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boxofbonesfic · a month ago
Title: Creep
Pairing: Soft!Dark!Steve x Gray!Reader
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: Infidelity, manipulation, selfishness, mean Steve, mild Dubcon, smut, cuckholding
Summary: You hate your husband—not because of who he is, but because of who he isn’t. Stuck between remaining in the safety of your unsatisfying marriage and ending the affair that makes you feel alive again, you find a third option.
A/N: WHEW. this is my entry for the amazingly talented @afriendlyblackhottie​ ‘s RnB Brat challenge! i fully admit i didn’t go full brat here, but I hope it still manages to squeak by the requirements! the song I chose was Creep - TLC, which if you haven’t listened to it, go do your inner 90′s baby a favor and go bump it right meow. 
This is a work of FICTION, and it is Dark, so I assume once you’ve clicked through the link that you are comfortable with that. I do not give consent for my work to be copied, translated, or posted elsewhere, even if I am credited. This work is entirely mine, and unbeta’d, so read at your own risk! Minors, DNI!
Tumblr media
I know better. 
 You know you should just end it. Should have ended it months ago. If you could have, you’d have reached back across the months to stop yourself before it ever started. It’s your selfishness that buoys the affair—running back every time, always assuring yourself that this was it. 
It never is. 
It’s never enough.
So maybe that’s why you hold onto it; holding bruisingly tight to the very thing that makes you hate yourself. It’s worse on the nights Thomas actually is home, the nights he actually wants to touch you, because all you can think about is Steve; Steve and the way he touches you. So much that you can’t bear Thomas’ wandering hands at all, all but banishing your husband from your bedroom.  
“Lots of married couples go through what you’re going through after a breach of trust,” the therapist had told you knowingly, patting your hand as you sat uncomfortably on the sofa, as far away from Thomas as you could get. The problem wasn’t that you didn’t trust Thomas—okay, no, you didn’t trust him, but that wasn’t the real problem. The real problem was that you didn’t love him anymore. You’d been angry about the secretary of course—it was the disrespect of it all that set your teeth on edge, but… it had been predictable, an inevitable outcome brought to bear by your disinterest, and his wandering eye. 
 You could trace the source of your discontent clearly—it had begun the very instant he’d brought home his colleague for dinner. You knew his work at S.H.I.E.L.D was of some repute, that Thomas was something of an important man. The amount of paperwork that took up every minute of his free time was a testament to that. The six months off of work you’d taken to prepare for your new domestic life had morphed quickly into a year, and “Soon, babe, soon” had become an attempt at placating you, rather than precursor to enacting the plans the two of you had made for your future together—
 And then he’d brought Steve Rogers home for dinner.
 You were star struck, stumbling over your words, your face flaming when he smiled at you. His own wife, Sharon, was a delight—a strong, opinionated woman that made you feel just a little intimidated as she spoke about her career. Thomas and Sharon went out to smoke cigarettes on the porch, leaving you alone with Steve as you’d cleared the kitchen.
 “Need any help?” he’d asked, his blue eyes warm as he smiled at you. 
 “N-no. I’ve got it. Not like I do much else,” you joke, Thomas’ earlier angry words slipping out of you, assisted by the alcohol warming your belly. You knew he didn’t mean it—he’d apologized afterwards and you’d accepted, but the wound was still sore. 
 “That’s not true. It takes a lot to take care of a home.” his tone had held an air of longing that you almost missed. “It’s… I’m sure Thomas appreciates having this to come home to every night.” you smiled and nodded, bitterness on your tongue like acid. He appreciates it like a hole in the head. He helped you wash the dishes that didn’t fit in the dishwasher, and you pretended you didn’t feel the way his gaze lingered on your back. 
 You want to blame Thomas for your stupid crush’s progression—after all, perhaps if he’d left it at one visit, you might never have seen Steve Rogers again outside of stupid corporate dinners. But he didn’t see it—either through willful blindness or by some stupid grace—he didn’t see it. Didn’t see the way Steve’s hand lingered on your lower back as he passed you in the kitchen, the affectionate brush of his hand across your shoulders, the compliments. 
 Everything had deteriorated so quickly, it was hard to keep track. You didn’t want Tom anymore, you wanted someone else, someone unattainable. And Tom wanted… you didn’t even know what Tom wanted anymore. You’d thought it had been a wife to welcome him home and children—but when you’d practically quit your job to give them to him, suddenly he wanted them less and less. 
 The plans you laid blow up in your face when you find Thomas and Gretchen tangled together in his office. He’d followed you out begging—but you’d simply told him not to bother coming home. It wasn’t until Steve showed up on your doorstep that you’d realized you’d forgotten to have Thomas cancel  your now routine dinners. You’d answered the door with the bottle of wine in hand, your speech slurred. 
 “Oh. Guess Thomas forgot to tell you there’s no dinner.” you laughed sardonically. “Forgets a lot of fucking things.” you shouldn’t have let him inside under the pretense of comforting you, shouldn’t have sobbed out Thomas’ infidelity as Steve stroked your back—the last six months of your life are littered with regrets and shouldn’t have’s and you should know betters. At least Thomas is owning his own mistakes in therapy—you can barely stomach yours without feeling sick, let alone speak them aloud. Thomas’ single indiscretion pales in comparison to your many—and at least his only destroys one family. 
 Yours destroys two. 
 I know better. You think again, your finger hovering over the call button. Even with all of the memories swirling in your thoughts, muddying them, you still want him with fierce singularity. You were supposed to be “working on things” with Thomas—there was no future with Steve, he wasn’t leaving Sharon, and honestly you thought what was left of the good wife you were would crumble into dust and fade forever if he did, no matter how the desire grew jealously in your heart. 
 And you wanted it anyway. 
 “How long are you going to ride the line, peach?” he’d said to you last time as he zipped himself back into his pants, the evidence of both your passions still shamefully wet on your thighs. “I’m not keen on sharing too much longer.” you’d snorted. What position was he in to make demands? He was just as married as you were. 
 Don’t call. 
 You know your arrangement—when Thomas leaves, you call Steve. Those are the rules, the ones you unwittingly agreed to when Steve sat you on the kitchen counter, sinking his tongue and fingers into the aching tightness of your cunt till you cried for him. “He doesn’t make you feel like this, does he?” he’d asked mockingly, your juices shining on his cheeks and chin. “So fucking juicy. Just for me, right peach?” you don’t remember how many times he built you up and broke you apart that night—while your phone buzzed on the counter beside you, Thomas’ calls unanswered. “You’re gonna call me from now on, aren’t you sweetheart?” you wanted to remind yourself of his wife, of his responsibilities, but fuck his mouth between your legs was sinfully addictive, and you cried out your acquiescence along with your guilty completion. 
 And he’d showed up again, and again, after particularly hard therapy sessions, after forcing Thomas to spend the night at his brother’s or his friend’s houses, anything to get him out of your house because there was nothing between you but animosity, and not even the passion to resolve it in heated touches and apologetic kisses. It was a sight you now knew with alarming familiarity; Steve leaned against your doorway, that disgustingly smug grin on his face. “You gonna let me in, peach, or am I gonna fuck you here for everybody to see?”
 And you let him in. 
 You always let him in. 
 You’re drowning in self pity as you pace the length of your bedroom—Even though the memories are tinged with regret, your cunt clenches hungrily anyway. Thomas has been gone for a full day and you’re already needy. You hate how Steve’s trained you—you haven’t dared to let Thomas back into your bed again, not since Steve claimed you so thoroughly. Thomas’ meek, soft touches do nothing for you anymore, and it’s easier to claim your distrust as the reason he can’t make you wet, the reason his hands on your bare hips make you shudder in disgust. 
 Your phone vibrates in your pocket, and for a moment you pretend it’s the rain pattering against the windows that you hear instead. It’s Steve—you know it without looking. When you’ve gathered enough courage to dig your phone out of your pocket, you read the text that pops up on the screen.
 Steve: Is he gone?
 You stop yourself from replying. It’s not fair. It’s not fair to Thomas, and not fair to Sharon—you can’t commit to your own marriage, you can’t end this stupid fucking affair. The “cant’s” line up in your mind’s eye, never-ending and bitter: can’t have kids, can’t go back to work—forever in limbo, can’t, can’t, can’t.  
 Steve: You ignoring me, peach? 
 It’s better this way. That’s what you repeat to yourself as you go through the motions of your day—which now includes job hunting, because you doubt you’ll be a stay at home mother anytime soon, not with Thomas. You’re not sure how to forget the feel of Steve’s mouth on yours, his hands leaving invisible writing all across your skin. 
 Steve: Answer me.
 You don’t. You don’t answer his phone call either, or listen to the voicemail he leaves. Your courage has failed you, and the next best thing is just to let him exhaust himself, to let him grow tired of your silence and find someone with a lighter cross to bear. The house is silent as you move through it, picking up what little mess you’ve managed to make alone. The house is too big for just you, too big even for you and Thomas together. The thought of it makes you ache a little inside, but you swallow it as you head to the kitchen. 
 It’s as you’re walking by the foyer that you see him. You can’t see his face, distorted by the thick, warped glass paneling in the front door, but you know it’s him. You stop short, breath hitching. How long has he been there? Steve’s bulk through the door is unmistakable, and you watch him lift his phone to the glass, the screen brightly lit—just as your phone vibrates again in your pocket. 
 You take a step towards the kitchen, and he responds with a sharp tap against the glass. “Don’t make me break it down, peach.” you can hear him clearly through the door, and it makes your insides clench with a disgusting mixture of fear and want. 
 “Y-you should go.” you call, your voice unsteady. 
 “Should I?” 
 “Y-yes.” you don’t sound convincing, not even to yourself. “We shouldn’t do this anymore.” He taps on the glass again, hard enough for you to see a spidery crack form underneath his fingertips. He’s so strong, you know it would be as easy as breathing for him to shatter the glass like spun sugar. 
 “Open the door, peach. Let’s talk about this like adults.” the threat is unspoken, but he taps against the glass again, and the crack widens. You know this is more of a problem for you than it is him—he can spin this any way he wants to, he’s Captain America—and you’re a bored housewife who no one would believe. 
 You unlock the door, and he doesn’t wait for you to move out of the way before he’s shouldering his way inside. Steve closes the door hard behind him, making the tasteful sconces on either side of it rattle loudly. You jump at the noise, cowering in front of him. You can feel his anger like a physical presence, filling up the room—hell, probably the entire house. You’ve never seen him angry before, and it makes you anxious, watching him move calmly through the foyer into the kitchen while his rage simmers just below the skin. 
 “Don’t like when you ignore me, peach. We had a deal.” he says, opening up one of your cabinets to grab a glass. He’s too familiar here, too comfortable. You swallow thickly. 
 “I don’t think we should… do this anymore.” you say again in a small voice, ice shooting through your veins when he glances up at you as he pours orange juice into a square-bottomed tumbler. He quirks an eyebrow, and for a moment the darkness hiding just beneath his casual exterior peeks through. 
 “Do what, peach?” he drawls innocently, thick fingers tapping against the counter. You sigh with indignation, gesturing between the two of you. He closes the cabinet. 
 “We shouldn’t be doing this anymore.” 
 “Shouldn’t make you cum all over my face? Shouldn’t fuck that tight pussy open with my cock? Shouldn’t stretch your sweet asshole out till you’re begging me to fuck it?” you feel shame and desire coiling inside of you at his vulgar words, your hands balling into fists, the denim of your shorts stiff between your fingers. 
 “Stop it.” 
 “Stop what, doll? I’m just saying you need to be specific.” he answers with a sneer. He sweeps the glass off of the counter with a careless hand, and you flinch as it shatters. His fingers are on your chin then, his blue eyes filling your vision. “Have you been fucking him?” he asks, voice thick with misplaced jealousy. “Is that why you think you can just end this?” 
 You shake your head, eyes wide. You liked how much bigger than you Steve was, how much stronger—but that was before he’d held you completely powerless and at his mercy, pinned to your kitchen island as he loomed over you. “I-I’m not your wife,” you stammer and he sneers. “Y-you can’t tell me who—”
 “You’re mine. You don’t walk away from me.” he hisses through his teeth at you, his grip on your jaw so tight the bones creak painfully. You whimper, and his gaze softens as he releases your chin in favor of stroking his hands up and down your arms. “He doesn’t deserve you.” 
 He doesn’t deserve this either.
 “It’s-it’s wrong, Steve.” you run a tongue across your dry lips. “What about Sharon?” he laughs derisively at the mention of his wife’s name. 
 “Sharon’s a mistake. One I can correct.” you hate how he spits her name out like a curse, and the wayward thought crosses your mind that perhaps he should be in counseling too. You try to wiggle away from him, but Steve doesn’t let you, hushing your complaints with soft words spoken over you until you weren’t even sure you’d said anything. “Come on, peach. I know you want me to make you feel good. It’s what you need, right?” you feel overwhelmed by him, and he knows it, taking advantage of your disconnectedness to tug the hem of your loose shirt from your shorts. He makes quick work of the buttons, pressing his face to the side of your throat and inhaling the scent of you greedily. 
 “Steve,” you whine, unsure if it’s a plea for him to stop or continue. He chooses the latter, hands skimming up your sides to cup your bare breasts. 
 “No bra, peach? And you say you weren’t waiting on me.” he clucks his tongue at you, rolling your nipples between thick, calloused fingers. He pulls it up over your head and you let him, a thrill passing through you as he groans at the sight of your breasts. “You’ve got perfect tits, peach, you know that?” his voice is a low, gravelly purr. His thumb brushes across your nipple. “So fuckin’ soft. Love how soft you are. Sharon’s all muscle and hard angles—and you’re so goddamn sweet and soft it makes me crazy.” his lips move against your throat. Normally he’s careful, careful not to leave a single shred of evidence that he’s had you, but he doesn’t seem to care now as he rakes his teeth against your flesh. 
 You hate yourself for the way your arms go around his neck, a sharp keening note escaping your throat as he sucks a nipple into his mouth. What’s more, you hate the sharp jealousy that rings in your head at the mention of Sharon. You know she’s waify and muscular and Tom can’t stop drooling after her whenever Steve brings her over to dinner—but Steve wants you instead. The feeling that thought gives you is too heady, and the next moan he draws from you as he switches breasts is louder. He chuckles. 
 “Let me hear it, sweetheart. You don’t have to worry, he’s not here to spoil it.” he knows Thomas is gone—knows he’s working on important things in undisclosed locations, hell, he knows more about Thomas’ job than you do. You whine when he cups your breasts together, sucking harsh marks into the tender flesh. It shouldn’t feel this good when he leaves marks you know you’ll regret, when he grinds his already hard cock into the apex of your thighs as his hands squeeze around your hips. 
 “Can’t believe you tried to walk out on me,” he murmurs against you, licking a hot stripe from the valley between your breasts to your throat. “and for what?” his fingers travel down to the open button on your jean shorts, tugging the zipper down. “For a man who won’t even say no to a trip even when divorce is on the table.” you hadn’t spoken to Steve about the divorce papers hidden in your old work desk—and perhaps he was speaking loftily, but you got the sickening feeling that somehow, he knew. 
 “Shh, sweetheart. I’m not finished yet. Up,” he slaps your bare thigh, motioning for you to lift your hips. You don’t move, and he sighs, lifting you easily to tear the shorts down your legs. “So juicy for me already, peach?” he murmurs, licking his lips as his eyes go dark at the sight of your shame. “Oh peach. You need me to take care of you,” he croons. “And I’m going to take such good care of you sweetheart.” 
 His fingers slide up the seam of your cunt, gathering your wetness at their tips. Shame simmers just below the fire he stokes at your core, shame because he’s right. You want him, you always did—and perhaps it was that want that drove Thomas to seek relief elsewhere. You needed him with the same fervor he needed you—you were just self aware enough to know it was toxic. Ruining two lives all for the sake of feeling Steve take you apart on his cock until you were senseless. You swallow thickly as you let out a half-hearted protest “But your wife—”
 “You keep talking about Sharon, sweetheart. You jealous?” he smirks knowingly at you.
 You shake your head in disagreement, even though you are. You’ve been jealous every time he leaves you, knowing he’s sleeping next to her, waking up next to her. You know you’ve no right to feel it, either, but that doesn’t stop it from creeping up to tinge your vision acid green as you think about the moments they share together. You shouldn’t be jealous, but you are, and Steve knows it. “I-I’m not!” you stammer, trying to move away from him in your indignation. Steve delivers a warning slap to your thigh, the sound echoing in the empty house, and you still. 
