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midnigtartist · a day ago
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Any excuse to draw Taylor and his cool cool dad
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forsythefrontier · 3 days ago
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Terry tries to bond with Scary (spoiler alert- it doesn’t end too well)
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awnrii · 23 hours ago
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sorry for reposting I like this too much … I care them a normal amount
based on this textpost!!
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psstteenagers · 2 days ago
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took the midnight train goin anywhere
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drawinruner-boyo · a day ago
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Lincoln deserves some fashion ✨✨
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conjured-clown · 2 days ago
Will most likely change parts of Normal's design, it wasn't until AFTER coloring, that i realized he's looking a little too much like percy jackson ;-; what do you guys think?
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I forgot to color teeny's eyes and teeth white SEROUSLY-
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milktrician · a day ago
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my brother started listening to dndads recently
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rooolt · a day ago
I just want scary and links bio parents that they dont know to just be like people, if theyre even explored at all. i just think any conflict or exploration of them would be a lot more interesting if they weren’t “oooh look at that npc namedrop, isnt this craaaaaazy”. like sometimes kids dont know their bio parents and they have to deal with that and thats just a thing in life. Im not saying that i dont want any storylines about them, but i am saying i dont want them to be like anyone we know/related to the doodler
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original-missif · 2 days ago
Thinking about Cassandra Swift again and, after relistening to the whole Mayor debate, thinking about if she could see through the weirdness veil like Mae Hailes, or if like Rebecca Swallows-Oak-Garcea has no idea and really truly thought Nick was just some cool rock guy she fell in love with
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pained-expression · a day ago
In my head one of the FBI guys was wearing a shirt that said female body inspector
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glennclosetrio · 14 hours ago
i think nick close-foster deserves to stay with the main party actually. these kids can take a break from fighting and trauma and just have this sexy buff demon dilf take care of it for them. nick burns the mayor alive in front of a classroom of children and they go get ice cream.
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koszmarnybudyn · a day ago
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I have been relistening to the glenn arc and i forgot how cool Nick was so here he is. He is a fashion disaster so he is still wearing the polo shirt and khakis.
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jellyfishinajamjar · 2 days ago
 Glenjamin “Through the light of Christ I ended Christian Hell!” Close-Freeman
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harveylikestoart · 12 hours ago
I saw your Heather's drawing and may i suggest Hermie Unworthy as either Veronica or JD
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I had fun with the posing!
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babysaurusrex · a day ago
Would you send me your favourite post of yours so I can find new things to fantasize about? 😇✨ It's been a big week 🥺
Do you like my little top? 💜🍰💌
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sammy-witha-c · a day ago
tbh i’ll admit i’ve been putting off my relisten of dndads season 1 because i’m at henry’s arc and i vaguely remembered it being a bit slow even though i remember enjoying it a lot and. i am SO upset i put it off i’ve binged it all in one night and i have THOUGHTS LIKE...
GOD. henry’s character arc is so fucking good like. he came from this toxic, emotionally-abusive place, where over time it became more obvious to him that he didn’t belong. his dad was never proud. he was bullied regularly and then told HE was the problem. his mom, which he clearly loves very, very much, pulled away from him probably from a mixture of the abuse she herself was facing and the fact that henry reminded her of how messed up it all was too. she tried to KILL HIS DAD. which was justified but GOD it must have fucked with henry’s head like. there is something so painful about being raised in a toxic environment and then having the feeling that nothing changes even though you know it deeply should and dungeons and daddies nails it on the fucking head. 
so he finds this broken mirror, right? maybe he knows its purpose. maybe he doesn’t. maybe he wants to escape. maybe he just wants to make his dad proud. but he fixes it, eventually, because he’s smart, and then suddenly he doesn’t remember anything from before and he’s in this whole new fucking world. 
god. henry loves nature. henry loves earth. henry grew up surrounded by trees that were all the same and people who were all unfair and suddenly he was surrounded by so much beautiful diversity... he’s treated with love. the only thing he really remembers is he had a fight with his dad and they never talked again which is so??? he forgot everything except that his dad was bad news and that hurts me so much. he wants to know about his past but he also doesn’t. it’s so painful. i have the hc that henry didn’t forget for any magic reason, it was just him repressing his trauma. and it makes me so SAD man. 
and then his boys- the light of his life- are born. he loves them. he loves them so much it hurts. and they love him too, he thinks, and henry doesn’t know what the hell to do with that. his mom loved him but hated him at the same time. his dad was never proud, always saying henry was to blame. but now he’s got these two beutiful kids who he loves so fucking much and he’s so scared of screwing up. he’s so scared. 
