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stanley578 · 3 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Ryan: I've got a show in New York, like a real life actual show in a couple days, just like we talked about in this booth back in middle school.
Min-Gi: It was that booth. (points to the booth behind him)
Ryan: Are you sure it was that one?
Min-Gi: Yup. That booth.
Oh Min-Gi, you don't know how wrong you are. The two screenshots show a lamp placed on the upper right and a bench behind Ryan, which means that they sat on the exact same booth. Ryan was totally right.
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justinsandler · 5 hours ago
Came across this—dug the song & loved the voice. So I had to #duet w/ her. @lawrencetheband “I’m Confident (That I’m insecure)” . . . #vicfirth #zildjian #dwdrums #tiktok #tiktokduet #music #drummer #singersongwriter #loveyourinsecurities #ukelele #selflove #lawrencetheband #justinsandler #musicians #musiciansofinstagram #musiciansofig #musicianlife #drummerlife #drummers #drummersofinstagram #musicduet #funnysong #inspirationalsong #therapy
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liberiangirlpyt14 · 13 hours ago
#duet with @cjloveearth It’s the dancing for me 😂😂. #tfatws #buckybarnes #samwilson #sarahwilson #captainamerica #marvel #mcu #funny #funnyvideos #tiktok
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liberiangirlpyt14 · 13 hours ago
#duet with @mr_atlmiller I agree with most of this 👍🏾. #tfatws #buckybarnes #samwilson #johnwalker #captainamerica #marvel #mcu #tiktok #funny #funnyvideos
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liberiangirlpyt14 · 13 hours ago
#duet with @nicquemarina #tfatws #buckybarnes #samwilson #johnwalker #captainamerica #marvel #mcu
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stanley578 · a day ago
Recap and thoughts of Infinity Train Book 4 and the series as a whole
As many fans speculated, Book 4 - Duet takes place in the past, specifically in the mid to late 1980s. While I'm excited when HBO Max announced a new season, I lowered my expectations since it focuses on a new set of characters. Usually, there's a guest character in the 7th episode of a season and the next will focus on that certain character. For Book 4, it's a totally different story and timeline.
Ryan has a strong passion for music while Min-Gi is hesitant to pursue it due to his job at a diner, his acceptance at a university, and different expectations from his parents. Due to them being at odds with each other, they got in the namesake train and the numbers on their hands are both 202. There were several moments of toxicity between them and their numbers kept on fluctuating as the episodes went along.
Kez, the sentient concierge bell, is their companion. She comes off as friendly, but a lot of denizens are after her because of her nonchalance to the problems she created to them. She kept asking why they're mad at her and saying she didn't do anything wrong, until Ryan gave her a reality check, saying her actions can hurt those around her.
At the end, Min-Gi's number went down to zero after playing music with Ryan, realizing that music is his passion. He overcame his self-doubt when he admitted he hated finance and his job. As the denizens come after Kez in the castle, Kez said sorry to them. The denizens apologized to each other. Ryan and Min-Gi apologized to each other. Ryan's number went down to zero when he said he was rushing himself.
They went back to the real world and finally played as a band called Chicken Choice Judy at an open mic club in New York, wrapping Book 4 and the series, for now.
I relate to Min-Gi the most because of his self-doubts and uncertainty of wanting to pursue music full-time. I completed a college course in diplomacy and international relations but my true passion is calligraphy and lettering. It helped me gain a good following on Instagram, but I haven't earned any income from it because of impostor syndrome, a psychological phenomenon in which an individual doubts their skills, talents or accomplishments and has a persistent internalized fear of being exposed as a "fraud".
Many people experience impostor syndrome and Min-Gi's experiences accurately represent the struggles Asians face in trying to make it in the Western music industry. I commend the team in putting so much details and effort in Asian representation. It is absolutely important to have their stories heard.
From dealing with parents' divorce (Book 1) and finding one's own identity (Book 2) to abandoning a false way of life (Book 3) and overcoming the fear of the future (Book 4), Infinity Train is one of the animated series that paved the way for compelling storylines with mature and real-life themes that young adults can connect with. Sadly, its potential was short-lived when Cartoon Network cancelled it for being "too mature", leaving a lot of unanswered questions as a result. It's a tremendous shame that corporations like CN are stuck with the "animation is for kids" ideology.