 “Don’t worry, peach.” his lips are deceptively sweet against your temple. “She doesn’t moan for me half as sweet as you do.” another harsh flick against your clit makes you squirm and whine under him, his mouth hot and harsh as he claims your mouth. It’s his kiss that feels the most wrong, the most sacrilegious out of everything you’ve done with him. The hot sweep of his soft lips against your own, the thrust of his tongue into your waiting and willing mouth as he steals the air from your lungs. It feels more intimate than his throbbing cock inside you, separated from your own slick warmth by only a thin barrier of latex ever did. 
 You’re drunk on the impropriety of it all. “Know you weren’t thinking of giving away my pussy.” he shakes his head. “Don’t know why you’re fighting me, peach, you always give me what I want in the end.” he thumbs your clit roughly and you buck against him, your hands tangling in his hair even as you continue to murmur that you shouldn’t be doing this, shouldn’t be enjoying it, shouldn’t. 
 But you are. 
 You’re grinding against his hand, the cool granite countertop underneath you growing embarrassingly slick with the evidence of just how badly you need him. “That’s the problem with you women sometimes,” he says as he pumps thick fingers into your aching heat. “Don’t know what you want. But that’s okay, peach. ‘Cause I already know what you need.” he adds a second finger to the first and you groan at the stretch when he scissors them inside you. Your head lolls back a moan escaping your parted lips. 
 “Steve, Steve please,” you’re begging, and you know you sound pitiful. He chuckles, filling you slowly with his fingers over and over. You don’t even know what you’re begging for; for him to stop, to leave, to speed up, to fuck you—
 “Love when you beg me so pretty.” he laves another hickey onto your chest, his teeth scraping roughly against your skin. “I know you need me to fuck you right, sweetheart. Fuck you so good you’ll make sure you call me next time.” another hard thrust and the whines in your throat become a full on wail as you clench around him, sobbing. Faintly, you can hear the sound of his belt being unbuckled, and by the time your body cooperates enough for you stare down the line of your own body, his cock is resting against your thigh. Hot, heavy and throbbing, the tip leaking precum that dribbles down warmly onto your skin. 
 You’re already lost, already damned when he cups your chin, stroking an affectionate finger over your trembling bottom lip. “I’m going to split you open, peach.” he growls, his face filling your vision until there’s nowhere left to look but at him, his pupils blown dark and his gaze intense. “You’re not even gonna remember his fucking name.” he slides the head of his cock through your folds, a muffled curse falling from his lips as he admires you. 
 “God, Steve, I—” the burning stretch as he fills you makes a gurgling moan escape your throat. “Fuck!” he’s so big, and it hurts so good as he seats himself inside of you shallowly. You’re panting already, and he’s not even all the all the way in yet. 
 “Fuck, peach,” he pants pressing his forehead against your own. “Squeezing my cock—” he draws out only to force his cock back into the almost too tight confines of your pussy, your walls throbbing around him. It forces the air from your lungs and makes you wail as he makes you take him to the hilt. He’s got your legs spread shamefully wide on the island counter, his pants down around his knees as he fucks up into you, one hand steadying your hip as the other grips your hair, forcing you to look up at his face. 
 The intensity of Steve’s gaze makes you want to wither, even as he wrings pleasure from your every nerve ending. But there’s no hiding as he tugs on your hair, making you tighten on his cock as a pained whine escapes your throat. “No, no, sweetheart. No running away from me. Understand?” his words are punctuated by the slick, wet noise of his cock sliding in and out of your pussy. He hits a spot inside you that makes you arch against him, your thighs trembling. 
 “Oh God,” you moan, your voice foreign and hoarse even to your own ears. “Oh God, oh God, oh God—” you can feel yourself clenching around him, and Steve’s hips stutter against your own. You’re spiraling up, up—and then the coil snaps in your belly and you clamp down so tight he can barely move.
 “Good girl, peach. Soak my fucking cock,” he growls, forcing his way in and out of your spasming cunt, his own head lolling back at the feel of you milking him. You’re boneless with pleasure as he slides out, tapping his cock against your thigh. “Turn over sweetheart. I want to see that pretty ass.” your legs are shaky and weak, but you manage, and he bends you over the counter with a heavy hand at the small of your back. “That’s it.” your belly warms at his praise. “I wish you could see how pretty you look like this, peach. Pussy all fucked swollen, spread out for me…” he rubs the tip of his cock against you, and though you’re sore, you push back anyway. He chuckles. “You want my cock, peach? Tell me.” 
 Your tongue wets your dry lips. “I-I want your cock.” you moan shamelessly. It’s true—you’ve just cum, and you still want to feel him deep inside of you. 
 “I know, sweetness.” he sheathes himself inside of you without warning, and you hiss at his entry. His hand cracks against your ass, and you cry out, fingers scrabbling against the countertop. “You don’t end this,” he growls, his balls slapping against your ass as he fucks you with rough, punishing thrusts. “You don’t get to fucking end this, you understand, peach?” he spanks you again, over and over until you’re sure you’ll permanently bear the mark of his frustrations. 
 “Yes, yes, I’m sorry, I’m sorry—” you gasp out the words between your tears, running freely down your face as the sharp pain mixes with the exquisite pleasure building in your core. It’s almost too intense to feel good, and yet you clench around him tightly anyway as he rains blows down on your tender flesh. 
 You’re so lost in it that you almost don’t hear the sound of a car door slamming. 
 You try to sit up, but Steve forces you back against the counter, his hand on the back of your throat. “Stay.” 
 “But Steve,” your gasp sounds whiny even to you, “Thomas.” you can hear the familiar jingling of his keys. You don’t know why he would be back so early—he’s not meant to be home for another two days—but Steve doesn’t care, his hips still moving steadily against you even as you hear the footsteps climb the porch stairs and approach the front door. “Steve please—”
 He doesn’t respond, and it almost feels like his cock is harder now than it was earlier as he slams into you. There’s no hiding the sounds of your coupling, and as you watch the door swing open helplessly, your husband steps inside. 
 “I thought I would surprise you—” his voice dies in his throat. 
 “Hey Tom.” Steve grunts as he continues to fuck you. “Long time no-see.” everything seems to freeze; Thomas standing in the doorway, his eyes sweeping over the two of you, as pain flashes across his face. You want to feel ashamed, you want to feel guilty, all of the things you know you should be feeling—but you don’t. A sick thrill makes you tighten around Steve as he ruts against you openly. You’re disgusted with yourself by how turned on you are, how good it feels to make him feel as bad as you did. 
 Thomas sputters, incomplete sentences forming and dying on his lips as he gapes at you. “Y-you—! How could you—? I—” you can see the betrayal plain on his face, and you wonder briefly what it says about you that you just…don’t care. Steve’s still fucking you steadily, and you don’t try to stop the little moans that well on your tongue as his cock splits you open. Steve leans over you, cupping your chin as he forces you to look at Thomas dead on. 
 “Don’t be impolite, peach. You’ve got to answer when people speak to you.” the head of his cock bumps against your cervix and your eyes roll as a guttural moan tears loose from your throat. Steve’s thumb strokes across your bottom lip, and you watch Thomas’ eyes follow the movement. 
 “ ‘M’sorry, To-om,” your voice is shaky, speech interrupted by his harsh thrusts. Your husband is speechless, watching Captain America fuck you senseless on his kitchen counter. You hear Steve groan above you. 
 “She’s so fucking tight, Tom. How’d you fuck this up so badly?” he taunts. “But I’m glad you did, or I’d have never gotten the chance to taste. Isn’t that right, peach?” you’re only half listening, the pleasure making it hard to concentrate. You nod though, knowing it’s what Steve wants. “Tell him how good it feels.” 
 “So—ugh—so good! I’m so fu-ull,” you whine, arching back into Steve as you say it. His hand drops from your face to secure itself around your other hip as he fucks you harder. You can hear the sound of his voice, like he’s speaking, but you can’t make it out over the buzz in your veins as fucking supernovas go off behind your closed eyes. His hand cracks across your ass again and you keen. 
 “Who makes you feel good, doll?” his voice is a harsh growl in your ear. 
 “Whose pussy is this?” 
 “Yours! Steve it’s yours!” the taut tendril inside you snaps, and you wail loudly as you cum again, collapsing against the counter. You’re shaking and sobbing, and you feel Steve’s hips stutter against yours.
 “Are you cumming, peach?” he growls, and you can hear the smug grin in his voice. “Fu-uck, like velvet inside. Fuckin’ soft’n wet—“ he slams into you, holding you still as his cock throbs and jerks inside of you. Hot, sticky warmth coats your insides, and you can feel him trembling above you, groaning as he empties himself into you. In a daze, you feel Steve’s softening cock slip from you, and hear the jingle of his belt as he tugs his pants back up. He pats your hip affectionately. “Go clean up, sweetheart.” you look up at him questioningly, and he grins coldly at you. 
 “I’m going to talk to Tom about signing those papers.” 
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arlerted · 5 days ago
Big ass alpha Bakugou that omegas and even betas flock to. He just sneers at everyone and continues on with his day, only having eyes for his pretty little omega assistant that takes such good care of him and even shows up at his house to cook for him from time to time. It never got official, but it's almost like an unspoken rule that you're his, and he's yours. You stand by him on the train, and practically have to be in his lap when in the backseat of cars because he's so big and takes up so much space. He gets so angry when your heat hits and you don't come into work that he goes to your apartment, and he can smell you. He can smell it from down the street, and all the way up the staircase, and your hallway is practically drowning in it, so much that he has to swat away other's from outside your door just so he can get to you. He's trying so hard not to drop into a rut from the overwhelming smell of you, panting and sweating while he taps on the door and drools when you get closer. He almost tells you not to open the door... but you can smell him, and you need your alpha, but the second the lock clicks he's practically ripping the door off the hinges to get to you. It's not his fault you smell so sweet and so strong and put him into a rut, no... but it is his fault that you're walking around his house in one of his shirt with a round tummy filled with his pups a few months later.
i'll actually cum in my pants. he’s so hnnnnggg... fuck. 
wc: 847
cw: a/b/o, alpha!bakugou, power dynamics, dubcon (boss / employee), knotting, pregnancy
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
bakugou, who is usually so disinterested in omegas that people rumored the pro-hero to only date betas. he just... never showed a real interest in them. it actually gave him a bit of a nasty streak because, unlike most alphas, bakugou didn't have a soft spot for pretty little omegas. until he met you, of course.
you caught him by surprise the first time you walked in, answering his add for an assistant to help keep the home and keep his papers organized. he knew you'd be an omega, it said so on your application when you applied, but you were more than qualified and he's never been too concerned with second genders. but when he opened the door to let you into his apartment, your scent hit him like a truck. bakugou had never once had to pause in his stride because of an omega, but he did with you. and he did it every time, taking a deep breath before he let you into his apartment to cook and clean for the day.
bakugou rarely let you accompany him to work, but when he did, people whispered about the pretty new omega working under him. they asked about you to others, whispered about how good you smelled and how fucking pretty you'd be under them.
he put a stop to that shit as soon as he heard it. bakugou didn’t know why but he was protective over you and it didn’t take anyone very long for anyone to figure out that you were fucking his. it’s not like you minded either. bakugou was... desirable to say the least, big and strong and smelled so good that he nearly had your knees buckling each time he walked near you. you had no qualms with being claimed by him, though you swore up and down that your relationship was strictly professional. 
you both knew it wasn’t, especially after the first time you called him when you were in heat. it was a delirious choice, whining for him to come over so he could take care of you through the receiver. bakugou should have hesitated, should have told you that he’d drop some medicine outside of your door, but instead he found himself indulging you and heading to your place, blood boiling with the thought of how you’d look split open on his cock. 
you smelled him before you saw him, opening the door to your small apartment and letting that primal desire take over as you drank in the sight of him. he was sweating, chest heaving at the door before taking your hips in his big hands and pushing you backwards. 
fuck, you smelled good, so fucking sweet. bakugou swore he could smell you from down the street, the way you cunt ached for his knot. he could barely contain himself as he whispered promises of taking care of you, telling you that he was gonna give it all to you. it’s what you deserve. you deserve to be stuffed with my cum, yeah? that’s what he said while he plugged you up, big hands holding your knees to your chest as he broke you open on the thick stretch of his cock. 
he almost couldn’t pay attention to the way you keened for him, back arching as you tried to kiss and lick at his neck to taste some of the intoxicating smell that you wanted so badly. you begged bakugou to knot you, begged the pro-hero to stuff you full. you wanted it to hurt, wanted him to be so deep in you that you couldn’t breathe. who was he to deny you that? such a pretty fucking omega begging for him like that, it made his cock twitch inside of you. 
bakugou gave you everything you asked for, biting at your neck before pulling away to watch your face contort as his cock started to swell. you felt the pop, the way it plugged you so deep as he flooded your body with him, knot soothing the delirious high your heat left you in as you writhed under him. he cooed for you to take it, to take all of it just like you wanted. and you nod, listening to your alpha with furrowed brows and a mewl that could have brought anyone to their knees. 
it became a regular thing after that. things strictly professional until they weren’t and he had you plugged up with his cock to quell your heat. it became official when you took time off, only occasionally visiting the office to drop paper work off until your visits became all but nonexistent. people wondered if you’d lost your job, asking bakugou about his omega assistant and her whereabouts. he only scowled at them, telling them to mind their fuckin’ business before returning to whatever he was doing. 
finally though, he’d had enough of the whispers, bringing you into the office in one of his oversized merch shirts and a round belly swollen with his child. that sure as hell shut them up. you’re fuckin’ his and this proved it. 
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iwantutobehapppier · a year ago
Waiting For This Moment
Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader
Summary: Being Steve’s girlfriend was great! There wasn’t much of a sex life but, he was doting, always put you first and just wanted to take care of you. When you push the boundary you might have signed up for more than you intended.
Warnings: 18 + Smut, Dark!Steve Rogers, Dubious-consent, breeding, Steve kind of domineering, language probably? 
Word Count: 2,344
A/N: I don’t know if any of you can tell but I have a wee bit of a breeding kink. Anyway, Happy 3rd Night of Chanukah!! Also Happy Christmas Eve!!! Please like and reblog if you’re so inclined. Without further ado some dark!Steve Rogers putting a baby in you.
Tumblr media
Dating Steve was… nice. Yes, it was nice and simple. Outside of the risk of his life as an Avenger, it was rather vanilla. Vanilla was nice. Vanilla meant flowers every time he came over, walks on the streets of New York City, holding hands and of course, tender loving make-out sessions that never went past heavy petting. 
You had met him by happenstance at one of Tony’s parties, Tony introducing you to each other stating that you could give Steve ‘beautiful babies’. Steve’s blush and reeling back from Tony’s words won you over right there. So much so you never thought about how odd Tony’s introduction came across.
Steve was everything you would imagine a boyfriend being. Dinner, Movies, walk at a park. Coffee, sketching you in the sunlight on the weekends in Central Park and respecting those physical boundaries that you wish he’d push past. 
See, dating Steve was nice.
But there were moments when you swore Steve looked at you as a possession. The grip on you always a little too tight when talking to other men. Those lingering glances at your stomach. The way he introduced you as his ‘future fiancee’. It was cute at first but it became a little weird. I mean you two had been dating for barely four months. 
Logic told you things shouldn’t progress this way, but maybe Steve Rogers’ optimism and confidence in your relationship was a good counter to your general anxiety and doubt about well everything. That had to be why it felt so easy with him right? That’s why letting him take care of you was so easy?
And boy did he love taking care of you. If you tried to pay for something you’d think it was an affront to god with how Steve reacted. 
“It’s just how things were done, should still be done,” He explained once. “You got yourself a girl and you take care of her.” He trailed the back of his fingers over your cheek to under your chin and tilted your face up. 
“You like it when I take care of you don’t you?” His charming half-smile made your knees weak and you gave a nod that he rewarded with an open mouth kiss taking your breath away.
It was a few months later that he convinced you to move in with him at the place he had just bought in Brooklyn. Before you had agreed he had already scheduled movers to come pack and get your stuff. When you expressed your concern about breaking the lease he paid the remaining lease in full. Your landlord loved that.
You found it was sometimes easier to give Steve what he wanted, otherwise he would bulldoze his into getting it anyway. When he complained about you being at work when he’d be home on missions you started working fewer hours. Your boss upset at first but understanding when you explained your relationship with Steve was important to you. At least that’s how Steve said you should explain it and Steve always had good ideas on how to handle difficult problems. He was an Avenger after all.
Looking back maybe giving him what he wanted over and over is what landed you in the predicament you found yourself in. 
It had only been a week since you moved in and started working less. You had slept in the same bed with Steve 6 nights now and each time that's all you two did, was sleep.
“Um, Steve?” He rolled over from his side of the bed to face you, eyes shining bright in admiration. He was so handsome and what woman wouldn’t swoon for the way looks at you.
