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#dsmp tubbo
crankyadri · 2 days ago
no bc everyone in the smp can hear the alarm no matter where they are right? and i know dream didnt really escape but everyone doesnt know that so i imagine things were tense for a second,,
tommy just mining on his own that day. he drops whatever he’s doing and just sinks to his knees. everything goes numb and he feels sick. he touches the scar on his head, remembering.
tubbo running to snowchester as fast as he can, his chest burns but he has to see if michael is okay. he doesnt wait for quackity to get back.
eret hears it from their castle. they stop their building and go to sit high in their throne, stomach in knots.
sapnap hears it in kinoko kingdom and he grips whatever weapon he has on him a little bit tighter.
george wakes up in a field somewhere. he doesnt know if it’s real or not.
ranboo hears it and he can hardly breathe. his ears are drawn back in fear and he keeps fidgeting. where is tubbo? wilbur is next to him. he smiles.
everyone sits and waits for something that never comes.
((edit: made a follow up post))
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coalesceanima · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
If you set your headcannons up with good timelines then technically... They could've been brothers...
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honeyblockm · 9 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
STAGE ANATOMY : written for @yuker 's Curtain Call AU, but it's a little weird and abstract and I've been reading Diagram magazine.
(the title links to a google doc that is just the words for if you want that.)
Also the text is small! if you're on a computer, open image in new tab and it should let you zoom in. if you're on mobile, perish.
I finished writing this before I read "NOW LEAVE" by Maggie Andersen but like. I encourage you to take a look at it. Because it's nice. That's the main reason.
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beezibug · 2 days ago
I offer yet another funny concept,
c!Tommy has a house made in the middle of the ocean right? Imagine the reason homie’s been inactive for so long cause he finally just went “okay fuck this” and goes off the grid, taking his shit and shroud (after a long ass struggle) with him.
Now imagine when c!dream escapes and he’s just like “WHERE IS TOMMY?” and everyone’s just sort of like “idk man he’s been gone for weeks, chill”
Like as far as I know c!Tubbo knows about the ocean house, (cause he was on call when it was built if I remember correctly) just not where it is, so he’s not worried cause unlike exile he knows where Tommy is this time.
And Since I wrote this stupid concept before today’s lore streams, I’m adding onto this.
//Spoilers under the keep reading 
I’m including C!bench trio for this part because of the fact that the minute Dream actually escapes those three are probably going to be the first to react.
The minute Tommy hears the sirens, He’s probably panicking and messages Tubbo and Ranboo about it, and during that whole conversation Tommy just finishes it with: “The minute you two are in danger I’m coming over there and dragging you fucks over here”
It might sound a bit forceful but holy shit he almost lost Tubbo to Dream once already, and with Wilbur back and Techno also out of Prison and knowing him  plans to destroy the prison (and possibly Las Nevadas) 
and don’t even get him started on seeing the beginnings of L’manburg 2.0: Burger edition! With Ranboo and Wilbur, Tommy still cares about Wilbur but Ranboo is still his friend just as much as Tubbo is, and he knows that Dream won’t hurt Wilbur (Or he atleast hopes) 
So even if he won’t verbally admit it, Tommy would rather Swallow his pride and drag both of his friends to somewhere where they can at least be safe for awhile, Than have to face a devastating but possible reality of one of his best friends being dead and the other experiencing Trauma that’s grimly similar to his own.
in this concept he hasn’t given up on Wilbur, but with how he acts about Dream? He can’t risk it, Tubbo and Ranboo’s safety become his first priority.
I remember awhile ago someone pointed out that Mellohi and Cat have colors similar to Ranboo and Tubbo, and that idea fucking hurt my soul. So Imagine This time instead risking everything for the discs, This time around he’s will to risk everything to protect the two people they’re connected to. 
So basically Tubbo and Ranboo decide to let Tommy drag them to the house to stay in temporarily (cause y’know they got jobs, so they can only take temporary leave) and they wait it out and see if anything happens.
