat. He felt the arousal seep through the material of his pants.
Innocently, you smile wide- littering kisses around his neck. The sexual frustration only grew and the longer your lips lingered, the more aroused and needy you became.
The cellphone moved away from his ear and to the top of the desk. Druig pressed mute and speaker buttons.
"Tsk, tsk, tsk. Already made a mess on my thigh?" The heat rose to your cheeks, embarrassed at the small patch of arousal on his leg.
"I'm sor-" Druig cuts you off,
"You need to cum don't you? Want to hump my leg like an impatient whore?" He begins, sliding his palms underneath the fabric of your shirt- feeling that there is no bra.
"So needy, so pathetic." Druig coos, grazing his thumb over your nipple.
It pebbles and a shiver is sent down your spine and your pussy begins to throb.
"Can't even wait till I'm off the phone." You're beyond embarrassed.
Embarrassed at how needy you are, embarrassed by how frustrated you are- embarrassed that you were getting turned on by the thought of getting off on his thigh while you're while on the phone.
"Go on." Druig leans back, gesturing to his leg.
Hesitantly, you watch the phone- triple checking that your end is muted. Druig chuckles at your caution, before bouncing his leg. A small whimper slips past your lips as your clit aches.
You begin to grind against his leg. Your arms wrap about his neck and you pull him as close as you could. Without warning, small whimpers and whines dripped from your lips. Eyes fluttering shut, soon you forgot you were still on the phone.
"What would they think if they heard your pathetic little whimpers?" Druig taunted.
"So fucking desperate. I can feel how wet your cunt is- you're making such a mess." Druig grunts, feeling himself harden underneath you.
The pleasure only grew with the desperation to cum. Your eyes squeezed shut and the voices from the phone drowned out as your hips humped against him faster.
"You're gonna cum, aren't you? I can feel that cunt aching, you need that needy hole to be filled huh?" You couldn't form words.
Too lost in the pleasure all you could do was a grunt.
"You gotta use your words or I'll send you to the room right now." He threatened you knew it was a real- because he had done it before.
"I- fuck! I-I need to-" The words get jumbled in your mind and the pleasure builds in rapidly your stomach.
"Full sentences, princess." Interrupted by a moan, you mustered all the concentration you could and mumbled something resembling a sentence.
"M'need to cum!" Druig chuckled, covering your mouth as Kingo asked him a question.
Your eyes widened then rolled back as you moaned into his mouth. Your orgasm rolled through you, your hips bucked and your legs went numb.
"I'm in, just let me know where." Druig agreed to some plans to hang out soon, but when he finished he didn't mute the phone.
"Alright, bye guys." Druig smirked, hanging up his end of the call.
Removing his hand from your mouth with a devilish grin. You sat in front of him, exhausted and sweaty- your chest panting.
"That's my fucking girl, " Druig moans, pressing his lips to your neck.
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saintlike78 · 3 months ago
How could they not know? [Druig]
Pairings: Druig x fem!eternal!reader
Words: 1.1k
Summary: Your relationship with Druig has been a long one, spanning over thousands of centuries… yet it takes your fellow Eternals 7000 years to piece it all together.
Warnings: nothing but fluff really, dialog heavy.
Tumblr media
“I think that’s them,” you signed happily to Makkari, bouncing giddily in place as the sounds of your fellow Eternals echoed through the halls of the Domo.
Makkari leaned back in her throne-like chair, smiling as they all filed into the room.
You stood from your seat, happily greeting your unusual family.
“How was your trip? Not too bad, I hope,” you asked, eyeing Thena worriedly over Kingo’s shoulder, noting how both Ajak and Gilgamesh were missing.
Kingo let out a throaty chuckle pulling you into his characteristically warm embrace, “it was… well… eventful, but we’ll talk about that later.”
You nodded, noting the solemn message behind his words.
“The most challenging part was recruiting leather jacket over there,” Ikaris interjected, pointing at the man you had missed the most.
His eyes were already on you when you looked over, a smug-looking smile hiding behind his stone-cold exterior.
“Bet you used your movie star charm to win him over, eh Kingo?” you laughed, elbowing him slightly. Kingo only looked at you, raising a surprised brow, but laughed lightly.
“Yeah yeah, you’re almost as funny as him,” he dismissed with a hint of sarcasm.
You shook your head, leaving them to converse on their own, enjoying how the chatter of everyone faded to the background as you made your way toward the smiling mind controller.
“My beautiful, beautiful angel,” he grinned, pulling you into a tight embrace.
Even after all this time, countless centuries, he still brought a small giggle out of your mouth and butterflies to your stomach.
His arms were tight around you, rubbing his hand up the expanse of your back through the t-shirt you’d stolen from him.
“Did you miss me?” he whispered as you buried your face in the crook of his neck.
A small huff of a laugh escaped you, “I’ve only been gone a week.”
“And that means you can’t miss me?” Druig questioned, feigning hurt.
His hand gently landed on the back of your neck, pulling you from your hiding spot. Druig’s forehead rested against yours.
“I certainly missed you, my dove,” he whispered, leaning in to connect your lips in a loving kiss.
As soon as your lips met, a silence washed over the room, drowning you like a tidal wave.
“What are you doing?!” Kingo gasped; his jaw was on the floor. The rest of the group slowly looked over to see what the source of Kingo’s surprise was.
You turned your body, removing yourself from Druig’s embrace.
Druig raised a questioning brow, crossing his arms over his chest, his body touching yours from behind. “Kissing my girl..?” he questioned, giving the team an odd look as they all stared back completely dumbfounded.
Silence filled the room along with an awkward tension that puzzled you.
“Your girl?” Sprite broke the silence, looking back and forth between yourself and Druig, an unreadable expression on her face.
You let out a small awkward laugh, “yeah? Why are you all being so weird?”
“We’re the ones being weird?…- I actually can’t tell if you’re joking or not,” Phastos waved his hands wildly around as he spoke.
You gazed behind at Druig, inviting him inside the complicated world of your mind.
“Do they actually not know?” you thought, blinking at Druig with a raised brow.
“I think not, my dove,” his voice echoed in your mind, his hand finding a comforting spot on your shoulder.
“I don’t understand… we’ve never hidden our relationship… we’re wearing wedding bands,” your thoughts flowed across the invisible bridge into Druig’s mind, a small smile cracking on his face.
“Sometimes they just need it spelt out,” Druig’s face was smug with a smirk. You giggled lightly at the dig directed at your fellow Eternals - you loved them, but sometimes they really were dense.
Your telepathic conversation ended at the sound of a throat clearing.
“You do realise we can see you even when you do that,” Ikaris groaned, crossing his arms over his chest as they all kept observing you and the man behind you.
“Sorry… we’re just surprised you didn’t know,” you laughed lightly.
“How long has this been going on,” Kingo asked, pointing between the two of you.
Your mind travelled back and forth between the countless memories of yourself and the love of your eternal life: his gentle words, the soft kisses and touches. You had never doubted his affection; he was so open and fully devoted to you; it surprised you that throughout your 7000 years on the planet, it had gone unnoticed.
“Hmm, I think around 100 years after we arrived… and then we got married sometime during the 16th century.”
“1534, my love,” Druig reminded softly.
“Right, sorry,” you gave him a gentle smile, placing a hand on top of his, apologising for your forgetfulness.
“Wait, wait, wait! You’re married?” Phastos almost shouted.
You shrugged your shoulders, “why did you think we always travelled together?”
It was quite an amusing scene, watching the wheels turn in each of their heads. Kingo, Phastos and Sprite were obviously the most vocal because of the shock, whilst the rest of them silently worked through the information - with the exception of one.
“It’s not like it was a secret…- Makkari and Ajak came to the wedding,” you explained with a slight scoff.
“YOU KNEW? And you never told?!” Kingo signed, pointing accusingly at an amused looking Makkari.
She shrugged, smiling innocently, “I thought you all knew,” she signed back, giving you a small wink, knowing how much you all loved watching Kingo get all worked up.
“It was never a secret; we’re sorry it felt that way,” you said gently, trying to dissolve the weird conversation regarding your relationship.
“We’re very happy for you,” Sersi butted in, coming over to hug you. She squeezed your body before disconnecting and taking your hand in hers to examine the gold ring that decorated your ring finger.
Thena made her way to you as well, giving your cheek a soft stroke, “we should have known… with the way you look at each other, it couldn’t have been anything else.”
As the girls fawned over your wedding ring, begging for the story of the day, Druig slowly backed away, leaning against the wall; he enjoyed watching you converse with others, the way you smiled and the subtle expressions that ran over your face, painting a clear picture of the direction of the conversation.
After the initial shock wore off, the conversation dispersed. Your point of interest automatically shifted to Druig, who had moved to the small ledge seat, munching on a chocolate bar.
“My dove,” he smiled as you sat down next to him, pulling another bar from his jacket pocket and handing it to you.
You thanked him quietly, trying to unwrap the sweet snack he’d kept for you.
“That was something,” you grinned, taking a bite of the chocolate.
Druig laughed lightly, “it’s obvious why it had to be us… you’re the only one who tolerates me, and you’re the only one I’ll tolerate.”
“I think I more than tolerate you,” you whispered softly, placing your hand in his.
“That you do, my love.”
Tumblr media
A/N: to be notified of future work follow @saintlike78slibrary and turn on notifications
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peterbarnes · 5 months ago
Summary: When stopping in Australia to find Gilgamesh and Thena, Druig can’t help but notice they’re not alone. In fact, they have a rather stunning [daughter/son/kid] that they didn’t tell anyone about. And Druig can’t help but flirt with them.
Word Count: 1.2k
A/N: Come on, folks, we need more Druig gifs I’m dying here
Tumblr media
You loved your home. You loved that it wasn’t dense or crowded. You loved that you could go outside and not see anything for miles other than the sand beneath your feet. You loved the feeling of the crisp air on your skin. It allowed you space, space to relax, breathe, and live.
Right now, you sat underneath your mom’s favorite tree, its green the only bright color around you. You could faintly smell the flowers and the fruit growing from it as you flipped to the next page of your book. But the sun was glaring down at you, causing you to squint your eyes. You didn’t mind the heat, it kept you warm and comfortable, but the intense light was downright obnoxious. You turned your head down and tried to just focus on the pages and words in front of you, but it was hopeless, you couldn’t see anything.