“Yes, honey?” the term of endearment just as sweet out of his mouth. Your cheeks warmed with the thought of what you would say next.
“Why haven’t we had sex?” You blurted it out followed by covering your face with both hands, mortified you just asked that. Steve let out a soft chuckle, pulling your hands down. When your face was revealed he kissed each corner of your lips then the top of your head. Your furrowed brow softened the gentle kisses. He sat up halfway up on the bed releasing your hands, you mimicked his posture. 
“Well, I didn’t want to rush, that’s a big deal you know?” His words even and almost practiced.
“I know but we live together now, and we do almost everything up to…” you could feel yourself becoming flustered with embarrassment once more. Why was it so hard to ask your boyfriend to have sex with you?
“Do you want to do that with me?” Not able to look at him directly you traced the patterns of hair on his bare chest. It felt so stupid letting your insecurities ruin such a beautiful life you and Steve had built together.
“Of course I do honey,” He cupped your chin in his hand and pulled your face to force you to look him in the eyes. Steve leaned towards you and pressed his lips against yours with gentleness at first, it always started off soft. One kiss turned into two, he tilted his head towards the side, running his tongue along your bottom lip. You could feel your heart rate increase at the thought of finally doing that with him and you open your lips inviting whatever he would give. 
Within the blink of an eye, his large imposing body loomed over yours. Hands pulling your nightshirt up and over your head. He paused, eyes raking over your nearly naked body save for your underwear. His bottom lip pulled tight between his teeth he gazed at your body a little longer, a spine-tingling shadow encompassed his face when his eyes landed on your stomach. 
A deep inhale echoed in the room, his nostrils flared. He dipped down to kiss you once more, trailing open mouth kisses down your jaw and neck, stopping only at where your shoulder met to bite hard enough for you to cry out in protest.
Steve responded by lathering the abused flesh with his tongue. His hands curling under your breasts, lifting and pushing them together. He returned to kissing your warming skin down to your beasts. Taking a nipple in his mouth he passed a few kitten licks of the puckering nipple followed by suckling that grew with intense quickly. Before you could express your discomfort he let the nipple go with an audible “pop” and trailed kisses to your other nipple giving similar attention.
Your fingers carded into his golden tresses, you pulled at the hair when he’s attention became painful but it only resulted in him nipping at the abused nipple pulling another cry from you. He smiled against your nipple looking up at you under long lashes. His eyes were nearly black with passion.
“Be gentle please,” you whimpered out, even with the rough treatment you felt your growing arousal. You saw a smile form over Steve’s face you had never seen before, it was ominous in nature. Something had been lurking inside Steve, and maybe you had unwillingly let it out.
“I’m sorry honey,” his breath fanned over your breast. “I can’t help myself.” He wrapped his lips around the nipple he had first given attention to, rolling the nipple between his teeth but never fully biting. He smirked against your flesh when he noticed you rubbing your legs together. One of your hands covered your mouth to hide the moan that came out when he began to suck at a torturous level once more. 
His brow furrowed and he sat up. Without preamble, he slipped your underwear off and pulled your legs apart, slotted his boxer covered hard cock against you. The friction caused you to push your hips up, seeking relief to the growing pleasure. Steve smiled down at you as he leaned over you holding himself up with one hand, the other trailing down your side, a tight grip on the flare of your hip. 
He trails his fingers forward, a gentle wisp against your lips he chuckles out. “So wet and ready for me, hm?” he slowly slipped a finger between your lips a toothy grin over his when he pulled his finger back, it glistened in the light.
“I haven’t been taking care of you properly, have I?” You whimpered out shaking your head, growing dizzy with need. A need you had been seeing to yourself for far too long when you have a man like him sharing your bed.
Two fingers dipped into you, he pressed them against your core slipping in with a slight stretch even with the generous lubricant your body produced. He let out a strained groan, you answered with a moan. His fingers pumped slowly in and out he tried to prepare you but lost his patience. He needed to be in you. Now.
Slipping his fingers from you he pulled his briefs down just enough to let his cock out, the sound of it bouncing up and tapping his abdomen wet from the pre-cum leaking from the head made your thighs clench. You licked your lips, entranced at the sight of him. How cruel was it of him to keep this from you for so long?
“I’ve been waiting for this moment,” He trailed the tip along your folds, “Since Tony said you’d give me beautiful babies.” If you were in your right mind you may have realized how strange his words were at that exact moment. As it where you were too lost at the sight of his cock visibly throb. For you. 
Before he pushed in a moment of clarity did reach you, pushing both your hands against the hard muscles of his lower abdomen you protested “Steve, I don’t have a condom.”
“That’s fine,” The condescending chuckle he gave with his words on any other occasion would have set you off, as it were your mind was too focused on one thing in particular. 
“No, it’s not. I’m not on birth control” You kept your palms flat on him trying to stop this. He let out a frustrated huff. 
“I don’t care” He began to push forward, the force of your hands nothing against this enhanced strength. 
“Wait, what?” You tried to shake the haze of bliss to try and understand what he was saying.
“Steve,” but the rest of your protest died on your lips when he pushed himself into you with one swift dip of his hips. The feel of him took your breath away, a soft whimper all you could get out. He, on the other hand, let out a long deep groan. Your hands still trying to fight his pace, some unconscious level knowing he shouldn’t be doing this unprotected. 
“I knew you’d be a perfect fit,” he slowly pulled his hips back and then pushed back in with the same ease. The way your walls fluttering nearly drove him mad. Taking one hand he began to rub your clit with his thumb, his hand splayed over your mons and lower abdomen, fingers curling around soft flesh. 
You cried out at the sensations his attention brought. With a satisfied nod, he begins to pick up his pace, his movements jarring your body back and forth. As he quickened his movements you could no longer hold back your cries of pleasure, legs wrapping around him trying to keep him there. The sensation the only thing that mattered, your hands holding your bouncing breasts, tweaking your bruised nipples. A guttural sound emitted from Steve at the sight of you playing with your breasts.
“You’re gorgeous, and you’re all mine,” You nodded your head at his words, you would agree to anything as long as the feeling kept going.
“Say you’re mine,” He commanded slowly his pace.
“I’m yours!” The need to have keep pounding your pussy all that drove you at this moment. Anything to keep him going. And he did deliver. 
His movements were renewed, precise and effective. You nearly screamed when the tip of his cock pressed against your cervix. He was deep, too deep. The pace never broke, you could feel yourself climbing and climbing to that ultimate moment. The one you wanted to share with him.
“You’re going to look so good carrying my child,” That pulled you partially out of your haze.
“What?” Steve didn’t respond only doubled his efforts, the way your walls clung to him as if wanting him to stay there forever. God he wanted to, he wanted to be rooted to you always. Pumping you with his seed.
There wasn’t anyway way to stop what was happening, you weren’t ready for kids, you weren’t even sure you wanted them but it didn’t matter to Steve. That much was clear.
 You couldn’t stop yourself from spiraling as the twirling thumb on your clit and the pull and push of his cock inside you were too much. Arching your chest up you cried out in glorious release. 
Steve’s movements became frenzied feeling your walls pulse around him, it was almost painful at how tight you felt around him. His movements faltered and with a quiet groan, he came. Flooding you to the from with his potent hot cum.
His thumb moved off your clit, his hand rubbing soothing circles over your stomach as he took in ragged breaths trying to compose himself.
Before you could return to your body to find what was up and what was down Steve had rolled over onto his back with his arms wrapped around your back he took you with him. His arms snaked down to cup your ass pushing you flush against him. His softening cock remained inside you along with his hope, for beautiful babies.
Three weeks later Steve preened at the sight of your positive pregnancy test. His hands immediately holding your stomach, as if he could already feel the growing life. 
“You’re going to make beautiful babies.” He sing-songed, and suddenly you realized you never had a choice when it came to Steve.
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jackrrabbit · a year ago
Caught in the Act /// Dabi x f!Reader (18+)
Tumblr media
Summary: Dabi is done listening to the League’s new recruit touching herself.
Warnings: dubcon, mild degradation, mild exhibitionism
It wouldn’t be so annoying if you could just be fucking quiet about it. Dabi had nothing against you getting yourself off—the League of Villains had been laying low for the past few weeks, and they were all getting a little cabin fever. There was only so much to do inside the cramped little apartments hidden above the bar. It made sense that masturbation was the only thing that could keep you entertained, and Dabi wasn’t judging you for that. But Jesus fucking Christ, how could you not realize how loud you were being?
This had to be…what, the third time today? Well, tonight. You’d joined the rest of them to drink in the bar earlier in the evening, being your usual half-shy half-bubbly self, saying all the right things and generally being the civilizing presence that stood out like a sore thumb among the rest of the League. You really weren’t cut out for villain work. You were so…well-adjusted, so soft—Dabi wondered, not for the first time, why you didn’t use your talents to save kittens from trees or whatever heroes did. You didn’t have a nasty bone in your body…aside from the constant self-service, if that counted.
The other villains liked you—you’d certainly put in enough effort to win them over—but you probably didn’t realize how dangerous having the attention of the League was. If you did, you wouldn’t just laugh when Toga proclaimed her affection for you or Twice bought you drinks. Even Shigaraki didn’t seem to mind your presence…you might not have noticed the lingering glances or the not-so-casual touches, but Dabi had spent enough time around the leader to know that he was interested.
Really, you were damn lucky that your room bordered Dabi’s and not Shigaraki’s. If it wasn’t Dabi hearing your soft little moans and the hitched gasp in your breath when you came, you’d be in trouble.
Dabi slowly sat up on his bed, back pressed to the stupidly thin wall that separated your room and his. You were at it again, and every sound of your mouth was audible. It was like you were sighing into his ear. If he listened hard, he could almost—almost—hear your the wet sound of your fingers against your pussy.
Ahh…you were in trouble. You were definitely in trouble. Even without Shigaraki. Because the annoying part about your moaning wasn’t that you were keeping Dabi awake when he wanted to be asleep, it was that you were making him hard…for the third time tonight. And while you seemed satisfied with getting off alone again, Dabi was done with it.
He didn’t knock.
As soon as the door opened, you jerked up and your hand shot out from under your covers. “Wha— What the hell, Dabi?”
“Hey, (Y/N).”
Your face was scarlet, and you weren’t doing a very good job of concealing the breathiness in your voice. The sheets rustled. Were you actually pulling up the covers up over your chest? “Um…what do you want? You can’t just— you can’t just barge in like that.“
“I heard…noises.” Dabi stepped in closer. Your little closet of a room had no space for any kind of desk or chair, so he sat down on the edge of the bed next to you. “Thought you might be having a nightmare or something.”
You cocked your head to the side in surprise. Was this really Dabi? Since when did he bother being considerate toward you? You’d always gotten the sense that he thought you were weak. Maybe he was patronizing you. Or maybe…he knew what you’d really been doing?
No. No way.
“Thanks for checking on me, I guess? But I wasn’t having a nightmare, so you can leave.”
“Are you sure? I could’ve sworn I heard you…crying.” Wait, what did he hear? He leaned in over you, holding you down with his gaze. You couldn’t help shivering, all too aware of the cool air brushing up against the wet fingers of your right hand, the one that had been stuffed down your panties a couple seconds ago. Did it look wet? Fuck, did it look suspicious? You wanted desperately to look down and check, but you knew Dabi would see it.
“I, um, I don’t know, maybe I was talking in my sleep? I don’t think I was crying.”
“But your face is all red. And you were panting when I came in.”
Oh my god. Did he know? How? No, there was no way. You’d die of embarrassment if Dabi knew you’d been touching yourself. “Why do you even care?”
“I don’t care. Except…the walls in here are thin, yeah? And you’re keeping me up. How am I supposed to sleep when I have to hear you moaning…and whimpering…”
Dabi’s breath ghosted over your face and you flinched back. How had you not realized how close he was?
“…like a little whore?”
The second Dabi’s words registered, you pulled back and tried to roll over away from him, but he didn’t wait for you to react. His hand shot out and pinned yours down, and before you could catch your breath he was on top of you. “I— I don’t— I don’t—“ you stammered, trying to kick the blankets so you wouldn’t be trapped underneath them.
The fake concern was gone from Dabi’s voice, and something wild had entered in its place. “Aw, are you feeling shy now? You didn’t seem so shy earlier when you were cumming…and cumming…and cumming.”
You bit your lip and shook your head. Dabi’s knee was between your legs, and you could barely move without feeling the friction against your still-sensitive clit. “I wasn’t doing that!”
“Liar.” Dabi adjusted his grip on your hand, applying just enough force around your wrist to make you squirm. “Then what’s this?”
He pulled your hand up to his mouth and, holding it still, dragged his tongue up your fingers. The saliva mixed with your own half-dried fluids, forming a sticky coating on your skin. You swallowed, and Dabi grinned. “Did you think you were being quiet? I can hear everything, (Y/N). Everything.”
“Fine, ok then— I get it. I’ll be quieter,” you told him. You could process the (crushing, devastating, utterly eviscerating) humiliation of this moment later. God, you were never going to be able to look Dabi in the eye again. And what if he spread it around? “Are you gonna tell? Don’t tell anyone!”
Dabi dropped your hands and looked down at you. You probably had no idea what you looked like, did you? That deep blush over your cheeks, the straps of your tank top falling down, and the smell of your cunt spread all over your fingers (not to mention the taste of it in his mouth)… So soft. So vulnerable. “Why shouldn’t I? I think our leader deserves to know that the newest recruit spends all her free time fucking herself. Right? Think Toga will still like you if she knows you can’t go to sleep without cumming all over your bedsheets?”
“No, you can’t tell them!” You scrabbled at his hand, but he held firm. You didn’t want to beg, but… “Please! Please, okay? Please don’t tell. I’m sorry I was loud.”
You really thought you were getting out of this, huh? Dabi nudged his knee between your legs, and you couldn’t muffle your whimper. Your eyes went wide and you covered your mouth.
“I think I might have a compromise. A win-win solution,” said Dabi, and he shifted his position over you so he could pull the blanket away from your legs.
“Wait, what?” You tried to sit up on the bed, but Dabi’s fingers were already snaking down past the hem of your panties to rub against your pussy.
You were wet. You were so wet he could hear the slick sounds of your juices lubricating you as he stroked up and down your slit. And you were so warm…so fucking hot he couldn’t wait to be inside you. With how much you’d been masturbating, you might not even need foreplay. Dabi slipped two fingers into your hole and felt up to your g-spot, pushing your hips down when you involuntarily bucked into his touch. Tight, but you could take him.
He savored your slippery soft insides for a moment longer, enjoying the sounds of your protests turning into gasps, and then pulled his hand out of your panties and wiped it on the inside of your bare thigh. The shorts would have to go…matter of fact, why were you wearing clothes at all right now? “Take it off. All of it.”
You tried to resist half-heartedly, but after hearing you cum over and over for the past couple weeks Dabi wasn’t about to take no for an answer—not to mention, a flimsy tank top and sleep shorts? In a base full of amoral villains? It was like you were begging to get messed up. Dabi let go of your arm to rub his callused thumbs over your nipples, and you squeaked like a little mouse as your back arched toward him. Fuck, you were soft all over.
“Are we…are we…” You hid your face behind your arm, unable to bring yourself to finish your sentence.
“Mhmm?” Dabi dipped his head down and swirled his tongue over a nipple, then gently bit down.
“Ahh…D-Dabi…” You could push him away. Why weren’t you pushing him away? It wasn’t your fault, he’d caught you in a weak moment. You’d been so close when he interrupted you. “…are you gonna…f-fuck me?”
You felt the vibrations of his laughter over his skin and he hauled himself up to look down on you. “You brought this on yourself, babe.”
“Then get on with it,” you whispered, surprising yourself. You couldn’t look at him, but you also couldn’t go another second without being touched.
Dabi seemed surprised too, because his hands stopped caressing your thighs and he just…held you in place. Another laugh bubbled up in his throat and he lifted your hips off the mattress so he could yank down your shorts and panties. “Your wish, my command. But since I don’t trust you to be quiet, here—“
He balled up your panties and stuffed them into your mouth, making sure the wet crotch was in contact with your tongue. You tried to pull your head away, but you were basically helpless against him—honestly, your kitten-like bats at his hand and the drool pooling in your mouth while he pried your jaw open were just making him harder. Once you were thoroughly gagged, he patted your cheek with a serene smile and ignored the muffled sounds of dissent that leaked through the fabric. “Perfect. Wish I had a camera.”
Gagged, you could only watch in anxious trepidation as Dabi peeled off his undershirt, revealing a perfect expanse of pale skin that looked unnaturally smooth next to the rough scars on his neck and arms. You always thought of him as being on the thinner side—so where the hell did those pecs come from? Dabi noticed you looking and sneered down at you, rolling his shoulders and flexing the muscles in his neck. “Enjoying the view, princess?”