henry comes back to the forgotten realms and he can do magic. he doesn’t know why but he can. henry find out his dad brought him here and he’s suddenly faced with repressed trauma he doesn’t want to remember. he loves his boys. he loves his wife. he needs to go home. he heads to oakvale. 
can you imagine how painful that must’ve been??? for him to visit this place where he never belonged and find he still doesn’t??? henry is such a forgiving and nice person. i have to imagine there was a part of him- however small- that thought, maybe it changed. maybe it’s okay now. but it isn’t, and nothing’s different, and henry’s just a kid again who can’t make his dad proud. 
and his boys are there. they’re saying they love him. henry is having a mental breakdown and they love him. henry has found out he doesn’t belong anywhere, actually, and they love him. 
he sees his mom. he loves his mom. she seems excited for a moment. it all goes dull. he loves his mom and she is telling him she was happier when he wasn’t here. he loves his mom and nothing’s right. 
they’re your grandchildren, he says. they’re you’re grandchildren. henry isn’t confident in himself- henry has a sort of hatred for himself, actually, because he was never shown to love the parts of him that were faults. but he’s confident in his children. he loves his children so fucking much. they’re a lot sometimes and they don’t listen but they’re the best thing that’s ever happened to him. they’re your grandchildren. be proud of me. they’re your grandchildren. mom- i love you. 
i don’t want to meet them, autumn yells. and henry finally understands the extent of which he will never. 
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steve-of-the-woods · 2 days ago
Dungeons and Daddies season 2 episode 6 out of context spoilers
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cakeofthepan · a day ago
In this house we love and support DILFs
[Audio Transcript:
*Mission Impossible Theme plays in background*
Ashly: And hey everyone, I'm Ashly Burch. I play Dennis Anderson. He is a thirst trap PTA firefighter widow dad.
Freddie: Ooo we love him for it.
Ashly: And he's a bit of a rogue. He's a bit rogue-ish in his way.
Ron: That guy, Dennis. That really hot guy, that firefighter yoga bod guy.
Ashly: One of the widows that had taken a shine to him gave him a shirt that said DILF, but underneath it said, "Devoted, Involved, Loving Father." And he just thinks that that's what—
Beth: *Laughs*
Freddie: That's such a good shirt. That is such a good shirt.
Ashly: That's what he thinks DILF stands for, and he was like, "Oh, that's really sweet." And now it's kind of an in joke between her and the other widows.
Freddie: Oh my-
Ron: Hey Paeden, ummm, who's your friend here?
Paeden: Uhhh, Dennis?
Dennis: *laughs* Ron...
Paeden: Obviously, my main man
Ashly: Whenever Dennis gets a natural 20 he goes "I'm just happy to be here"
Will, Freddie, Matt: *laughter*
Erin: Ugh, is Dennis still with you?
Ron: Dya.. Erin, you know about Dennis?
Dennis: Yes, Erin, I'm here.
Erin: I hate Dennissss.
Dennis: I don't understand why you hate me so much. I happen to respect you very much.
Ron: Hey, Erin. Erin, it's me, Ron! I hate Dennis too! I uhh, Well, I don't hate him—
Darryl: Ron, that's not a healthy way to talk when he can hear him.
Ron: He's really nice. I don't know how to put this, but, you don't really see Dennis that often bef… He hasn't been around here before. I'm not trying to pick him up at a bar, it's just he just not..  he... doesn't exist.
Anthony: Erin immediately starts whispering,
Erin: Ron, I'm trying to play hard-to-get with Dennis. I fucking love Dennis, don't ruin this for me
Will, Ashly, Freddie, Matt: *laughing*
Ron: You're in love with Dennis? Gahhhhh uhhh uhhh uhhh uh Terry, Terry Junior.
Erin: He's so hot and nice and a firefighter, what am I supposed…
Ron: I know, I know.
Erin: Ugh, you ruined it! You ruined it!
Ashly: Dennis sheds a single tear for the elephant he wished he didn't have to kill
Anthony: So, as has been your suspicion this entire time
Will, Freddie: *laughter*
Anthony: Dennis, is the coolest guy
*Mission Impossible Theme fades out*
Ashly, Will, Matt [overlapping]: *laughter*
Ron: My humps, my humps, my lovely camel humps. Check it out.
Anthony: Okay, so what happens is, you dive.
Ron: I drive these camels crazy. I do it on the daily. They're asking for my water. I… *sad inhale*
Dennis: Said, "Oh, don't you bother."
Ron [on the verge of tears]: Thanks, Dennis.
Will: *laughs*
Dennis: You got it, man.
End Transcript]
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Did Anthony actually state that Erin has red hair or were we all just on the same page there
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pencildragons · 2 days ago
things i want from dndads s2:
the teens meeting scam likely
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