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xx-xxx-xxx-xx · 2 months ago
Even when I’m drunk your my only type
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godofthevine · 3 months ago
“Will you sink, or will you swim?”
I will sink. I will sink so low, you can not hear me.
I will sink so deep, throw my body so gleefully to the tigers, no one can stop me.
My body will be torn.
My flesh will be consumed.
My muscles will not move, I will be eaten by these beasts.
And then I will be reborn.
I will become anew, as the Gods have willed me, as the God of rebirth has instructed me...
I will be renewed.
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swiftly-searching · 10 months ago
i left my heart at the door and my clothes on your floor
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sanddollarpoems · 3 months ago
I love you while smiling at them
They make me feel pretty
And you make me feel whole
And I don't know how I'd do this
Without your silent presence
Always reminding that it's okay
To fall apart and not have
The answers in this disaster
I hold the rain and you hold my heart
Hold me together tonight
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kairos-thehumanpoet · 6 months ago
i look to the skies
and spot the clouds,
stratus clouds, ghosting
across their baby blue sea,
protecting the unseen stars;
a vast ribcage for the heavens.
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stopsayingwerejusfriends · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
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coffeedreamsandwords · 2 months ago
I long for that feeling of being drunk
Laying next to your partner
Safe in their arms, telling them how much you love them.
I long for that feeling of being drunk
And seeing them and immediately laughing
Knowing that everything will be ok.
I long for that feeling of being drunk
Falling off stools, smiling like a fool
And confessing your love for the first time to someone.
I long for being drunk and in love
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lawofattractionhearts · 3 months ago
I crave you in this bed at 11:30pm when I know I shouldn’t be,
I long for you when I know that you don’t long for me,
My heart still trying to erase the last five years ,
But nothing can really ease the pain but distractions,
Distractions of work, school, distracting myself with alcohol and going out with friends,
All that stuff eases the pain…
But my thoughts are still left,, driving me insane..
See the pain only eases for a little while until I’m left laying alone
The mornings, I wake up wondering if you will change your mind, and work on life with me,
But it’s just a dream, in this hard reality..
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harshu-is-a-crybaby · 4 months ago
"I'm totally in love with you. Whole, painful, true love. The kind of love that burns so intense it feels like an explosion of fireworks in your body. The love that leaves you sleepless but exhilarated, speechless but poetic, lost but exactly where you're meant to be. The feel- so much-you-get-scared kind of love. The can't-sleep can't-breathe-can't-eat kind of love. The love I never knew was searching for, I found in you."
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paintusblue · a month ago
I drink in your name every day. Every day in your name, I drink.
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senor-plume · 3 months ago
Our Universe
where were our lips supposed to kiss?
what alternate universe do we both need to live in where our hands would fit perfectly into each other's?
our lips wild, wet and seeking acceptance
our eyes deeper than peace… sharper than nails connect easily and your delicious face is all I would need to make it through another 48 hour night
and hell yes, it's been weeks since my troubled mind relaxed as illness overtook it and soon I was breathing in and out the truth of the matter which is:
you are there & I am here and no NASA event will tag you with my kerchief
the miles (the stubborn bitch) will not play along, not knowing what love really feels like
nope no rainbow (Or nostalgia rags) to pull you in
no massive moon play to usher you into my bedroom with a velvet rope shaped like a Bo Peep cane
all I do know is I've seen you (and you have seen me) and late last night it rolled into my head that we were meant to be (no we weren't) together (apart) and it’s so simple (Chinese algebra) now (Never) that all you have to do (which you won't…chicken) is call my name (The one that starts with K) and no matter what ( no matter what) I will come to you (Scouts honor)
so lay there among your yellow walls and see if you (and you only) can wait it out and sit on your hands while I make my journey
the only thing to stop me would be
and you know it darlin'
so stay seated for the remainder of the night keep your eyes open I may just try to surprise you tonight
the corners of your eyes will see me first and before I come into complete focus do not make up your mind just yet
I bring gifts that you will have to take into account now
a seven inch heart… one finely pumping peach scented heart an eyeball on the ceiling of love hands that will swallow you whole with rough desires the comfort of a thousand flower pedals and the strong power of touch from my tongue starting at the hips and following your fingernails until we get to your powerhouse
nothing makes sense when love is smack dab in the middle of our lives and this poem has failed us on many levels but I let go of its damaged and stupid wings to see where the carrier pigeons will find your fat ass tattooed with every poem I ever had the honor to write about you
starting with 'Tom Lehrer' and ending with this poem that you are attempting to finish reading
I wonder what you will think about it and worry that your silence will be maintained despite my best efforts to draw you out now
and so I ask you once again where should our lips meet?
my universe or yours?
it's your call and it always has been
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xx-xxx-xxx-xx · 5 months ago
Drunk call me. I want to be the only name you remember when the rest of your world fades…
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ink-stained-lace · 8 months ago
I’m drunk and my head is spinning and there’s this pressure in my chest; I feel like my old tendencies are back to haunt me but if that was the case then why aren’t you here?
- S.R.
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flashypegasus · 8 months ago
if you wanted to drown you could, but you don’t because finally after all this struggle and all these years you simply don’t want to any more, you’ve simply had enough of drowning and you want to live and you want to love
The Sea In You - David Whyte
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sanddollarpoems · 6 months ago
I don't think it really matters
I am not what I used to be
But I don't feel it
When I'm really laughing
Two wine glasses in
I see myself
And don't hate it
I know I am a secret
That not many will get
And I'm okay with that
I may be in a holding pattern
But I don't have to hate the wait
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kairos-thehumanpoet · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Into Place.
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pasteldemon888 · 4 months ago
Moving through loss is hard. Moving through trauma is hard. Moving through moving through moving through is hard.
Don’t let the non-approval get you so down… cuz that’s another weight on top of everything.
Be who you need to be for the moment. My moment has been a good long stretch. I don’t want to be this way forever. But in some way, it’s a Karmic Responsibility that won’t resolve in this lifetime unless a good chunk is spent with it.
Dance with your demons. Give them a smooch on the mouth and let them take the wheel, if only to inspect and find out more— no one will want to be around you and good luck with getting the support you think you need in the moment. An artificial shift to “love and light” will bring so much support but it won’t actively change or eradicate the deeply held traumas or triggers.
When working with the deep, dark healing, all you need to be is true to yourself in the moment. The societal rejection brings up more anger and aggression in the way all those truly “enlightened beings” have it all figured out. The load people are carrying and how they carry it is only accurate to the one carrying.
Would I trade my life for anyone else’s, no. Do I love my identified person with all the ridiculous scars of the life lived— yeah!
Do I want to blow holes in prejudice rhetoric? Yes. Do I want to serve a form of greater good based off of my life experiences? Yes. Do I have a strong personality with a long story to back it up? Yes.
Do I want to just be myself— all “perceived light and darkness” in something that has a place in society. Yeah… I think I would like that very much.
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starttoplay · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
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t-makwa · 4 months ago
You are the book I have closed, you feel light but my chest is heavy. I admire your rough edges before placing you on this shelf to collect dust. Maybe one day I’ll trace your spine and all those bittersweet memories will flood my mind. Knowing my heart, it will yearn for your connection. But I have trust my future self will have learned that some people are stories you shouldn’t finish.
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sunflowerletters · a year ago
And suddenly, it feels like I'm young again. And it's summer, and I feel nothing but your absence in every action, every laugh, every dream- In Everything
Excerpt from a Book I’ll Never Write
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