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things you do that they're weak for
ft: sanemi, shinobu, kyojuro, mitsuri, giyuu, obanai
wc: 2.8k my god
They love you a tiny bit more because of that special thing you do just with them
Tumblr media
He has it real bad for you, so bad that one of his favorite things about you is how quickly you can come up with witty remarks and general banter. He likes being teased by you, although he doesn't love that you also easily notice how swiftly you can get him flustered. Because you never fail to take advantage of it.
On a day when he's feeling particularly lazy and in the mood to just lay in bed all day with you in his arms, you just won't shut up about wanting to go for a hike. He groans and complains and grumbles and curses but eventually he'll agree to come with you. The most beautiful mountains and forests surround his estate, so it's easy for you to pick a path and just hit the road excitedly. Except, as usual, you severely underestimate his energy. Sanemi is no longer lethargic as he breathes in the crisp air, urges "your lazy ass" to get moving, gets grumpy when you can't keep up with his pace. This goes on until you run out of patience and insist on taking a break, sitting on some rocks, knowing very well he won't go on without you because he's annoying, but would never leave you behind. Not too behind.
"Nemi?", you call softly and he reluctantly turns his head to look at you, defeat already evident in his eyes because you know damn well he's weak for you calling him that.
"What?", does his best to keep his voice grumpy. A tactic that won't work with you.
"Carry me?", you pout and he snorts.
"Y/n, no".
"You literally dragged me out of bed to come here, you don't get to be a lazy fucker".
Pout intensifies.
"But I'm sooo tired and you're just sooo strong, Shinazugawa-san!"
You squeeze his thigh, then casually touch his arm, until your hand is suddenly under his shirt, playfully poking at his abs.
"So strong! Athletic! The most vigorous Hashira!", you emphasize each word with fake, increased enthusiasm.
"You are honestly the most annoying person I know", he looks away because he can already feel the blush coming up. God damn it. Your hand playfully squeezes his hip and he flinches but doesn't pull away, because your chin is on his shoulder and you're so close he can smell the soap he had used a few hours earlier to wash your hair in his tub. Throat tightens.
"But you love me?", you ask softly.
"Do you really have to ask, idiot?"
"Can I hear it?"
Sanemi finally looks at you, cheeks and ears pink, a sight you will never get tired of. He sighs heavily.
"I love you. Now shut the fuck up and get on my back".
You fix her up. She loves the way you never miss a thing about what she's saying and yet are still able to focus your attention on her as a whole. Clothes, face, hair, it's a habit of yours to check that everything looks right. You're so fond of her, so used to her gorgeous presence you have memorized every little detail about her, so when something is even slightly off you're ready to fix it.
"It was the oddest thing, really. Uzui-san insisted that we all went to his estate to celebrate with some sake and we just sat there together, most of us not even speaking because of how odd it was".
You hum, cup of tea half empty in your hand, head slightly tilted.
"Well, was it fun?"
She shrugs.
"I'm not sure".
"It was nice of him, wanting to celebrate a successful mission. I think you guys should spend more time together".
"Yeah, no. Kanroji-san was drunk after three sips and Shinazugawa-san almost punched Tomioka-san in the face ten minutes after we got there".
Unimpressed, you arch a brow.
"Was he drunk as well?"
"No, he didn't drink".
You both laugh as you lean closer, gently running a hand through her locks to fix the strands escaping her hairpin. She will never get used to how cute you look when studying the final result of your work, wether "work" stands for you fixing her hair, gently rubbing her nose if there's dirt on it after a training session, picking up some crumbs from her lap, trying to fix the wrinkles on her clothes. You check if everything looks good after your intervention, then focus your attention on her once again, smiling with a genuine sense of gratification she finds adorable.
"There, you look prettier now. By the way, can you remind me when Kanroji-san is coming over for dinner? Cause I will hide all the alcohol we own", you grin.
She leanes over towards you this time, fakes a pout.
"So you think I didn't look pretty?"
You open your mouth in an exaggerated expression of pure indignation.
"I didn't mean-"
Shinobu leaves a sweet kiss on your neck, then distractingly presses her lips to your jaw as you try to gather the right words to say. Typically, you just fail. She's definitely the one making the other flustered in the relationship.
"What was that?", her nose barely grazes your cheek as you sigh.
