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#dsmp x reader
inniterhq · 2 days ago
𝑩𝑬 𝑺𝑻𝑰𝑳𝑳 𝑴𝒀 𝑩𝑬𝑨𝑻𝑰𝑵𝑮 𝑯𝑬𝑨𝑹𝑻 | 𝐝𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐦 𝐱 𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐝𝐞𝐫
Summary: Techno asks for your help in returning his favor to Dream, finally letting you reunite with him. Genre: angst (??) to fluff Pronouns: they/them Warnings: lore spoilers, descriptions of violence Note: a few days later than i had wanted it to be but hey at least i wrote. anyway my beloved is out of prison so <3
Tumblr media
“You have a letter,” Techno huffed, dropping an off-white envelope onto your desk.
It was dirty, the corners bent, and it smelled of fire. It was from the prison. You tore into it quickly, some of the loose papers on your desk flying everywhere as you unfolded the letter.
These were his words. He wrote them.
Hey, it’s Dream. I don’t know if Sam is going to let me send this to you. I hope he does. I don’t have much in here, just a few books and pens. It’s boring. I hope you’re doing better than me, I mean, you’re probably doing better than a prisoner right? I’m not writing this to make you feel bad, okay? Don’t feel bad. You couldn’t have done anything to stop this and it’s good that you didn’t try cause they would have put us both in prison. You’re not a criminal. I’ve been dancing around what I wanted to say so I’m just going to say it. I miss you. A lot. And I don’t know why you haven’t come to visit, you probably have a good reason, you always do. You were better than me like that, everything you did was calculated and people never talked over you. I hope you come visit. I just want to see you. Please come visit. I miss you a lot.
You would rather have been asked to gather all the stars in the sky, to scale all the mountains around you, to climb to the tops of the tallest trees than have to do this. None of that seems impossible in comparison to what Techno just asked you to do.
“You want me to what?”
He laughed, not a single shred of hesitation in his voice, “Listen, I know how it sounds but we know the prison isn’t impossible to break into. I escaped.”
You hadn’t been a part of Techno’s anarchist book club for long, only stumbling across it in a panicked frenzy after the second destruction of L’Manburg. In truth, you were looking for Dream and figured he’d have run off. Instead of finding him, you found his counterpart.
“Right, but you escaped because of the stasis chamber, not because you physically broke out,” you replied, rolling your eyes as you watched the dogs roaming around the snow in front of your home.
Techno huffed behind you, leaning against your doorframe, watching your eyes move from dog to dog, “I mean, I owe Dream a favor and this is how I’m gonna do it. And I’m askin’ for your help.”
“Why ask me? I’m not particularly powerful,” you laughed, though it was forced to keep up the light atmosphere. You didn’t want to think about what you once had.
You didn’t want to think about Dream either. You hadn’t thought of him since he was put into prison. Or, you had attempted not to think about him, but that was difficult when everything you did reminded you of him.
You kept the letter he sent you, though you never honored what he asked you to do. You couldn’t. If you thought about him for too long, you’d have to face the emptiness he left behind. Seeing him face to face wouldn’t help heal that.
If you were willing to be completely transparent with yourself, you missed him. From the beginning of your time on his SMP, Dream was one of your closest friends. In many ways, you were his right hand man. Even when people began to stray away from him, you stayed with him.
Naturally, this charming asshole made it incredibly hard for you to stop yourself from falling for him. You never told him, but you always felt he knew. You felt that was a reasonable assumption from the way he behaved around you towards the end of your time together. Holding your hand too long for it to be platonic, leaving you flowers on occasion, always letting you know his whereabouts.
That’s not to say you knew everything about him, you didn’t know what he would do when he’d disappear for hours from your shared home, but you didn’t really need to know. With what you know now, you assumed he was gathering materials to destroy L’Manburg.
Techno stared at you like it was obvious, “That was a dumb question. Obviously, I’m askin’ you ‘cause you and Dream are buddies or somethin’.”
Buddies didn’t even come close to covering it.
“He’d probably wanna see you,” and when you opened your mouth to respond, Techno cut you off. “ You don’t have to do much, just guard the opening for me.”
It was hard to contemplate with Techno staring you down, so you told him you’d think about it and went back inside.
You hadn’t visited Dream since he was put in prison. Perhaps it was selfish of you but you wanted to move on. You didn’t think he’d ever make it out and frankly, you didn’t feel like being in love with someone you had to sign papers to see.
You’d much rather push down whatever lingering feelings you had left for him, and visiting him would only make them bubble up to the surface. You felt guilty about it, with how you had been avoiding him, he probably assumed you were dead.
You were going to refuse to help Techno.
But the thought of seeing him again clawed at the forefront of your mind, making your heart race in a way you hadn’t felt in so long. Would he have come to save you? Maybe. Probably. He would.
Sliding your hands over your face, you groaned before marching out to meet Techno, who was still loitering around your home.
“I’ll do it!” you yelled at him, huffing and watching as the air materialized in front of you.
He grinned, “I knew you would.”
As you watched him walk away, you ignored the way your heart had dropped to your stomach. The nausea pooling inside of you, threatening to force its way out in an anguished sob. Shaking your head, you walked back inside.
A few weeks, a lot of mining, and worryingly little planning later, you found yourself standing outside the prison with Techno to your side. Phil and Niki stood behind—back-up in case you needed it. And, of course, Apollo, the dog Techno had decided to bring along.
You could hear him hash out the plan once again with Phil and Niki, but you had forced his voice to be background noise. Staring at the walls of the prison, tall and towering above you, you once again felt the anxiety that clung to your insides when you agreed to help. You didn’t want to die, but worst of all, you didn’t want Dream to die.
You had a couple lives left, you’d be okay. You had the Syndicate to avenge you anyway. But Dream only had one, once he was gone, he’d be gone for good. And who would fight for him? You were no match for the enemies he had managed to make.
“Alright, let’s go,” Techno waved for you to follow him and the two of you swam down to make a way into the prison.
You watched Techno enter the small opening, thankful for the armor that covered your hand otherwise you’d be chewing on your fingernails.
Why did you agree to do the waiting job? You paced back and forth, running your heavy boots into the damp ground beneath you, hearing the dirt crunch and grind against the metal soles. You fidgeted with the hilt of your sword, pulling it out and gripping it firmly, before putting it back.
Would Dream be happy to see you? Or would he hate you for not coming to visit him? And what if they don’t make it? What would become of you then? Of your friends?
Questions with no answers kept pelting your mind, and you wanted to scream. The only thing stopping you was the fact that you had to stay hidden.
Many painful minutes passed and the uncertainty of it all was nothing short of terrifying. You silently prayed for everyone’s safety.
Through the rushing water, you heard the sound of footsteps. You had been given a potion of invisibility and you figured that now was the right time to use it. Quickly gulping it down, you silently waited for the person coming down the tunnel.
It was Sam.
Quickly, you reached out and swung your sword at him. The clang of metal echoed in the chamber, followed by Sam’s startled yell. He began swinging aimlessly, maybe he panicked or maybe he wasn’t expecting it, but it allowed you to seriously injure him repeatedly.
Right as you killed Sam, Techno and Dream made it out, followed by Connor and Ranboo. You barely had any time to question why the Sonic onesie wearing man was with them before Techno was rushing the five of you outside.
The situation outside wasn’t any better. Everyone was standing there, waiting for you all. Your nerves nearly left you frozen, the sight of all of these people aiming their weapons at you was something you had never witnessed. Something you never wanted to witness.
You managed to weave your way through the arrows, listening as Sam threatened Ranboo’s life in exchange for Dream’s return to prison. Techno was shouting, everyone was shouting. You wanted to burrow yourself into the ground.
The last time you had experienced something like this, you were running away from an impending explosion.
“I don’t care Sam! Why would I care about Ranboo?”
You looked over at Dream, rushing over to him in an effort to help him get rid of the people fighting him. He meets your gaze momentarily. The two of you were able to buy yourself some time, and you stared at Techno who was still desperately trying to save Ranboo.
You make a move to walk over to him, Ranboo was your ally and your friend. He needed your help. Dream grabbed your hand.
“Don’t. Please,” his fingers tightened around yours. “Let’s go.”
“But Ranboo-”
Dream pulled you further away from everyone, “If you go over there, Sam’s gonna hold you hostage.”
It took you a second to realize what he was saying. If Sam was attempting to use Ranboo as leverage for Dream to go back to prison, it would only be a matter of time before he realized that you should have been in Ranboo’s place.
Techno ran over to the two of you, ushering Dream over to where the horses were kept. Withers were in the sky, buying your group time to run off. You were glad at least that portion of the plan worked out. You could barely fathom what was going on, the chaos was truly too much for you to handle.
You blacked out before you even got home.
When you came to, Niki was seated next to you, humming to herself as she wiped some dirt from your face.
As soon as she noticed you were awake, she smiled, “You’re back, I was worried.” “What happened?”
You listened, working to regain feeling in your limbs as she told you about how you collapsed into the snow. Dream had attempted to take you with him but Techno refused, telling him that you’d be back to see him in your own time.
“What happened to Dream?”
