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#dub con mention for ts
j0succ · 4 months ago
i wanted to say the stuff you said about dark content was eye opening for me! i enjoy dark content but stuff like abuse & noncon/dubcon are triggering for me since i'm a survivor & i assumed people who consumed that content are romanticizing my trauma (didn't help that there was a ship week on twitter where they called those prompts "spicy") & you helped me realize that's not the case! i've been following you for a long time & never had a problem with these things before so maybes its a me thing
hi anon! it’s totally valid to not like the more intense dark content and to blacklist/ignore certain specific contents within them - the tumblr blacklist and the block button both exist for a reason! i totally understand survivors who don’t like dark content and don’t want to see it, i just happen to not be one of them and find it therapeutic to be in ‘charge’ of the encounters (either by stopping writing, being able to make readers fight back, or by stopping reading) in a way i never got to be in real life! i don’t like the term ‘romanticisation’ personally because i feel like most dark content creators - who are warning readers what they’re going to get into, who are tagging properly, who are open about not condoning it - aren’t romanticising or normalising it in a way they would be if they just slipped it into a fic unwarned like it’s normal and romantic for it to be there. i don’t know exactly if that makes sense but that’s how i draw my personal line between romanticisation and normalisation!
anyway what i’m saying is that you should engage with people’s content, most importantly, on a level that is safe and comfortable and non-triggering for you! if that means you like dark content but you prefer, say, a character x reader where you both start out in love and the character just begins to get exceedingly over-protective and wants to take care of you in an all-encompassing way, that’s just as valid as the people who enjoy dark content who want to be kidnapped and forced into being the housespouse of their villainous fave! 
i’m happy that i could help you see things both ways but you should absolutely never compromise your own personal safety and mental health! i love u and if you ever need me to tag anything i’m not already doing, pls reach out and let me know! <3
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codevassie · 8 months ago
Superpower TS Fic Recs
[***Let me know if I’ve missed anything on the Content Warnings!]
[**Do Not Ask Authors for Updates!]
[*Leave these authors Comments, please and thank you!]
What You Can Stand by manyfandomsonelog
Status: Incomplete, Work In Progress
Summary:  Virgil tried so, so hard to avoid becoming a supervillain. He really did. But when your superpower is literally manifesting a person's worst fears, it's a hard thing to avoid. Still, he really, really tried. Even when his own parents feared him. Even when the whole school feared him. Even when he hated himself and his Propensity so much that he wanted to give in. He might've succeeded, if he hadn't met him- Roman Reyes, AKA Roman Spectacular, AKA The Prince, AKA the worst thing that has ever happened to him (which is saying something).
Relationships: Prinxiety, Logicality 
CW: Psychological stuff, nightmares, bullying, physical harm, spiders, panic attacks, suicidal thoughts, brief discussion of racism, self-hatred,  bomb, explosion, blood, injury, bad/abusive parenting, imprisonment, fire,  homophobia, pedophilia mention, discussion of child abuse, evidence of physical abuse, sexual innuendo, anxious thoughts, death, funeral, flashback, reference to sex, fairly aggressive arguing and yelling, public speaking, secondhand embarrassment
My thoughts: My quarantine savior!!! I started the fic like a week into quarantine, so I really mean that literally. The characterization is absolutely fantastic--I love seeing all of them interact. It’s so natural and fun and interesting. The plot is also just wonderful--one thing keeps happening after another and these guys just cannot seem to get a break. The pacing is awesome, and whether it’s a character or plot chapter, you just can’t look away. Log is such a fantastic writer and a wonderful person, so if you like awesome prinxiety, superpowers and secret identities, trust and betrayal, humor and angst, you really need to read this one! 
Rewind by ravenclawicecream 
Status: Incomplete, Work In Progress
Summary: When a group of superheroes show up to kill him, it's just another Wednesday for Virgil Messana. After five years of being on the run, he's used to the idea people want him dead. That fact is just an unfortunate side effect of having the power to destroy everything you touch. What does surprise him, however, is when he finds himself agreeing to join those superheros and become part of the team. It's not long until Virgil learns that all the heroes have chapters of their lives they'd rather keep unpublished, along with events they'd rather not relive. And, as he spends more time with the team, he realizes that he may know certain members much better than he'd originally thought. Virgil longs for a moment to figure everything out but by then it's too late. He's already caught up in a bigger scheme; one where they no longer have the power to control their own destinies. With every movement monitored and every action proven to be calculated, the lines between allies and enemies blur, leaving Virgil caught in between. When the stakes are inevitably raised, the remaining heroes must do all they can to change the future of the world. But time has always been a cruel master, and sometimes the only answer is to rewind.
