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#dsmp lore spoilers
gavin-screaming · 11 days ago
chills. fucking chills
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genesisrose74 · 3 months ago
c!techno, enthusiastically: and they were roommates!
c!dream, on the verge of tears: oh my god they were roommates
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mcmactictac · a month ago
You know I have seen so many takes on where lore is going but I feel like we are not giving cc! Wilbur enough credit here. He’s always managed to make really interesting plots with twists, that don’t go exactly where you expect it too. I bet you damn well he knows exactly what he’s doing with these parallels and is laughing at us right now. He won’t repeat the same story in the same way. He’s better than that. Having his character go through another villain arc just doesn’t make sense for him.
But if we wanna talk parallels to the 16th. C! Ranboo places the tnt in the casino. C! Quackity finds it.
If Las Nevadas gets blown up, I do not think c! Wilbur will be the one to do it.
You know who is a strong possibility? c! Quackity. What I think would be really interesting, is c! Quackity using the tnt to screw c! Wilbur over more. He sets it off himself. He blames it on c! Wilbur. Who are they gonna believe?
C! Wilbur, who has a history of blowing up nations and dealing with conflict by explosions?
Or c! Quackity, who just had the casino he worked so hard for exploded, he just wanted to build something of his own and c! Wilbur had to make it a competition.
Now THAT would be interesting. People already don’t trust c! Wilbur enough. I would love to see that happen, and have everyone turn on him again. For him to be alone again, but he doesn’t die this time, he has to deal with the aftermath of those actions. Cause that would hurt c! Wilbur the most right now. The people he cares about, especially ones who think that he changed or is good, switching up on him as soon as something happens, knowing it was too good to be true. Realizing no one ever really believed he got better. If you wanna talk c! Wilbur angst THATS what I wanna see. Imagine c! Tommy seeing it. And he blames c! Wilbur. And he just has to watch as everyone he cared about, c! Tommy who he thought was on his side just. Still see him as that monster. He has to see the eyes of the people he cares about look at him and see a villain they still don’t trust anymore.
And I think that could lead us to a redemption arc. I think finally being able to see the after effects of that would force him to do everything in his power to gain that trust back, to prove that he’s worthy again. I think it makes sense for his plot, it would contrast the 16th where he died and left the mess behind, but this time he stays and he genuinely tries to be better and make people see that he’s better. I don’t know. Just something to consider.
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philip-the-nickel · 3 months ago
Am I the only one getting big "Techno walked into a trap willingly so he could observe the machinations of the prison firsthand" vibes?
the dude was joking, sure, but at every junction he was watching and commenting on the redstone, the layout, how it worked, who built it, how much more advanced it was than quackity's last attempt at murdering him, how long it took to work, what was producing the lava streams, what each piece was made from, how many guards there were, etc etc.
I think we know by now that the funny pigman hides his true intentions behind jokes and "Subscribe to Technoblade" allusions. That man was casing the place, knowing full well how he intended to escape.
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faunthekid · 4 months ago
...oh,, oh wow. okay here’s my thoughts:
- fundys scream when he found out. i literally almost started sobbing. god. why must the block rp hurt me so
- i don’t think we can overlook when philza said “it’s dreams fault” we might be getting possible revenge arc? maybe? philza goes and beats the shit out of dream arc? yes? no?
- philza going over and over that he had just wanted to talk to wilbur and ask him questions and saying there was “just no time” ow ow my heart. say what you want about dadza but i think if he hadn’t been thrown into killing wilbur the way he was, i think he could’ve helped his son but as he said, there was just no time :”)
- also why was the chat spamming “dilfbur” at one point PLS
- okay okay mULTIPLE characters keep reiterating that 13 years is a long time and he might be a different person. philza probably said it like twenty times. and i think it might be hinting that wilbur IS gonna be different. but not the way it’s been hinted at, like tommy is terrified that he’s way worse than before but maybe wilbur is actually going to try to become better. good, or as close to it as he can be. maybe that’s me just hoping but i just rlly rlly think wilbur deserves and NEEDS a redemption arc
- “he was our annoying bitch”
- oh god,, wilbur told philza he WON the election AND never mentioned schlatt?? oh fuck FUCK i feel like this has so much significance but i cant pinpoint what exactly it is. did wilbur just want his father's pride? was he jusy extending his obsession onto phil?? trying to reclaim any last bit of control he could?? oh im crying. i am CRYIBG
- “15 to 20 mins of lore” MY ASS
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sappyspeare · 3 months ago
dsmp semi-lore 19.06.2021
im so overloaded with lore today but i do wanna point out a few fun things so bear with me:
- beeduo being the best duo to ever duo
- ranboo POPPING OFF !! at quackity lmfao
- tubbo standing up for himself and standing his ground and talking about his trauma and opening up to ranboo
- the fact that quackity literally cannot argue himself out of a stupid conversation about stupid damn wall against a 17 year old lmfao get rekt
- tommy learning about communism and socialism
- las nevadas gang gang content !!! las nevadas enthusiasts we have won today !!
- confirmed tommy and wilbur family dynamic + bench trio besties [as if we needed confirmation but still. its nice to be reminded of good things yk]
- quackity continuing the tntduo divorced parents dynamic by letting tommy get away with everything
i would continue but my mind is going at a million miles an hour in short I'm so happy all this lore is happening again my brain is going brr
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ladyrowan117 · 11 days ago
Okay but Philza not thinking too much of three months to be in prison is so freaking in character because he doesn’t see time the same as everyone else (cuz he’s the immortal bird man) and I just thought that was really neat
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Fuck it I'm just going to say it.