You glared and turned your head to the side, well-aware that you were being childish, but Dabi didn’t seem to mind. He wrenched your head back to center and leaned down to lick a string of saliva that had dripped around your panties off of your cheek. “Look at you drooling over me…and we haven’t even gotten to the main attraction yet.”
Well, he wasn’t going to make you wait for it. You didn’t even pretend not to stare as Dabi freed his cock from his sweatpants and stroked it up and down lazily. Your first thought was that he was big—long and thick and stiff, with a pearl of precum beading at the tip. Your second thought was that there was no way that thing was going to fit inside you. You scrambled back to the head of the mattress, shaking your head and attempting to tell him to wait.
Undeterred, Dabi grabbed your hips, sinking blunt fingernails into your skin, and dragged you back toward him. “Relax. You don’t get to change your mind right when we’re at the good part.”
“Mmm— mm—“ You had no choice but to brace yourself with your forearms as Dabi lifted up your pelvis to line up with his where he was kneeling on the bed. Holding you effortlessly with one hand, Dabi slid the length of his cock up and down your pussy to slick it up with your juices. The contact sent a jolt through your body, and your hips ground up toward him.
Fuckfuckfuck, he was so big but you wanted it, you wanted him, and you needed something in your pussy, now. You were almost glad he’d put the panties in your mouth—if you weren’t gagged, you might be begging. He looked so smug, so proud, he’d probably hold this over you for years, but that didn’t matter. You’d never felt this needy before. It was his fault for teasing you and getting you all riled up—was this how he felt when he heard you touching yourself through the shared wall? You could almost sympathize.
Maybe you weren’t able to vocalize your needs, but the wiggling of your hips in your desperate attempts at stimulation weren’t exactly subtle. Dabi lined the head of his cock up with your pussy and (gently, gently, he reminded himself) slid the first few inches inside.
“Ohh…” Dabi sighed audibly, digging his fingernails deeper into the delicate skin of your hips. You whined through your panties and grasped blindly at the bedsheets. He was so thick, even with him less than halfway in you were stretching almost past your limits. It had been a while since you had sex (opportunities to meet people were few and far between when your main profession involved law-breaking—why else would you have to resort to getting yourself off constantly?) and you’d forgotten how much it could sting.
You shuddered as you felt Dabi rocking himself in and out of you in shallow thrusts, getting a little deeper each time. “Nngh— mm— ait— wait—“ It was too much, too deep, too thick, and he was too big.
Shaking, you reached up and tried to slap Dabi to get his attention, but he just grabbed your hand and laced his fingers with yours. “Shh, shh, you’re doing so good, princess. Does it hurt?”
You didn’t want to give him the satisfaction, but you couldn’t help nodding hesitantly. Was he going to stop? You weren’t sure you wanted him to stop.
Of course he wasn’t going to stop.
Dabi leaned down and sank in deeper, pushing himself slowly into your cunt until he bottomed out. Yesss…it was all he could do to stay still and let you get adjusted to his size, given how greedily your melting-hot walls were sucking him in. He could tell by your sharp gasp that you hadn’t been ready, but how could he stop himself…? Your eyes were screwed up from being stretched around his cock and the strangled little mewls coming out of your mouth were sending thrills up his spine. You had to be enjoying yourself. You’d been so cute, practically pleading to be filled up. The slimy juices staining your inner thighs were unmistakeable.
Even with Dabi not moving inside of you, you had to gasp in stuttered pants to get oxygen in your lungs. Had you ever been this full before? No way…no fucking way. You were already sore. Your eyelashes fluttered as you blinked rapidly, trying not to let the tears that had forced their way out spill. The muscles in your pussy throbbed around the massive cock that was somehow submerged all the way inside you, and you zeroed in on the feeling of Dabi’s hand pinning yours down on the sheets just to have something else to focus on.
And then his hand was gone, and instead Dabi’s finger was teasing against your clit. The walls of your cunt twitched around him and you ground up toward him, begging silently for more stimulation. “Yeahhh…yeah, you like that? Want me to keep touching your little slut pussy?”
Your nod was frantic as Dabi began to move in slow, deep thrusts that you felt in every inch of your pussy. “Use your words, princess.”
“Unhh…ye—ye— es!” you whined out through your makeshift gag. Dabi smirked and picked up the pace, both in the pulses of his fingertips over your stiff little button and in his hips slapping against yours. The mixture of his precum and your wetness coated his cock and your mound, making it all too easy for him to shove into you faster and faster, eliciting the sweet little moans that would be drawing a lot of unwanted attention if he hadn’t gagged you with your panties first. He wasn’t gentle with your clit, either—but fuck, you needed it rough right now.
The discomfort of his dick stretching you out wasn’t gone, but now it was met by a thrilling tension growing in the place where the head of his cock thrusted back and forth over your g-spot. You kept trying to swallow around the gag, but your saliva wouldn’t go down right and it was spilling out of your mouth so your lips were almost as much of a sloppy mess as your cunt.
It was lucky Dabi was holding you upright, because there was no muscle in your body strong enough to keep you in position. You were completely limp, your full focus directed on the rising wave of pleasure gathering deep in your belly. You tried to be quiet, you really did, but every time Dabi stuffed his cock back inside you, you cried out in rhythm.
Watching you tremble and writhe underneath him, Dabi huffed out a short laugh. “Is this your idea of being quiet?…No wonder I could hear everything…you want everyone to know?”
You shook your head violently and tried to manage a “no” from around your panties, but that didn’t stop you from whimpering at the pressure of his cock inside you.
Dabi slowed his pace and leaned in, swirling his fingers over your clit forcefully. “Yeah, keep moaning. Want your precious leader to know how good I’m filling up this tight little pussy? Is that what you want? I bet you would just cum all over my cock if Shigaraki came in right now. I bet you want him to see your slutty O-face and join in.”
No! you thought, but the words weren’t leaving your mouth. You hated the thought of cumming with Dabi saying such vile things to you, but his fingers and his cock were giving you exactly what you needed and you were wound so tight you didn’t think you could stop yourself, and— and— and—
Stars erupted over your vision for a second as you sobbed out your orgasm. Your back arched, pushing the top of your head into the mattress while your cunt squeezed down on the dick that was still carving its way through you over and over. Dabi made a sound that you half-thought was a growl and hitched your leg up on his shoulder so he could get an even deeper angle. You were shivering as he drove into you, every inch of your skin extra sensitive in the post-orgasm afterglow.
“F-fuck…yeah, y-yeah, you’re so good, my good girl moaning for me like a whore, just like that, yess…” Dabi held you still as he gave a few more jerky thrusts and then groaned. “—fuck, I’m gonna—“
“Wait, not inside!” you tried to protest, but the words were just warped by the fabric balled up in your mouth. And it was too late, anyway—your stomach dropped as you felt his cock spasm and a hot wash of liquid gush between your legs.
Dabi pumped his cum into you, folding up your legs and leaning in so he could press his chest into yours and fuck you into the mattress. Your already-overstimulated cunt quivered; every inch of your torso was smothered by his. When he was too soft to stay inside, he pulled out, enjoying the sticky string of white liquid that stretched between your slit and the head of his dick until it broke and joined the rest of his cum dribbling out of your hole.
Dabi reached down and pulled the soaking-wet panties out of your mouth, since you seemed too out of it to do it yourself. Shocked out of your trance, you inched back away and swiped at the spit covering your mouth. “You came inside!?”
“It’s called a creampie. You look better with cum dripping out of you,” said Dabi without a hint of regret. He picked up your discarded tank top and wiped the cum off his dick to tuck it back in his sweatpants. “Don’t tell me you didn’t enjoy that as much as I did…you were screaming loud enough to wake up the whole base.”
“What?” Your mouth dropped open. “Are you serious?”
Dabi grinned and held up your spit-covered panties. “You have no idea how loud you are. These definitely aren’t enough to shut you up.”
“Oh my god…” You cringed and covered your face with your hands. “This is so embarrassing. I’m never going to open my mouth again.”
“Aw, don’t say that. I think it’s kind of cute.”
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jackrrabbit · a year ago
If I may I just want Overhaul to do me on his desk during a meeting showing the precepts his personal slut
Yubitsume /// Overhaul x f!reader (18+)
Tumblr media
Yubitsume: a Japanese ritual primarily performed by the yakuza to atone for offenses to another; a way to be punished or to show sincere apology and remorse.
This story takes place before Chisaki becomes the leader of the Shie Hassaikai and before he puts the big boss in a coma. ngl this was fun to write 😎
Tags/warnings: exhibitionism, coercion (dubcon-ish?), mild humiliation, yakuza members be perving, reader’s quirk makes it impossible for her skin to be cut (it’s relevant I promise), references to violence, some light possessiveness at the end there
You’re softer than you look.
Chisaki’s never really touched you before, so he had no way of knowing until now. Maybe it’s a subconscious association with your quirk, which prevents anything from breaking your skin, but he didn’t think you’d be so yielding. Every bit of you that he can touch is tender and unresisting under his grasp. He almost wants to take off his latex gloves so he can grip your hips and feel how smooth you are against his bare skin.
Ah…but this isn’t for his sake. It’s for yours. Your punishment, your atonement. He’s supposed to be teaching you a lesson, not feeling good. The irresistible heat of your cunt hugging over his cock is just a perk.
“Watch closely, men,” the Boss’s voice rings out across the long, narrow table, cutting across the wet sounds of Chisaki’s flesh slapping against yours. His thrusts slow and then stop with his cock buried deep inside you, giving the Boss a chance to speak over the two of you.
When the room is silent save for the sounds of your breath mixing with Chisaki’s, the Boss speaks again. “This is what happens to those who betray the interests of the Shie Hassaikai. Keep going, Chisaki.”
It’s not like he needs to tell them to watch, Chisaki thinks as he picks up the pace again. Every man in the room is staring intently at the coupling as Chisaki fucks you over the desk. You’re bent forward with your ass sticking out toward him, one trembling leg holding you up while the other is folded up on the wooden surface, angling your pussy into a perfect position for him to thrust into. You’re barely holding your face off the desk with your elbows propped up, and every time Chisaki pushes his cock back into you, you rock forward and the desk creaks under your combined weight.
It’s hardly the solemn atmosphere that’s usually considered necessary for this kind of punishment. The men watching are doing so with lascivious interest, some laughing, some making comments under their breath to each other, and some just staring. He can hardly blame them. The view from the front must be incredible—your tits bouncing, your hands holding onto the edge of the desk for dear life…
What does your face look like right now? Chisaki can’t see when he’s fucking you from the back, but he wishes he could. Are you ducking to hide your lewd expression from the men you’ve worked alongside since you joined the Shie Hassaikai? Are you biting your lip to hold back the sound of your moaning, trying to salvage the little bit of dignity you have left? From the muted noises of your voice (the little uh—uh—uh’s you can’t quite keep from slipping out), he thinks it’s pretty likely.
But if it’s between seeing you and being inside you, Chisaki knows he’s getting the better deal. Fuck, it’s like your throbbing cunt just keeps sucking him in deeper and deeper. What with the heat of your body and the slickness lubing him up in between your pussy lips, it’s getting difficult to hold back his own grunts of pleasure. His thrusts are getting less controlled and sloppier every time he pumps into you.
The men are watching…they’re watching you, Chisaki has to remind himself in order to stop the urge to lean lower over the desk and rut you for all he’s worth, observers be damned. How much deeper can you take it? Probably a little more than this, right?
His next thrust has him bumping up against your cervix, forcing a kittenish whine out of you. A couple of the voyeurs laugh. One wolf whistles. Chisaki’s noticed that the hairs on the back of your neck raise up when the men get loud, and right now your skin is pebbled with goosebumps.
“Don’t let her hide from her shame, Chisaki. Hold her up so we can see.”
Chisaki hesitates, then curls his fingers over your upper arm and drags your torso up off the desk to display your naked chest to the boss and the rest of the Shie Hassaikai. Your head lolls forward and then rolls back onto his shoulder, your damp back flush against the fabric of his shirt.
The position is a little more awkward, and he has to tilt his hips to the side a little to push back into you. On the other hand, it seems like he’s hitting your g-spot at a better angle judging by the way your pussy is twitching around his length.
“Ch…Chisaki,” you whimper, only to wince and snap your eyes shut when the name earns a suggestive whoop from one of the men watching you.
“Aw baby, you gonna beg him?” Rappa asks, voice a mocking growl. You flinch and Chisaki can feel how tense you are. The muscles in your arms go rigid as you try to jerk out of his grip.
Another thrust has you squeaking out a high-pitched moan. “Fuck yeah, make ‘er scream,” someone calls out, but Chisaki ignores it in favor of rocking deeper into you, careful to slide his thick cockhead against your g-spot. This time you’re barely able to keep your voice down, but you can’t conceal the muscles in your pussy pulsating over him.
It feels good, doesn’t it? he wants to ask you, but he knows he can’t. It’s not supposed to feel good for you. You’re supposed to be…reflecting on your mistake or something. When he’s balls deep in your pussy, it’s hard to keep track of what kind of atonement this is supposed to be.
“I see you’re once again capable of speech, (Y/N),” the Boss says, silencing the other Shie Hassaikai members. This time, however, Chisaki can’t bring himself to stop fucking you long enough to let his benefactor speak uninterrupted. The Boss doesn’t seem to mind, though, as he continues— “Enlighten us as to why we’re watching Chisaki bed you.”
Out of the corner of his eye, Chisaki can see your chin tip forward so you’re looking hesitantly at the Boss. Your face is so red, but you manage to form words despite your embarrassment. “P-P-Punishment… Instead of y-yubitsume, I’m being—being punished…”
Yubitsume. The yakuza ritual of cutting off one’s own pinky finger at the first knuckle to make recompense for an insult or injury committed against the organization, a mutilation that not only increases difficulty of combat and manual labor but also brands the afflicted with a public stigma. By tradition, yubitsume is the appropriate penalty for the crime you perpetrated, but your quirk makes it impossible. No blade can pierce your skin.
This—getting fucked by Chisaki while the Shie Hassaikai watches—was suggested as a substitute method of apology. There were other alternatives, other ways to exact retribution on your body (you may not bleed, but you can certainly bruise…and break). This method was almost a kindness, or at least that’s how the Boss had explained it to you until you reluctantly agreed.
Still, as the men who used to see you as a fellow (an equal, even) now jeer at you and call for Chisaki to fuck that little slut harder, he has to wonder whether this is really the kinder option.
“And what are you being punished for?” the Boss asks.
“I-I did something wrong—uhn!” You snatch a betrayed glance at Chisaki as his arm snakes around so he can grope at your breast and pinch your nipple between two fingers. “I—! Brought p-police, to the Shie Hassaikai…”
Chisaki knows better than the rest of them how minor your crime was. The transgression had nothing to do with them, and it would have happily gone unpunished had you not been caught by the authorities. The yakuza might care little about petty lawbreaking, but your real offense had been attracting the attention of the cops. They’d been lucky to get away without a thorough inspection. Now you’re paying the price for your carelessness.
“Good. As all of you know, I have no wish to treat (Y/N) too harshly. Chisaki…finish her off.”
There it is. This may be your atonement, but Chisaki’s aware that he’s being punished as well. He’s the one who brought you to the organization, and so your wrongdoing is partially his responsibility. The Boss knows how much Chisaki would usually hate this…having to touch someone’s bare flesh so intimately and so publicly. He’s getting hives just thinking about being in this position with someone else.
But it’s not someone else. It’s you. You with your untouchable skin, so clean and soft. You with your tight, hot pussy swallowing every inch of his cock so nicely. For the first time since he can remember, he half-wishes he were wearing less clothing just so he could feel you…and every second he’s inside you he regrets putting on a condom more.
And now he’s got the Boss’s blessing to make you cum on his cock. Chisaki’s hand drops from your breast down to your pussy and his index finger swirls around your clit. You gasp and cry out (much to the appreciation of the men watching), and Chisaki has to bite down on a growl of his own as your innards clamp down on him.
You’re probably close to cumming already. No, no, you’re definitely close. Even with no direct stimulation to your clit until now, Chisaki’s been fucking you for ages. All that friction over your g-spot has taken you right up to your edge, and it’s not going to take much more to push you over.
You’re already pulsing around him intermittently in rhythm with the pads of his fingers teasing your clit. The pressure of your pussy fluttering around every ridge and vein on his cock is excruciating, so fucking good that he can barely remember that the two of you are being watched. The other gang members are getting louder in their bawdy commentary of the pornographic scene playing out in front of them, but Chisaki tunes it out in favor of focusing on the way your shallow breaths meet the tempo of his thrusts.