“Come on,” you groaned, moving one of your hands up to your forehead to block the light.
“Here, try these,” a voice said.
Your head snapped up and, through the light, you could see a dark figure in front of you. Not clearly, but just enough to know it was a person, likely not anything dangerous. The figure’s hand, however, you could see more clearly. It was stretched out toward you, right in front of your eyes, and in its grip were a pair of black aviator sunglasses.
Hesitantly, you reached out and took the glasses, shivering when your fingers made contact with the stranger’s. So much for the heat. Your hand lingered there for a few more seconds before pulling back with the glasses in hand and gently placing them on your face. The world darkened just enough for your surroundings to come back into focus. And boy, were you happy that you could see the beautiful sight in front of you.
The figure, as it turned out, was a man. A handsome one. His dark hair fell onto his forehead in loose curls that you wanted to run your fingers through. His blue eyes gave the tree behind you a run for its money with their brightness. A smirk was plastered on his lips as if he knew exactly what you were thinking at the moment- as if he knew the attraction that came upon you so suddenly. And the jacket. Fuck me. It clung to his arms just tight enough for you to see the curve of his muscle, and it only added to the confidence he was exuding.
“What’s your name, beautiful?” He asked, letting out a smooth, velvety accent that felt like music to your ears.
“Uh, Y-Y/N,” you stuttered back, still roaming your eyes over him. “Wait, this- how did you get here? Nobody’s supposed to be able to find this place.”
You jumped up from your spot on the sand, leaning on the tree for support as you did so. All the previous thoughts you had went out the window at the threat of someone harming your family.
“Well, it’s a bit late for that. Don’t worry I don’t bite,” he told you, putting his hands up. “Unless you want me to.”
“Easy, Druig,” a familiar voice boomed from behind you.
You turned to see your dad stalking intimidatingly toward the man in front of you. You couldn’t help but snort at the “kiss the cook” apron he dawned on his chest. Ah yes, my father, the great Gilgamesh, so big and scary.
“Nice fashion statement,” Druig deadpanned, sending a small wave to your father. “Definitely an improvement from you used to walk around in in Greece.”
“What exactly did you used to wear in Greece, dad?” You whispered to Gilgamesh as he stopped right next to you.
You didn’t miss the blush that rose over his cheeks.
“Don’t worry about that.”
“Dad?” Druig questioned, his eyebrows furrowed. “I thought Eternals were sterile.”
“I’m adopted,” you stated casually. “Or kind of. It’s not really official or anything- they found me on the side of the road when I was a baby.”
“We thought it was a risk,” Gilgamesh piped in. “With Thena’s condition. But we couldn’t just leave them there. It worked out anyway. [Y/N]’s better at helping Thena than me because of their powers.”
“Powers?” Druig asked.
“I can read minds. I don’t know how, but I’ve always been able to. That’s how I calm Mom- I can get in her head and bring her back,” you told him. “Sorry that I got startled after you gave me your glasses. I just- You’re the first mind I haven’t been able to read in… ever, really. It was like running into a brick wall.”
Druig’s eyes were increasingly filling with astonishment with every passing word.
“You’re a mindreader? Me too,” he said. “I didn’t know anyone other than me could do that.”
“Surprise,” you said sheepishly.
You heard a sharp ding go off, the sound causing you to jump slightly. You missed the look of amusement that overtook Druig’s features.
“Ah shit,” Gilgamesh started. “My pie’s gonna burn. Come in soon, honey, all the others are here too. You should meet the rest of your family.”
And with that, he was gone, trudging back to the small house that sat a few meters away. You turned back to Druig, but could hear the sound of your father closing the door behind him.
“If you tell anyone I said this, I’ll deny it, but I forgot he was such a sweetheart,” Druig chuckled, his voice raspy as he ran his hand through his hair.
“Yeah, he is,” you whispered. “You seem like an asshole, but I think you’re secretly a sweetheart too.”
Don’t tell anyone that either.
Your eyebrows shot up at the new voice penetrating your mind. It sent a tingle down your spine at the intimacy of it. It was unfamiliar, but not necessarily unwelcome. You shook your head, smiling as Druig kept on smirking at you.
So, my jacket hugs my muscles just right, huh?
Your face heated up like never before, to the point where you wished you could curl into a ball on the ground. You turned your eyes toward the sand, hoping to avoid his gaze. But when you saw his shoes step into your line of vision, you hesitantly dragged them back up again. He was standing right in front of you, blue eyes piercing. His smirk now replaced with a soft smile you had a feeling was newly reserved for you. He raised his hands, brushing the pad of his fingertips over your cheeks slowly before reaching for his glasses still sitting at home on your face. Slowly, and almost sensually, he dragged them off of you, the cool metal brushing against your skin before he tucked them into the pocket of his jacket. You immediately missed his touch, and you must have thought it too because soon enough his hands were cupping your cheeks and he was stepping even closer to you. So close in fact, that if either of you moved even an inch, your lips would probably brush against each other.
Don’t worry, sweetheart, I think you’re quite stunning yourself.
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inklore · 6 months ago
always forever.
Tumblr media
premise: after the emergence, after almost losing druig, the events haunt you in your sleep. but when you wake druig is there to calm you and remind you that he’s not going anywhere.
pairing: druig x (f)eternal!reader
warnings: small dream sequence in the beginning, oral sex (f receiving), unprotected sex, creampie, lots of talks of feelings and loss, slight sub!druig, super sappy, angsty, i suck at writing fluff and pacing so don’t act surprised when it sucks, eternals spoilers!! you are in control of your reading consumption so if you don’t vibe with any of the above please do not go on. 18+ only minors dni, you will be blocked.
word count: 2.1k+
etc: i know what you’re thinking: am i sick of writing soft!druig smut with nothing but forehead touches and super intense sap? the answer is no and i never will be! and i hope you all get the hint in this that druig is the king of eating pussy and has sub counterparts that make me weak xoxo.
“He’s gone. We have to go.”
“There’s nothing else we can do.”
“We have to leave him.”
Their voices burn your ears, each syllable sounding like a blowtorch to your ear drum. Your head ringing so loudly, your body shaking with pain, the heartbreak mixed with grief and guilt making your chest feel as if it might implode; all you can do is scream. Scream so loud that you think your throat might start to bleed from how it burns.
But it’s all you can do as you look down at him, his lifeless body, the greying of his skin. His beautiful blue eyes now dull and shadowed. He was dead. Gone. And now you were alone with a whole in your heart and a black abyss forming where your soul should be, sucking in every last feeling and memory you had of him until it’s a festering ball of poison that’s a constant reminder that he’s gone forever.
When you wake your throat feels just as raw as it did in your fevered dream. A sheen of sweat has gathered along your forehead and neck, and you can’t seem to catch your breath, can’t seem to come back to reality. Can’t get the image of your lovers greyed lifeless face out of your mind, can’t stop picturing Ikaris pull him through the sky and slam him to the ground as if he were nothing, meant nothing. Ending your entire world with just one fatal swoop and flash of his eyes.
You feel the tears run down your cheek before you even comprehend that you’re crying, that your grip on the sheets is straining your wrist.
Until you feel his hands on you, at your neck, your cheek, your wrist. “Hey, hey,” his voice is soft and filled with concern, strained with it as he pushes the sheets off of the both of you, moving so he’s now positioned at your front where he can see you better. “Shh, shh.” His hands bracket each side of your cheeks.
“Druig,” it’s soft, choked but it pangs your heart to say his name. Burns your throat even more. There’s a tear filled haze over your eyes that stings as you try to blink them away. “You–“ your breath can’t seem to go back to normal the more you try to speak, the more you cry. “You were gone. Ikaris–“
“Shh, I’m not gone.” Druig pulls you into him, his arms wrapping around you firmly. Your body shaking against his naked chest. “I’m right here,” he presses a gentle kiss to the side of your head, the tips of his fingers running down your back slow and soothingly.
The two of you sit like that for a while, your body coming down. Draining all the adrenaline and heartache from your nightmare—that was almost a reality. Could of been your reality. Your breath returning back to normal as you breathe in each shaky intake of air nice and slow. Your cheek is wet against his shoulder from your tears, you do your best to wipe them as you lift your head and pull back from him. And now you can really see him. The tears no longer in your eyes, the image of his grey and shadowed face gone. He’s here, he’s alive. Your Druig.
“You okay?” His brows are etched with worry as his thumb runs along your cheek.
You nod slowly, sniffing. Your eyes checking him all over for any sign that this might actually be part of the dream. That this wasn’t your reality right now. That he was really gone and this was some fevered apparition of him. “I-you were gone. Ikaris had killed you. I saw your..” you trail off as your chin starts to wobble. The tears threatening to come back, the hurt waiting to bring you down again.
“Ikaris never stood a chance,” he reassures, the upturn of his cocky grin making you chuckle softly. But there’s still sadness in your eyes and it makes Druig’s chest ache. A feeling he knew all too well, one he didn’t like, especially when it came to you. He’d be lying if he said there hadn’t been fear deep within his marrow when he thought this would be it, that Ikaris was finally going to shut him up for good. Images of the times the two of you had spent over centuries together, your beautiful laugh, and the way you kissed him when he wouldn’t shut up, all flashing through his head as he laid helpless in the bedrock.
But Ikaris didn’t kill him. A few scratches were nothing compared to what could of happened. The two of you losing each other. But it had happened the two of you got out of it safe and together, and something like that was never going to happen again, Druig would not allow it to.
He takes your hand and presses it firmly to his chest, his heartbeat beating against your palm. The warmth of his skin against yours once again breathing life into you, making your heart swell and pump faster. “I’m here. I’m alive. No one’s ever going to take me away from you.” He brings your hand up to his lips and presses a kiss to your fingers, “I promise.”
And something within you breaks. Breaks in a way that can only be put back together by him, can only be touched, pressed, kissed, fucked by him. Bring you back to being whole. Remind you that it’s you and him forever. That it would take more than an angry Eternal or God to rip the two of you apart again.
You don’t recollect yourself moaning his name until your back is pressed into the mattress and Druig is on top of you, your sleep clothes gone, his mouth on yours; your cheek, your neck, against your chest where your heartbeats just a little faster. His hands are massaging your breasts in his palm, running the pad of his thumb over your nipple making you moan into his mouth.
