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#ducktales 2017

Kit and Molly are NOT in Ducktales 2017, yet

… but they will be when the hiatus ends!

It has been


days since we’ve had a new episode,

and 27 days until we’ll get a new episode!

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So I was rewatching “The day of the only child” and I notice something


DT-87 is Ducktales 1987 aka when the original ducktales came out.


Was this an easter egg that everyone else found already?

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so… Next ep’s title is DEFINITELY a reference to Ghost in the shell and i’ve been re-looking through a bunch of GITH stuff and i realised


Gandra lowkey looks like Motoko Kusanagi a little (i mean LOOK AT THE HAIR) and they both have cyborg-like body modifications and if i’m not mistaken Ghost in the shell had a terrorist organisation and a counter-terrorist organisation (i think, i don’t remember much about the franchise anymore)  kind of like Fowl and Shush. Frank said Gandra ooc was “secrets upon secrets” and the reason why she had to work for beaks despite being under fowl was spoilers (oh crap did she need funding for THIS globe thingy project here? and the ep synopsis said they had to keep it a secret from the world even FOWL i assume.. HMMMM). WHAT DOES THIS MEAN. WHAT DOES IT ALL MEAN. I’M LOSING MY MIND OVER THEORIES AND IM SO EXCITED FOR THIS EP (jason zurek wrote for this ep, sam king boarded it and ben siemon the guy who wrote impossibin is directing the episode oh my god hypeness). I feel like there may be some sword art online references as well, not just ghost in the shell and UGHH IM SO STOKED

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AU where Owlson creates Quackwerks in order to (forcibly) establish peace in St Cannard, She is an excelent CEO after all.

I’m telling y’all, good intentions, dissappointment, adverse enviroment. She is well on her way to a Darkwarriorr Duck transformation.

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im at my mum’s friend’s place and the cat doesnt like me :((

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All the kid OCs with Phoebe! These are all the kid OCs of the Phoebe Firelight au comic!

Here are the kids and their creators

(Not in order)

Phoebe Firelight- GummyDummy(me)

Adar Firelight- @nerdydork

Ariel Doves- @webby-dings

Summer Redbird- Madison Lynette on Amino

Camila Redbeak- @zodiacbunnygirl

Brody Whooper- DaffodilDreams on Amino

Bryan Jay- Bryan Jay on Amino

Arthur Doves- @webby-dings

Jay Crossbill- @webby-dings

Ava Featherstone- @nerdydork

Elena de Spell Chan- @nerdydork

Isabelle Dovelyn- @pixel-flower

Lela Blackfeather- Anemone on Amino

Sammy McDuck- Nero on Amino

Luciella Vonquack- LucyLite on Amino

Liam Vonquack- LucyLite on Amino

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A cute girl in a cute dress.

MtF Huey is bby. I mean, Huey is always bby but… 

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A section from the second chapter.Emilie and Della meeting each other for the first time.

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source:  goldiejake11

Duck Twin Week Day 1:  Della - Space and Donald - Ocean (and technically day 2 - Della - photo)

I really love these two and am more than happy to toss this offering into the ring.  It’s a snapshot of a time long ago - a photo of Donald and Della having fun with their favourite toys.  One of them of course, having no idea how much angst their ‘toy’ will cause in the future. 

  @ducktwinweek  @dellaweek  @donaldweek

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Practicing Shading :3

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Glomgold: Owlson, why did you shut down the Hairbrained Schemes, Mindless Revenge, and Killer Shark departments?

Owlson: They cost the company too much money, and given we’re the second richest, that was saying a lot.

Glomgold: Owlson, don’t you know you got to spend money to make money?

Owlson: Non of those departments were making money!

Glomgold: Then, by that logic, they weren’t spending money! So what’s the issue?

Owlson: … I think you’ve injured my brain.

Glomgold: Injured it with logic!

Owlson: Sure. Let’s call it “logic”.

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I really like their character dynamic. More specifically in episodes such as the Toth-Ra and Mervana episodes. Also it’s funny to me how Webby is so quick to always defend Scrooge and Louie is always quick to join Goldie.

They’re in a way opposites but they compliment each other :)

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My Viewing Order of DuckTales Season 3

I took the opportunity to arrange some episodes for my own peace of mind so the FOWL plot could flow better especially since some episodes after ImpossiBin didn’t have the family concerned about FOWL at all and to fix the placement of the holiday episodes to fit with the timeline. I’ll update the list once we get all the episodes.


1. “Challenge of the Senior Junior Woodchucks!”

2. “Quack Pack!”

3. “Double-O-Duck in You Only Crash Twice!”

4. “The Lost Harp of Mervana!”

5. “Louie’s Eleven!”

6. “Astro B.O.Y.D.!”

7. “The Rumble for Ragnarok!”

8. “The Phantom and the Sorceress!”

9. “They Put a Moonlander on the Earth!”

10. “The Trickening!” (Halloween episode)

11. “The Fight for Castle McDuck!”

12. “How Santa Stole Christmas!” (Christmas episode)

13. “New Gods on the Block!" (Valentine’s Day episode; Cupid was in this so I’m counting it)

14. "The Forbidden Fountain of the Foreverglades!” (Spring Break episode)

15. “Let’s Get Dangerous!”

16. “Escape from the ImpossiBin!”

17. “The Split Sword of Swanstantine!”

18. “The First Adventure!”

19. “Beaks in the Shell!”

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Constantly thinking about Bane Megavolt.

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