C!Phil confusing 3 days for 3 months is because of his immortality.
Days just feel so short when you've lived for millennials.
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gavin-screaming · 3 months ago
c!tommy admitting he has an emotional attachment to c!wilbur. c!tommy saying he just wants to “do as he’s told.” c!tommy saying wilbur is basically his brother.
c!tommy being so desperate for some sort of family
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genesisrose74 · 3 months ago
“Wait can you close that door and open it again?”
*sam does it, willingly*
“Awwwww yesss that’s some legit redstone”
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mcmactictac · 2 months ago
You know what I’m seeing a lot of differing opinions about c!Wilbur from this stream but what I don’t see ANYONE talking about is the diamonds. At the end of the stream, when Wilbur added 2 of his own diamonds into the chest with the building materials?
Him blowing up the corner is not about destruction. Its so clearly rooted in fear. He wants to see if he can trust Ranboo, and this is the only way he knows how. He replaced the floor after, put all the materials back and added in the diamonds. You can interpret that however you want but it reads like he didn’t actually want to ruin it for me. He’s scared Ranboo is going to leave him, and he’s testing his loyalty the best way he can.
C! Wilburs trust issues are through the damn roof, and though I agree he doesn’t go about it in the healthiest way, it doesn’t feel like manipulation to me. It’s his own desperate attempt to see if he can trust that person. It isn’t about manipulating them to do what he wants, it’s about testing them so he knows if they’ll be there for him when he needs it.
He’s so clearly scared of himself too. He wants to change and he wants to be better but he’s still stuck in the same place he’s always been. He still believes he’s a bad person, he sees how everyone else looks at him with a feeling of fear. And even if he likes it, he also HATES it. Wilbur wants people to be scared of him so they can’t have power over him, and they can’t hurt him. He doesn’t want to intimidate others just because, it’s all a self defence mechanism to protect himself.
You see the way he pauses after Ranboo talks about him being a good person. He doesn’t believe it. No one else seems to believe it, so why should he? He doesn’t even think he deserves that possibility. You can see how thankful he is to have SOMEONE tell him he doesn’t have to be the monster everyone thinks he is. Wilbur NEEDS support from other people, but because of how emotionally closed off he is he never gets it. He always had the illusion of leadership, of having a plan, but it’s all spun into a big illusion to protect himself from the mental issues he refuses to address.
Wilbur closes off, Ranboo closes out. They’re more similar than people want to admit. It’s just so much harder to understand Wilbur because he closes in and puts up that really good illusion. But he’s still not ok. Look at how close he stood to that explosion today. He moved towards it, instead of backing away. He’s still holding on by threads, and he won’t be vulnerable enough with anyone to get help to pull himself back together again. It’s like watching a gifted kid burn out but they keep pushing, keep ignoring all of the things that make everything so much harder and they just focus their energy into one thing until they crash.
I really don’t believe c! Wilbur is a bad person. I think he’s scared, I think he’s made some bad choices, I think at some level he WANTS people to think he’s bad just as another way to protect himself. Wilbur needs healthy support, he needs someone to recognize what he’s gone through and how all of his actions have just been a cry for help that constantly goes unheard. He’s much more complicated than just a villain. No ones saying you have to excuse all of his actions, and he should be held accountable for many of them. But if you’re going to talk about him being a villain and manipulating other people, at least try and think about how he got there. Understanding where his motives REALLY come from has a huge change on who his character really is. There’s a healthy balance between “Wilbur is an irredeemable villain, and Wilbur has done nothing wrong ever because he had bad things happen to him so how he hurt other people doesn’t matter” and I wish we could find it more when we talk about his character.
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philip-the-nickel · 3 months ago
Also.... maybe quackity's not going to be super chill trying to torture dream with the server's mvpvp champion right there. Sure, he could take one of them.... but two? How many lives does Quackity have? How many does Techno have?
Roommates? More like bodyguard.
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faunthekid · 3 months ago
- effervescent. this whole stream was just effervescent.
- yes yes i can’t WAIT for more interactions between takes-no-shit-mercenary-kid and a mere slime of a man. their dynamic is perfect the part where slime insisted on a dAp and purpled was just like no :| no :| no :|
- honestly the in-stream build up of purpled coming to the realization that he’s ignored and under-appreciated was rlly well done
- no seriously when he looks through all his things and then blows up his house without even the SLIGHTEST bit of hesitancy YEA go purpled be the gremlin we all know you are
- okay i KNOWWW quackity apologizing for what he said and blowing up the ufo was ~manipulation~ but gosh he sounded so sincere and even if it’s not truthful he took the time to tell purpled that he wish he hadn’t done it and. yea. las nevadas family arc is rlly gonna take my heart huh
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sappyspeare · 11 days ago
so there was a dog in the prison cell in techno's stream, which no one knew how it got there?
what if it was DRISTA??? like . shes a canonically a god, she has a fondness for dogs, last time she was on the smp she got techno out of jail and flew him around etc so she couldve just spawned a dog to wherever he was. (im pretty sure the actual reason is that dream himself probably spawned in the dog but SHHHH). like she knows techno is in the prison with her brother and she cant go there, so she just . sends a dog. to keep their spirits up or smth. idk. its just a nice thought
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