“I’m not sure,” Niki replied, putting away the towel she was using. “He left to go tend to his own things I guess.”
You slowly got yourself up, thanking Niki for taking care of you before pulling out your communicator. You wondered if you could message Dream. You knew he had his communicator taken away before he was put in prison, and you didn’t know if he ever grabbed a spare on his way out, or received one from Techno.
It was worth a shot.
You whisper to Dream: Hello?
You waited a few moments, eagerly anticipating his response. Back at the prison, it didn’t seem like Dream felt any differently about you. Yet, you couldn’t shake the awkwardness that accompanied you both the ride back.
Dream whispers to you: you’re awake. You whisper to Dream: Are you safe? Dream whispers to you: come to me. please.
He sent you his coordinates and you hesitated. You wondered if this was a good idea. As much as you wanted to see him, to be by his side once again, you would be throwing away everything you worked for in the months he had been gone. What if he was taken back to prison again? You assumed that he would be put away with higher security, or maybe even killed.
Tears welled up in your eyes and you rushed to wipe them away. Crying won't solve anything. You had to go see Dream.
He managed to make it pretty far, some secluded island with a Christmas tree and some other random builds. You didn’t really care, all you cared about was seeing him again.
You whisper to Dream: I’m here
“Y/N? You made it,” the smile on his face, the relief in his laugh as he spoke to you, his excitement to see you- you missed it.
The reality of the situation hadn’t hit you until then. You had lost track of the days that slipped by while Dream was in prison and yet, here he was. For the second time, you felt yourself get teary eyed as he walked to you, slowing to a stop in front of you.
Dream didn’t know what to do. He didn’t plan this far, to be honest, he didn’t think you would show up. Shaky hands slowly made their way to your arms, sliding up to rest on your shoulders for a moment before he pulled away, as if he had hurt you.
You noticed the way he shrunk away from you, refusing to look at you. Your vision was blurry, but you could still make out the hesitant frown on his face. Gingerly, you took his hand in yours, holding tightly. Apparently, he was only waiting for an invitation from you as he brought his other hand to your cheek, gently rubbing his thumb across your skin.
It was so, so quiet, aside from the whispering whistle of the wind blowing through the scattered trees. The moment was serene, a calm reuniting of friends.
And then the rustle of the trees came to a halt and the moment breaks, you threw your arms around his neck and pressed yourself into Dream, hiding your face in the filmy material of his prison jumpsuit. Something painful and desperate bubbled up your throat and you wept wretched, disgusting sobs.
His hands tightened around your waist, and you felt the weight of his skin against your head, and then his lips against your cheek.
With your heart beating wildly in your chest, thrumming against your rib cage, you felt the rumble of his chest as he spoke.
“I missed you.”
Tumblr media
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soursaccharine · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
༊*·˚  dream team & quackity x g/n reader (all separate!)
open requests btw.  wrote this in one of my classes and might edit later
content warning: swearing, sex jokes (nothing happens)
his flirting just gets worse.  so much worse.
the banter with dream does not stop.
dream will take anything you say and make it a sexual innuendo. he does not think before he talks.
dream will say the weirdest shit at a failed attempt of flirting.
you are the test subject of his horrible pick-up lines !!
absolutely loves loves to see you fumble over your words and make you nervous.
for the love of god, flirt with him back.  dream’s brain goes on pause and has no idea what to say.  if his mind could make noise, it would be tv static.
if you ever end up on his youtube channel, there definitely will be clips called “dream and (name) flirting”
overall, he has no shame.
Tumblr media
george is 100% a hopeless romantic.  you cannot tell me otherwise.
he acts so sappy around you and makes a music playlist made of songs that remind him of you <3
it may or may not include your favorite songs.
seriously, the entire playlist is just love songs with cheesy lyrics.
probably names his playlist something like “chill” to make it seem normal.  he does not want you knowing that it’s about you.
if you do somehow find out and confront him about it, he’ll deny it all while blushing and stumbling over his words.
he’d rather die than admit that his 2 hour long, hopeless romantic playlist is about you >://
Tumblr media
you poor child.
you’d think that he’d aggressively flirt with you or start hitting on you.  sapnap tries to act like that in front of you, but his façade just crashes down.
it’s the exact opposite.  he’s so, so soft for you.
he will beat tf out of anyone who talks shit about you.  put them in a room with sapnap and they’ll walk with teeth missing and a black eye.
you guys will be on discord and facetime calls forever and dream gets tired of it.
like you’ll find yourselves watching anime together and forget about the concept of time.
sapnap will also sweat any game he plays on stream bc he knows you’re watching.  his confidence just skyrockets. 
in all honesty, he just wants to show off in front of you <3
Tumblr media
he is not subtle at all !!
if you’re comfortable with it, he is so, so eager to put you in streams and videos.
having you in twitch streams is the long lost sixth love language to quackity.
you have no idea how he manages to do it, but you are constantly a guest star on his channel.
 your personalities would complement each other perfectly and  the both of you would be so chaotic together.  like you need parental supervision if you’re ever in the same room.
with the amount of times that you show up on his streams, it might as well be your channel.
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pppunz · a day ago
Christmas Cookies [CC!Sapnap x Fem!Reader]
Warnings: nsfw, fem reader, afab reader, feederism, food cum, mentions of reader gaining weight (/pos), slight dumbification, daddy kink
Notes: This was supposed to be posted yesterday but I was stupid and forgot to. So, technically it’s the 2nd now, but happy December. Enjoy :)
Tumblr media
“Do you like daddy’s cookies, baby?” Sapnap said with smile as you were seated on his cock, back pressed up against his chest as you ate away at the Christmas cookies he had made for you.
You nodded happily as you swallowed the last of a gingerbread shaped cookie. “Do you want another?” He asked. You nodded again, opening your mouth for him. “Of course you do, sweet girl.”
You eagerly bit into the cookie, tasting the sweetness on your tongue. “Daddy, icing tastes different…” You said with a slight turn of your head. It still tasted absolutely delectable, maybe even better than usual.
Sapnap couldn’t help but smile. His hands gripped your plush thighs in his hands, nearly moaning at the feeling. Everything about you was just delicious, from your lovehandles to your heavy tits. “Just a special icing, baby, don’t worry your pretty little head about it.” He replied, placing a soft kiss to your temple.
You didn’t say anything more and continued to eat, soft moans of delight leaving your lips when you took another bite. Sapnap placed kisses to your bare shoulder. “God, I’m glad your clothes don’t fit you right anymore, sweetheart. You’re so sexy like this, bare and filled-out, just how daddy likes you. Sexier with every bite you take.”
You rolled your hips at the praise, moaning through a full mouth. Sapnap groaned at that. He felt his release getting closer, but then he realized you were out of cookies. “Oh! You’re out of cookies, little one. I’ll be right back, okay?” You whined, hating the feeling of being empty. “Don’t worry, I’ll be back in a second. You can even have more of daddy’s special icing, okay? You’ll never go hungry, sweet one, that’s a promise.”
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svpnap · 2 days ago
Hi, I love your writing! I was wanting to request a fluff where the reader and George are friends with benefits and they’re playing jackbox with the crew boys and the reader and George actually have feelings for each other. While they’re playing jackbox, it somehow gets discovered that they’re hooking up, the boys tease them it results in them confessing their feelings. Sorry if this is too specific or confusing lmao but I hope you have a great day! ♥️♥️
thank you, it means a lot! I hope your day is even better. & I will definitely be doing this. I have a feeling this is going to be a longer one, so enjoy.
(george x reader)
(cw: suggestive, no actual smut, mentions of panic/yearning, 18+ only.)
Tumblr media
you weren’t sure how you and george ended up like this, yearning for each other in the seconds you were away. he started off as your best friend, along side the other members of the dream team, but it quickly evolved into something more complicated.
you remembered the night the pair of you sat silently in his living room. the air felt tense, like it could shatter. both of you were in a bad spot with previous relationships, eyes met eyes, & in a matter of seconds skin was on skin, moans of the other’s name swirling the air.
after the lust filled atmosphere dissipated, both of you agreed after that night, that your sinful acts could continue, as long as there were no strings attached. and that’s how the relationship continued. friends with benefits, in its purest definition.
except you no longer pined for him in that way. well— not (just) that way. you wanted the dark haired boy to whisper sweet nothings in your ear, to be able to steal his clothes, hold hands with him in public. but it wasn’t what you agreed to, and you couldn’t break your promise, especially not after this long.
your feelings had become intense in the recent days. it was becoming increasingly difficult to ignore the way your heart would push against your rib cage when he laughed, or the way your muscles tensed when he said your name.
you could just write it off as sexual desire, but subconsciously you knew it wasn’t that. you’d had meaningless hookups before and they didn’t feel like this. no one had ever felt like this.
the sun had set hours ago, and you tiredly rested in your desk chair, aimlessly scrolling through unanswered emails.
you couldn’t be bothered to answer any of them, and it was probably pointless to do so this late at night. your eyes flickered down to the time which read 2:48am.
pushing the mouse up to hover over the x, you were done for the day, completely exhausted. well at least you thought you were done for the day, until your discord chimed.