And Druig swallows it down, every moan every whimper until all he can breathe and all he can taste is you. His love. His everything.
His lips are searing wet and hot as he kisses down your chest and sternum. Your breath and eyes heavy as you watch him make his descent until he presses a kiss to the top of your mound, his eyes staring up at you before fluttering closed as you feel his tongue move past his lips and slowly run over your clit. Your breath hitching in your throat as your back arches from the bed, your hand going to the top of Druig’s head as your fingers run through his soft hair.
To watch you like this was a gift to him.
Druig remembers watching plenty of artists paint masterpieces throughout the centuries he’s been alive. He remembers watching the beauty of history unfold before his eyes, read poetry from infamous poets. Had people bow down to him as if he were some kind of God. But no matter how many beautiful paintings he saw come to life, or sonnets of everlasting poetry he heard, or the praise from humans; nothing looked or sounded as good as you did when he was between your legs.
The way your moans vibrated through your body, toppling over your beautiful lips and filling the room with a symphony of whimpers and need. The way your legs shook around him, the way your skin felt against his palms when he gripped your thighs, licked, kissed, bit them. And the way you let yourself be consumed by him, pleasured by him, as if this was his last meal and your last time savoring the pleasure. The way you both let it wash all over you and consume you until every nerve ending felt as if stars were exploding in your blood stream. A feeling neither of you could fully comprehend other than; you needed this. Needed each other.
Druig loved having his mouth on every part of you, loved letting you know that your body was a temple he wanted to pray to everyday. Touch everyday if only to feel that beautiful spark it gave off. To be a part of you and the space you took up, the life you breathed into a room, into him. But the telepath was not shy in admitting while he loved devouring every part of you; his mouth watered at the thought of it being on your pussy, daily. He couldn’t look at you without thinking it, wanting it, to taste, kiss, and devour your wet cunt. It was his favorite meal, his favorite treat. Nothing tasted as good as you did, he got drunk off of you. His tongue lapping at your juices, lips wrapping around that sweet bundle of nerves that had you pulling his hair and his eyes rolling back in his head.
And after he’s made you come twice over, your fingers digging into his shoulder as you try to pull him up, “please, Druig,” you moan. His boyish grin making your stomach flutter as he lets his tongue run along your wet folds a few more times before pressing a kiss to them and coming back up to meet your lips, his tongue bombarding your mouth, giving you a taste of your own sweetness.
You let your hand move between the two of you wrapping your fingers around his hardness, as you stroke him slowly. Druig pulling from your lips to let out a breathy groan that fans across your face. His lips even more plump and swollen from his assault between your legs and your own mouth, the wetness that gathers along his bottom lip as he licks them making you want to chase his tongue into his mouth with yours. You’d never get enough of his lips, of kissing him, of any part of him.
The tip of his cock skates across your sensitive clit as you grind your hips against him, your body shaking from the overstimulation and the ache to have him inside of you.
“Fuck,” Druig’s voice is low and deep, barley above a whisper. “Want to be inside of you, love.” He presses a kiss to your lips, runs his hand along the junction of your neck where your jaw meets it, presses his thumb below it to push your gaze up to meet his. “I need it.” Your body trembles at the seriousness in his eyes that mixes so beautiful with lust and desire. His tone on the cusp of begging.
And when he slips inside of you the low breathy grown that falls from both of your lips is dizzying. Both of you feeling that missing ache become whole as Druig bottoms out inside of you. The drag of his cock as he fucks you slow makes your mind go hazy, wild. You have to press your head into the crook of his neck, bite at the flesh there to stop yourself from being too loud. To stop yourself from shaking because it’s so good, he feels so good inside of you. So thick, so big. His moans fanning out at the shell of your ear, as his fingers rub slow circles in time with his thrusts against your clit, quickly pushing you over the edge again. His name a choked sob on your lips.
Druig keeps fucking you through it, that slow gentle way full of passion and heat. Keeps whispering sweet words and moans in your ear, “I’m never going to leave you, love. It’s you and me for centuries to come.” and “Fucking you like this for the rest of my life is the only treasure I need.” And then he’s moving from the crook of your neck to look down at you, to watch your beautiful face contort with pleasure as he fucks you, as you take him so good, so perfect, as if you were made for him, for his cock. For his love.
Your nails digging at his back as he fucks you deeper, a little harder as he feels his release coming. The groans he lets out are nothing short of angels hearings. Your palms press to his cheeks, bringing your foreheads together, hot breath mixed with shaky intakes, “Druig, come for me.” And it takes everything in him not to let his emotions take over as you whisper the words, sending him over the edge buried deep inside of you.
There was a time the only emotion Druig felt was distain and anger. His emotions bottled up and stored away. But then there was you, and then there’s was this. All of it. The shared touches, devotion, love.
And he doesn’t know how he had ever lived without it, and doesn’t think he ever could again.
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waspswidows · 5 months ago
I’m honestly fucking freezing atm and I can’t stop thinking about Druig warming me up lol (in a totally PG way!)
Maybe a comfort fic where the reader gets trapped under ice and the eternals save her but she is freezing and Druig takes it upon himself to strip her down and use body heat to warm her up?
I’m thinking the eternals are outraged like “Druig no! Let one of the girls do it!” And he’s like “Relax! I’ve seen everything before!” And they’re all like “oh … I see 👀”
Pairing: Druig x (female) Eternal!Reader
Summary: you’re fighting the deviants on an iced over lake when it cracks underneath you. Your fellow Eternals rescue you but you’re need of warming up and Druig is the first to offer. P.S. I’ve made reader’s powers that of being able to absorb / mimic the powers from whomever is in her proximity, so in this case she borrows Thena’s ability to make weapons from cosmic energy.
Warnings: one case of swearing, a lil bit of fluff, a whole lotta angst, nakedness but it’s not in a sexual way
A/N: ooh I really love this idea, thank you so much for your request!! I also love when I get to feature some of the other Eternals, I hope you like this! Also I hope you are warm and snuggly now anon😅🥰🖤✨
Tumblr media
Another day, another deviant. This time you and a few of your Eternals had been called to a frozen lake in Alaska where the deviant was closing in on a small village of people that lived adjacent to the lake. Your current team consisted of you, Sersi, Sprite, Kingo, Thena, and Druig.
You, Thena and Kingo had managed to push the deviant back onto the ice, away from the villagers. Sersi, Sprite and Druig remained at the edge of the lake, keeping the people calm as you, Thena and Kingo dished out punishment to the creature. You had decided to mimic Thena’s powers on this occasion, moulding yourself a spear out of celestial energy. Thena had gone for her classic sword and shield whilst Kingo continued to pelt the beast with his energy blasts.
You spin and slide on the ice, ducking under the deviant as it lunges for you. As you slide under it’s belly you lash out with your spear, cutting its front leg out from underneath it. It's head hits the ice with a deafening thunk just in front you, an otherworldly screech leaving its mouth. Underneath your body you can feel the ice crack before you see it. Cracks spring out in every direction from where the creature’s head had hit the ground.
A small panic settles in you as you scramble to crawl backwards, the deviant still lunging forward haphazardly, completely unaware of the imminent danger beneath it. The deviant is about to reach you when you hear a battle cry from above.
You look up just in time to see Thena leap gracefully through the sky, her sword in hand. It feels like everything is suddenly in slow-motion as you see Thena land on the deviants back, her sword going straight through its neck, hitting the ice below.
“Thena NOOO!!” You hear a deep voice bellow from afar. But it’s too late. Your eyes widen in fear as you see Thena backflip off the creature, soaring to safety, her lift-off pushing the deviant further into the already sinking ice.
The ice cracks around you. You hear a deep yell boom from across the lake. The last thing you see before you slip under the ice is Druig’s panic stricken face as he sprints towards you. But he’s just too far.
The ice water swallows you, the cold causing your chest to seize up almost immediately. You kick and paddle at the water around you but the current is strong, the darkness of the water confusing your senses. You’re no longer even sure of which way was up to the surface. You feel panic settle in your chest as your lungs scream for oxygen.
Ice invades your lungs suddenly. Blackness takes over your vision. You think you can hear someone calling your name but ultimately a numbing silence takes over your senses.
The next thing you’re aware of is a pressure on your chest, something was repeatedly pushing up and down on you. The next thing you’re aware of is lips on yours. You can feel warm air being forced down your throat. The warm air pushes the freezing water out your lungs and you gag as your body spasms. You choke and cough as you spit up the ice water from your lungs.
You blink wearily, your vision still somewhat blurry. You see a fear-stricken face come into focus in front of you. Druig. You inhale deeply, letting air back into your body, coughing again as your throat still feels tight.
“Hey hey hey, it’s okay” Druig coos, his hands cupping your face. “It’s okay, you’ll be okay” he whispers, his forehead against yours. You’re not sure if trying comfort you or himself.
You feel a gentle hand on your shoulder. You look up and see Sersi’s reassuring face above you. “Are you alright?” she asks gently.
“Of course she’s not alright” Druig snaps harshly, his head whipping around to face the other Eternals. “She’s fucking freezing. She could get hypothermia. We need to warm her up” he shouts frantically.
“Y/n, I’m so sorry. I didn’t realise you were still so close to it, I- I just didn’t see you” you hear Thena’s voice come from somewhere just behind you. You see Druig flare his nostrils in anger but apparently he decides it's better to stay quiet than lash out at Thena.
You want to reassure him, to tell him you’ll be okay. You want to reassure Thena, to tell her it was okay, you didn’t blame her. But truth be told you were too cold to even speak, your teeth chattering, your breathing ragged as your body fought to warm pump the blood around. You couldn’t feel most of your body and what little you could feel was painfully numb.
Druig’s face looks pained as he sees you struggling. He sighs in frustration and scoops you up in his arms, jogging over to the small settlement of people that lived beside the lake. You see over his shoulder that Sersi and Thena are right behind him.
As you approach the village you see Sprite and Kingo exit from one of the closest huts.
“In here” Sprite calls over to Druig. “They’ve got a fire going in the bedroom, take her in there."
Druig carries you inside, the other Eternals close behind him. Once in the room Druig places you gently on your feet, holding you against him as you were unable to bear your own weight. You’re shuddering against him as he tries to rub some heat into you with his hands.
