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  • 94 days since “Let’s Get Dangerous!”
  • 69 days since reboot announcement
  • 52 days into second season 3 hiatus
  • 32 days until next episode
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When Donald was younger he was fusing, having fun with the friends and family as the problems weren’t thought of. After the spear of selene the problems were the priority when caring the boys and the problems of the fusing caused him to not fuse.

he was out of practice and sync with people that were once easy seconds to fuse together and now it was minute or longer depending on who he was trying to fuse with and heavily on why.

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I was gonna draw another mermaid Goldie cause the first one was super fun

But my brain shaded the first part of the tail and then tapped out


Probably gonna finish it still

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Oh my gosh thank you so much! 😭

And yes she is Racer’s aunt! Figured that she’d be the closest to the Mallards. But also woohoo! More Dewelyn people definitely an underrated ship! Also yeah I get you, delpad isn’t everyone’s cup of tea :)

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(It’s a Ducktales reference!)

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So my teacher asked-

Teacher- What do you want to do when you grow up?

Person 1- I want to do science!

Person 2-I want to be a great chef!

Me- I want to bring Ducktales back

Thats what I want to do

We want to bring it back

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Talking about my inward thinking. I don’t think I ever mentioned the first one of Winnie probably being hetero ace, for the longest time time I was moreso considering her to be biromantic ace, before deciding on lesbian asexual uwu

Amazing ppl in dis from discord: @a-small-collection-of-nonsense @dellyduck ily guys so much ❤️❤️❤️

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Goldie: Sorry you couldn’t come to the wedding. It was no kids.

Webby: It’s okay. I’ll go to your next one.

Goldie: Wow.

Bentina: She just means when she’s not a kid, anymore.

Webby: She knows what I mean.

Goldie: I don’t like you.

Webby: I’ll get over it.

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Person of emergency DW and DT as yummy:

Launchpad: Cupcake with vanilla and chocolate chips;

Darkwing and Jim Starling: Blueberry Muffins;

Drake Mallard: Butter Cream Muffin;

Anti-Launchpad: Mentos “Spicy mix”;

Negaduck: Sweets with cognac and chili;

Scrooge McDuck: Chocolate Orange Scones;

Steel Beak (from DT): Muffin with carrots and orange;

Gosalyn: Candy “Effervescent”;

Honker: Vanilla Muffin;

Bushrut: Muffin with pistachios;

Liquidator: Ice Cream “Snow Globe. Blue Sky”;

Megavolt: Croissant with fruit filling;

Quackerjack: Explosive caramel;

Darkwarrior: Blueberry and Cinnamon Muffin;

Fenton: Cinnamon roll.

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