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You and your dom have been out all day and your doms been giving you small touches here and there but you’ve been rejecting them. Not really in the mood. You were both walking home and your dom suddenly grabs your arm and shoves you in the nearby alley way, pusing you to the ground. “M-master I said no” you stutter out which immeaditly earns you a slap across the face. “Did I ask what you wanted?” he said and yanked you up on your feet. He bends you over and yanks down your skirt and panties, stepping back and just admiring what a beautiful whore you are, and how you’re already soaking wet for him, your wetness dripping down your thighs. He pulls down his pants and thrusts in you hard making you scream out. “Master no!”

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Quiero volver a verte, sé que no te gusta el afecto pero me gustaría otro abrazo tuyo, quiero ver tus gestos nuevamente, escuchar tu voz y tu risa.

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So, I want to share my true and serious opinions about Distant Shores (without complain about the lack of my beloved chest hair)

This is actually an answer I gave on a comment under one of my (many) posts about how I don’t like the way PB portraied pirates in this book, but I thought: why don’t share it with the whole Tumblr? It’s not like they’re gonna kill me and banish me from this website forever. 

Let’s start.

First: I think that the main problem on this platform is that people tend to think that writing something that involves problematic topics means that you are supporting these kind of wrong behaviours. When, in my opinion, writing something like that is necessary if we want to create our own critical thoughts about them. Reality is problematic as hell and sweeten the pill is like practicing some kind of censorship. Okay, I have to admit that when it comes to fiction, I don’t get triggered easily and I know that a lot of people do, so when you create a content you have to be careful. But people need to know that life and people are not totally good or totally bad, it’s not that simple. Sometimes I read hate comments about characters who maybe did one thing wrong and this fandom immediatly cancelled them, without trying to understand their point of view. That’s just not how life works. And trying to explain a character behaviour doesn’t mean that you are supporting it or that you are agreeing with them, it’s just a basic and objective character analysis

Second: I love history, in fact last year I took my university degree in humanistic communication, which is a faculty that mixes history exams with literature exams. So when it comes to historic setting in stories, I tend to be really judgemental. I simply cannot enjoy something that pretends to be a pirate story, when it’s just a glossy and fictionalized novel that doesn’t show the reality of that time, just because PB has to please its fandom. I have to say this: ACOR may has not been perfectly accurate from an historical point of view (i’m still bitter about how they portraied romans), but it was raw and brutal enough to be convincing. And coming back to Distant Shores, that’s why people are fighting over Oliver: if there is a lack of historical accuracy in a story, when you try to put something that really happened in that time, of course it will seem just a bad thing. If PB had written a story about ruthless pirates who were actually criminals, with the Mc that slowly get attached to them, the rivalry between Edward and the Navy would have been more complex and endearing. I love morally ambiguous stories that make you think about the inside nature of human kind, and Distant Shores, being set in the past, could have been that good. This fandom is also forgetting that in the 18th century, killing and torturing people was pretty common, especially between pirates and navy officials (I also want to point out that slavery was pretty common too, pirates were involved in treading slaves) but Edward’s crew is so fakely good that it’s just not right. Uh, and I also want to clear that just because there are famous female pirates, we don’t have to think that it was a common thing: often, if a woman was caught on a pirate ship, she would have been killed without any hesitation. 

In conclusion, Distant shores is just a missed opportunity to me and I’m so sorry, because - especially with the time travel plot-  there could have been many good ethical and philosophical insights to explore.  

I’m sorry for the long post, and once again I apologize for my English. 

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you didn’t do either of those things, i met you harassing people in a port town and then you told me that you were with the navy and i have not once thought about you in any way that would confuse or hurt me whatsoever, please god go away

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ds mc… Stupid as hell.. like… Whos believing this man? Who is believing that he’ll let you go now that he’s done with you or that hes even capable of getting word to your ship when he doesnt even know where it is . honey…

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how am i supposed to know which of these options is for which route dhgdhsjdhhsjshs ‘keep it consistent’ HOW im just tryin to be rude

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