With you draped over his chest, he barely has to adjust his position to push his masked face into the juncture of your neck and shoulder so he can nuzzle up and lick you through the stiff fabric. You shudder—ugh, do that again, he thinks—and your hips writhe weakly, trying to increase the stimulation of his hand on your clit. You’re about to cum, and so is Chisaki, but he carefully steers his hips to control both your reactions and his. When he pulls out of you he’s slow, tender, making sure you feel empty without him, but when he pushes back in he does it in a quick snap that stretches you out paired with a rough dab at your clit.
You’re coming apart in front of him, not even bothering to be quiet anymore. “Chisaki…Chisaki, I—I’m cumming!” you cry out, trying not to pay attention to all of the Shie Hassaikai egging you on and telling you what a good little whore you are. Your orgasm has your pussy sucking down on Chisaki’s cock, even tighter than before, like your body is instinctively trying to milk the cum out of him.
Goddamnit… Yeah, he’s not going to last for another minute with you clamping down on him like that. As soon as Chisaki’s sure you’re cumming so hard you’re barely coherent, he drops you gracelessly back down onto the desk so he can grab up your hips and fuck his last few pumps into you as savagely as possible. His fingers dig into your ass deeply enough that he’d be drawing blood if not for your quirk, and when the heat building in his cock spills over he holds you perfectly still despite your attempts to squirm away from him so that you feel him jerk and cum between your throbbing walls.
“(Y/N)…good, good girl,” he pants out as he gives a couple more shallow thrusts for good measure. Well, huh. That’s the first thing he’s said since he started fucking you.
When it’s too uncomfortable to stay inside for a second longer, Chisaki pulls out and tugs the filthy condom off, ties it, and drops it in the trash. He needs a shower…and something to wipe off on, but at the moment neither are available to him so he has to tuck himself back into his pants without cleaning up. Disgusting. Even though it’s just his own cum dirtying him, his skin is still crawling at the thought of it.
“Good work, Chisaki,” says the Boss, rising to his feet to leave. “You can clean up after her.”
Emboldened past their usual limits by what they just witnessed, the other men guffaw and taunt you as they follow the Boss out. Setsuno reaches out to slap your ass as he exits, but Chisaki stops him with a hand on his wrist. His hold isn’t painful, but the threat is clear.
If you touch her, you’re going to lose more than a pinky.
“R-Relax, Chisaki,” Setsuno stammers. “Hands off. I get it.”
Chisaki almost corrects him, almost tells Setsuno to call him by the right name—Overhaul. But the Boss isn’t quite out of earshot yet, and it wouldn’t do for him to hear. So he just lets Setsuno go. The rest of the men give the two of you a wide berth as they file out, although your pert little ass still gets a few lecherous glances as they leave.
And then it’s just you and him. You roll over onto your back and sit up on the desk. “…Chisaki? You don’t have to clean up, I’ll do it.”
How docile of you. You really are apologetic. To be honest, Chisaki should still be angry—you almost caused a lot of trouble for the Shie Hassaikai, and what with the plans he has in mind, getting the authorities to look a little closer at them could ruin everything. He shouldn’t be keeping a risk like you around, especially considering the Boss doesn’t usually let him play with you the way he’d like to.
But the Boss isn’t going to be the one making decisions for much longer. And until he’s out of the picture, Chisaki can’t wait for you to slip up again.
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quirklessthot · a year ago
Breeding Kink Headcanons
warnings: 18+, verrrry slight dub/noncon (due to dabi being his sleezy self), talk of pregnancy/lactation
ok breeding kink hawks anon!! since the moment i read that ask, my life has never known peace. so here we are. (dabi added cause why not lol)
Tumblr media
Uses every excuse in the book to not wear a condom
He’s ‘allergic’ to latex, it doesn’t feel as good, it’s uncomfortable and too tight
You’ve heard it all
Will pester you until you finally give in
“Alright, just… don’t cum inside, ok?”
“Cross my heart, dollface.”
He definitely cums inside
“Haha, oops.”
At least he goes out and gets you Plan B the very next morning
You’ll definitely want to start taking some type of birth control after that cause my mans refuses to wear a condom and/or pull out now
“I just want to fill my cute little breeding bitch, until she’s nice and round. Is that a crime?”
Goes on and on about how much he’ll enjoy watching your tits swell with milk until it’s too much and you’re begging him to suck you dry
And of course he will because he’s a good daddy and he has to make sure mommy is well enough to take care of his little hellspawn
Just make sure not to actually get knocked up cause that would probably be the last time you see him lmao
Dabi has you on your knees, back in a perfect arch as he plows into you from behind. The only sounds in the dark room are the creaking of the old mattress, the slap of his hips against your backside, and your desperate begging.
“P-please, Dabi!”
“So warm and tight,” Dabi grunts, landing a quick open-palmed smack to your ass that has you shaking. “And with no condom I can feel everything. What if I knocked you up, you little slut? Then what?”
He starts moving faster, strokes getting just a little bit sloppier, as if the thought has him excited. You can’t deny that his words don’t have an effect on you as well - you’re moaning loudly as a warm gush of arousal spills out of you, dripping down his cock to coat his balls.
Dabi lets out a little chuckle, sounding almost disbelieving. “You want this, don’t you? You want my kids that badly?”
You can hear the grin in his voice, feel the self-satisfaction that practically radiates off of him in waves. It makes you shiver but you nod your head, burying your face in your arms in embarrassment.
Dabi is having none of that though and is immediately pulling your head up by your hair. “I didn’t catch that, baby. You’re gonna have to use your words to get what you want.”
You whine but he shows no mercy, stilling completely in you when you stay quiet. In your desperation you begin to tighten around him, gummy walls massaging his length. It twitches but other than that, Dabi shows no outward signs of being affected. He simply looks at you expectantly, eyebrow raised. “I’m waiting, doll. What do you want?”
“I want your cum, Dabi!” you sob, frustration spilling over but you’re so grateful when he quickly starts back up his punishing pace. “I need it! I need you!”
“Fuck yeah, you do,” he growls, grin growing wider, almost manic. “This little hole is all mine isn’t it? Mine to use and fuck and breed.”
“Yes…Dabi… yes… all yours,” you readily agree.
Tumblr media
Wants to 100% actually put a baby in you
So this kinda bleeds into a pregnancy kink oop
If you so much as smile in the general direction of a child, he’s on you in an instant, cooing and gushing about you how good of a mother you would make
Mating press is his position of choice and no he won’t be taking any constructive criticism
After cumming as deep as he can, he’s plugging you up because he doesn’t want you to waste anything
And if you do? Don’t worry, he’ll just have to fill you up again
Refractory period, whomst?
Will NOT stop until his balls are empty and you’re nice and full
Dirty talk consists mainly of fantasies of you heavy with his child and how much he’s going to spoil and pamper you. You won’t have to lift a single finger because he’ll take such good care of you
Honestly sounds kinda good, ngl
If you’re not actually ready to have a baby, don’t mention that you’re on birth control, it’ll make him so sad :’( and kill his boner
“You f-feel that, angel?” Keigo asks, voice just a little bit slurred and unsteady. “Feel how hard I am? How much I want to breed this – fuck – this perfect little pussy.”
“Yes,” you moan, lifting your arms to circle around his neck, pulling him closer. “Yes, yes! Keigo, please.”
You sound so desperate, so shameless. It’s music to Keigo’s ears. Your tight hold does nothing to hinder the pace of his hips as he rocks feverishly into you. “I know, baby, I know. So p-pretty, begging for me. I’m gonna give you exactly what you need, ok? I’m gonna fill you up so good.”
He suddenly snaps his hips, hitting your g-spot perfectly. You immediately clench down and let out a wanton moan. Keigo responds with his own, half-lidded eyes unfocused, tongue lolling past his lips as a bit of drool slides down it to land on your cheek with a wet splat. Under normal circumstances it would disgust you, but you’re too fucked out to care. The only thing on your mind is Keigo’s dick and the hot load he’s promised you.
When you both cum it’s explosive and leaves you completely drained.
Keigo immediately pulls out and watches with intense focus as the mixture of your slick and his cum dribbles from your fluttering, well-used hole.
“You’re wasting it,” he says, a hint of annoyance in his tone as he slides his fingers through the creamy mess and tries to push it all back inside of you.
Before you can explain to him that gravity isn’t something you can control, he’s got his hands on the backs of your knees, raising your legs until your thighs are pressed firmly against your chest. You nearly scream when he pushes in, hard again already. This new position has him going much deeper than before, hitting places you didn’t know existed.
“Much better,” he happily chirps, wings fluttering. He presses a kiss to your cheek that is far too innocent for what’s happening. “Now, let’s try this again. And this time, I don’t want you to waste a drop.”
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vixenpen · 9 months ago
threesome with dabi and hawks and they both suck on reader’s tits at the same time while play with readers pussy 🤩
Double the Pleasure (Dabi x Reader x Hawks)
(Trigger warnings: dubcon, implied drugging, drunk sex)
Tumblr media
“Alright, never have I ever done coke?”
The villain drank
“Never have I ever taken straight LSD.”
Another sip.
“Christ Dabi. Is there anything you haven’t done?”
“I’ve been on the streets since I was a teenager, babe, there ain’t a block I haven’t touched.”
You, Dabi, and Hawks were chilling in the living room of your apartment. The furniture had been pushed to the side and the three of you were lounging on throw pillows. Empty liquor bottles and shot glasses sat on the low table in the middle of the circle the three of you had formed.
The fun thing about towing the line between villain and vigilante, meant that you got to meet some of the coolest people on either side of the law. And Hawks and Dabi were by far some of your favorite people. Maybe it was because they both toed the lines themselves.
“No shit.” You muttered back.
“We gotta ask some questions that’ll actually get you drunk, Hummingbird.” Hawks hummed. His pale cheeks were flushed.
“Mm, good luck with that,” you scoffed, leaning forward to grab a new bottle of liquor off the table.
Without your realization, one of your breasts spilled out of the v-cut of your dress, drawing both men’s attention to it.
“Unlike you sinners, I am almost as pure as the driven snow.” You bragged, settling back on your butt with an: ‘oomf!’
The room was definitely spinning a bit.
“Almost,” Dabi chuckled, eying your exposed tit with a small smirk. He sipped his liquor.
“Alright then, Hawks piped up, “I’ve got a question. Never have I ever kissed someone of the same sex.”
All three parties downed their shots.
Hawks shot you a shit eating grin. “Now we’re getting somewhere! Looks like the Hummingbird has a vice or two of her own.”
“Oh Please. That’s hardly a vice unlike you two hooligans.”
“Hooligan!” Hawks scoffed. “Says the vigilante.”
“Alright my turn,” Dabi chimed in. “Never have I everrrr had a threesome.”
Both the hero and the villain took a drink while you didn’t.
“Ahh, so the vices don’t run that deep?”
You shrugged. “Mm. Threesomes don’t appeal to me. They just seem like more trouble than they’re worth.”
“Sounds like something a person whose never had a good threesome would say.” Hawks snorted.
The men laughed.
You pouted at their teasing.
“Oh, Shut up.”
“Guess that could only mean one thing.” Dabi spoke up through his chuckles.
You cocked your head.
Dabi leaned towards you, his turquoise eyes locked on to your gaze, making your cheeks burn.
“We gotta pop your threesome cherry, doll.” He tweaked your exposed nipple making you squeak in surprise.
“I-I don’t know about that.” You stammered back.
“Why not?” Hawks asked, scooting closet on the other side of you.
He ran his rough thumb along the sensitive skin of your areola. A tickling sensation zipped from the nub straight to your clit.
“Guys, what are you doing?” You looked between them.
Hawks’ golden eyes were half lidded and raking over your body while Dabi was licking his lips, his gaze on your breasts.
You needed some air. Needed to get away.
God you were dizzy.
You crawled away from the men, until your back hit the couch.
“C-come on guys,” you giggled nervously, “we were having fun.”
“We still can.” Dabi’s lips quirked slyly. His large hand slid along the smooth skin of your exposed thighs, lighting a fire beneath your skin. “Come on, what else did you think was going to happen? You inviting us over to your place in the middle of the night to drink.”
His nimble fingers worked your thighs open.
“I,” you struggled to close your legs, but your body felt weak. “No, that’s n-n-not what I-“
“Oh really?” Hawks worked your other tit out of the dress, hungry gaze locked on your breasts. “And you didn’t even put these tits of yours up. I know you saw us looking.” He licked his lips.
“Of course I didn’t-oh!”
The pressure of Dabi’s fingers teasing your button distracted you. He smirked sat you.
“You’re wet, babe. You sure this isn’t what you want? Not even a little bit?”
Before you could answer, Hawks’ tongue flicked one of your nipples while one of his vermillion feathers teased the other one.
“They’re so hard right now,” he mumbled absently. “You really are horny for us both. Told you, Dabs.”
“You didn’t tell me shit,” Dabi shot back as he snatched off his tank top. Your eyes ran over the unblemished skin of his hard pecs and six pack. “We been knew this, we just needed the right opportunity.”
“Regardless,” Hawks piped up, “we’re gonna make this a fun experience for you, Hummingbird.”
Dabi’s chest was too the floor now. He had lowered himself completely between your legs.
“Yo, save some of that for me, when you’re done.” Hawks snapped at Dabi. He worked himself out of his shirt too.
“No promises,” Dabi licked his lips.
Experimentally, he slid three fingers in you one by one, peering up to see your expression.
The curl of his digits in your gripping sex made your toes flex.
“Ohhh, that’s a pretty face,” Hawks drawled, lips against your neck. “Mmm, let’s hear some pretty sounds, huh, Songbird?”
His warm tongue ran along your throat. He bit into the flesh, making you gasp.
“That’s it.” He replied, sprinkling kisses along your collarbone.
“Fuck yeah it is.”
Their mouths descended on you at the same time. Dabi’s on your clit, Hawks’ on your breasts.
The double shot of pleasure was almost sobering.
“Oh! F-fuck!” You cried out.
The slurping and sucking of both men filled the room.
Dabi pulled away, a thick string of saliva and cum attached to his lips.
“Here Birdie,” he beckoned time the blonde, “a taste for you.”
The men moaned as they shared your essence.
“God damn,” Hawks’ rough, lust laden voice replied. “Trade, Dabs?”
The villain chuckled and rose from between your thighs.
Everything was happening so fast, you swore you were getting whiplash.
“Here, baby,” Dabi grinned, “you deserve a taste too.”
His long, pierced tongue snaked into your mouth. A blend of Hennessy, cum, and saliva overtook your senses.
Hawks’ tongue slithered along your clit as it sucked you in. His fingers plunged in and out of your dripping pussy, spurning you closer over that edge that Dabi had brought you to.
“Oh godddd,” you sighed, “oh god, oh god, oh fuck.”
“That’s it, doll.” Dabi whispered against your ear. “Cum for us. Come on.”
“You know you want to.”
“This is what you wanted isn’t it, y/n?”
Both men worked their mouths and hands all over your tingling body. Goosebumps raised along your skin as you climaxed over and over again.
Your cunt gripped Hawks fingers, milking them greedily. Your nipples tingled from Dabi’s touch.
Finally, the build up burning in your core, exploded through out your entire body, sending you spiraling into euphoria.
Thighs shaking around Hawks’ head, lips locked on Dabi’s own, the men sucked and kissed you all the way through your pleasure.
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jackrrabbit · a year ago
I just want to get completely wrecked by Dabi and Overhaul
Warnings: ficlet, 18+, coercion/dubcon, mild degradation
Hmm…if Dabi & Shiggy would spitroast you, I think Dabi & Overhaul would go for a classic DP. The two of them don’t exactly get along, but one look at you and they silently agree that yeah, we can put aside our differences.
Let’s say you’re a cop sent to infiltrate the Shie Hassaikai. Who exactly do you think you’re fooling? Overhaul sees through you immediately—you’re just too righteous to genuinely be interested in his line of work—but he thinks he can make good use of you. Desperation might even be better than genuine devotion.
You’ll do anything to please him, right? He doesn’t hire underlings who won’t prove their loyalty. If you want to be involved with the yakuza, you better prove you belong. And he’s got the perfect test of faith for you. How is he supposed to trust you if you don’t trust him?
Trust him. It’ll feel good, he promises. You just need to relax. You should feel lucky that the scarred freak from the League has taken an interest in you—didn’t Overhaul tell you how important this agreement with the League of Villains was? Aren’t you grateful that there’s something you can do to sweeten the deal?
Say you’re grateful.
He can feel your thighs trembling next to his on the couch in his office while he bounces you up and down in his lap. Are you tired? Are you crying? That’s not good…it’s not really fair to ask him to slow down when you’re squeezing down on his cock like that. Just close your eyes and take it like a good little slut.