“You know actually the best way to warm someone up is through body heat. Like actually being naked” Kingo tries a joke to lighten the mood, his hands mushing together to emphasise his point.
“I know” Druig says in all seriousness. “So that’s what I’m gonna do” he says determinedly, already stripping away your jacket and outer shirt.
“What?” Sprite says, clearly taken aback.
“Druig, let her have some dignity” Thena speaks cooly and calmly.
“Druig” you hear Sersi speak softly. “Just let one of us girls do it. Let me do it” she murmurs gently, placing a hand on Druig’s shoulder.
“No. I’m doing it.” He quickly shrugs his own jacket off, hunching over you and keeping you against him.
Druig releases a cocky chuckle in response to the shocked faces of your fellow Eternals. He looks up at them, a poisonous smile on his lips.
“Don’t worry ladies, I’ve seen everything before” he says as he pulls you even tighter against him. You wrap your numb arms around his neck, clinging to him desperately. You no longer care about the fact that your relationship was supposed to be secret. Clearly Druig didn’t either. You bury your face in the crook of his neck, breathing in his warmth as you tremble against him.
“What?!” Sprite exclaims. You can feel Druig smirk in response. Cat's out the bag now.
“Hmm, I knew it” Thena muses smugly. You simply bury your head into Druig’s chest, your cheeks flushing red from more than just the cold.
“Oh my god I have so many questions” Kingo gushes.
“Perhaps now isn’t the time, Kingo” Sersi chimes in.
“Come on, let’s leave them to it” Thena speaks cooly, gathering up the others and ushering them out of the hut. You release a shuddering sigh into Druig’s chest as they go. Druig rubs your back roughly, trying to warm you with the friction.
“Let us know if you need anything” Kingo sings as he heads out the door, closing it behind him. You can hear Sprite’s fading giggle in response.
“Don’t worry, my love, I’ve got you. I’ve got you” he murmurs into your hair, a serious edge returning to his voice. You nod your shaking head in response.
“Take off your wet clothes. Quickly” he tells you as he rubs your arms before letting you go.
You simply nod again, your teeth chattering too much for you to speak. You strip quickly, sucking your teeth when you feel the air hit your naked body. You turn around to see that Druig has also stripped nude. He quickly tosses the blankets and pillows from the bed onto the floor in front of the fire. He then grabs the massive fur duvet and wraps it around his shoulders before striding over to you. He envelopes you in his arms, a small gasp escaping him as your freezing skin touches him.
He pulls the blanket tightly over your body until you’re locked against his chest. He lowers the two of you gently onto the bundle of pillows and blankets, ensuring you were laying closest to the fire. He tucks himself behind you, curving his body around yours, trying to touch as much of your body as he could with his own. Any part of you that wasn’t touching him he made sure to tuck the fur blanket around tightly.
You’re facing him, your back to the fire. You tuck your face down into his chest, feeling his chin rest atop your head. Your hands are pressed flush against his chest, encouraging any kind of feeling to return to them. Your legs are intertwined, your bodies impossibly close. You know this must be uncomfortable for him, your freezing hands causing his stomach to tense beneath your touch. But he doesn’t relent, he simply keeps you pressed tightly against him, his hands rubbing up and down your back.
You start to feel your shuddering calm down as warmth slowly but surely renters your body. You sigh deeply, revelling in the heat emanating from Druig. He peppers kisses to your head, his breath warming your face. After a long while you finally lift your head to look up at him. You see relief wash over his face as he gazes at you.
“How you feeling?” He whispers.
“Better” you sigh, your voice hoarse from where you’d choked on the freezing water. He leans his forehead against yours, closing his eyes.
“I thought I’d lost you” he breathes, pain straining his voice, a tear slipping down his cheek. You move your hands to cup the back of his neck. All you can do is shake your head softly in response, your voice threatening to break if you attempted to speak. In your silence Druig continues to ramble.
“I was so scared, y/n. Seeing you just disappear under the ice like that. And there was nothing I could do about it” he sounds anguished, angry at himself. You shake your head again but he carries on.
“There was nothing I could do, I was just stood there helpless whilst you were dying. I- I don’t know what I would do if I lost you. I can’t lose you...” he trails off as a sob cracks his voice. You feel tears slip from your own eyes. He opens his mouth again to ramble some more but you cut him off by placing your freezing lips on his. He jolts slightly at the sudden cold on his lips but he quickly responds, moulding his mouth against yours. You revel in the warmth of his lips on yours.
It’s okay, Druig. I’m okay. You push your thoughts into his mind. I’m right here. You reassure him. You feel him smile into the kiss and know he’s heard you. I love you. You tell him through your thoughts. His lips break from yours momentarily.
“I love you too” he whispers out loud.
Tumblr media
A/N: lmao I really turned this into a like a whole-ass story. Sorry it’s quite long, I really liked the idea and was inspired by it so I just ran with it, I hope you liked it though!🖤🥰✨
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Tumblr media
Taglist: @salirophilia @alice-madness-decends @tompetersebbuckyhazleo @artaxerxesthegreat @moon-beam95 @lacontroller1991 @ratcatcher2world @ppk1pinch @luminaaz @strawberriebabbles @rosie-posie08 @dreamcatcher121 @justifymyfeelings @redroomproperty @your--sweetest--downfall @dontbedumb3 @bookfrog242 @hybrid-in-progress @mothdruid @druigss @captainrexstan @krswrites @druigmybelovedone @sophiawithanph @bluemoonyumi @drreidsconverse
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aphrogeneias · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
pairing: druig x eternal!reader
summary: sneaking around the domo always meant having to keep quiet, but sometimes, it wasn't that easy.
word count: 967
warnings: smut (+18), pwp, oral (fem receiving), biting kink, teasing, soft!druig
author's note: can be interpreted as the same reader from "in plain sight". inspired by this text post.
"Shhh." The sharp nip on the supple flesh of your thigh was enough to make you swallow a moan. "You don't want the others to hear, do you?"
Despite the harshness in Druig's bite, his voice was nothing but gentle. The telepath stressed his words with a wet kiss, laid just where he had left his mark on your soft skin.
"I'll be quiet, I promise." You didn't mean for your words to come out as whiny as they did, but seeing him on his knees, just as desperate as you were, had your head spinning. "Just… Please."
You felt him humming against your skin, the drag of his lips drawing closer to where you needed him the most. "So pretty when you beg."
Druig had barged into your room not minutes before that, a storm brewing in his once clear, blue eyes. You could tell he was frustrated - at something, or someone, you could already guess who but you made no effort to ask when, as soon as he crossed the threshold, he was all over you.
Before you had time to properly greet him, his mouth took over yours, greedily drinking you in. His skilled fingers peeled off your armor, piece by piece, in a haze, lust pouring out of his touch. He didn't stop until your body was bare, all for his smooth hands and lips and tongue to explore - just the way he liked it.
Your back hit the nearest wall, hands tangled in Druig's thick hair as he rained kisses down your body, desperately grasping your flesh, as if your presence - your touch, your smell, your taste - was the only thing grounding him in that moment. Knowing him, you knew that was true.
Spreading your legs with his large hands sprawled on your thighs, pulling one of your legs to rest on his shoulder, his mouth found your wet heat, kissing your cunt with wild abandon. You need to hold on as his tongue goes in and out of your entrance, leaving a trail of slick and spit dripping out of you and staining his mouth and chin.
Between this and the slurping, wet sounds that bounce off the walls of your quarters, the Eternal looks debauched, on his knees for you. The view is almost as hot as the feeling of his mouth on you, and when his lips closed on your clit and sucked it while he moaned at your taste, you had to stop another moan from escaping, biting your lip.
"Good girl. That's a good fucking girl."
You felt delirious, having to hold it all in. For once, you didn't care if anyone listened, if everyone knew what you and Druig did, every night behind closed doors. No secret was worth it when you wanted to show him just how good he made you feel. His praises only make you want him more, smooth voice vibrating through you like a song.
The sound of steps approaching from the hallway made you freeze, tightening the grip you had in his hair. Druig slowed down and stopped , still gripping your thighs firmly.
Suddenly, there were two knocks on the door, followed by Ajak's gentle voice calling your name. You looked down to see Druig's blue eyes fill with mischief, a grin on his lips, still wet from your juices, as he lifted a finger to them.
"Quiet, love. Remember?"
"Are you there, my sweet? We're almost ready to leave."
"Yes! I'll be right there, Ajak." You responded, and almost immediately, Druig flattened his tongue and tasted out again, dragging it from your entrance to your aching clit in one, long motion. "Right there, fuck." You whispered, unable to control yourself.
Make no mistake - Druig was the one on his knees, but you were the one at his mercy. And he delighted in reminding you of that.
"Have you seen Druig? I've been looking for him everywhere."
"N-no… I haven't!" You wondered if you sounded convincing, chest heaving and shaking from pure pleasure, grinding your hips down on your boyfriend's filthy mouth. "I haven't seen him since this morning."
You can barely hear the Eternal matriarch bid her goodbye, urging you to hurry, as she walked away. Druig's tongue became relentless, his kisses insistent - he was all you could feel, on your cunt, his strong hands were the only thing holding you up. Stars erupted in your vision as you came, strangling a moan.
As you came down, resting your head on the wall, Druig slowly got on his feet, kissing up your body and circling his arms around your waist. He let out a chuckle, gently bumping his nose on your cheek, watching your face, eyes still hazy and spent from your orgasm.
"You were so good for me, my love." He whispered, taking you in his arms and away from the wall. "My pretty, pretty love."
Flustered, you can only laugh softly, humming into the skin of his freckled shoulder. "Aren't I always?"
Without warning, you were pushed on top of the bed, falling into the silk sheets, while Druig wasted no time before crawling on top of you, still grinning. "Do you really want me to go there?"
Staring at his lips, and at the curve of his nose, and back at his icy, blue eyes. "Dru… We're gonna be late." You warned, but, deep down, there was no real intention of stopping him.
His grin only grew, white teeth like fangs, threatening to eat you alive. You feel his hand rise to your chest, and up to your neck, where his grip closed, just enough to make your head spin, and your core throb with want, suddenly feeling too empty - the intensity in his eyes alone were enough to do that.
