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amor fati [druig x fem!eternals reader]
A/N: Ya girl is back and officially posting writing again. I know it's been a while, but thank you for sticking with me. I didn't think I'd write for Marvel again, but, well, like all of you, I was just taken by Barry's performance as Druig, who (along with Makkari) quickly stole the whole movie for me. Keep an eye out for an upcoming TASM!Spidey and/or Matt Murdock fic, as well. Might as well go full-tilt Marvel now… 
This piece is probably a cliché, but oh well. I hope you like! Please tell me what you liked, what you didn't, and what, if anything, I should do for Druig in the future. There is a playlist for this, as well. 
Reblogs are always appreciated! 
Pairing: Druig x fem eternal!reader (Reader’s legend is that of Artemis, the hunter goddess. No Y/N); some Drukkari x reader, if you're looking. 
Word Count: 16.1k of eternal love, the stuff that poems are made of, and my usual abuse of simile and metaphor. Cotton candy sweetness -- but careful, lest it dissolve between your fingertips. Who said romance wasn’t a little tragic? All’s well that ends well.
Warnings: my writing is its own warning, angst, eternals-style heartbreak (y'all have either seen the movie or read enough fic to know that our boy leaves), canon-typical violence, misuse of power. Also? Smut, so 18+ ONLY -- touching, biting, outdoor naughtiness, mutual masturbation, and other things that occur more than once in here, okay? 
Summary: A love for the ages, yours and Druig's feelings for one another have persisted throughout time and distance. Stoic as Druig is, winter snow melts in the light of spring, and a little hunter has held his heart in her hands for millennia. Gently traipses through the plot of the movie.
Tumblr media
By starlight, everything was serene. A luminous, crescent crown.
Your awakening was like the warp and the weft, weaving the threads that comprised your personhood through a grandiose loom. It was simultaneously soft and scraping – A yarn-like itch behind your eyelids compelled you to open them, only to be met with a room full of strangers. 
You saw him then -- eyes of twinkling, galactic starlight. Serene. 
You tilted the corner of your lips in a soft smile, hoping to convey similar softness. Welcoming. And his face? His face remained stoic. Passive.
As you would come to learn, as history unfolded, it all was positively Austenian. Dickensian. Shakespearean, maybe?
Here he was: The crystalline-eyed boy with raven hair and blooming-lily skin, so superior in his indifference. Who carried himself with a power that transcended time. A cool, quiet tempest. Burning insight and demand into the deepest corners of a mind, like the golden, fiery sun.   
There you were: The doe-eyed girl. Quick in wit (and to anger), the sharpness of your tongue second only to that of your arrows. Fearsome, to be sure, but soft for him. (As he would be for you). Graceful and generous. A flower known to bloom by the silvery light of the pale moon. 
There was no way to know it when you awoke. But the two of you would be wrapped in one another throughout eternity, as threads pulled tightly around a finger, woven through a loom. But perhaps you had been before then, if man could comprehend a “prior-to” eternity. If you could remember a time before now.
But forever is made of little nows...
Perhaps this is where Austen, Dickens, Shakespeare, and the like would come to draw their inspiration. From the legends of godlike warriors who would cross the universe, if it meant even a moment together. Who guarded and tended the fragile sapling that was the human race. Who stole clandestine moments to bask in one another, exchanging endearments and creating traditions that would become symbols of love throughout time. Everything starts somewhere. 
For the very moment you opened your eyes in the cool, eerie light of the Domo, you were invigorated with purpose. You had awoken with Arishem’s booming voice in your ears, permeating your mind. Dictating to you. To protect the human race of Earth. To defeat the Deviants. 
You padded softly across the chamber, smiling and nodding at your fellow Eternals, introducing yourself as you went, until you stood before him. Rugged, roguish, and still somehow boyish, he stood with his arms clasped behind his back, appraising you. His black armor replete with details of curving, curling red, his eyebrows quirked as he looked down at you, awaiting your word.
You gave him your name, holding out your hand for him to take.
“Druig,” he responded, the lilt of his accent strange and soothing to your ears as he clasped your hand gently in greeting.
You nodded, a warm smile gracing your features as you looped his hand through your arm and made to cross to the nearest window together. 
“Are you excited?” You asked him; the feel of his arm was warm against yours as you took in the marble-like appearance of the planet you were assigned to. Comforting. “This is my first assignment since leaving Olympia … ‘Earth,’ you sighed. “I wonder what it will be like.”
Druig chuckled softly at your eagerness, taking you in as you observed the blue-green planet of Earth through the glass of the Domo. 
Your armor was rosy, copper-like in appearance with striking details of silvery-blue twining its way across your body, as the red did with his. 
Fitting, he thought. That your very warmth should be reflected in the very nature of your kit. Not just anyone would immediately approach Druig and hold his hand. He wasn’t exactly known for his sunny disposition on Olympia. 
Was he? 
Yet, here you stood fearlessly by his side as though you belonged, your eyes shining by the light of space, ethereal. By starlight, everything was serene. 
Not for the first time since he had met you did Druig find himself quirking his brow in assessment of you. Intrigued. For what could someone so seemingly gracious, gentle, do in battle against Deviants, of all things?
“Ta. Well, we’ll know soon enough, won’t we?” Druig answered both your question and his own musings before another voice snapped the moment. 
“It is time,” your leader – Ajak, your mind supplied – spoke. Summoning you all to prepare yourself for the journey to Earth. 
As you took your place alongside the others, you couldn’t help but feel the elation coursing through you. The determination. You would protect this planet with everything you had. Whatever time you had to learn the beings of Earth, and your fellow Eternals, was like a book waiting to be pored over.  Your lives stitched together, piecemeal, made by some unseen, Celestial force. Woven. Throughout eternity, woven. 
How could you have known just how much, little hunter?
In some ways, fighting was as easy as breathing, as weaving. It’s what you were made for, wasn’t it? 
As you and your fellow Eternals progressively cleared each corner of the globe from the Deviant infestation, you learned to operate together. To move as one to defeat the beings that threatened the development of this planet. 
Somewhere along the way, between the immeasurable conjuring of your golden arrows to fire through the bow you could weave at will, it became, well, fun. Centuries spent side by side with the universe's finest warriors had taught you a thing or two. And as humanity had developed, thanks in part to Sersi's gentle patience and Phastos's ingenuity, so had you.
As Thena and Gilgamesh cut through their enemies like tissue paper, you and Kingo would offer coordinated support through the benefit of distance attacks and hawkish aim. Determined and quick, you never missed. Kingo made for an excellent partner, releasing the beaming power of the sun from his fingertips as though it was nothing. Shooting down Deviants, the two of you covering the backs of your fellow Eternals, and working seamlessly in tandem. 
Kingo would offer you a smirk when he connected with his mark, and hollered a “nice shot,” when you aimed true. Whether the two of you had a running competition as to who could strike the most targets from the greatest distance was for the two of you to know, and for no one else to find out. The tally marks surreptitiously etched into the corner of the Domo were for the two of you alone. 
And Ajak -- a mother in some ways and the commander of a battalion in others -- saw fit that when you weren't fighting the deviants, you spent ample time training to fight deviants. 
It was this training time where you would partner with those Eternals whose skills were the most unlike your own – trying to prod the blur that you knew to be Makkari with a plinking, blunted arrow. Or seeking to best the taciturn Druig in hand-to-hand before he could bewitch you with eyes of molten gold. 
Truth be told, Druig was no slouch at close-quarters combat. But against an opponent with the coordination and entrenched anticipation of an archer? Besting you was no small feat. If he could best you, that is.
The two of you traded blows as easily as you traded quips. Druig, so usually reserved, flourished. He was agile as he jumped and spun to avoid your strikes, twirling around you to make his move.  You dodged his attempted strike to your face, using the momentum to lean back and swing your leg to knock Druig’s from under him. As Druig’s shoulders met the floor, you rolled, fluidly conjuring a small dagger, which you brought to his bare throat. Meeting him with the weight of your forearms against his shoulders to keep him fixed to the floor. 
You beamed down at your quarry, batting your lashes. An innocent smile – for no being with a smile so bright could have done what you just did, right? You? Topple someone so fearsome? Never. 
“Don’t toy with your food,” Kingo called to you teasingly, unable to contain his chuckle at your position over Druig. “Leave the poor boy with some pride, archer.” 
“Pride?” You quirked a brow down at the man below you, shifting your weight to stand above him and offering a hand. “Do you feel proud?” You teased. 
Druig clasped his warm hand into yours, panting lightly with the exertion of sparring, and allowed you to hoist him to his feet. Using the momentum of your pull, he leveraged himself into crowding your personal space, swarming your senses with nothing but Druig as he smirked back at you. 
“Of you? Immensely, hunter,” Druig breathed so that Kingo couldn't hear, the cadence of his accent a pleasant hum against your ears. 
He released your hands, circling you as though preparing to spar once more. As a panther would, replete with inky hair and coiling muscle. 
“You’ve felled your prey bravely. What deviant could stand against you?” 
You snorted, pleased with Druig’s teasing demeanor, a warm little thrum coursing through you. He could be quite charming when he wanted to be. Time and gentle patience had taught you that he wasn’t always as dour as he could be with the others – given the right circumstances. 
Or perhaps the right company?  He was never quite so cross with you or Makkari. 
“Perhaps you think too highly of the threat you pose, dear Druig. For what are men compared to deviants?” you asked, your eyes tracking his progress around you. 
Druig’s pacing ceased at your words, his eyes a brewing storm as he swept a glance up and down your form. Stepping to close the gap between the two of you once more and deliberately brushing his shoulder into yours, he paused to look down at your profile before he passed you by. 
“Be on your guard. I am no mere man, little hunter,” he murmured, leaving your side with a parting wink. 
Your gaze never left Druig as he departed, making his way down the verdant-lit halls of the Domo. Leaving your body buzzing pleasantly with something as you recalled the way his lips had ever-so-slightly grazed the shell of your ear as he taunted you. 
Just one of many threads serving to weave you both together, twining colors of dawn, of star-crested trees, and a crown of holy branches. Of breaking tides and moonlit swaths. You couldn’t choose the threads within the loom, obsequious at the facile hands of fate – or something else. 
Clearing corners of the globe did allow you to take in the many splendors of this planet, as you had so hoped all those years ago on the Domo before coming to Earth. To allow you to get to know the people of Earth, your fascination with them and their development as endless as their apparent fascination with the Eternals. 
But it wasn’t just the people of Earth that held your attention. 
Nature had offered an escape, a reprieve from the endless conflict with the Deviants. You did not seek the next battle, as Thena did. Nor were you as entrenched in development as Phastos.
No, you preferred to spend your days exploring the countryside, climbing rocks, swimming in the ocean. Tending to the deer in the forest.
One such day found you enjoying the lake near where you had settled. It was an atypically quiet day, and cool babbling was soothing to you as you observed the clear water, taking in the colorful rocks like a rainbow embedded beneath its surface. The fish paid you no mind as you waded in, unable to help yourself. 
“Not t’ cold, is it?” You turned at the smooth, accented voice of Druig as he made his way through the treeline, coming to stop along the shore near where you had waded in, hands folded as he observed you in the sunlight. 
“I don’t mind a bit of cold, demeanor or otherwise,” you acknowledged. “Besides, the humans bathe and wash their linens here. If they don’t mind it, I don’t see any reason why I should.” 
Druig snorted at that, wading his way into the water not far from where you stood, the current gently rippling around your bodies.
“I've heard them talking about you, you know. Sprite's been spinning her web of tales in every city we dock,” Druig said offhandedly as he tossed a stone atop the clear lake, rippling the water’s previously-unblemished surface with the skips of the smooth rock. 
“Oh?” You plucked a unique-looking grey-blue rock from the shallows, your dress bunching in the water and flowing about your knees. “And what do they say?”
You turned over the rock you had chosen in your hands, noting, pleased, how its shade was so similar to the eyes of the man who stood beside you, plucking and skipping stones of his own.
“They call you Artemis. Some call you Diana. Others Selene. Different names for the same, stunning entity. Goddess of the forest, the hunter, the protector of young women throughout their land." 
You laughed. 
“That’s a kind and gentle way to describe conjuring arrows to destroy Deviants in bloody battle. Are you sure they aren’t referring to Sersi instead?” you chirped, leaning down to trail your fingers through the cool, clear water, admiring the way the blue of the rock looked so striking when held beneath the surface. 
“And what of your legends?” You queried. “So powerful that Sprite has invented an entire mystical order to explain away the one man who can grasp a million minds. The druids. Does that not tickle your pride somewhat?”
“An attempt to make me sound useful and utilitarian, perhaps?” Druig tossed another stone, ignoring its skipping progress across the water’s surface in favor of wading gently closer to where you stood. 
“Even so. Solitary folk they are, eh? The druids. So Sprite says. Any truth to that, then?” Your eyes tracked his progress as he disrupted the cool river’s surface to stand by your side.
Druig shrugged, coolly, but still affable. Willing to banter with you a bit more. The stretch of patience he would extend to you, to your conversations, after centuries still never ceased to amaze you. You often wondered what it is that had separated you from the others. Why he would extend these courtesies to you, to Makkari, and offer you glimpses of himself. 
“You know I prefer solitude if I am gifted it. Too many minds around and it gets a bit … crowded … up here.” Druig made a motion with his hands, circling around his head. “Like the buzzing of so many busy little bees,” he sighed. “But you know my power. You know me.”
You shuddered a bit at the heat that had laced Druig’s voice. “Do I?” You looked across the water, teasingly refusing to meet Druig’s gaze. “And what do you suppose my estimation is?” 
“Other than finding me roguishly handsome, you mean?” Druig teased. 
Your eyes widened at Druig’s jest. Although, in every joke, a kernel of truth. Had he been reading your thoughts? 
“Bah!” You huffed, “Don’t be a scoundrel. Especially not with someone who can best you in a fight.” 
“You still think you can best me, then?” Druig challenged, his voice light and bantering. 
“Oh, I know I can,” you bent your knees ever-so-slightly below the water, ready to spring should Druig challenged you. “You think I would expel all of my energy when we spar? Please.”  
“I could always just compel you to lose,” Druig said, tapping his chin as though deep in thought. 
“You would have to be faster than Artemis to do that,” and with that, you pounced, lurching forward and giving Druig’s shoulder a purposeful shove, causing him to slip on the stones beneath his feet topple into the water with a resounding splash, the sound cracking against the trees. 
You laughed as you backed away toward the shore, out of Druig’s reach as he broke the surface of the water, spluttering.
If you had thought he resembled a large cat before when you were training, the comparison was certainly apt now. He fixed you with a glare as he shook the water from his hands, and then his hair, now wet and matted to his head, his clothes stuck to his form, dripping. 
“Cheeky, hunter,” Druig breezed, his voice taking on a low timbre, but with no hint of malice, as he waded toward the shoreline, giving way to the chase you were leading him on as you darted from his grasp. 
He bent at the shoreline, dragging his hand through the water and attempting to splash you as you ran down the shore. 
Druig certainly could be fast when he wanted to be, you thought, too little too late as he closed the gap between you, catching you with an arm around your waist and causing you both to topple onto the pebbled shore. 
 You laughed together, Druig taking the moment to stroke a stray hair at your crown back into place.
“How could we have never met on Olympia?” you asked him, softly, “I feel as though I should have known you my entire life. And yet … we have only met now. It hardly feels fair. Years without the discovery of one another.” 
“We know one another now,” he shrugged, knocking an affable shoulder into yours as you sat beside one another, taking in the lake once more. 
Druig’s company was easy. Summer rain, the soft tapping on glass, warm, sweet and refreshing. 
You reached for the canvas bag you had brought with you that rested near where you had stopped together on the shore, pulling a fiery-hued orange from the depths of your bag. 
“Is this where Makkari keeps getting these then,” Druig asked as he watched you peel the orange. “She’s always snacking on them.” 
You nodded, offering Druig a wedge, its skin visibly thin and membranous by the light of the sun, ready to burst with zinging, crisp flavor on your tongue when you bite into it. 
Druig held up his hand to you, making to refuse. But you gently took his wrist, opening his palm to you and placing the wedge in his hand. You had opened the rind as you were slowly opening yourself to him, splitting the orange down its center and offering to share. To share its brightness, its sweetness, as you would endeavor to share yours. 
"You need to enjoy yourself more. The world is full of small treasures waiting to be discovered. Take a page from Makkari’s book,” you bit your own wedge, Druig taking in the little slip of juice that made its way from the corner of your mouth. 
He shrugged, following suit and biting into his own wedge. 
"Do you like them?" You asked through a mouthful of sweet, zipping orange. 
He nodded softly, savoring the sweet, syrupy flavor. “And Makkari?”
"She likes sharing with me," you shrugged.
Druig’s brows quirked at that. He knew you knew that he was also close with Makkari. How he would anchor the quicksilver woman in tender moments. And she, him. He had hoped it wouldn’t be a point of contention as you and he developed into … whatever you were that felt dangerously like affection. 
It seems he was mistaken; for you and Makkari were clearly also … affectionate.
To you, Makkari was milk and honey. Sweetness, nourishment, home.  Druig was oil. Rich and incendiary. He was the sagebrush you smelled in the desert before a storm – A cautionary comfort you could never quite quantify. 
And as the traipsing trail of time slipped past, thick like honey, you were eager for this to unfold. The path before you now lay, heavy and unblemished, like freshly packed and fallen snow. Tread lightly, little one, lest you sink too far. Or mar the surface of yours and Druig's tenuous friendship. 
And the  humans, it seemed, had grown to adore their protectors. 
And your friendship -- no, that seemed too soft a word … partnership?? -- had blossomed. Sharing your observations on humanity, sparring, your cheeky little intrigues with Makkari, helping her "obtain" treasures she sought. Your sniper's eye was good for more than just combat, after all...
And, at the celebration the humans had held for you within the stronghold of Babylon’s walls, you basked in the warmth of the evening from your chosen perch. 
Watching Sersi dance with the humans. Watched as Sprite weaved her tales with the accompaniment of shimmering, golden illusions. Watched as Makkari haggled with the townsfolk. You had turned down Kingo and Gilgamesh's offer of a drinking contest in favor of observation. Perhaps you were waiting for the offer to dance, instead?
“You know,” Druig pushed himself off of the wall at the periphery of your vision, his lilting voice breaking your thoughts, “I asked Makkari where she got some of those artifacts to trade. She started to mention something about them being won in a ‘shooting contest,’ before becoming suspiciously forgetful. You wouldn’t know anything about that would you, dear hunter of mine?” 
Druig ambled his way over to where you held court, your gaze fixed solely on him now. 
“Now, Dru, you know I respect Ajak’s rules far too much to aid in any kind of scheme where thievery is involved. Besides, were they really thieved if I won them fair and square?” You smiled at him then, a quick flash of tilted lips and teeth, like a fox might bare its teeth at its prey. 
The flicker of ferocity behind your grin was a direct juxtaposition to your usually-calm demeanor, and the softness of the dress that adorned your body. So different from your usual stiff, copperish armor. 
A heady combination, Druig thought, your contradictions continuing to surprise him. 
“And what did Makkari promise you in return for your assistance?” Druig stood before you, arms clasped behind his back in apparent repose. But you knew better. Lightning roiled beneath his skin, in the contrasting gold-and-blue of his stormy eyes. He merely awaited his moment. 
“Alleged assistance, my love,” you teased. “And Makkari’s and my arrangements are our own. No business of yours …  not unless you ask nicely for it to be your business.” 
At the heated lilt of your teasing voice, Druig’s mind was awash with the possibility and entendre of what you had said. 
“You’ve compelled me to ask, but for my own self–preservation, perhaps I’ll save that for later,” Druig replied, circling you slowly. “That’s a lovely dress, by the way.”
You smiled at his compliment, your desire to tease gone as you felt flush at his compliment. Almost shy. You shifted on your feet. 
“I almost feel more comfortable in my armor, but Kingo insisted. He’s got more of a flair for this sort of thing than I do, anyway,” you offered, glancing at your Apollo from across the room as he laughed with Gilgamesh at Sprite’s illusions. "And some of the women in the village made it for me." 
The upswing of a new song caught your attention, and you turned to the man beside you, who was likewise observing the others. Ever-watchful, your Druig. 
The two of you had shared tender moments. Conversations far too personal to be purely platonic. Hell, the two of you had even shared a few kisses over the years. Embraced. Held one another in private moments just for the two of you. Or three of you. But the urgency to progress something wasn't really a factor when you lived forever. 
Nevertheless, yours and Druig's… whatever you might call it… had not really progressed past a certain point. Call it respect for the being you knew to be reserved in his affection, but you didn't feel the need to be overly-physical it it wasn't something he had instituted.
That doesn't mean the desire wasn't there. At least on your part. The burning thrum of something just shy of need. The hope to hold onto Druig as more than just your friend. To press the planes of your skin along his in quiet moments. To feel his hands caress parts of yourself that no one else would. His hands were quite maddeningly beautiful, weren't that? Craving the resplendent mutualism of shared ardor.
Had centuries not been long enough? So, while you didn’t know what came over you, you felt compelled to ask nonetheless – 
“Would you care to dance?” You piped up suddenly, your own voice (or perhaps the suddenness of your own courage) causing you to jump a bit, like a startled fawn. 
Had you really just done that? No sense in playing coy now.
You gestured at the circling crowd. 
Ah. So, perhaps it was a foolish request.
Druig quirked a brow at you, tilting the corner of his mouth into a barely-there half smile. For his part, he seemed to hesitate a tad before taking in the magnitude of the crowd and responding,
“I’m not much of a dancer, I’m afraid, love,” he replied. “Besides, can’t have anyone knowing I have two left feet.” 
You tried to quell the rush of icy disappointment and proverbial cold water his response had shot through you.
“I’ve seen you fight, Dru, your feet are precisely as they should be,” you teased gently, masking the mild sting of rejection you felt with a joke. “Ah, well.” 
With that, you pressed a soft kiss to his cheek, and patted his arm softly before making your way from the room, and outside of the city walls. 
A blurring rush came to a stop beside Druig as he watched you go. He turned to find Makkari at his side, a stern look fixed to her usually-gentle features, prominent chin jutted in Druig’s direction and eyes awash in a frown. 
“Why would you do that?” She prodded at Druig, her hands flying. 
“I’m not much of a joiner,” he responded, signing back his dissent to your invitation. 
“She just wanted to spend time with you. Even you aren't that dense. Go on, go find her. You can thank me later,” Makkari was insistent, shoving him in the direction of the door you had left from. 
“Nosy,” Druig chuckled, rolling his eyes over-dramatically to ensure Makkari would see, before smiling at her in thanks and following your path.
Your invitation to dance had taken him a bit by surprise. It's not as though the two of you weren't … affectionate with one another, by any stretch. And it's not as though he didn't want to be. 
The thought of the two of you sharing everything together had crossed his mind. Of course it had. The idea that you would feel even an ounce of the ardorous devotion he felt for you was a heady one.
And there it was -- devotion. 
Druig was no fool, far from it. He simply wouldn't allow himself to be flung into anything without first understanding the parameters involved. It's not as though his reserved demeanor was a secret amongst his fellow Eternals.
Moments spent with you… by the lake, in his chambers on the Domo, gentle teasing and the tug-and-pull of something more in the heartstrings between you. While the long life Druig had been gifted was full of many moments, those with you, those with Makkari, these were his favorites. 
That he could have all of you was a thought he only desired to entertain if it could come to fruition. And now, the possibility was so very tangible, he could feel it beneath his fingertips. It felt like the brush of your lips, the gentle promise of something more.
Druig made his way to find you, determined. 
You had sat yourself outside of the city walls, staring at the moon as it hung over the city. It was luminous, as though it, too, wanted to join in, to celebrate the Eternals’ victory. 
The cool, quiet air was necessary after being exposed to the heat of the party. And … something potentially more embarrassing. But for the second time that night, a familiar brogue interrupted your thoughts.
“And what are you doing out here?” Druig called, coming to sit beside you, legs propped up to allow an arm to sling over his knees, reaching for your hand. “Were you not enjoying the festivities?” 
The gentle nature of Druig's rolling accent put your mind at ease. His tone implying repentance, an olive branch.
"Oh, I was. But someone wouldn't dance with me," you pouted, rising to your feet and brushing off your dress to twirl away from Druig's grasp playfully. And perhaps to mask the small bit of hurt that you had felt. 
But, now that the two of you were a respectable distance from the crowd, not to mention the prying eyes of your fellow Eternals, you felt perhaps Druig might be willing to engage. That the two of you could have a moment just for you, as you had so many times over the years. Something to cherish. You loved the others, but they could be so nosy.
Druig chuckled in spite of himself, a low, clear sound, like breaking thunder in the middle-distance of a cloudy day, his eyes never leaving your form.
"I've never been much of a joiner. You know very well I prefer to watch you," he said with a shrug, his voice taking on a heat that you would follow, directly into the burning sun if you must. 
You wouldn't back down now. He had sought you out, after all, hadn't he? 
No more tenuous dancing of an anxious doe. You were a fearsome hunter, after all. And if he could toy with you … well, turnabout was fair play.
"You would rather watch me than move with me?" 
You were coy, your lips pouting in a teasing smirk. You reached for Druig, lacing your fine-boned fingers through his firm, warm ones, pulling him up to sway with you and guiding his hands toward your hips. 
Your grin faltered slightly as you looked up at Druig through your lashes, his icy eyes melting with the warmth of his gaze upon you. His fingers were still laced with yours, which you used to your advantage as you continued to guide his touch over your hips, a gentle graze over soft curves, with only the stars in the heavens to watch over you, twinkling and winking their approval of your loving flirtation, your steady adoration. 
Druig dropped his forehead to touch yours, his eyes never leaving yours as his towering frame leaned into your swaying figure. 
Breaking one hand free to trail up your side, Druig grazed your chin with molten, idolatrous fingertips, letting them come to rest on the side of your jaw, as though it were the most natural resting point for him. And perhaps it was.
"You know I would move however you asked, goddess of mine," he rumbled. "You need only to ask."
"You would?" You murmured, bringing your free hand to read on Druig's chest, where you could feel the low, steady beat of his heart. "And that's enough for you, is it?"
"I would. The eternity we've been given is not enough," Druig's thumb that was resting along your jaw is now pressed into the plush of your lower lip, which he drags lightly down, his eyes following the movement. "For I could never have enough time with you."
You had lived for thousands of years; knew you would live for thousands more yet. But this was what you had been waiting for. This must be your purpose, Arishem be damned, to be loved by the man before you. 
For In all of that time, nothing compared to the feeling of Druig's lips on yours, nor the feeling of his touch to your skin. Nothing compared to what rushed through you, heated lightning and a rush of euphoria, of honey, as he held you outside of the city’s formidable walls. 
In Druig’s arms, you had found your own stronghold. 
You had once thought this type of love was for humans. For stories. Or just for Ikaris and Sersi. You did not think you would feel its keen sting, its quavering devotion, its promises and it's aches. 
But he had pressed his lips to yours. And As Druig’s mouth moved, slightly fumbling before becoming insistent when met with the soft petals of your lips, your resolve crumbled. 
“And I’m sorry about earlier,” Druig murmured his apology into your lips. “I would dance with you from here to eternity, and I lo–” his voice broke, “I love you.” 
You smiled at him then, beaming and radiant as one of your golden arrows. As the sunlight peeking through the forest trees. As only the goddess Artemis could. 
“Well then,” you murmured, your lips brushing along Druig’s… brushing, but never pressing, “I suppose you’ll just have to show me?” 
He had smirked then; his face, so normally smooth and impassive, quirked into a manner so self-assured. 
The moon and the whispering wind were the only witnesses to your moment alone. To the way Druig’s hands had slid beneath your skirt to brush along your thighs and through your folds as he held you tighter, tighter, impossibly tighter. To the honey-dipped slip of his tongue into your mouth, the warmth of his firm arms around yours, guiding you to the earth in the shadows of the great wall behind the both of you.
To the way he cradled your head as though you were the most precious gift. 
And would you be the goddess of the hunt if you did not seek out your quarry in kind? 
