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isabelleritma · 59 minutes ago
Watching one episode of Riverdale feels like hours, but that might be because I've had to rewind little bits multiple times because it's so hard to follow
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ladysmaid · an hour ago
i am so sorry to everyone i drunk texted last night lmfaoo
love you guys <333
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taintedxmusings · an hour ago
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This photo will always be a mood.
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carlytayjepsen · 2 hours ago
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mentalillnessinnitt · 3 hours ago
Got drunk, made plans, now I'm packing a bag to drive 3 hours to go swimming with some friends I'm not even particularly close with
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moon-spirit-yue · 3 hours ago
We’re getting some drunk AND jealous Raya today besties. Of course she’s not gonna remember anything in the morning and go right back to hating Namaari, but it’s the thought that counts!
Namaari, attempting to date someone in order to forget Raya: wow that is insane! I cant believe that happened to you
Fang girl: I know right! Then she just ran off without a word!
Raya, drunk as hell after mistakening tequila for soda: I think I can hear colors-
Fang girl, laughing obnoxiously: you are so funny Namaari!
Raya, looking on jealously seeing the girl with Namaari: oh not on my watch
Namaari, nervously looking back and forth: ah yes I’m a true comedian-
Raya, plopping herself right in Namaari’s lap: hey dep la watcha up to?
Namaari, looking at her with shock and a bit of blush: Raya? I didn’t expect to see you here. You’re usually in Spine this time of year
Fang girl, narrowing her eyes: and how would you know that Namaari?
Raya, smugly: Namaari’s kinda been tracking me down these past few years. Between you and me, she’s kinda obsessed with me. So if were you, I’d just run along home
Fang girl, enraged: are you seriously gonna let her talk to me like that?
Namaari, shrugging: I mean she’s not wrong
Fang girl, stomping off: ugh this isn’t even worth the effort
Raya, kissing Namaari on the cheek before hopping off her lap and walking away: looks like my job here is done! See you around dep la
Namaari, grinning: want me all to yourself, don’t you?
Raya, continuing to walk away with a smile on her face: something like that
*a couple days later*
Raya, simply vibing: I wonder where Tuk Tuk went
Fang girl that tried dating Namaari: ew it’s a you again
Raya, not remembering what happened: damn I don’t even know you
Fang girl: you seriously forgot how you stole the girl I was dating?
Raya: sorry I’ve never seen you before in my life
Fang girl, rolling her eyes and walking away: I’ll never understand people like you
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go-sullivan · 3 hours ago
The VKs and AKs playing Never Have I Ever
Chad: Never have I ever killed a man.
*All the VKs drink probably*
Lonnie: That's fair.
*Audrey drinks and everyone stares at her.
Audrey: I was volunteering at the hospital and he was an old man on life support.
Audrey: I needed to charge my phone. What? They brought him back.
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Looked up to see why houses "settle" and I guess the foundation every home I've ever lived/been in have fucked foundations
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thewritingresident · 3 hours ago
Of course it wouldn’t be a last night shift of second year without an admit in the last hour with a Hb of 3.5 that needs coercing to stay in the hospital for her transfusions! So now I’m staying late just to finish her admit orders and H&P!
But at least it’s the last night shift of second year…
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“You know who can do jibber jabber? Me.”
And she does it so fantastically. Emily is amazing.
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I find Angela’s “awkward, awkward, very awkward” catch phrase very grating.
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Bringing JFK into the plot was a nice twist. I love the angsty feel to this episode.
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This episode was a nice “intense against the clock” type.
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Booth doing a Michael Jackson impression was kind of adorable.
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Way to go Cam on translating Spanish, and knowing that the person who said it wasn’t actually Mexican. I loved Tamera’s delivery there.
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ricciardodaniels · 5 hours ago
hi quinn! here’s daniel staring into your beautiful eyes! thoughts? have a gr8 night! 💛
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oh cath. cath, cath, cath.
I have so many thoughts and all of them are redacted.
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