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i found a cinnabon food truck downtown last night. Nothing like a center of the roll while drunk and cold
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fredmalm · a day ago
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12 great forgotten cocktails
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thedrunkenvixen · 12 hours ago
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✨feeling good as hell✨
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twishawn · a day ago
icons dele nesse dia pf
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não achei outras fotos, se você achar pode mandar aqui.
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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nemfrog · 2 months ago
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Finding his way home while loaded. The book of spice. 1906.
Internet Archive
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mouthwblood · a year ago
wine drunk is the best drunk. makes u horny & intellectual. a lust-filled academic
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feral-ballad · a month ago
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Anonymous, Compiled & Edited by Peter H. Lee, From Anthology of Korean Literature: from early times to the nineteenth century; “Ode on the seasons”
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4gifs · a month ago
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Drunk guy with a beer tries to use ATM
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MAY 16, 1984 -   Ozzy Osbourne was arrested in Memphis, Tennessee
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infictionalwonderland · a month ago
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Imagine taking care of a drunk and lovesick James Potter
warnings : underage drinking, alcohol, swearing
You grinned widely as you jumped up and down to the beat of the song, screaming out the lyrics of ‘I Was Made For Lovin’ You’ by KISS.
You weren’t drunk, really, slightly tipsy at most. Seeing as with the Rock Paper Scissors you and your friends played —you were designated responsible friend.
Your drunk best friend, Marlene McKinnon, wrapped her arms around your midsection and jumped up and down with you, her blonde hair spinning every which way, her blue eyes more dilated with her being intoxicated.
You let out a giddy chuckle as you soothed your fingers over the underside of her jaw—winking at her cheekily and keeping yourself in close proximity to her. Your bodies pressed up against each other.
But this was normal behaviour for the two of you, your relationship had always been on the more intimate side no matter how platonic the feelings between the two of you were.
“Oh look there’s Dorcas.” Marlene chirped happily, her mind buzzing and fuzzy from all of her prior alcohol consumption. The song had stopped, and her feet were already carrying her over to the dark skinned beauty.
Your y/e/c eyes widened in alarm as you turned and quickly began to snatch back your best friends hand and drag her away from a potentially awkward and embarrassing, for her, situation but before you could a hand grabbed lightly onto your forearm.
Your feet stumbled slightly over each other as you spun back around. Your confused gaze meeting a regretful but exhausted looking Remus Lupin. The faint scars trailing across his face more prominent under the light in the room, and the crease between his brows visible.
“I need your help.” Remus had to shout over the music —‘When I kissed the teacher’ by ABBA being what was playing now.
Your face scrunched up with worry as you looked at your friend in concern, your mind going straight to his furry problem.
Yeah, you had known about that since second year. It was fairly obvious to you. His disappearances around the full moon and his mood swings, his newly acquired injuries, his constant visits to madam Pomfrey, the scars, his distaste toward the creature which you knew was self loathing.
Your eyes switched back over to Marlene who Dorcas was now taking care of, the ravenclaw girl catching your eye and sending you a reassuring smile as if sensing your troubles. Your eyes then trailed to your friend, Alice, who was sitting prettily on the lap of her boyfriend Frank Longbottom with her cheeks flushed and eyes hazy. Next was Lily, who was seated next to Malai Zabini and you smirked slightly at the look on their faces. And then finally Mary who was joking and laughing with Fabian Prewett, their faces closer than a platonic distance.
“Okay.” You finally nodded at Remus who let out an audible, relieved breath and nodding in gratitude. “Lead the way.”
• • •
“She’s so prettyyy.” James was drunkenly rambling on to a sober Peter. “L-like she’s perfect. And it’s not fair she was doesn’t think I’m perfect.” James whined sadly.
An equally intoxicated Sirius frowned dramatically the corners of his down turned lips practically reaching his chin, “well then she’s dumb.” He decided through a hiccup.
James gasped as if he’d heard the most offensive thing. “Don’t say that.” He pouted with a little heated glare toward Sirius.
“ ‘s true.” Sirius sniffed haughtily, waving his hand in the air mindlessly and accidentally slapping James in the face.
