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yourlittlecxmwhxre · a day ago
please let me have your cock inside me, please, use me, pound my pretty wet holes, fuck me so good I can't think about anything else except your cock filling me up
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aceofwhores · 2 days ago
Edging like a dumb slut because I don’t deserve to cum
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daddys-girl-18 · a day ago
welcome to my account ! (๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵)
❥ my name is clover , you can also call me clo
❥ 19
❥ i use she / her pronouns
❥ aquarius
❥ sub
ageplay , rape / cnc , knife play , blood , incest , dumbification , degradation , somno , free use , (forced) breeding , kidnapping
❥ don’t interact if - you are under 18 or a map
❥ please respect my boundaries !!
❥ feel free to message me or send something :))
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controversiallycallie · 4 months ago
press a vibrator directly against my clit and press a hand down on my stomach as my hips rise. make me take your cock at the same time, and when i cum, turn the vibrator up a setting.
make my head go cloudy and dumb with pleasure while i shake and struggle to form a coherent thought.
take advantage of my inability to stop you and fuck my dirty cunt over and over again.
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slvtty-baby · a month ago
i wanna act all shy and innocent, then have you tease and fuck me until my brain is ruined and i can’t hide how much i want you anymore. maybe laugh at how needy i am, how easy it is to make me blush. tell me all the things you want to do to me and watch my face turn red and my legs rub together. ❤️
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whimperingtears · a month ago
You're such a dumb stupid little baby, aren't you? You need me to make all the decisions for you, you poor thing. You're so dependent on me, you simply can't live without me baby. You need me.
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wholyfrick · 3 months ago
i really like the idea of being talked down during sex. like “awe is that too much for my little baby”. especially if paired with degradation like “its so cute how stupid you get”
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full-time-babygirl · 2 months ago
Spread my legs really wide so you can see how pretty my pussy is for you♡
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yourlittlecxmwhxre · 2 days ago
pound your strap into my throbbing wet hole, tell me you're so proud of me for taking your cock so well and making the prettiest little noises for you
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pervertedacegirl · a month ago
It’s tiring, isn’t it? Being in control, making choices, thinking for yourself. It’s so, so tiring. Let me do it instead. You’ll like it.
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controversiallycallie · 4 months ago
i love edging and overstimulation.
using toys, or your hands or tongue on someone and bringing them so close to orgasm just pull away, make them beg to cum over and over and over. and then finally letting them finish, but not letting them stop.
you were begging so much to cum, so why don’t i keep going?
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slvtty-baby · a month ago
make me wear something super small n slutty, and position me however you want. make me your cute dumb little doll, ready for you whenever you need. maybe stick a big vibrator in me, so i’m always ready for you~
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bunnygirlelle · a month ago
I wanna be hugged and kissed and treated like I’m the most fragile little thing as you slip your cock inside me, cooing about how pretty I look all stretched out and dumb around your big cock ♡
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topmechokeme · 2 months ago
i was cooking when you approached me, so caught up in the process that i didn't even notice you until i felt you squeezing my tits. i flinched.
"shh, that's me, that's okay. carry on, pretend i'm not here".
i obeyed, resuming my cooking as you groped me. you lifted my shirt and started playing with my now exposed tits and pinching my nipples. i felt my pussy clench but tried to focus on my work. then you lifted my skirt to touch my pussy (no panties in the way - i'm strictly forbidden from wearing them at home). i whined and arched my back.
"shh, keep working, i'll just have a bit of fun, you don't need to acknowledge it at all".
i resumed cooking again as you rubbed my pussy, hugging me from behind. then you found my butt plug and slowly pulled it out, only to shove it right back in. i started trembling as you fucked my ass with the plug, but managed to keep cooking. then you shoved it back in and put a bit of pressure on my back to get me to arch it. i kept working.
"that's right, don't pay attention to what i do with you body, such a good pet".
i felt a tip of a strap touch my pussy. at that point i was leaking and shaking with arousal. you teased the hole, rubbed your strap against my clit a little, making me suppress a moan. then you slid in and my eyes rolled back. you started fucking me fast and deep right away, the strap feeling so delicious inside my hot wet hole. i arched my back more and couldn't hold back a moan.