You had caught Druig’s wrist as he strummed and stroked his way to and through your glistening folds. You were nothing if not disciplined, the urge to seek out your prey its own kind of gratification to you. 
You flipped the two of you then, resting atop Druig’s hips, and caging him into the orbit that was your sheer power, leaning over him to tease, to stroke, to lick your way into his mouth. To press your own marks into the beautiful pallor of his throat. To roll your hips over his and feel all of him beneath you. 
As you divested him of each layer of cloth, you had left no part of him untouched, unwanted, your warmth surrounding him as you sank onto him. 
Truly, only nature would witness to what you and Druig had shared. To your gasps and moans into the others’ mouths. To the way you had dug your nails, crescents mirroring the moon above into his shoulders, his back. As you surged your hips into the rhythm between the two of you, poetry for yourselves alone, with a crest and a declaration shared only in this moment. To the way he had shattered alongside you, sharing this moment with only you. 
Weaving your way. Its own kind of dance. And you would twirl about one another until you couldn’t any longer.
And you had told him you loved him too. The genuine smile you were rewarded with would be something you would savor in your dreams for years to come. 
But time has a way of twisting your ambitions. And the breaking point comes in Tenochtitlan. Amidst the fires, chaos, the fall of another Empire.
As the smoke and the popping of flames and guns alike rose around the Eternals, Druig’s mind was similarly aflame – burning with churning thoughts of war, the feeling of sticky blood beneath human hands as the people in the city below fought on. He tried to push it from his mind – tried to render himself immune to their conflict as Ajak had so frequently bid. But how could he? When he could hear their thoughts of unrest. Feel their blistering, itchy hatred for their so-called enemy?
When Thena broke beneath her Mahd Wy’ry, Druig felt himself splintering, too. Not in the same exact manner, but … beneath the crushing weight of waves of blood, historical conflict magnified throughout the millennia. One could only take so many human lives lost – the lives his Selene held so dearly – before it all became too much. 
“Do you have any idea what that does to someone after centuries?” Druig bellowed, refusing to meet his beloved’s eyes. Compelling the mortal men below to drop their weapons, Druig turned his rage on the others. On whomever would challenge him. On Ajak. On Ikaris. 
But, oh, you did. You had some idea. For to feel the heart of your beloved in so much pain was splintering you, too. If the weight that broke you did not come at the cruel, gnarled hands of Mahd Wy’ry, it would surely come with the fracturing of your family. If Druig were to leave now … well, even Eternals felt pain. 
The tears stung at your eyes as you watched Ajak plead with Druig to embrace Arishem’s purpose. A fool’s errand, you knew. Once Druig had set his mind to something, he would be loath to change it. Each word hurled between the two split your heart a fraction more. You could bear it no longer.
You stepped forward, opening your mouth to speak – but not before Kingo could sweep his arm before you, gently catching your waist. Turning to him, the pleading question in your eyes was met with morose understanding, with a bidding invocation from his heart to yours to please, don’t make this worse. 
You shook your head softly, gently removing his arm from you as you made toward Druig, but not before your beloved could strike the final nail into this coffin – 
“If you wanna stop me, you’re gonna have to kill me,” Druig hissed, turning on his heel and sparing an unreadable glance at you as he descended the stone steps of the temple, the men he had compelled making to follow him into the woods. 
You were so beautiful in that dress he earlier said he had admired. So soft and beautiful, a stark contrast to the smoke and violence that was drowning his senses. To the foggy commands he had implanted in the men’s minds, bidding them to stop fighting.  
Druig knew you would follow him – had dared to hope that perhaps you would come with him. Surely, he thought, you would see things his way. As the others had not. 
You padded down the steps behind him, Ajak’s sorrowful glance following your form as you trailed after your beloved. Knowing she would either lose two children this day, or that you would return with less of your heart than you had left with. An untenable situation, the outcome outweighed by the cost to the both of you.
“Druig,” you cried, “Druig! Wait, please!” 
The way your voice had broken over the word “please” caused Druig to stop, turning on his heel to watch you make your way toward him. The smoky, red fury smothering his heart dissipating slightly as he took in the desperation in your expression. 
“I won’t go back, hunter, please don’t ask,” Druig spoke before you could meet him. “She’s wrong, and you know it!” 
You faltered in your steps, approaching your beloved cautiously, as you would a skittish, newborn fawn in the golden wood. 
“My love, you know Ajak means well,” you spoke softly, tenuously, so as not to stoke the flames you could see licking their way behind Druig’s eyes, feeding his fury. “You know she loves you. We all do.” 
“Whether they do or not, I won’t be a pawn in Arishem’s game,” Druig clipped. “Not while people suffer needlessly. Look at them, my love. You love them. How can you let them … do this?” Druig gestured at the destruction around you.
“Because I have to trust that this … thirst for war, like all thirst, will eventually be quenched,” You knotted your hands into your skirt, the anxiety wheedling it’s way through your bones. “I don’t know if the humans will ever achieve harmony, but isn’t it up to them to try? Isn’t it an expression of our love to let them try? To trust, to hope?”
Druig scoffed, a harsh noise to your ears in its derision. 
“Up to them? Beneath the weight of their greed? Their jealousy? Their violence? They are buried,” Druig pleaded, eyes wild. “I can unburden them. You know I can.” 
"By controlling them! You think you know more than them?" you pressed, unable to believe just what you were hearing from the person you thought you knew so well.
"Please, love,” Druig scoffed, “I know I do. I can see into their minds. I know their limits. I know their weaknesses.” 
You could not believe what you were hearing -- as the remnants of the battle raged in the distance beyond you, you felt the rising bile of scourge and the heat of conflict rising within yourself. The man before you prided himself on being collected. A little derisive at times, sure, but never cruel. Never so casual in disinterested supremacy.
"We're meant to protect them, Dru,” you urged softly, firmly. “To help them. Not to rule them. It is not our place."
"But it can be mine,” he stepped toward you, fingers outstretched as if to take your hand. 
You stepped back, shaking your head and withdrawing from him, pulling your hand away so that his fingers could not meet your own. You tried not to notice the subtle flinch, nor the flash of pain behind your beloved’s eyes as he saw you retreat from him. Drawing away as you would draw your shortsword from a defeated Deviant, detached in your victory.
But you felt no pride in this. This was not victory. 
You tried again. 
"Your place was to be beside me, and mine beside you. Is that not what you want?" The wind blew the smoke from the warring fires around the both of you, swirling your skirts and stinging your eyes. Yes, that was what the prickling behind your eyes was. It had to be. Druig would never make you cry. 
"That can still be, my Selene, my Diana,” Druig implored, the usually cool lilt of his brogueish accent was now tinged with what you might mistake for panic. If you did not know him any better. Druig did not panic. “Come with me. We'll watch over them together." He reached for you again. 
You shook your head, trying to shake the smoke from your scratching throat and the tears from your eyes. 
Couldn’t he see this was tearing you in two? Splitting you to the bone? 
"That -- that's not our purpose, Dru. It's -- it's perversion. Our duty is sacrosanct, our gifts from Arishem himself, and you mean to use yours to corrupt that duty. To corrupt your purpose. Corrupt them. Corrupt us."
Druig's eyes flashed, a licking, complex damasque of anger, heat and betrayal.
"Is that what you would think of me, my love?" He spat the last word, carefully avoiding meeting your eyeline where he could see the glimmer of tears forming along your lashes. Better to look above you, to look down upon you. Through haughty eyes and the slope of angular cheekbones. “So powerful as to destroy even us? Can you not see that the purpose you speak so highly of is flawed? That perhaps we can do more?”  
"I don't know what to think, Dru," you whispered, stepping forward and reaching for him this time, for his palm, yours outstretched. “I -- I’m so confused.” 
As your fingers grazed his hand, he yanked it away, perhaps more violently than you had done moments before. As though your touch were as cutting as one of your arrows, laden with weighted, creeping poison.
"But,” you implored again, ignoring the rush of hurt his actions had wrought, “I know you're not right all of the time. None of us are. We're not perfect -- how can you say you're fit to do this? That you know what's best?”
"We know more than they do. They’re feeble, flawed – but I can keep them safe! We can keep them safe,” he pressed, noting the way your hand was still seeking his.  
You gazed upon Druig’s features, twisted now with the heated passion of his speech, awash in the darkness of the night sky and the shadows war rumbling around him; his eyes flashing a blue-grey, a troubled sea roiling in a storm. A painfully unfamiliar mask comprised of features you once recognized. Intimately. 
How unlike the usually cool, impassive face of the man you had come to love. 
“We can’t,” you murmured, your eyes meeting Druig’s once more. “I can’t. We should stick with the others – we cannot walk this world alone.”
Druig scoffed, but before he could berate the others whom you would choose to stay with over him – Ikaris, with his bullheaded, proud devotion to Arishem; Ajak with her secrets, her unyielding sense of purpose; Kingo, the Apollo to your Artemis, whose sunny disposition you would never wish to be parted from -- and how he would follow Ajak and Iakris both to the end; Sersi, too delicate to stand up to anyone  – you broke him with your words, again.
“With or without the others, with or without you, I will guard these people, love them. But I won’t control them. We are not gods.”
“You’ve been talking to Kingo –” 
“No, Dru. They deserve their freedom -- freedom to choose, freedom to love ...” you trailed, finally capturing Druig’s fingers in your own, stepping into his space and bringing your hand to delicately graze the peak of his cheekbone. His hand atop yours, destined to follow yours in its journey, mapping the familiar landscape of his own face through the beauty of your hands.  
Druig tilted his head down toward yours, his lips mere centimeters from meeting yours, foreheads not-quite brushing -- a gesture still so tender, even in absence of actual touch. Your affection had always had an atmosphere, an orbit. 
“Even the freedom to hurt? When I could prevent it?” He murmured to you, eyes downcast to your lips, your gaze upon the fan of his lashes. 
“Yes, love, even that," you sighed, shaking your head softly. 
“And what of your freedom? Do you not choose to love me?” Druig lifted his hand away from its place atop yours, a cool breeze caressing the backs of your fingers in the absence of his touch. 
He trailed his fingers to you now, mirroring the path your touch had taken, this time upon your own face. Cupping your jaw gently. The two of you now locked in a crescent moon’s embrace, arced and amorous, but not quite complete. Not quite whole. 
“I have no choice but to love you,” you whispered into his lips, “for I fear I wouldn’t recognize myself without the pieces that belong to you. You are everything to me. Of the gifts this eternal life has given me, I could thank Arishem for you each day, and still not have enough time to express my gratitude. For you, for Makkari, for the pearls of love this life has bestowed,” you paused to catch your breath. Were you really about to deny him once more? “But, Dru, this is wrong. We cannot leave the others, cannot abandon our purpose to protect, as we have been asked. You cannot leave us.” 
You tore your gaze from your beloved’s, the tears you had fought so hard to cage now slipping freely down your cheeks, gliding coolly over the corners of your downturned mouth. 
Out of the corner of your eye, you saw Druig’s face fall, as his shoulders set. A pillar of resolute sadness. You could feel his tension; the climbing heat within him at your stubbornness. 
Your mind was moving a mile a minute. The world fell into a wash of white-noised nothingness, the army of those men Druig had bewitched stood, unnaturally silently around you. 
Everything around you was fading, as your thoughts flitted from scenario to scenario, through doubt and distrust, before finally – a previously-unfelt rosy calm washed its way into your mind, settling and easing, soothing you --
Was this plan really so bad? Could it really be so bad? When had Druig ever steered you wrong? It was reasonable, wasn’t it? There was so much you didn’t know, and Druig would be there to guide you, as he had promised he would be. Together in all things, with Druig, Druig, Druig … 
The pleasant haze of your thoughts was rudely interrupted by a sharp, puncturing arrow of doubt within yourself, an uncomfortable prodding and wriggling sensation through your brain, deflating the rosy cloud as you met Druig’s eyes -- 
– Only to discover they were unfocused, far-seeing, golden. 
Suddenly, you were awash in white heat, blue flames tearing their way through your body as you realized what he was doing. Rage.
“How dare you?” You bellowed, stepping forward and shoving Druig by the shoulders. “You think you can control me, as you control them? You really think so little of me, that you can alter my ‘feeble’ mind? I won't be what you say because you say it!” 
You gripped his wrist, squeezing, so that he might feel the weight of your words. You had never truly raised a hand against him before; even when the two of you were training together, you had always pulled your punches. But this? You were livid with him now. And you knew that Druig would be defensive, in turn.
His mind was racing, full of memory, of that night outside of the city – your keystone moment of passion. A core memory.
Remember this love, for surely you would never feel anything like it again.
Of the night when perpetually-young lovers wrapped themselves in one another, awash in the heat of one another and the haze of summer. Druig’s lily skin burned alongside yours, bright and entirely incandescent, awash with the glow your attentions had wrought upon him. 
You had pulled Druig ever-closer, closer, closer to you, breathing his name into his ear as you moved together beneath gleaming heavens. A reverent whisper of your voice that made him feel entirely godlike. The rest of the world may as well have been made of tissue paper – transparent and prone to crumbling beneath the strength your love had imbued. 
To look at you, Druig knew the starshine clarity of your honest eyes would be the last thing he desired to see on this planet should he be forced to leave it.
But, but, but … he could not bring himself to meet them now, for the fear that yours would reflect only derision, revulsion at what he was about to do. He truly had savored that night. And other nights like it. And every moment of affection between then and now. Of shared orange slices and stolen moments in quiet corners. Spoiling, curdling in his mind through this disquiet. Through his cruel words. The quickest way to kill you was to poison your heart – the heart that loved him so. 
"So much for your love, then," Druig spat, his touch abandoning your face to peel your fingers from his, flinging your hand away from its rightful place along his skin. 
He would be finished with it all. Even if it meant being finished with you.
Druig turned on his heel, retreating into the forest with the people he had compelled at his back, their unnaturally-uniform steps marching in unison, in time with the heavy thudding of your heart. 
You watched him go, his form fading into the darkness, stealing your heart away and carrying it with him, ripping it from your chest and into the depths of the forest, forever with him --  though he didn't know it. Or if he did, it was not enough to make him turn around. To come back to you. You would forgive him already if he would just turn around. 
With every step Druig took away from you, you could feel your heart cracking. You opened your mouth to wail, release some of this pain that had suddenly washed over you at the reality that the other half of your soul was marching out of your life. But no sound escaped your lips. 
Instead, you fell to your knees, your intricately-woven dress that Druig had complimented mere hours before now dirtied, as you looked to the heavens, more tears soundlessly escaping down your cheeks.
Praying for Arishem to guide you. For no Eternal had died before, but this pain? Worse than pain of battle. This must be what death is, you thought. It wasn't a quick, clean end after which your soul would know peace. No. It was a serrated knife that sawed slowly, uncaringly through you with the cadence of departing footsteps, leaving you to bleed alone until nothing was left.  This was not something even Ajak could heal.
Makkari had found you then, stock-still on your knees, staring at the spot where Druig had vanished into the treeline. She had rested her head against your cheek, silent through your sobs.
Remember this pain; its burn unique. For surely, you would never burn so wholly from within again.
Promises, promises.
Now, your family had found you at your homestead in Guadalajara. On the outskirts of the city. 
Sersi, ever the gentle diplomat. Ikaris, the man intent on becoming king. And Kingo, the sunshine through the trees of your forest. And … Kingo’s delightfully human friend. 
Never they mind that you had built a life for yourself. That after Makkari had found you five hundred years ago and told you of Ajak’s parting words – “When we meet again, tell me what you’ve found…” that you had found a corner of the world with sunshine. With greenery. With bursting flavor and color. With the life you had always imagined you could have had if you had been born mortal on this planet. 
But without a partner.
Sersi and Ikaris had broken the news to you. Kingo there to soften the blow. Of Ajak. Of Gilgamesh. Of the Emergence. Of the true purpose of the Eternals on Earth. 
“So,” you mused, as they sat around your table, steaming mugs of freshly-brewed Mexican coffee before them. “Druig was right, after all. The design was flawed.” 
You looked up to meet Kingo’s eyes – his chocolate orbs melting into yours with soft, serene understanding. That you would mourn Ajak. That you would mourn the lives you had led, tainted by deceit. 
“No wonder we never remembered one another from Olympia,” you intoned, taking a sip. 
Your family urged you to pick up your bow. Whether the plan was to delay the Emergence, or to merely stave off the Deviants, you were needed, they had said. 
So, here you were, trudging behind your family, to where the others stood. Phastos, with hands ringed in gold, ready to create something to once more save humanity. Sprite, with her sharp wit and illusions. Thena, ever the stoic warrior, though never the same since she and Gilgamesh had left as she crumbled beneath the weight of her Mahd Wy’ry. And … him. 
"My beautiful, beautiful hunter," Druig purred when he met you, trailing a finger from one of your shoulders, over your collarbone, to the other, walking in a semi-circle around you to rest his chin on your shoulder, tilting his chin slightly so as to whisper to you, lips brushing the shell of your ear. "Did you miss me?" The low, even hum reverberated from his mouth, straight through you.
The easy breeze of Druig’s lilting accent surrounded you, tickling your ears and pricking them with familiarity and warmth. 
And here, you hadn’t decided whether you had forgiven him, yet. 
You closed your eyes, letting the feelings the familiarity of his voice brought forth wash over you. 
"You are … you are -- insolent" you spluttered, “¡Atrevido!” 
“So that’s a yes, then,” Druig smirked. “I missed you, mo shíorghrá.” 
You conjured an arrow that slipped between your index and middle finger, flipping him a rather rude gesture with the weapon of your own making as you stalked off, Kingo chuckling at your back. 
They had mentioned unearthing the Domo, of finding Makkari. And the sooner you had all started, the sooner it could end. 
One way or the other. 
Still, you couldn’t deny what it had made you feel – to see Druig again. And you’d had a feeling he had known it, too. If the flickering grin of his full lips had been any indication. The sunglasses were of no obstacle to you. For your hunter’s eyes knew his too well. That they danced behind the dark glass, ever teasing you.  
The return to the Domo had brought memories long-buried. Of days spent with the object of your affection (and current object of your avarice).
Of one memory in particular: 
You had smiled bashfully, wanly, eyes diverted downward as you lightly shove Druig's shoulder.
"Don't tease me, Dru," you chuckle. "It's unbecoming of a man of your particular ability."
Druig was silent as he brought his hand up to cup your chin, trailing his fingers along your jaw, light as the tickling of leaves that dance upon the wind as he traces his way down your neck and along the peaks of your collarbones, feeling the evenness of your breath beneath his fingertips.
"I do not tease, darling." His eyes locked with yours.
"What a shame," you countered, "sometimes unbecoming can be fun."
Druig pressed his fingers into their resting place along your collar, pressing his ardor firmly. How sobering his gaze could be -- as clear, cool and shocking as the river, wild in wintertime. 
"You can tell me what you feel, can't you, little one?" Druig broke his gaze from yours  to whisper in your ear, nuzzling the curve of his nose along the shell of your ear as he did so, feeling of warmth. 
"I…," you trailed, "you know what I feel for you. I won't stroke your ego."
"Perhaps I just like to hear you say it."
You sighed, relishing in the feel of Druig's lips near your ear, over your cheek, and pressing a soft kiss to your lips.
"Who invented this as an expression of devotion, I wonder," you murmured, drawing back from Druig, your lips separating, noses still brushing.
"The kiss? Who knows. Maybe we did?"
"You cannot think us so important as to take ownership of every human development. That's … generous."
"Maybe it's innate, then," Druig pondered, his eyes gazing upon you as he propped his head in his hand. He did not need to render his eyes gold in order to determine that the gears in your mind were turning. He'd rather wait until you chose to share a fully-formed thought. How wondrous the conclusions of your mind could be.
"Is it innate to us because it is innate to humans? Or is it the other way around?" You wondered aloud. "Are we awakened knowing how we choose to express our love? Do we all recognize love once we've felt it, and are all drawn toward the same compulsion to express it?"
Druig barked a laugh.
"If you were human, perhaps you would have been a philosopher," he mused, reaching across to his night table to pour himself water from the pitcher that rested there.
You wrinkled your nose at the thought.
"I don't think so," you said. "I'm not suggesting you can't think properly out of doors, but I quite think I would prefer to contribute through the use of my hands."
"You don't give your mind nearly enough credit," he said, taking a drink, his eyes never leaving you over the rim of his cup. 
Sensing your protest, he continued, "I think I could be considered an expert on the subject." 
He had wrapped his arms around you then. 
Now, now that you had been reunited, and the plan unfolded (though you were still wary of Ikaris), Druig had stopped you on your way out of Phastos’ lab. Pleading you for a word. 
Ever unable to resist him, you acquiesced. Standing next to him beneath the cool light that emanated from the halls of the Domo. As it had all started. You hadn’t traded words with him in over five hundred years. And now you stood before him, the man you had given yourself to, bidding him to speak. To say anything that would ease the lashing pain that you had felt amidst the fires of war as he had marched his army of compelled men into the forest of the Amazon, and beyond your keen archer’s sight. 
“You know why I chose the forest, don’t you?” Druig asked.
You shrugged, cool and indifferent. 
“The convenience of proximity? Where they found you … Those were the same woods where we were all those years ago?” You queried, voice level. The “when you left” remained unspoken, removed from the end of your sentence; though, Druig didn’t need to be a mind reader to know it was there, hanging between the two of you. 
“Because, love, in all of Sprite’s stories, you were the goddess of the wood. The hunter. I know it’s where you would feel most at home,” Druig turned his head from you. “If you had ever decided to find me, to choose me, I wanted you to find a home. Someplace you would love, as you once loved me.”
You remained silent, mulling over Druig’s words. It was austere. Foreign, this silence between the two of you. And Druig’s revelation was an olive branch, of sorts, as well as a surprise to you. You had thought Druig would not want  to see you again after you had stayed behind. 
“Would you have let me?” You asked, “After everything? Choose you, I mean. Would you have welcomed me with open arms after we left one another alone in the fires of war?” 
Old habits die hard, and resentment is left to fester, filling your gut with rot. Corrosive. And the storms within his Druig’s beget flashing lightning when he looked at you, splitting you to your core and burning you from the inside out. 
Druig shuffled his feet, weighing his words before answering. 
“I think of that day by the lake often,” Druig admitted. “When our friendship was young. How much time has passed since. And now, here we are, at the end of all things on this planet. Before it was too late to say anything, I would tell you how I regretted leaving you that day. How I longed to reach for you. To tell you I was wrong. But only if you would hear it?” 
“I would hear it,” you murmured. “But, Dru, you weren’t wrong. You were right. I was wrong. About Arishem. About our purpose. I shouldn’t have said what I did.” Tears welled in your eyes, your voice breaking over the admission you had weighed in your mind for centuries. 
“Thena would have a field day,” you sniffled. “Look at me, crying before a man.” 
Druig shushed you, turning to touch you at last, to cup your face in his warm palms, thumbs skating over the apex of your cheeks to wipe away the silent tears as they fell. You thought the world would end and you would waste away after millenia before feeling the tenderness of his trailing touch smoothing over your skin one last time. It was a revelation. A gift from whatever Celestial force was listening. 
“Sweetheart, I wouldn’t have you cry over this. I shouldn’t have asked you to choose. Between me and them, our family, the humans,” Druig softly brushed his lips to yours for a fleeting moment, as if to brush the surface anew. To wipe away the tears and leave the surface of your mouth with something pure. “You were right – we never were better than them. Look at us now. Can’t we both have been a tad right, and somewhat wrong?” 
You chuckled weakly through the breaking remnants of your emotion. 
“That would make us so remarkably normal wouldn’t it?”
They say lightning never strikes twice. Never to meet the same corner of earth, leaving it with an eruption of destruction and then bereft of feeling. But you knew that to be untrue, for the same feeling bloomed and burned within you every time Druig turned his gaze to you, flashing quickly through the gale. His eyes stormy, his affections quick and ferocious. Not for the first time, nor the last, would you say your beloved was so like lightning. 
And you found yourself awash in the amorous wave of feelings you had always felt with him. No matter how much time had passed. 
“I missed you, my hunter,” you folded your way into Druig’s arms, burying your head into his chest and allowing his arms to wrap around you. To hold you for a moment before the end of all things. “Now what do you say we save the world?” 
You pressed your hands to Druig’s chest, palms flat, pushing yourself from his embrace and tilting your chin up to look into his eyes, the wave of relief you had felt at Druig’s forgiveness replaced with mirth and the promise of a challenge, to do battle together again once more. 
“Think you can keep up with me, then?” You trailed a finger along his jaw to tweak his chin, spinning a conjured arrow at your side in the other hand. “We’ll see, amor.” 
Druig watched you walk away from him, ready to do battle. It was a welcome of some comfort, knowing that as he watched you walk away it was nothing like the way he had walked away from you 500 years ago. That you would be by his side as they combatted the Emergence.
You donned your armor once more, prepared to become the hunter once again.
Thread can be used to patch. Even your prior hurts. To right wrongs and make your picture whole again. If only you nudge them along a little, with willing fingers and strength of mind. 
Ikaris’s betrayal was nothing less than heartbreak of the cruelest kind. As you prepared to merge to lend your power to Druig, the pain of Ikaris and Sprite’s defection were additional wounds on top of your already heavy heart. You had lost so much in such a short amount of time. 
And while you understood Kingo’s decision to leave rather than fight, you wouldn’t like and say it didn’t make you question which side of this debate that you were on. 
“You know you’re my favorite, dear Selene,” Kingo had smirked, bending down from his considerable height to press a gentle kiss to the crown of your head. “And I’m glad you’re okay, after all this time. And that we’ve found each other again. But I can’t do this. Please don’t hate me.” 
And when Ikaris had shown up to disrupt the uni-mind and to stop Druig and Sersi? When he had flown down from on-high and tossed Druig away like he was nothing, you saw red. 
You had never conjured your arrows to fire at another Eternal before. Not with the intent to harm. But you refused to pull your punches now, as you took aim at Ikaris in the sky. Covering Makkari as she struck her blows. 
Ikaris flew over you, attempting to shoot your bow from your hands with the beams from his eyes. 
You worked quickly, wishing for Makkari’s power as you dodged, rolled and leapt away from the surges he fired at you. 
"Stop this Ikaris,” you shouted at him as you shot an arrow in the direction he was flying, grazing his shoulder as he zipped past. “This won't work!. A true leader is unselfish. You can’t do this," you pleaded.
"And what would you know of it?” Ikaris called back to you, “What would you know of how to lead?” He landed before you, squaring his shoulders. “You choose to spend all of your time with a man whose ability is telling others what to do and think. Hardly an unselfish leader."
Heated rage flooded your body at his mention, his insult, of Druig. Quickly, you drew, taking aim for Ikaris’ heart. 
“Hardly the same thing, and you know it. Stop this or I’ll stop you.” You anchored the string of your bow to your chin, ready to fire. “You may be able to fly, but I’ve always been faster.” 
Your distraction had worked, long enough for Makkari flit by you and to knock Ikaris from his feet, the two of you continuing to hold him at bay. 
As the battle waged on between Ikaris, the Deviant, the Eternals, Phastos’ uni-mind had worked once more to allow Sersi to freeze Tiamut. It was a victory that didn’t feel like a victory, for now you had lost Ikaris, as well. The weight of battle, of the endless conflict that you learned was responsible for advancing the universe, felt heavy on your shoulders, abridging your feelings of relief at having stopped Tiamut. Was this what Ajak felt during the entire millenia of her burdened leadership? 
The appearance of Druig making his way across the sand, had eased this bleak weight somewhat. As he embraced Makkari, embraced you, you felt the faint glimmer of what you might call hope. For if you were together, maybe you could use what you had learned to help other planets.  
To do something actually good. Together. 
Time heals all wounds. Who knew that better than beings who had been alive for millennia? Losing Ajak, Gilgamesh … even Ikaris … and now the others who had gone when you had only just met again. 
Perhaps this was your curse, to feel everything too deeply. Perhaps it was penance for having a power capable of taking lives. Ever trapped in your own head.
The ache that had taken residence in your chest since learning of Ajak's death rattled dully behind your heart. Not even the success of abating the Emergence, of once more helping humanity, could ease it. You had, after all, only recently come to terms with five hundred years of loneliness. 
