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#dua lipa lyrics

Aries: I know you ain’t used to a female Alpha.

Taurus: I feel like we’re forever, every time we get together.

Gemini: Baby, keep on dancing like you ain’t got a choice.

Cancer: Isn’t it funny how we laugh it off to hide our fear?

Leo: If you wanna believe that anything could stop me, don’t show up, don’t come out.

Virgo: It’s you in my reflection, I’m afraid of all the things it could do to me.

Libra: Did the heartbreak change me? Maybe.

Scorpio: Got the heat and the thrill, gives me more than any pill.

Sagittarius: Keep it going till we see the sunlight.

Capricorn: Had to love and lose a hundred million times.

Aquarius: If you wanna run away with me, I know a galaxy and I can take you for a ride.

Pisces: I know you’re dying trying to figure me out.

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Dua Lipa: Complete Edition

My Favourite Lyrics From Each Song



My deep intuition tells me that I’m doing you wrong

If I don’t come home

Just say you forgive me and don’t let me go

Lost In Your Light:

Midnight, your eyes

Bitter wine, conversations

You and me, some money, babe

I don’t need a paycheck

Hotter Than Hell:

He calls me the devil

I make him wanna sin

Every time I knock, he can’t help but let me in

Be The One:

Oh, but when you’re gone

When you’re gone, when you’re gone

Oh, baby, all the lights go out


I see you tryna get to me

I see you beggin on your knees

Boy, I don’t give a fuck

Blow Your Mind (Mwah):

If you don’t like the way I talk, then why am I on your mind?

If you don’t like the way I rock, then finish your glass of wine

We fight and we argue, you’ll still love me blind


Remember when we swam in the ocean?

Now we know what’s deep inside

Remember when we ran in the open?

Now we know what’s in the wild

No Goodbyes:

Maybe one day I can see you

We can smile and wave, and it’ll be okay

Maybe one day it’ll be cool

We could just be friends without the complications that it brings

When we start saying things

Thinking ‘Bout You:

I want you all

Waiting is insane

New Rules:

Practice makes perfect

I’m still tryna learn it by heart


Cause all my bones, are begging me to beg for you

Begging me to beg for your love


It’s a bittersweet feeling

Longing, and I’m leaving

I go, I go, I go


If I said it hadn’t crossed my mind

Then, oh baby, I’d be lying

It just got complicated, I don’t know what to do

Room For 2:

Maybe you’ll better with time and we’ll leave it behind

There’s room for two

You should’ve never done somethin like that to someone

You can’t undo

New Love:

And I’ve been through mountains and seas

Tryna get you to come back to me

Bad Together:

Oh, no, I don’t care what’s been done here before me

I don’t give a damn, just as long as you care

Last Dance:

Fatal, this attraction

Yeah, we might just end up crashin

But I’m ready if it happens with you

Want To:

I’m young for tonight, it’s all under my control

I won’t hesitate, it’s my turn to make that call


Now I’m running for my life

Been too many miles

Tryna find the road to you

Kiss And Make Up:

Touch me like you touch nobody

Put your hands all up on me

Tired of hearing sorry

Kiss and make, kiss, kiss and make up

One Kiss:

One kiss is all it takes

Fallin in love with me


I look like all you need


Fallin into you, baby

Even electricity can’t compare to what I feel

When I’m with you

Scared To Be Lonely:

All the messed up fights and slamming doors

Magnifying all our flaws

No Lie:

Feel your eyes, they all over me

Don’t be shy, take control of me

enjoy :)

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