James let out a shriek as though he’d actually been stricken with a slap and he lifted his hand, slapping Sirius back with no real strength—it was more of a feathery touch to his cheek.
Sirius gasped loudly—leaning over to hit James back and seeming to forget he was on the edge of his bed, consequently face planting onto the wooden floor of the dormitories.
And that’s how you and Remus found them, a red faced and frowning Sirius laying face planted on the wooden floor, a giggling James bouncing lightly on his bed and a tired Peter looking at the both of them tiredly with his hands on his hips in a Mom stance.
“You owe me a well good chocolate cake for this.” You glared at Remus who looked helpless in that moment and the boys finally took notice of your presence.
Sirius pushed himself off of the floor so fast you were worried he had broken something but he didn’t even seem to notice, all earlier embarrassment forgotten as he yelled in rejoice —“Moony!”
Remus blushed a bright red as Sirius launched himself into his arms, the scarred boy barely having time to catch the shorter boy.
You grinned at them, shooting your friend a teasing smile as Sirius snuggled more into the crook of his neck and even let out a hum of complete content.
You attention only snapped away from the utterly adorable scene as you heard James ‘whisper’ to Peter.
“she’s so pretty.” James whispered loudly to Peter who nodded with a pink tint to his pale cheeks.
“Talking bout me, love?” You inquired cheekily as you stepped over to them—nodding to Peter who sighed out a thanks and walked towards his bed, immediately collapsing onto it.
“Yeah.” James whispered back, to out of his normal mindset to put on a cocky smirk like he usually would, instead he sounded so sincere and in awe of you that your heart fluttered a little. His big eyes staring up at your hopelessly and you smiled tenderly.
“Well thank you.” You smiled softly, helping James lay back against the bed, soothing your hands through his unruly locks of dark hair which never seemed to be able to flatten down.
“Mhm ‘s okay. ‘S the truth.” James sleepily smiled back at you, his eyes dropping with exhaustion as he snuggled his face into the pillow.
You smiled, standing up to make your exit but stopped as a warm, calloused hand grabbed onto yours.
“Stay, please.” James whispered, staring up at you with those big blue eyes and his perfect pink lips pouted adorably.
“Of course.” You sigh softly with a smile as you climb into the bed with him, laying down on your back and he turns and snuggles into your side, pulling you closer and closer to him.
“Night love.”
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cyan-orange-studio · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
And here it is at last! 
My last contribution to @rosebird-week  I had SO much fun drawing these 2 honestly...I love them so much and will explore their relationship in my AU comic! So more will come ;) 
 Day 8 - AU Day - "Drunk Confusion"
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scandalous-chaos · 2 months ago
Drunk Nights
Regulus x fem!reader 
Summary: The reader invites him to a party and he’s drunk within half an hour. Chaos follow. (fluff, fluff and a lot of fluff!) No one requested this, I just had an idea and ran with it. Absolutely adored writing it <3 | Wordcount: 1.8K
Warnings: slight swearing, alcohol consumption, not a warning but the reader is in Gryffindor. 
Tumblr media
When you begged Regulus to join you for the party Gryffindor was throwing, he was reluctant, to say the least. Because a) he wasn’t a big fan of parties b) he wasn’t a big fan of Gryffindors.
But it was you. He couldn’t say no to you even if he tried. He’ll paint his robes red and gold if you asked. Of course, you didn’t know the hold you had on his heart, and he couldn’t risk getting his heart broken by his closest friend, and so he kept putting off asking you out.
He sneaked into the party, along with some other kids from Ravenclaw. He hoped there wasn’t anyone from Slytherin, because well - the rumors around his house were bad enough.  “Why do you spend so much time with that blood traitor?” “You’re different around Y/N.”
Was he that different? Maybe the smiles and the kindness he emitted was who he really was. All he knew was that he wasn’t what his friends wanted or thought him to be, and that he never was.