“streaming jackbox with the crew boys at 3, wanna join?” the message from george read. you couldn’t believe he had enough energy to stream, but then again he’d probably slept for 10 hours prior.
“this late?” you typed.
“please.” he quickly sent back.
you chewed on your bottom lip, unsure of whether it was a smart idea for you to join. you’d be awfully quiet, it almost felt pointless.
“fine.” you returned, giving in. normally you wouldn’t be so quick to agree, but you’d been longing for the sound of his voice.
you could already see everyone in the call, patiently waiting for to you join and for george to set up.
a deep breath ran through your throat before you joined with a quiet “hello.”
they all warmly greeted you back, pausing all previous conversation, once small talk was made. you couldn’t be bothered to listen in to their discussion, so you sat quietly, your eyes slowly blinking shut.
you knew you couldn’t fall asleep if you were sitting up, so you made sure not to rest your head on the desk in front of you.
“okay I think im ready.” george’s warm voice pulled your eyes back open. a gentle smile crept across your features.
“oh hey. I didn’t think you’d join.” he spoke once more, the comment obviously directed at you.
“only for you.” you jokingly mumbled, although there were hints of truth to it.
“okay I’m starting, don’t say anything weird when I come back.” he warned, likely directed at quackity or sapnap.
the familiar chime rang out in your ears as he muted, and you continued to sit silently, listening to the others argue about something meaningless.
you bounced your leg up and down, unable to think about anything but the need to feel him; hear him. you were already regretting your decision to join, but it was much too late as the sound of george’s voice returned.
“hello!” he greeted
the stream had been going for about two hours, the group of you on your last game. witty jokes about you and george had been littered into almost all the punchlines. you were forever grateful that no one could see how cheeks flushed a light pink every time your names were spoken together.
“okay which one to finish it off?” george asked.
“whiplash?” quackity chimed back, but it was more so a question.
there were hums of agreement. your guess was that everyone was too tired to play anything more complicated.
a silence washed over the group as everyone filled in their answers to the witty prompts.
one by one all the jokes were read, then voted on; this pattern repeated. you were smiling gently to yourself at the witty responses, until the last one.
‘an actual beneficial thing to be heard would be___.” the prompt read.
one of the answers sat burning into your brain. normally you’d be able to laugh something like this off, but your stomach clenched in knots.
‘george finally confessing he likes y/n.’ the joke answered.
everyone roared with laughter, as well as george. none of the jabs about the two of you had been this direct. the bluntness made your skin crawl.
you wondered if people actually thought he liked you in that manner.
the boys took notice to your silence, only further egging the joke on. you nearly choked trying to force up a laugh, hoping that they’d calm down if you played along.
but the situation was far from amusing, and george’s laughter was only intensifying your strained muscles. thank god this was all over soon.
the stream had ended roughly 15 minutes ago. the group was discussing the funniest jokes of the game, any trending topics they may have caused, and that prompt.
you planned to leave long ago, but felt rude to just vanish right after the stream. you didn’t want them to feel used.
everyone with the exception of you and dream had their discord videos on, which you were kind of thankful for.
it gave you an excuse to soak in george’s features without the worry that you may be caught.
“yeah they did go quiet, I noticed that!” sapnap giggled.
your eyes flickered over to george’s video feed, and you watched as he nervously chewed at the bottom of his lip.
the reaction puzzled you. he looked quizzical almost— like he was silently debating something. an argument in his own mind.
moments later, your phone dinged. the only person who ever texted you was your best friend…. and george.
with shaky hands, you lifted the screen off the table. your heart sunk as soon as you read the text.
‘should we tell them’ 4:49am.
‘what’s there to tell?’ 4:49am.
you weren’t sure why he’d want to tell them that you two were hooking up, it felt insignificant. you were positive they could infer that, anyway.
‘there’s something I want to say to them’ 4:50am.
there was hesitation, before another reply from george.
‘it’s important.’ 4:50am.
‘about me?’ 4:51am.
you couldn’t fathom what he’d need to tell them about you. maybe you’d done something that he wished to tell the story of, but you couldn’t recall it.
‘mhm.’ 4:51am.
he left it simple.
before you could even think of a response, the clearing of george’s throat ceased the conversation.
“before I go to bed I wanna say something really quick.” his tone was serious, which was unusual.
“what’s up?” karl chimed.
he was clearly holding all of their attention. the lot of them sat up, looking at their monitors intently. george never got serious, so on the rare occasion he did, they listened.
“y/n and I have been hooking up.” he paused. “and— I really like them so can we dial the jokes down? they don’t bother me, I just won’t want to make the situation uncomfortable, y’know?”
the words slipped off his tongue so easily and quickly, you almost thought you’d made it up. maybe your unrequited hope was turning to illusion.
the call fell silent, no one quite sure how to respond. especially not you.
“uh yeah sure. sorry if they bothered you or anything.” dream spoke on behalf of everyone.
“no big deal.” george shrugged, he was unreadable.
you were still stuck on the first part of this conversation, the sound of his voice saying “I really like them” ringing in your head. you couldn’t get the way george said it out of your brain. he almost sounded genuine.
“can I talk to you?” the words slipped your lips faster than you’d thought, leaving no time to consider what this conversation actually entailed.
“sure.” he responded.
the two of you awkwardly peeled from the large group and into your own private call. the silence that washed over the line was proof in itself that neither of you were quite sure what to say.
“is what you said true?” your voice felt small, almost too scared to hear the answer.
“yes.” he whispered.
“why didn’t you tell me earlier?” you winced are how accusatory you sounded.
“I didn’t want to break our promise. and it felt easier doing it in a group, kinda like silent support, but I didn’t want them to know before you. it felt unfair.” he paused. “so I did it at the same time.”
you felt an odd sense of relief, unaware of how much you yearned for him to feel the same.
“ive liked you for so long, you have no idea.” a small laugh slipped your lips, all the tension of the word falling away.
“really?” he sounded hopeful.
“mhm. I joined the stream just to hear your voice. I couldn’t sleep without it.” you embarrassingly admitted.
you listened to his breathing hitch, and the call fell silent once more.
Tumblr media
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mcytwheeze · 2 days ago
wheezy’s 25 days of christmas : day 1
Tumblr media
masterlist here!
snow - wilbur
the task of shoveling snow is only fun with wilbur
"I should've just purchased that snowblower like I thought about.", Wilbur mumbles as he pushes the shovel further out in front of him.
"You say that every time we do this. Just get one.", you reply.
Taking a moment to catch your breath, you wipe your sleeve over your face.
Both yours and Wilbur's cheeks are red from the cold, and he can't help but stare at the way the tip of your nose is cherry red like a certain famous reindeer.
"But we get good bonding time this way.", Wilbur teases as he tosses another load of snow to the side.
As you attempt to get back to shoveling, you notice an ice patch under the snow in front of you.
You're about to warn Wilbur about the patch until you see one of his legs slip from underneath him and watch him hit the ground.
The perplexed look on his face causes you to burst into laughter at the sight of him sprawled out on the ground.
"You could at least help me up.", he grumbles, his cheeks burning even more red at the slight embarrassment that his fall has brought upon him.
You carefully step on the ice, not wanting to repeat the same action.
"Here.", you hold out your hand for Wilbur to take.
Instead of using it to pull himself up, he tugs on your hand, pulling you down on top of him.
"Will, we're in public.", you laugh, cheeks burning from his actions.
"I think we can finish this another day, let's go inside.", he smiles, pressing a kiss to your nose.
"Race you there. Don't slip again."
"You're so on."
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wrenqueenisboss · a day ago
imagine falling asleep on george’s stream…
”guys, be quiet. Y/n fell asleep,” George hissed, trying to get Clay and Sapnap to be quiet.
Sapnap groaned in annoyance.
”George, your partner falls asleep more than you do!” Dream accused loudly.
”Seriously, shut up. They need to sleep,” George began running his hands through your hair, attempting to keep you asleep.
“All you guys do is sleep!” Sapnap‘s voice was loud enough that you could hear it through the headphones and you began to stir.
ignoring chat’s comments, he deafened.
he took off his headphones and pulled you closer, rubbing your back soothingly. he turned off his face cam, just so he could kiss your head while you drifted off again.
”go to sleep, baby. it’s fine.”
your boyfriend kissed your head one more time before carefully reaching to put back on his headphones and undeafen.
”simp,” dream muttered.
george laughed quietly. “yeah. i am.”
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wilbursoothouse · 2 days ago
hii can you do how being best friends with wilbur feels like?