During a Reddit AMA, Owen Dennis revealed that a full script was written for Book 5, which was going to be a movie, and the central themes of each remaining Book are the following keywords:
Book 5 - Grief Book 6 - Guilt Book 7 - Revenge Book 8 - Acceptance
Dennis further revealed that one of the seasons would've focused on a passenger who didn't want to leave the train and Book 8 would've touched on Alzheimer's disease, loosely inspired by an autobiography that his grandpa wrote whilst slowly succumbing to it.
Upon finding out these intriguing information, it makes me want to see more of it. If HBO Max is available all around the globe, then everyone would pay their subscriptions to watch a lot of shows, including Infinity Train, giving it the recognition and attention it truly deserves. I'm hoping that the series would continue until Book 8, even if it means waiting for several years to make it happen. If it is revived by Adult Swim, that would be great.
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ezstreetrick · a day ago
#duet with @eponinebug #Stop #StayHome #StaySafe #WearAMask If we Listen, we can End #Covid19 #CoronaVirus #moosevibes #UnbreakableClan
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artbyblastweave · a day ago
A Theory about The Unproduced Amelia Season
I think Amelia’s book would have served to reframe her takeover of the train as, at least initially, a good thing. On some level, I think it was a good thing. When we first meet Amelia in Book 4, she’s in some form of Dialogue with One; he’s walking her through the proceedings of the train, laying it all out for her. And frankly, he’s framed a lot like a supervillian here.
Tumblr media
This isn’t the One-one that traveled with Tulip. He’s a united front, with a specific goal and ethos. His name drips with ego. He’s cold, calculating. He’s a robot hidden behind an uncanny face. He knows the train kills people. Probably a lot of people. He doesn’t care. They fix their shit- with limited guidance and resources- or they die. For all intents and purposes, he’s either PG Jigsaw or he’s playing Metatron to one.
Then there’s Amelia. Amelia, about whom we can observe several things;
She’s known to have a knack for subverting tyrannical, bureaucratic systems. She undercuts the phone company. She jokingly tries to talk Alric into ditching graduation. She does poorly in a classroom setting but she’s brilliant when she applies herself.
In an era when all passengers have specific uniforms-branded with One’s face, no less, Amelia is wearing the boots, (which physically can’t be removed) but not the soulless; identity-erasing uniform.
She’s penetrated very far into the infrastructure of the train. You don’t get this far on your first day, or without subverting a lot of systems to get One’s personal, undivided attention.
She has no Denizen with her here. That’s odd; with the exception of Grace, most passengers tend to accumulate denizens pretty quickly after they board the train. Kez demonstrates that, under One, this is what Denizens do- it’s their duty to explain the set-up and assist the passengers, although she personally isn’t “conventionally” good at it (she helps by being so incompetent they have to devise workarounds to the problems she creates.) 
So what we’re looking at here is coded like a Bond Villain Speech to a protagonist that you’d get at the climax. This is after the plucky, headstrong, anti-authoritarian heroine has pushed through countless dangers on the train proper, to break into the inner sanctum of a sanctimonious demigod. This is after she’s asserted her individuality with clothes instead of a uniform. 
This is after any denizens she potentially encountered have left her company; maybe through second-act heroic sacrifice, or just by being left behind when One brought her into the main tour. (It’s possible she never encountered any, but from a meta standpoint it’s unlikely the whole book would have been her with One-One and no one else.) In the construction of a typical horror thriller or heroic action adventure, we’d be witnessing zero hour. Now let’s look at her influence on Ryan and Min’s adventure. She exerts influence twice; once at the Party Car, and once at the castle.  In the Party car, she gives them back their stuff. Ryan’s Guitar, Min-Gi’s minisynth, their clothes. All flatly necessary to get through the car, to resolve their problems in general, and it’s pretty clear that One wasn’t going to give them that stuff if Amelia hadn’t suggested it; she’s in some kind of dialogue with him that can be heard through the Steward. 
