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axe-of-ender · 2 days ago
imagine being c!eryn. you’ve known your best friend, lab brother, since you were little kids. the last time you saw that golden boy, he was leaving for a server with the name ‘earth’ in it. a bit later, you hear about him moving servers to a new one called the ‘dream smp’, a server whose name has been whispered and spread around the different worlds with excitement and reverence.
one day, around a year after its founding, you receive the invite to join that server. you haven’t seen your friend in years, and when you do finally see him again, one of the things he talks about is how he feels like he was able to do things right with dream— the creator of the server but also the same person sitting in a high-security prison built on said server.
you try to help him find his purpose again. you build shrines and make things for him, hoping that he’ll be sent back to where he says he did better in but the expression on his face doesn’t seem to reflect that.
you see him again. this time, you hear that dream has escaped prison.
and you find your best friend from your past, your lab brother, the golden boy, shaking and on the verge of a breakdown with wide-blown eyes similar to that of a scared animal. at his small home in the hill, he snaps at you and tells you that you need to inform and convince everyone that dream is a bad man and that they should not trust or like dream.
and you’re confused, because you’re remembering those shrines and starting to realize that you might have gotten everything wrong.
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violets-r-purple · a month ago
Tumblr media
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randomfansstuff · 15 days ago
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antimony-medusa · a month ago
What I think is going on if any of the DSMP members win the Elytra.
Tubbo: Built those wings himself. Healing arc. 
Tommy: Avian, his wings finally came in, they are little chicken wings. 
Ranboo: Teleporting unlocked more end heritage, they are wings like the ender dragon. 
Eryn Cyberonix: That accident that fucked up his arm also fucked up his wings, when he has elytra he simply had a good night’s rest and they came back.
Charlie Slimecicle: Slime wings.
Fundy: Shapeshifter.
Purpled: Alien tech he finally repaired. 
Quackity: Avian, he just stopped binding down his duck wings.
Wilbur Soot: translucent avian wings that belong to a ghost, he insists he doesn’t have them and that he’s well and healthy and normal now. 
FoolishGamers: Mans is a god. Of course he has wings. They are somehow smooth like shark skin. 
Eret: They won wings back from a cult in the past, and forgot. Just re-discovered them. The wings are an eldritch summoned force that binds to your back, but like in a friendly way.
Awesamdude: Built those wings himself. The satisfaction of creation somehow does not overcome the guilt of what he has done and is doing and was prepared to do. His hands shake at night.
Captain Puffy: A divine boon from the time she saved a god. (It was a swindle but the god doesn’t know yet.)
Antfrost: They may or may not be demon wings and he may or may not be making an arrangement with a high cost to bring someone back and it may or may not be corrupting him. It’s fine. Look, cat!
Hannahxxrose: Plant-based wings, they were a gift from the forest as she healed. 
Ponk: The Doctor has been doing Inadvisable Science. 
Punz: High tech wings were his payment for a job well done. Don’t ask questions. 
Skeppy: He stole them from Bad in an epic troll. 
BadBoyHalo: He’s literally a demon, he’s always had demon wings, he just thought it was rude to use them before. Are we really sure it’s not rude? It’s okay now?
GeorgeNotFound: idk he woke up and they were there. maybe the god who’s been following him gave them. he doesn’t care. they look like dragonfly wings.
Sapnap: Fire phoenix wings. 
Karl Jacobs: he doesn’t remember where he got them but they’ve grown into his back and he can’t take them off. when pulled on something screams with his voice but it doesn’t come from his throat (but his throat bleeds anyway). they’re beautiful when they catch the light. 
TinaKitten: Adorable wings that match her ears (they have ribbons) that she shanked a man for. 
Dream: End dragon wings, but he stole them when he closed the End. They’ve been spliced on, he has to take anti-rejection meds. 
Connor: They are video game elytra that he won in a contest on the 30th of October 2021. He’s going to take them to hang out with his other friends. 
Niki: Fire phoenix wings, but specifically with a healing property. 
Jack Manifold: Went to Hell. Came back wrong. When you look at him out of the corner of your eye you see a monstrous misshapen creature of rage and spite, wings to pull it higher, and when you look at him straight on you see Jack. 
Hbomb: You know the anime girl backpack that looks like little crossed wings? That. 
Michael McChill: Paranoid Radio Host takes another step in the tradition of Cecil Baldwin and has wings of purple light.
Technoblade: Dragon wings, but specifically a dragon that’s also a wither. They sink into his back like cold fingers. 
Philza: Avian, his wings finally healed. 
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wiiilby · a month ago
Tumblr media
eryn has joined the game!!!
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beckyblah · a month ago
Tumblr media
Literally love how many little mannerisms and phrases they share. It’s like Tommy is the hyperactive version of Eryn LOL. They’re test tube brothers, your honor!
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hoolyelina · a month ago
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miku3 · 2 days ago
Eryn asks cSam a very important question
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vvcantwrite · 14 days ago
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nastiiuu · 6 days ago
A little smol comic series imma work on probably definitely
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Also have this
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