Best Friends with Wilbur | Wilbur Soot
pairing: wilbur x gn!reader
cw: food mention, mentions of being sick
platonic, headcannon
you were introduced by a mutual friend and he instantly latched onto you from that moment, getting your number and sending you the most obscure wilbur-esque memes and screenshots he got from lurking on twitter even though he “deleted” it
if you’re not in the mood to talk he can basically keep the conversation going for hours by himself. he’ll talk about everything and anything, ranging from insignificant facts he knows to stories he’s heard.
he always sends you music recommendations that he’d think you’d like and when you tell him your opinions on it and if you like it or not, he practically takes notes so he knows what to show you next time
he makes fun of your height almost every time you see eachother even if you’re only a few inches shorter than him. he leans his arm on your head or shoulder to make a point every single time
when you’re upset, he can tell instantly. he’ll buy you your favorite food and/or drink and come over and spend the whole day watching your favorite movies and tv shows with you. even if he’s busy, he’ll clear his schedule just for you.
the two of you tell eachother literally every secret you have and you’d take them to the grave, some of them are just silly ones but other times they’re about crushes or s/os
when you’re sick, he’ll get you medicine and soup and bring them over. he’ll make sure you have fresh sheets on your bed and that you’re drinking enough water but he’ll refuse to come within 6 feet of you in fear of getting sick himself.
he has your drink orders memorized so every time you’re late when you go out for coffee he knows exactly what to order you before you get there so the two of you don’t argue over who pays
you always ask him to play certain songs on guitar so he learned all of your favorites just so he could play them for you
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ayup-wilbursoot · a day ago
DSMP w/ Dream
Aerial Silk
Tumblr media
* ~ -Dream- ~ *
Now when this man sees you hanging from the ceiling, he’s like ‘what the fuck’
Then after a while he would probably just think it’s cool
I think he would probably want to give it a try with no help because *biggest ego in the damn world*.
Wouldn’t make it far and you would just laugh as he slowly slides down the silks.
He would try again for a couple more times and then finally give into your smiling face asking him if he wants help.
He would get far that time because you helped him.
“Dream, cross your legs over each other once you got them wrapped in the silks.” He follows your instructions with ease but still looks cocky than ever. “Wrap the silks around your middle and then hold onto the top of the silks okay?” You go get your phone because you want to see this and maybe send this to Sapnap. “Are you recording?!” You give him a thumbs up and a cheeky smile. Of course you’re recording. “Now let go of the top and let yourself spin all the way to the bottom.” He lets go and screams all the way down while you sit back and laugh at him. The silks caught him before he hit the floor. “I’m sending this to Sapnap.” He immediately tries to reach for your phone but you tug away and start running down the hallway. “Y/NNNNNNN! DON’T SEND THAT TO HIM!!!”
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smelted-applejuice · 2 days ago
I'm fully projecting with this request :p
I've had a rough go at it these past few weeks. My anxiety is acting up, and I'm depressed as hell. Nothing seems to matter. I feel uninspired and unmotivated. Totally cliché.
I was wondering if you could write a c!Technoblade x reader where the reader is in the exact position I'm in. Techno just tries his best to make the reader feel better, even if she doesn't think things will improve.
Thanks for reading, hun.
Pairing(s): c!Technoblade x Reader Desc: [YourName] is having a break down, and Techno is here. Word Count: 0.7k Pronouns: They/Them
Tumblr media
Enjoy my luv <3
Tumblr media
[YourName] sat at their desk with their face in their hands, tears of frustration rolling down their cheeks. [YourName]’s boyfriend, Technoblade, was nowhere to be seen and they were close to having a full mental breakdown. It was just their luck to have an episode while Techno was away. “Fuck!” [YourName] cried, swiping everything off the desk in one quick motion, only to immediately regret that choice. “Jesus,” they whispered as salty tears fell onto their empty desk. They observed the mess they had made and decided they didn’t have the motivation to clean it up now, so they would do it later.
[YourName] made their way to the bed that they usually shared with Technoblade. It was so empty without him, it felt bigger than it needed to be. [YourName] brought Techno’s pillow up to their face and cried into the fabric. They didn’t know what else to do.  They have a book due in less than a week and they have barely started it.  They don’t have any inspiration. But, if they don’t finish by the due date, they will be fired from their company and will no longer be able to support the lovely life they live with Technoblade.
Technoblade trudged through the snow, his pink hair collecting snow flurries. He missed his partner and he was glad to finally be heading home. He gently pet one of his wolves and kept on his journey back to his small home. When he saw his cabin, he let out a breath of relief. He could finally relax under a roof with the person he loves.
When he entered the cabin, though, he was shocked to see how empty it was. Not physically empty, but cold empty. No warm welcome, no meal being prepped, not that beautiful singing voice that he was so used to hearing from [YourName]’s office. It scared him for a moment. He thought maybe his cabin had gotten broken into and that his partner had been kidnapped, but after further investigation, that wasn’t a possibility. “[YourName]?” Techno questioned, searching for his beloved. Things that were once hung up were torn down and thrown on to the floor, [YourName]’s office desk was cleared off and everything was on the floor. Technoblade checked the bedroom next.  He opened the door and peered inside the room, only to see his significant other curled up on the bed, shaking, and crying into one of his pillows.
“[YourName]?” Technoblade called their name curiously. He had no idea what was in store for him. He understood his partner’s struggle with mental health, but he couldn’t tell if this was a breakdown or an episode- and there was a difference. One was WAY more intense than the other. Either way, he planned on being there for his partner. [YourName] didn’t move when Technoblade called out for them, so Techno had assumed they were asleep. 
When Technoblade made his way fully over, he realized they weren’t asleep, just pretending to be. “[YourName], what happened?” Technoblade asked, taking his boots off and dropping his cape on the ground. [YourName] didn’t answer, just hid their face in the pillow. Technoblade crawled beside his partner and sighed, “You can talk to me,” he spoke in a consoling manner. 
“Nothing,” [YourName] attempted to say, but all that came out was a mere squeak. “I know, dear,” Technoblade said, bringing them close. “Talk when you want, no pressure here,” he promised. Techno moved some hair out of [YourName]’s damp face, pressing a kiss against their temple. It would be another fifteen minutes before [YourName] spoke to their boyfriend. They explained the due date was soon, and how stressed they had been without Techno there to comfort them. “It’ll be alright, I know that,” Technoblade promised, rubbing [YourName]’s head. He moved so he could rest against the headboard, allowing [YourName] to flip around and cuddle into his chest. He played with their hair and sat in silence for a moment. “Don’t worry if you can’t make the due date, you don’t need that job under Jack anyway,” he mumbled, “I do too! I want to be able to support myself, it’s about the principal!” [YourName] argued, causing themself more stress just thinking about it. “Well, if you truly want to keep the job, then how about you pick it back up tomorrow and tonight we drink tea and relax?” Technoblade suggested. [YourName] relaxed against their boyfriend once more, enjoying the thought of just spending time with him. “Alright..” [YourName] agreed. Though it wasn’t a fix, it was something.
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leilanap · a day ago
How dsmp characters would react to your death
C! crew boys + ghostbur (individually) x GN reader
warnings: angst, writing this i imagined the reader being each boys partner but you don't have to take this as romantic <3
a/n: i’m trying to get back into writing, i have so many ideas it’s just hard to get the motivation :(
-ˋˏ ༻❁༺ ˎˊ-
- Would retreat further into himself, throwing himself further into Las Nevadas. ignoring the outside world entirely
- He wouldn’t smile, wouldn’t joke. he would merely be a shell of who he used to be, the spark that was quackity dying alongside you.
- He would be resigned to the monotonous world he’d come to find himself in, days forever bleak since your death. finding himself repeating the same routine over and over and over.
- Karl wouldn’t come to terms with your death
- He would never truly accept that you were gone. He also wouldn’t grieve, much to the dismay of those around him.
- He would travel throughout the past forever chasing just one more moment with you. to see that glimmer in your eye just one last time.
- He’d stay in the past until the point that he either forgot what he was trying to find or the world that the both of you had lived in was long gone.
- George wouldn’t wake up, I hc that he uses sleep as an escape mechanism and with you gone he would feel as if there was simply no reason not to let himself be consumed by that escape.
- However more than sleep he would come to chase those first few moments once he’d woken up. When he stretches out in bed with the sun warming him. He would reach out and feel around for you. assuming you were already up when he’s greeted with nothing but an empty bed. Confusion quickly turning to hollowness when he remembers why you’re no longer beside him.
- Ghostbur wouldn’t understand why you weren’t there anymore, not really grasping the idea that you were never coming back
- He’d frequently talk to whoever was around about you, smiling as he recounts all the memories he can remember from before and after he became ghostbur. Not understanding why his stories caused the people around him such sorrow.
- He would regularly take friend to visit your house, expecting you to be waiting at the door as you always did, but when he arrived to an empty house, he would turn to friend telling him that you must still be away and that you’ll be home soon. Making sure to add some blue to steadily growing pile before leaving, with the hope that you’ll be home tomorrow.
- I feel like he would name his sword after you, a way for you to be immortalised and forever live on in memory.
- Sapnap would avoid your grave for a long time after your death. but when he finally brought himself to visit, he would end up coming every few days, bringing flowers and sitting to tell you about everything that's been happening. He’d never tell George or dream but he swore sometimes he could feel you sitting next to him, or hear your laugh on the breeze
- Dream would blame you at first, for being too reckless or not getting help. He wouldn’t really blame you, it was just easier for him to be angry at you than come to terms with the fact that he would never feel anything towards you anymore without it being shadowed by grief and loss.
