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xx-xxx-xxx-xx · 2 months ago
Even when I’m drunk your my only type
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unofficialpoet · a month ago
google translate for the language of someone who never learned how to speak their mind
“yeah i’m good, just a little tired” // “i am carrying a weight that i have put into words thousands of times and yet never spoken aloud.”
“i’ll tell you about it later” // “get me drunk and ask me questions about myself so that i can let the answers flow freely like blood from a stab wound, so that when i wake up in the morning in your bed i can dig my fingernails into the scar tissue and be disappointed by the lack of pain.”
“what?” // “i feel the weight of your gaze on me and i can’t decide if it is one i can carry.”
“nothing” // “i stare because it is the way i know to show admiration; to be known is to be loved, and i want you to feel the presence of my love for you, the weight of my gaze, like a cool towel someone who loves you places on your forehead when you have the flu.”
“did you eat today?” // “if you were standing on a pair of train tracks and you heard that telltale whistle, i hope you’d move. i hope you know i’d push you out of the way if you didn’t.”
“totally okay if not” // “if i asked you every day, “are you sick of me?” would you say no every time?”
“how was your day?” // “tell me about every crack in the sidewalk you stepped over, every fleeting feeling that passed through your psyche, every minute of your stupid, boring class you had to sit through and i will listen with eyes and ears wide open.”
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bibambs · a month ago
Tumblr media
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twocarsonenight · a month ago
can't stop thinking about how much ofmd literally changed how i look at everything. i was so used to seeing any romantic buildup as throwaway teasing. i was so used to the creators actively and openly hating their audiences. i had anxieties about being gay and a fan of things that i didn't even realize i had until i watched ofmd and saw that i didn't need to have them anymore. every step of the way i was terrified i'd be let down but every step of the way they said no. it's okay. and it's normal and right for you to ask for the bare minimum!! then they gave so much more than the bare minimum they gave a good story and symbolism and a genuinely diverse writing team with primarily poc and three nonbinary writers and they love the fans and it's more than i even knew it was possible to hope for. what the fuck man
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liyahszn · 2 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Drunk posting be likeeee.
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cherry-heart-nsfw · 5 months ago
let's drink to 2022!!
Tumblr media
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growmydarling · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
do you have...the Tigh Ghap...
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phemiec · 9 months ago
Hey I might be drunk but I’m also marathoning Q-force and don’t trust the ads for it they’re rage-bait and the actual show is very good and funny and obviously made by actual gay people it’s genuinely good
its sorta copoganda though so fuck that but it is funny it’s very much gay Brooklyn 99 so if you can deal with that you can deal with q-force but yeah anyways, that’s my take lol I love deb and I am stat lol rip
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byelerendgame · 4 months ago
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acrestedeagle · a month ago
me sprinting to Ranni's Rise as fast as possible in any new playthough screaming:
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sunnyontheside · 22 days ago
i just want to know if rcgs kids call the other guys uncle. and all the kids are within the same age range so do they have play dates? maybe i’m just projecting desires for a big found family but i must know.
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venomous-musings · 25 days ago
NO, I will NOT be taking criticisms!!
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malaieirjdjndvdowow · 5 days ago
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hello-my-morning-star · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
At some point you get a starter speech prepped 🤷‍♀️
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dontbeanassbutt · 2 months ago
listen........when gasolina comes on i turn into a completely different person. i am a Ho. I am the Most Important Person. I AM the moment. i will go HARD when gasolina comes on
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sootyboys · 11 months ago
thinking about the way dean shares things with cas because he wants to share an experience with him, wants to give him an experience for the first time.  thinking about how dean is so excited to have cas try apple pie and coffee from a specific diner off I-70 and peach rings and they all taste like molecules to cas but when dean asks he tries his best to describe what it is those molecules feel like to dean and then he says he likes it because it doesn’t matter what the fucking molecules taste like it matters that dean is smiling because they get to have this shared experience and dean has a childhood story about peach rings that he’s about to slip into and cas wants to hear that more than anything, wants to see the way his eyes crinkle while he talks about the ways he and sam would make gas stations exciting as kids
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slyestminx · a month ago
Tumblr media
my hope is to finish two bottles of wine tonight. can you help me stay on track?
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panty-flash · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
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eerieolly · a month ago
Too bad everyone's asleep otherwise we could have a great time video chatting. Ya'll are missing out cause I take requests.😈
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zabim4ru · 2 months ago
I'm getting drunk alone tonight so I apologize in advance to any posts/asks my mutuals may get 🤠
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