But sitting wedged on a couch with the two who had become other parts of your soul would certainly help.
You munched on your pizza, seated on one end of the Ajak's couch with your thigh pressed into Makkari’s, Druig on her other side. Phastos's son, Jack, had presented you with a half of the orange he had absconded from the kitchen with, with Thena’s aid, as Phastos scolded Thena for conjuring her weapons near his child. 
“But dad!” Jack whined, “Artemis was showing me her bow-n-arrows earlier, and she and A-thena are so cool.” 
You shrugged from your place on the couch at Phastos’ swift, accusatory look, arching a brow. 
“Makkari made a good point, you know. He’s ten, P. I’ve been shooting arrows since the dawn of time. He could pick up a bow at ten," you called to him, not eager to leave your perch on the couch with your beloveds. Not when you had only just  been reunited.
At Jack’s eager look, Phastos sighed, weary, rubbing his temples. You all seemed determined to drive him to an early grave. 
“Oooh-kay. No babysitting with Auntie Thena or Auntie Artemis.” 
You rolled your eyes, a smile nevertheless making its way across your lips as you split the orange half Jack had given you into its preordained wedges and passing them to your partners. Your fingertips first brushing Makkari’s, as the sticky orange sweetness passed from your hand into hers, and then to Druig. You pressed the remaining wedge to your lips, winking at them and settling back into your seat, keen to relax before you all were to depart. 
And when that time had arrived, you and Druig traipsed through the tall grass to the Domo, his hand in yours, Makkari on your other side, pressing her warmth into your waist. 
Before your group had departed, you had pressed a kiss to Phastos’ cheek, bidding Ben and Jack goodbye. Giving Jack a hug, you surreptitiously passed him one of your golden arrows with a wink – the arrow was blunted of course. By the time Phastos noticed it and had his subsequent heart attack, you would be long gone. Far from Phastos’ delicate, spinning rings and anxious-parent wrath. 
You settled once more into the space of the Domo, Makkari breaking off from the two of you to make her way to Phastos’ lab and her collection of treasures – some of which you had definitely, legally, helped her obtain. Never anyone mind. 
As you made your way down the hall, you brushed your fingertips over the corner with the tallied etchings of yours and Kingo's not-competition, a mild pang of sadness accompanying the ache in your chest.
You had wished Kingo was there to tell you goodbye. The Apollo to your Artemis, bidding you on your way with a sunshine smile and a wish for luck.
You and Druig made your way to his chamber, the room where you had spent so much time together, debating and discussing humanity, spirituality. Where you had discovered more about yourselves and one another. Where Druig had expressed his love for you time and again. 
You made to cross the room and settle yourself amongst Druig’s collection of pillows, as you had done countless times over the course of your years together. Never missing a beat at making yourself at home, no matter how much time had passed. 
“Wait,” Druig caught your wrist. “I have something for you.” 
“Oh?” You turned into his arms. “Was it this?” Fluidly shifting to the tips of your toes, you pressed a kiss to Druig’s lips, capturing his lower lip between your full ones and sucking lightly. Druig sighed softly into the kiss, his grip on your wrist tightening. 
Druig broke from you, looking down his prominent cheekbones at your countenance, his eyes flitting between yours and your sinful mouth. 
“Temptress,” he purred. The washing waves of his cerulean eyes reflecting his internal debate – to give you your gift, or to kiss you again? Five hundred years was so long a time to make up for.
The latter won out as he struck like a snake, decisive and agile, fastening his lips to the base of your jaw and trailing them down the elegant plane of your neck, tilting your head back as you groaned at his attention. The vibration from your throat a pleasant hum against his full lips. 
"Druig,” you sighed, “We've been alive for thousands of years … Helped nearly every conceivable language develop, and yet …” 
At the feeling of Druig's warm lips pressing firmly into the column of your throat, trailing down to kiss along your collarbones peeking through the soft collar of your shirt. The feeling of your voice reverberating beneath his attention as you graced him with your affectations, drowning one another in your mutual ardor, you found the will to speak.
"... Yet I'm not sure words still yet exist that would adequately convey the depth of my emotion, my feeling for you. But I can show you." You wound your fingers through Druig's soft hair, tugging lightly to break him away from your neck and bringing his eyeline back to yours. 
You are the knife I turn inside myself; that is love.
Druig's crystalline eyes sparkled, a dizzying oceanic effect that made you feel as though the world had turned upside down -- for, surely, stars did not shine during the blue-skyed daytime. Or perhaps they did, as evidenced by the mischievous, adoring, cerulean gaze of the man before you.
"Show me?” At your nod, Druig understood. “So you would surrender control to me, my little hunter?" Druig murmured, his voice suggestive, a warm and pleasing bolt of silk against your skin.
The idea was a heady one, leaving you feeling drunker with power as the moments passed. Ironic, really. Everything was a bantering game between you and Druig, a display of companionable, bursting power met in equity. You, a marksman of singular focus; he, a man with a mind that was able to bend others to his will. 
The thought that you, the most powerful being he knew, would surrender yourself, the most secret corners of your mind, to him was enough to make him weak in the knees. And he was supposed to be the one with unsurpassed will. 
A promise to give him the thing he had tried to take before your separation all those years ago – the thing that tore you apart, to willingly allow him to use his power on you. The magnitude of your assent was not lost on him. 
Druig’s fingers skated along your arms, down your sides, to rest at your waist, his eyes never leaving your form as your eyes fluttered closed at his touch. 
You disentangled your fingers from Druig’s hair to bring a hand to grip his chin between your thumb and forefinger, nuzzling his nose with your own before trailing down to brush his lips with yours once more. The petal-like trace of your lips along Druig’s jaw whispered the long-held truth of your devotions into his skin. 
“You don't need your tricks for me to bend to your will,” you murmured, your lips brushing the skin of Druig’s cheek, “I'll bend however you like.”
A rumble emanated from your love at your proclamation. A subtle purring from Druig’s chest at your promise. 
“You don’t trust me, little hunter?” Druig murmured. “Trust that I know your mind … your body? Hm?” Druig’s hands slid from your waist, down your curves.
Druig guided you down to lie back on the pillows you had been heading for before, shedding his leather jacket as he went and allowing it to drop to the floor with an unceremonious, soft thump. 
Druig turned his attention to you. The stylishly torn jeans and simple, soft tee you had tucked into them were nothing but a nuisance to Druig now. Though you were delightfully beautiful in your modern garb, it was an obstacle to be absconded with as he became a man of singular focus. At the promise of what was to come; of what you would allow.
You reached for your beloved, allowing him to fold his body over yours as your lips met once more. Druig trailed his hands to your waist, where you swore you could feel his fingertips burning through the soft material of your shirt. 
You thanked whatever deity was listening for allowing you to feel this way again. 
Memories of your night together outside of the walls of Babylon flashed in your mind as Druig tugged your shirt from your waist and up, over your head, cradling the back of your neck as he did so. Always tender, courteous. 
The winking promise of mischief danced behind your hooded eyes as you looked up at your beloved from his place above you, a soft smile gracing your lips. His cheeky little hunter. Fox-like in disposition, quick and intuitive. True to your nature, you struck, shedding Druig’s shirt with quick, lithe fingers, and baring the pale canvas of his skin to you. 
As you made for the button of his jeans next, Druig caught your wrists. His grip firm, but not punishing, he leveled you with a glare you could only describe as warning. Guiding you back once more, Druig hovered over you, like waves returning at the turn of the tide, rushing and momentous. 
Druig squeezed your wrists before releasing them, allowing his hands to map the skin of your arms, your torso, reveling in the feel of you beneath his fingertips, every plane and prickling goosebump that awoke at his touch. 
The rasp of his skin along yours was something both you and he had thought you may never hear again, never feel again; and now that you had, you wouldn’t relinquish them so easily. And nor, it seemed, would he. 
He leaned forward, kissing his way down your neck, your chest, unclasping your bra and trailing his lips and hands down your torso before you knew what had happened. Your eyes fluttered closed at Druig’s affections, his touch ever-present and bordering on overwhelming as the honey-heat burning between your two bodies climbed, washing through the rest of the room. Druig’s attentions trailed golden lines of heat along your skin, sending sparks of starry champagne bubbling their way through you. 
You pulled Druig closer to you, winding your arms around him and bringing your legs up around either side of his waist, lacing your fingers along the back of his neck and threading your way through his hair, tugging lightly to bring him back to your eye-level.
You captured his lips with yours once more, nipping a teasing bite into his plush lower lip, delighting in the flush of the blood beneath the skin of his lips as a result of your attention. That his body still reacted to yours. You tugged again at his hair, causing him to groan into your mouth before breaking yours away. 
“I trust you, my love,” you hummed. Druig’s fingers teasing their way ever-closer to your center as you tugged his hair, the two of you panting into one another’s mouths. “You have my body. You can have my mind.”
At your declaration, Druig pressed his lips once more to yours, grinning wolfishly into his kiss. With no more preamble, the sky blue of his eyes bled gold, your beloved now nestling himself in the warmth of your mind, not unlike how he had in your body time and again throughout your centuries together. 
This was nothing like the time before in Tenochtitlan when he had tried to encourage you to leave with him. Then, your mind had been battered with conflict. Tormented with your inability to mend the fractures in your family, to soothe the ache wrought by their warring beliefs. A stormy sea frothing and roiling. Trying to appease him.
Now, your mind was balm. It was smooth, drifting snow. Crisp and even, as you gave yourself over to your beloved. It was the shining sky during a winter’s night – clear and bright, despite the surrounding dark. Every star alive, and all was shimmering lavender.
Another night in the sway of the flower moon.
Druig was awash in the warmth, the romance of your mind. The gold of his eyes was reflective of the rosy gold of your amorous thoughts, of your suit, of you. He could die happy amidst the loving, blushed hue that surrounded you every time you looked at him, thought of him, of your past, of your reunion, of your future. 
Every bit of the impulsive, pure love of Romeo and Juliet, none of the tragedy. Not anymore. You were besotted with him, amorous in the deepest sense, sure as the moon hangs in the night sky. 
Druig’s kisses were pure, like lake water. Blue-green and brisk, drowning you in its depths. A stark contrast to the heat of the room, yet, ironically, the cause and the symptom of said heat. His aura -- strength and subtle amusement, so like derision -- a tinge of cockiness… you supposed these things came from the ability to know the depths of a mind, to control it if he so saw fit. 
He would do anything you asked, because you asked it. And so, it seemed, would you … but only for him.
"Lie still, my love," Druig bid, your legs dropping from their place around his waist as he pulled back to kick off his boots and the remaining articles of his clothing.
You watched your beloved bare himself to you from behind the honey haze of Druig's influence that clouded your eyes. He leaned over you again, hooking his fingers in the belt loops of your jeans to tug you down the mass of blankets and pillows to meet his body, slotting yourselves gently together.
Reverent was the only way to describe the way he was looking at you now, trailing his fingers along your torso to pop the buttons of your jeans.
"Will you undress for me, Selene?" Druig's voice was everywhere. Inside your mind, in your ears, echoing in your mouth like the taste of copper.
You did as Druig bid, your hands following the familiar lines of your body through the strange filter of your love's mind. Rendering your own touch foreign to you, get familiar all at once. 
What a strange dichotomy, your mind whispered to you from somewhere far away. 
"Isn't it nice like this?" Druig breathed, "So … compliant."
Your head was buzzing, full of warm pleasant thoughts that hadn't been there before, thoughts of touching yourself, of trailing your fingertips along your breasts, across the plains and valleys of your body. Of sliding them through your now-damp folds. 
You could distantly hear yourself, sighing in pleased gasps at the touch that was yours, but also not-yours.
Druig felt himself harden as he knelt before you, over you. He had dreamt of you nearly every night for centuries. He wouldn't let slip the opportunity to touch you, to make his dreams a reality. 
That he could make yourself touch you in all the ways he had dreamt … that you wanted him to. He could feel, hear your assent, pleasant in your thoughts.
He watched and dictated as you slid a finger inside of yourself, swearing he could feel the warmth of your core as it registered in your own mind at your touch, as you teased your own body. First one finger, then another, slick building. Swearing that he could register the heat climbing through you, as though it was his own, as you fucked yourself on your own fingers, hips rolling to meet your touch.
“Feel your way,” Druig coaxed, his hands sliding along your thighs. 
A keening moan tore it's way through you at his words. When had your other hand cupped your breast? The rolling of your nipple by your teasing, plucking fingertips was like kindling to the fire building within you.
Was it your own idea, or was it Druig's, that had you withdrawing your fingers from your center, sliding the wetness gathered there along Druig's length, and pumping him slowly as he leaned over you. Overwhelming your senses. 
Your touch on his body. The taste of his kisses in your mouth. The sound of his groans in your ears. His thoughts melding with yours in a pleasant, burgundy haze that tasted vaguely warm and metallic.
Druig's touch replaced yours along your own body as he allowed you to continue toying with his. Willing you to touch him as he liked best, while he made to kiss you again, his fingers slipping down to glide through your soaked, heated folds before swirling over your clit. 
The heat in the room continued to climb as Druig played and plucked at your body. His grip on your mind began to slip as your collective pleasure climbed. You were coming back into your own mind, your own body as you were simultaneously inching closer to unraveling.
Even in his lovemaking, Druig couldn't resist cleverness and irony, it seemed.
You used your newfound faculties to release Druig from your grip, to pull him over you, his body dwarfing yours. To tug him closer, closed, closer to where you wanted him. Druig's fingers continued to toy with you, fingers curling inside of you as his thumb delicately traced and pressed against your clit. You wiggled your hips, desperate for more, wrapping your legs once more around Druig's tapered waist. 
"Please," you gasped, eyes locked with his molten ones, swirling like melting ice in the heat of your passion.
You gripped Druig's arms, scratching at his shoulders, his biceps, his back, everything you could reach as you felt yourself inching ever-closer to your peak.
Druig could feel that you were getting closer at his hands. Could feel the way you clenched. The way you throbbed around his fingers. Could feel the ache in your body as he toyed with it, and with your mind. The way you bucked your hips into his hands.
"Will you tell me what you want, my little hunter?" Druig teased from his position stop you, leaning into your space to whisper hotly into your ear. "I'll do what you ask," he parroted your words from earlier.
"Please, Dru, w-want this -- w-want you," you whimpered, a broken moan cracking it's way through the end of your plea at a particularly, deliciously cruel curl of Druig's fingers inside of you.
"Of course, love," his tone would have been cruel, would have been mocking, if you hadn't known that was all part of his little game. You rolled your hips again at his tone, willing him to do something now.
Even if he wasn't capable of reading your thoughts, the intention would have been enough.
Druig slid his fingers from your core, causing you to emit another broken whine, this time at the loss.
Quick as a flash, he lightly swatted your thigh.
You yelped, meeting his haughty eyes with a glare of your own. 
"Don't be insolent, hunter," Druig rumbled, inclining to press his front to yours more fully, bringing a hand to your throat and pressing lightly along it's column as he hissed into your ear, "Little girls who whine don't get what they want. I won’t help the ache you feel if you aren’t nice."
"Please, my love," you urged again, sweetly, sweetly. 
Druig chuckled darkly, nodding as he lined himself up with your center, hand still wrapped loosely around your throat as he surged into you. 
And oh. The throbbing emptiness you had felt without him was almost worth it if it meant you could feel so full, so whole, now.
You gasped into Druig's mouth, pleased with the groan he emitted in turn at being once more inside of you. Ever-haughty.
He met your lips with a nipping bite as he began to thrust into you, your hips rocking to meet him in kind. At this rate you were certain your lips and throat would feel the sting of his teeth, of his grip, for days. A blooming feeling rushed through you at the thought, the flickers blending into your pleasure.
Everything was swirling. White, fogged glass like looking out at a winter snowstorm.  Blinding, stark pleasure building within you both.
"Missed you, Selene," Druig whimpered, his moans becoming slurred as he rocked harder, rougher into you. His needs outweighing the control he prided himself on.
Druig relinquished his grip on your throat to rub once more at your clit. 
You knew Druig wouldn't last much longer if the cadence of his thrusts, his gasps, was any indication. You had wanted to take more time to mark him, to make him yours. A swath of purpling blooms growing along the expanse of Druig’s pale skin beneath your lips, blossoming beneath your attentions in equal parts pleasure and pain as you toyed with him in perpetuity.
The thought was enough to spur you forward, ever-closer to your peak. You settled for gripping, scratching at Druig's back, causing him to groan. Your touch on his body, your hands -- so very wanted.
Your orgasm washed over you at a particularly clever thrum of Druig's fingers, rolling your hips against him to ride out your high, clenching and releasing as Druig followed after you with a drawn-out groan.
You took in the sight of your beloved, delightfully open and so removed from his usually stoic demeanor in moments like this. Just as you remembered. He was panting lightly, skin flushed and lightly glistening with the sweat from your encounter, eyes starry and far-seeing.
He was beautiful. Like this, yes. But ever-so. And he was yours.
You pressed a lingering kiss to the corner of Druig's mouth as he withdrew from you, the two of you in no hurry to disentangle, but gently righting yourselves.
"I missed you too, my love," you said softly, trailing your fingers over the peak of his cheekbone. "I don't wish to be parted from you."
You don't know how long the two of you lay together, enjoying the feeling of the other's body pressed into them, of even and serene breathing. Perhaps the two of you had even drifted off, dreaming of the promise of a true eternity together.
When you were ready to emerge, the two of you had dressed, orienting yourselves before going to find the others. Druig had arranged his jacket once more over his shoulders. He crossed the room to you, standing over you and pressing his forehead to yours, closing his eyes and once more allowing himself to feel your presence alongside his. 
You leaned into his touch. Allowing yourself to greedily bask in this moment. No matter how many moments your long life had graced you with, few had carried this magnitude. Few had made you feel as safe, as wanted, as you did with the man before you know. 
"I love you, Druig," you speak plainly, firmly. No quaver of doubt in your voice.
At that, Druig broke from you softly. Digging into the pocket of his leather jacket for the gift from before, shoulders flexing beneath the fabric as he withdrew his hand from the pocket.
His palm upturned, revealing the gift he had been keeping for you for centuries. In the hopes that he might see you again to give it to you. 
“You mean more to me than their silver and gold. But if this is how I can show my love on this planet, I'll do it." 
With that, Druig slid a delicate rose gold band onto your finger, causing you to smile warmly at him, at the symbol of his eternal bond to you. 
“I wonder who invented this as a gesture of devotion,” you had mused. 
The memory, which had taken place in this very room, clearly prominent between the two of you. The symbol, reminiscent. 
“It is beautiful, Dru. But you know I don’t need objects to reflect or accept your love,” you affirmed. “It is enough to be with you. By your side. To receive your warmth.”
With that, you slid your arms across Druig’s shoulders, divesting him of the leather jacket so quickly he would have thought he had imagined it had it not been for the cool air biting the now-bare skin of his arms. 
“So much for not needing an object,” Druig chuckled, bumping his shoulder into yours. 
You slipped Druig’s jacket over your shoulders, Druig’s body heat soaking into your skin like the radiance of the sun through the silky lining of the jacket, the zippers at the cuffs clinking as you adjusted the garment to your form. 
“What?” You shrugged at Druig’s look of mild surprise. “I said I’d like your warmth. What are you going to do? Fight me for it?” You challenged, arching your brow at him as a golden arrow weaved its way between your fingers, tapping it against Druig’s thigh in playful, mock-warning.
“Wouldn’t dream of it, mo shíorghrá,” Druig chuckled. “Keep it. ‘T looks better on you anyway.” He slid a companionable arm over your shoulders as the two of you made to leave the room and find the others. 
“We can agree to disagree on that, but I’ll hang onto the jacket until a quorum is reached,” you teased, bumping your hip against Druig’s as you walked in tandem down the hall of the Domo toward Phastos’ lab where you could hear Makkari sorting through a pile of what sounded like books.
“Benevolent of you, really,” Druig pressed a kiss into your cheek, brushing his nose across the prominent bone there. “Suppose we have time to decide.”
As you made your way into the cool light of the lab, Makkari greeted you, placing her warm hands in yours. You wrapped your arms around her, delighted in your reunion now that you all could breathe and enjoy one another’s company again, departing on another adventure. Together.
The next thread warping its way through the loom of your lives. To and fro, to and fro. Together you remain, body and soul. 
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dragon-baron · 5 months ago
Confusing couples | Drukkari
Tumblr media
Pairing: Drukkari x reader
Requested by anon
I loved this idea!!!
Druig, Makkari, and yourself were as close as you could possibly be. Closer than the others even knew. It had long since become a game after you three realised the others had no idea you were together.
This game would go on for so long, it was so much fun.
It was Makkari's idea. She approached her you both with a mischievous grin.
Why don't we play with the others?
"Play with them? How?" You sign to Makkari, sharing a curious look with Druig.
Makkari explained her little idea. Druig and yourself nodded and decided to play. This would be fun.
You were sitting in the main room of the Domo, one of Makkari's books in your lap. You were quite fond of her collection. She let you use whatever you wanted, even sometimes purposely finding things just for you.
Druig and Makkari entered. He has his arm looped around her shoulder. Makkari was smiling at him as they walked.
Thena, how was leaning against the wall, turned to acknowledge their presence. Phastos, who had been trying to share his ideas, but was clearly being ignored by Thena, followed her gaze to see the couple. Druig nodded his head at the pair, as Makkari and himself took a seat, and smiled at you.
His smile didn't give anything away. Just a polite greeting, which you returned, but the look in his eye said so much more than his smile.
You turn your eyes back to your book and don't bother looking up to greet Kingo as he steps into the room. Even when he came over to look over your shoulder, you didn't meet his gaze.
"They seem awfully close, don't they?" He asks. You know who he is referring to.
"Yes, quite close."
Kingo has his eyes locked onto the couple across the room with a slightly furrowed brow.
"How long has that been a thing?"
You glance up to see Druig place a kiss to Makkari's cheek. You bite back your smile and look back down at the book, looking at the same page you had been staring at since Kingo came over.
"I don't know."
That conversation ended there.
A few days later, you're sitting outside with Makkari. Her head is in your lap. You're running you fingers along her braids as she looks up at you with a soft smile. Makkari plays mindlessly with a flower between her fingers.
Druig is watching from a distance. His expression gives nothing away, but he smiles to himself at the view. He could never love any two people more than be does with the both of you.
Ikaris comes to stand beside him, looking at the pair of you on the hill.
"They look cosy."
Druig doesn't spare him a glance.
They hear you laugh as Makkari reaches up and places the flower behind your head. She leans in a kisses your nose. You smile brightly at her and kiss her before she moves again.
"Oh, they're really cosy," Ikaris comments.
Druig turns to him. "Don't you have more important things to do? Like being cosy with Sersi."
Ikaris grins and walks away.
Druig turns his gaze back to the both of you and allows himself to smile outwardly. With no one else around, he heads up the hill to join you both. He wants a flower too.
Later that night, you're dining with the others. You're by Sprite. Sersi, Thena, Gilgamesh, and Kingo also present. The others have yet to arrive, but they're coming.
Druig enters the room and smiles as he approaches you. In his hand is the flowers he got after joining you on the hill. He stands behind your chair and you look up at him with a warm smile. He leans in and tucks the flowers in your hair, like Makkari had done, and then he kisses your forehead.
Kingo frowns as he watches Druig walk away from you, finding a seat.
Sprite is looking between the two of you works confused expression. Sersi seems to be in thought. Thena watches you quietly from where she sits. She hides a smile by taking a sip of her drink.
You eat on silence.
Later on, before you turn in for the night, Makkari comes over to you and kisses you goodnight.
Ajak, who is with Ikaris, pretends not to notice the pair of you.
You bid Makkari goodnight and go to bed.
Makkari is stopped by Druig before she leaves. They lean in close together and smile.
Ikaris furrows his brow.
"Yes, Ikaris?"
Ikaris watches the couple part ways and turn to their respective rooms. "Do you think there's something going on there?"
Ajak looks at him curiously.
"What do you mean, Ikaris?"
"Do you think Makkari is cheating on Y/N?" He asks.
"Makkari? Do you honestly think she would ever do something so dreadful?" Ajak asks him.
"I saw them together today. Druig did too, but just now... the way he was with Makkari"
"Then wouldn't he know?" She questions.
"Perhaps he and Makkari are just close..."
Ajak doesn't say anymore on the matter.
The next day, you're sat with Druig. He's whispering dirty things in your hear, making you smile and try to hide. He laughs everytime he gets a reaction out of you.
Phastos sits at the opposite side of the room with Gilgamesh.
"I swear he's with Makkari, but now he's with Y/N?" Phastos thinks aloud.
Gilgamesh looks at Phastos.
"With Makkari?"
"Yeah. A few days ago they were all affectionate with each other. Though, Y/N was in the room then..." Phastos says.
Gilgamesh nods in the other direction of where you sat with Druig.
"Makkari is over there."
Phastos turns to see the speedy woman lounging over her favourite chair with a puzzle in her hand. She was busy solving it.
"I'm confused," Phastos shakes his head.
It's Ikaris who gathers everyone else a few days later. It has become apparent that there was some confusion going on among the group.
You had been seen dancing quietly with Druig one night, but then making out with Makkari in the dark corners of the Domo by Sprite. Makkari and Druig has been seen holding hands and laughing together, but then either of them had been seen doing the same with you sometime later. You'd be seen leaving Druig's room, Makkari leaving yours a few nights after.
No one could keep up.
Except Thena and Ajak who had been watching with amusement.
"Are you saying... they're having an affair, with each other?" Kingo asks, looking between the others.
Thena and Ajak smile at one another.
"What else could it be?" Sprite says, still trying to rid the image of you and Makkari out of her head.
Sersi speaks up, "could it be, they're playing with us?"
"Playing?" Phastos asks her.
Sersi nods. "Could it be, they're together? All of them?" She smiles sweetly.
The group look at each other.
"Why didn't they say anything if so?" Kingo asks.
"Because what they have is special, and none of our business," Ajak tells them. Everyone looks at her. "They're just having fun with you all, but what they do is their business, not ours."
Sersi smiles at the thought of you all together. You're a close group, and it makes her feel warm to think you're all together.
They day no more about it.
It's Sersi who finds the three of you together. Druig sits between you and Makkari, an arm around either of you. His head rests against yours, while Makkari leans against his shoulder.
Sersi decides to approach you all. Neither of you move.
"I'm happy for the three of you," she says.
You look up at her.
"You are?"
She smiles.
"You've had everyone very confused these past few weeks, but I worked out that possibly, you have something we just didn't understand. It makes me very happy to think the three of you have a bind so special, you can love each other so fully."
She signs her little speech for Makkari, who looks likes the happiest woman in the world right now.
Druig smiles at Sersi.
"Thank you," he says.
Sersi nods and leaves you all be. You turn to your lovers, who smile back at you.
I suppose that's game over.
You shake your head.
"No. We can mess with them some more, but we should do something for Sersi, for making us feel so special."
Druig kisses your temple.
"I'm want to mess with Ikaris some more," he says.
Me too.
"Oh yeah, Ikaris is going to be beyond done with our Lovey Dovey attitude," you laugh.
You all cuddle together again, wondering how else you can mess with the others. You wouldn't want this to be any other way.
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redpool · 4 months ago
I wanna date them both, at the same time...
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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lokianddruigsbitch · 5 months ago
OMG! I have a super dirty idea, how comfortable are you with writing smut? TW: I lost track of myself and this request got specific on secsy things
Here it is: usually Druig and Makkari are a couple before reader comes to okay, right? Not this time! Reader and Makkari are an item. They fuck like rabbits and aren’t hiding they relationship. Everyone knows they are a couple. Everyone loved them together. Druig is as stoic as ever, but he prefers their company and is always more himself with them. All that sappy shit.
Reader and Makkari both know he is into them, they are just playing their own little game of pretending not to see and tease Druig to see when he would break, but he doesn’t.
One day, they are both tired of waiting and they are horny af and both know what they want. So they just grab Druig, drag him to his or their room push him on the bad and give him the best night of his night. Makkari goes straight for his face and reader makes sure he is ready to be inside of her.
