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weyounbathwater · 11 hours ago
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geekthefreakout · 14 hours ago
So, I noticed this and my brain went BRRRRRR
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Molly's doll Lupi (pictured right from the episode Time's Orphan) wears a shirt very similar to Garak's shirt from his early appearances, with a vest overtop.
So uhhhh.... Garak makes doll clothes for Molly. That blue fuzzy vest the doll is wearing? Molly made it with his help. It's rough work, but a good first attempt.
It started when Keiko brought Molly in to the shop because she was going through a growth spurt. Keiko and Garak talk about plants, and Molly is fascinated by Garak and all the clothes in his shop and how he mends her favorites and lets out the hems.
Garak actually loves kids. All of a sudden he and Molly are friends. Keiko thinks it's wonderful, Miles thinks it's Not Good, Julian is amazed and delighted.
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starfleetspacecadet · a day ago
Could you do Garak please? 🥺💚
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shakespearevillain · 2 days ago
Garak: Living on this station is torture for me, doctor. The temperature is always too cold. The lights are always too bright.
Julian, an autistic man with these same problems: Yeah, that’s rough, buddy.
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stonedtrek · a day ago
Quark is generally a traditionally misogynistic Ferengi right? and yet all his female love interests are generally extremely opposed to the Ferengi view of the ideal woman (strong, smart, violent). not be like “Quark has mommy issues” but like. I don’t think that pattern is unrelated to Ishka being Ishka.
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romulanfucker · 2 days ago
they hand you the infinity stone and say you gotta choose one of these ds9 characters to be erased from all memory ........... quank or gark whos it gonna be
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wamiandayne · 13 hours ago
i am not immune to elim garak
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hooved · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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shellheadtincan · 8 hours ago
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MORE GARAK, and Julian!! I’m trying to learn better how to draw them so I heavily referenced some frames from Garak’s introductory scene.
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admiral-derbyblossom · 2 days ago
Just thinking about the fact that Leeta and Julian had like… objectively the healthiest breakup in TV history.
They dated for a while, decided they weren’t right for each other, went to Risa, fucked out their feelings, had a break up ceremony and parted ways on good terms.
No jealousy, Bashir would be like “Leeta he’s a hottie, go get that ass.” And Leeta would be like “she’s gorgeous Julian you need a wing girl?” And then they’d get flustered and do a healthy break up smash to get each other out of their system.
Wholesome as fuck, good for them! Thank you Star Trek for having the bravery to depict mature healthy adults, in mature healthy relationships ❤️
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jonathanarcher · 6 hours ago
“I didn’t think the pah wraiths would kill ME!” says kai who voted for the Pah Wraiths Killing People Party
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orionlodubyal · a day ago
Tumblr media
Y'all know I'm always working on a Garak! Here's my latest Murder Lizard "Feeling Smug" Fan Art Only 9 more to go for next year's 2022 calendar! 😆🎨🦎
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ATteNtIOn BajOrAn wOrKErS I've put each of the weyouns in a different color outfit so I can tell them apart but they keep switching outfits because APPARENTLY i didn't take their favorite colors into account. I thought Hideous Chartreuse Weyoun was Calming Light Blue Weyoun and now he is chasing me through the jefferies tubes with a knife
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stopthatbluecat · a day ago
The fact that at five years old Julian performed his first surgery on Kukalaka.
Like y'all can't roll that back, he was five when he did that. He already had it in him.
The fact that older Julian wanted to play tennis and his parents Still couldn't accept him because he wasn't doing exactly what they expected of him. Richard Bashir can jump around to whatever career he feels like, but gods forbid Julian do something purely enjoyable.
I wouldn't be surprised if younger Julian Did want to be a doctor after Kukalaka and realizing that doctors help people, and then he found out what they'd done to him and decided that he'd be just as happy playing tennis and not giving his parents what they wanted.
But his drive to help people won out in the end. So he wanted to go to DS9 where he thought he could be the most helpful and it would be an adventure. Something that his parents would hate but would make him happy.
My man was always special and they just wouldn't see it through their own personal fears and goals.
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