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Walk on water miracle

Performed by local Groningen ducks

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I can`t find the duck emoji on an android phone.

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Things I learned: ACO Work Edition #3

  • People really don’t know anything about ducks despite thinking they do.
  • Facebook posts about how a perfectly healthy wild animal must be in distress because it hasn’t moved from the area, “someone come save it please!”, All the comments on the post, “oh that’s the one I’ve been feeding for days, please pray for it!” ….and you all wonder why it won’t leave.
  • You MUST talk/sing to the animals during transport in the vehicle. You are a strange anomaly if you do not………..and possibly soulless.
  • The skunk box trailer hitch thing isn’t that heavy, but it is awkward and filled with rain water exactly when you need to take it off and carry it to storage.
  • Eventually you will be dealing with someone you know or their pet, and it’s typically going to be rough.
  • You can tell how sick something is based off the type of stench it has. Puss filled skin infections smell rank and sour, late stage distemper smells like the inside of a garbage can (probably because whatever has it has been in one), really extreme untreatable respiratory infections are a wet moldy/dusty smell with a good dose of morning breath, oral cavity infections smell foul like rotting corpses
  • Know a tree guy. Arborists are great for saving animals stuck in trees.
  • On that note, typically you can call the fire department for help in certain cases, sometimes they call you - I’m still not sure how I feel about that.
  • Vet clinics will call you if the new tech doesn’t know how to do animal surrender/intake forms.
  • If someone offers to do your job for you…let them. They wanna leash that big ass dog and walk it to the van/truck for you, instead of you trying not to get pulled down the street, you just nod your head and say thank you.
  • People do not understand the concept of DO NOT FEED WILDLIFE!!! Literally to the point it has to become a bylaw and then people lose their shit. On a regular day wildlife does not need your help and instead you are potentially causing a myriad of health and behavioural issues. (Rant to follow?)

[part one] [part two]

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Tuesday Tunes - Slip Slidin’ Away…

Tuesday Tunes – Slip Slidin’ Away…

The duckpond has been frozen over these last few days. It is rather fun watching the ducks finding ways to slip about… hence the song choice!

This lad didn’t like walking… he slid about on his belly – getting as much free food as possible…

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the canal is half frozen and its snowing outside and this is the most winter I’ve ever experienced at once

I am worried for the ducks and excited for the prospect of the cats that hang on on the other side being able to come and visit

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Ducks outside Hyrule Castle, Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

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