- Deep down he would blame himself, regardless of how you died he would believe that there was something he could have done to prevent it. That if he was quicker or stronger or smarter you’d still be here. If dream was in prison while you died… he’d hate himself, believing that if he wasn’t so selfish to get himself locked away he could of been out there protecting you.
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tvmmys · a day ago
Congrats on 100!!!
can you do a george x reader any pronouns with this prompt
r: “why do i love you?”
g: “because you do, now shut up and let me sleep”
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
★ ── summary : read the request :)
★ ── warnings : this whole thing
★ ── notes : thank you sm for requesting, i really hope you like this!
Tumblr media
being a streamer is hard especially when all you want to do is cuddle with your partner
“chat! tell karl to stop destroying my house!” george said in irritated voice
101gogy - no george seeing you getting angry is wayyy better than telling karl to stop
gogysbettershoe - yeah 101gogy is right we aren’t going to tell karl to stop
“chat! you guys are very mean!” george said giggling a bit
“awww! look who’s giggling” karl said bursting in laughter
“hey! i’m not giggling you are!” george said getting annoyed second by second
“nooo we all know you are” karl mocked george a bit which caused george to get annoyed
“ughhh this is so unfair you know what? i’m ending my stream goodbye chat” george said in a pissed off tone and ended the stream not caring what the chat says
after he ended his stream karl asked in a scream like tone because he thought george ended the stream because for him “dude, you good? was i really that annoying?”
“no no karl it wasn’t your fault i was just a bit annoyed and just ended my stream” george said reassuring karl
“thank god” karl sighed in relief “i thought it was because of me!”
“don’t worry karl it wasn’t” george said but paused for a second and said “also karl don’t think i forgot about you destroying my base, im so gonna destroy yours”
“yeah yeah we’ll see” karl rolled his eyes in a joking way
the two boys said their goodbyes and ended the call
george turned his laptop off and huffed a bit before saying “reader?” lazily getting up from his chair and going to towards the living room “where are you?” he asked a bit annoyed
“right here!” you said and ran towards him giving him a really tight hug and a quick peck “you look pretty annoyed did something happened?” you questioned in a concerned tone and letting go
“nothing i just want to cuddle with you” george said looking down and fiddling with his fingers with his cheeks as red as an apple
“yeah sure! do you wanna cuddle on the couch or the bed?” you asked getting very excited to cuddle him
“anywhere i just want to cuddle you” george said not really matching your tone and laying down on the couch “come” he made grabby hands not really looking at you
“alright” you smiled and jumping on him and putting your head on his chest “is this okay?”
“yeah it is” george said in a whisper tone because of his tiredness “can i sleep now?” he said getting annoyed again
you laughed a bit and said “why do i love you?” george huffed and spoke “because you do now shut up and let me sleep”
“yeah yeah good night” you said waiting for a response but when you looked at him you saw him fully asleep.
Tumblr media
★ ── notes : um yes i know this oneshot/drabble literally sucks but i really wanted to post this by today so here you go
Tumblr media
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yostressmininggirl · 2 days ago
March of Death
˖۪⸙͎ C!FoolishGamer x Reader
˖۪⸙͎ 1843 Words
The untold origin story of Foolish, the God of the Sea and Totem of Undying, once the Totem of Death. Saving his very own mortal from himself.
Art by Late August (YT)!
Tumblr media
The march of death is this land's own death sentence.
Those sentenced to death march are known to be criminals of great sin, of unforgivable wrongdoings that exiles them from the land into their own demise. These forsakened criminals are forced out of the city to venture to the endless desert surrounding it. There they will die without chance of survival; by thirst, by starvation, by heat, by many other means, not one person had survived the march of death.
Because the endless desert is home to the totem of death, the keeper of sentenced souls that makes sure all those who enter the desert must perish.
Here, death is merciless, death is heartless, death is inescapable.
And one mortal soul managed to escape fate by meeting death.
"(Y/N). For assassinating the leader of our nation-state, you are hereby sentenced to march through Death's desert!"
There once lived a loyal and ambitious individual who believed the world could be a better place. But betrayed by the only person they wholeheartedly trust and vanquished by the people they sacrificed their life for, a mortal soul that had lost hope for humanity trudges through the desert until their last breath.
The cheers and sneers of the citizens were the last thing one remembers before entering the desert, the sound of the wooden gates echoing in ones ears as the hot wind starts to blow past their ears.
Foolish had never seen someone so beaten and bruised before. No, not just that - Foolish had never seen someone so weak and fragile be sent to the desert before. It was always the brutish men, filled with aged scars and scowls so deep it hurts his face to replicate, the kind of criminals that even the gods would not dare face. Mortal or not.
Yet the newest prisoner to the march he had stumbled upon lying unconscious near his totem pole as checkmarks, felt more like a victim than a criminal. With skin filled with bruises and wounds, huge cuffs barely hanging around their wrists, to thin rags covering their body that will never be enough to protect them from the cold.
Death is merciless. Yet through a bout of human compassion, Foolish picked up the still body in his arms and brought them to his home.
"How many of those sentenced to death have you met?"
"Many. Too many to count."
Foolish was thankful that his company didn't ask specifically how many he had met still breathing and not.
It was only a few days after rescue and he had made the most of his efforts to nurse your injuries, injuries he had found to come from the citizens throwing rocks at you as you were escorted out to the desert. After hearing this information, Foolish tried his hardest not to ask any other questions.
Why, out of all that he met, were you the only one gravely injured? And what kind of person were you to be hated by the people so much?
Foolish never knew much about the golden city in the middle of the dunes. It was too far to travel comfortably and he had always liked his peace, those he had met are the ones that were destined to walk the desert. His desert. And through them he had heard the rumors, the tales of what everyone thought of his desert.
But if you were to ask him, there was no god of death, and there was no endless desert. Yet those who lived to learn the tale never got to tell them.
But even if Foolish likes to be alone, he was no stranger to the concept of loneliness. No matter who enters his home, sinner or wrongly accused, he always wanted to make sure that they were comfortable and accepted. And even if he knew from the start that they wouldn't last, Foolish always hurts the most.
It just so happened that you were the next person to wander paths with him. And he made sure to tend to your wounds and bruises as best he could, giving the intensive care he could offer to make sure you get up and moving as fast as possible. He was absolutely delighted when you finally managed to walk again, despite the obvious limp in your steps.
"Have you ever seen the sea? You know, when you fully recover, I can take you there!"
"Wait, really?" And immediately after, Foolish watches in glee as you wolf down the rest of your dinner.
Foolish, despite being a desert dweller had always found true home in the ocean. After hearing about the fact that the city where the people come from had never seen it, he had always made it his mission to make sure they get to see the beautiful body of water - even if sometimes, it usually ends up as their deathbed.
Sometimes people don't even make it, no matter how hard he tries to nurse everyone back to health. Foolish wondered everytime if his desert, the one he never really claimed, was truly the desert of death when every soul that walked through it always met their end.
Death is heartless, but when Foolish noticed how your health continued to worsen, he couldn't find it in his heart to keep you away from the sea.
"In that place, there was a leader that everyone loved so much, that they loved him so blindly. He lies, they believe; he scams, they turn away; he kills, they owe him their lives. He was, ever so slowly, bringing everyone to their doom and they never realized it."
"Except you."
"Except me. And a friend. It was our plan, you know, to kill him and steer the place back to the right path. We would have each other's back and set the world straight together... But he betrayed me, framed me as a heartless killer and sentenced me to this desert, while he took position as the leader."
"Did you regret it? Killing? Trusting?"
"... No," Foolish looks away from the view of the milky way to watch you, taken aback by the pure contentedness in your eyes. "I know for sure, that in his heart, his intention to serve the people is clear. He and I have the same love for those citizens." You turned your head, eyes full of wisdom and exhaustion. "I'm sure he'd make a great leader."
Foolish wished someone with a heart of gold would love him just the same. "You remind me of someone... someone named Theseus kinda, he passed away in this desert long ago."
"I hope he was at least happy."
The next dawn was supposed to be the trek to the nearby sea, but Foolish instead had to tend to your fever that suddenly appeared over night. And a day bedridden turned to two, then three, then four - Foolish was starting to lose hope when you started sleeping for more than twelve hours.
The days stretched on between waiting for you to wake up, helping you walk around again, and then nursing you when the flash of fever comes back. Out of every criminal he met, you've outlasted them all.
You didn't give up on him. For suddenly a day gave him a miracle. A day without body pain, without high temperatures, without any other surprises. Foolish took no longer to bring you to the sea.
Despite the waves of nausea you managed to reach the sea - and it was so beautiful! So much more beautiful than Foolish's temples, so colder and colorful than the desert! Running towards the lapping waves, the rush of the water passing by your feet gave you a satisfying chill, your senses tingling from the new yet welcomed sensation.
Foolish had to pull you back before you accidentally drowned yourself, humble enough to teach you how to traverse the sea properly. The view underwater was much better up close, and he introduced each fish and sea creature as if they were his children, toured the corals and kelp as if it were his second home.
And he made you happy as if you had his heart.