Relationships: Loceit, Logicality, Prinxiety, Remile
CW: Major Character Death, Murder
My thoughts: Gosh, I wish this one got more love. It’s probably the MCD tag, so understandable, but also take into consideration the time travel tag and perhaps give it a chance? I feel like this fic is setting up for so much, and I cannot wait to see how it all goes down. I have so many questions for this fic which is always a good sign (so many that I may have freaked the author out with my WALL of questions on chapter three don’t worry about it /j). Please. Read. This. 
Powerless by patentpending 
Status: Complete
Summary: “People like us,” Logan had once remarked to Virgil. “Are statistical anomalies.”(Almost) Everyone in the world has powers. As for those who don’t, well, they’re such a small part of the population - only 0.04% - why would anyone care about them?Ever since he realized what people mean when they call him Powerless, Virgil Sanders has tried to fight back against the system that oppresses people like him, Patton, and Logan. When Patton’s bakery is targeted in a hate crime, he finally snaps. With the help of a mysterious sponsor, Virgil becomes a villain, ready to remake a broken society. The only thing standing in his way is the world’s most Powerful (and infuriatingly charming) superhero: The Prince, who is hiding the fact that his gilded life isn’t as perfect as it may seem.
Relationships: Prinxiety, Logicality, Roman/Female Fanon Character 
CW: Classism, Unreliable Narrator, Thinly Veiled Criticism of Society,  emetophobia, violence, gun mention,  implied suicide attempt, dub-con, mentions of blood, graphic depictions of a riot, non-graphic description of a wound, possessive and abusive behavior, kid being kicked out of the house by parent, kidnapping, kinda torture (?), body horror, gore, graphic descriptions of injuries, emotional abuse, police brutality, pain and injury, burning building, swearing, vomiting, murder, panic attack, dysphoria, misgendering, minor character death, major character death, self deprecating talk, mentions of suicide
My thoughts: Well, doing a TS superhero rec without Powerless is just treason. I don’t know--I’m trying to figure out a way to describe it and instead launching up to pace around the room with an instant replay of different scenes in my head. I mean, the grocery store chapter?!?! This stuff lives in my head rent free. The characterization, the banter, the tension, the motives--I can’t describe it y’all. Just, if you love yourselves (love yourselves, please <3) then just go read it. Or reread it. Do that for yourselves. 
Waterspout by Greenninjagal
Status: Complete
Summary: "Hail!” The boy says all smug smiles that Virgil immediately hates. “You’re Recluse aren’t you?”As if there was some other spider themed weirdo who clung to buildings in their free time.“No,” Virgil says, because he can. *** Virgil finds himself stuck on the side of a building in a rainstorm and is helped by an annoying-admittedly attractive-guy.
Relationships: Prinxiety
CW: Mild cursing, storms
My thoughts: This one is very cute. Virgil is a spiderman-like hero who went up a waterspout, and down comes some rain trying to wash him out. Roman comes to help, they banter a bit, and, maybe, there’s a little surprise at the end. I would not mind more of this AU. In fact, I would love it. But that should not discount how wonderfully made a oneshot it is either. The author wrote it perfectly for the length it is, presenting the charm of the characters, great plot and symbolism, and left me wanting more at the same time. Definitely go check this one out. 
Technically. It’s A Secret by supervillain 
Status: Incomplete, Work In Progress
Summary: Virgil Storm, the adopted son of a reality TV star with telekinesis was born without a power. That's been a problem for him all his life. His only friend is Patton Vega, his only chance at romance the irritating Cros Corson--until he gets a job at a top-secret facility, playing babysitter to a bunch of kids with dangerous powers and even more dangerous minds. Kids who happen to be exactly his age.Yeah, this is going to be a piece of cake, especially when the enigmatic villain Believe (aka Roman Torres) takes a liking to Virgil. And even worse, when Virgil starts to more than like him back. Pull in some evil mad scientists, a plague created to decimate the world, a murderous villain, an obnoxious stalker, and the greatest Kinetic the world has ever known, and you're in for a hell of a ride.