And someone pointed out that in the other seasons, the stuff that the passengers bring on board with them is a reflection of themselves, their strengths and their pasts. Someone aside from me pointed out that under One’s system, Tulip wouldn’t have had the pocket knife that she used to rescue Lake- and that was the only conceivable takeaway from that car, that you need to extend empathy even to people who are hurting you while pursuing their own needs. They pointed out that without his phone and the recording, Lake wouldn’t have been able to help Jesse through his issue with Nate and Troy. He could have kept dancing around that forever.  So this is clearly Amelia at a point where she’s trying to introduce a Reform to a broken system. And it’s a good one! The second time she shows up, she takes the pair’s magnoboots, proclaims that “we are on our own,” and (accidently)  self-destructs the stewards. That’s a demonstration that she’s in control at this point, if not competent control.
 It’s telling that the most prominent thing One’s regime provides to the Passengers are boots that can be used as restraining bolts if they start doing something he doesn’t like. It’s also telling that Amelia’s first act as Conductor was to remove those restraining bolts from everyone on the train. Her breakdown at the end of Book One is at least partially informed by her knowledge of how callously One-One ran things when she hadn’t rendered him a complete moron. Her brusque, no-nonsense attitude in Book 3 results from the fact that she’s not actually sorry about overthrowing One-One; she recognizes that there was a mechanical limit stopping her from bringing back Alrick, that she took One-One’s little speech about the train being capable of anything too literally, and that her time in charge could have been spent far more productively. But that was purely a practical error, not necessarily a moral one; she isn’t shown to care about denizens any more than One One or the Apex do, and she doesn’t care about the train working beyond what’s necessary to burn off her sentence.
Considering all of this, I think that a book about Amelia would have been framed as a full-circle revolution; a story about Dorothy finding the man behind the curtain, finding him lacking, and usurping him. The tragedy isn’t that the real conductor was overthrown; the tragedy is that Amelia fails to improve meaningfully on his performance.  She failed to recognize her newfound capacity, and her moral responsibility, to improve the system for everyone; Instead, she got lost for thirty years in the pipe dream of bringing back Alrick, with nothing to show for it but turtles.
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outofmymindjliles · a day ago
#duet with @antiblackfishclub Every single person who denies or minimizes the systemic nature of police violence again Black folks perpetuates it.
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Every now and then I think about wanting to make a FNF mod where you fight Duet from MSA
I think about it a lot. Got a little plot and everything and even some song titles
I unfortunately can’t draw and don’t know a thing about music composition, so that’s not going to happen, but like. I want it
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romancemedia · a day ago
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kerasian · a day ago
Tom Waits & Crystal Gayle
Tumblr media
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daspill · 2 days ago
Paris Jackson & The Struts l "Low Key In Love" duet l Alternative Press
Paris Jackson & The Struts l “Low Key In Love” duet l Alternative Press
[Photo via Cameron Nunez and Harri Charli] The Struts are back with another brand new song called “Low Key In Love.” This time around, however, they aren’t alone. For the fiery new track, the British glam rock band are joined by none other than Paris Jackson. Both Jackson and the Struts frontman Luke Spiller have opened up about the inspiration behind “Low Key In Love” and how they eventually…
Tumblr media
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toblyoko · 2 days ago
Hey so the ideas of "finding gay subtext in Ryan and Min-Gi's relationship as well as enjoying RyMin as a cute ship" and "the show did not queerbait us with Ryan and Min-Gi's relationship" are two thoughts that can and should co-exist.
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honeyribar · 2 days ago
“Oh Lawd” (Official Lyric Video) Premiere! Check it out, repeat, reshare, and have a fabulous weekend! Link in profile 💛 . . . #newmusic #newmusicalert #lyricvideo #lyricvideos #lyrics #duet #officialvideo #musicvideo #release #newrelease #videopremiere #premiere
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angeladowling · 2 days ago
#duet with @nostalgia_tiktok1 #supermariobros #mario #luigi #90skids #nostalgia #foryoupage #foryou #fypシ (at Brisbane, Queensland, Australia)
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