When/if Sam announces the false alarm and that Dream didn’t escape, Tommy--While still being a little worried-- Sees the duo off as they go back to the mainland (After Tommy twists both their arms (Not literally) to promise him that the minute either of them are in danger to let him know)
So after that whole fiasco Tubbo and Ranboo visit occasionally when wanting a break from work, having made up after talking about it on the first night Tommy dragged them to the house.
and that’s basically the whole idea.
Well at until the sirens go off again and when that happens it’s for real...
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r1d-h · 2 days ago
C!Tubbo C!Tommy
Adopting hostile mobs because said mobs weren't rude to them.
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bluwards · 2 days ago
If Las Nevadas is now a prime target that means everyone there isn't safe. Tubbo works at Las Nevadas so that also makes him a target. And Ranboo is part of the Syndicate...
Tumblr media
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crankyadri · a day ago
no bc imagine a similar scenario to my last post abt everyone thinking dream broke out except they have those comms ?? like this one
they all just get a notification to stay on high alert and they all just hear the alarms going on throughout the smp and everyone is panicking in their own ways.
and once they finally get the notification that dream didnt actually escape, the relief (and disappointment) that everyone feels is shared through the smp.
tommy sees the notification and bursts into tears of relief there in the cave by himself. he walks back home feeling sick and angry that he was so afraid.
tubbo holds michael tight and chokes back a sob. he stares out the window at the prison. a wave of anger washes over him.
eret releases the tension they didnt realize was in their shoulders. he gets back to building but they’re still shaken up.
sapnap is halfway to the prison when he gets the notification. relief and disappointment wash over him and the grip on his sword loosens.
george is fully awake now. he doesnt know whether to feel relief or disappointment. he starts making his way to the prison again.
ranboo’s heart is racing and the tension releases. he tells wilbur he has to go to snowchester for something. he sprints as soon as he’s out of wilbur’s line of sight
wilbur scoffs at the comm, disappointed. one day. he thinks to himself.
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quinn-gemstone · a day ago
So I've been seeing a lot of things of Tubbo comforting Tommy when the alarms are going off but I raise you this, Wilbur finding Tommy and helping him. And, better yet, Friend helping Wilbur find Tommy.
I'll set the scene, the alarms start going off, sending anyone who even knows a fraction about the prison into a complete panic. Everyone is running around trying to figure out what the fuck is going on. Things get even worse when people start to realize, no one knows where Tommy is. They start trying to find him, Tubbo, Ranboo, Puffy, even Eret are trying to find him and they can't. Wilbur is pretty confused considering he doesn't know what the alarms even mean, let alone why everyone was freaking out about them, or why Tommy being unaccounted for was such a big deal. He starts to worry a bit himself, when there's a tug on his coat.
Wilbur looks down to see a blue sheep, the one his ghost-self had named friend. Wilbur had no particular bond with it and Tommy had basically adopted it at this point. Friend tugged on his coat again, harder this time, pulling him in a certain direction. Wilbur tried to shoo it away to no avail, Friend just continued to pull him. After awhile Wilbur just gave up and followed, the animal was clearly upset anyways.
After a bit they came to a hill, in the side of it was a small entrance to a cave. Friend went in, still firmly holding Wilbur's coat dragging him inside. Wilbur is beyond confused at this point, why the fuck is this sheep taking him to a cave?
Then, hidden in the dark, Wilbur spots a small, sobbing, Tommy.
Wilbur imminently rushes over to try and see what's wrong, Tommy pushes him away and trys to run, in complete fight or flight mode. After a couple terrifying seconds for the both of them, Wilbur gets Tommy calm enough that he stops fighting him. Tommy starts blabbering about how "this isn't real" "He'll kill me" "He'll kill Tubbo" "This can't be real" and such. Wilbur is confused and asks him what's going on, only to receive the same hysterical nonsense as before. So he sits with Tommy and helps him calm down till the sirens stop. Then takes him to everyone else who is very relived to find Tommy is okay.
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moth-cupid · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
that concludes the meeting! <3
i dont think i will never tire of drawing c!tubbo,, hes just a funny guy :] (also i forgot his scars and wedding ring oops)
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beckyblah · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tubbo really said I am become death, destroyer of worlds with this whole nuke thing, huh? But in like a funky, auto-tune way.
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