You’re so hot and wet and tight between the two of them…you’ve still got a couple rounds to go before Overhaul’s satisfied, and Dabi doesn’t look like he’s going to be done anytime soon. Better get that strength up, or you’re going to pass out.
Hey, hey, pay attention. He knows you’ve always been scared to look him in the eye, but he’s not going to tolerate your insolence if you want to be accepted as one of them. Aren’t you enjoying yourself? How many times have you cum so far? You know, Overhaul never thought he’d be into sharing either, but he can’t complain about the way you whimper and tighten up every time Dabi thrusts.
How are you liking your first threesome? Oh, you can’t speak? Your lungs will barely inflate because Dabi’s crushing you into Overhaul’s chest and their cocks are hitting you deeper than you’ve ever been filled? Good for you. You’re almost on the way to becoming a real Shie Hassaikai member…as long as you keep proving your loyalty.
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imdarkinme · a year ago
Strip (Dark!Steve Rogers x Reader)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Smut. Dub/con. Daddy kink.  18+ Only. Not for minors.
"Strip," Steve ordered as soon as everyone left.
You gasped and looked at him with disbelief.
"Steve, I know you are pissed, but can we do this at home and not here?"
"No," he replied bluntly.
"But they are still outside, Steve," you said, pointing at the door of the conference room. "What if someone comes back?"
Steve shrugged his shoulders.
"You should have thought of that before you began flirting with the guys."
"Oh, come on, Steve. I told you I didn't-"
Steve tutted at you.
"Don't argue with me. I know what I saw. You are going to strip right here, right now. No questions asked."
"But...but what if someone comes inside? What will they think?"
"They'll think that Daddy's disciplining his little girl for her bad behavior," he said, teasingly. "I think that they'll agree with it."
You blushed at the thought of the Avengers team learning about the nature of your relationship with Steve. Would they even respect you if they found out the things that you did for Steve's amusement? And what when they realise that you were a freak who enjoyed being treated that way as well?
"Strip now, (y/n) or I am going to come there and fuck your ass without any lube," he threatened.
You weren't sure if he would do that, he sure was capable of it. Nonetheless, you understood that nothing good was to come out of pushing his buttons anymore.
"Fine," you huffed as you began pulling your blouse off yourself.
Steve watched you with lust and authority. He knew that you belonged to him and he was proud of it. His ego knew no limits at the knowledge of how he could make you do anything for him no matter what the circumstances were. He gives the command and you follow.
You prayed inwardly that no one would return to the room and everyone would leave the headquarters.
You wrapped your arms around your breasts and crossed your thighs together to protect yourself from his piercing gaze even though he had already seen and touched every part of your body. But something about being in a public place amplified the sense of exposure and embarrassment. Steve and you hadn't done something so outright before and it made you nervous.
Steve smirked at your petty attempt to cover your modesty from him.
"Are you gonna let me see you properly or do I have to tell you that too?"
Hesitantly you dropped your hands by your sides and opened your legs for him. He oggled you shamelessly as if he were eyeing up a prize a or a delicacy.
"Come here, bend over the table," he said, beckoning you forward.
You did as he said and leaned at the part of the table right in front of him. He grabbed your wrists and dragged your hands further up till your upper body drooped down and your nipples brushed against the cold wooden surface.
Steve held your globes in each of his hands and kneaded them. He concealed your wince with his lips and tongue. You were left breathless when he pulled away.
"Stay like this," he whispered in your ear.
Your eyes followed him as he got up from his chair and circled around the long table. Goosebumps erupted on your skin when he disappeared from your line of vision. You could sense him standing behind you.
Steve's hand thrashed across your backside. You yelped at the sudden harsh impact.
"Shh. I think Nat's still in the building. Do you want her to listen?"
You didn't. But the mere possibility of being caught made you wet and Steve could see that.
He gathered your slick with two fingers and smeared it across your thighs.
"Are you this wet for me or were you this wet for the boys?"
You were too overwhelmed to answer. Your silence made him spank you again.
"I asked you something, doll. Give me an answer."
"For you, of course, daddy!"
"Good girl."
The praise went straight into your core.
You heard him unbuckle his belt and undo his zipper. Your blood rushed with anticipation. You couldn't believe that he was actually going to fuck you like this, right where the Avengers discussed important matters to save the world. So fucking nasty.
Steve kicked your legs apart and plunged into you without a warning. The blunt impalement in your unprepared hole burned a little, causing you to shriek. He held no reserve as he set up a punishing pace to fuck you with.
The slapping of your flesh with his echoed obscenely throughout the room along with your moans and his grunts.
You tightened around him, squeezing his cock as you reached closer to your orgasm. Steve looped your hair into one hand and used it to pull you back into him. Your spine curved over his chest and the new angle made him hit different spots.
"You going to come, baby girl?"
"Yes, yes," you panted.
"Did you ask for permission?"
"Ah, fuck. Please let me cum!"
"That is not how you ask."
He took one of your breasts in his hand and squeezed at it. You squealed at the rush of pleasant sensations coursing through your veins. You needed the release so desperately.
"Pl- please, can I cum, daddy?"
"You have been a bad girl, (y/n), and bad girls don't get to cum," he said.
It proved difficult to hold yourself back as you listened to his dirty words. But you knew that you couldn't let go without his permission and that he wouldn't give unless he had what he wanted.
"Please, daddy. I am sorry! I will be good. Please, let me cum," he had you mewling.
"No flirting with my friends from now on?"
"I-I won't flirt with anyone. Just- please. I am so close."
"Such a desperate slut," Steve mocked you.
He thrust harder into you as he brought his other hand down to play with your clit. All to drive you more and more towards the edge, but never giving his word to let you jump off it. And it made you unbearably frustrated.
"Daddy, please," you begged.
"On my command," he told you.
Steve moved unrhythmically inside your cunt. You were afraid that he'd be finished before you could and you would get no relief.
He bit the skin on your neck as he reached his final thrusts.
"Cum," he said.
In unison you both came undone, him inside you and you over him. Steve held you to himself, peppering kisses on your shoulder as you caught your breath.
"Oh, thank God no one came," you murmured.
Just then a voice broke through the speakers in the room.
"Uh, guys. You do know that there are cameras installed in almost every part of the building, don't you?"
Your eyes widened and your heart froze. It was Tony's voice.
"And I don't really have a problem with it. Your performance was exceptionality hot, (y/n). Especially this part," Tony said.
A recording of you moaning, chanting the word 'daddy' and begging Steve played around you.
"Fuck fuck…delete that, Tony. Right now!"
"I don't think I will, princess," he taunted.
Your whole body burned with mortification. You turned around and covered yourself with Steve's larger body.
"Steve! Do something!"
Steve laughed as he caressed your hair to calm you down.
"Alright," he said.
"You enjoyed the show, Tony?" He asked.
"Of course. That was a hot fucking session," the man answered.
"Then I say you should also see how good our (y/n) is at sucking cock."
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starkerforlife6969 · 2 years ago
Can we have Tony sharing Peter with the other Avengers, how much he -loves- hearing Peter squeal as he gets his cunt pounded by the Winter Soldier. Just. Really dirty Avengers just grabbing and using Peter wherever they like. Need to drop a load early in the morning? Get a stiffy on the common room couch? Just pull the pretty toy down on your cock. - { holographic-starker }
dude me and you are gonna have the best time in hell. 
Trigger: dubcon
"Stark,” Thor booms, striding into the kitchen and gesturing for Peter. “I must return to Asgard presently- relieve the boy so that I may seek pleasure from him.”
Tony ignores the God, lifting Peter’s hips and then snapping them back down onto his cock as Peter cries out in mindless pleasure. He’s so hot, and tight and wet and so strung out from all his orgasms that he’s the perfect little doll for Tony to use as a cock sleeve. He bites down on Peter’s shoulder and the boy yelps. Fuck, Tony’s close-
“Stark.” Thor growls again; little crackles of thunder appearing across his width of his broad shoulders. “Heimdall is waiting for me.” 
“Yeah, alright,” Tony snaps, panting a little as he fucks brutally hard up into the warm hole. “I’m almost there.” 
Peter can’t balance on his own, not with his hands fastened around his back, so he keeps falling into Tony’s torso; burying his face in his neck as his hole is wrecked. He feels sore and aching and exhausted all over and he could sleep for an age- he lets out a feeble mewl when he feels Tony’s release spill out inside him, but he doesn’t get a second to relax before he’s being yanked off of Tony’s dick by strong, course hands, and flung onto the kitchen counter. 
The granite is freezing against his chest and stomach and he hisses, jerking away, but there’s nowhere to go and he is nothing compared to Thor’s strength and before long, the God’s cock is just sliding right into him and he’s bigger than Tony and it hurtssogood he lets out little huffs and squeaks as he takes it. “Ah, he feels good, Stark.” Thor rumbles, pleased, as he strokes a hand down Peter’s back before gripping the back of his neck and pressing down. There’s no preamble, he’s clearly in a rush and his strokes are long and deep as Peter struggles to accommodate his girth. 
Tony tucks himself away, reaching for some coffee, but not taking his eyes off the sight of Peter getting fucked. “Well, yeah, I did all the work. How do you think he got so wet?”
Thor’s cock brushes his prostate and Peter screams. “T-too much!” He gasps, trying desperately to scrabble away and Tony reaches over to lift up his chin. There are tears streaming down his cheeks and he’s bitten his lip so hard he’s drawn blood. His face is red and splotchy and ah- there it is, he’s cum dry. He’s oversensitive and wrecked and Tony feels his cock twitch despite his recent orgasm. “It’s t-too much, T-Thor, M-Mr S-Stark, pl-please no, I c-can’t-”
They ignore him, and Tony sticks his thumb into Peter’s mouth to quiet him down a little so all they can hear are the moans, Peter’s hiccuping sobs, and the wet, slapping sound of Thor’s balls hitting Peter’s plump, round cheeks. 
Tony takes a sip of his coffee and eyes the clock. “You better hurry up. And plug him up, alright? I didn’t spent all morning stretching him out just for him to close up before we get to use him again.” 
“He must be stretched often.” Thor notes between thrusts; sweat’s staring to break out across his forehead as he nears climax. 
Tony nods, heading towards the lab. “Spider healing or something, he’ll go back to virgin-tight if we’re not careful.” It’s one of the things he loves about Peter. Breaking him in from virgin-tight is one of his favourite actives, but it’s time consuming.
Thor slaps Peter’s ass cheek hard and feels that delicious hole squeeze and contract viciously all around him and he groans in pleasure. “Would that be a bad thing?” 
Later, as the Avengers relax in front of the television, Bucky cranes his head to look around the living room and frowns as he rubs his slowly chubbing erection through his pants. “Where’s the toy?” 
Tony looks around before remembering, “Steve has him. Should be done soon.” 
Bucky shrugs and they return to their show before a few minutes later, Steve walks in; satisfied and sated, with a dirty, cum soaked Peter over his shoulder. Steve tosses him onto the couch, and the boy lets out a small, adorable oof and Steve ruffles his hair fondly before taking a seat beside Tony. “What are we watching?” He asks, kicking his feet up. 
“Some sci-fi film, riddled with inaccuracies.” Tony answers flippantly, handing Steve the remote in favour of watching Bucky reach for Peter’s body and dragging him onto his lap. 
The boy looks half-asleep. There’s splatters of cum on his face, his lips have been rubbed raw and his body is covered with hickies and bite marks. His hole is puffy and Tony’s given the best view of it as Peter’s thighs spread to be on either side of Bucky’s muscular legs. It’s pink and abused still leaking and Bucky slides three fingers in; testing the waters, as Peter sniffles and cries out at the sudden invasion. His wrists have been freed- Steve, no doubt- Tony thinks, the man has a soft spot for the kid, so Peter’s arms wrap around Bucky’s neck obediently, just like he's been taught. His hips arch away from the touch, far too sensitive, but Bucky pays it no mind as he unzips himself and forces his enormous cock right up into Peter’s hole with no warning. 
The boy arches his back and lets out a choked off plea, but Bucky just wraps his metal arm around him and starts fucking up into him furiously. “Fuck yeah,” he hisses, “god, I never get tired of this cunt, Stark. Seriously. Where’d you find this kid?” 
“He’s one of a kind,” Tony says proudly, watching as Peter starts crying again; his cock neglected but rock hard and trapped between him and the soldier. Nobody pays it any attention.
“Move your head and shut up,” Bucky snaps, and Peter bites his tongue, still sobbing, as he burrows his head into Bucky’s neck so the older man can see the television. 
Tony’s hard too, now and he sets down his drink and saunters over. “Room for one more?” He asks Bucky, who smirks at him. 
“N-no-” Peter stammers, feeling the head of Tony’s dick pressed at the entrance of his already filled-hole, but Tony just slaps him lightly. 
“I’ll get the gag if you don’t remember your place.” He reminds, before forcing the head inside. By the time he’s completely buried in that incredibly tight wet heat and goddamn- Thor must’ve forgotten the piug again, - Peter passes out. 
That doesn’t matter though, Bucky and Tony ruin him together, and it just means there’s on more pesky distractions as they all settle in to watch Steve’s wild life documentary. 
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holylulusworld · a year ago
Hard lesson to learn
Tumblr media
Summary: You always tell Steve about your feelings for him, he ignores you, even tells you to stop. One day he takes one step too far...
Pairing: Nomad!Steve Rogers x Reader, Tony Stark x Reader (platonic), Bucky Barnes, Natasha Romanoff, James Rhodes
Warnings: angst, unrequited love, smut, unprotected sex, degrading, rough sex/painful, choking (non-consensual), dub-con, Steve is out of character in this
This one is a bit darker than my usual stuff...Part 2 driftes toward creepy...
You said it again and he rolls his eyes. Hands stuffed into his pockets Steve tries to be polite but honestly, he’s tired of finding the right words to tell you he doesn’t want to hear about your deep love for him. 
His heart belongs to Peggy and no other girl can have even a piece of it. Between the Sokovia Accords, the drift between the Avengers and being a wanted man Steve got no time to shelter your heart.
“Stop it now. I’ve got enough of your love-sick babbling. I don’t want to hear another word, soldier.” Steve barks and you flinch, looking away.
“I just thought you should know…” You sniffle, wiping away a few tears. “I know you don’t do relationships, or rather you can’t right now with everything going on, but I want you to know people are admiring, supporting and loving you. Not only me…” Your sad eyes meet Steve’s as he glances at you for a moment, watching your chest heaving up and down.
“If there’s anything you need, I’ll gladly help you, Steve. You don’t need to carry the burden all alone. I’m in my room.” You turn to leave as a strong hand grabs your upper arm.
Suddenly you feel Steve’s chest pressed against your back, his crotch poking your ass and his breath fanning over your neck.
“I have something you could lend me a hand with.” Steve rasps and you shiver. Is he suggesting what you think he’s suggesting? “To clarify my intentions, I want you naked on my bed in five minutes. I’ll lock the door and have a shower. You better are wet for me when I’m back.
You look dumbfounded at Steve, not knowing if he’s joking or how to react to his words you nervously bite your lower lip. “Five minutes, Y/N…”
Five minutes later you find yourself naked underneath your commanding officer. He grunts into your neck as rough and impatient fingers work you open for him. At least he tries but then he stops his actions, grabbing your calves to spread you wider.
There’s a moment of hesitation. His blue eyes search your Y/E/C ones before he lines his cock up. Not wasting another moment, he shoves his full length into you, causing you to cry out at the wide stretch. You are wet but he’s not easy to accommodate. 
Something dark is on his features as you want to touch his chest. His hands let go of your calves, grabbing your wrists with one large hand to pin them down above your head.
“Only worthy girls are allowed to touch me, you’re only a slut to use.” Steve snarls starting to thrust into you. 
You always imagined he would be gentle, caring and loving but Steve is like an animal, pounding you straight into the mattress with quick and sharp thrusts.
His cock hits all the right places but he’s too fast, too rough and slowly you get sore from his treatment. Sliding into you with inhuman strength, crashing his hips into yours he makes you cry out as you can already feel the bruises forming.
“You like that…huh? A man not having feelings for you using your body like the whore you are. Sing for me! I want to hear you cum on my cock while I don’t even treat you like a man should.” His thrusts come even faster as he let go of your hands only to wrap one large palm around your throat.
Panicked you shake your head, moving your hands to his wrist to make him stop but he’s too close to his high. The pressure increases and you are close to passing out but the next hard thrust sends Steve over the edge and he let go of your throat, collapsing on top of you.
“Shit, you’re tight …” Steve is panting as he hears a sob escape your lips. “Y/N… you didn’t come…” His eyes soften and he tries to touch your throat, but you slap his hand away while tears run down your face.