"You're always gorgeous", you manage to let out, "now just kiss me already".
She's always oh so happy to comply.
He'll sometimes return from a mission to find you either curled up in your futon or doing just about anything in his clothes. He never asked and you never said anything, but after the first two times he has started to conveniently forget his haori and uniforms at your estate more and more often. You haven't noticed yet but he also takes something of yours whenever he has to leave for a mission. It's usually something small, like a hairpin or the ribbon of one of your yukatas.
"You know, I'm getting dangerously used to this sight", he smiles, entering your garden, where you're sitting with a book in just his shirt, legs bare under the sun.
"You're home!", book is brutally left on the ground as you get up from the blanket laid on the soft grass to run towards him, a muffled groan escaping his lips as your bodies clash.
"What's wrong? Are you hurt? Oh, I'm sorry!", you instantly try to take a step back. However, the arms he has wrapped around you simply don't allow any movement. Instead, he pulls you impossibly closer, at the expense of his two broken ribs.
"I have never been better", he whispers through your hair.
"You're a terrible but very sweet liar. Now come sit and rest, I'll make you some tea", you smile against his collar, gently rubbing his back. There it is, that smell. On the sour, almost bitter side, yet so sweet and warm and finally close enough for you not to have to wrap yourself in his clothes to compensate for his absence.
He reluctantly lets go and follows you to the blanket you're strongly urging him to sit on. But, once again, he doesn't allow you to leave, fingers gently closing around your wrist to pull you down, so that you can seat between his legs and he can wrap his arms around you, chin resting on your shoulder, eyes closed, the funny feeling of smelling both you and himself on your skin. It's his favorite thing in the world, really.
"Tea", you mutter but he further nestles his face in the crook of your neck, humming.
"In a minute".
She loves that you get just so excited to cook for her. You have memorized her favorite dishes, you know with analytical precision the exact amount of bean sprouts, pork and scallion she prefers, you never forget that she enjoys having green tea with sweet treats such as dorayaki or sakura mochi, and you certainly always remember to add a sprinkle of bonito flakes to her soup. If a special occasion is coming up (a birthday, guests coming over for dinner in which guests are almost always obanai, shinobu or tanjiro with his darling little sister, your anniversary, her coming back from a mission, her leaving for a mission) you will most likely start your preparation from the day before. She watches as you make sure to get all the right, fresh ingredients, marinate the meat, clean and flake the fish, cut the vegetables, all while smiling fondly at her, occasionally feeding her as well, and she just feels so loved, cherished, important.
It's one of those sweet, lazy mornings. You have just finished eating breakfast in her garden and you're already getting to work to make sure that everything is ready for dinner. Mitsuri has been sick in bed for a few days, so you have been extra attentive and made sure she got all the vitamins while staying hydrated enough. She thinks it's adorable, how you absentmindedly keep filling up a glass of water and pass it to her as she sits on the counter and watches you wash the rice.
"Can I help?", she asks, already knowing what you're gonna say.
"I got it, thanks. You should rest", flashing her a smile, you begin the process of cutting up some tofu.
She pouts.
"I'm tired of resting! Besides, I want to make you something for once. Please allow me?"
You put down the knife and clean your hands on your apron, fondness evident in your eyes as you smile at your beautiful girlfriend.
"Okay. Let's switch", taking her hands, you help her down and take her place on the counter as she grins triumphantly, gently taking off your apron and pecking your lips as she puts it on.
She is such a sight for sore eyes, her usual braids having left place for a messy bun, cheeks still a little pale but eyes gleaming with solid determination. You patiently observe how she cuts the right ingredients, slowly, attentively, with so much care. Typical. You're usually faster but you don't mind her pace, concentration evident in her stare as she hopes she's able to display just how much she loves you. Even if it's only through a simple curry. Because you're always so good at doing it for her.
"I love you".
"I love you".
You look at each other and laugh in unison.
"I said it first", you stick your tongue out and she scoffs.
"You didn't!"
"Yes, I did, don't argue with me. You can't always have it your way just because you're a pillar, you know?"
She jokingly nudges your hip with her elbow and you laugh again. Without fail, you slowly push the glass towards her again.
"Don't forget your water", you casually say and don't really get why she smiles at you so warmly, knife put down once again to grab the glass and, most importantly, kiss you.
