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I am dying for a connection

Where is your heart in the darkest hours?

We couldn’t keep track of the few minutes between 2 and 3am

We are no different from each other -

lost with our hungry demons who only tell the truth, only make the moves our aching feet cannot.

Brain went to sleep an hour ago, the regrets will come pounding in a few or so.

These moments are saved for the lonely.

Pressure against a wall, feel it in our chests.

Spin around once, now we are dancing in a mess.

Last call for the night

The unsure people go without.

So I’ll ask you one more time,

Can you leave me with your heart tonight?

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Some random dude: *laying down in the middle of the road, looks dead but unscathed*
My mom and I in the car: ...
My mom: *pulls over*
Me: *gets out of car and stands over dude* *waves hand in front of him* Um... are you okay?
Dude: *unresponsive but breathing*
Me: Hello?
Dude: *in a very slurred, deep voice* I'm GoOd
Me: ...okay...
My mom and I: *Awkwardly leaves*
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I drink for two,

for my unborn child.

I drink for three

because we were never close enough.

I drink for four,

so I can forget the mother I never met.

I drink for seven

to toast all my ex-boyfriends.

I drink for ten

because I miss people who are dead.

I drink for twelve,

so I can pretend I’m at a party again.

I drink for fifteen,

when I realise we were never really friends.

Each sip has a reason.

Every bottle is purposed for stress or a good time.

I’m drowning in alcohol.

It’s taste bittersweet.

No matter how much I drink,

I will always feel empty.

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Epcotober days 18 and 22: Food and Wine + Around the World

Epcot and Hollywood are drinking buddies, and drinking around the world is their favorite pastime 💕

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