Oh god I have never been so explicit in a request before, forgive me father for I am a whore.
Tired of Waiting 
please i love the explicit request it makes me feel better about writing it 😫
TW// smut, face-riding, blowjob, uhh idk just sex stuff nothing too incredibly intense, my shit writing 
   You and Makkari were a wonderful couple. Everyone on the team had been happy when the two of you had told them you’d started to date because they had known how long you had been pining after each other.
   Everyone had been happy, even Druig. Druig who was madly in love with the both of you. His heart ached at the fact that he couldn’t be with either of you but he was happy that you had each other.
   His jealousy for your relationship began the night that he heard you and Makkari fucking in her room, which was right next to his. Your loud moans and the banging of the bed echoed through his brain the entire night. Sure, he enjoyed hearing you. Sure, it made him horny. Sure, he may have masturbated to hearing you get absolutely ruined by Makkari. None of those things meant he wasn’t jealous. Now he just feeling like a jealous creep. That feeling didn’t help his mood much at all.
   He became even more sour around everyone when you and Makkari began to get very affectionate in public. Her arms hung around your shoulders, one of you sitting in the other’s lap, one of you having kisses peppered down your neck. Druig couldn’t take it. He knew that neither of you intended to hurt him, but it did. He loves you both and neither of you love him back.
   But that wasn’t true either. You and Makkari did love Druig back, he just didn’t know that quite yet. The two of you had known that he was into you both, and had decided to play a little game called ‘let’s see how much we can tease Druig before he breaks’.
   You’d spend your time together in open spaces. You’d pepper open-mouthed kisses down her neck. She’d have you sit in her lap and subtly grind against her thigh. You’d place your hands just below her breast while you were hugging her from behind. She’d suck on your pulse point causing soft little whimpers from you. The teasing drove Druig nuts, but he stayed as stoic as ever. He let himself pretend that it didn’t make his cock harden in his pants, or his heart ache as he was left out.
   No, Druig pretended it was all fine because being. eat the two of you was far easier than being away from you was.
   After a long day of attempting to push the man to his breaking point, you flop down into bed and look up at Makkari who is taking her pants off to replace them with a more comfortable pair.
   “Why won’t he just give in and admit it to us?” you whine to her, your hands moving along with your mouth.
   “He’s always been stubborn, you know that.”
   “But this time the stubbornness is annoying, ‘Kari. He could be laying in here with us right now if he would just say something. We could be having sex with him.”
   Makkari’s eyes light up and a grin spreads across her face.
   “What is it?” you question.
   “What if we went to him first instead? We know he’s interested, maybe he’s doesn’t know we are.”
   You perk up from your place on the bed, a newfound energy inside of you as you scrambled to get to your feet. “Makkari, you are a genius.” 
   “Where are you going?” She signs quickly as you reach for the door handle.
   “I’m going to make a move. Are you coming with me or not?” 
   She smiles as she follows behind you, abandoning her intentions of putting another pair of pants on and deciding this is too important to wait on, and she figured they’d be taken off soon anyways. 
   You find Druig walking alone in the hall, probably heading to the kitchen to grab a late night snack or find some other random activity to partake in.     “Druig!” You call out to him. 
   He spins around, his eyes landing on you and Makkari standing in the hallway. He can’t help himself as his eyes drift over both of your forms and the way you’re both dressed. Makkari’s legs are bare and she’s clad in only a pair of underwear and a t-shirt, while you’re wearing only a large t-shirt that is practically a dress at this point. 
   He nods in acknowledgement of your call and pretends his eyes hadn’t just been roaming both of your bodies. “Hey.” 
   You smile and watch as Makkari walks towards him, not explaining a single word to him as she grabs his hand and begins to pull him in the opposite direction of the one he had been walking in. 
   “Where are you-” 
   She turns and holds a finger up to her lips to shush him, knowing that he was speaking by the vibrations through the air. His lips closed tightly as he let Makkari drag him towards you, but she didn’t stop there, continuing on to your room. 
   When she managed to drag him all the way there, grabbing you along the way, she shut the door behind the three of you. 
   “Makkari, what is going on?”
   “We know.”    
   “You know what?” There’s nervousness and confusion written all over his face, worried he’s about to have his friendship with the two of you ruined. 
   “We know you like us.” His eyes turned to you, widening quickly. 
   He opens his mouth to speak, but you cut him off. “We like you too. We’ve been trying to make you break and tell us first, but you’re just so stubborn.” 
   His eyes flick back over to Makkari quickly and she moves her hands fast. “And, if you want, we’d like to fuck you.” 
    Druig’s breath hitches at the statement and he swallows thickly. 
   “What do you think, Dru? Would you want to fuck us?” 
   As soon as the word falls from his perfect lips, you and Makkari are on him, her lips pressed against his as she walked him backwards towards the bed until his knees hit the mattress and he fell to sit on the bed. 
   “Take your pants off,” Makkari signs, as he hands quickly lift his shirt over his head. 
   He quickly shoves his pants down his legs as she instructed, leaving him completely bare to the two of you. Makkari, being the fair person she is, takes her shirt off of herself, and pulls her underwear down her legs, kicking them across the floor to be found at a later time. 
   You remove your shirt as well, deciding to join in on the action. You walk over towards the bed, only hesitating when Druig speaks, his hands moving at the same time, desperately trying to communicate with Makkari. 
   “Makkari. Makkari, please, I want to taste you, please.” 
   She smiles as she kisses him again, pushing him to lay down and crawling up his body to position her bare cunt over his face. He gets tired of waiting on her to take action, his hands pulling her cunt to him as he licks a stripe through her folds, finding her clit and causing a small moan to rise from her throat. 
   He didn’t realize you were there until your hands touched his thighs and he tensed up as your hand found his cock. He let out a soft groan and his muscles tensed as your hand wrapped around his dick to stroke him. 
   “’M gonna make sure you’re ready to be inside me, Dru.” He hummed to let you know he understood. 
   Your lips wrapped around him, slowly taking his length down your throat until you were gagging. He couldn’t help himself as he thrust his hips up and pushed himself further into your mouth. It was easy for you to understand the message he was trying to get across, as you begin to gently bob your head up and down, listening to his soft whimpers and groans as you used your mouth to bring him closer to climax. 
   Just as he was about to cum, you pulled away. Druig didn’t have much time to complain because soon after he felt you gently run his cock through your folds before you slowly sunk down onto him. All three of you moaned at the same time. You moaning at the stretch, Druig moaning at your perfect pussy around his cock, and Makkari moaning at Druig’s moan reverberating through her. 
   You found yourself bouncing up and down, your eyes trained on the way his cock slid in and out of you, and the soft grunts and moans you could hear coming from him. 
   Not long after you began riding him, Makkari flopped away from the pair of you to catch her breath, leaving you and Druig on your own for a minute. He decided that you weren’t going fast enough for him, so he flipped you and began to fuck you harder than you thought possible. 
   He muffled your moans with his mouth as his fingers found your clit, rubbing soft circles to bring you closer to your orgasm. 
   When he pulled away from the kiss, he was met with your whining and begging. “Please, please, need to cum, please.” 
   He gives you a lopsided smirk and presses harder on your clit, angling himself to fuck you just the right way. 
   “Cum for me, m’darling.” 
   Your legs shook as you followed his command, all of your senses overwhelmed with the pleasure you felt at your climax, and just as you were coming down from your orgasm, Druig reached his. 
   When he pulled out of you, his cum began to drip down your thighs and onto the sheets of the mattress, his eyes drawn to your cunt and the way that it was leaking.
   It took less than a minute for Makkari’s mouth to find your cunt, cleaning up the first mess of the night that Druig had made, and as he was watching Makkari stopped, turning to him. 
   “You didn’t think we were done, did you?” 
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majestickitty-si · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
This is how druig and makkari decided to take y/n as a third
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ficsilike-reblogged · 5 months ago
Summary: The Eternals are sent to Earth on Arishem’s mission, but they are surprised to meet another immortal who already calls the planet home. As the centuries pass, they all learn there is much more happening beneath the surface. 
A/N: Well, Drukkari has me in an absolute chokehold so, here’s this. I tried to make brief mentions of historical events but it doesn’t really impact the story. There are obviously spoilers for the film and canon-divergence too! I am also playing around a little bit with pulling in the lore from the actual comics. Please let me know what you think!
Pairing: Druig/Makkari/F!Reader (and a surprise or two) 
Rating: PG-13 for brief canonical violence, thoughts of self-loathing and suicidal ideations, and like two sentences of non-explicit smut
Word Count: 12.9k (should this have been a series? probably)
Tumblr media
Or read on Ao3 here!
Synodic: adj. relating to or involving the conjunction of stars, planets, or other celestial objects.
The fledgling civilization was calm. The people were kind and did not question your strange clothing or accent as you sat beside them to fish or carve or weave. You simply were. You existed alongside them, defended their soft borders, and helped them build, heal, progress with your ‘sunlight touch’ as they called it.
It had become your home. For now, anyway.
How long had it been since you arrived? Centuries? Millennium? You hardly kept track and it isn’t as if you could remember before—before you woke with dirt in your mouth and an aged woman carefully cleaning your mud-caked skin. Yes, they were kind—you loved them. Protecting them, repaying them for their ineffable gentleness was as easy as breathing, even against the strange creatures that came from the shadows and the deep of the ocean. It had kept you busy, travelling from village to village, tracking the creatures that would wipe the humans from the face of the planet; kept you from focusing on how everyone around you aged while you stayed the same. You knew that you were not from here, you knew that you were different, and you always wondered why the sight of a billion stars at night gave you comfort—but you never had the answers. It was like everything before was a black void in your mind. So, you had decided to make new memories, help these people move forward and progress through the ages, inherently knowing what they needed.
You’d barely noticed the large ship blotting out the horizon as you pushed the body of the strange monster off the nearest cliff edge. The scratch you’d received from the creature’s death throes stitched itself back together before the body was swallowed by the ocean. It was the sudden stillness from the village behind you that caught your attention.
You turned to see all of them, all of the people you had come to care for, deathly still with glowing, golden eyes. A group of ten stood just along the shore, their large ship looming behind them.
“Let them go.”
A woman with a pointed helm stepped forward, smiling. “We mean no harm to them-”
You tilted your head to see one of them with the same gold-glow in his eyes. Him. You reached out and shoved him off his feet, watching the glow flicker in his eyes before they were overtaken by blue. A blast of something warm was aimed at your head and you felt it heat the skin of your cheek as you leaned just out of the way. Another ran at you, too fast for the humans to see, but she met an abrupt stop when she collided with you.
“What are you?” The woman in the helmet asked.
You watched the man at your feet slowly rise before helping the woman stand too. There was a gentleness to his eyes when he looked at her that had your chest clenching. “I don’t know.”
This planet was small, that was true, but it seemed miniscule with how many times you were forced to come into contact with the strange band of Eternals.
Eternals—that’s what they called themselves. But, you had to admit that having ten others who were capable of killing Deviants (apparently that was what the creatures were called, too) was a small relief. You could not be everywhere. You could not save everyone. But they made it easier for you to at least attempt to do so. You simply wished they would leave you alone. The way they spoke of their leader, their god, Arishem, and the rest of the space gods known as Celestials left a strange acidic burn on your tongue and made you uncomfortable. You did believe they were on this planet to fight the Deviants, as they told you, but there was something else. Something else simmering below the surface.
Everywhere you ventured, whether through curiosity or tracking Deviants, they seemed to appear. Even this small island could not hide you from them. It had been too hopeful of a thought that ridding the planet of another hive of Deviants had granted you a reprieve. You should have known better. Or perhaps you should have closed your eyes and searched for another vibration, letting you know where another Deviant was hiding across the planet. But you were tired and you rested.
You had gained a little insight—against your will, mostly—about who this band of Eternals was throughout the centuries. Ajak was a stern yet loving parental figure. Sersi was the kindhearted one. Phastos was always inventing and tinkering while Kingo was fond of the limelight and Sprite was one of the finest storytellers and illusionists you had ever seen. Thena and Gilgamesh almost looked like they were dancing as they fought. Ikaris was aloof and powerful. Druig was also aloof and powerful. You were unsure which one you preferred.
A familiar burst of wind outside your home had you stifling a smile. You stood and dropped the yarn you’d been weaving through your loom and walked outside, seeing the smiling face of Makkari in the dying sunlight of the day. She was your favorite. Kind and funny and she mostly kept Ajak from showing up at your doorstep. Mostly. It was not as if you disliked the woman, you just didn’t particularly care to hear more about Arishem or once again tell Ajak “I don’t know” to any of her (many, many) questions. But you would gladly deal with the needless questions from Ajak if it meant you could still see Makkari smile. It was strange to realize Makkari and her gentle smiles made it easier for you to track the days and years; you no longer got lost between decades, unable to measure how much had passed. As cliché as it was, the fastest woman in on the planet (and the galaxy, if you were willing to bet), she had given you time.
What treasures did you find today? You signed.
Makkari beamed and held up her discoveries. Finely crafted stoneware, tapestries, and tablets. Most were from the mainland, but others looked older. Centuries older.
You waved her inside and poured her a drink as she regaled you with stories of her adventures in search of treasure. She was ecstatic about the possibility of trading that night with someone for a set of tablets she’d been searching for. I’ve been trying to find them for ages, she signed. They disappeared a decade or so ago and Makkari had been adamant she acquire them.
Are you cataloguing the humans’ evolution?
Makkari shrugged. I think they’re special. And they… her hands paused for a moment before continuing, they forget so easily. If they don’t remember, I want to. And those tablets are mine, she added with a smile.
You chuckled and sipped at your own drink.
You should come tonight.
Now I see. You didn’t come to see me, Ajak sent you. You arched a brow as you watched her face light up with surprise.
No! I wanted to invite you. Ajak doesn’t know I’m here.
Ajak knows where all of you are, all the time.
I came here for you. I promise.
And that was how you found yourself sitting beside Makkari, listening to Sprite’s story about a man with a bull head, locked in a labyrinth. You preferred the legend she had created about a man named ‘Icarus’ who flew too close to the sun with wax wings.
This is a sad story.
It is, you agreed as Sprite’s golden illuminations turned into a shower of sparks over the audience. Maybe you can tell her to change the ending next time she tells it.
Makkari raised her hands to respond but paused as she spotted something across the open courtyard. Ikaris is coming over. And then she zipped away, rustling the thin pleats of your robe and disappearing.
And she was right. The golden one—Ikaris—stood in front of you a moment later. “Is this seat taken?”
“I could say no and you’d sit anyway.”
And he did, not waiting for your answer. “We are leaving soon. We have cleared the area of Deviants.”
“Wonderful. Maybe this time, Ajak will keep her word and go West while I go East instead of following me.”
Ikaris chuckled and you hated how you noticed how his eyes crinkled at the sides, blue eyes sparkling in the low light. He was annoyingly handsome. And he probably knew that, too. “Is it such a terrible thing? To know you share this planet with us?”
You shoved the Deviant carcass off of Phastos and helped him to his feet. “You okay?”
He nodded and sighed. “Didn’t see that one.”
You patted him on the shoulder with a smile. “You were focused on the other three. Don’t worry about it. Go, let Ajak fix you up.” He was sporting a pretty nasty scratch across his stomach and you knew his legs would probably give out in a few moments, after the adrenaline wore off. As he walked away, you turned to see Druig, covered in a fine layer of dirt and streaks of Deviant blood as he slowly let the humans trickle back into valley. His eyes were his usual golden glow and you sat next to him in the uneven dirt and clumps of grass. The shadow he cast kept the sun from your skin and you tried not to smile when you noticed him shifting to make sure you were completely shaded.
The humans continued on, past you both and the others, even after Druig’s eyes reclaimed their blue hue, and chattered on about their lives, unaware of the danger they had narrowly avoided.
“Ajak thinks she’s converted you.”
“Ajak thinks what she wants to think.” You sighed and looked across the valley to see Makkari standing at Thena’s side. Her beautiful eyes were full of questions as she spotted you but you waved her on. We’re fine, you signed. Don’t worry.
“And what do you think?” Druig asked as he moved to sit beside you.
“I think you all have followed me across this little planet long enough that we are…friends.”
Druig’s shoulder bumped against yours. “It took you nearly a millennia to call us friends?”
“You’re right. Only a few of you are my friends,” you said with a smile. “Mostly you and Makkari. Sometimes Ikaris if he doesn’t try to proselytize too much.”
“You have terrible friends.” But you heard the warmth in his tone and smiled when the edge of his fingers brushed against yours in the dirt.
“Wouldn’t trade them for anything.” You chanced a look at him from the corner of your eye and saw him smile. It was small, true, but a smile just the same. He had once told you that he found your company enjoyable because he couldn’t read you. ‘There’s one less voice for me to hear around you. Blissfully quiet, you are.’ It had made you laugh at the time but the more you thought of it, the more it made you sad. Your Druig, who cared the weight of the world on his shoulders—your Druig who knew he could stop all the bloodshed and fighting—even you wondered if the wars were truly helping them progress—but was constantly told not to interfere. When had he become your Druig?
The city the humans called Rome was flourishing. Of course, you knew it would—every civilization that your little band of Eternals embraced always did. You stood at the window of your room and watched Sersi speak with a woman selling her wares at the market. She must have sensed your gaze because she looked up and smiled, waving. You waved back before she looked back at the potter. Sersi was kind and gentle and loved the humans as you did, treasuring every new civilization as much as the last. You would not be surprised if the passing of time hurt her as much as it hurt you.
The Deviants were still lurking but humanity was thriving. And you had been embraced by your fellow immortals—well, you had embraced them. Makkari had chided you for taking so long. But they had burrowed their way into your heart nonetheless, and you wouldn’t tell a soul about how you had cried until you exhausted yourself after Druig had bestowed you with a nickname. Raindrop. A nonsensical name, to be sure. But you treasured it. It had come after Druig found you looking like a drowned rat after disposing of a Deviant outside the city walls during a storm. ‘You look like a little Raindrop.’ You had promptly wrung your tunic out on his head. But it stuck and you liked the way Makkari’s hands moved when she took up the name, too. Their Raindrop.
And while your entire face lit up whenever you heard Druig’s low brogue murmur the nickname, or when Makkari signed it with a smile when the others weren’t looking, you felt…like you were intruding on something whenever you caught Druig and Makkari sneaking glances at each other. Well, Makkari snuck glances. Druig was much more overt with lathing his attention on Makkari. Soft smiles he only gave her turned into trading little treasures they both found for the other. Conversations were kept to dark corners, away from prying eyes. It was love. You had seen it plenty of times across the centuries. But you knew that this was special—that they were special, to each other and to you. You just hoped you were special to them, too.
You just hoped you meant something.
The fabric covering the doorway to your rooms was pushed aside and you heard the soft footsteps of someone approaching. You turned and felt the corners of your lips turn up in a small smile as Ikaris stepped closer. The Roman clothing suited him—he looked like the god the masses mistook him for. “You missed Kingo’s celebration.”
You shook your head and turned back to the window, still smiling. “I’m sure King Numa Pompilius will have other celebrations.”
Ikaris was warm as he stepped to your back. You felt him hesitate before his hands softly curled around your upper arms. “And if I missed you at the celebrations?”
Your heart stuttered and you were sure he felt it when you heard his light chuckle. “Oh.”
The warm night air was wrapping around you and you slowly turned to face him, trying to discern what he truly meant, when his lips were on yours.
You had been kissed before, shared your bed with humans who did not mind that you would not call them back to your embrace a second time, but this felt different. This was strong and warm and so much more balanced than the kisses you had been given before.
And it caught you completely off-guard. As your next breath stuttered in your lungs, you felt something snap and burn across your palm. The crack and boom of stone had you opening your eyes and through the dust you saw the hole you had made in your home—and in the center of it was Ikaris. Strong, powerful Ikaris—covered in his own blood and unconscious. You only knew he still lived as you hurried to his side and saw his chest still moving with his breaths.
“I-I’m sorry,” you said, hands moving over the broken skin as tears stung your eyes. The snap of bones slotting back into place had you sobbing—what had you done to him?
The sound of footsteps had you looking up from Ikaris’ body as you healed him. In the settled ruin of your hallway, stood Ajak. “What did you do?”
The Deviants were fewer in number. Your centuries away from the Eternals had given you the time to track lone Deviants across the continents more freely. That is what you told yourself, anyway. It ached. You missed watching the civilizations evolve and progress. You only caught glimpses, of new types of writing, new songs, new legends, new everything, between your blood-soaked isolation. And it ached even more when you thought of the friends you had run from.
All because you didn’t want them to see you any differently. They had thought you were an Eternal. And know there was proof you were not—you were something else. Something different and dangerous. And you couldn’t control it. You never wanted to hurt anyone, especially them. You wanted their soft smiles and (almost) easy companionship. Selfishly.
But you had hurt Ikaris and you had run.
And that was how you found yourself sitting in the shadows of Babylon’s hanging gardens, watching Sersi and Thena speak with one another as Gilgamesh helped a young boy hold his wooden sword correctly as the rest of the city buzzed around them. Phastos was bartering with a shop keep with one of his inventions tucked beneath his arm. Kingo’s laughter echoed from some unseen corner and a shower of Sprite’s golden sparks soon followed. You missed them.
“You did not say goodbye, Raindrop.”
You didn’t pull your eyes from crowd in front of you but you could not stop the smile pushing at your lips. “I didn’t realize I was leaving until I left.”
Druig was quiet but you felt his warm hand settle beside yours, his fingers just barely brushing against the knuckles of your pinky. “Ajak-”
“I don’t want to talk about Ajak.”
Druig was quiet again but you didn’t mind, it was easy to simply be around him. Comfortable. But for just a moment, you wished he could read you—to at least know that you hated being away from them, that you ached for them with each passing day, without trying to put it into words. But, for now, it was okay to simply feel his familiar warmth. “Makkari searched for you. I searched for you. No one knew where you’d hidden yourself away.”
You huffed, trying to ignore the barely concealed hurt you had heard in his tone. “I wasn’t hiding.”
“Don’t lie to me.”
“I was running. Not hiding. There is a difference.” You wanted to ask him if he knew what had happened in Rome, wanted to ask him if he was afraid of you. But you didn’t, biting your tongue and finally turned to look at him. The uneven shadows of the gardens were sending small bolts of light across his face, making him look like some sort of fractured deity of sunlight and darkness. His blue eyes were still the perfect shade. His lips still turned up the slightest bit when you let your hand settle over his, curling your fingers around his. “I never meant to hurt you—any of you.”
Druig lifted your joined hands to press a kiss to your knuckles and you felt your ancient heart leap. It wasn’t fair. “You are forgiven.”
A blast of warm air had you turning to see Makkari standing in front of you both, hands on her hips. “Hello.”
Where have you been? But she didn’t give you a chance to answer before she was pulling you from your seat and pressing her forehead against yours, warm hands curling around your arms.
“I missed you, too.”
As they carted you around the city they now called home, Makkari excitedly explaining how they buried the Domo beneath the city, the battles you missed, and the achievements the humans attained while Druig dryly added his commentary intermittently, you didn’t have the heart to ask if Ikaris had told them. You simply focused on their smiles and how their hands felt in yours.
And you were gone by the time the sun came up the next day.
You were leaving. Truly, you were. You had left the kindly woman who had been sheltering you with a smile and let her press her aged hands to your face and wish you safe travels over the mountains with tears in her eyes. She had been kind, kinder still after you saved her granddaughter from the jaws of a particularly vicious Deviant that had been approaching the village. And you were leaving.
You set out along the dirt road, smiling at the children who rushed by you. The sun was setting and you angled your face just enough to let it warm your skin as you continued on. But the sudden feeling of someone’s eyes on you had you pausing.
Turning slowly, you did not know what you were expecting. It did not feel like a Deviant, nor a curious human. And it wasn’t.
Framed by the dying sun’s orange glow, stood Ikaris.
You weren’t sure how long you stayed frozen in that stance, unable to look away from him. But he eventually took a few slow steps toward you. He stopped a few feet away and he lifted his hand toward you, palm up and unassuming. “Stay. Stay with us.”
But you took a step back. “You know I can’t.”
His hand still held out in front of him, Ikaris asked, “Why? Tell me why you do not want to stay. Have we not made you happy? Have we not done as you have; helping the humans and destroying the Deviants?”
“I hurt you. I hurt you more than anyone thought possible and I couldn’t control it. I hurt you.”
“It was an accident. I forgave you the moment it happened-”
“It shouldn’t have happened at all. I shouldn’t be able to hurt you like that. You are powerful, Ikaris. You know that, I know that, everyone knows that—and I nearly killed you. I can’t trust myself.”
“But I trust you.”
You hated how the tears stung your eyes at that. “I can’t. I can’t, I’m sorry.”
You stood in the dark shadows of an abandoned temple as the smoke stung your eyes. The fire was raging, raging, raging. The screams from below sounded so far away and so close at the same time.
All that knowledge…gone. The stories. The discoveries. They were ash now.
It was not the first time humanity had all but wiped such precious information from the face of the planet and you doubted it would be the last. But it still bit at your bones. You were tired. Lonely. And you had done it to yourself.
You had been practicing honing the strange power that had you leveling mountains and carving canyons. It had grown more and more frequent since your first brush with it in Rome. It felt like your skin was too tight, this body too small to contain it, until you let it out, leveling anything in its path. But you also saw how water would stream through the canyons and the new valleys would bloom with life overnight. Destroy and create. Destroy and create. But it still was too much for you to control. You were afraid to touch anyone, afraid to give anyone your back in case they snuck up on you and you killed someone because you couldn’t stop it.
And you were so wrapped up in your own self-pity that you didn’t react to the shadow growing smaller as footsteps echoing in the dark temple until the scent of berries and metal washed over you. “Hello, Ajak.” You dipped your head in greeting as she stood in front of you. “Where are the others?”
“Not far behind.”
You nodded, not taking your eyes from the fire. “How are they?”
“They continue their mission for Arishem. But they miss you.”
You were quiet and you heard Caesar’s soldiers cheer over the roar of the burning city. You missed them too.
“Arishem would like to speak with you.”
“I don’t have the ability to speak to your strange space god. And I’m not sure I’d even want to do so.”
“It is for-”
“Ajak, please,” you said, hating how the syllables cracked in your throat. “Not now.”
She was quiet again before nodding. “At least let the others know you are still alive.”
And you were beyond arguing so you did not move from your spot beside the temple’s pillar and watched the rest of the Eternals make their way up the stairs of the temple, their armor shining with the glow of the fire and the bright moonlight.
Sersi was the first to greet you, soft hands reaching for you and wrapping you in a hug that had tears stinging the back of your eyes. “I have missed you, my friend.”
Kingo, Sprite, and Phastos soon followed, murmuring their own hellos and welcomes before Ikaris took his turn. He stepped forward with a small smile on his lips. “It is good to see you again.”
And you had to smile at him too, hearing the warmth in his tone. When he wrapped you in his arms in a tight hug, the tears finally started to slide down your cheeks. Even through your tears, you saw Thena and Gilgamesh waiting their turn so you gently pushed him back to greet them, too—Thena wrapped her knuckles against your forehead with a small smile while Gilgamesh gave you a fond smile and told you that you looked well. And it was good and it was kind, to be welcomed like that.
But it felt like your entire chest clenched when you saw Makkari next. She had tears in her beautiful eyes and in two steps was holding you tight. I’m so sorry, you signed the moment she stepped back. I’m sorry.
She shook her head. You are here now. That is all that matters. Makkari pressed her hand against your cheek and a tear slipped from her eye.
“You still didn’t say goodbye, Raindrop.”
You huffed a watery laugh at the nickname as Makkari stepped to the side to reveal Druig. Were you still their Raindrop?
Druig nudged his shoulder into yours with a ghost of a smile, mostly hidden in shadow, and you pretended not to see the scroll tucked safely away in his robes. That could be your secret.
You hadn’t made a promise last time. Hadn’t told Makkari when you’d see her again. Hadn’t slipped your hand into Druig’s and whispered a place to find each other. Hadn’t given anything more to Ikaris other than sliding your hand down his back as you passed him.
Thena had been the one to meet you at the gates of Pompeii just before the sun rose. “How long will it be this time? Decades? Centuries?”