Relationships: Prinxiety, Logicality 
CW:  Anxiety attacks, arson, murder, minor character death, blood, spiders, being eaten alive, falling, death, sleeping, fighting, cop mention 
My thoughts: I’m behind on this one, and I wanted to catch up on it before I posted this rec list. Today is the last Friday of the year though, so I decided to just go ahead and do it. I love this fic a ton so far, and I can’t wait to read more. I can tell the author put a lot of thought into writing the world and characters, and that the plot is interesting and deliberate. There’s mysteries unfolding which intrigues me So Bad. It’s a super interesting one, so I’d say go read it!
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j0succ · 4 months ago
I LOVE dollification, but like, on a hypnotically triggered basis. It scares me, thinking about being forced into something and being unable to be myself again. But when it's done through mutual trust, and the ribbon or collar or bracelet or whatever goes on and all your thoughts drain away and they do whatever they want to you while you get to be blissfully mindless a while as you get dressed up or bred, especially after a hard day, hhhh.
ooh i’m a big fan of dollification with hypnosis in a more Consensual kink scenario (my brain tends to jump to dark content first of all which is what my original post was about!). i LOVE hypnosis and i love the idea of trusting your partner enough to be able to do anything; whether that be gently brushing your hair or carefully maneuvering you into whatever pose they want or indeed just breeding you <3
Anonymous said: Finally someone who gets my dollification kink agsgdgdggdgd
yeah i see a lot more about bimbofication/dumbification in the Tumblr Posts which i also love but there’s something to be said about letting every thought drain out of your head and being empty, instead of being just kind of silly and feather-brained!
Anonymous said: Okay dollification, love that with my villain F/Os, sounds amazing and oh my lord your mind But I imagined it with characters like Gyro and Jolyne and I feel like they'd intentionally make me look ridiculous (which would be really fun honestly)
it is ALWAYS the villain f/os for me bc i uuh am brainrotted! honestly though, gyro is SO CAREFUL with his teddy bear (my HEART) i can see him treating his little doll like the most precious possession in the world and only wanting the absolute best for them! don’t forget for all of his silliness he’s still determined and intense and comes from a prestigious family where he had access to all kinds of Culture, i can see him being unerringly careful with you <3
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j0succ · 3 months ago
my Mahito somno request 🥺 I know we say it all this time here, but he's so cute, so hot, and so horrible it makes me wanna scream and the way you write for him captures it alll so well! ty, Nat!💕
it bears repeating because he remains cute, hot and horrible. i am ALWAYS happy to write for mahito, he is a lot of fun, and i am glad that you enjoyed it!!! sorry that everything i write for him turns to dub-con but i have a request for some pregnancy fluff with him so uuh let's wait and see how that goes!!!
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j0succ · 2 months ago
Like legit I can't tell you how many times I've went back and re-read your Toji fics!! Like they are just sooo soooooo good!!!!! 💖💖
Also!!! Those asks about yandere mob/mafia Sukuna are just - maoanlaiqiqiq like the whole thing with reader being kidnapped and being so shaken and scared and Sukuna taking advantage of their vulnerable state to make them cling to him for protection and the reader seeking him out both physically and emotionally because they are scared to be alone, maybe they are plagued my nightmares and Sukuna uses this to cuddle with them at night with soft kisses and wrapping his strong arms around them and then slowly stepping it up and touching them more intimately just ughhh qoanaoqoqo
- 🦋
i just,, i love writing toji honestly. i don't consider myself very good at writing dialogue but writing toji's dialogue is SO FUN dfngnjkbn.
yandere mob boss sukuna is just . . . oof its such a concept. i actually have a crime au toji request from the event too that im frothing to get around to writing (the prompts were like, crime au, master/pet, dub-con, spanking and im,,,, i am Writing It In My Head as we speak but i just published a toji fic so i've gotta hold off dgfbnjkgn!)
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j0succ · 3 months ago
ASKJGSH All this "just the tip" is giving me so much brainrotttt 😫✋
But omg imagine this with Hawks with a sweet and nervous reader!! The corruption kink! The breeding kink making Hawks loose control and just pushing the whole thing into reader because they are so soft and so warm and tight ahaHskA
Sighhh the brainrot 😔
- 🦋
oh my goood you're so cute; so sweet to him, hero worship in your eyes even as you stumble over yourself to try and prove you're not just a desperate little hero fan. he finds your naivety to all of the things in the shadows that are awful just . . . too adorable. you're so innocent. and you'd do anything for him, wouldn't you?
