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Tommy Orpington

I’ve been wanting to do something like this since Ducktales first rebooted. I finally had the creative drive to start. Now Let’s get Dangerous!


What you need to know about the More to Love AU (working title, open to ideas) and Tommy is under the cut.

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Right “technically Bushroot isn’t a villain, per say” this version of Bushroot is reactionary, he would have let HDL and Bentley go through that room if they hadn’t disturbed his root system.

He’s basically at just above a Venus Flytrap level of interacting with the world; in that he can vaguely perceive threats and allies. The rest of the furious four don’t attack him, they attack those that do…so friendly, work with them.

In fact, one of the furious four in particular actively nourishes him by existing (Liquidator). Although it’s an incomplete job of it because I don’t think this version of Bushroot is getting enough nitrogen because he’s not been spending enough time rooted in healthy soil.

His network of roots is a defensive mechanism, not even reacting to proximity, just contact. Allies would no not to bother him while he’s resting so the contact must be hostile! Sure, to HDL it looks like Bushroot is attacking, but it’s more a survival instinct lash-out.

It’s like how sharks and other predators are portrayed as the villains in media even though they’re just acting on instinct.

I don’t think this Bushroot acts with malice or intent, just a bit on the “kill or be killed” survival instinct.

So, not a villain if he’s indeed not aware of his actions’ morality.

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