“Get off me.” You choke out pushing against his chest and he budges, carefully slipping out of you. Just now you feel the soreness and the bruises forming at your thighs and throat.
“I’m…shit…you’re hurt…” Steve tries to touch you once again but you curl into a ball, shaking in pain and even fear. “You’re scared of me. I told you to not love me…”
“You proved your point. I know for sure now you don’t want someone like me. You didn’t have to hurt me to make me see…”
“I lost control…sorry.”
“Leave me alone and never talk to me again.” You slowly sit up, hissing at the soreness in your body but you manage to snatch your clothes from the chair, only throwing your sweater and jeans on. Barefoot you limp toward the door, not looking back.
“Y/N wait…please. I didn’t want to hurt you it’s just my heart…” Steve stammers as you turn around, sobbing.
“You’ve got no heart, Steve. You were right. I should’ve never told you about my feelings. I’ll be gone in the morning. I would appreciate it if you do not tell anyone why I left. I feel worse enough. I thought you are different, not one of these guys…”
Your words make Steve gasp at the realization he hurt you. “I wanted you to stop loving me; it’s not good to lose your heart to me.”
“Mission accomplished, Captain. You’re not a good man or a hero, Steve Rogers - you’re a monster. Cold-hearted and not worthy enough to deserve my love. I hate you and everything you stand for. I regret I chose you, chose your side against better knowing. I was blinded by my feelings, good thing they are gone.” You open the door, glancing over your shoulder. “I will go back to Tony and pray he will not turn me down. At least he will treat me with respect, he always did.”
“Y/N wait…please don’t leave me…” Steve grabs his jeans, running after you but you limp toward your room to pack your things. “Please…”
“What’s wrong, punk?” Bucky asks watching you enter your room, slamming the door shut. “I messed up epically, Buck.” Steve scratches his beard, glancing at your room. “I hurt her…during sex…”
“What?” Bucky gasps, taking a moment to let Steve’s words sink in. Steve waits for his friend’s reaction but all he gets is Bucky’s metal fist colliding with his jaw, making him stumble.
“The girl inside this room is in love with you. She is real, not Peggy or the fantasy about a life with a dead woman. You could’ve had a chance; a good life with Y/N but now she will never even look at you.” Bucky’s voice cracks knowing about your feelings for Steve. “I told her to not give up. Even told her to be annoying and demanding…”
“You…” Steve’s breath hitches in his throat hearing the sobs coming out of your room. The shower is running, and he can hear you scrubbing your body during sobs and choked out curses.
“It’s my fault, not hers. Y/N wanted to give up, but I told her you need to know people are supporting you. I never thought you would hurt the poor girl. Damn, Steve…”
Half an hour later you take two Tylenol before you start packing.
All your fantasies about being with Steve are tainted now. He was rough on purpose to make you see that you are worthless to him. Only a toy to use and throw away.
Your hands are shaking when you close your last bag and pick all you own up. It’s not much as you left everything behind only for him, a man not even respect you.
There’s nothing left of your old life and you will have to restart again. First step…getting away from Steve, next step, taking every punishment Tony and the government will find you guilty for.
“Y/N, please stay. Even if Steve was acting like an ass again you can’t just leave.” Natasha tries as you walk toward the exit of the hideout. “They will arrest you…”
“I don’t care, Nat. I gave up everything to follow Steve and he never showed a hint of respect. I’m done with this life, done with pretending his behavior doesn’t hurt and I’m done with Captain America…”
Steve's eyes never leave you as you ignore his stormy blue ones. Turning around you tighten the grip on your bags, walking out of his life…never looking back…
It didn’t take Tony long to pick you up after you called him. Oddly none of the government wanted to punish you. You assume Tony hid the fact you were involved.
The first days were painfully uncomfortable. You felt like a traitor, following a heartless man not able to show compassion.
Now a few weeks later you slowly get comfortable around Rowdy, Tony and the others again. Thor returned along with Loki a few months earlier. Something terrible must’ve happened to their home but you didn’t find the guts to ask the Asgardians.
You assume it was devastating.
Eyes glued to the traffic outside your window you don’t hear Tony entering your office. He knows something must’ve happened between you and Steve, but he gave you time to settle in.
“Will you tell me what happened?” He asks softly as he stands next to you, watching the traffic.
“I realized I followed an idea, not the real Steve Rogers. I made a mistake and regretted I acted against better knowing. You were right back then. I wanted to…” Sniffling you wipe away a few tears.
“He didn’t return your feelings, kiddo?” Tony asks as you watch a bird flying toward your window, crashing against the glass, breaking its neck.
“I’m like this bird. Before Steve, I was able to fly. I was smart and independent. I made the right decisions, never let my feelings make me do something I shouldn’t. I’m sorry for letting you down, Tony.” Tony’s hand squeezes your shoulder. He doesn’t say something right away, he needs to compose himself.
“I knew about your feelings. I was never disappointed or mad, okay. I thought Steve would be a good partner for you. I assumed you need each-other. This tall idiot is too blind to see what he had in his hands.”
“Can I tell you something?” You ask and Tony nods, waiting for you to pour your heart out. “I had sex with Steve and he…hurt me.”
Wiping away a few tears you shake your head. “Not just emotionally. He wanted to show me he doesn’t want me, so he hurt me on purpose, degraded me. I never felt so used before. I thought at least he likes me as a friend. I’m worthless to him, Tony - I know this by now.” Your words make Tony’s stomach churn. 
He wanted to tell you about the amnesty for Steve and the others but now he’s unsure if you can handle this information right now. “Tell me everything, kiddo.”
Meeting your friends, your mentor’s eyes you nod as more tears well up your eyes.
You start talking and Tony’s features darken and his hands ball into fists. The moment Steve Rogers will touch US ground he will rip him apart.
A few weeks later you are almost back to normal. Working with Tony and Rowdy you explain a new weapon function to Tony as a familiar voice catches your attention.
“Y/N! Good to see you.” Natasha exhales entering the room and your eyes round in shock. “Nat, you shouldn’t be here. They will arrest you.” You gasp hugging your friend tightly.
“Didn’t Tony tell you about the amnesty and our prohibition? Steve, Sam and I are back. Scott is free too, just like Clint. No more hiding.”
“Free…” Your eyes meet Tony’s and you can see the guilt on his features. “You knew? I told you what he did, and you hid this from me? Why?”
“I wanted to shelter you as long as possible. I thought you will get used to being around him again and I thought we got more time. Their return wasn’t due for four more weeks. I didn’t know they would arrive today, I swear.” Tony says as he can see the tears well up your eyes.
“I got to go…” You want to run out of the room, but Tony is faster. Arms wrapped tightly around you he strokes your back. 
“He will never hurt you again. I told him weeks ago to keep his distance, to not even look at you. I’ll protect you, kiddo.” Tony whispers holding you in his arms as Sam, Bucky, and Steve enter the room.
Steve’s features darken seeing you in Tony’s arms. He didn’t lose time. Tony hit on you the moment you returned. Steve thinks to himself.
“Bucky is allowed here but he’s under house arrest till the government tells him otherwise,” Rowdy says to break the awkward silence. “Welcome home, Cap, Sam…Natasha. Welcome to the team, Sergeant Barnes.” Bucky nods as he glances at you in Tony’s arms. 
He doesn’t know how to warn you about Steve’s obsession with you. Bucky has no proof but lately, he caught Steve collecting information about you. Everything you like…
Bucky has a bad feeling about having his friend close to you again.
Your blood runs cold hearing Steve’s voice, so you fist Tony’s shirt, hiding your face into your friend’s chest.
“He won’t hurt you…”
Steve starts clenching his jaw at the sight of your trembling body pressed against Tony’s. You are not his, he can’t touch you this way. 
You can only be Steve’s…
Read the sequels here: Only mine & Root of Evil
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holylulusworld · a year ago
Only mine
Tumblr media
Summary: Months after the incident Steve and the others are back at the Avengers’ tower. Under prohibition they can ‘save the world’ again. Seeing you with Tony makes Steve furious…
Pairing: Nomad!Steve Rogers x Reader, Natasha Romanoff
Warnings: angst, smut, unprotected sex, dub-con, sex pollen, possessive Steve, stalking, dirty talk, breeding kink, language, OOC Steve, Steve being a creep, this is darker, tho…
Kinktober Special: Sex Pollen
Sequel to: Hard lesson to learn
Kinktober Specials
This one has more plot and we are getting closer to Halloween so it’s not only smut - it’s creepy too…
Please consider this is a darker fic, including an OOC Steve for this chapter!!! That’s a warning - not an advertisement!
 Days passed without any incident. You assume Steve is keeping his distance as Tony asked him to. One the other hand – why should Steve want to be close to you? He made clear that there’s not even friendship between the two of you. Why wasting time with you again?
Tapping your fingers onto your desk, lost in thoughts, you don’t see Steve passing your office, you don’t see the darkened eyes watching you glancing out of the window remembering the dead bird.
Steve moves backward, stopping in front of your room. You always have your door open, that’s just the way you are. Not a single time you kept someone out of your office. Anyone can enter your office, anytime…
Distracted by your phone ringing you can’t see the way Steve is watching you. His eyes focused on your body, lower lip trapped between his teeth he remembers the way you felt around him, underneath him. 
He needs to hear you crying out his name. It wasn’t perfect as you didn’t cum, and this fact is wounding his pride. Every woman being pleasured by Captain America needs to cum.
Steve listens to you answering Tony’s call, chuckling. Your voice raises and you giggle about a joke your friend made. Tony tries everything to distract you from Steve’s return. Captain America doesn’t know about these things, he only sees the woman he ‘owns’ flirting with someone else. This must end…
Another week passed and slowly you got the feeling fate is against you. Every time you walk through the hallway Steve is there. You can’t enter your office without Captain America greeting you friendly, his brightest smile on his perfect lips.
The moment you enter the cafeteria he holds the door open for you as he’s at the right time, at the right place.
Lost in thoughts once again you walk toward your car to buy some groceries as you got the feeling someone is following you. 
Walking faster, keys in your hands you want to enter your car as someone grabs your hair, smashing your head against the hood of your car and darkness welcomes you.
Waking up you hear someone calling your name, you feel someone picking you up. Your vision is blurry, head pounding you look up at Steve who is talking to another person.
“Steve? What happened?” You choke out as you rest your head against his shoulder.
“I wanted to drive to town to get some things. I reached my bike and heard a scream, then an impact and ran into your direction. A guy was towering over you. Don’t worry, they arrested him. We need to bring you to a doctor to let them check on you for a concussion, Baby. I won’t let you enter the garage alone ever again.” Steve’s voice is soothing but there’s an order hidden behind his words you don’t recognize due to the dizziness clouding your mind and you lose consciousness.
“Steve, let her rest a bit. This could’ve happened to anyone.” Natasha says. “Why did you tell her they arrested him? He escaped…” Natasha looks at her friend, her Captain not buying his story.
“I was…” Steve sighs. “I messed up before Y/N left. I was so worried about her seeing the guy towering over her, I dragged him off her to check on Y/N, but he took the opportunity and run off. I was ashamed to admit I let her attacker escape due to a stupid mistake.” Steve says as he looks at you in his arms. “I need to make a few things up to her.”
Doctor Cho releases you two days later and Steve is everywhere again. You leave your apartment - Steve follows you to your office. You want to drive to town – he offers his help.
You want to order lunch; Steve is there to bring you your favorite food along with beverages and fruits.
“Steve, you need to stop doing this. We are not friends, we are not…” Your voice cracks and you glance at your hands. “I don’t know why you are doing this. If Tony said anything…” Steve jumps up, clenching his jaw he paces around the room like a wild animal in a cage.
“I’m doing this to show you I’m the one caring about you. I’m the one protecting you. Every. Single. Day.” Steve enounces the last three words and suddenly there’s a pit growing in your stomach.
“You don’t have to…”
“I have to as the great Iron Man isn’t able to protect his girlfriend.” Steve snarls and you glare at him. “I’m not! Tony is my mentor, nothing else. He’s with Pepper…”
“Oh…” Steve stops in his tracks, rubbing his scruffy chin as he looks at you with darkened eyes. “He didn’t touch you?”
“What the fuck!” Cursing you jump up to slap Steve’s cheek. “Only as you used me that night Tony isn’t the same. He would never do such a thing. Using my feelings against me to get off.”
Steve looks offended as he grabs your arms to stare down at you. “Take that back. I had sex with you to make you feel good and to show you I’m not a teddy bear in bed…”
“Make me feel good? Are you kidding me? I couldn’t sit or walk for days. I was sore and I didn’t cum, Rogers. You didn’t make me feel good. A real man would’ve taken his time. He would’ve done foreplay and called me Baby or Sweetheart, not slut or whore.” Your voice raises just like your blood pressure as Steve has the guts to smirk.
“Going to make it up to you then. Tonight. My room. I’ll eat you out for hours.” Steve’s eyes are lust-blown as you punch his nose. “In your dreams!”
The next days are silent and you pray Steve will not follow you again. Your hopes get destroyed as he strides into your office, handing you a bouquet.
“I want to apologize for my behavior. I’ll never act like this again. If you ever need my help call me or come to my room but I’ll keep my distance if you want me to do so.” Steve says. You search his face, but he offers you a shy smile and you smile back, nodding.
“We should try to find a way to work together. I can’t forgive you what you did that night, but we could try to be colleagues again.”
Steve’s eyes lit up as you sniff at the flowers. “Maybe one day we can be friends…” He whispers as you inhale the scent of the roses he brought you.
“Maybe…” You lie as Steve turns to leave, a smirk all over his face.
You feel hot, burning hot. Sweat is dripping down your body even after three cold showers your body didn’t cool off and the pain is taking a toll on you. It doesn’t help you are aroused as never before, almost dripping.
Gasps leave your lips as you try to get yourself off only to fail. Nothing seems to help with the fever, and nothing seems to get you off.
Blinking a few tears away you hear someone entering your room as you writhe onto your bed, naked…desperate…in pain.
“Y/N…oh…sorry.” Steve stammers glancing at your naked form. “I thought you are in danger or pain. I heard screams.” 
“Something is wrong. I don’t know why but I have a fever and it hurts…” You sob as Steve dips one knee into your mattress. Just now you see he’s only in lose sweatpants. His chiseled torso on full display he leans over your body, touching your forehead.
“You’re burning up, Y/N.” Steve's voice is low, arousing and you desperately move your hands over his chest, trying to find any kind of human contact. “Tell me what you need, shall I call Dr. Cho?”
“She’s in Hong Kong with Tony.” Steve moves closer. His body only inches from yours so you slide your finger over his skin, whimpering in pain. “I don’t know what’s wrong with me.”
“Did you eat something strange? Where you in the lab?” Steve gets even closer, now brushing his lips over your forehead.
“I helped Bruce…why?” You gasp as Steve’s fingers comb through your hair. “Maybe you got infected with something. F.R.I.D.A.Y. can you check on Y/N?”
“Yes, Captain. Scanning vital functions now.” There’s a moment of silence till the AI answers. “Captain I’m sorry to tell you but Ms. Y/L/N got infected with something called sex pollen.” 
“What’s that?” Lips dry, body aching for release you look at Steve. He smirks at you, at least your brain believes he smirks but then it’s gone, and he looks concerned down at you. 
“Uh-nasty stuff. Makes you aroused and can kill you if you don’t find release. You should, you know…touch yourself.”
“It didn’t work. I can’t get myself off…” Tears stream down your face as you wiggle on the bed, crying out for help.
“I can help you, but you need to say it, Baby Girl. Tell me you need me…only me…” Steve whispers and you nod, not knowing how to stop the hurting. “Please…”
“I want to hear it, say you are only mine, Y/N.” Desperate you touch his chest, trying anything to make the pain go away.
“I need you, Steve…I’m yours…” Crying out in pain you watch Steve leave the bed. Panic rises in your chest. Will he leave?
The smirk is back along with something sinister plastered all over Steve’s face, but you don’t care. All you can focus on is he’s shoving his pants down, revealing his rock-hard cock.
“Please…” Your whimpers are music to Steve’s ears. He waits a moment longer, savoring the way you writhe on the bed, the way you present your glistening sex to him. 
A strangled cry leaves you lips and he’s between your legs, holding you open with strong hands as his lips seal around your clit, sucking harshly.
Panting you fall onto the bed, chanting his name as you orgasm, pussy clenching around nothing. “Thanks…” You are relieved, believing this was enough but your body starts aching again and Steve smirks against your cunt.
“Oh, Baby. You need way more than this to get the stuff out of your system. We have all night.” Barely able to register anything you overhear the chuckle leaving his lips as he covers your body. “I’ll make it good for you this time. Promised.”