"They can wait a little longer."
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pinkandblueblurbs · 6 months ago
Beautiful Girl
Druig x Fem!reader. Smut, penetrative sex, making out, dirty talk, light degradation, praise, kinda tender, d/s, light bimbofication
word count: 815
Slick pools in your channel as Druig’s lips move against yours, slow and sensual but dirty with the way his tongue slips into your mouth. He maps out every inch of the cavern- every tooth, every tastebud- he even strokes across its sensitive roof and smiles against your lips as the tickle makes you giggle.
“Christ, you’re beautiful.” He breathes out as he pulls away, eyes scanning down over your exposed body. “Especially laid out under me like this.” The words make your cheeks burn with embarrassment while your stomach burns with arousal. He cups your face, thumb stroking your jaw before his touch trails downwards over your neck and finally his hand comes to cup your breast, kneading the flesh lightly. You moan when he gently rolls your nipple between his fingers.
“And what pretty noises you make,” he’s smirking, clearly having an air of arrogance about him at being able to pull such sounds from you so easily. Your back arches to meet his touch, your own hands reaching up to splay over the warm muscles of his chest and abdomen.
You whine when Druig’s hands leave your breasts, and a gentle shh leaves his lips as he brings two fingers up to his mouth. You watch with rapt attention as he sucks them, moistening them with his saliva before pulling them free.
“Spread those legs for me, darling.” He orders softly. Before you can even think your thighs are falling apart, granting the man above you total access to your wet cunt. Druig smirks, looking down.
“Mm.. I like that”
“Like what?” You murmur, voice breathy.
“That I don’t have to get in your head to control you.” His voice is low, his accent lilting with a cocky dominance that has your head spinning. Usually you’d shoot back some equally snarky response, but you can’t muster one in your aroused state, so all that leaves your lips is a needy whine. Druig’s smirk widens.
“Such a sweet, desperate thing.” He coos almost tauntingly as he positions his cock at your entrance, the head dragging through your wet slit. He chuckles when you angle your hips upwards to meet him. “Want me t’fuck you? Yeah?” Your head bobbles in a nod. “Use your words, gorgeous. Lemme hear you say it.”
“Please fuck me, Druig.” The words come out a whisper, warm breaths that fan against Druig’s lips which are mere inches from your own.
“That’s my good girl.” With the murmured praise he pushes into you. His thick cock breaches your tight walls and causes your head to fall backwards in pleasure. He smears hot kisses over the arched column of your neck as he sheathes fully inside you, only stopping when his balls rest flush against your ass and the head of his cock sponges over your g-spot. You let out a long moan, lewd and unabashed.
“Yeah? Does that feel good?” He grits out in response to your sound, his lips curled upwards. You nod, lips parted and brows furrowed in pleasure as his hips roll rhythmically into yours. “My beautiful girl.”
“Fuck, Druig.” You gasp, hands shooting up to grip his shoulders for purchase. He lowers down to kiss you, the movement of his lips just as fiercely passionate as the movement of his body.
You can feel your orgasm taking root; pleasure blooming in your belly, cultivated by his deep thrusts and growing up through your sternum to escape your throat as blissful cries. He senses your nearing release immediately and keeps up the snap of his hips, careful to maintain the speed and pressure that you so clearly enjoy.
It’s thanks to this care that you’re able to tumble over the precipice, your body tensing and cunt contracting as rapture overtakes you. Druig��s voice is in your ear immediately, hoarsely whispering “that’s it, darling. Fall apart for me. Fuckin’ perfect.”
With the way your walls clench around his shaft it doesn’t take long for him to follow you into orgasm. He lets out a rough groan and quickly pulls his hips back, his cock spilling thick ropes of cum onto your lower belly and the mound of your cunt. Panting breaths escape your lips as you stare down, watching the thick substance land on your body and warm your skin. You whine softly at the erotic sight.
“Didn’t think you could get prettier,” Druig drawls breathlessly, gaze also trained down at your cum covered stomach, “but looks like I was wrong.” He uses the rough pad of his thumb to run through the fluid, as if to rub it into your skin. “You’re just made to be covered in cum.”
“Don’t go getting a big head about it.” You mutter teasingly, giggling when Druig looks up at you with a raised brow. He presses a kiss to your lips, your grins melting together.
“Y’got your sass back, eh? Strange how it seemed to disappear for the past half hour.” He says, as if pondering, and you roll your eyes.
“Shut up and clean me off, will you?” Druig chuckles, moving off the bed.
“Alright, alright. Bossy little thing.”
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scandescent · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Druig x reader
♛ 𝐒𝐮𝐦𝐦𝐚𝐫𝐲: You introduce your boyfriend to s3x toys and he's fascinated to say the least.
✧ 𝐂𝐨𝐧𝐭𝐞𝐧𝐭/𝐖𝐚𝐫𝐧𝐢𝐧𝐠𝐬— Female! Reader, s3x toys (vibrators), unprotected s3x, overstim., daddy k!nk, dumbification, slight choking, clit slap, praise & degradation (one use of the word "slutty"), multiple orgasms, fingering, squirting, dacryphilia, Druig using mind control on you, bondage, edging, god complex, Druig being a menace. mdni.
✧ 𝐍𝐨𝐭𝐞— aha ahaha, I'm completely whipped for this funny cult leader.
#tags: @yesitsmewhataboutit @ztoji @festive @anthenais
reblogs and interactions are appreciated!!
Tumblr media
This was a bad idea is all you can think as you huff under Druig's amused gaze. You don't know what you expected when you introduced your 7000 year old boyfriend to vibrators but now you're cursing yourself because he just won't stop teasing you.
“My beautiful, beautiful y/n,” Druig's voice flirts through the room, intertwined with your moans. A desperate Druig please tears through your lips when his thumb hikes up the settings on the vibrator while pressing it flush against your clit,“How cute.”
Drunk on the way you squirm on the bed, tugging on your wrists that are bound to the headboard— courtesy of your dear boyfriend— he can't help but push you to another orgasm. As your head tips back and shoulders jerk from the intense orgasm rolling through you, Druig admires the sight. He is amazed by how a little toy built by humans can make his darling cum within seconds.
He's turning down the setting, lowering the vibrations as he watched your pussy flutter around empty air, your slick dribbling down your thighs and making a mess on the sheets,“You're ruining the sheets, honey.” Druig coos, pressing a soft kiss on your parted lips. You chase his lips with a desperate whine as he pulls away,“Ready to go again?”
"Druig, I can't, 's too much, please,” Yet he flips up the vibrator to the highest level with a breathy chuckle,“Yes you can, darling.” Your face lolls to the side, trying to hide behind your outstretched arm but a warm hand curls around your jaw,“Let me watch you fall apart for me.” Turning you to face him, his eyes glint sadistically when he notices the pearly tears rolling down your cheeks,“Oh, crying for daddy already?”
His thumb wipes away at one warm drop before leaning forward to kiss away the consecutive one. Humming at the salty taste staining his lips, he pushes a finger inside your dripping cunt,“Oh darling, you're so fucking tight,” Druig couldn't bite back the moan when he felt your walls clamp around his finger.
“Druig, druig, it's all too much—” Your whine is shushed by his lips on yours,“That's not my name, baby. Or are you forgetting?” He tuts, biting softly on your lower lip as a punishment,“Daddy, please,” The low growl fizzling at the back of his throat didn't go unnoticed by you, even in your fucked out state,“Can't cum no more,”
“Hm? Is that it? My beautiful baby doesn't wanna cum anymore?” Druig tilts his head to the side, blue eyes locked on yours while he studied your face with a devious smirk tugging at his lips. You're struggling, swallowing down the loud moans with a fog bubbling through your mind. Druig taps at your cheek, laughing at the hazed look in your eyes as he curls his fingers inside you, the little toy still sending pleasant vibrations to your swollen little clit,“Go on, answer daddy. Or are you too dumb for that already, huh?”
“Mhm!” Your jaw clenches as you're on the verge of yet another orgasm before nodding with sweet pleas falling easily from your lips, unsure of what you're even asking for at this moment,“Please, please daddy,” His light chuckle should've been foreshadowing but you were too lost to notice,“Don't cum.” Golden eyes glared menacingly at you. Your mind fracturing as it falls into his control and suddenly your body reacts on its own, halting your potential orgasm and leaving you pulling at your wrists tied together.
“Druig why,” You sob pathetically, staring up at him with tears dewing your eyelashes,“Oh my apologies, darling but didn't my naive little y/n just say you can't cum no more?” An angry pout settles on your lips as he throws away the vibrator, finally. His lips clashes against yours, his cock lined up with your entrance and yet he's teasing by dipping in just the leaky tip of his angry red cock,“Please daddy, just need you inside me.”
His hand slid down your jaw to curl around your neck, settling like a collar. His lips breathing against yours but not quite engaging in a kiss,"Oh God," You whimper as you feel his cock stretch you out when he finally pumps into you,"Yeah, that's right, I'm your God.” Druig snickers, fingers tightening around the column of your throat ever so lightly. A grunt wrecks his chest at the feeling of your cunt wrapped tight around him,“Say it. Say that I'm your God."
Mind reeling from the previously ruined orgasm he withheld from you, your tongue stumbles upon words,“Yes Druig—” His palm lands sharply against your clit in a cruel spank before you rectify yourself,“God! Please, 's too muc- ah!” Before you can even finish speaking, he rolls his hips against yours, his cock hitting deep inside your fluttering cunt,"Cum on your God's cock, my beautiful baby."
Your body reacted even before Druig's eyes lit up with the beautiful golden glow, gummy walls clamping down impossibly tight around his cock as you came with a scream of his name,“Fuck, fuck- s'fucking tight,” He didn't even have to order you but your pussy is squirting around him just from having his cock inside,“What a- fuckin' mess your slutty pussy made, darling.” You can feel his cock throb inside you as he grits out the words before tapering off into a moan.
Gripping your hips in a bruisingly tight fashion, Druig pounds into you. Meanwhile, claiming your lips in a searing kiss as he growled,“Want your God to fill you up real nice, eh?” His accent is thick even when his smooth voice is muffled by your lips,“Yes, yes, please, God,”
He's not gonna last long, especially when he has you begging so sweet for him,“Then take it, take it all- fuck!” Druig has never felt you clench so tight around him before, his cock leaking hot ropes of cum deep inside you as you tip over yet another orgasm, his name falling from your lips like a prayer,“How fascinating.”