You shrugged. “I don’t know. But you are just as capable without me.”
Thena’s lips set in a thin line but she did not blink as the mountain at the edges of the city gave another rumble. They were coming closer and closer now—but, for once, it was not your fault. “I do not know what you are running from, but we could have helped you fight it.”
That had been so long ago. But it still stung and bit at your bruised soul when you saw them across the valley and on the other side of the silly little wall a man who called himself Emperor Hadrian had demanded be built. The Romans paid them no mind as they continued their building and exercises. You could not tell if their eyes were glowing gold but you hardly gave effort to truly see. No, what you saw was Druig and Makkari standing beside each other as the fog rolled in, their eyes on you, and then they were gone. And so were you.
You loved the snow. Loved the quietness it brought to humanity and how it seemed to allow everything to start again—it had snowed the day you had reunited with your Eternals, a new beginning. (You could have run again when you spotted them on the horizon but you were lonely, terribly, terribly lonely. So you stayed.) And it was cold—you’d always preferred the cold anyway. The light from the bustling city was a warm glow but it could not compete with the bright stars. This little cluster of islands was beautiful and the people were kind, and the political machinations were interesting to watch unfold.
But you had to abandon your copy of The Pillow Book when a soft knock came at your door.
“Phastos?” You said, trying hard to not sound too surprised at his appearance.
“I have an idea,” he returned, a smile pushing at his mouth. “I’ve been thinking of the last fight we had-”
“We never fight, Phastos.”
“The last Deviant we fought,” he corrected, rolling right along. “They were attacking you—no one else. Just you.” As he continued on, explaining all the movements he witnessed when not one but three Deviants had attacked your small group in the mountains only a few weeks ago, you felt your mouth twisting to the side. You had realized that the razor sharp teeth of the Deviants were always dangerously close to your neck before one of the others managed to kill it. And it had been happening more and more as the decades passed, almost as if the last few Deviants were more desperate to kill you than to stay alive.
“I’m, um, I’m sorry, but what do you think this means?”
Phastos’ smile widened. “I don’t know! But I managed to build something that might give us an answer.”
You pushed out a breath and pressed a smile to your face. “What do you need from me? I’m happy to help.” And that was how you found yourself in the soft light of Phastos’ home and letting him prick your finger. He pressed down on the pad of your finger and let the blood run into a small glass tube. “Are you thinking that it’s something in my blood that’s attracting them?”
“It could be. It has been sometime since I’ve had the opportunity to study anything other than the humans’ progress so I could be wrong but,” he drifted off with a shrug as he tipped your blood into some swirling golden contraption he’d built from the scraps he’d saved from the Domo and his own beautiful power. You didn’t understand the lights and soft clicks the little machine made but you watched Phastos’ brows scrunch together as the little vial of your blood started to glow.
“What…what does that mean?”
“It means that you are a Celestial,” Ajak said, stepping out of the shadows.
“Ajak?” Phastos’s voice was filled with confusion.
But you could only stare at the little golden vial, your heart clawing its way into your throat.
“I suspected for centuries,” Ajak said, stepping to your side to press a small, warm hand to your shoulder. “But I was not sure until you nearly killed Ikaris-”
“No. N-no, I’m…” You shook your head, pressing your palms over your eyes as a stabbing pain quickly took root in your skull. “Did you know?” You asked, pulling your hands away to look at Phastos.
“No,” he answered, his voice soft. “I promise you that. I only wanted to know why the Deviants were targeting you.”
And you believed him. You believed him because Phastos was kind and intelligent and always ready to share a discovery with the group—your true biology would have been discussed over dinner if he had known. That was right. That was what you knew.
“Who else knows?” You mumbled, the flooring starting to sway beneath your feet as you looked down.
“Just us, darling,” Ajak said, her hand still on your shoulder. “I promise.”
“I-I don’t know what this means. I-”
“It means you were never supposed to be here.”
Your head snapped to the side to see Druig and Makkari in the doorway to Phastos’ home, the snow still falling down in meandering paths, uncaring that your life had been upended. You opened your mouth to say something but nothing came out. But what were you supposed to say?
Are you sure? Makkari asked Ajak, stepping inside.
“I am,” Ajak said, her hand finally slipping away from you.
Makkari’s eyes flittered over to you and then she was stepping up to you, almost too slowly. Her hands reached out and she grasped your face, making you lean just enough to press your forehead to hers, only for a moment. It doesn’t change anything. You’re still our Raindrop.
You almost died because the Deviants were after me, you signed in return, feeling tears choke you. All of you. I put you in danger. Me.
We are fighters. Dying is-
“Not an option,” you said, finding your voice even though it waivered. “I will never willfully endanger you.”
“Shouldn’t we be allowed to make that choice?” Druig asked, stepping forward.
You looked between Makkari and Druig, Druig and Makkari—your closes confidantes, your friends, your…yours. And now you had to leave them behind. Again. “Haven’t you heard, Druig? I’m a Celestial. You don’t get a choice.” You tried to say it with a smile but the last syllable cracked in your throat as the first tears fell. “I’ll kill them. I’ll kill them all and I’ll come back. I promise. I’ll come back to you.”
From your perch up the hill, you watched the temples burn and heard the strange contraptions known as rifles fire again and again, little bursts of light cutting through the smoke. A body of a Deviant was at your feet, its dark blood soaking through your boots. You had tracked it here, to the outskirts of this beautiful city; unsurprisingly, you had felt your little band of Eternals, too. The strange awareness you had finally let yourself feel was almost comforting. The air would nearly vibrate when you were near them and, so unlike the nauseating ground vibrations the Deviants emitted, you could track them anywhere if you wished.
The word still tasted bitter on your tongue. You did not want to be a Celestial. You did not want this out of control power. You did not want the longing you felt when you looked at the stars. All you wanted was your hand in Makkari’s. All you wanted was Druig’s secret smiles. All you wanted were your friends.
You were supposed to be all-powerful. But your power was still too much. Too dangerous. Even if you could only scarcely feel a few Deviants up north. They were all that were left of their species on this planet. And you were still too dangerous.
Avalanches, earthquakes, hurricanes. They followed where you stepped—well, that wasn’t true. You created them. You shook the Earth and it cried out in return, hurt and broken. They were accidents, yes, but they were your fault.
The sounds of the battle grew silent with your next breath.
“Druig,” you murmured the name, knowing it was his doing. Only he could do that. Only he could take the mind of a city and its invaders and quiet them and mold them to his whim. The steps grew louder and louder as they neared you—but you felt no fear as hundreds and hundreds of people walked by you, their eyes an unseeing gold as the city smoked behind them. You simply leaned against the nearest tree and waited.
Waited for him.
And like some dark god the humans thought him to be, Druig appeared, walking between the masses of the humans he controlled, his black armor sweeping the ground behind them. Without a word, he slowed to a stop in front of you. “Raindrop.”
He was alone and you could feel the scattering of all the others. It felt like someone was ripping your ribcage apart. Now was not the time to tell him you couldn’t stay—he already seemed to know that. You reached out and touched Druig’s cheek, uncaring of the cold gold in his eyes. “Stay safe.” Your lips brushed his cheek, a paltry balm for his pain, but it was all you could offer.
As you leaned back, Druig followed and his lips found yours. A warm hand anchored itself on the back of your neck while his other curled over your hip. It was all teeth and tongue and you felt your heart racing behind your ribs as he pulled you ever closer, tongue sliding against your own. Your hands swept into his dark hair and you pulled him closer, too, feeling his hard body and fire-warmed armor burn through your clothes and heat your skin. Everything was warm. Everything was Druig. Everything everything everything.
And then it was gone.
Druig pulled back, panting against your shining lips and his eyes still a golden glow.
“Stay safe,” you repeated in a broken whisper. “Stay safe for me.”
Boston. It was a strange name, you thought, but you knew history was in the making in this burgeoning city and had settled on the outskirts, hidden just beyond the woods. Perhaps you could find something here that would make Makkari smile and she would add it to her collection.
Locals called you a recluse or a witch as you wandered in intermittently for a few supplies for your modest lodgings. If only they knew. It was probably for the best that they all steered clear of you and the shop keeps were quick to wave you on after making your purchases. While you had managed to almost contain your power, you knew it was still dangerous. You were still dangerous.
What more could you be? A space god in the form of a human. You weren’t meant to be this small. You weren’t meant to be here; Druig had been right about that.
And it was lonely. Your little cottage provided even less entertainment so you often snuck out to the shore and ‘borrowed’ one of the small rowboats docked there under the cover of darkness. Tonight’s boat was exceptionally small but the only one with the oars inside. The city behind you was quiet as you rowed out until the lights of the city were nothing more than dots on the horizon and then you pulled the oars inside, settling on your back on the bottom of the boat.
They call that star Venus, Makkari signed, pointing at a particularly bright spot of light in the inky black sky.
“Venus,” you said, rolling the syllables around in your mouth as your hands also signed the new word. “I think we should call it Makkari.”
Makkari nudges your shoulder, ruffling the dew-wet grass beneath you both, probably leaving garish green stains on both of your tunics. But it was worth it. It was worth it because Makkari’s answering smile outshined all the stars.
When was that? Babylon? Pompeii? You pressed the heels of your palms into your eyes and rubbed until your eyes ached. You were losing time again.
You and Sersi dashed behind a corner, trying to remain unseen by Makkari or Druig.
“What has he stolen for her this time?” Sersi asked, a smile on her lips as you peeked around the corner.
“Oh, it’s the tablets!” You gasped and slipped back behind the corner when Druig turned his head. “She’s been looking for those for centuries,” you told Sersi, the smile so wide on your face it was starting to hurt.
The woman beside you sighed. “They are truly either the most oblivious of beings in the galaxy or they are playing us all for fools.”
You laughed, a bit too loudly, and pressed your hand over your mouth. You didn’t have the heart to tell her they were definitely not oblivious and at least Druig could not have cared less if anyone saw him wooing the woman he had been enamored with for more than a few thousand years. But then you saw Sersi’s smile fade just a fraction. “What is it?”
“They seem happy. Together, I mean.”
You leaned just a bit to catch another glimpse of Druig’s easy smile as Makkari quickly signed what the tablets meant. “I think they are.”
“Don’t you ever want that? It would be nice to…” Sersi’s soft words drifted off. “It would nice to be loved.”
And your heart hurt at that and you reached out to touch her hand and squeeze. “You deserve it, Sersi. You deserve all the love in the world.”
The boat rocked beneath you but you couldn’t bring yourself to care at the moment. When was that? Kyoto? Alexandria? Something felt warm behind your eyes.
The grass was warm under you, warmed by the sun, and you hadn’t care of the green stains it might leave on your clothes as you shut your eyes and listened to the bustling village just down the hill. Children were laughing. People were bartering for foodstuffs and goods in the market. A woman was calling out for her goats for their meal. Idyllic. Ajak had given the group a few weeks to rest—it had been a hard-won battle against the area’s hive of Deviants. Thena had been nearly killed after taking a hit meant for Makkari while Sprite’s illusions had managed to save Kingo’s life, providing just enough distraction to confuse them. But now? Now you all rested. A familiar presence made the air crackle and sing, pushing a smile to your lips without even opening your eyes. “What trouble have you two caused today?”
The toe of Makkari’s boat bumped against your hip, making you laugh and open your eyes before sitting up. Druig, naturally, was at her side and blotting out the sun to keep you from having to squint. The way the light was shining behind them made them look ethereal, divine. Or maybe that was just your bias.
You patted the grass beside you and your smile widened as they took their seats.
I did find something interesting today.
“I found it,” Druig huffed, fighting a smile.
Makkari pulled a soft linen bag from her back and undid the lacings before reaching inside. Her smile was just as bright as the bit of gold and silver she pulled from its depths. You barely had a chance to look at it before she set it on your head. It looks nice on you.
You had to laugh at that and plucked the diadem off your head to look at it as it glinted in the sunlight. It was beautifully made, as all of Makkari’s treasures were, and was made of gold with small silver chains hanging down the sides with precious-stone beads secured at the end. It was still in remarkable condition for how old you knew it to be. You hummed and plopped it over Druig’s head. “I think Druig looks quite handsome,” you said and signed, holding back another laugh as the small chains were almost instantly devoured by his dark hair.
But he smiled, too, the smile you only saw him give to Makkari and now it was pointed at you. And maybe you should have felt wrong, or you were intruding on something sacred, but Druig was soon smiling at Makkari, and all was right with the world.
Yes, handsome, Makkari agreed with a bright smile of her own. She reached out and brushed one of the delicate chains behind his ear.
Druig nudged her shoulder with his before plucking the diadem off his head and carefully placing it over Makkari’s hair. “That’s where it belongs.”
The gold was sparkling and the silver chains gently framed her beautiful face. It did seem to rest the easiest on her head, too. Like it had been made for her, waiting through the centuries to be claimed by its rightful owner. “It suits you, Makkari. It’s yours.”
Makkari’s smile widened and she leaned into your side to press a kiss to your cheek.
The warmth had seeped down to the tips of your fingers and burned even as you moved to curl your hands over the splintering wood of the small boat’s seat. “Stop,” you pleaded to yourself. “Please stop.”
But it didn’t. The burn consumed you and in your next stuttered breath, exploded. And the water beneath you roared.
You weren’t sure how long you sat in that little boat, feeling the water and earth rumble but you could hear the fervent prayers and scared whispers even before your little boat slipped back against the slick sand of the shore.
Everything was ruined. And it was time for you to leave.
How long had it been? Years? Decades? Centuries? You couldn’t tell anymore. Not that it mattered. You were alone out here in a thick forest beside a slow-moving river. The humans called this place Siberia; it was a pretty name and you avoided most humans. The only ones you saw were adventurers or hunters who kept clear from your little cabin. It had been good.
…that was a lie.
You were achingly lonely.
How long had it been since you had spoken to someone? You were sure your voice would come out weathered and dry the next time you had to form a word aloud. Nights were spent staring at the stars through the little window beside your bed and hoping to sleep. And Days were spent in your miniscule garden or walking the river’s edge or the forest with a book forgotten in your hand. You had them all—all of the six dozen you had pilfered from hunters and campers when they weren’t looking—memorized anyway. But it was better this way. You couldn’t hurt anyone here. And the tremors, both your own and the ones you inflicted on the little planet, were coming more and more often.
Today’s book was abandoned at your side as you sat near the river, your feet in the cold water. A roe deer was munching on a bit of grass on the other side, unbothered by your presence. It eventually walked way and you watched it disappear between the trees with a sigh. Alone again.
And then you had a terrible idea. A terrible idea that had been more and more persistent as time lurched on. Should you check on them? See if any of them were close? Tried to hear if they…needed you?
You grimaced at the thought. They didn’t need you. They never needed you. You needed them and you couldn’t have them. Not in the way you wanted.
But, you still pressed your hand into the silt and closed your eyes. The tenuous lid you had managed to put on the strange power you possessed lifted just the smallest bit and you felt it run out of you, skittering out in search of your Eternals. It echoed back, faintly—but they were alive. That was all you could ask for, right now. You pulled your hand back and sucked in a breath through gritted teeth as you tried to once again put the metaphorical lid back on.
You stood, boots sinking on the riverbank, and shook your hands as if that would help. It was almost there—almost!—as you turned back toward your cottage but then you felt it slip. It had been too long since you had let yourself loose. Too long since you’d let the power simmering beneath your skin slither out, barely reined in by your will. It had been too long and now you tasted the cloying tang of blood at the back of your throat as your knees gave out. Your mouth opened in a silent scream as you felt the carefully crafted hold you had on everything, shattered.
The world tilted and you were out, with blood in your mouth.
This was a terrible idea. A terrible, terrible, terrible idea but if anyone had answers, it would be Ajak and since you had all but drained yourself in the Siberian forest, you felt a little more secure venturing into society—but you could feel it building again with each step you took. Her homestead was as warm and comforting as the tea she offered you before sitting across from you at the little table in her kitchen. Sprite was lurking near the cabinets, arms folded over her chest. But Ajak had welcomed you inside with a kind smile and a familiar, soft hand on your cheek. “It is good to see you.” You hoped that was true. After finishing your tea with soft conversation, Ajak had Sprite step out of the room—but you were sure she was still listening around the corner—she said, “ask me your questions.”
Words tumbled out of your mouth in surely-disjointed sentences and questions, covering everything you could think of. Celestials, where you could have come from, why you were on Earth, why your powers were growing stronger and more erratic, why why why. All of it.
And Ajak tried to answer them all with all the knowledge she had at her disposal—of Arishem’s bands of Eternals being sent out to help other planet’s civilizations progress, of how the Deviants were corrupted creations from the Celestials themselves—but there were still questions she could not answer. Her soft hands were curled over yours on the table and you briefly wondered why you had been so resistant to her company before—she was so kind, so comforting. Such a guiding light to everyone around her.
It took you a moment to realize you were crying and Ajak wiped your tears away with a gentle touch. “Limiting your power is only hurting yourself. You are meant to create galaxies.”
“Almost everything I touch, I destroy, Ajak.”
Again, her hands covered yours on the table. She was quiet for a few moments and you could tell that she was picking her words carefully. “In order for a Celestial to be born, a great amount of energy is needed. Energy from a world that has developed over thousands and thousands of years, hosting billions of lives. When it is time, it is called The Emergence. It is usually marked by earthquakes, the planet shifting to try to accommodate the moving Celestial at its core. They…” Ajak paused. “The planet that hosted them is destroyed, so that the Celestial, in turn, can create new galaxies, create new life.”
You pulled your hands away and stood from your chair as bile crept up your throat. “I’m supposed to destroy this planet? Is that all this is?” You pressed your hands over your mouth as you leaned against her counter. You thought of the little girls that trailed after Makkari, trying to keep up with her strides with quiet giggles. You thought of the older woman who fed you and sheltered you the first time you broke away. You thought of the little boy Gilgamesh had taught how to hold a sword. The little ones, the elderly, everyone in between. “I can’t do that to them. I won’t.”
And then Ajak stood as well, walking to your side with a shake of your head. “Arishem has called you an anomaly. An experiment. I truly did not know what you were until your accident with Ikaris.”
“An experiment.” It tasted like rotted meat on your tongue. “A space god got so bored with his first two batches of experiments, he decided to test something out on his own kind.” Your jaw hurt with how tight you were clenching your teeth. “I could have killed everyone. I could have killed you—I almost killed Ikaris already and that was centuries ago. Your Arishem put his favorites on this tiny planet with me, knowing I could kill them.”
“But you didn’t,” she said, taking a small step closer to you.
Thoughts and memories were jumbling together in a terrible mess in your brain, spinning and spinning and spinning like a tornado, but suddenly stilled with a single question remaining. “Was any of it real?”
Ajak’s head tilted to the side. “What do you mean?”
“Our-our friendships, the jokes we made, the secrets we told each other; was any of it real for you?” The tears were choking you again and you briefly wondered how pitiful you must look to her, the crying space god in her tiny kitchen.
“Of course it was real. Of course it was.”
You found Sersi first, with Ajak’s words still ringing in your head. She had a beautiful home along the Seine and quickly wrapped you in a hug as soon as her footman opened the door. “It has been too long, my friend.” Tea was served as music played over a shining, new gramophone.
“It seems you have made quite a life here, Sersi. You’re happy.”
Sersi nodded and set the dainty tea cup aside. “But you are not.” She reached out and grasped your hands. “Tell me what’s bothering you.”
You sighed. “How much as Ajak told you?”
Sersi’s beautiful eyes closed for a moment. “If you are wondering if I know that you are a Celestial, the answer is yes. Phastos told us and then Ajak told us the rest of Arishem’s usual plan for planets such as these and our part in it.” Her grip tightened on your hands. “But it changes nothing. I am still your friend, aren’t I?”
“Of course you are-”
“And you’re still mine.”
The conversation continued on, speaking of the Olympic Games that just passed and the Exposition Universelle and how much she had enjoyed the festivities. “After all this time, you still love them, the humans.”
Her answering smile was soft. “Of course I do. Just as you do, that is why you have hidden yourself away. Just as Druig does, and Phastos, and Ajak. All of us love them, just in different ways.”
You nodded and glanced out her beautiful window to see the bustling city. A few glanced up at the window, probably in awe of the grand house, before walking past. There was a knock on her door and her footman quickly answered it, appearing in the tea room with a large bouquet of wildflowers wrapped in soft linen. “Shall I put them in a vase, my lady?”
“That would be lovely, Charles, thank you.”
Charles nodded and quickly did so, putting the resplendent bouquet just beside them on the mantle, filling the air with a soft sweetness, before disappearing again after Sersi thanked him again. Sersi reached out and touched one of the petals, another smile pushing at her lips.
“A secret admirer?” You asked, without a hint of teasing. You had seen countless people fall in love with Sersi with her kind eyes and even kinder words over the millennia, but none had been so bold to have something delivered to her home.
Sersi’s cheeks bloomed with color. “It would be a bit foolish to love someone so fleeting.”
“You have loved the humans since you arrived. Why not let them love you? Truly, as you want to be loved. You deserve to be happy, Sersi.”
You managed to find Kingo next and encouraged his passing thought of being an actor. Phastos was next and you marveled at all the wondrous inventions he was hoping to reveal to the humans before he revealed that Thena and Gilgamesh had retreated to a solitary stretch of land in Australia. “Mahd Wy’ry,” Phastos murmured the term like it was some sort of curse as he told you of the inseparable pair. “Be careful.”
And while you dreaded the long trip to that continent, you needed to see them.
Gilgamesh was quick to wrap you in a tight hug, followed by Thena. The vibrations you felt coming from her felt ever so slightly off. Incorrect. Without thinking, you gently pressed your hands on either side of her face and pushed out a breath between pursed lips, feeling the tips of your fingers warm and spark. A strange sense of serenity washed through you as the breath petered out. Thena stiffened beneath your touch and her eyes fluttered, flashing between white and blue, before she lost consciousness completely. It was Gilgamesh’s quick reflexes that kept her from hitting the red dirt beneath you. “What have you done?”
“I…I think I was trying to help.” Why you thought that, you couldn’t tell. Another impulse you didn’t understand but knew how to act on.
Gilgamesh carried Thena into their home and you followed a few a paces behind and the next few hours passed in a strange tension before she woke again. Thena sat up in her small bed, eyes wide and searching, before she reached out to Gilgamesh.
“How are you feeling?” He asked in a soft voice, carefully brushing her blonde hair behind her ear.
It hadn’t been your intention to track down Ikaris. The golden child of Arishem’s Eternals had been burned by you enough, hadn’t he? You could not give him what he desired. But he was a good man, a good soldier. And you had the mind to tell him that when you met him on the coast of the Black Sea as the winter air chased most humans away from the water.
“I thought I’d never see you again.”
You had to chuckle at that. “It’s a small planet, Ikaris, I’m sure we would have run into each other eventually,” you said, turning back to the sea as he stepped to your side. As always, he was warm—so, so warm. But you saw him fidget in the dark sand beside you, something so unlike him. “What is it?”
“I have been obedient to Arishem for…as long as I can remember. I have listened to his commands and those handed down from the Celestials without argument or second thought, thinking I was doing what was right for the universe.” He paused and you felt his eyes press on the side of your face. “And then I learn that I had you at my side this entire time and I…”
The waves crashed and showered you both with a fine mist and you kept your eyes focused on the horizon even though you felt your heart trying to inch its way up your throat.
“I would have done anything you asked of me.” Ikaris whispered your name before slowly grasping your hand in his and you had to shut your eyes to avoid seeing the hope in his own. “I would have betrayed Arishem if you had wanted me to. I would have worshiped you from the beginning, like you deserve. I-”
Carefully, you pulled your hand from his and folded your arms over your chest. “I don’t want to be worshipped and obeyed. I want to be loved. Real, true love.”
“Isn’t that what devotion is? Pure-”
“Ikaris, please.” It was only then that you dared look at him. “I am not the goddess you think I am. I am not the woman you’re meant to love-”
“But I do!”
“You don’t!” You retorted. “I nearly killed you! I could kill you now without thinking and what would the others think? That you left without them? That you lived up to Sprite’s legend and flew yourself into the sun? I am dangerous, Ikaris. And you are a good man; strong and kind to those you love. But I am not the woman you should give your heart to; but let yourself be open here, with the humans-”
He scoffed but you saw tears in his eyes.
“They are capable of great, all-consuming love. True love. Let yourself be happy here, for as long as you are stationed on this little blue planet. Find someone who loves you like you love them.”
“Is that a command?” Ikaris’ tone had the barest trace of warmth in it, letting you know he was teasing.
You reached out and pulled him close to press a final kiss to his cheek with a smile. “Yes, golden one, it is.”
The small package in your hands felt much heavier than its contents as your boots shifted in the sand with each step. You had found it (stolen it) from a pile of ‘discoveries’ left out in the sun by some group of British men who called themselves archaeologists, nearly smashed between broken bits of pottery you remembered watching being formed centuries and centuries ago. You hoped she liked it.
You found your way into the Domo’s mostly-unfamiliar halls and rooms and followed the steady trail of food containers into the main room where Makkari was lounging, sprawled out over a throne you vaguely remembered from some grand palace. A scroll was on her lap and you could tell she was zipping over all of the words with her natural super-speed before she spotted you. The scroll was quickly dropped and she was wrapping you in her arms before you could blink. She was so warm and still fit in between all your curves and edges with her own, slotting right into place.
Hello, Raindrop.
You gave a watery smile and handed over the sloppily-wrapped package, making her arch an eyebrow but she tore through the wrapping anyway. Her near-blinding smile had your heart leaping as she once again engulfed you in a tight hug, the emerald tablet she had been searching for slapping against your back as she held it tightly in her hand. As she pulled back, Makkari held it up to the light to see it sparkle, casting green light over the floor, to admire for a few moments before she set it aside and grasped your hands and led you over to the throne—it was big enough for two, anyway—and made you sit beside her.
Where did you find it?
Some dig sight outside Constantinople. They didn’t know what they had and I remembered you always wanted it so… you folded your hands in your lap with a shrug.
Makkari’s warm hand gently touched your cheek and you saw the pinch of worry between her brows. Tell me, she signed as she pulled back.
And you could deny her nothing. You told her of what had happened in Boston, in Russia, of your conversations with the others, all of it. And Makkari listened patiently through all of it, only shifting in her seat to wipe the tears away that had escaped your eyes.
Let me help you.
How? You asked in return. I’m pretty sure it is almost impossible to kill a Celestial, even for a band of Eternals as smart as you all.
Makkari’s eyes filled up with tears now and she shook her head. I would never kill you—even if you asked. I want to help you. Let me help you.
You sighed and looked at her, noting the gleam in her eyes and how she never took no for an answer when she gave you or anyone else that look.
The moment your feet touched the ground again, you felt your stomach settle. Makkari had carried you across the world to…here. This unfamiliar stretch of trees with thick, sticky air, and the sound of running water somewhere nearby. And while you had been elated to have her that close for that long, you were probably not suited to her speeds.
Makkari must have spotted your confused look as you tried to decipher your surroundings and nudged your shoulder. Don’t you trust me, Raindrop?
To the ends of the Earth, you know this.
She smiled and started to lead you through, down into the jungle that grew thicker with each passing step. You knew she was taking it slow for you and would have probably been at her (your?) destination by now if you hadn’t been slowing her down. But Makkari didn’t seem to mind as she regaled you with stories about her adventures for the past few decades. As you paused to get a bit of water from a tiny waterfall, you felt Makkari’s eyes on your back and turned, wiping a few droplets from your chin.
I looked for you. Every few months, I would pick another part of this world to search and I could never find you.
That was the point, you signed in return. I wanted to keep you safe.
What’s love without a little danger? She asked with a small smile.
You wanted to say something but Makkari kept on. It’s just as well. It was how I found Druig. And now I can visit him whenever I want.
You had to smile at that, despite your racing heart. Druig. You had planned to visit him after Makkari but she had other plans, telling you that Druig could help in a way that the others, herself included, could not. The logic of the argument was sound, you had to admit, but you worried that having them both together, so close, would not bode well for your heart or the ever-tenuous hold you had on your growing power. But you trusted Makkari. You trusted Druig.