“Steve…” Brain going mush you paw at Steve’s shoulder as he easily slides into you with one long stroke. 
“Shit, you feel so good.” He whispers in your ear, but you are too far gone to understand words. Only the first drag of his cock is important, and the way he presses his body against yours.
Steve let out a loud growl before his hips start moving in a madding pace. Every thrust hits home as if he studied your body. Cries erupt from your lips, tears run down your face as you come on his cock, but you are craving more.
“Shhh…” Steve soothes as you sob underneath him. Firm body keeping you caged underneath him he rocks into you in abandon. “You need more, Baby. Much more.” His words make your heart race. 
“How much more?” Gasping you feel another high approach. The heat gets stronger and the next pump sends you flying over the edge. Your arms wrap around his back as you hide your face into his chest, ashamed Steve needs to help you.
“You’ll need me for the rest of your life, doll. Just enjoy me taking care of you.” Steve's words scare you and make you gasp at the same time. Your eyes roll back as he grabs the headboard, starting to slam into you with so much force the bed starts moving.
Now your screams fill the room and Steve’s smile widens at the feeling of your tight heat squeezing him once again, this time dragging him with you. Cum floats your belly and just now you realize he didn’t use protection…again.
Reading your mind Steve rests his head in the crook of your neck, starting to move again. “Don’t worry, Y/N. I’ll fill you up the whole night. That’s what this stuff is graving. I hope you are prepared for being round with my baby.” 
Starting to shake you dig your nails into his back as he chuckles darkly. “You’re mine…now and forever.”
“I’m on the pill.” Your eyes meet Steve’s darkened ones and he smirks. “Doesn’t matter. My enhanced body in combination with this nice stuff will make sure you are having my baby. I’ll be a good father and husband.” Steve’s words send a shiver down your spine, but your body betrays you. Still craving the man inside of you…
You can’t recall how many times you came or how many times Steve came as everything after the pain started, is a blur. You can’t remember his words. All you know is he fucked you through the pain, all night long.
Now you are wide awake. Naked you lie curled into a ball, not knowing how you shall face Steve after what happened last night.
“Hmm…how do you feel?” He whispers snuggling closer to move his arms around you. “Do you need more?” His lips nip at your neck as you start sniffling.
“I’m sorry…”
“What for?”
“You had to help me…” Your voice barely above a whisper you listen to his dark chuckle. 
“Oh, doll I had fun for sure. We had fun. From now on you will never leave my bed again. You’re mine…”
“You don’t want me, never wanted me. After what you did…” His grip tightens. Hard body pressed against yours Steve’s posture changes before his words let you shake in fear.
“To clarify some things. You are mine from now on. You will pack your things and move into my apartment. What happened last night was only a taste of what will come.”
“I won’t…” Gasping you feel him holding you tighter, kissing your shoulder softly. “You will. You are mine, Y/N. After last night I’m sure you are going to have my baby. We’ll be so happy. Happier than I ever could’ve been with her…” Steve’s lips nip at your pulse point as you slump against his chest.
“It was you…the flowers…” The realization hits you like a freight train. “You did this to me…”
“I did it for us. We can be happy, Baby Girl. Give me the chance to show you I can worship you, your body and the child you will carry…” Steve's words won’t soothe you. Dread is all you feel as your blood runs cold. “I will love you…”
“Last night you said you are mine; you will keep your word.” Now all makes sense. Did he hurt you the first time to make you realize he’s dangerous? “I wanted you to stay away. I changed and I can’t help myself close to you. Do you know how long I thought about making you mine and then you just laid down onto my bed like prey ready to get devoured by a lion.”
“You wanted to warn me…”
“Y/N, you didn’t listen. I can’t tame the beast inside, the beast wanting you any longer. I need to have you, so I’ll make you mine…” Steve’s voice varies between possessiveness and regret. “I loved you long ago, but I denied me this feeling and concentrated on Peggy…” Now you can see everything fall into places. All these looks, the way he spoke to you before the Accords…
“I loved you too, Steve…” Voice cracking you let Steve hold you, rock your body gently. “I’ll make you happy, promised. I only want to hear you are only mine…”
For now, you give in, give Steve what he’s craving. Maybe you can help him find a way back. A way out of the darkness swallowing him.
“I’m only yours…”
“Only mine…” Steve smiles for the first time in a long time. “Only mine…forever…”
Read the last part here: Root of Evil
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navybrat817 · 7 months ago
Merry Little Christmas
Pairing: Dark!Steve Rogers x Reader Summary: As you celebrate your first Christmas with Steve, you realize you’re losing your will to fight. Word Count: Roughly 2,262 Warnings: Rape/Non-Con elements (do NOT read if this upsets you!), Dub-Con,  Explicit sexual content, signs of Stockholm Syndrome, kidnapping. 18+ Please!!! This is not beta-read, so any and all mistakes are my own
This is my Dark!MCU Festive Fic Swap gift for @dragon-of-dreams​. Hope you like it, lovely! Thank you to @darkficsyouneveraskedfor​ and @darkmcuficswap​ for hosting!
Tumblr media
Have yourself a merry little Christmas Let your heart be light
Steve had a smile on his face as he went to the small dining room table, setting the last dish in the center. "This looks even better than I imagined. Like something out of a magazine," he said as his eyes swept over the mini feast laid out. 
Everything looked and smelled delicious. Any other day it would have made your mouth water, but you had no appetite. The decorations, the music, the snow falling outside. They were all reminders of the horror that was now your life. Had it really been that long since he kidnapped you?
“And I need you to eat every bite, darling. You need your strength.”
You shuddered at the implication, your thighs clenching together. You swallowed down the bitter laugh that tried to surface. It didn’t matter if you glued your legs shut. He would pry them open and leave a new set of marks as a reminder that you were his. They never actually faded. They seeped under your skin and left a never-ending map of his claim. Anyone who said your soul could never be touched or tainted lied. They had never been captured by a demon disguised as an angel.
From now on Our troubles will be out of sight
Steve hummed along to the song as he carefully put everything on plates for each of you. “I wish we could have Bucky here to celebrate the holidays, but you’re still not ready,” he said as he pulled out his chair and sat beside you. “Next year, you will be.”
You watched the flames from the candles flicker, wondering just when the fire in you would die out. The day he took you, it ignited bright enough to make you fight back. The fury in you didn’t surprise him, but his obsession outweighed anything you carried inside. Still, you decided you wouldn’t go down without a fight. He let you know quickly who was in charge.
Have yourself a merry little Christmas Make the yuletide gay
“Dig in,” he urged, a hopeful smile on his face. He waited for you to take the first bite, his smile twitching slightly when you didn’t move. You weren’t interested in playing his games today.
“I’m not hungry,” you whispered.
Steve clenched his jaw as he gripped his fork. “Darling, I worked hard on this meal. I wanted us to cook together, but you refused. I let that slide since it’s your first Christmas here, but I won’t tolerate that again. You will eat, even if I have to feed you every bite myself.”
When you didn’t pick up a utensil, he moved them aside and pulled your plate toward him. It was then you realized that he actually put a knife there. You hadn’t noticed before. You hadn’t even tried to use it. How could you let an opportunity go to waste?
From now on Our troubles will be miles away
“Open up,” he smiled as he scooped some food on a fork, like you were a child.
Tears swam in your eyes as your mouth fell open, missing the pleased look in his. You hardly tasted the food placed on your tongue. The only thing you could taste was bitter ash and longing for home. You wondered if your loved ones were looking for you. Had they forgotten about you? Were they safe? Were they happy?
"Good, right?" he smiled wider as he fed your another bite. "I made your favorites."
Of course he did. When he brought you to your new home, he hadn’t bothered hiding the fact that he stalked you. It was clear by the decor alone. It looked like your dream home. You never knew a prison could be beautiful. And the missing items you swore you misplaced over time were all there waiting for you. Mocking you. You should have been smarter.
“I used to wish every year not to spend the holidays alone. I just wanted the perfect Christmas with the perfect partner,” he went on as you took the next bite, taking his own bites in between feeding you. “Then I found you. My wish came true. And I knew I couldn’t let you go.”
The memory of meeting him the first time was fuzzy. It blurred together like the rest of your memories before your time here. His eyes were clear though in your mind. They saw everything. You never stood a chance. 
“We can sleep in tomorrow,” he said, sleep slightly disappointed, when you once again stayed quiet. “Maybe we can make a snowman in the front yard and snuggle by the fire after with hot chocolate.”
Tears silently fell from your eyes as he continued to feed you. How many nights had you begged to go home? It didn't matter how much you begged and pleaded. It was always the same response when he fucked you into submission. “You are home.”
“And you said you weren’t hungry,” he teased, wiping the corner of your mouth with a napkin. “You ate every bite.”
You blinked and saw that he was right. The plate was empty. Were you becoming numb to it all? Or were you finally starting to realize that you couldn’t fight the inevitable? What was wrong with you?
“Thank you, Steve,” you whispered. “You’re welcome,” he replied, pleased again as he pushed his chair back and helped pull yours back. “Now we can have dessert.”
You tensed as he helped you up. Could you go one day without him having you? “I’m a bit tired.” “You’ll have plenty of time to sleep later,” he said softly, but there was a hint of malice behind his words. “I want to make love to you by the tree. It’ll be perfect.”
It wouldn’t be perfect. It would be one more thing he took away from you. You already knew the next time you looked at a tree, you wouldn’t feel peace or one with nature. Instead, you would remember what it felt to have his cock spear you. The stretch burned, but he always made up for it by giving you unwanted pleasure. You could only tell yourself so many times you didn’t want him when he played your body like a well tuned instrument. “Each year we’ll add a new ornament,” he said, his gaze on you as he pulled you into the living room. He already had a pillow and blanket waiting by the tree. The man with the plan. "It can be one of our traditions."
Your hands trembled as he brought them to his shirt, avoiding his gaze as you unbuttoned his shirt. You focused on his broad chest as you pushed it off, your fingers making quick work of removing his pants and underwear once you got your shaking under control. Undressing him like this was another one of his games. It made it look like you were willing. There were so many others who would have died to be in your shoes, but he didn’t want them. You were his one and only.
His hands pushed at your clothes once you were finished and you let him undress you. The layer of protection was missed already as everything fell to the floor. You were lucky you had clothes on. Some days he didn’t let you get dressed at all.
“Do you have any idea how beautiful you are?” he asked, dark desire in his eyes. “I should have put a bow on you so I could unwrap you, darling. You really are the best gift I could have ever asked for.” 
Steve kissed you slow and deep, his greedy hands roaming as they had so many times before. It was unfair how it knocked the air out of you. It should have repulsed you, but you were already responding. Your body had actually given up a long time ago. Your mind was a crack away from shattering. The realization made your stomach turn.
After a minute of kissing, he laid you on the floor and moved to his knees. Your legs parted too quickly in your eyes and he didn’t have to pry them open himself. You choked on a sob, quickly covering your mouth. He was winning. You were weak. You were…lost to him. “Hey, hey,” he whispered, sliding a hand up your thigh to his prize. One of his fingertips grazed your clit as you moaned behind your hand. “Let me hear it," he added, waiting until you moved your hand back to your side.
You tried desperately not to clench around him as he slid a finger into your wet channel, but he felt it just the same as he moved in and out. “Always so responsive. So good for me,” he praised as he added another finger. 
He worked you slow and easy, those watchful eyes drinking in the sight of you. For a moment, you could pretend that this was love. Maybe this was the only way he knew how to love...By taking what he could from you. 
Your back rose slightly from the floor, shocked at how close you were. How many times would he make you come tonight? He never failed to pull out every last bit of pleasure from you. But before you could give over to his wordless command, he slowly removed his fingers and brought them to his mouth.
“Fuck, you taste so good. Wish I could have my tongue and cock in you at the same time so I could taste when I make you mine,” he rumbled as he licked your juices from his fingers.
You turned your head away when he dropped his hand to stroke himself, only to be met with your reflection in one of the ornaments. The distortion couldn’t hide how aroused you looked. You wanted to smash it. 
“Look at me,” he whispered as stretched over you, touching your cheek when you managed to look back at him. You felt cold underneath him despite the heat from his body. “Tell me,” he added as you felt the broad head of his cock at your entrance.
“I love you, Steve,” you whispered back, the words easily flowing out as he pushed inside you. The intensity in his eyes was strong enough to temporarily ignore the pleasurable pain.
“I love you, too. I love you so much.”
The conviction made it sound believable as he thrust. His hands moved to your hips and held you in place easily, his grip reminding you that he could snap your bones if he wished. He never would. The true agony was when you basked in the afterglow. He would remind you that you didn’t fight him. That you had to want him badly enough. “You love me.”
His body pinned yours down possessively as he rocked in and out of you. Your wetness helped him glide fluidly, even with his girth. “You were made for me. Can’t you feel it?”
You gripped his arms for purchase, almost wishing he would fuck you in that moment. It would be easier to hate him if he just took what was “his” and left you to pick up the pieces after. But when he made love to you like this, it destroyed your willpower. And it killed you that after everything you still didn’t have it in your heart to hate this man.
“I know you can...because I can feel how much you love me.”
Your head lulled as you fought off waves of pleasure, unable to deny his words. It was useless to try. Just like it was useless to think anyone would take you away from this man. He was a hero. A savior. Your tormentor. Your world.
“You’re close. I know you are,” he groaned as he angled himself to hit your sweet spot, wrenching a cry from you.
He was right. You were close, ready to fall over the cliff and crash into the sea below. He would be there to catch you. It would always be him. Another victory for Captain America. “Come for me. Give it to me, darling. Give me everything.”
Your orgasm took over, making you seize up as you clamped down on him. The grunt he let out in response made you tingle with pride before you could snuff it out. It wasn’t long until you felt him lose his pace, joining you in temporary bliss. His warm release spread deep as his hardness pulsed, your pussy gripping him through it. Your body milked every drop as he finished, keeping you intimately connected as he brushed his lips against yours.
You’re not sure when you came back to yourself, but he had his arms wrapped around you in a tight embrace. The lights reflecting on his skin enhanced how satisfied he looked. “I'm never leaving," you exhaled. It wasn't a question.
"No," he confirmed, kissing your forehead.
“Why me?” you asked. Why did it have to be you?
“Because we love each other.”
He wrapped the blanket around you both as you began to cry again. It sounded so normal. You wished you could pretend your life was normal, but it was the furthest thing from it. And it was too late. Steven Grant Rogers consumed you. Everything began and ended with him. He was your life and you were his.
“And I already know what wish I have for next year,” he whispered, your horror renewed as he placed a hand on your stomach. “Merry Christmas.”
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shorkbrian · 5 months ago
head empty only thoughts of bakugo breeding his hybrid pet kitty cat when she's in heat = me horny
So here’s the take - Bakugou got a hybrid because he’s secretly lonely.
(What to expect - NSFW, manipulation, drugging (Katsuki drugs his kitty cat with heat-inducers), abuse of trust, icky consent issues)
Hybrids are the best of both world - sort, cuddly pet, but with the skills to clean up after itself like a human.
Bakugou pretending to be inconvenienced when his darling kitty cat comes to him, whining, dripping all over the floor.
It’s such a chore to take care of you, to fuck you until you’re crosseyed. If he had known you’d be so much work, he’d have picked something else.
If all you’re good for is moaning while a fat cock squishes against your insides, then maybe Bakugou should start renting you out. If all you want is something solid filling you up (He found you trying to shove whatever you could find that was somewhat phallic-shaped into your cunt - you’d ruined remotes and the mouse to his computer, plus he had to throw out several vegetables that he had been wanting to use for dinner) then he can find people willing to do exactly that.
Isn’t he so good to you though, keeping you to himself? Doesn’t let anyone hurt you, or take advantage of you. He’s such a good owner, makes you tell him that when he’s drilling into your sloppy, stretched cunt.
You’re delirious with heat, uncaring when he takes pictures or videos of you desperate for his cock. Pawing at his pants, presenting in the living room while he’s trying to watch a show, waking him up in the middle of the night to bounce on his cock, your cute little fingers working your clit but so unsatisfying compared to his big digits.
He hates coming home to find you humping at his pillows, mewling in distress because it’s not enough. Bakugou has to stuff you with his cum and keep you plugged just so he has time to make dinner, send off a few work emails before you’re dragging his zipper down, hungrily sucking at his cock as if it’s the tastiest thing in the world.
All you want is his cock in your puffy little cunt.
And since you’re so dumb and slutty, the fact that your heats seem to be happening more and more goes completely over your head. You take the little pills Katsuki gives you like a good kitty, purr when he pets your ears. He’s a good owner, and even if it’s embarrassing, he’s willing to help you out when you’re vulnerable and out-of-your-mind with lust.
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