He's not always up for having long conversations, especially if it means burdening you with his concerns, fears, self sabotaging thoughts. Still, he's not sure how, you're able to tell when something's up. So you've picked up the habit of stealing a few paper sheets from his bedroom, attentively tearing them to obtain smaller pieces, which you either leave around or slip in the pocket of his uniform for him to find. Sure, most times it's just cute, affection infused messages (good morning, I love you; I hope you have a wonderful meeting, don't fight with anyone!; come over tonight, I'm making your favorite :); good luck! Come back soon, I'll be here waiting for you; you never tell yourself so somebody really has to: you look very handsome today) but sometimes you just want to let him now that you noticed, and you respect his silence, yet feel the urge to show that you care. You care so deeply. As if he didn't already know, as if he needed proof. Whatever it is, it'll get better; you are the strongest, bravest, greatest person I know; thank you for allowing me to love you; he knows, he is so proud of you; they would never forgive you for what you said about yourself earlier; come to me when you feel ready?
In the end, he always does come to you. Because who else does he have? Who else would insist so much on loving him so selflessly? He hasn't known love like this before. He hasn't felt it, hasn't allowed anyone to feel it either. But now half of his entire being resides in you, in how you kiss his forehead, gently run your fingers through his hair as you hold him, whisper sweet, comforting words to his ear. In how you just know that it isn't out of disrespect, of lack of trust, that he sometimes doesn't talk to you. In how you accept him, respect his pauses, appreciate the imperfect way he has of loving you.
Little does he know that you've never been loved like that either. Never had someone purposefully always leave the last onigiri for you, gently stroke your jaw with his thumb, firmly hold your body against his throughout the night, smile gently and patiently as you watch him train and ask endless questions about his katas, someone who, without fail, is always outside the estate of the lady you sew for with an umbrella if it's raining. Someone who would steal the stars from the sky if you just happened to ask.
That's why you can't help but smile, warmth blossoming in your chest when he hands you a small piece of paper for the first time, during a quiet afternoon spent drinking tea in his garden.
"What's this?"
"You never tell yourself, so somebody really has to", he shrugs.
You're so gorgeous.
So you smile again, sweet blush creeping on your cheeks, heart impossibly full.
You've been together long enough for him to be absolutely comfortable and relaxed around you. He's used to your presence in his life, loves knowing that he's gonna be home cause that means he gets to surprise you with dinner, he's so whipped he'd sometimes stop to pick flowers on his way to your estate, an activity that almost always leads to him arriving late because he just can't decide which flowers are the prettiest and which colors you'd prefer. However, there's one thing he can't get used to, something that still makes his stomach clench and his cheeks turn the most adorable shade of pink: the pet names you call him. You're so casual about them while he honestly can't keep it together whenever you let one slip out of your pretty lips. "I'm going to the market, do you want anything babe?", "looking good today, handsome!", "honey, I cleaned the kitchen for you", "darling, are those for me?" while he just tries his hardest not to literally burst into flames right there and then.
He honestly has no idea you know very well how flustered you get him, and it's a game you enjoy playing so very much. That's why sometimes handsome turns into a playful dream boat, honey rearranges itself around a cheeky sunshine, babe transitions to a sappy light of my life. You honestly enjoy showering him in affection and compliments but you also can't help but indulge in a little bit of fun, especially if that fun casually takes place in front of others. Others usually being Sanemi or Mitsuri.
When the former visits, you usually sit with them for ten minutes or so and then leave so that they can start their usual banter. "I'm going to take a nap, you guys behave. See you later, sweetie", you blow a kiss to your boyfriend and turn around before you can catch his wide eyes and Sanemi's amused grin. "You okay, sweetie?", you hear his mocking voice as you close the shoji doors.
When Mitsuri comes over for tea or dinner, you stay longer because she's generally much more friendly and enjoys spending time with you as well. Much to Obanai's affectionate exasperation, you two usually end up completely ignoring him while simultaneously talking about him.
"Is he eating enough? I'm sure you take good care of him, y/n, but he looks so pale!"
You smile at her.
"Don't worry, I make sure he doesn't skip any meals. Can't risk my handsome baby getting sick".
Obanai? Floored.