Makkari cupped her hands under the fall too and drank the clear, cool water before pressing her wet lips to your cheek. You gave him back to me. And then she turned and ventured back into the jungle, having you scramble to keep up as she smiled over her shoulder with a wink.
Eventually the terrain evened out and you saw the trees start to thin. The soft noises of a saw through a tree, a child laughing, and the scrape of fabric over wood met your ears and you could count the little homes on two hands. It was a commune, of sorts. Everyone was in variations of the same soft apron, trousers, and shirt, and sturdy boots. It was peaceful, almost inhumanly so.
Makkari nudged your shoulder again with another smile as she leaned against a tree, watching the villagers, too. You had arrived, apparently. You watched the small village for a few moments and felt your heart sink with each passing second. It was perfect and peaceful and quiet. It was everything you knew Druig wanted the humans to achieve. Everything he could have given the planet if only he had been allowed to truly use his power.
This was his paradise.
And you were intruding on it, hauling metric tons of danger and noise and desperation. You turned to Makkari, trying to find your resolve. I am sorry I had you drag me here, you signed. I don’t know what I was thinking.
You turned to leave, to walk back out of the village when she caught your hands between hers and shook her head. She raised your hands to her lips and pressed a kiss to your fingers; you instantly sagged at the gentle touch. We have to try. Trust me. Trust us.
She then walked backward, never breaking eye contact with you, into the heart of the village and simply waited. The doors to the largest cabin swung open and out stepped Druig with his usual cocksure stance. There was a slight speed to his step as he spotted Makkari and quickly walked up to her, hands behind his back. “My beautiful Makkari, I thought it would be a few more years until I saw you…” he drifted off, his hands still as well, as Makkari stepped back, revealing you. “Raindrop?”
Against your better judgement, you stepped away from your tree and toward them. It was a little strange, to once again feel their familiar vibrations so in tune with each other, and so close, again. It almost felt like you were walking back into a place you truly called home.
Makkari’s hand squeezed yours as you reached them and you were nearly taken aback by Druig’s gentle touch, too, his fingers trailing along your cheek and down your neck, almost as if testing to see if you were truly there. You leaned into his palm as it cupped your cheek and you closed your eyes with a stilted breath. Yes, they felt like home. And that made it worse. You opened your eyes and curled your arms over your stomach with a grimace as you pulled away from them. “I’m so sorry I came here. I just... I’m scared, Druig.”
He quickly looked to Makkari who was just as quick to explain, saving you the shame of having to do so yourself. You felt his eyes on you as she finished and his boots shoved their way into your line of vision as you stared at the ground. “That’s why you’re here?”
You could only nod before glancing up at him, hoping that you wouldn’t see disgust in his eyes; after all, you were the cause of too much destruction. “Please, Druig,” you said, tears stinging your eyes. “I don’t want to hurt anyone. I don’t want to hurt you. Please, make me stop.” You reached a shaking hand out toward him, curling your fingers around his wrist. When he didn’t move, you chin fell to your chest as you bit back a sob.
“Is this really what you want?” He asked, his voice a low whisper. “You’re our Raindrop. I never want to make you sad.”
You watery laugh was all the answer you gave aside from a nod.
Then Druig’s warm hands gently framed your face and you expected to see the gold glow of his eyes as you looked up but all you saw was blue. His beautiful blue eyes. “We’ll keep you safe. I promise.” And then he kissed you. It was not like that kiss in the trees beyond Tenochtitlan. It did not rob your lungs of air or leave your heart racing. No. This kiss tasted like saltwater as your eyes fluttered shut and it ached with each gentle movement of Druig’s mouth against yours. This was sweet, tangible softness. This was love—and it broke your heart all over again. There was no rush, no hurry. His thumbs gently stroked along your jaw before softly turning your face so he could brush soft kisses across your cheek and down your neck before pressing against your lips again. One last time.
When you opened your eyes again, you were welcomed with a familiar golden glow.
“We’ll take care of you, Raindrop. I promise.”
He didn’t let go of you as he continued to press against the natural guards your mind created and you struggled to let them down. And you curled your hands over his as he gently held your face. You pushed and pushed and pushed, trying to force yourself to feel like it did when you let go, when your power was set free, without hurting him. But you couldn’t. You couldn’t do it. You could only stare into his otherworldly eyes and hope. Makkari pressed herself against your back, wrapping her lithe arms around your waist.
“It’s just me, Raindrop. Let me in,” he said, just as Makkari’s soft lips skimmed the side of your neck.
And that was it. The defenses dropped, simply because he asked and you knew, to the depths of your soul, that you were safe in Makkari’s arms. It felt like a soft pillow was placed over your ears, dampening everything around you and the gold in his eyes grew brighter and brighter until that was all you could see.
“It’s okay now. Go to sleep.”
There were voices in the dark.
“You have fought so hard, young one.”
“You have earned your rest.”
“Your time will come.”
And utterly terrifying.
“How many galaxies will you create, little one?”
For the second time—that you remember—you woke up with dirt in your mouth.
“Hello, Raindrop. It’s time to wake up.”
Your eyes fluttered open and Druig and Makkari were standing over you, blotting out the sun, casting golden halos around their heads.
“Kingo dropped you,” Sprite’s voice came from somewhere to your left, but you could only see Makkari’s smile and Druig’s matching, soft look.
They both extended a hand toward you and helped you stand on surprisingly steady legs. And they both quickly started dusting you off from the dirt and brown-edged foliage. How are you feeling?
“I’m fine.” You paused. “Rested, actually.”
“You’ve been asleep for almost two hundred years, Raindrop,” Druig murmured, his hand brushing a bit of dirt off your cheek. “I’m not going to let you sleep for a long time.”
Makkari nudged his shoulder, a growing smile on her lips.
But the smile quickly vanished with a boom and a crack from the forest and the biggest Deviant you had ever seen charged into the little village. As Thena summoned her golden sword and shield, you stepped forward and simply reached out as the massive creature lunged, its teeth aimed at your neck. The Deviant froze in the middle of air, its obsidian eyes widening just a fraction before you twisted your wrist. A snap echoed against the trees before the Deviant’s lifeless corpse fell at your feet.
You felt Druig nudge your shoulder. “Rested, Raindrop?”
You laughed.
You learned that they woke you after a new wave of Deviants had arrived, appearing almost immediately after Thanos had been defeated. The Deviants now were more intelligent, harder to kill, and more likely to wipe half the population from the Earth than Thanos ever had been.
The question burning the tip of your tongue had been answered by Makkari before you even had the chance to ask after you set out in search of the abundant hives that were now tearing through cities across the world.
Arishem spoke with you while your body was resting. Ajak said he judged the humans through your memories and deemed them worthy.
Worthy? You signed in return. Of what?
“Of you,” Druig answered. “But, truthfully, we probably would have interfered anyway.” He nudged your shoulder with a smirk as he sat on your other side, matching your and Makkari’s seated position of feet dangling over the edge of the so-called Avengers Tower. “We couldn’t have you waking up to half the world gone.”
We love them too much, Makkari finished with a shrug of her shoulders. We protect those we love.
They had protected the humans from Thanos and you from yourself. And they spoke about it as easily as the weather—and it only made you smile. The others were speaking with the ones called Tony Stark and Steven Rogers a few floors down, accompanied by a human Sersi had married named Dane and another human named Margot who had managed to make Ikaris smile and you heard Phastos's husband, Ben, would be attending, too, but you had wanted nothing to do with it after you washed the grime and Deviant blood from your skin. You looked out over the city with its strange sky-scraping glass and metal buildings and the muted din of cars and the millions of people below. You were sure Kingo and Sprite were below, too, entertaining the masses with tales of the battle, just as they had done millennia ago—Sprite was still getting accustomed to the older form of herself and sometimes tripped over her long legs, but she never seemed to hate it, never once told you that your ‘gift’ had been too much for her to handle. She had simply smiled—smiled so much you worried you had accidentally wiped some of her memories but then she called Kingo a moron and eased your mind. A shower of golden sparks was reflected on the building across from you, lighting up the night sky. This century was strange, but you would adapt, as you always did if you had simply trusted yourself.
You briefly wondered if Makkari and Druig knew what they had given you by helping you sleep, by taking the weight of your abilities from your shoulders with their gentle touches. You had woken with your power settled in your marrow, in your control. You were no longer afraid of it—of yourself. You could reach out and touch them without fear and have them touch you in return. And that was exactly what you finally, finally, finally did.
In a dark room with a bed softer than you had ever felt, you pressed Makkari down into the silken sheets and touched and tasted and moved until she was shaking in your hold—and she tasted as beautiful as ever. But you were not done—and neither was Makkari. You both turned your heads to the side to see Druig patiently waiting in the high-backed armchair in the shadow of the room and crooked a finger at him.
The confident smirk on his lips as he shed his leather jacket quickly grew wide as Makkari reached out and grabbed the front of his jeans, hauling him closer to the bed’s edge. And he was just as warm and beautiful as Makkari and you both delighted in the way he took as good as he gave and the soft red hue that colored his cheeks when he was grasping at your hips or sliding between Makkari’s thighs.
It was good. It was perfect.
It had taken you too long to see what they had been offering for centuries. But they loved you anyway.
And the Deviants might have come again, and the battles had just begun, but you would be at their side and they at yours. One day, you might take your place among the stars alongside Arishem, but you knew they would be there with you, too. Eternity was a long time, but you gladly looked forward to it.
A/N: please let me know what you think! Thank you for reading!
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vintage-marina · 5 months ago
Why didn't you? Drukkari x blackwidow!reader
Tumblr media
Pt. 2
Okay i didn't got the time to watch Eternals but i had an idea in my head that I can't get out. Basically Druig, Makkari and you are in a relationship, after you met their family and they told you what they were and what their purpose is, you can't help but to be bitter.
This is an black widow!reader be warned for the following trigger/content warnings: The red room, swearing, death, grief
wordcount: 999 words
That was the only word anyone could describe about you. You sat between Druig and Makkari, you could feel their eyes drilling on you. Your smile was turned into a frown.
Their whole family went silent after you asked Ikaris what he meant.
''What do you mean by that?'' Coldness rolled out of your tongue, a hollowness found your body that you gladly welcomed again after it lost his way when you were rescued out of the Red Room and your eyes lost the dimmed sparkle. Out of the corners of your eyes you saw that Druig and Makkari were looking at each other in worry.
A small grin formed on his face, but Sersi looked at her lover with a hint of disapointment.
The realisation hit you after a few seconds, you didn't know you were tensed up until Makkari softened the frown on your face and Druig laid a hand on you shoulder.
''Don't touch me,'' you spoke and signed. Somewhere in the distance it sounded like a warning, a faint call to do not do it again or harm will come to you.
''My love,''
''My sweet, sweet Y/N.''
They began whispering your nicknames, trying to avert a fight. But it was hurt that you felt, anger, grief, sadness and betrayal. You couldn't hold it in anymore, no human can.
How could they betray you like that? Your lovers, how could they do that?
You stared at the carpet of someone's house, that you couldn't remember the name. Druig and Makkari's sussing fell on deaf ears.
They called themselves the Eternals, were around 7000 years old, had powers. Powers to let the world flourish, to stop harm, to stop meaningless wars and to stop the Red Room, Hydra and Thanos. They had all the resources, they could have done it. But why didn't they do it? Did they wanted it to happen?
Lowly you spoke after regaining your voice.
''What why, Y/N?'' It was Druig who said it, while Makkari took your balled fist, preyed it open and gave a little kiss on the knuckles on your hand.
You closed your eyes for a few seconds only to be met with the green lively eyes of Natasha.
A wave of grief crashes over you, you were sure Druig could feel/hear or how the fuck it would work your emotions. You opened your E/C eyes and were met with watery eyes.
Druig and Makkari wanted to see your face, what was going on in your mind, why you were acting so odd. But you didn't budge, you shutted yourself out, from them from the other Eternals. A coping mechanism that you quickly learned in the Red Room.
"What she meant is why we wouldn't do anything, is that right?''
You tilted your face to the right to see the face of the voice, it was Phastos. You hummed in agreement.
A soft oh escaped the lips of the Eternals.
''It's because we were told to not to intervere, Y/N.'' It was Makkari who explained it to you, but you didn't want to hear it.
''Stop,'' you signed to her. ''I don't want to hear any of this.''
Your gaze fell on Druig and the rest of their family, well 'family' Druig wouldn't call them family.
''All of you- '' your voice cracked and you snatched out your hand out of Makkari's to wipe away a stray tear. ''All of you had a choice to help the people on my planet and you didn't.'' You took a shaky breath. ''You didn't and now they are dead, because of you.''
The Eternals erupted into a defensive roar, trying to apologise, to give excuses for what they did. A flash of hot white clouded your vision and you let your tears freely fall.
What they did was inhumane, cruel. They could have saved you, saved your childhood, saved your innocence, saved your Natalia.
Your heart was broken in millions ways that even Druig and Makkari couldn't fix, maybe not even you.
Natasha, the brave, brave Natasha, your sister. Only her you could think about. Flashes of Yelena, Natasha, you, mama and papa were running through.
''Yelena, Natalia-sha help! Help!'' A cry for help came out of your mouth after papa decided to pester you. He tickled your sides while you were kicking him to let you go. A few seconds went by and Natasha flew on papa's back while Yelena poked in his rib. Your hysteric laughing ebbed away and quickly you runned to mama.
The wooden swords were clanking against eachother. You three were in the backyard playing pirate.
'"Watch out because I, the most feared pirate in the whole world is going to destroy the both of you!'' Natasha's green eyes widend to gave her character some flair. You side eyed Yelena, a silence agreement to take the most feared pirate down.
''You're going down pirate!''
Both you and Yelena runned to Natasha to tackle her.
You three pushed your head against eachother, in the background you could hear sirencs and the engines of cars.
''You should go away, they are looking for me.'' Natasha spoke to you two in Russian. You already knew who she was talking about. The four of you flew away in a helicopter and you saw that Natasha was arrested by some man called Ross.
''You killed her,'' you swung your arms around. ''You killed her,'' your voice was raw. ''And now she's dead.''
A soft who, you could hear.
Makkari and Druig pushed you slowly to the couch and kneeled before you both cupping a cheek.
''Who Y/N?'' They ignored your insults, knowing that they came out of a dark place. A place that you hid them away from.
''If you can't talk it's okay, you can show me.'' His Irish accent was filled with desperation.
''No, don't. I don't want to be mind controlled again, ever.''
Mentally and psychical you felt exhausted.
Makkari read your lips and stroked your cheek signing that it would be okay. Worry streamed through her veins and she took Druig's hand to calm herself. It looked like Druig needed it too.
''My sister,'' you said in a low whisper.
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anxious-queerboi · 5 months ago
what about a druig x makkari x male reader where the reader has mahd wy'ry and makkari said she would stay with him and take care of him on the ship. so druig meets the reader again he gets emotional about seeing him again. also maybe write a bit about the time makkari and the reader spent together, this made more sense in my head than it does when i write it out now but yeah.
"Druig, stop-," (M/N) said as he laid a hand on his shoulder, a headache spanning the entire front of his head as emotions from all of the Eternals and the civilians in Tenochtitlan below filtered into his mind. Druig's frustration and love and all of his emotions were amplified to him as soon as he touched the other man, the second emotion increasing a small bit as he turned to look (M/N) in the eye, Makkari standing close behind the smaller man.
He had a mental break at the same time as Thena, and they had fought against each other with the other Eternals trying to stop them in their madness. The moment after Thena had injured Makkari, it had been over - with (M/N)'s power pushing out of him and looping around Thena's throat as he threw the other Eternal to the ground, golden strands nearly decapitating her before Druig spoke from the sidelines - making (M/N)'s hazy brain click back into place and soon after falling to the ground in exhaustion.
After returning back to consciousness, (M/N) had immediately felt Ajak's reassurance and underlying anxiety and Druig's corresponding anger and reluctance. He hadn't even heard what they were speaking of, but he knew he had to step in to do something. With Makkari's help to stand, he'd stopped Druig momentarily with two words and a hand on the man's shoulder.
Then, Druig worked his jaw and the frustration in his heart won out, shaking off his lover's hand and trying to ignore the heartbreak that the other man and Makkari radiated with the movement. "You can either stay with them or you can come with me, and help these humans go without war and famine, and insanity," Druig growled and walked back through the opening in the room, stopping for a moment as Makkari quickly ran around him and stood in front of him.
Don't leave us! She signed with furrowed eyebrows and tears in her eyes. (M/N)'s own eyes watered with a combination of his own pain as well as Makkari's and Druig's own, underneath his rage.
He couldn't see what Druig mouthed back to Makkari, but he did feel the combination of hope and devastation that racked through Makkari's heart before Druig moved past her and led the population out of the city with the other Eternals watching on in a mixture of sadness, confusion, and horror.
They all split off. Makkari took it on as her job to guard the ship, and to look over (M/N) to make sure he didn't hurt himself or others if he ever had another breakdown. The others went on their own, sometimes visiting if they needed something, but (M/N)'s heart broke into as many pieces as their family.
It took over a century before his mind stabilized to a point where he didn't become a possessive, angry guard of Makkari anytime he was reminded of the other Eternals. And, to where he didn't shut down anytime he thought of their third partner. Makkari understood that he was taking it harder due to him feeling the combination of both of their hurt and Druig's through the underlying mental bond that the three of them had established back in 500 AD.
Once his mental state was stable for the most part, Makkari began running around once again, as she did before they all split, collecting items from across the globe - including some very horrible junk food that the Americans created in the 1900s. Most of the time that Makkari was out, (M/N) meditated and drew out half-images that had plagued his dreams for many centuries.
When Makkari returned to the Domo after a day or two of visiting the humans and checking on them or "borrowing" artifacts, she would bring (M/N) out of his mind and they would eat together, side by side on a comfortable couch that Phastos had created for them before he had left in the mid-1940s. Altogether, Makkari and (M/N) were the only two that consistently occupied the Domo, so they tended to share a lot of affection with each other, trying to ignore the empty feeling in their hearts that Druig had left - sometimes by having long sexual activities that occupied days at a time.
So, when Sersi arrived with almost all of the other Eternals in tow, the suddenness of multiple persons' emotions flooding the Domo caused (M/N)'s mind to break for the first time in centuries. He could feel the massive turmoil and sense of foreboding from one person in particular, and his mind had decided in its fractured state that that person was a threat.
He was silent next to Makkari's throne, glaring out into the hallway with glossy white eyes. His lover had yet to notice his change, or the switch in demeanor, as she flipped through Silent Spring in her seated position. As the steps grew closer, Makkari finally looked up at the vibrations as their fellow Eternals emerged from the darkness of the hallway.
Sersi smiled at her before recognizing the Mahd Wy'ry that had overtaken (M/N) and her face fell, fright freezing her in place as the rest of the Eternals voiced their confusion behind her. "(M/N)," Sersi spoke with worry wrought in her tone, taking a tentative step forward. Makkari realized with the body language of her fellow Eternal that something was wrong, and she saw her lover's name fall out of Sersi's mouth.
She turned and rested a hand on (M/N)'s shoulder, knowing that he wouldn't hurt her. The man made no acknowledgement of her trying to get him to turn to her. Instead, he stepped forward, putting himself in between her and the rest of them. Makkari grew even more worried with the defensive stance, knowing that (M/N) was aware of some sort of threat among the rest, and that usually that was a valid threat when he broke down like that.
Move slowly, spread out. Makkari signed quickly, taking her hand off of (M/N)'s shoulder to communicate before putting it right back where it was - a grounding mechanism that usually helped (M/N) to stabilize. It didn't seem to be helping at the moment, but Makkari thought it was better than nothing, as the Eternals spread out along the walls of the Domo, the speedster tracking (M/N)'s head to see where he would look, what the threat may be.
She withheld her hopeful disbelief at seeing Druig emerging from the hallway as well, instead, acknowledging him with a nod before they all stopped moving. She knew what the threat was now. But without being able to communicate with (M/N) - he kept moving in front of her anytime she tried to get around him - she couldn't ground him and bring him back.
Her stress showed on her face as she searched out Druig with a pleading look, signing once again, Talk to him.
Druig looked hesitant for a moment, eyeing (M/N) and his intent tracking of Ikaris in the room. He hadn't attacked yet, so he could hope that (M/N) was still fighting to get back control of his brain. He finally spoke when Makkari signed a desperate 'Please'.
"(M/N)," He spoke firmly, and it was almost a miracle the way that (M/N)'s defensive stance loosened and his still-whitened eyes flicked over to Druig's stance against the wall. Druig breathed through his nose, not exactly wanting to show off (M/N)'s weaknesses to the other Eternals, especially Ikaris who had seemed off the entire time.
"I'm back, Makkari and I are here for you. We can defend ourselves, remember? You don't need to defend us from him," Druig said as he began walking up to (M/N), the other man not making any movement to stop him as Druig lifted his hand to cup (M/N)'s jaw.
The touch and the flood of affectionate feelings from Druig brought (M/N) back to the present, white flooding back to the sides' of his eyes, showing his (E/C) irises. "Druig?" He spoke softly, lifting his hand to touch the back of the one holding his cheek. Makkari's steady presence behind him helped to stabilize him as he looked up into the mind-bender's eyes.
"I'm here- we're both here, (M/N)," Druig murmured to him, eyes flicking to the relieved Makkari behind him. "You worried me," He said with a dry chuckle, knowing that despite his mask of indifference, (M/N) would be able to feel the emotions bubbling up inside him.
"Wait- when did this happen?" Kingo's voice erupted from behind them, bringing the three of them back to the situation at hand.
Druig breathed out an irritated sigh, sending a rush of loving emotions through his bond with the other two before turning around, moving to the other man's side, Makkari moving to (M/N)'s other side as well.
"It doesn't matter right now. At the moment, we need to talk about the Emergence," Sersi said before informing the last two of the situation and the death of Ajak and Gilgamesh, and what they needed to do.
ahh i don't think this was my best work, but if anyone wants a second part of life on the ship with Makkari (plus nsfw) and after everything of life on the ship with Thena, Makkari, and Druig (aka softness and plus nsfw maybe?) anyway just lemme know by sending in an ask if yall want that! :)
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sorrenthesonnetwriter · 5 months ago
Imagine a drukkari x gn!reader where they're together and happy but slowly over time the reader notices that there's more and more distance between them and drukkari; that they're not as affectionate or like how they used to be.
And neither Makkari or Druig notice until Kingo (or anyone really) mentions that he hasn't seen the reader around the two for decades and asks when they broke up. Only to receive prolonged silence from the two who have finally realised their neglect in maintaining a healthy relationship with their other partner.
I get that this doesn't completely align with their characters but I've made myself extremely sad.
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the betrayed
request: hello! im the anon that read your one shot ‘you don’t know me’ and has formulated a request based on that! drukkari x daughter!reader maybe ? 😚 so, like your other one shot, she was a former widow, who was one of nat and yelena’s sisters in ohio. so after they take down the red room, she’s now on the run with nat, steve and sam when they get an unexpected call from tony, saying that it’s urgent. so when they get to the compound, the eternals are waiting there and they ask her to help stop the emergence (maybe it takes place a little earlier here), and they tell her that she’s their kid. and she and all the avengers start to get mad because, where the hell were they when she got trafficked into the red room and where the hell were they during other calamities and whatnot. that’s it. thank you. it’s quite similar to the plot of your other one shot, but i really liked it so. 🤷🏻‍♀️😍
a/n: oh joy ! writing the avengers again. my god, i’ve kinda missed them and missed writing them. so let’s see how i manage to do it, if i’m any good at it. these nice dynamics omg bless. yes, the emergence is happening before the events of infinity war and endgame, it will be interesting. i’ve wanted to write bw!nat for so long, and black widow in general, my god, that movie means the world to me. i really say that about every mcu movie, don’t i… hehe. also pls excuse the title, it sounds cliché but i took it from the black widow soundtrack (i listened to it while writing this!!) so, happy reading!
my paypal (would be much appreciated since i’m saving up for uni next year :))
mcu masterlist
word count: 4.1k
warnings: angst, mentions of dreykov, the widows
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Sitting beside Nat in that salvaged, kind-of borrowed Avengers jet that Mason got them, after all that fiasco with Ross and destroying the Red Room and Dreykov, feels like a fresh breath. Y/N feels like she could actually breathe for the first time in a while. She didn’t know for how long her breath was being held, exactly, but it was quite a while. And it felt good to get her lungs working again.
Reuniting with Steve was a relief as well—Y/N had learnt to trust the man. Maybe not yet with her life, but that kind of trust is on the way. He’s been supportive and not too invading towards her ever since she met him a few years ago that now feel already a much longer time. With Nat’s help and them both being in the same boat, the Avengers became Y/N's family as much as it did Nat’s. Course, she has her unstable made-up family of former Russian spies, but really—who’s to say the Avengers are any more stable than Melina, Alexei and Yelena? They’re just as broken up inside and now, on the outside, too.
It broke Y/N’s heart that her new-found family had fallen apart because of political reasons, and so quickly, too. She’d never expected this family to dissipate. She didn’t want to join either of the sides and tried to stay out of it all until she couldn’t anymore. She didn’t want to hurt any of her teammates, physically or emotionally. So, as a spy knows best how to, she hid away from her friends and public attention and reunited with Nat after half the team was put in prison.
And now that they have Steve back, now that the horror of the Red Room has been ended, they can break some of the team out of prison. Steve had a plan, and they stuck by it and everything went as smooth as butter. Only the team wasn’t intending on staying together. Clint said he didn’t want anything to do with this anymore—or at least for a while—and said he’ll lay low. Scott Lang was just grateful to be broken out of prison by the same man who asked for his help—he could barely shut up on the jet. Wanda wanted to be with Vision, and Sam said he had nowhere to go, really, except to stick with the team. Whatever’s left of them now, anyway.
So Y/N, Nat, Sam and Steve stayed together. On the run from the law and every known authority of the world, only having the used jet at their disposal, but they’ve made do of it for now. King T’Challa has been generous enough with his resources and technologies—the amount that the Avengers chose to take, that is, being as noble as they are—and so they’ve survived for the last few months on the run. It hasn’t felt any different to Y/N than her life was before. She was always running from something or someone, she just didn’t know if that was enemies, Dreykov or herself.
One thing she really wants to do with the time she’s given now is find her real, biological parents. Now that she’s found out that Alexei and Melina were just hoax-parents for a good cover, she knows her real ones are out in the world somewhere. At least Melina didn’t tell her they’d died, she sort-of dodged the question. Sadly, Y/N knows that Natasha’s mother was silenced by Dreykov quite a while ago already, and she hopes it’s not the same case for her own parents. She’s always wanted to know why she’s wrapped up by golden flicker-flames when she’s running, and why she can run and move faster than anyone she’s seen—even Nat—, and why her eyes glow a bright amber when her emotions are heightened. She’s been a mystery to herself and others since her broken childhood.
Y/N knows her parents are either magicians like Dr Strange, or they or she herself was experimented on when she was a child, like Wanda and her lost twin, or maybe her parents had extremely interesting abilities. Whoever or whatever they are, even with Nat’s knowledge and help, and with the jet’s never-ending database and search tools, they’re nowhere to be found. She’s tried a DNA test before, in Tony’s lab, but the results were inconclusive – that’s how he put it. Though Y/N wasn’t sure he was telling her everything at his disposal.
During their journey to another empty wasteland of the world with, hopefully, good views and some food, Sam, Steve, Natasha and Y/N receive a call to their jet’s communication system. They give each other strange glances, as this is a very much unexpected thing, especially during a time when they’re running from every- and anyone that knows how to contact them, and should definitely avoid calls. So they stay quiet and wait for the call to drop as they still look at each other and try to think of who could be calling. Only someone that has their communication system links. Wanda, Vision, Rhodes… No one else really.
“I know at least one of you is there,” a voice cuts through in the midst of the call still ringing, a voice they weren’t expecting at all, or at least were expecting the least of all. The team’s eyebrows and heads raise in surprise and they look at each other again, “come on, pick up! I know we’re… having a break-up at the moment, but I need your nomad opinion on something.” Tony speaks clear as day into their ears.