He should definitely use these little toys the humans made more often.
Tumblr media
2022 © all content belongs to druighoney . Do not repost my work anywhere.
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wannabevampire · 3 months ago
Fun idea: Druig LOVES eating pussy and gets messy as hell with it. He’ll eat her out through her panties and tease the fuck out of her, then he takes them off and literally eats her out until she’s crying from overstimulation before he fucks her
That’s my angel.
Tumblr media
oh 100%
that man takes his time. end of discussion.
totally went off topic! my bad <3
druig x fem!reader
dom!druig (hard dom but he has his moments <3)
sub!reader (bratty-ish)
warnings: degradation & humiliation (i am mean it’s me so that’s a given at this point..but this one is particularly degradation heavy!), orgasm delay + overstimulation, spit kink, crying (in a good way!), dacryphilia, spanking, use of restraints, pet names (mainly angel, puppy is also used!), mind control 😵‍💫, uhhh boot riding? idk how to tag that, dumbification! might be forgetting something?? idk
reblogs are very much appreciated!! :D
sorry if this sucks 🤧 i’m feeling a little off? hopefully it’s okay!!
18+ MDNI!!!!!!! no minors. fuck off plz <3
Druig. Druig. Druig pay attention to me please. Hey Druig please-
You thought over and over and over again. Knowing that he was reading your mind. He always did when you were being a brat (or as he sometimes liked to call it ‘a pain in the ass’). So he could monitor you behavior without having to give you the attention you so desperately craved, but had yet to deserve.
You'd been begging to get fucked dumb the entire day. Distracting him while he's working, being a total brat, and constantly teasing him.
But he refused to give in. No matter how turned on he was or how badly he wanted to put you in your fucking place, he was going to make you wait for it.
He finished up his work and stretched before heading to the bedroom you both shared. You were sitting there waiting for him. Your feet tucked under you and your hands resting gracefully in your lap. Looking like gods blue print for a innocent, obedient, submissive, little angle.
You smiled sweetly at him and cocked your head to the side playfully. Flashing him your puppy dog eyes, as if daring him to treat you like anything other than a good girl.
He looked you up and down before nodding approvingly and walking over to the closet. You watched confusedly as he simply went about business as though everything was normal.
He discarded his jacket, hanging it up before shutting the door and turning to face you again.
The look in his eyes was intense, almost angry.
He continued starring at you as he unbuttons the cuffs of his dress shirt and rolled them up so the fabric bunched around his forearms. He undid a few buttons at the top of his chest, allowing him a bit more freedom. He relished in the sensation and stretched his neck. Letting out a groan of satisfaction.
The noises he was making mixed with the fact that you'd been turned on all day was driving you absolutely wild. You yearned to reach out, grab him, and kiss until the two of you had no choice to fall apart. To liter his neck with kisses and bite marks. You wanted to tug on his hair so he would make those wonderful little gasps that set your heart on fire.
You shifted from your spot, flipping your legs around so they dangled from the side of the bed, preparing yourself to stand and face him.
"I'm sorry who the fuck told you you were allowed to move?"
Druig snapped at you, his eyes flashing dangerously.
"W-what?" You stammered, extremely confused.
He rolled his eyes and scoffed. His harsh words and cruel behavior had you causing you to feel ashamed…and extremely turned on.
Tears threatening to fall and thighs rubbing together expectantly.
"God you really are stupid? Need me to spell it out for you baby?"
A grin beginning to tug at his upper lip. He began to undo his belt, and you waited patiently. Knowing that you were certainly about to be fucked until you forgot what language you were suppose to be speaking and the only words you could remember were "yes sir" and "Druig".
But instead on throwing his belt on the back of his desk chair like he always did. He folded it in half and stalked closer to you. His foot steps echoing loudly across the room. You hadn't realized how silent everything had been until the only things left to be heard was the rhythmic fall of Druig’s boots hitting the floor, the steady increase of your breath, and the whimpers that fell for your lips and flooded the air, filling him with excitement.
“You spent the entire day whoring yourself out. Acting like a brain dead slut, which you are by the way and I’m glad to see you’re embracing it, And now you want to pretend like you’re innocent? Angel, don’t you want to finish what you started?”
You stared at him, your eyes wide as you tried to gather your thoughts enough to muster a semi-decent reply.
He tilted his head mockingly, the look in his eyes was intense and his demeanor became darker.
“God, look at yourself. I have yet to lay a finger on you and you’re already ruined. You’re so fucking pathetic, I love it.”
Druig said, his voice had dropped a few octaves but it was clear it wasn’t a conscious decision. You just did that to him. You brought out parts of him he hadn’t even know existed.
His head was swimming with thoughts of you. His mind focused on one thing and one thing only, ruining you.
You’re brain felt fuzzy. All you could focus on was him. The sound of his voice, his intoxicating presence, you were drunk off him. Completely enamored, utterly in love with, and incredibly turned on.
All for Druig.
He made you dizzy with lust. You cocked your head to the side, mirroring him. Your current headspace leaving you slightly confused as to what he wanted you to do.
He laughed at this. He loved the way you always tried to please him, no matter what. Trying desperately to obey him even when you had no idea what he was asking for.
“Would you look at that? So obedient for me, aren’t you?”
He sighed happily as you nodded quickly, your eyes looked hazy and slightly tearful.
“You just don’t know what to do with yourself. Do you? Need me to do everything for ya huh puppy. Not a single thought in that dumb little brain of yours.”
You were itching to reach out and touch him. Images of you clinging onto him as you rut yourself against him. His thigh, his abs, his bicep, his boot- the image changed. But one thing remained the same in every frame.
You were desperate for him, and he was making you work for it.
You saw Druig’s smile and immediately realized he was reading your thoughts. Skimming through your memories as if they were the morning paper.
Well, At least now he knows what you want and he can give it to you! You thought.
“Oh puppy you really have learned nothing. You think I’m gonna go easy on you? Think I’m gonna give in and hand you everything you want on a silver platter?”
His laughter was almost cruel.
“Angel, I’m going to ruin you. Just like you’ve been begging me to. And when you get to that point where you’re crying and shaking and telling me it’s too much, I want you to remember that you’re the one who asked for this. So sit there, be good for me, and remember your fucking place.”
He walked toward you slowly as he said this. Sizing you up and playing mindlessly with the belt in his hands. Trying to decide if he should cuff you, spank you, or both.
A whimper escaped your lips as his eyes glowed gold and suddenly your minds-eye was filled with various scenarios of yourself and Druig.
You were tied to the bed, your wrists bound and fastened securely to the headboard. Held together with his belt, which was wrapped tightly enough to remind you of your place but not so much that it was painful. Besides your arms the rest of your body wasn’t confined in any way. Though you were naked and vulnerable especially, in the presence of Druig who was still fully clothed (minus his jack and belt).
He never liked to tie your legs down. Watching you squirm and twist around as he overstimulated you to the point of tears was one of his favorite parts. He liked knowing he could hold you down with nothing more than a few words and his own strength. No need for ropes or mind control.
However, he did like keeping your hands cuffed. It kept you from moving around too much, and reminded you that he was in charge. Plus you looked adorable crying and begging for him, knowing that you’d never be able to ‘escape’ on your own. And the feeling that accompanied observing the way you practically flew to him the second he released you was like no other.
The way you’d cling to him, whimpering and grasping onto any part of him that you could. Memorizing the feeling of his skin. Running your hands through his hair. Burying your face in the crook of his neck as you whimpered, your tears staining his shirt. As he held you and kissed every part of you until you laughed and pulled him up crashing your lips together. He could taste the salt of your tears and you could still taste yourself on his lips.
You gasped and blinked rapidly as you were thrown back into reality.
He was closer now, his eyes still shimmering slightly with gold.
You shifted nervously under his gaze. Your skin rubbing against the cold wood beneath you. Wait, wood? How did you need up here?
You were on the floor, looking rather disheveled and pathetic. Your eyes were filled with tears that had yet to fall, and your thighs were covered in your own arousal (which was now dripping onto the floor beneath you, an act that Druig would have a little too much fun with when discovered).
You stared up at him. Confused, and desperate.
He was leaning against a small wooden desk, standing directly across from you. His legs were crossed nonchalantly, the heel of his boots digging into the floor as he rested the majority of his body weight back upon the little table. He was twisting the belt in his hands knowingly. With a raised eyebrow and a smile that never wavered he looked you in the eye and said:
“You liked that didn’t you? You want it right now angel?”
Your face screwed up in confusion, there was no way in hell he was going to make it this easy. But still, he stayed calm. Eerily calm. He had yet to break eye contact.
“Well? Speak up puppy. Use your big girl words and ask for what you want. Or are you too stupid to remember manners?”
He scoffed and tilted his chin upwards slightly. He looked (and felt) like your superior, he was.
Well here goes nothing!
“I want you to-”
He sighed loudly, cutting you off.
“Wrong! I know I say this a lot but jesus, you really are just my little fuck toy. Nothing else. It’s all you’re good for really. Can’t even beg properly. You know what happens when you don’t listen to me angel. Wanna see another scenario? You might not like this one that much, but I’m gonna fucking love it. Ya never no though, you always have been my little whore.”
“No wait! Please just touch me, or…or fuck me! Please Druig! Sir I need you-”
“Bit too late for that, aye princess?”
“Dru-” But you were cut off.
His eyes flashed gold again and suddenly you were transported into to another scenario.
The smooth texture of the wooden desk felt cool and grounding against your face. The feeling of leather snapped against your skin, leaving marks in its wake. You were bent over his desk, the papers around you mixed together haphazardly and threatening to the slip off the side and on to the floor below you.
You gasped and whimpered as he spanked you with his belt. Hard enough to leave bruises. Pain so sweet it was pleasurable.
You could feel the stinging pain as he brought his hand down again. You could taste the salt of your tears that had run down your cheeks and onto your lips. You could hear his voice and the words it carried, a wonderful mixture of praise and humiliation.
Druig said as he brought the leather belt down one last time. Leaving you shaking with relief, though a twisted part of you still craved more.