The sun was already setting when you both finally went back to the shore, the exhaustion forcing you to breathe heavily while Foolish seemed perfectly fine in watching the horizon. Emerald eyes catching the beautiful sunset shining over the sea, Foolish giddily bounces on the wet sand like a child, turning to you to make sure you see the view -
When he saw you topple forward, unmoving on the floor. "(Y/N)!" Leaving the sunset behind, Foolish rushed over to pick you up, gasping at the sight of the dark veins by your neck that was common for the criminals he met quickly spreading throughout the rest of your body. He could feel your body trembling against his tight arms, and he knew it wasn't from the cold. "No no no, please, stay with me!"
Death is inescapable, and no matter how hard he tried, neither Death can escape itself.
"Foolish, come closet my eyes for me."
"(Y/N) please, it was going so well. Stay with me longer, I'll carry you back home and you'll be back to normal." Despite his words, Foolish's legs struggled to even lift his own weight off the floor, too shaky to even walk. "Dang it, this isn't the time to not work, legs!"
Your breathy chuckles makes him stop and stare, laughing with you despite the sobs cutting in between. "I'd rather spend my last breathe here. It's much more... beautiful, so peaceful." Looking up, the dark blue of the night slowly gave way to the beauty of the galaxy, twinkling above the two as if it were an intrigued audience waiting.
Foolish view it more as the gods above mocking him at this very moment.
"I've seen death so many times," he whispered more to himself as he looks back down to you, watching your clouded eyes take in the serene night as best as you could, before slowly looking back to meet his. Somehow it was more beautiful with the universe behind him. "But it never once suit you."
"I've already realized you were the totem of death long ago," your cold fingers cupped his golden cheek, shivering from the familiar touch of a life depleting before placing his hand to support yours. "But I that where I'm meant to be, is with you."
Death... is many things the way Foolish is. He loves the sea, and he loves the people he met. He loves to build and he loves to be alone.
Death is merciless, heartless, inescapable.
Death is tiring, loving, lonely.
And all that death is supposed to be, Foolish is sick of it. No, he wanted more than be death, he wanted nothing more than to watch. And finally, finally that will all change today.
For as you close your eyes to embrace darkness and sink in the arms of your death, the last thing you see is a beautiful burst of gold and green.
Tumblr media
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gray-moon2 · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Truth or Dare
ship- cc!george x streamer!reader
word count- 0.9k
pronouns- you/yours (tell me if i messed up again T-T)
warnings- one swear word, ask to tag
a/n- i love this :)
also reader and george are roommates
you were sitting at your desk, scrolling through twitter. you had just held a poll for what stream to do next. the overwhelming result had been exactly what you feared: a cooking stream. you grimaced. you and cooking had a long and troubled relationship. you pop into your roommate’s doorway.
“hey george” you call.
he hits a few keys on his computer before spinning in his chair to face you.
“i’m live” he says, smiling a bit at your appearance.
“oh, sorry. i’ll wait til after.”
he gets up, taking your hand as you turn to leave
“no, it’s fine. what’s up?”
“oh, my twitter poll finished. they want me to do a cooking stream” you chuckle hesitantly
“ooo, can i join?” he asks, eyes lighting up.
“sure” you say, laughing, “but it’s not til tomorrow. you free?”
“i’m always free for you,” he said. it came across as a joke, but he meant it sincerely
suddenly, loud voices played through his headphones that lay abandoned on the desk.
“SIMP” you heard dream’s voice call
you burst out laughing.
“you didn’t mute?” you ask between peals of laughter
“i thought i did!” he exclaimed, cheeks flushing red. he dropped your hand. you felt yourself frown a little at the retreating warmth, but choose to ignore the other reasons why.
you reach over and unplug the headphones, letting dream and sapnap’s calls of “simp” play through the speakers. you were already in frame the whole time.
“oh god that’s getting clipped” you say
“you might as well stay, y/n” sapnap says
“might as well” you echo. you flop on george’s bed, pulling your phone back out. after a little longer of playing minecraft, chat (and sapnap) grew bored.
“let's do something else.” sapnap whined
“how about truth or dare?” dream suggests
“only if y/n plays too” george says
you shrug, and walk back over to the desk
“why not?” you say, standing behind george. you begin to mess with his hair, rubbing his head a little. he, surprisingly, leaned into your touch. for once, dream and sapnap kept their mouths shut
“okay y/n, you first. truth or dare?” sapnap asked.
“dare” you reply confidently. after all, what was the worst chat could do?
sapnap reads a dono
beeduomybeloved donated 30 dollars
“dare y/n to sit on george’s lap for the rest of the stream”
your hands stop moving, and you hear a tiny whine come from george when you stop rubbing his head. sapnap and dream are wheezing, and george looks like the epitome of o-0. you finally collect yourself.
“i don’t mind,” you shrug, “but george has final word.”
he gulps.
“a dare is a dare” he says weakly. you sit gently on his lap, and he reaches his arms around your waist to reach his keyboard and mouse.
“damn george, you good? you look like you might pass out.” sapnap asks, looking concerned
“im f-fine” george stutters
“sapnap, your turn!” you announce. george gives you a look of gratitude, but you don’t see it.
“okay, truth” sapnap replies
dnflover69 donated 25 dollars
“what’s your most recent lie?”
he hesitates
“i lied to dream about eating his taco bell”
“YOU WHAT?!?” dream yelled, slamming his fist on his desk
“oh don’t be so dramatic about tacos, dream” george said, rolling his eyes
“your turn, dream” you cut in before they all start bickering.
“dare” he says. you can hear the smirk in his voice
ohhhhgeorgeeee23 donated 50 dollars
“let sapnap make a tweet on your acc”
“fine” he sighs “sapnap, dm me what you want it to say”
you start laughing, and lean back farther on george. he pulls his arms around your waist and hugs you closer. you cover one of his hands with yours.
the twitter notification popped up on george’s computer screen.
Dream has tweeted
the tweet read “i’m a dramatic taco boy”
george started laughing, and so did you.
“okay, enough. your turn george.” dream says
“dare” george replied, smirking
“really? i’d have thought you’d pick truth” sapnap commented
you read a dono without thinking
y/nandgnf4ever donated 100 dollars
“take y/n on a date”
his brown eyes go wide, and so do yours. sapnap and dream are wheezing again.
“y/n, do you wanna go on a date with me?”
“sure” you say, smiling
he grins his silly grin, and you can’t help but turn and kiss his cheek.
he starts opening and closing his mouth like a fish. he blushed and buried his head in your neck.
“i’m tired” he mumbled into your neck
you take initiative
“okay chat, thats all for today! i need to do some editing”
you click the “end stream” button as “goodbye”s and “aww”s float past. you get up, and take george by the hand, leading him to his bed. he sits down, and when you let go of his hand to leave he grabs it again
“wait, can you stay for a bit?”
“sure” you say, smiling. “the editing can wait”
you lay down next to him, and he snakes an arm under your waist to pull you closer.
“y/n” he says suddenly. “i like you. like a lot”
you smile “really?”
he nods, blushing. “do you like me?”
“i do, george. a lot”
he grins. “d’you wanna be my partner?”
“of course” you say, matching his grin
he pulls you to his chest and kisses the top of your head
you fall asleep like that, comfortable in his arms
hey 5 reblogs that aren’t from me and i’ll do a part two with the cooking stream :)
one more! comment or send an ask if you want tagged
i’ll be making part two! comment or send an ask if you want tagged :)
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streaming-yn · a day ago
[not an actual request it just reminded me of forgetful!yn]
So I saw this one thing and it was
“Let’s just agree to forget about this, ok?”
“I don’t want to forget! I’m tired of forgetting!”
(Ps I saw it on @/givethispromptatry here on tumblr check them out they got good stuff)
holy shit holy shit holy shit
warnings: angst, c!sam, lore spoilers for 11/27(I think? 28?), uhh death, killing, blood, c!ranboo death, grief in great detail, idk I cried once while making this so u might, stuff of that sort, also it's late and I'm not rereading it rn so if there are any mistakes then that's why lmao
@givethispromptatry angst prompt
notes: if you see this and your new pls remember that y/n is a minor and their relationship w tech (+ every1 else) is strictly platonic, don't make it weird !
" me your armor ranboo." you heard commotion and made your way over but that comment from sam made you start running in that direction. "he has Micheal." you pick up your pace and jump off the ledge of earth, sliding down the steep side of bare dirt, causing a cloud of dirt along with rocks roll down the hill behind you. "Techno, I'll kill him." you look up to see ranboo, unarmored next to sam. "NO!" you screamed as loud as you could and tried tripling your pace, falling as your foot caught a dip in the ground you didn't see in your haste.
"ranboo's just my hostage! he's just my hostage" Sam replied to techno, rather casually. "DON'T! DON'T! DON'T DO IT PLEASE HE DIDN'T DO ANYTHING" you yelled desperately trying to untangle your boots from the weeds they tangled in during your fall, tears have started developing and your mind was violent static wit only the word "don't" repeating.