You grinned when you saw your favorite Slytherin making his way towards you, smiling awkwardly. You knew how much uncomfortable it would be if someone in the party recognized him - okay, maybe they won’t challenge a duel with Regulus just for being from their rival house - but a few cold glares were guaranteed. Which you didn’t want to happen at all, especially since the main reason you invited him was because of how stressed he has been lately. You knew there were things going on at his house, but he never cared enough to elaborate. Little did you know that the reason he didn’t elaborate was because he cared. He cared too much of what you thought of him, and the stance his family had on certain matters might make you push him away. So he fought all his inner battles on his own, knowing he can’t lose you the same way he lost his brother when he left their house.
“There you are!” You tugged on his hands, pulling him and moving across the room to your own friends, which included Lily, Remus, Marlene and James, all talking animatedly to one another. You were in Regulus’s year, which meant the marauders were older than you, but neither you nor them seemed to care about that. They were practically your family now.
“Y/N!” Lily gave you a side hug when you reached them. A quick wave of alarm passed through the group when their eyes met Regulus. 
They quickly composed themselves. Well, most of them. While Marlene was respectfully not making any big deal out of the situation, and Lily along with Remus both offered a polite smile to the younger Black brother - James contributed by scoffing dramatically.
“What’s he doing here?” He asked you, in not the most friendliest of tones.
“He is right here,” Regulus chimed in before you could reply. “You can talk to me, you know, I won’t hex you.”
“I’m not scared of you.” James frowned. “I don’t know you much, but you better not be hanging around when Sirius arrives.”
“I thought you said he was too sick?” You asked in surprise.
“He’s never sick enough to miss a party.” He shrugged. Your eyes widened.
“Okay, damnit I’m sorry Reg-”
“It’s fine, I can deal with my brother.” He said hastily, his eyes sincere.
“You aren’t supposed to! This is a night for you to relax!” You said, regretting inviting him here.
“I am relaxed.” He didn’t look relaxed, and you weren’t fooled. Luckily, Marlene came to the rescue.
“If you truly want to be relaxed, here - drink this.” She handed a bottle to him.
“What’s this?” 
“I sneaked it in after the winter break. It’s a muggle drink. Vodka.” She explained.
“He didn’t come here to get drunk either!” You said defensively.
“Most people go to parties for that exact reason, Y/N.” Lily chuckled.
“Thank you, but I’ll pass.” He held out the bottle back to Marlene and James rolled his eyes.
“Are you not drinking it because it’s alcohol or are you not drinking it because it’s a muggle drink?” He asked pointedly.
“James!” You hated how mean he was being to your friend, especially since he didn’t even try to know him.
“I don’t have a problem with muggles.” Regulus replied quickly.
“Sure you don’t.” James murmured under his breath.
You were about to say something when Regulus opened the bottle and chugged it down impulsively. All of you stared at him with slightly opened mouths and widened eyes.
“For God’s sake, don’t drink the whole bottle!” Marlene said, alarmed.
“Too late.” Regulus handed the empty bottle back to her and grabbed your hands. “I want to dance - let’s dance, c’mon.” - Half an hour later, things were still chaotic. After an attempt at dancing, Regulus and you had spent the time wandering around the party talking to random people. Well, he did. All you did was follow him around to slow him down, and no one could blame you because he was moving way too fast. He’ll zone out in the middle of conversations and walk away when someone asked him a question and in the most absurd times, he’ll laugh. His laugh - the adorable, infectious one - which made you laugh and both of you looked absolutely idiotic together. But also happy. 
All of that disappeared when Sirius arrived. Regulus, who was recounting some ridiculous story to you, suddenly stopped and he pushed past you to get to Sirius. Both of them glared at the other. Sirius didn’t miss the smell of alcohol on his brother. He seemed surprised to see Regulus there, and even more surprised to see you near him.
“What is going on?” Sirius asked sharply, looking at you.
“Seriously, why can’t anyone look at me while they’re talking?” Regulus asked, sighing. 
“You need to go.” Sirius said quietly, but still loud enough to be heard over the party.
“I need to go? I need to go- Y/N, did you hear that?” Regulus laughed. “My brother spent most of his life leaving that it’s his only advice to others.”