However, when you two are lying in his futon, your nose grazing his neck, his arms around you, he doesn't feel embarrassed. Doesn't wonder why you chose him, if he deserves all the devotion in your eyes and the affection of your words. He doesn't, because nothing has ever felt that right for him. Ever. Not when you leave a kiss on his shoulder and pull him closer, whispering a "good night, I love you darling". Not when he kisses your forehead and whispers an "I love you more, princess" right back.
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So basically I am planning a dst based map and I wanna see who all is interested in joining! The application part stuff isn't open yet and most ideas are still fresh but still seeing if anyone would like to join!
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Cold Storage // Pokémon Black & White (2011)
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• Design por: @xxpujinxx-jjk
↳ Cogumelo venenoso [JIKOOK]
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troll dave brain rot thanks to
@davestriderpostscratch 's design
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Kirby Super Star Ultra (Nintendo DS, 2008) Sleep
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Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky  ✧  (2009)
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Sinnoh goo. DS good
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praise the sun.
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[Fazbear Entertainment isn't giving anything weird to the kids... I hope so.]
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Ok so cute idea, the hashira reacting to their s/o wearing their clothes and mimicking them
Hashiras Reacting to their S/O Wearing their Clothes and Mimicking them
Tumblr media
Includes: mitsuri, kyojuro, tengen, giyuu, and sanemi
a/n: thanks for the request! i don’t normally write a lot of x reader headcanons or this sort of thing so this was a bit of a challenge! i didn’t write all of the hashiras as i don’t know all of them that well yet, but i included those i’m more confident writing for <3
*gender neutral reader
Tumblr media Tumblr media
if you wear her uniform she’ll be going all heart eyes 
compliments you so much
“ah you’re like me! i love you!”
she’s such a sweetheart i love her
if you start to mimic her she’ll think it’s cute at first 
if you keep it up though she’ll start to get confused 
you’ll have to reassure her that you aren’t making fun of her
she’ll gladly let you wear her clothes all you want as long as you promise to be yourself in them 
Tumblr media
he will get so exited
“those are my clothes?! you’re wearing them!!”
tries to convince you to wear them more often, does not notice your impression of him at first 
once he realizes what you’re doing he’s going to find it very funny
after you eat something and yell “UMAI!” he’ll laugh and mention that you know him so well 
will proceed to wear your clothes and give his impression of you 
if you tell him he can wear your clothes more often he will be so happy 
even if you’re smaller than him he will find a way 
Tumblr media
good luck trying to fit into his clothes properly
they are going to be very baggy on you 
if you start to mimic his mannerisms he will find it cute at first
“you’re becoming even more flashy now!”
however after a while he will find it annoying 
when you tell him that’s what he sounds like he’s just like 
“i’m not that annoying!” 
“i don’t use the words flashy and flamboyant in every sentence!” 
he will let you borrow his clothes a lot just because you look cute in them 
Tumblr media
this poor boy, he’s so awkward
“why are you wearing that? what are you doing?”
he’s really confused
you’re just standing there like “🧍🏼‍♂️” (a perfect impression of him)
and he’s like “🧍🏼‍♂️”
will eventually tell you that you look nice
doesn’t even notice that you were mimicking him
Tumblr media
his uniform is similar to mitsuri’s in the way it completely exposes your chest 
he doesn’t really notice at first 
and then he does and he’s like “why are you wearing my clothes??”
if you start to mimic him he will pretend to get annoyed 
“stop acting like that, why are you being so weird?” but he has a small smile on his face so you know he doesn’t mean it
he knows you’re joking around and finds it a little amusing at first 
but seeing you only act all aloof and hard-ish he will start to feel a little bad about himself 
doesn’t like how you view him that way, he tries his best to be kinder and softer with you and he wants you to see that 
does like how you look in his uniform 
he will secretly want you to wear his clothes more often but this little bastard does not know how to tell you 
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Just in time for Christmas, it's Phoenix Wright for Gameboy! Being originally designed for GBA meant it wasn't too much work to get down to GB size!  And of course had to include the DS exclusive Rise from the Ashes! 
If you liked this, please visit my Patreon. Any amount thrown my way helps and is greatly appreciated! Thanks!
[Patreon] [Twitter] [Instagram]
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Pokemon Go Community Day Posters made by Mofinngram
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Tumblr media
Cooking Mama 3: shop and chop (2009)
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Nintendo DS game icons
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This has been in my brain for months
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