"you can't work like this, can you? that's a shame, i thought you were a reliable, smart pet".
i whined pitifully.
"but it's not bad, stupid puppies can be good, too! just not for the same things. maybe i'll have to keep you from tasks requiring having a brain. maybe i'll chain you to the bed and keep you there? keep your pretty head empty, it's only purpose taking my cock and making me cum. would you like that?"
i nodded frantically, the strap fucking my pussy making me feel so happy and nice. you chuckle and grab my hair, using it as a leverage to fuck me harder.
"let's make you a proper braindead slut".
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red-writes · 26 days ago
spoiled rotten
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Bakugou x Reader
content contains: brief death mention (check note please!), smut, bimbo reader, dumbification, gang leader! bakugou, squirting, fingering, pet names.
summary: Katsuki hasn't been paying much attention to you lately so he makes it up to you by fucking you stupid <3
red’s note: it is not graphic death! it's just said in the beginning that Katsuki killed someone and that's all but do heed that warning if it makes you uncomfortable.
Tumblr media
A shriek loud enough to break glass came from you as a man was shot right in front of your face. Katsuki was never one to care about anyone other than himself which is why he merely rolled his eyes and signaled for one of his men to hand him a handkerchief, not minding your presence at all.
“Are you insane or something?!” You yelled at him and all of Katsuki’s underlings went slack jawed, you raised your voice at him? You’d just seen him murder a man in cold blood, were you not scared for your life?
“I’m going to give you a pass because you’d just witnessed something traumatic, but if you talk to me like that again i’ll-”
A loud smack echoed in the dirty alleyway. You slapped Katsuki and you pointed at your dress,
"I just bought this a few days ago..what's your damage?!" you shouted and Katsuki couldn't help the amused chuckle that bubbled up in his throat, you were surprised to hear him laughing and crossed your arms and stamped your foot,
"It's not funny!"
"Tell you what, I'll take you shopping to buy several new ones"
Your eyes lit up, "really? you mean it?"
He nodded and you ran up and hugged him jumping around excitedly. He took your hand and the two of you casually stepped over the body together as he asked for your name.
From that moment onwards, you and Katsuki began seeing each other. It didn't take long for him to introduce you to his gang. Katsuki was one of the most wanted men in all of Japan, he was the head of a very large and dangerous Criminal organization that certainly wasn't the place for clueless girls that used one of Katsuki's men to hold their bag for them while they reapplied their lipstick. But Katsuki made it so, just for you. Anyone with eyes could see how much the man adored you.
He spoiled you rotten allowing you to run up all of his cards shopping and buying whatever caught your eye. He encouraged you to quit your job and simply sit at home and be pampered, he even hired a masseur for you when you whined about how carrying around all your shopping bags made your arms ache.
Everyone in his gang could see how in love Katsuki was with you, he was so gentle with you even when you were being bratty. Katsuki was holding a meeting with his right hands and you were told to wait outside but tonight was date night and he promised to take you out. You angrily paced back and forth in front of the doors. Kirishima stood in front of it rubbing the back of his neck awkardly,
"I'm sure they're almost done Ms.l/n" he consoled and you rolled your eyes with a sigh,
"I hate Kats! Always choosing his gang over me, aren't I important Kiri?" you asked looking up at him with a pout he nodded. Kirishima moved to the side as the door unlocks and several different men walk out and you storm in huffing and puffing.
"I was just about to ask for my pretty girl, miss me?" he asked as he stood from his chair,
"No! you're so selfish Kats! never spending as much time as you should with me, do you love your gang more than me?" you asked, eyes watering slightly from frustration.
"Doll, of course not, the love I have for you surpasses the love I have for even my gang" he reassures as he wraps his arms around your waist.
You deface him and cross your arms, "Don't 'doll' me I know what you're doing! You're trying to get me to forget what happened" you say
"Lately it's all about the gang and what's best for the gang, you never even notice me anymore! I get all dressed up, put on my prettiest heels 'nd my tightest dress and yet you never even say I'm pretty!" you rant and Katsuki places a hot kiss on your neck that makes you gasp in surprise.