"I'm going to kill him." you abandoned your boots and run across the scene to Sam and ranboo. Sam stabbed ranboo through his chest right before you could reach him. your fingertips touched the shoulder of his tux jacket as blood seeped from his chest.
you touched him just as his life left. you halted, the sand causing you to drift a little, as you clutched ranboo's sleeve, pulling his body to you as you knelt down. if your brother was to be heartlessly killed, you would make sure to at least give him a peaceful fall.
you cradle his head and helplessly try to cover the wound, knowing well that he's dead before you could even grab his sleeve, but believing is the horrid hope that it would work anyway. then, his body flared into red fractles before the small red shapes faded to black, then nothing. he was gone, your brother was dead because of Sam.
you looked up from your kneeling position at Sam, glaring at him with all the power you could muster, hoping your weakness didn't show. ranboo's blood still dropped from the enchanted blade to the sand in your peripheral vision. "Sam." you stated, voice steadier than expected.
"y/n." the slow pace of your sadness turning to rage quickened at the sound of Sam's voice. "did you see that? do you even have any IDEA what you've just done?!" you voice got louder, stronger, as you lifted yourself back to standing.
"YOU JUST KILLED RANBOO." you sharply adjusted your right foot closer to the killer in a threatening stance. "DID YOU SEE WHAT HAPPENED? THE PARTICLES WERE BLACK BEFORE THEY DISAPPEARED! YOU," you hit his armored chest as an accusatory action, "JUST KILLED RANBOO," you straightened out glaring the creeper hybrid down to bedrock, "PERMANENTLY."
if looks could kill, Sam would have lost all three lives he had left. "I didn't know he's was on his last life, I sw-" "would you have still done it if you knew?" you blinked rapidly, keeping the tears at bay, but maintaining eye contact. you both waited in silence for a few more seconds before you broke it, "that's what I thought. you aren't the good guy here, stop acting like it."
"y/n I j-" "stop. you're worse than DREAM. BECAUSE AT LEAST DREAM HAD MOTIVES BEHIND HIS ACTIONS" you shook your head, throwing your arm out, referring to the area where dream stood before escaping. "I DID! DREAM- DREAM NEEDS TO GET BACK INSIDE THE PRISION!"
"bullshit." "excuse me?" "I SAID BULLSHIT. THATS BULLSHIT! TECHNO TOLD YOU DREAM DIDNT CARE, THAT YOU HAD THE WRONG GUY! DREAM HIMSELF TOLD YOU HE DIDNT CARE! SO WHY RANBOO?" you unsheathed your sword but kept it in an unthreatening state, but gripped the hilt with force. you were doing enough threatening by yourself, if you added a sword he would likely attack.
passed the point of crying, you were smiling because you didn't know what else you could do. "I TOLD TECHNO TO GET DREAM BACK!" "AND YOU THINK HE'D LISTEN TO ANYONE AFTER HE GOT OUT OF THAT HELLHOLE? HE WAS IN THERE FOR ALMOST A YEAR, HES NOT GOING BACK UNLESS PHYSICALLY FORCED. EVEN I KNOW THAT!" you raised you sword a little.
"you don't want to do that." Sam warned. you laughed, mocking him "or what? you'll kill me like you did my brother? with the same blade that still has his blood on it?"
Sam sighed "just- let's just agree to forget about this, ok?" you halted, staring at him in bewilderment, before glaring, again.
you readied your sword to swing, "NO! I DONT WANT TO FORGET! IM- IM TIRED OF FORGETTING!" you broke down as your knees gave way to your grief "I DONT WANT TO FORGET ANYMORE IM TIRED IM TIRED IM TIRED! IM NOT FORGETTING ANYMORE."
you used your sword to haul yourself up again, getting in a position to attack once again, except anyone could physically see the emotions running through you. you stance was off, you were shaking, barely able to keep you sword up, your grip looked like it could shatter wood, your knees were weak and your eyes were wild as you ignored the salty water burning you face and neck.
you were about to swing before techno stopped your blade, holding it still with his hand. it took the weight of the sword from your hands, only when he let go did you realize how truly exhausting it was to hold it up, so you let it, and your arm, drop. you turned to techno and fell forward, he caught you, you arms dangled at your side as you sword dragged the ground. you stared at the ground a few seconds more before closing you eyes, willing the tears to halt.
you shook you head and stood back up and put your sword away with a deep breath. techno started to lead you away, you made one last comment twords Sam without turning to look at him. "I will be back to take your life, warden."
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rowanndoesntwrite · 9 hours ago
Tumblr media
៚ · masterlist of masterlists┊dreamwastaken masterlist
Tumblr media
summary─ ( hogwarts au! ) dream talks his way out of trouble
pairing─ dream x gn!reader
word count─ 423
warning(s)─ none lolz
authors note─ omg a fic that i wrote on september 6th ^_^ yes im posting my old writing lmao, honestly i really like this?? past me didn’t like it that much idk why wtfff
Tumblr media
you sighed, you can’t believe you had the luck of finding dream and the boys; sapnap, george, quackity, and karl.
there were multiple other prefects and you had to find them, of course you did. the boys stared at you shamefully. you had just walked in on them attempting to flood the bathrooms, godric knows why.
“really? why do you all insist on doing stupid stuff at night?” you were honestly tired of having to get on to the five of them. it was always you, because apparently you were the only one who could control them.
dream grinned at you and spread his arms open, “hey babe,” he dragged out the “ey”
“are you stupid or stupid? don’t expect to flirt your way out of trouble this time, you can’t keep doing this.” you turned to the other boys, “you guys too!”
“sorry, y/n.” karl hung his head, easily the most guilty one. the other three just stared at you as if you had three heads.
quackity turned to dream attempting to whisper, “we should use obliviate on them.”
“quackity! i can hear you!”
“i was joking.” quackity rolled his eyes playfully.
dream walked towards you, putting his hands on your waist, “look, babe, love of my life, it’s not that big of a deal! it’s funny!”
“not really,” you deadpanned. dream always flirted with you to get himself out of trouble, and it worked every time. you couldn’t help it, you were absolutely whipped for the blond haired boy.
“oh come on, you know it’s funny.”
“it most certainly isn’t. dream stop being dumb, you’ll get detention or even worse expelled!”
“you’re cute when you’re all worried. don’t worry we won’t get caught, it’s been six years.”
“yeah don’t worry about it, y/n! we’ll keep your dweamy safe.” sapnap chimed in, smirking.
“yeah, they’ll keep me safe.”
you absolutely fucking hate them so much. not really, but you want to. maybe if you did you wouldn’t be such a pushover.
you sighed for what seemed like the hundredth time, “whatever, do what you want. just try not to get caught, please.”
dream grinned and lifted you up into the air, “of course, beautiful.”
george cleared his throat, “well, uh, we’ll be leaving you two to your..-”
“alone time” quackity cut him off, wiggling his eyebrows suggestively.
“shut up.” dream grinned, snorting at quackity.
the four boys sped off laughing, leaving you two to yourselves.
“we should makeout.”
“i’m not making out with you, dream. go to your dorm.”
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mcytwheeze · 2 days ago
wheezy’s 25 days of christmas - masterlist
Tumblr media
day 1 : snow - wilbur
the task of shoveling snow is only fun with wilbur
day 2 : hot chocolate - foolish
milk or water; the eternal debate while making hot cocoa
day 3 : ice skating - dream
you might've found the one thing dream isn't good at
day 4 : pictures with santa - karl
how old is too old for a picture with santa?
day 5 : mistletoe - punz
it's hard to avoid mistletoe when it covers every inch of your house
day 6 : traditions - wilbur
wilbur does christmas very methodically
day 7 : sledding - quackity
sledding is fun until you have to walk up the hill
day 8 : cooking christmas dinner - george
everything's fine until george forgets there is food in the oven
day 9 : hosting a christmas party - quackity
somehow you and quackity got conned into hosting a party
day 10 : christmas carols - sam
sam's mom is very into caroling with the entire family
day 11 : snowman - george
george wants to build a snowman, but can't seem to make it stand
day 12 : christmas shopping - foolish
last minute christmas shopping is never a good idea
day 13 : gingerbread houses - sapnap
how come sapnap's house won't stand up like yours?
day 14 : decorating christmas trees - sam
how did sam get stuck with the task of untangling lights
day 15 : elves - dream
while shopping for presents, a certain mall elf catches dream's eye
day 16 : ugly christmas sweaters - foolish
the competition for the ugliest sweater takes a personal turn
day 17 : toys - sapnap
sapnap is lost while searching for toys for his little sisters until a toy store employee takes pity on him
day 18 : christmas injuries - quackity
you didn't expect to go to the er so close to christmas, but the cute guy sitting across from you might make you feel better
day 19 : secret santa - dream
dream is determined to have you as his secret santa and he'll do anything to make that a reality
day 20 : christmas cookies - karl
what started as a little date turns into a serious competition
day 21 : christmas movies - wilbur
nothing is better than a christmas movie marathon in front of the fireplace, except for the fact that he hates christmas movies
day 22 : wrapping presents - sapnap
why can't everything just go in bags?
day 23 : looking at christmas lights - sam
you and sam have to scope out your competition for the best christmas light competition
day 24 : snowball fights - punz
punz didn't expect you to have such good aim when he had decided to launch a snowball at you
day 25 : santa - ???
santa seems to have left you a special present under the christmas tree...
am so excited for christmas, so i wanted to celebrate on my blog this year!! <3
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wrenqueenisboss · 2 days ago
imagine Christmas with the dream smp cc's
imagine laughing with the bench trio as they set up childish pranks on the older members. you may or may not help them with their pranks as well because, why not? it's the holidays
imagine flying into the airport to get A meetup with Dream and Sapnap. they bear hug the shit out you. hi you gu
imagine streaming together, laughing hysterically because someone did something stupid and funny
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scvrllet · 13 hours ago
In which Dream’s secret that he’s been so keen on keeping is revealed without his knowledge. Requested by anon. Original request here.