He could sense this, your mind always was so easy for him to read. Especially when you were in this type of headspace. All floaty, without a thought in the world except him. Druig, your Druig. Your mind was practically inviting him to invade your subconscious.
Which was currently trying very hard to suppress the fact that you wanted more.
‘cute’ He thought to himself.
And brought his hand down one last time, though he did so quiet softly. Leaning over you, your body bent over the desk, he brought his face next to yours. And after gently brushing a strand of hair out of the way, whispered:
“You think so fucking loudly. I know what you want angel, I know you want more. But you’ve gotten enough of those for tonight pretty girl.”
Druig knew your limits, even the ones you tried to pretend didn’t apply to you. But he wasn’t done with you yet.
He pulled up up and twisted you around. You were sitting on the edge of his desk now, one of his legs slotted in between yours. He looked at you for a few moments, letting his gaze examine every inch of your skin. He smiled softly before kissing you passionately. You immediately deepened the kiss and after a few moment of calculated self control you threw caution to the wind and began grinding yourself against his thigh.
He pulled away and looked down at you. You were too far gone. Despite being disconnected from the kiss your hips continued to rut against his thigh. Chasing pleasure so close you could almost taste it. Tears fell down your cheeks and moans flooded the air. He cupped your face in his hand, stroking your cheek lovingly.
Then his eyes began to glow golden. And before you knew it you were pushed to the ground. Druig’s hand wrapped tightly around a portions of your hair as you stared up at him. Mouth opened wide obediently. You felt distantly aware of the fact that your hips had yet to stop moving despite not being on his thigh anymore. You were grinding against his boot, desperately praying for your orgasm to arrive soon.
You truly were a sight for sore eyes. Druig thought to himself as took you in.
Your eyes were blood shot, cheeks tear stained, lips red and swollen from bite marks and stolen kisses.
One hand was wrapped firmly around his thigh, grounding you as you rutted desperately against his boot. The other arm reached up, holding onto his hand tightly. A reminder that no matter how real the things he says i’m scenes like these sound, you’re always his beautiful perfect girl. And he wouldn’t trade you for anything in the entire universe.
Druig tugged your hair back, though his intense gaze was what caused you to halt your movements not the pain.
“I love you angel.” He whispered.
“I love you Druig.” You whispered back.
He stroked your cheek affectionately before moving his hand around and pushing his thumb past your lips. He raised an eyebrow expectantly and you opened your mouth wider.
He bent down and spit in your mouth. You swallowed it eagerly, causing him to smile widely.
“Atta girl.”
“So which ones it gonna be puppy?”
He smiles at your answer.
Letting his serious façade slip slightly in the process. Looking at you with pure adoration.
“Atta girl.”
He tilted his head down briefly and gave you a look that asked ‘are you okay? can we keep going?’.
You smiled and eagerly nodded. He winked at you and blew you a kiss. But just a soon as the glimpse of affection crossed his faces it disappeared in the blink of an eye.
He slipped effortlessly back into an intense expression. His eyes darkening as he re-adjusted himself into his former position. His change in demeanor immediately caused you to squirm, you could practically feel the dominance rolling off him. And you became hyper aware of the belt. An observation which Druig quickly picked up on.
He let out a cold laugh that didn’t reach his eyes. You watched as he extended his right hand (the one not currently holding the belt menacingly) and beckoned your forward.
It took you a moment to register. Which annoyed Druig slightly and he demonstrated this by snapping his fingers and pointing at the floor in front of him. Ordering you to come closer.
You quickly scrambled in an attempt to stand up and walk towards him. An action that was met with a scoff of disapproval. Before you knew it Druig’s eyes were flowing gold again and you felt yourself stumble and fall back to the floor. You mindlessly situated yourself into the position you’d been in previously.
You let out a whine of confusion and desperation. The tears that had been gathering steadily on your bottom lashes taking this an open invitation to fall down your cheeks. Leaving you crying and whimpering.
You just wanted to be good for him.
He laughed again, earnestly this time, when he saw how fucked out and pathetic you looked. He had yet to lay a finger on you and yet you were dripping for him.
“You wanna try that again?”
Huh? Again?
Your confusion must have been evident as he simply raised an eye brow and gestured to the space in front of him.
He smiled, when he saw the look on your face. A clear indication to the fact that you did indeed understand what he was talking about.
“Good to see there are still a few brain cells left in that dumb little head of yours.”
He sighed happily and tilted his head, mock-lovingly.
“Now crawl.”
thanks for 900 followers!! welcome to the family <3
hopefully this is okay! i haven’t written in awhile because i am an idiot and decided to major in physics 🤕 sorry if it’s a lil rusty!
taglist + ppl who seemed interested
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love-is-a-dagger · 4 months ago
Druig x powered!reader
A curse or a blessing? Most likely a curse in your mind. Unable to express emotion without harming others.
This fic is inspired by @itsapeterthing post called sunshine. That post is just *chef kiss*
The readers like tia pepa from Encanto, the weather reflecting their mood and such.
Tumblr media
That’s what he woke up to, a contrast to the soft morning sun he was used to in the Amazon.
Looking to his side, he hears the swooshing of the wind, blowing near everything in its way. That’s gonna be a pain to clean up.
Glancing to his other side he sees your spot empty, suggesting that you’re up and about, most likely causing havoc he’ll have to sort out.
With a grunt, he gets out of bed, taking a second to rub his eye before adding a layer of clothing to warm himself.
Taking another look out the window he sees flickers of lightning.
It didn’t take him long to realise that the weather reflects your emotion. Prime example of this would be when your cactus died, he had no idea how you managed that, but when a rain cloud appeared about your head he didn’t need any more proof that your power reflects your emotions.
Reaching the main room, he sees you sitting cross legged on the floor, the wind being extremely powerful, it’s roars almost hurting the eternals ears. The wind you’re creating is powerful enough to lift some objects, that once in the air, began to gravitate in a circle around the room, almost protecting you.
With a sigh, he closes his eyes. He hates going into your mind, but he couldn’t get to you. Despite the amount of times he’s done this, he’s still hesitant.
“My beautiful, beautiful Y/n”
He can’t help but smirk when as soon as he echos his voice in your mind, the storm calms. He strides towards you, as you silently sit on the floor.
“I know what you’re going to say” you sound annoyed, to which he smirks.
Knowing you’re probably going through a hard time right now, so he decides to tease you.
“You’re lucky its not a hurricane” you giggle when he said exactly what you said the first time you met.
He crouches down your level, matching you small smile. He leans over, butting your heads together, reminding you of the first time he met you.
The wind was strong, extremely strong. It almost blew Druig’s umbrella away, making him regret agreeing to go to Ajak’s home.
He wouldn’t mind seeing his ‘college friends’ again, but Ajak had befriended a mortal and became close friends.
He only tolerates the mortals in his Amazon home, and having to spend a few hours with a total strangers feels like licking a cheese grater to Druig.
“Welcome” Ajak’s strong voice calls out, welcoming Druig when he makes it to the house, with her standing at the door, welcoming him in.
“I’m sorry about the weather” The healer apologises to the grumpy man.
Druig looks at her questionably, not understanding what she meant.
“The others are in the living room, my dearest friend, Y/N is there”
He didn’t really care enough of a mortal, who’s going to die in his lifetime, to remember that name for long.
But when he walked in, he was tempted to walk straight back out, because when he saw a small thunder cloud he thought he was going mental.
“Ajak?” He questions, not taking his eyes off you. You looked simply beautiful, he almost thought you were a goddess.
“Y/n, you’ve got a cloud” when she said your name, your head spun to her, a light blush on your cheek. He could practically see your nervousness, the way you grabbed onto your hands, not very sure of yourself.
“You’re lucky is not a hurricane”
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han-writings · 4 months ago
ok love your drabbles!! can you do the reader giving druig a forehead kiss for the first time? please and thank you!
Stunned but in love
Druig x gn!reader
Words: 600
Warnings: none :) just fluff
A/N: hii !! thank you for sending this really cute prompt in! i'm a sucker for soft druig so i hope you'll enjoy <33
Tumblr media
It happened in Babylon, during one of the numerous festivities the locals liked to throw for the Eternals. You were in your armor, leaning on a wall as you watched the illusions Sprite liked to flash in the sky. She was telling Gilgamesh’s story tonight, the local language rolling off her lips as her hands moved about. A smile danced on your face as you chuckled at the changes Sprite made to Gil’s story.
Suddenly, you felt someone snatch something from your pocket. Turning back you were met with Druig’s cocky smile and in his hand was a small red gem.
“So, how did you manage to get a hold of this?” Druig played with the gem, repeatedly throwing it up in the air and catching it before you could.
“That’s for me to know and for you to never find out,” You said, arms crossed and with a smirk on your lips. Druig seemed to take that as a challenge as his eyes glowed a faint gold and you felt a pressure in your mind. You let him have his fun but before he could break your mental barriers, you brought your hand up and flicked his forehead.
Stunned, Druig blinked rapidly and stared at you as you tried to hold in a cackle that was so close to escaping.
“Did you just flick me?” He asked, bewilderment present in his voice and you couldn’t hold it in anymore. You burst into a laughing fit at his reaction, having to clutch your stomach. Some of the locals (as well as the other Eternals) turned to see why you were laughing so loud, but you could care less about their curiosity.
“Oh, you’re in for it now, beautiful.” Playful aggression escaped his lips and you stopped laughing just in time to run away from him. He ran after you immediately, his cocky expression now a boyish grin as he ran after the beautiful Eternal who left sunlight in their wake.
You let out a squeal as he caught up to you, wrapping his arms around your waist to stop you from escaping him. You didn’t bother trying to escape anyway as a kaleidoscope of butterflies blossomed in your stomach at his touch.
“I’m going to need compensation for the damage you did to my forehead,” Druig whispered in your ear, his chest so close to your back that you could feel his heartbeat. Turning around, you wrapped your hands around his neck, eyebrow raised and a mischievous look on your face.
“And why would I need to do that?” You looked into those stormy eyes of his, slowly getting lost in them.
“Well, we can’t have the Eternals’ telepath head hurt now can we?” He asked, a rhetorical question really. You knew well that Druig can function just fine with a minor headache, but you decided to indulge him nonetheless.
“No, of course not. We can’t have that.” You brought your hand to his cheek, cupping it and bringing his face down.