“I didn’t leave yo-”
“You left our family!” Regulus yelled, all of his softness disappearing. You knew he wouldn’t have been so loud and angry if he hadn’t kept drinking through the party. Or maybe he would. You didn’t know all the details of what went on between them.  “You left me! In that house of horrors! With those ugly portraits and ugly everything and you know what I have to say to you, oh dear brother mine?”
You pulled him back or tried to. Angry tears were spilling out of his eyes, and he stood his ground.
“Okay, I’ll bite. What do you want to say?” Sirius asked, sighing.
Regulus fought against your hold and finally broke free.
“Reg, no-” you began and the marauders along with Lily and Marlene, appeared out of nowhere, all with their wands raised. 
Just as everyone thought he was going to punch Sirius, he wrapped him in a hug instead.
The wands lowered. Everyone was speechless. Sirius seemed to lose his ability to respond. But after a moment of two, he hugged his brother back, patting the back of Regulus’s head.
“I miss you so much.” Regulus said softly, still embracing his brother.
After they pulled apart, Sirius had a determined face. “You don’t need to go back, okay? You can come to the Potters’. Or try and steal some of mother’s precious jewels. We can sell them and rent out a small house.”
Regulus laughed between his tears, imagining everything already. “Can Y/N visit?”
Sirius looked at him in disbelief and said, “Y/N will visit and if she doesn’t, I give you permission to kidnap her. We can force her to listen to all our Christmas carols and make her wish she never met us.”
“I’m right here.” You said, folding your hands. But you couldn’t help grinning. The night turned out to be alright.
“We’ll talk more tomorrow, when you’re sober.” Sirius said happily. He turned to you. “Can you please take this stupid brother of mine back to his dormitory?”
“Yes, sure.” You held out your hands and Regulus accepted it without hesitation. 
The noises of the party dimmed as you both walked through the halls, and you realized just how close the both of you were. He was practically leaning on you for support, his face a haze between sleepy-drunk and stupid-drunk.
“You’re never drinking again.” You said firmly.
“You’re never talking to the jerk from Ravenclaw again.” He responded casually.
“He’s rude. You tried to be his friend for too long and he can’t get through his tough skull how nice that is. But I can’t watch him treat you like you’re annoying aga- again.” He yawned, clearly not thinking about anything he’s saying. 
You blushed, angry that he wouldn’t remember anything he say tonight. You wished he would confess something though. It didn’t matter if he never acted on it, or forgets it. Just knowing that you’re important to him as he is to you would make you happy.
“We’re here.” You sneaked inside the Slytherin dormitory, mostly because Regulus was with you and the portrait opened when he said the password, without looking too closely at who was with him. He pointed to his shared room with Rosier and you thanked your lucky stars that the roommate was nowhere to be seen.
You saw him fall down on the bed, smiling broadly against the pillow. You didn’t want to stay around and get caught, but you threw a bedsheet over him. Well, you tried to. He grabbed your hand and pulled you to the bed.
“Regulus!” You tried to get up again, but he was too fast. He pulled you closer to him, his hands already going around your waist. He exhaled as this was the most natural thing he did and rested his head against your neck. 
“Goodnight,” he whispered, pressing a slight kiss on your cheek.
You were frozen in shock and waited for him to let you go. He didn’t. He was already half-asleep too.
“Regulus!” You exclaimed. “I can’t stay here, Rosier- you know how much trouble I’ll be in-”
“Fuck Rosier, he’s an asshole.” He said, his tone gravelly and determined. You have never heard him curse before.
You felt your heart hammering against the ribcage. Were you really contemplating staying? Falling asleep in the hands of Regulus Black? 
Well, yes.
You knew the both of you would be in lots of trouble. You knew when the alcohol wears off in the morning, Regulus would be just as confused as you were to why he asked you to stay. But you really didn’t want him to wake up again (yes, he fell asleep already) and all the detentions you’d receive in the morning? It would be all worth it.  You smiled and closed your eyes, letting sleep take you, knowing there’s no place you’d rather be. - This can be read as a oneshot but if you think it’ll be interesting to see what happens next, go to the part two!
Part two link.
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