“Should we pick up?” Y/N looks to Nat with unsure eyes. She shrugs, and Y/N knows how Tony offended her the last time they spoke. She sighs courtly.
“Come on, I’m really having a crisis over here,” Tony almost whines, “there’s some weird people here that I don’t know if I can trust. Well, they look human, but I don’t think they are—but they say they know Y/N.” Her eyes grow to the size of dinner plates, and the trio look at her with shared confusion. “They say it’s very important… something about the end of our world…” Tony sighs, “just come. To the compound, please. You’re the only ones that can help.”
Silence settles upon the jet’s interior as every teammate thinks about what they should choose to do. Tony keeps quiet, uncharacteristically giving them some silence to make up their minds. Y/N just slumps into her seat. They say they know Y/N. Weird people. Could they know Y/N? How could they know her? No one knows her—hopefully—she doesn’t have any friends, any family. But wait—
“We’ll be there soon,” Steve picks up the call and answers Tony without consulting the others. But they don’t disagree with his view—if Tony says it’s urgent, it must be. No matter how pissed they are at him, or how upset he is with them. Some weird people at the compound… How did they get in in the first place? Why there? The end of the world? Steve looks at his team after hanging up that short call and sighs quietly, “let’s just see what’s going on over there. Decide the niceties and apologise later.” He huffs and walks to the captain’s corner of the plane.
The others agree in silence and settle in their seats. Sam, though, walks to their equipment room, thinking a fight might go down in the worst-case scenario. Natasha wants to do the same, but she sees how distraught and out-of-touch Y/N is, so she walks over and sits right next to her. “Who could they be—friends from our Ohio neighborhood?” She attempts a joke with a small smile playing on her lips as she looks at Y/N. She can only give her sister a half-smile back, and then she shakes her head.
“I have no idea,” she answers, “I don’t have any friends. And what Tony said about them…” she shakes her head again, “they look human, but he doesn’t think they are… what in the hell?” Y/N rubs her hands over her face, her elbows now rested atop her knees as she’s leaned forward with the top portion of her body. She glances at Nat over her shoulder. “Are you sure that was all of the Red Room that we destroyed?” Her eyes hold genuine worry. “I mean… what if it’s them again?”
Natasha’s heart breaks at Y/N’s words, even though she’s voiced the small fear that’s been festering inside Nat for these past months, too, she just doesn’t want to admit it. Natasha moves her hand comfortingly along Y/N’s back and Y/N immediately leans upward and into Nat’s hold, where she wraps her arms around the younger girl, embracing her sweetly. “I’m sure,” she says, “of course, there are still conditioned widows around the world, but if that was them coming after us, Tony wouldn’t be making the call.” Natasha elaborates. “There’d be no one alive at the compound. You know that. You know how we used to work.”
Y/N nods. “Then I really don’t know who it could be,” she says, “I mean, if my parents left me or if I was taken from them and my name got changed, how would they even know where to look for me? How would they know how I look or-or what’ s my name? I doubt it’s them.”
“You have told me you think they might be… not entirely human,” Natasha points out, “what with your glowing eyes and really fast running. You could even outrun Pietro.” She says and utters a quiet laugh. Y/N smiles to that and nods. “Neither of that could have come out of the Red Room. Those weird things you inherited.” Y/N sighs and then sits up straight against the wall, making Nat’s hands fall into her lap as they now sit side by side. Natasha moves Y/N’s hair strands away from her face, and still notes the far-away look in the girl’s eyes. “Want me to do your hair before we land?” She suggests, knowing something that always manages to make her feel better. Y/N turns her head to see Nat and then nods with her head, a soft smile now on her lips. Natasha smiles wider, “okay, let’s go to the bathroom, the lighting’s the best there.” She stands up and extends her hand toward Y/N, who gladly takes it and rises with her.
As they sit in the jet’s bathroom, facing themselves in the mirror, the old lullaby comes into Natasha’s mind. She starts humming it as her fingers thread through Y/N’s hair, grouping strands up and then forming them into beautiful braids around her head. Natasha thinks of Yelena as she starts making the hairstyle, she tries to replicate the hairstyle Yelena had during their Red Room mission. She misses Yelena, and no doubt Y/N misses her, too. She begins to sing to Natasha’s humming, it now serves as the setting tone for the song.
“Сияай прощальный свет,” Y/N sings, “тот свет любви последней.”
Natasha smiles and decides to sing, too. “Полнеба обхватила зари вечерней тень.”
“Лишь там на западе бродит сияние,” they sing together and smiles adorn both their beautiful faces. The girls’ eyes connect in the mirror’s reflection and sisterly love for each other passes through them simultaneously. “Последная любовь...” Y/N wraps her arms around Natasha’s waist and locks them there, and Natasha grins, knowing how much Y/N adores physical touch and how it’s her love language. Platonic love language for sure, romantic – she’s yet to find that out. Perhaps it will be different once she meets someone she has romantic feelings towards.
“We’re landing!” Sam’s voice comes from the hall and the girls tense up a bit, Natasha having to finish the braids in a rush now.
“Just coming!” Y/N lets Sam know as Nat hurriedly braids the very ends of her hair and tucks them with pins into a crown around Y/N’s head. The hairstyle looks just like Yelena’s, and Y/N notices that, “thanks. I love this.” She tells Nat and gives her a quick side hug before they’re rushing out of the bathroom for the equipment room, where their combat-ready suits lay for them to wear.
The four nomad Avengers stand by the windows as they land on autopilot, and they see Tony standing in full armour in the corner of the landing field, just by the entrance door to the compound. Part of Y/N suspects that Tony just wants to lure them into the hands of authorities with this distress call, and, knowing him, that might be the case. After what Tony did to Steve’s best friend, and how he immediately treated Steve and everyone else like an enemy because of a disagreement, Y/N doesn’t trust the man very much. And what Nat said he’d told her right before she disappeared off the radar, Y/N doesn’t like him very much, either.
The team makes their way out of the jet silently and cautiously, though still trying to keep up with the intimidating nature they know they possess effortlessly. It’s only Tony, but it might not be. He knows what these four are capable of, they have no reason to intimidate him more. And yet, because of what’s happened between them, Tony knows they might not like him or trust him now. But he also knows that this matter exceeds any quarrels or their personal relationships. As the strange visitors put it, they have less than two days to save the entire planet Earth.
Tony takes off his head cover as the team of four near him, and the look of worry is the clearest look of all on his face. Sure, there’s doubt and fear, but worry has the brightest colour. Steve is the most forward one of the four, stepping closer to Tony than anyone else. The other three just give him doubtful and paranoid looks. Mistrust. Tony sighs, knowing he deserves it, but shakes Steve’s hand. “Cap,” he says with a nod, looking into the man’s eyes, “good to see you. Thought I might never have that chance again.”
Steve gives him the ghost of a smile. A lot is on the man’s shoulders, a lot has happened between him and Tony, but he still maintains a bright attitude and his usual kind nature. He just does so effortlessly. “Thought you’d never want to see me again,” Steve admits, and Tony chuckles to that sadly, “look, I’ll be honest here—none of us know if we can trust you.”
“I know, I know,” Tony nods, looking the others and their stares of mistrust over again, “hey, guys.” He raises a hand in greeting to them, but only Sam returns it. The women aren’t fond of him—not the first time in his life, but definitely one of the first—and so Tony settles back. “I won’t tell anyone you were here – I promise. Cross my heart and hope to die.” He puts a hand over his iron chest. Y/N sighs.
“We’ll get out before they come, anyway,” Natasha tells him, a glint of mischief in her eyes and voice. Y/N grins to that, knowing Nat is right. Tony smiles, realising that same thing.
“Where’s the trouble?” Steve inquires.
“Oh, you mean our humanoid guests?” Tony clarifies. Truth be told, he’d forgot about them entirely from the moment he saw Steve and the others. “They’re inside, let’s go.” He turns his back to the team of four and leads them inside. Natasha and Y/N still exchange looks of mistrust between themselves, but follow along. Tony leads them across the upper level of weapons and experiment halls and rooms, and Y/N and the others can see the group of people Tony mentioned in the great hall below, on level one. There’s… eight of them. Too many at first glance, but Y/N isn’t close enough yet to see what they look like and if she could know them. She doubts she does.
As the team descends the stairs to below, Tony steps back and only restarts walking down once he’s side by side with Y/N. She gives him a half paranoid, half angry glance, but makes no protest. “They said they knew me?” She asks him quietly and Tony nods.
“That’s why I plan on introducing you first.” He admits and Y/N raises her eyebrows. She hates open and public attention on herself, but this could be something important, so she guesses that Tony has made the right decision. The group of five reach the floor of level one and face the group of eight in front of them. These people have strange clothes on, Y/N notes that first of all, and each have their own colours. They really do look human. “Come on,” Tony gently nods with his head towards the left tail of the group, and Y/N walks over there by his side. “This is Y/N. You said you know her.” Tony says to two people standing in an embrace with each other. Their faces turn towards Y/N, looks of worry and fear filling their eyes, as well as tears.
By seeing the woman’s face, Y/N gets a strong feeling of deja-vu. Though not really deja-vu, more like familiarity and… recognition. But she just looks at the couple with wide, confused eyes. They don’t look much older than herself. Who are they? Why are they looking at me like this? “How do you know me?” She inquires in a quiet, but sure voice. Her arms are crossed over her chest in a pretzel to avoid picking at her fingers and therefore showing a clear sign of anxiety. This could all very well be just a circus act, and they could have SWAT clothes and equipment under all those weird robes.
“Well, there’s no easy way to say this, but,” the man starts to say, and he chews on his lip in clear anxiety, “I’m Druig. And this is Makkari,” he looks down to the woman in his arms, and she signs words with her hands. What surprises Y/N the most is that she immediately knows what the woman is saying. Hello, Y/N. She looks at her with confused eyes still, but then finds her hands signing a greeting towards Makkari, too. That surprises her even more. The man Druig smiles sadly, Y/N notices, at that gesture, “and we’re your parents.”
Now that sets her a couple steps back. Her head gets dizzy and she grabs onto the first thing closest to her, which happens to be Tony in his iron suit. He holds the woman and helps her steady herself. Tony looks at her to see what’s going on emotion-wise, and sees her eyes starting to glow a bright gold. That shocks the acclaimed parents, too, they each let out a gasp. Y/N looks at them once she’s steady enough again, and her stare is just fury. She doesn’t yet know why she’s angry. “How can that be?” She asks as she’s still in her state of disbelief, but she’s tipping over already. “Prove it.”
Druig sighs, his face nothing but sadness. Then he looks at her, and Y/N sees his blue eyes turned to the gold orbs she very well recognises every day in the mirror. And suddenly, in her mind it seems, she sees the man Druig with the woman Makkari, dressed differently though looking the same age as they do now, standing with a tiny ball of wrapped up clothes in their hands before a building stretching tall into the sky, its entrance door large, high and intimidating.
It seems they are to make a choice. And though it very visibly breaks their heart to do so, they make it. They leave the tiny ball right in front of the door, and with a closer look Y/N sees through Druig’s eyes that the tiny ball is just a tiny baby. Without asking she knows that it’s her, herself, wrapped up in clothes and fabrics to be protected from the outside weather. And now that she takes in how the building looks, she recognises it. The orphanage. The one she grew up in, and was later stolen from.
She doesn’t know how she saw those short moments, but as she blinks her eyes open, they’re gone and she’s seeing Druig and Makkari in front of her again, clear as day, in the here and now. Y/N doesn’t know what to think, what to believe, what to feel. If they really are her parents, then who are they, why did they leave her in the orphanage, where have they been all this time, do they know what happened to Y/N after they left her there? She finally looks into their eyes again.
“Who are you?” She manages to push out amidst all the other questions she wants to ask. She stands side by side with Tony now, but she knows her nomad group is close by, because she heard their footsteps coming closer.
“We’re Eternals,” Druig says, “we’ve been on Earth ever since its creation, watching over humanity and protecting them from certain… dangerous creatures.” He says not very convincingly, though Y/N can tell he’s telling the truth. “Though now it turns out to have just been a mission to collect as much human life as is needed for the planet to be destroyed. We’ve been fooled by our superior all this time, and we need your help.”
“See?” Tony whispers. “Told you it’s about the end of the world.” Y/N just gives him a glance before crossing her arms over her chest and looking suspiciously at Makkari and Druig.
My help? “Wait, so,” Y/N starts to say to get everything clearer, “you’ve been here for seven thousand years.” She says. “You’re seven thousand years old.” She states and the couple nods. “And apparently, you have magical powers. All of you, right?” Y/N looks around at the rest of the group of strangers, and they nod. That would explain why she herself has these weird abilities. She can’t believe this. “So…” she utters a dry chuckle, “why are you here now?” She looks back at Druig and Makkari. “Why are you here? Just to say hi? To tell us the world is ending while you haven’t helped in the least all the other times it was coming to an end?”
She didn’t expect anything more than she gets – the whole group being silent. “Yeah, we could have used your help against Loki and the aliens in New York.” Tony backs Y/N up, feeling frustrated by the news he’s received, as well.
“Or against Nazis in the 1940s.” Steve points out, his hand supportively resting on Y/N's shoulder. Makkari and Druig both see how this family—from afar not looking like one at all—Y/N has found is so protective over her.
“Or against Dreykov and his network of widows, who are girls trained to be assassins from a small age?” Y/N says and her voice reeks of disgust. Tears pool her eyes. “If you’re really my parents, why did you leave me at that place? Do you have any idea what happened to me?” Her lip begins to quiver and her voice shakes. She can’t keep her anger locked away anymore. “Why have you stood by all this time and just watched, knowing everything that happens in the world? Genocide, death, wars, little girls turned into assassins, people turned into monsters, thousands and millions of lives lost to pointless wars and disagreements?”
The desperate cries and voices of people under the rubble both in New York and Sokovia still ring in her ears as Y/N watches Druig and Makkari’s faces for any kind of answer. But she only sees sadness, regret, resentment towards themselves and their decisions. They’re folding into themselves because of this rightful outlash of a reaction, and it seems a part of them anticipated this kind of attitude from Y/N. They both know they did wrong, and have pulled themselves back from intervening in human affairs all this time. And they have many reasons for that, they just… want to let Y/N take her anger out. It feels better, it always does, even if it’s on them this time.
“I can’t do this,” Y/N raises her hands up in defeat, her eyes still glowing bright gold in her anguish, and she turns around and stomps away before anyone can say a word to her. Natasha gives her supposed parents a short glance that says much more than words would, and walks after Y/N. She affectionately lays her arm around Y/N’s shoulders and pulls her into a side embrace as they continue to walk further away from the group, into the depths of the Avengers compound. Hand in hand. Sisters.
permanent tag-list: @hallecarey1​​​​​ @gabiatthedisco​​​​​​ @v0idbella​​​​​ @ur-gunna-h8-ths​ s​​​​​@betweenloveandfire​​​​​ @but-legendsneverdie​​​​​​ @rottenstyx​​​​​ @deardeacy​​​​​ @mavieesttriste16​​​​ @intrrverted​​​​ @the-freak-cassie-131​​​​  @beverlyparkerr​​​​  @gasbomb69​​​​ @xoxobabydolls​​
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would you be interested in being on my druig / mcu / eternals tag-list? let me know!
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lonely-ghost-daddy · 6 months ago
me waiting for druig x makkari x reader fics like
Tumblr media
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prince-septimus · 6 months ago
#10 for touching & #24 for hugs with drukkari?
spooning at night & hugging with height difference w/ druig & makkari
The idea of being alone had never occurred to you when you were first realized into existence. Being born into an Eternal meant you would literally never have to be alone.
And then Thena got sick, and everyone went away.
The same people you had spent thousands of years with had gone on to do their own thing, and like a loyal soldier, you followed their lead and made a life for yourself among the humans.
You ached, though, and missed them.
“Stop getting lost in your own thoughts,” Druig tells you quietly, and you frown.
“Stay out of my head.”
“I don’t need to be in your head to know you’re thinking too much.”
You look up at him. The room is dim, but his outline is clear where he stands at the side of the couch, his hand outstretched for you to grab.
“Come on, she’s already asleep.”
The ship had grown quiet a while ago, with only you, Druig, and Makkari lingering awake as you rediscovered each other.
Tiamut was dead, Ikaris was gone, and you should be happy.
You let out a grunt when Druig uses the hand you’ve placed in his to pull you up and into his arms, pulling you against his chest and placing his arms around you.
“You’ve got us back,” he tells you softly, leaning his head down to brush his lips against the shell of your ear. “No more worries.”
You knew you would still worry – about what might come next, about what might happen to the family you have left – but you know Druig is right, and you let him press a kiss to the top of your head before leading you towards the bedroom.
Makkari lays on one side of the bed, her chest moving up and down with the weight of her respiration. You smile at the sight, a small sign of innocence in your otherwise chaotic and messy world.
Druig uses your hand to guide you to the opposite side, motioning for you to climb in first before he follows. You press yourself against Makkari’s back, putting an arm across her waist and pulling her against you. Even asleep, Makkari leans into your touch just as Druig does the same behind you, pressing himself against your back and holding you close.
Maybe the end of the world is inevitable and bound to happen no matter what you and the others do, but at least you have these two, right here, in this moment.
send me a touches ask!
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dragon-baron · 5 months ago
Our love | Drukkari
Tumblr media
Pairing: Drukkari x reader
Gender neutral reader
Requested by anon
It was something they had wanted from the start, but didn't know if it was something you wanted.
Makkari and Druig always had this special bond. A love that meant more than anything, but they had more to give, and it was reserved. Reserved for you.
However, you were so distant.
Makkari had spent countless days over the years watching you with a yearning desire. Druig would always be there to calm her racing mind when her emotions became too much.
I want them. So much.
Druig kisses her forehead and closes his eyes.
"Me too."
Druig watched you. You, with your warm heart and wonderful mind. You, with your brilliant smile and sunny attitude. You, who made everyone feel welcome and loved.
He loves you. Dearly.
Makkari loves you. So very very much.
They want to show you, but you remain so far away. You keep them at them at arms length, always polite, but never letting them in too close.
They yearn for you on the daily.
I wish they would let us in.
Druig nods subtly, hoping that maybe he can show what they're feeling. If you really don't feel the same way, then he will make sure you know that's OK, they just really had to tell you.
You see them holding hands, hugging, kissing, laughing, smiling, talking. They have something you wish you had, but cannot.
Makkari and Druig were practically made for one another. Their bond was unlike anything you had ever seen among humans. You would go as far as to say they're soulmates. They're the definition of the word.
Everytime you saw them being cute and showing their love for one another, your heart broke a little more.
There came a point where Ajak had begun notice something was bothering you. Her heart broke at the thought of something was destroying you from within, and you felt like you couldn't talk about it.
She wouldn't have that. If there was on person amy of the Eternals could go to, it was Ajak.
The leader, and mother figure of the group, approached you while you were alone. You were sitting by yourself, far from the view of the others. She had come looking for you purposely.
Especially after seeing what Makkari was signing to her beloved Druig. They were worried about you. They were missing you. They wanted you.
Ajak sits beside you, her body facing you, and tilts her head to the side to try and get into your view. You didn't give in and kept your eyes low. Ajak reached out gently and cupped your chin with her fingers, lifting your head up.
You met her gaze.
"Talk to me," she says.
You sigh and sit back, turning your eyes off to the distance, but keeping your head held up high. You would confide in her because you knew you could trust her. Ajak looked out for everyone.
"I'm in love."
Ajak's expression does not change. There is no malice, no pity, no concern, no confusion. She is simply listening. That settles you. Ajak is just listening, and that's all you need.
"I'm in love with Makkari and Druig. Equally. Entirely. They make my heart feel warm. Their presence soothes me. They smile at me, but I have to look away. They have something I haven't seen before, not even with Sersi and Ikaris. Their bond is eternal and made just for them. I don't want to ruin it because I want them so much."
Ajak places her hand over yours and holds it. She soothes you with touch as you both sit there. You can't stop yourself from shedding a tear.
Druig hadn't meant to eavesdrop. He done listening to Kingo and wanted some quiet. He had seen Ajak leave the group a short while ago, and decided it was his turn to go. However, when he heard you, he had to stop.
"I'm in love."
He stopped and listened. You were in love? With who? Who had earned your love so much they had taken you from their grasp. Makkari would be devastated.
He had to listen now.
"I'm in love with Makkari and Druig."
Druig swears his heart stopped working. He wanted so desperately to walk away and tell Makkari they had a chance. That you weren't avoiding them because you disliked them, as they had come to believe.
Why were you pushing them away though? Why wouldn't you let them in of you loved them so dearly?
Then he heard what you said to Ajak.
His heart broke. He was certain he felt it. You felt like you would be in the way? That you would ruin what they had?
No. No way. You would only make it better. All that love they were bottling up for you, they would be able to share it. They could show you just how special and important you are to them.
Druig doesn't hear anything that happens next. He turns on his heel and rushes back to find Makkari. He as to tell her everything.
Ajak wipes the tear that falls and moves closer so she can hold you. Your whole body falls against her and Ajak comforts you with soft words and a hug.
She thinks back to earlier when she saw Makkari and Druig. Makkari was signing to Druig quickly, clearly in slight distress. Ajak was able to pick up some of the conversation.
I want to tell them.
I know, me too. Druig replied.
I haven't seen them all day. Are they alright?
I don't know.
Makkari seems to slump her shoulders.
We should tell them.
Makkari looks up when she sees Druig come over to her in a rush. She looks at him with confusion.
Are you OK?
Druig reaches out and takes her hands in his. He pulls her up to her feet and rests his forehead against hers. He's smiling widely.
She smiles back, but she's still confused.
What is it? She asks, once she gets her hands back.
They love us!
She stares at him.
They love us! They told Ajak they love us!
Makkari's smile grows as she let's those words sink in. He was definitely talking about you. She felt so happy and whole!
Makkari pulls Druig into a hug.
You leave Ajak feeling a like a weight had been lifted. You take a deep breath and try to keep your head up high as you want to return to the Domo and keep to yourself.
You don't get very far.
Before you know it, you're swept off your feet and travelling at high speeds that only one person you knew could reach. Suddenly, you stop. You have to lean over and try to calm yourself.
"I'm going to be sick..."
Makkari feels bad, but she had to get you somehow. She waits until you're feeling better before initiating anything. You stand up properly and look at her. Druig stands beside her, smiling at you.
"A little warning next time?"
Druig chuckles.
"Next time Makkari will greet you with a kiss if you like."
You stare at him.
Makkari grins and walks over to you. You eye her suspiciously.
She leans in and kisses your cheek.
You swear you could die.
Druig laughs and comes closer to you.
"I'm lost..."
"You don't have to be anymore. Let us in. Let us love you," he whispers.
"You know?"
Makkari smiles at you.
He heard you talking to Ajak. We love you too. Please don't push is away.
You could cry again.
You hold onto Makkari as she hugs you again. Druig kisses you both on the head and wraps his arms around you both.
You felt so happy. So alive. So loved.
A love that will still burn thousands of years from now.
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spideyheart · 2 months ago
ardent affairs
Tumblr media
pairing : druig x asgardian!fem!reader
summary : your pretty mouth, elegant tongue, and teasing nature had a vice like grip over a certain eternal, and when he learned that you too possessed magic that granted you control over the body and mind of another, he nearly lost it.
warning : suggestive themes, sexual tension, description of battle, both of them wanna be the top so fucking bad 😩 .
note : my love for druig is literally eternal (heh). but anyway, i just wanna say i love their dynamic so much, so if anyone’s interested, please lmk if you want more of these two 🤲🏽🥀
marvel masterlist | druig masterlist
Tumblr media
intrigue and tension had enveloped the air around you and druig from the moment you first locked eyes.
most found his presence daunting, frightening even, but not an ounce of intimidation showed as your eyes shamelessly raked over him, taking your sweet time to admire his tall, angular build.
“well, aren’t you a sight for sore eyes.” you had breathed out, peering up through your lashes as your soft lips curled up into a sly grin.
your traditional asgardian armor was bloody and your limbs were bruised from assisting the eternals with taking out a deviant, but still, you had an air of regality.
druig was certain that was the exact moment when he lost his grip on sanity around you.
he noticed everything about you since then.
from your pretty mouth, to your elegant tongue, and teasing nature. you were nothing short of enigmatic and bewitching. with a seductive smile and unsubtle flirts that (unbeknownst to him) were reserved for him alone.
all he could think about was you, you, you, and it was driving him mad to hold it all back.
to force away the urge to grip your waist, feel your touch, cage your frame against a wall before catching your lips in a ravenous kiss.
his lust would have been a sin if not for the way his heart longed for you as well.
druig wanted to ruin you, yes, but he also wanted to be the one to tenderly piece you back together after it was all done.
he wanted you to be the one he held, and touched, and loved without question. he wished for you to be his the way he was undoubtedly yours.
there were times when he wanted to run his fingers through your hair or enclose his hand around yours so badly that it ached.
but the final blow, the one thing that broke druig from his curse of yearning was the moment he saw you do something mesmerizing during a fight with an exceptionally hard-to-kill deviant.
it was nothing out of the ordinary to see you toss your spears or swing your swords whenever a deviant decided to wreak havoc on humanity.
ever since the team found you – an rouge, immortal asgardian warrior – you had assisted them in their fights against the deviants.
you became an unofficial eternal and everyone on the team grew to love you in one way or another. and this deviant you were fighting? oh, it was out for you.
it wasn’t obvious at first since it seemed to fight and writhe against everyone equally, but after a while, it became clear who it was targeting.
why? well, no one knew until you did the unthinkable.
you shot a frantic look at druig, clawing at the air to urge him closer. “give me your hand!” you wailed, struggling to keep the deviant away.
druig’s heart would have stuttered at the request if it weren’t for the current circumstances.
he drew his arm out to you and a surge of energy seemed to jolt through his veins as soon as your fingers laced through his.
druig swore he heard your voice whisper an “i’m sorry.” in his head before his puzzled eyes caught on to a ring of blazing gold circling around your irises.
you turned to the deviant, brows set low and menacing as you forced your own control over the creature.
the eternals, with their breaths ragged and heavy from fighting, watched you with their jaws slack as the same gold filled the four eyes of the deviant.
“perish,” you commanded, voice majestic and dripping with power.
druig’s insides twisted and the butterflies at the pit of his stomach grew unsettlingly restless as your words reverberated through his senses.
the deviant let out a screeching howl of pain as it crumbled to the ground, unable to escape the hold you had over it.
it took its final breath and the light in its eyes flickered out, revealing them to be hollow and lifeless.
the golden ring around your irises receded as you clasped druig’s hands once more.
“thanks for your help, pretty boy.”
you gave his hand a subtle squeeze and strode back into the domo, leaving the shocked and awestruck eternals behind.
“what the hell was that.”
druig stood with his arms crossed, leaning lightly onto your room’s door frame.
“what the hell was what, handsome?”
you avoided his eyes, which were boring holes into your skin with his stare. you found yourself toying with your weapons as a distraction.
but soon, you turned to face him.
your eyes met his and they melded into each other, the raw intensity of the contact was electrifying.
he took a step forward and it felt as though his icy blues began to search deep into the crevices of your soul. “you know what i’m talking about.”
you rolled your eyes and turned back around, breaking the little staring contest the two of you had going on.
“oh, that?” you forced out a chuckle, “it was nothing, really, and i’d rather you and the rest of the eternals forget about it. i’ve already caused enough trouble with it on asgard.”
druig wasn’t stupid. he knew you better than you may ever know, and that little laugh did nothing to cover up the sad, faraway look in your eyes.
“y/n,” he tried, his voice so soft it took every ounce of will you had to not lose your wits right then and there. “what was that?”
you sheathed the sword in hand and turned around, propping yourself up against the bare part of the wall you used to hang your weapons.
you didn’t want to say a word.
your old and horrible habit of over secrecy lurked beneath your skin, threatening to come keep you alone and isolated forever, but druig had a hold over you.
a frightening grip that urged you to open up and be vulnerable for once.
your warrior heart dropped the heavy armor enclosed tightly around it as you spoke.