And you kissed his forehead.
For the second time that night, you left him stunned. His cheeks started turning a faint pink as he opened his mouth before closing it again, words escaping him.
A giggle escaped your lips, your hands playing with the hair at the nape of his neck. Druig shook his head, a smile appeared before he leaned down and connected your lips.
(Somewhere in the courtyard stood Phastos and Kingo, unimpressed at the two lovebirds. But the two of you ignored them, too lost in the being of the other. Too lost in love.)
Buy me a Ko-fi! (You don’t have to, any form of support means everything ♡)
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keoghanslover · 4 months ago
I was wondering if you could do a Druig x reader snippet? Both the reader and Druig love each other but haven’t told each other, both are too shy and afraid of being rejected by the other. But when the Emergence happens and the reader is severely wounded, Druig finally confesses his feelings to the reader since he feels he’ll loose his chance!
pairing: druig x fem!eternal!reader
warnings: super angsty, yearning, battle scenes, reader nearly dies
word count: 1.8k
summary: since you and your fellow eternals arrived on earth, both you and druig have kept a secret from each other. what happens when druig thinks he's going to lose you?
author's note: i love writing angst lol i am so sorry. but also, this was such a fun request, thank you so much for requesting. i gave the reader plant powers so i hope that's okay with you.
reblogs are super duper appreciated! <333 enjoy! (gif is not mine)
requests are open!
Tumblr media
i like it here, you signed to makkari. you and your fellow eternals had landed on earth a year ago. so much was still fresh. you loved it. there was so much yet to explore and you knew that for eternity – or however long it took to kill the deviants – on, you were going to find this planet wonderful.
“evenin’ ladies,” druig hummed, carrying three cups of beer and placing it down before settling on the floor with you two.
makkari signed a greeting and you nodded towards him. he smiled. gods, that smile. those eyes. just everything about him. you knew of the concept of love, but you refused to think that that could happen to you.
so you took a deep breath and took a sip of the beer druig set down, engaging in conversation with the two as you tried to wipe those thoughts from your head. it was a love that just couldn’t be. and that was okay.
“i have something to show you,” druig announced from the doorway of your hut.
you smiled and tried to brush off the butterflies that grew in your stomach as you let him lead you out of your hut and through the dense forest.
“taadaa!” he smiled, he had taken you to one of the most beautiful places you have ever seen. a peaceful meadow, filled with colorful flowers and a lake just a few paces away to top it off, “i know you like these kind of places, you know, with your powers.”
you were taken aback with that statement. was he really that observant? but that aside, he was right. you did love places like this. you smiled as you used your powers to materialize a tree for you two to sit under.
"druig, this place is beautiful," you said, awestruck.
as you two settled under the tree, you felt a sense of unease. druig needed to tell you something, you knew it.
“i have something to tell you,” druig sighed, right on time. he sounded anxious, unusualnfor the usually confident man.
“do tell,” you eased, placing a hand on his. half to comfort him and another half because you craved so dearly to hold him. it was weird seeing him like this, whatever was going on, this was big.
he looked at you, those beautiful blues you had fallen in love with centuries ago almost putting the beautiful scenery around you to shame, “i really- uh- i really like… the people of this planet.”
you quelled the disappointed feeling in your stomach, you so badly wanted to know what he was going to say but you nodded along to his statement, “i do too. they’re so compassionate, so hopeful.”
you knew that that wasn’t what he had taken you all the way to the meadow to announce but this wasn’t a lie either. you noticed the love druig had for humanity. the way that he kept them from fighting. the other eternals thought it was wrong, druig interfering with human conflict and all, but you knew he loved them just as much as sersi did. just as much as ajak did, for that matter… his ways just 'went against arishem' so they were “wrong”. “yeah,” he mumbled and the conversation died at that.
little did you know that he had been dying for this moment for centuries, a moment he just messed up by chickening out. but there was no way, you were too dear to him and if you didn’t feel the same, he would be devastated. how would he be able to live this painfully long life without you by his side?
“you know,” you heard druig’s voice drawl, confidence in his voice, “i think it’s time i told you.”
your head snapped to the man, “yeah, dru?”
“i’ve always had feelings for you,” druig confessed. but something felt off. you knew druig, and if he was to confess something as grand as that...
no. you picked up the nearest pebble and chucked it at him, the rock passing straight through. oh my god, you were going to kill her.
“sprite, cut it out,” you groaned. the eternals had all picked up on your crush for druig, constantly teasing the two of you about it.
her illusion faded away, revealing a very defeated sprite, “ugh, why do you never fall for it?”
you just rolled your eyes and shook your head, the girl taking that as her cue to leave before you really got upset.
“upset?” druig yelled, “we’ve trusted you for 7,000 years and look where you’ve gotten us. i’ve watched humans destroy each other when i could stop it all in a heartbeat. do you know what that does to someone after centuries?”
there were tears running down his face. you knew this was coming. with all the deviants dead and everyone just waiting on arishem to call you guys back to olympia, druig had nothing to distract him from the obvious human tensions that were rising. so many nights you comforted him, his crying, his anger as he watched his dear humans perish, knowing he could end it all. but he didn’t. he couldn't.
part of you wished he did. it was hard to see humanity in this state. war. famine. murder. but no one else was on your side, once again because it went against arishem.
you watched as he went on with his speech, the others unable to speak. you made the move to comfort him but makkari put her arm out, blocking you from moving forward.
what? you signed to her, you know he’s right.
she shook her head, i know. but not now. let him be.
“if you wanna stop me,” druig threatened, “you’re gonna have to kill me.”
you watched as all the chaos down below ended, soldiers dropping their weapons, a sea of yellow light shining at druig.
and with that, he left. with him, he took pieces of your heart he didn’t even know he had. little did you know, he left a piece of his heart with you too. for the first time in centuries years, you knew you were unable to reach him. and there was nothing you could do.
you didn’t expect to see the other eternals again until the day you were all called back to olympia, but there they were. or what was left of them, anyway. makkari, ikarus, phastos, thena, sprite, sersi, kingo, and druig, the man you had tried to get over for centuries. druig, the man that only visited you in your dreams. druig, the man who took your heart all those years ago. all of them in your small home in the small town of port clyde, maine.
you had just received the news and your stomach flipped, you almost dropped the mug of tea you were holding, “so. let me get this straight. ajak and gil are dead. and arishem is evil. and this was one huge scheme to eat the entire planet. oh yeah, and i’m a robot?” “exactly!” kingo chuckled, clapping his hands together obnoxiously.
“okay. i don’t know what you need from me to stop this whole ‘let’s eat the earth!’ thing… but i’m in.”
in a turn of events, it was only thena, makkari, sersi, phastos, druig, and you on the beach. kingo having walked out and ikarus and sprite having turned against you.
there you were, attempting to hold ikarus down with vines so that phastos would have enough time to properly restrain him. that was until the man delivered one harsh punch straight to your chest, knocking the air out of you, before wrapping a hand around your throat, shoving you into a rocky cliff.
you gasped and screamed, trying to claw his hands off, using your powers to try and get the man off of you but it was no use.
ikarus threw you into a cave, leaving you in the cold dark… what was he playing at?
right before you peeled yourself off of the ground, you felt a piercing pain in your shoulders, dragging you back.
you had never felt so weak in your life, the energy somehow being drained from you. with the little power you had left, you tried to blindly stab at your attacker, sharp spear-like vines growing wherever they could. but that feeling, like you were going to die didn’t leave.
you could faintly hear the sound of someone running into cave. through your blurred vision, you saw the glow of a spear, thena.
at this point, you couldn’t even find it in yourself to fight, beginning to give into the idea of death. your eyes closed for what you thought was your last, all bruised and bloody, the power being drained out of you.
your ears were still ringing but you could faintly hear… gilgamesh? what?
but the pain didn’t stop, as much as you tried to hold on to the little bit of energy you had left in your body, it all faded to black.
thena heaved, having successfully defeated kro, but to her, it was more about avenging gilgamesh. she felt a sense of pride, knowing that if nothing else she did was good, at least she did this.
“y/n,” she called.
no response.
she became more frantic, memories of what happened to gilgamesh playing vividly in her head. she hovered over your limp body, horror painted on her beautiful face.
she started to cry, “no. not you too. please.”
she picked you up in her arms, making her way out of the cave.
as she reached sersi and phastos, she laid your body onto the sand, tears welling up in her eyes once again. all three of them stood over your body, sersi kneeling down to check your pulse -- barely there but barely is better than none.
a panicked, heartbreaking cry sounded loudly through the air, followed by pounding footsteps through the sand. the three of them turned to see druig, the most distressed they have ever seen him. he was beaten and bloody, but they could tell that was the least of his concerns.
he fell to his knees next to your body, “no no no.”
he placed a hand on your cheek, a little bit of warmth still remaining. he held your forehead to his, tears falling down onto your own cheeks, “hey. hey. come back to me. come back, y/n, my beautiful, beautiful y/n, please.”
a pained cry left your lips as you regained consciousness, gasping for air that had long escaped your lungs.
“hi,” you croaked, your voice hoarse as you softly opened your eyes. you were in so much pain but on top of that, you could feel the warmth of druig hovering over you. and that almost made you forget about the fact you were nearly dead minutes ago.
“hi,” he laughed, tears still running, “we… we thought we lost you out there.”
“well you didn’t, i’m right here. alive and very much unwell.” you quipped back, trying to soothe him. you attempted to lift a hand to cup his cheek like he was cupping yours but you winced, still in too much pain to do such. your head was still spinning but you were able to focus on the man on top of you, cradling your broken body like you were about to dissappear.
druig took a deep breath and you remembered the meadow. whatever it was, this was something he had been keeping for thousands of years and it was about to come out.
“i’m in love with you,” he confessed, his voice rushed out like your time was slipping away, “please, god, i just…”
“druig,” you mumbled, your eyes met and there was an understanding deeper than words could ever go. you two were made for each other.
his lips crashed into yours, and it was almost like every single pain you had ever felt was payment for this, the sweetest thing, the most beautifu; thing. the way you two kissed each other, promising that everything was going to be okay.
and from now and eternity forth, there were no more secrets between you two. no more keeping feelings hidden. no more brushing off butterflies.
lovers, for eternity on.
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