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#drv3 kokichi

~Minor Danganronpa v3 spoilers~

Help, the idea of Melody and Kokichi as friends is really heartwarming to me… 

When I was re-watching Hunter x Hunter the other day, the connection between the two characters just clicked… Just a little doodle between two characters I love so much.. 

(Also maybe just a lil-

Melody: “I may never be able to understand, but I do have a close friend who knows the pain of losing his entire family…He’s also friends with two overpowered twelve year olds, one of them being a professional assassin. Maybe you two could connect somehow?”

in hindsight this would be a terrible idea. If our certain, favorite kurta man can’t even handle Leorio’s energy, then he’d probably explode meeting Kokichi.)

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kokichi ouma long locs!

  • 彼のことを考えて… 𝗞𝗢𝗞𝗜𝗖𝗛𝗜!!! 最高指導者 🌐 とても賢いので、私は反対することを恐れます 彼が話すとき、誰もが従います 𝗦𝗨𝗣𝗥𝗘𝗠𝗔𝗖𝗬

  • 彼は 𝗞-𝗞𝗢𝗞𝗜𝗖𝗛𝗜 𝗢𝗨𝗠𝗔! 世界で最も美しい男、誰もが彼に頭を下げます 💬## 彼を疑うことはありません、彼はいつも正しいです!MY B♡Y

  • 📁 __ ARCHIVE: 彼がゲームで話すたびに、私は注意を払います 🏷  彼が現れるたびに私は幸せです… 𝗞𝗢𝗞𝗜𝗖𝗛𝗜 すべての面で完璧 💟 彼の言うことはすべて真実です ᴖ.ᴖ

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Dont like it but okay hey merry late chirstmas its someones birthday every day is a birthday but happy birthday happy late new years two,well its sad that i learned kokichi died bc he was my comfort charater bc we had isssues and things that made him my comfort charaters and i love angtags anyways- funfact:im not good at english or spelling

Anyways it’s a auto corrector that helps at some point

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he lives in my mind and doesnt have to pay rent♡

and yes, i know i fuked up his bandanna, shut up 😞

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Kokichi: if you ever feel like you are stupid or weak or powerless just remember that

Kokichi: i am not. and i am out there, very dangerous and i am looking for you.

Kokichi: good luck

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Asks: If I were you just say that you switched bodies lol. You don’t have to say WHY|


💙- Wait, it’s not a prank! I promise,,, I know it’s hard to believe, but Ouma-kun and I switched bodies and I need to find him!

🤖-If this is real, I apologize for doubting you, but if this is kokichi, which is what I suspect, you’re not fooling anyone.

🤤- Now I know it’s fake. C'mon bodyswapping tech hasn’t been created yet. I would know since *|* haven’t invented it!

💙- Y-you are aware there are other inventors out there right? You aren’t the only one.

🤤-Eeeee-W-why are you looking at me like that!!Undressing me with y-your eyes you perv-

🤖-I’m not dealing with that.

💙- I- N-no I’m not,,, nothing like that! Iruma-san please

💚- Hey.

💙- BWAH!

💚- Hey Ouma, how’d it go wi-

💚-> Anxious but honest expression, No eye contact, nervous hands, hunched posture


💚- Hmm-

💚- Saihara-kun?

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“It’s survival of the fittest!”


- Kokichi Ouma, Izuru Kamukura

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💚Oumota spacecore icons💚


Anon requested - *jumps into your blog from a helicopter* ehem, hi. would oumota spacecore or among us themes be fine? if yes, then 500x500 size pls!! if not, I’ll send in a different ask! ~ 🌸✨

Mod Monaca realizes she doesn’t know how to do this . yeah but honestly Mod Monaca just realized she can’t do this lmao , but hope you still like it Anon !

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Winner: Dorms + common room

💙-The dorms huh? Yeah guess that makes sense. It’s where a lot of people are and the pranks can be highly personalized, since he has access to their rooms.

- Cut to the dorms-

💙- No Ouma-kun, but maybe Kiibo and,,, I guess Iruma- san could help. They are his friends after all.

🤖- I was hoping- never mind hello Kokichi.

💙-Hi ki-

🤤-What the hell are you doing here shota?! I thought for sure you’d be tryna comfort your way into your boytoy’s pants!


🤤-Yeah!! I heard Nagihoe totally saw Suckhara bawlin’ like a blue balled b*tch!

🤤-Bet he took somethin up it for the first time and ran cryin’ when he couldn’t handle it!

🤤-Although, maybe I don’t need to tell you that part. Bet you were the one who got'im like that, so how tight was he

💙🤖- IRUMA-SAN!!!

🤖-That’s incredibly inappropriate! And you shouldn’t spread rumors when the person isn’t here!

💙- W-why would you even *think* that we, that I- that’s-

🤤-You’re literally wearing his jacket. What else was I supposed to think?

💙- WH- J-just because I’m wearing this doesn’t mean, doesn’t- that,,, that w-we… copulated

🤖- Uhhh…

🤖 - Kokichi are you feeling alright?

🤤-What kinda prank are you tryna pull with that ‘uwu soft boi’ act?

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Y'all plz let ppl kin anyone in Dangaronpa w/o being bashed for it

Don’t just assume things that seem like * dr character * kinnies would do

For example: since when have we even established that Kokichi is an “uwu gay boy” in the first place?And that his simps/kinnies are manipulative monsters w no mercy?

Judging from his character,he’s literally the exact opposite of that.

Imo,he was a great antagonist of the series w an insanely well-written script (and backstory)

If y'all could take in a good amount of time to look at his character you’d see that he mostly lied for good causes.

That doesn’t mean,however, that i’m justifying his actions or saying “he did nothing wrong”.

It seems that he was just rlly insecure and took the wrong approach for the good causes of it all.It’s pretty much stating the obv that even tho he was chosen as the main big antagonist of the series,it kinda shows that he wasn’t actually like that and ended up manipulating himself and decieving others in a horrible,overall awful way,and suddenly it was too late to fess up.

This is coming from a Kokichi kinnie btw.

Thank you.^_^

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Oops! This post has been momentarily taken over by D.I.CE.

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