A c!Dream x Reader oneshot
contains: gender-neutral!reader, protective!dream, in game au, fluff. (1,065 words)
authors note: my first c!dream fic!!! i’ve been wanting to write for him for a while and this anons request was a great one to write, i hope you like it! (my requests are also open if anyone would like to send in any)
Tumblr media
Dream knew the power attachments and affection can hold over a person. It was the main reason he so desperately tried to void himself of any at all, including the server he once reigned over! That was until he met you at least, not that he planned to fall in-love with someone he'd lose all his lives for.
He tried to suppress it. To not believe that he loved you so he could go back to piecing that broken image of a 'perfect family' he held onto so tightly but he couldn't. The more he tried to ignore his feelings the harder it seemed to hit him at night when he laid under your roof with you curled up in his arms. He couldn't deny it any longer and so he did the next reasonable thing for his situation; isolate you from everyone else he knew.
You weren't from the Greater SMP area which was surprising considering the commute was only half an hour by boat going East from where L'Manburg once stood. There were several others who branched off into their own nations and countries that took days of travel to get to but somehow, no one has come across you and vice versa. Not that Dream was complaining.
Whenever you asked him about where he originally came from and why he ended up in your area, Dream would simply say he enjoyed travelling. Saying he never liked staying in one place for too long until he met someone who became his home. His cheesy response never failed to make you blush and he would end up changing the conversation to something else, not wanting to talk about the issues back there as he called it.
On a day to day basis, Dream would spend the mornings to himself to tend to issues that needed him but always promised to be back before sunset. During the time he was away, you would stay back and tend to your animals and farm that gave you enough produce to live. It wasn't much, considering you were the only person who resided on this area of land, but it was surely enough to give you a comfortable lifestyle while on the other hand, Dream was off living a double life as he called it in his mind.
No one seemed to suspect anything and Dream was always careful not to leave any clues as to where he lived. He didn't need anyone disturbing you in your own house, especially if the possibility of him not being there to protect you when needed being quite high. He wasn't the most liked person back there and with him gaining new enemies seemingly every visit, he was certain it was best to keep you hidden. The thought of him losing you due to his own carelessness became one of his worst nightmares and even though you comforted him about it multiple times, the lack of information he gave you only made him feel worse. But he couldn't tell you, or anyone for that matter. As long as the place you both called home would forever only be known to you two then he'd live with the guilt.
Today was no different than the other visits he paid to the area. Arriving at Technoblade's cabin out in the Antarctic Empire, careful to not leave any trails leading back to you but he almost slipped up on his cover when the pig hybrid asked if he had a house. It was an innocent question the first time he asked but when Dream took a bit too long to come up with an answer, the hybrid took it as an excuse to tease him about him. It was just an innocent question that escalated into a joke but while Technoblade came up with new jokes, Dream could only give a strained chuckle as his mind felt as though it was going to explode. He had to leave, he had to go back to make sure you were safe but he couldn't just leave right now! He just barely finished his meeting with Technoblade when he suddenly began joking about him being homeless and so all Dream could do was hope Techno would let it go and he could end this meeting.
After what felt like hours of him standing there feeling as though he would just combust from the worry, he finally stopped and Dream was finally free to go. He made sure to take the route he always did to throw off potential followers as he started the commute back and while it did add extra time to the trip, it put him at extra ease knowing even if no one knew where you were before, they still wouldn't know now.
By the time he finally reached the plot of land your house was situated on, Dream was first greeted by the happy barks of your dog who wasted no time running up to him. He barely made it halfway across the field when he was tackled to the ground by your dog.
"I don't get why he acts as if you've been gone for months." He heard your voice, causing him to redirect his attention to you where you stood just a few feet before him with a basket of vegetables in hand.
"Well maybe it's just because he likes me more." Was his reply. Your dog barked, "in confirmation" as Dream put it, shortly after causing him to cheer as you rolled your eyes.
"Well if that's the case, you can sleep with him tonight." You joked and if it weren't for the dog licking his face, he would've laid there to admire the way your face seemed to light up as you smiled.
His adoration and love for you was so obvious he was certain anyone standing a mile away could even see it and he was right. Because standing from the edge of your plot was a pig hybrid hidden by the effects of an invisibility potion. He wouldn't do anything, nor say anything for that matter, but unbeknownst to Dream, a person who could easily become his worst enemy as quick as he could be an ally now knew the only way to ever hurt him. All he could do now was hope his prayers to XD to keep the two of you safe would be fulfilled.
Tumblr media
taglist - masterlist
PERMANENT TAGLIST: @lucy-malfoy07 @tsukilover11 @cuddleluvr @sweetblueparadisebabyg @gryffindorgirl @annika0-o @rocketxgirl @debesteimanetje @vixxiann @nataliewalker93 @averyisbackinthetrashcan @killzandchillz
GEN. DSMP TAGLIST: @water-vevo @sparklykeylime @chaiteabeebee @hopeisnootfound @lemonnotade @dreamyender @denkisclown @yellow-aster @confusedcrayon
DREAM TAGLIST: @shibble @its-9pm @bberee @oh-my-ronron-mphfpc-fanfic-heart @quivvyintheclouds @joyfullymulti @sufleorfs
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laniiluvvsu · a day ago
NOTE : This is based on a really cute prompt I saw, I don’t remember the @ of the person who came up with it so I’m sorry about that. ALSO PLEASE SEND REQUESTS.
TRIGGER WARNING : I don’t think there’s any?
GENRE : fluff
COLORS : WilburSoot = Orange You = Pink
“Are you ready for our date love?” Wilbur asked. “Uh huh..” You mindlessly mumbled, too focused on touching up your hair to fully register what he had said. “You don’t seem like you’re ready.” He commented as he hugged you from behind, resting his head on your shoulder. The sudden touch from Wilbur made you snap out of your little trance, slowly realizing what was happening. “Huh? Wait sorry what did you say?” You asked genuinely. Wilbur chuckled a bit. “Nothing.”
“Aw my lips are chapped.” You whined. “Wil where’s my purse?” “Uhh..dunno.” he said as his eyes started scanning your bedroom. “Oh! Here it is.” he went to quickly grab your purse off the desk, giving it to you swiftly. “Thank you baby.” You pressed a soft kiss to his temple, it was just another way to say ‘Thank you’.
“Hmm.. I know it was in here somewhere..” you said while you rummaged through your bag. “Oh here it is!” You pulled a small red chapstick out of your purse, opening it with a pop. Wilbur immediately noticed it wasn’t the normal chapstick you put on, this one was bright and a complete different color. “Is that new?” Wilbur asked as he looked at you through the mirror. “Yea it is! Look it’s even strawberry scented!” You said with a warm smile. “Does it taste like strawberry too?” He said with a slight smirk. He knew exactly what he was doing, and you did too. You chucked a bit before answering. “Hm.. I dunno. Why don’t you come find out?”
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smelted-applejuice · a day ago
Hey :)
SBI with a reader who is like Dream? So much to the point Tommy doesn't really like them. But the reader is actually really kind, and so they try to help Tommy or something?
Thank you! ~ Bluey
Pairing(s): c!SBI x Reader (PLATONIC) Desc: SBI’s odd child Word Count: 0.2k Pronouns: N/A
Tumblr media
enjoy luv!! (requests are open)
Tumblr media
(+) You were exactly like dream, you had your own features- but your personalities were similar
(+) It throws everyone off, especially Tommy and what he went through
(+) Though you show your kind side more often than Dream does
(+) When Tommy returned from the prison with a new white streak in his hair, you were the first to scoop him up to make sure he was real and in fact not dead
(+) It scared him, being in the same prison with Dream for days on end just to run into you?? Poor kid!
(+) Technoblade didn’t mind you being the way you are, as long as you didn’t mess with his farm, dogs, enderman, or Ranboo-- he doesn’t care
(+) In fact, he finds your personality pretty funny, similar to how he finds Dream’s personality funny.
(+) He’s annoyed that you don’t get annoyed over the same things Dream does though.
(+) Wilbur, when he was alive (yes this is set during ghostbur era, rip), he didn’t care
(+) He took you in after you guys disbanded from Philza and helped you on your feet before starting L’manberg
(+) You were like the little sibling Wilbur wished was biological
(+) Philza also didn’t mind, as he’s the one that pointed it out in the first place.
(+) He’s the one who took you under his wing and took care of you since day one
(+) He doesn’t care if you’re like Dream, he assisted in raising you from your teenager
(+) They all appreciate your kindness despite your relatableness to Dream.
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