"You're right princess, I've been bad to you lately, 'm sorry, forgive me?" he asks directly into your ear which sends shivers down your spine, your resolve slowly breaks apart as Katsuki feels you up. His hands ran lovingly over your dress-clad body, it was tight and so were Katsuki's pants now. You whined as you felt his hard-on press into your lower back.
"Kats..." you whimper and with a frustrated puff you say,
"F-fine, I'll forgive but only if you..make me cum extra hard today" that last part comes out as a whisper but he still hears it and his cock jumps around excitedly in his pants at the mere thought of what you were implying.
"you know I can't say no to you babydoll"
"ngh...kat-suki" you squeaked out, the man's fingers ground harder against that soft spot inside of you, making your legs kick around as you held them against your chest.
"Can you feel it baby? you feel how sorry I am?" Katsuki asks you, punctuating each question with a thrust of his fingers upwards, a line of drool rolled down the side of your mouth, eyes half lidded and lustful. Katsuki always loved seeing you get dumb like this. He decided to reward you for the good show and spread open your puffy lips with fingers and took your neglected clit into his mouth and sucked Your body spasmed and thrashed around as you squealed in pleasure.
"no-! no it's gonna come out kats..!" you warned and he chuckled at you.
"Isn't that what you baby? thought you wanted to cum just like this?" Katsuki mumbles against your aching clit.
You shake your head against the desk, "wanna cum on your cock kats.."
Katsuki didn't need to hear you repeat that a second to undo his pants, he pushed them along with his boxers down to his ankles and gripped his fat cock, slapping it against your slippery folds.
"Your lil hole 's clenching 'round nothin' babydoll, you want my cock badly huh?"
You nodded your head with teary eyes and Katsuki decided he couldn't tease you any longer. He lined his cock up to your weeping hole and pushed in, his cock slid in easily, your wetness allowing for a smooth entrance. You both let out a sound of pleasure and then Katsuki realized how right you actually were, how long it had actually been since he's been inside of you?
He allowed you to drop one of your legs and he held back the other while he thrusted forward, his thrusts were so powerful they knocked things off the desk, his fingers gripped onto the mahogany wood as he drilled his cock into you. Your back arched off the desk, your gripped onto his biceps for support, your eyes rolling into the back of your head while you were fucked stupid. You could hardly form any words let alone communicate how close you were, so instead your orgasm took Katsuki by surprise when his lower half began getting soaked with your arousal. He mumbled something about you being too brain-dead to give him a warning, he used his free hand to rub quick circles over your clit, you saw stars as you were fucked through  your orgasm, your nails left cresent marks in his arms from how hard you were gripping onto him. He groaned as he felt his own orgasm, his balls tightened the closer he got. A few more thrusts into your greedy cunt and he was cumming with a low groan.
He pulled out a few moments after, watching the mixture of his cum and your own leaking down your thigh. He picked his phone up from off the floor, having been one of the objects he knocked down and took a few commemorative photos of you and set his favorite one as his home screen. His Lock Screen was already a picture of the two of you eating ice cream together, well, more like you eating ice cream and Katsuki admiring you. His heart swelled with joy when he thought about how happy you made him, he felt like a piece of shit for neglecting you.
"Doll, why don't we take a trip together?" He asks and you, still weak from the moments prior weakly sat up,
"Really you mean it?" you said, not entirely wanting to get your hopes up, "What about the gang?"
He stood up and pulled you into his arms, "What about it?"
"Where will we go?"
"Anywhere you want"
You looked up at him to make sure he was 100% serious, "Promise?"
"Mhm, I promise, you're far more important to me than anything or anyone else"
Heat rose to your cheeks at his words and you buried your face in his chest, "I love you kats..."
"I love you too Doll"
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rosiezita · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Soooo I have the house to myself for a couple of days which means I can walk around nude and take selfies in the living room lol i love it so to celebrate here is me no filter on the living room floor 💖💖💖
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yourlittlecxmwhxre · 18 days ago
wanna be laid out and fucked in front of a mirror so I can see your cock disappear inside me, watch myself drool around your fingers, see the moment my brain switches off as you pound into me 
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