“it’s a rare form of asgardian magic, love.”
the most vulnerable part of you was now in druig’s hands, and it was his choice whether he shunned or accepted you. 
druig’s lips pursed with curiosity. “and what makes it rare, darling?”
you searched the eternal’s face for any signs of mockery or faked interest, but instead all you found was authentic curiosity and a burning desire to know more.
no one had ever been like this before. 
you were often ridiculed for your skill set. too strong for the warriors, too weak for the magic users. always too much or too little, here – with druig’s eyes trained upon you with not a touch of malice – you felt enough.
your heart fluttered, and a smile made it’s away over your face. “unlike most asgardians, i need the power of another to harness my magic.”
“like what you did out there? with me?”
“precisely.” you replied. “i needed to feel your power through physical contact, only then could i use it for myself.”
warmth dusted over your cheeks as he moved a placed his own hand over your hip.
“so this would work?”
druig’s eyes never once left yours as he did he spoke, and the way his voice fell like rich honey brought a delightful rise out of you.
a grin tugged at your mouth as you sunk your teeth into the supple flesh of your lower lip to hold it back.
“yes,” you started low and melodic, tracing one hand up the nape of his neck to the curve of his jaw while the other tugged lightly at his collar.
“though, i find that skin to skin grants me much more power.”
the following moments were nothing if not wickedly tense. the air grew hot and silent confessions played behind your irises as the gap between you both grew increasingly smaller.
your lips were so close and yet too far when druig broke eye contact. his gaze went down to your lips and then flickered back up. 
“may i?”
you let out a shallow breath before brushing your lips over his with a tantalizing smile. 
“don’t have to ask me, druig. but yes, you may.”
then all you could feel was the rapturous press of soft lips against yours. 
the kiss was untamable as druig pushed your form up tighter against the wall and his chest, but also heartfelt and tender in the way he held your hips and stroked your jaw with his thumb as he did so.
he could still feel the way you drawled his name out echoing in his chest. druig, druig, druig.
say his name in that alluring way of yours once more, and druig swore he’d take it all in till he become drunk on it’s silky sound.
heat rose to your cheeks and filled the swathe of air around you both, gradually turning the world around you into a dreamy haze.
you felt both power and invincibility surge through your veins in the most vulnerable, delicate way possible.
you would’ve found yourself drowning in the daze of the atmosphere if it weren’t for druig’s lips leaving yours to trail down your throat. he made sure to smother every part of you with fluttery kisses, every part but the one where you wanted them the most.
his actions drew frustration from your very core as you grumbled, jerking his head back with an assertive pull at his dark hair. 
“kiss me.” you commanded, eyes darkened in a way that ensured your words were anything but a request.
druig only stared before blinking as his lips bent up. “as you wish, darling.” 
he leaned in convincingly. if it weren’t for how desperate you were to capture his lips with your own, you probably wouldn’t have missed the mischievous glint in his eyes as he smirked just moments before.
your lips were seconds away from touch, and just as you were about to get what you wanted, druig’s head tilted to the right and he moved to peck your cheek.
your eyes snapped open in an instant and a whiff of agitated air left your nostrils.
you began, restraining the urge to let out a light sigh as he continued to plant butterfly kisses along the curve of your jaw. 
“what in the name of the all-fathers do you think you’re doing?”
“i’m not doing anything, love,” he inquired, sentence low and prolonged in a way that made your insides jitter. “not yet, at least.”
druig’s voice held nothing if not promise, dropping stones of enamor and anticipation to the pit of your stomach.
you decided that you liked this side of him, but a mix feelings that could only be summed up as pride swirled in your chest, unwilling to simply hand yourself over to him.
two could play his game, and you were going to prove to him that it was going to take a lot more than coaxing kisses to get you to submit. with an amused smile ghosting over your lips, your clicked your tongue.
“is that really all you’ve got? i was expecting a little more, because it’s undoubtedly going to take a lot more than just this to win me over.”
druig’s onslaught slowed before he lifted his head, eyes meeting yours with a streak of dare. “i believe i’ve already done so, y/n.”
you allowed yourself a hum caged in the back of your throat. “perhaps you have, love, but the odds are unlikely,” you replied.
“i want you, druig,” you confessed, feigning pure intentions with doe eyes and bashfully batting lashes. continuing, you almost missed the way druig tensed against you at those words. “but it’s unclear whether you want me.”
that statement was entirely untrue.
you might’ve have thought so before he had pressed his lips to every available inch of you, but now you knew it was the exact opposite.
you knew he wanted you, you knew he desired you, you knew. but still, you wanted nothing more than to hear him say it.
druig’s stare burned holes into your irises, you could feel disbelief and a fiery swarm of raw emotion radiating off of him.
“y/n,” his voice was sharp, but not cold. yet you still felt a shiver snake up your spine. “there is nothing and no one on this planet or any other that i want to have more than you.”
your heart soared and a soft smile curves over your lips as a wicked spark went off in your eyes.
“you have me, druig.” you assured, sparing a fleeting glance at his lips. you wrapped your arms around his neck and pulled him closer, toying with his unbelievably soft hair as your rested your foreheads together.
his eyes darkened and you felt a wry smirk curl over your lips. “but go ahead,” you murmured, ghosting your lips over his the same way he did. so close but too far all at once.
“make me yours.”
Tumblr media
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lokianddruigsbitch · 5 months ago
Race to Love
Summary: Druig and Makkari had liked you for some time now, and they wanted you to be a part of their relationship. They had an unspoken competition going on, who was going to get you to fall in love with them first?
TW// smut, druig with a master kink cause we all know it’s true, overstimulation, use of a vibrator,  idk just the general shittiness of my smut writing  
  They had been pining after you for months. That was something that the most observant of the team could see, Kingo and Sprite. They had bets going on who would be the first to kiss you, and once Druig and Makkari had learned of this, it had sparked their own silent competition. Who would you fall in love with first?
  They made their attempts to charm you. Brushing against you as they passed, whispering flirty comments in your ear, asking you to come eat with them, but you were oblivious to their feelings.
  Your own feelings for them had been festering for much longer than they knew. It was something that Kingo and Sprite had known as well, always the two to observe and soon to tease about anything they could understand. There had been many late nights speaking to Kingo and Sprite about your feelings of the two, and how guilty you felt for loving both of them, especially when they were together. They would console you, and distract you from the guilt every single time, hoping it would help.
  It did until you were alone again.
  Thoughts of them plagued you. Thoughts of Druig’s mouth against your ear, his warmth breath fanning your face as he whispered about how beautiful you looked. Thoughts of Makkari’s hands gently brushing your body, sending to tingles through you. Thoughts of having dinner with them. Thoughts of what it would be like to kiss them. Thoughts of what it would be like to openly love them. Thoughts of them.
  So, the day that Makkari came to you alone, mischief sparked in her eyes, you couldn’t turn her down as she lead you to her room, claiming she’s missed you and wanted to spend some time together.
   Spending time together quickly turned into Makkari stripping you of your clothes and laying you down on her bed, her face between your thighs.
   In the moments this was happening, you didn’t think of Makkari being with Druig. You didn’t think of how this could wreck their relationship. All you thought about was how much you’ve dreamed of a moment like this.
  Your hands twisted in the bed sheets as she sucked on your clit, your mind beginning to get fuzzy, having already cum twice. Makkari seemed determined to make you cum as much as possible, wanting you to enjoy this experience. You were trying your best to be quiet as pleasure ran through your body, but occasionally a moan loud enough to penetrate the privacy of the walls slipped through your lips.
  It just so happened that one of those moans slipped through your lips the exact same time that Druig was passing the door to Makkari’s room. He paused, thinking about opening the door, but not sure if he should.
  His curiosity won over his morality. He pushed the door open enough to squeeze through, seeing you laying on the bed with Makkari eating you out. Your eyes closed in pleasure as you bit your lip in an attempt to be quiet. He memorized the way the both of you looked right now. You, your back arched and pure pleasure on your face, your hands twisted in the sheets below you, and your thighs fighting not the squeeze Makkari’s head between them. Makkari, her eyes turned towards you as she forced you closer to another orgasm, both of her arms wrapped around your thighs so that you couldn’t squirm away.
  He knows that Makkari knows he’s here, and he can’t help but wonder why she hasn’t turned to confront him yet. It only dawns on him as another moan falls from your lips that Makkari was going to make you climax again before he addressed his presence.
  And you looked beautiful as you let yourself cum, your body shaking and little whines coming from your mouth.
  It was then that Makkari turns towards Druig, her eyes blown wide with lust and her mouth twisted up into a smile.
  “I guess you got to her first then, eh?” He asks her.
  His voice snaps you out of your haze, and you open your eyes to see him, the weight of this situation dawning on you.
   He just caught you being eaten out by his girlfriend.
   You shoot up, pulling your legs to your chest in an attempt to cover yourself as you began to speak.     “I’m so sorry, I don’t know what I was thinking, you and Makkari are together and I just- Oh, I’m so sorry, I’m the worst, I can’t believe I just-” 
   You meet his eyes, confusion on your face as he stalks towards you. He begins to crawl onto the bed, one of his hands pressing on your knee, to signal you don’t need to cover up if you don’t wish to. 
   “I’m not mad at you, I’m not mad at Makkari. We’ve both been lusting after you for a long time, m’darling. I’m just a little upset I wasn’t the one who got the first taste.” He shoots a pointed look at Makkari at the last part, and she knows what he must have been saying to you as she bites her lip in faux innocence. 
   “Wha-What?” You ask with wide-eyes.
   “You’re beautiful, how could we not want you?” 
   You blink at them as you process everything that’s just been said. “I’m sorry- I-I’ve liked the both of you for so long and you- you all-” 
   “We’ve liked you back.” Druig says it likes it’s the simplest thing in the world. 
   His eyes meet yours with the next words he says. “I do have to ask, do you plan to continue what I walked in on? Because I’d love to join.” 
   You don’t think before saying yes to the offer. 
   Druig takes action immediately, pushing you to lay on the bed and roughly kissing you. His mouth moves against yours in a perfect rhythm before he pulls away and begins leaving warm kisses down your jaw and neck. When he reaches your collar bone he begins speaking words punctuated by kisses. “We. Are. Going. To. Make. Sure. That. You. Feel. Worshiped.” 
   A little whimper leaves your mouth at the idea and Druig chuckles against your skin at the small noise. 
   “What do you want, pretty girl?” 
   “I-I wanna taste Makkari.” 
   Druig’s eyes turn towards her and he motions for her to do as you said. Makkari positions herself over your face, hesitating. You aren’t having it as you grab her to pull her down close enough that you can run your tongue through her folds. You can’t help but moan at how good she tastes, quickly going back for more. 
   Makkari begins to grind against your tongue at the same time that Druig’s lips find your nipple, sucking it into his mouth and catching it between his teeth, tugging slightly. 
   Your loud moan vibrates through Makkari and she throws her head back at the feeling. So, Druig does it again, to your other nipple, watching as both of you are close to falling apart in front of his eyes.
   He’s much more of a tease than Makkari was when it comes to giving you what you want. His kisses trail slowly down your stomach, and then he’s right where you want him to be, but he moves, kissing down your thigh. 
   Makkari climaxes before he even touches you were you need him most, pulling herself away from you and laying on the bed, catching her breath. 
   “Druig, please,” you beg.
   “Please, what?” 
   “Please touch me, fuck me, anything, please.” 
   He grins, the teasing continuing. “I am touching you.” 
   “Where is it you want me to touch?” The grin on his face makes you whine more as you squirm in his grip.
   “My pussy, please, Druig, I need you.” 
   He smiles wide, sitting up and pulling you towards him. “I need you too.” 
   He doesn’t waste time as he rubs the head of his cock through your folds. You moan at the feeling of him, begging him to fuck you. So, he does. Druig pushes into you, leaving you the fullest you’ve ever felt before. He starts slow, rolling his hips and causing a moan to come from you. 
   “You’re so good for us, pretty girl,” he says to you. 
   Makkari is back in action now, only she isn’t touching you or Druig. She’s using her speed to search around the room for something. Your mind is split between the feeling of Druig’s cock hitting just the right spot and curiosity at what exactly it is Makkari is looking for. 
   Druig seems to know because he grabs your chin and tilts your face towards him. “Focus on me, pretty girl, I’d hate to have to punish you the first night we got to be with you. Got it?” 
   He hums as he lets his forehead fall onto your own, panting slightly. “Yes, master, pretty girl. Say it.” 
   “Yes, Master.” 
   He groans as he begins to fuck you harder and faster, bringing both of you close to a release. Your legs wrap around his waist, pulling you closer to him as he holds you close. 
   “Please I need- I need-”    “You need what?”
   “I need to cum, please.” 
   “Okay, little one, you can cum.” 
   Your legs shake as you orgasm, breath heavy in the air with Druig continuing to pound into you. Soon after, he cums before pulling out. 
   That’s when Makkari emerges from wherever she’d been while Druig had been ruining you. She’s holding a vibrator in her hand and wearing a mischievous smirk on her face as she approaches you. You’re on the verge of tears, already so sensitive from the orgasms that you’d had before Druig had arrived and the added ones after. 
   And Makkari, she turns to vibrator on and pressed it on your clit, causing a shiver to course through your body. 
   Your loud moans pierced the air as she took the vibrator from your clit and began to fuck you with it, your hands going to push her away and pull her closer, your body not knowing what it wants right now. Druig catches your wrists before you can move, shaking his head. 
   “Let us worship you, our pretty little goddess.” 
   You whimper at his words as his mouth returns to sucking marks on down your neck and along your collarbone. 
   With just the vibrator Makkari makes you climax three more times, and when she finally pulls away to let you breathe tears are running down your face at how good your body feels. 
   Druig’s mouth finds your ear as he whispers, “Do you think you can give us just one more, pretty girl?” 
   You nod, your head bobbing up in down, wanting to do anything to please them. When nothing happens frantic words fall from your mouth, “Yes, Master.” 
   He smiles and his lips press to yours, his hot tongue finding it’s way inside your mouth. He kisses you until you can’t breathe and then pulls away, his eyes gazing deep into your own.     “You’re such a good girl for us, y’know?”
   You squirm and whine at the praise, your body responding in a way you didn’t think it would. 
   “Oh, ya’ like that? Being called a good girl? Hm?”     You squirm again when the words leave his lips a soft ‘please’ following from you. 
   “Please, what? We can’t give you what you want if you don’t tell us.” 
   “Please anything, just wanna’ make you feel good.” 
   His hand brushes over your hair, “But that’s our job. To worship you, little goddess.” 
   “Please, please. I just want you to feel good.” 
   He sighs in mock disappointment, watching the way Makkari positions herself to begin scissoring you, his eyes falling to your face at the exact moment she begins to rub her clit against your own. 
   Taking the opportunity available, he grabs your head and stuffs your cock full of his mouth, watching as you look up to him with tears filling your eyes. Your eyes are wide and full of an innocence that he can’t help but think is sinful for someone who quite literally just asked for two people use her to make themselves feel good. 
   Your moan around his cock as he fucks your mouth, his grip on your hair not wavering until he’s cum down your throat. Slowly he pulls out of your mouth, looking to see Makkari close to her orgasm too. 
   Still breathing heavily, he walks towards his, one of his large hands wrapping around her throat while the other finds one of her nipples, rolling it between her fingers. 
   He enjoys how he can feel her fall apart beneath his hands at the same time you fall apart underneath her. Makkari leans back into him, using him as a sturdy point to rest on. He kisses just below her ear before he goes and gets a rag, gently cleaning all three of you up before crawling under the covers next to both of you. 
   All of you had opted to forego clothing, just wanting to be as close to each other as possible. 
   You laid between them, your head on Makkari’s softly beating heart and Druig’s legs tangled with your own. 
    You’re exhausted and they both know it as they watch your eyes fall shut and your breathing even out between them. 
   “I still can’t believe you got to her first.” 
   “It was a race to love and I won.” 
   Druig snorts, shaking his head. “It seems more like it was a race to sex. I just wish we had known earlier that she loved us, we’ve probably lost so much time.” 
   “We have all the time in the universe to love each other. Sleep, I don’t want to wake her up.” 
   He snuggles his head into the crook of your neck and inhales your scent, happy to have you with him and ‘Kari, knowing tonight was only a little of the joy they’ll get to have for the rest of their lives. 
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majestickitty-si · 5 months ago
Blocking anyone who posts oc inserts in reader insert tags.
Like no seriously, love your ocs but stop clogging the "x reader" tags gdi
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wtfobiwan · 4 months ago
I haven’t seen many Makkari fics so I was wondering if you could do “Do you need any help? i'll bandage that up for you.” For her please? Thank you!
Lapse - Drukkari x Eternal Reader
Words: 667
Warnings: mentions of blood and injuries.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
I walked through the house slowly, pain coursing through my body with each step I took. Druig passed me quickly, the sound of his heavy boots stopping before getting closer to me. The brunet rested his hand on my back before circling around me. He looked over my body quickly, moving my hand from my stomach to expose the large wound that a Deviant had left. Druig cupped my face gently and made me look at him, a small smile resting on my lips as I took in the features of his face.
“C’mon,” he said softly, leading me through the corridors of the large house quickly. We walked to Makkari’s room, the deaf Eternal setting her book down to look at us, her eyes widening as she saw us. The raven haired woman got up quickly and walked to us, wrapping her arm around me and leading me to the large bed in the middle of the room. I sat down on the bed and looked at the two Eternals, my vision getting fuzzy as time seemed to slow. “Y/N, darlin’. Look at me.” I heard Druig say softly, making me blink a few times to clear my vision before looking at the brunet. “Makkari is going to take care of you for now. I have to do patrols with Thena around the town but I’ll be back in a few hours, okay?” I nodded and sighed when Druig pressed a kiss to my forehead before leaving.
“Let me look at the wounds so I can figure out what to do,” Makkari signed, making me nod before grabbing the bottom of my shirt, lifting it slowly before pain shot through my stomach. “Do you need help?” She asked, making me shake my head before thanking her. I pulled my shirt over my head and groaned, holding the bloody shirt in my hand as she looked at my wounds. She looked back up at me after a few seconds, making me smile at her. “I’ll bandage that up for you.” Makkari signed, making me nod before sighing. The woman sped through the room, returning with a first aid kit. She washed the drying blood up with a wet washcloth and dried my skin with a hand towel before pulling things out of the box, cleaning the large cuts carefully, pain surging around the large cuts. I grabbed the blanket underneath it and held it tightly. After cleaning the wounds, she placed gauze pads over them before wrapping a bandage around my torso.
I sighed and laid down, watching as the raven haired cleaned up before sitting beside me on the bed, moving the loose strands of hair from my forehead. “How did I get so lucky to have both you and Druig?” I asked Makkari, watching as she smiled. I grabbed her hand before shutting my eyes, letting out a shaky breath as pain moved through my stomach. I felt a soft blanket cover my skin, a smile growing on my lips as I slowly fell asleep.
I woke up again when I felt a hand brushing over my skin gently, making me open my eyes slowly, groaning as my eyes adjusted to the light. I looked around and saw Druig laying beside me. I smiled at the brunet and moved closer to him, feeling his hand stop on my arm. “How are you feeling, love?” He asked me quietly, making me shrug slightly before closing my eyes again.
“I feel like I got hit by a bus,” I muttered, hearing the man beside me hum before pressing a kiss to my cheek. I felt the bed dip behind me, making me turn to see Makkari laying beside me. I smiled at her and lifted my hand, rubbing her cheek softly with my knuckles, watching as she kissed the top of my hand softly. “Thank you for taking care of me. Both of you. I have no idea where I’d be without you guys.”
Tumblr media
@mushroomlupin @galaxysgal @anothersworld @[email protected] @faery-god
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vintage-marina · 5 months ago
Why didn't you pt. 3
Tumblr media
pt 1 pt 2
I think this series will involve a lot of ansgt sorryyy
i still havent watched eternals and now my country is in a lockdown so i cant see spiderman nwh, please no spoilers or i will cry myself to sleep but i did saw a few of them and omg it looks so good.
summary: Druig and Makkari don't know how to deal with the information that you gave to them. You feel them slipping away, but you don't have the emotional abbility to chase after them.
TW: Red Room, angst, little mental breakdown
You couldn't even explain yourself.
Instead they left.
The starry night was twinkeling, the bright stars were amused at your misery, or so you thought.
You were on your own again, alone.
Alone again.
Druig and Makkari they were confusing you, you three promised each other that you will always be there for each other, no matter what and now? Now your sitting on the porch alone, again.
You shouldn't have said her name, you shouldn't even be here.
It was all a mistake.
Your cheeks felt wet, a fact that you were crying.
How pathetic, you weren't raised to cry at every little thing.
''I'm sorry,'' you whispered to them, you didn't know for what.
That was in fact a lie.
Something that you were pretty good at.
You did know, you were sorry for keeping it secret, keeping her secret, keeping your past secret.
You wiped your tears away, putting on a mask.
You had to make it right to them, for the sake of your relationship. Although a little voice in your head accused them of her murder. But you were tired, so tired of being alone that you maked peace with the fact that a little piece of you would always accuse them.
You grinned to Druig and Makkari when you saw them in the living room, a signal that you weren't threatening, that's what you hoped for atleast.
They ignored you.
Your grin faltered and turned into a frown. Turning your gaze away you quickly maked your way to the kitchen, suddenly feeling left out.
You sat in the kitchen for God knows how long, with an empty teacup in your hand.
Nobody checked up onto you, not even a quick check-up from Makkari.
The dynamic between you and the Eternals was changed, it felt stiff and tense. You easily saw when everyone shared glances with eachother in the livingroom. Druig and Makkari probably told them.
A pang of betrayal crept up into your heart.
For the last two hours the livingroom was silent, the Eternals were probably sleeping. Did they even sleep?
Another hour went by.
You did also know the other reason for why you were sorry.
They would soon found out and deep inside of you you hoped that they had regret.
It's what they deserved at least.
It was toxic the way you thought, but you really thought it was the truth. They were in a way responsible for your sisters death and now they had the audicity to ignore you? To walk away after you wanted to explain? When you wanted to open your heart?
How dare they?
You shook your head and with a bang you slammed the teacup on the counter.
The livingroom was empty, a sigh of relieve escaped your body and you maked your way to the bathroom were a large mirror hung.
Lips that trembled, make-up smeared and hair a mess from tugging at.
Your forehead touched the mirror in shame and a soft sob that turned into a quiet wail was enchoing in the bathroom. You closed your eyes and let sadness consume you.
The next morning was exactly the same, nobody acknowledged you. They looked at you like you were a crazy animal, someone that needed to be handled carefully, someone that couldn't be trusted.
You couldn't trust them either.
Druig and Makkari they were still ignoring you, they had the same glance into their eyes as the other Eternals. You walked to them and disrupted their conversation, An anger that you never felt licked at your belly that wanted to escape your throat.
"Why are you ignoring me, huh?" It sounded aggressive and hurt, but you couldn't care.
"You're a monster, that's why," Druig said codly and Makkari backed him up.
A flash of hurt and shock crossed your face that you quickly wiped away. You couldn't show them your weakness, you crossed your arms and lowly said:
"Funny Druig that you are the one saying this, but I´m not the one who's mind controlling people."
It was a low blow, sure but the thing that Druig said was too, with that you turned on your heel and went outside the rest of the day.
Day turned into evening and even though they hurt by you, blindsided by you they couldn't help but to worry.
But when the stars came out of their hiding again, you showed up. Eyes heavy and and empty face.
"I'm going to bed," you mumbled to nobody in particular.
Laying in the bed that the three of you shared you thought, a lot.
They thought you were a monster.
You weren't a monster, right?
No of course you weren't, most of the time you were training for the next ballet competition.
But what about the school bombing, Y/N?
Killing little children, that isn't so innocent hmm?
"Молчи!" (shut up!), you throw a pillow in frustration against the door.
They were slipping away and to be honest you didn't want to chase them anymore. This day and the other evening you tried, you tried so hard to make them talk. But if they truely thought you were a disgusting piece of shit, why would you even try.
Embarrassed of your outburst you picked up the pillow.
You were sorry for the next thing you were going to do. Stuffing your things into your backpack you laid on the bed again, waiting for Druig and Makkari.
Killing your time you watched photo's of the five of you. Dad took a photo of you, mom, Natasha and Yelena building a sand castle. A photo of Natasha on the back of dad and a photo that Yelena had maked in the lake while you were behind almost drowning. You wiped away a tear. You had more photo's on your phone but you quickly put it away and pretented to sleep after hearing footsteps on the stairs.
Light shone into the bedroom and you even your breath. The soft footsteps of Druig and Makkari on the wooden floor filled your ears, they whispered soflty to eachother. You didn't hear what.
Probably about you.
A few minutes went by and you felt a warm presence near you, Makkari. You didn't notice the longing gaze that bored in your back.
In the last two years, or was it technically seven? You never felt so alone that you did now.
Alone again.
You waited another hour, making sure that they were asleep and sure they did. Druig swore on his life that he never swore, but he certainly did.
Stepping out of bed you picked the backpack underneath it and swung it around your shoulders. You bend forover and gave the last cheek kisses to Makkari and Druig. Makkari stirred and you held your breath.
Please don't wake up.
She didn't thankfully.
You walked to the bathroom and flushed the toilet, if Druig or Makkari waked up they thought you were going to the toilet.
Instead you walked downstairs and shutted the door behind you.
It was probably for the best.
Makkari's hand softly patted the empty spot next to her. Her eyes wide when she didn't found you instead, but you had a habit to waking up in the middle of the night so she assumed that you were to the wc. She closed her eyes again and sleep took her over.
Hours later and she was abrupt waken to Druig.
"Y/N is gone, she left I think," he signed in panic.
Oh no.
Taglist: @lcvelyth @xoxoloverb @thesecretanimewriter @ghostchild30 @uwiuwi
Comments are really appreciated.
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scarlettsoldier · 4 months ago
druig and makkari if you read this im free on thursday night and would like to hang out. please respond to this and then hang out with me on thursday night when I’m free
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siswritesyanderes · 4 months ago
Well, I just watched Eternals, and now Yandere Eternals is all I can think about.
But especially...
Tumblr media
Yandere Drukkari x Reader.
Maybe Makkari spots you while she's running through a city to pick up things she wants for around the ship, and she stops and decides to linger awhile, on a whim, to get to know you.
Or maybe you accidentally find your way to Druig's little town and he finds himself taking an interest in you, controlling the occupants more and more often so that he can hold conversations with you when he isn't there.
However it starts, when the two of them reunite, they both enjoy you tremendously.
They're both playful and casual with it; they don't have to be controlling, because there's pretty much no way for you to escape them. You can just live your life how you want to; there's nowhere you can go where Makkari can't follow you (and race you there), and there's no one you can interact with who Druig can't control. So the three of you can just hang out as friends, or more. They don't need to cramp your style.
Druig loves to give compliments and comment on your amusing habits and "humanisms", as he calls them. He teases you by mind controlling those around you; he doesn't usually make them do anything too interesting (Like, sometimes it's as small as making a random stranger at the store remind you that you're out of eggs.), but he knows that you find it objectionable, and he finds that funny. He's developed a bit of a god complex, over the centuries, and he has no compunctions with using his power to gently nudge you and the world around you to be safer and, yes, more entertaining.
Makkari is all about gift-giving; she's always finding valuable things to give you, from all over the world, and she helps you to decorate your home with them all. She finds it satisfying to display her trophies all over your living space; she says they brighten up the place. While Druig generally stays near you and hangs out in the minds of everyone around you as needed, Makkari travels the world in the blink of an eye, but she always eventually comes back. Knowing that she can be at the opposite side of the planet and back within a minute, easily, makes her pretty comfortable with leaving your side, at least by yandere standards. She's always around when she needs to carry you out of harm's way.
Their love for each other runs deep and has spanned millennia, and you make them both happy.
It's crossed your mind a few times that, with their vastly longer lifespans, it's as though they're a married couple and you're the family pet. Druig casually steers those thoughts out of your head.
They're secretly looking for a way to give you immortality. They vaguely remember that one of Odin's friends might have had a thing for that, but now that Asgard is destroyed, they'll have to look elsewhere...
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