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salted-caramel-tea · 18 hours ago
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Happy Anniversary to my favourite dsmp arc !!!bring that stuff back rn !!! I am on my knees begging
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omeletteyyy · 2 days ago
these are all free to use on all platforms besides twt, just make sure to credit me properly!! :]
(click for quality)
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have a wonderful spooky season fam!!
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eretdaily · a day ago
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possibly remaking my eret shimeji :o
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im-constantly-sad · a day ago
after the empires smp had a musical number it became an overnight sensation that already has animatics by talented creators. It seemed to inspire many and all i’m saying is that more smps should start bursting into song.
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vvcantwrite · 2 days ago
evil c!technoblade the only universal language is charades
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literally-trash · 2 days ago
all i’m saying is if you’re uncomfortable with tubbo and his friends talking about sex then maybe you need to step back and really think about why?
tubbo is 18 in like 2 months, everyone else on this stream but max are over 18, aimsey is pointing out real problems with sex education in schools and is right about how sex shouldn’t be so taboo
stop treating teenage streamers as literally fucking babies
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khyrrn-v2 · 2 days ago
Tommy: if you put “violently” in front of anything that describes an action, it becomes 1000x funnier
Fundy: violently pranks people
Foolish G: violently builds
Techno: violently hibernates
Philza: violently flies
Dream: violently murders people :)
Tubbo: violently worries about the previous statement
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silverfox419 · a day ago
as an inniter, sometimes i think about what would happen if cc!tommy was on tumblr. how would he handle it? would our humor scare and confuse him or would he adopt it as his own? would he enjoy reading the lengthy theories and character analysis? would c!tommy possessions become more commonplace? would he like a c!tommy angst post and watch as dsmpblr freaks out, only to canonize said post on stream the next day, effectively setting us ablaze, forced to reap what we sow and pay for our sins? or would he run
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soldierpoetprince · 8 hours ago
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dsmptober day 19: festival
as devastating as the manberg festival was, fundy trapping techno in the dunk tank makes me lose it every time
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lunarsteller · a day ago
My usual headcanons (DSMP x HC)
im just vibing with these
Xisuma is like a god in the bedwars community, as he did create it
purpled was shocked when he met xisuma (he had some sort of shocked reaction, ill leave that up to you)
Beef is also like a god, but more on the UHC side of things, as he, like xisuma, created it.
also applies to the sci-craft guys and the technical hermits
the only people that know sam and doc are brothers is jono, ren, and ponk
people assume that punz, ponk, and purpled are triplets b/c their names
purpled, punz, and ponk, when encountering those people: I didn't know (punz and purpled/ponk) existed until the dream smp
tommy and purpled have been confused for each other before (dedicated to my parent who thought tommy was purpled that one time)
yknow that meme/incorrect quote where its an older person misusing modern slang to make younger people visibly die inside, yeah that's phil and the dad hermits
mainly tango, bdubs, and impulse
and ren and doc for more funnies
the main targets are sapnap q tommy and tubbo
sapnaps face slowly turns into a horrified face every time it happens
q is just like "what the fuck" and he repeats it for a good 10 minutes
tommy was 'traumatized' the first time and now whenever he sees phil and the dad hermits smile like they're gonna do something he just goes "NO, DONT DO IT, DONT"
that first time? yeah, tommy was lying face down on his bed for like 3/4 hours
tubbo? his reactions are various amounts of walking around with his head in his hands, saying "what the fuck," and contemplating why he likes hanging out with these people
dream jokingly simped for George so much, people actually thought they were dating and dream caught feelings and not sapnap gives him shit for it
grian found out through mumbo, who found out through wilbur, who found out through sapnap, and now grian and wilbur also give him shit for it
george knows dream is crushing on him, he's just choosing to ignore it b/c its funny. also mumbo told him
mumbo cant keep a secret for shit
and whenever people want things to spill, they just slip a note to mumbo or one of the people that does not identify as a man (aka cleo, stress, false, pearl, gem, niki, puffy, hannah, ponk, eret)
mainly cleo
the people mentioned above (except mumbo) most definitely gossip about everyone else
they have a meetup at least once a week and half the time, one of the minors comes along b/c its honestly a good time
those boys have most definitely become gossips, especially purpled and tommy, they always have tea
everyone else doesn't know it tho
I want to write a fic about the lil gossip group now
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stabbysideblog · 2 days ago
Day 271
Sometimes Quackity would sing when he tortured him. He would hum a tune or sing a melody as he sliced into Dream's skin and between poison laced questions. Whenever Dream was sick Bad would hum him to sleep. A warm bowl of soup and a soft bed and a gentle tune hanging in the air. He doesn't know it but today he crossed a line. His life broke into two. A life in lava-heated obsidian that will be longer than the grass sky life of the past. It's hard to sleep with his new life and the only lullabies he remembers had notes carved with his own bones.
