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I needed to map this 6 yong faces. Melank’s six sibling. Right to left, youngest to oldest: Katani, Sumiko, Haruko “Fugo”, Yukio, Norishi “Nori”, Hanako and Hikari/Kou “Melank”. All of the Kihiru siblings.

Now, guess who’s the aasimar one.

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We last left off with the Scream Sleuths congregating in Zolmer’s private study, ready to be whisked away to Zyoreia. Filiadel was skeptical about Zolmer’s power. Would he be able to get them their safely? His wording wasn’t extremely reassuring to her.

After a very thorough description from Kathra, Zolmer asked everyone to move closer to him as he began to cast his spell.

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WIP sketch of my half-elf Fighter Eryn from the Call of the Deep campaign. Where we as players are we have just encountered the BBEG of the first arc, with some unexpected consequences. For Eryn, the whole experience was traumatic. To hear the whole story check out the videos and stay tuned for new episodes come out.

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