when you get a little squirmy underneath him because he's pushing a bit too fast - your romantic hero daydreams have always been chaste kisses, holding hands, an arm around your waist - his tone turns a little mournful as he tips your chin up to look him in the eyes; 'oh,' he says. 'i thought you'd be willing to help, birdie. i mean. i guess there are plenty of others who would . . . i just really wanted you--'
its too much for your poor little heart to hear that hawks wanted you, so you nod instead, breathing slowly, hesitantly agreeing that; ok, you'll help, but just the tip, right? you've never done it before! what if it hurts? you're scared--
he's back to doting heroic mode, peppering your face with kisses, reassuring you that of course he respects what you want. and he really does think he'll be satisfied with just the tip, at first! but then he starts pushing himself into you and you arch your back and make a little moan and suddenly all he can think about is how cute you'd look stuffed with his cum and with his kids instead. round, soft, pretty, innocent - how he wants to drag all of that away from you, get you addicted to the feel of his cock snug and deep and his cum leaking out of you, and make you nothing more than his cute little breeding hen<3
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j0succ · a year ago
I have to agree with that last anon, please know that I don't mean this to be in a hateful manner. It's more worrying for you that you find it therapeutic as I would say that it's only an illusion of control based on your experience. I understand it may be that way for you but it's still not exactly quite right as it does encourage the thoughts of others negatively. You've previously said that you don't write noncon but in some cases, dubcon, but then you've written non/dubcon... (1)
I understand you're allowed to change your mind but I don't really understand why you would based on your experience, even if it's your trauma. I don't personally agree with the term since it disguises rape and turns it into a kink of sort and I would hate for that to be encouraged. I'm not trying to change your mind or anything, I just hope you are aware of/ understand these things. Thank you for replying politely and maturely instead of reacting negatively as well, it's really appreciated. (2)
the main thing that i want to address is that yep, non-con used to be against my rules. at the same time as non con was against my rules i was running a dark ovw writing blog; part of the reason it was against my rules was because i was freaked out people would write call-out posts or send me suicide threats or whatever if i did write it. even now my rules say ‘i will write darker themes under certain circumstances on a case by case basis, feel free to send in just in case!‘. i’m still picky about what i will write. like all writers i pick and choose what i want to write and what i feel comfortable doing. i will also say that the scope of the fandom and the reader-insert community has changed a lot since i started writing for jojo; ‘yandere’ blogs and the like were basically non-existent when i began. as for ‘encouraging thoughts of others negatively’, my content is tagged appropriately. if someone thinks that the subjects i write about would impact them negatively i would hope they have the tag filtered (or simply not follow me). i really don’t think i’m responsible for people choosing to read my content and reacting negatively when it’s properly warned exactly what the content will entail and hidden as best i can manage. 
whilst i don’t want to be rude, anon, i’m less concerned if you’re worried that i find it therapeutic than i would be if one of my two therapists (for two different types of therapy) told me they were concerned about it instead of encouraging me to write/create/use my feelings in a way that isn’t self-destructive. i’ve spoken at length about writing characters who use my various traumas as leverage and writing characters who deal with my various traumas with them and the general consensus seems to be that writing is a good coping mechanism as is sharing that writing with other people provided the other people know what they’re getting into. 
i would never use ‘non-con’ as a term if i were tagging something that happened irl. i use it for fiction because it’s been in usage for fic tagging and sorting since well before i was even using the internet regularly. consensual non-consent and non-consent in fiction are very much a kink for some people. i do understand a lot of people don’t like the term. i realise you’re obviously very set in your way of thinking (as i am after mulling it over, and i’ve had a lot of time to mull it over) so i’m not really trying to change your mind either, just express the angle i’m coming from (and explain the change in my rules because i am aware in old rules posts my original rule will still be there! i’ve changed other rules as i went along too; iirc i never had a rule against daddy kink and mommy kink and if you’ve been here for a while you’ll remember i also used to write nsfw fic for aged up characters). 
this really will be the last post i make on the subject and the last anon i reply to about it (i’m going to ask haz to read my emails to check if i get any more and delete them just so i don’t go back on my word) (i replied to you because you seemed polite and respectful and i did want to clear up the rules thing). i again will remind you all i have statcounter and can see your IPs and can block them from my blog myself, and i urge anyone who finds my content disturbing or triggering (and i understand sometimes you know that content is triggering but click it anyway because compulsion brain; that’s why i’m imploring you) to make sure that you have your tag block list up to date and then to unfollow me.  
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