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meh-beans · 2 days ago
It's weird how people like the cc's can affect your life, give you different views and perspectives, bring you both amusement and frustration, all in small simple ways. Be it a quote, or trending clip, or photo, such small things, and yet it can make you take time out of your own life to sit there and react and think about whatever they've put out for you to do so. It's such an odd thing.
Like cc!Ranboo's sandwich.
I don't normally spend a near hour of my irl day debating what all counts as the wrong ways to hold a sandwich, and yet, I did. I spent a near hour discussing all the ways one could hold and carry a sandwich, from the classic grip to shoving it up a jacket sleeve, and many many more. It was an enlightening experience, and the debate expanded into the integrity of various breads whether toasted or not, the ways in which sandwiches are wrapped, and the ways one could conceal such a sandwich if needing to keep it safe from possible sandwich snatchers.
Funny how they affect our lives in such ways.
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salted-caramel-tea · 2 days ago
I don’t think I show enough appreciation for quackity on this blog so let me say rn I adore quackity to the ends of the earth this man was born to entertain I always turn to his vods and videos when I’m sad and I know within 2 minutes I’ll be giggling and happy he’s honestly such a special person and I hold him and his content so close to me he’s so sweet to everyone around him he’s so accommodating to new people and his group game lobbies are always composed to bring in people who we wouldn’t normally see interact with each other and are always different he literally becomes such good friends with every single person he meets and honestly I wish I was more like quackity, he’s smart he’s confident he’s friendly and approachable and all around such a great guy,, yeah this is a quackity appreciation post
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Egg cultists are getting on my nerves.
My boss just give the the "go ahead", so watch out bitches
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prince-joffacake · 13 hours ago
Y'know what, frick Dream antis
Dream deserves to use his ADHD as an excuse for everything, as a treat
"Dream cheated"
Oh yeah? He has ADHD. And he's gay. Why are you bullying a neurodivergent gay man?
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uss-san-diegos-wife · 10 hours ago
Fan-writings of c!Tubbo seem to always be either Tommy and/or Ranboo's wholesome bee boy sidekick or spirit of chaos and canonical father of the atomic bomb, but hardly anyone seems to hit the sweet spot of "Now he can't breathe :)".
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vvcantwrite · 2 months ago
exile arc but every day someone puts on a blonde wig and red n white t shirt and takes Tommy’s place as they all try to gaslight Dream
quackity: Hello it is me tommyinnit
dream: you aren’t tommyinnit and you don’t look or sound like him
quackity: *in a British accent* hello it is me tommyinnit
dream: tubbo I can see that it’s you
tubbo, wearing the ugliest blonde wig known to man: what? im tommyinnit. here I’ll prove it I just need some flint n steel and the location of your house
dream: are you ghostbur?
ghostbur: yes!
Phil: oh I forgot to tell you! Tommy’s street name is ghostbur. that’s why he said that :)
dream: oh hi “Tommy” why is your hair blue?
jack manifold, who didn’t own any other wigs: I’m going through a mid life crisis
dream: Ranboo I can see that you’re an enderman
ranboo, wearing a red and white suit: im tommyinnit. I remember everything. i can definitely swim mhm mhm
Dream: you aren’t even wearing the red and white. you’re just another blonde guy
purpled, a paid actor: wdym didn’t you know there’s only one blonde person ever. im tommyinnit
dream: technoblade what I meant to think of this
technoblade, wearing a sign that says ‘im tommyinnit’: well most people think I’m annoying at first
dream: you’re literally a pig
technoblade: that’s kinda rude to say about the British
Dream: how are you here. you’re dead.
glatt, who pierced the veil of life and death in order to make fun of tommy: no im tommyinnit. pogchamp or something
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soldierpoetprince · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
dsmptober days 17 & 18: book // comic relief
every time i remember this book exists i take psychic damage
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