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Irregular updates, magic items with description in the notes:


Potion of Undeath

Rare, Consumable

When you drink this potion, your skin loses its vitality, your joints tighten up and your eyes sink in and lose the glint of life.
For 24 hours, this potion makes you look, smell, move and sound like an undead zombie. However your creature type is still humanoid. Magic to determine a creature’s true nature will falsely reveal that you are undead.
You gain resistance to Necrotic damage while you are in this state.
All Undead with an intelligence lower then 14 will regard you with indifference. However, they will still attack back if provoked by an attack, or commanded to.


Reaver and Ripper
Rare, Scimitars, (Requires Attunement)

You gain a +1 to attack and damage rolls made with these weapons.

When you’re attuned to Reaver and Reaper and make attacks with them you deal an additional 1d4 slashing damage. When you hit a Small or larger creature that bleeds, you gain HP equal to half of your damage rolls.

Cursed: This sword is cursed, and becoming attuned to it extends the curse to you. As long as you remain cursed, you are unwilling to part with the scimitars, keeping it within reach at all times. You have disadvantage on attacks with all other weapons except Reaver and Ripper.

Additionally, you must submerge these blades in the blood of your enemies every 24 hours or suffer one point of exhaustion. If you have suffered one point of exhaustion through this method, and haven’t submerged Reaver and Ripper in blood, you do not recover your exhaustion with a long rest.


Mask of Reylan

Very Rare, (Requires Attunement.) 

When wearing this mask, you gain +1 AC.
If you fail a saving throw, you may succeed instead. This feature can only be used once for long rest.
The Mask of Reylan has 10 charges and regains 1d6+4 charges every morning. You can cast the following spells with your spell save DC or a DC of 15.

Disguise Self: at Will
Tasha’s Hideous Laughter: 2 charges
Cause Fear: 1 Charge
Fear: 5 charges
The frightened effect from these spells work on creatures that are immune to the frighten condition.

Upon using the last charge, roll a d20. If a 1 is rolled every creature within 30 feet, including the wearer, must succeed a dc 17 con save or take 6d10 psychic damage. Succeeding the save means taking half damage.

Curse: Upon placing the mask on one’s own face, it can not be taken off by force as it fuses to the skin of the wearer. Casting Remove Curse on it will only result in ethereal laughter. Only a wish spell can remove the mask.

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It took me like five thousand years but i’ve finally finished all the updated looks for my dnd campaign! We reached Level 10 recently so of course everyone wanted to update their looks for this milestone (plus it’s been a while!). So this is the new “official art”!!! These six are the current regulars (we have a player or two taking a break so I haven’t updated them yet)

We stream our dnd games live weekly over at Dicefunctional on twitch (Saturdays at 4pm EST), and we upload the sessions to Youtube later in the week as well.

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Sae’Ryn Crow

Glad to finally have him done! I’ll be retiring Vashja/Shivarra soon in our campaign and taggin Sae’ryn in for the time being. Still working out the details of his backstory but here goes:

This is Sae'ryn Crow, the half elf fighter.  Never knowing his human father, Sae'ryn was born to Giesylla “The Crying Queen”, a courtesan of the brothel “The Water’s Caress” in the seaside town of Siren’s Song.  He grew up within the walls of the Water’s Caress and was aggressively protective of his mother and the ladies of the brothel, often violently fighting off unruly guests.

When Sae’ryn was growing up a young Triton women named Unara came into the care and protection of the Water’s Caress. Unara was tight lipped about who she was brought with her several Triton artifacts, including an axe named “Undertow”. Sae’ryn and Unara were of similar age and spent several years slowly falling in love. 

In his early adulthood Sae'ryn founded and led the Vulture Kings, a mercenary and criminal organization, for several years until their mysterious violent demise. Sae’ryn doesn’t know who killed the Vulture Kings and is thus on the run from both sides of the law. At the time he’ll be joining up with the party he’ll be looking for a means to clear his name ,return to his wife to be, and finally be rid of the criminal life for good.

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I told them not to change stats when re-skinning, so if you want a storm giant pyromancer to be a big robot turret you don’t need to change anything.

As you point out I have, in fact, been changing damage values for monsters on Critical Hit. This is because once you approach upper paragon tier (and later epic tier), both monsters and PCs have way, way too many hit points, as well as very high defenses. Players also have a lot of ways to mitigate damage (both incoming and after the fact).


Originally posted by ghostofcheney

So what I have been doing is: In order to have as little effect on the player’s character sheets as possible I’m multiplying monster damage dice by (usually) 4, as well as reducing monster hit points by ½ or 1/3.

So to clarify if a monster attack does 3d10+12 instead I have it deal 12d10+12. If the monster has 250 hp I reduce it to 125 HP instead. I have also done away with minion rolls, they just deal a flat, large amount of damage on their turn. This has been very effective in making fights deadlier and more exciting as well as shorter (I mean, it’s still 4e so they’re kinda long).

As far as the damage for the Astral Sea? Well, it’s suppose to be the D&D equivalent of space, so space is cold and full of radiation, thus 12d12+12 cold and radiant, the amount is to kill pretty much anything that falls into it, but still give the players a chance to get out. Although, again, at the cusp of max level that amount of damage that probably doesn’t even bloody Sekhar any more.

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I need a break from the terribleness, so look at this!

My HeroForge mini got here super early (originally meant to ship July, but then was scheduled for June 1st, and then got here May 29th instead!), so I went and put together my kit for whenever I’m able to go out and play in the campaign we had planned.

Emmett Ateur (real name Six) is a young Changeling orphan adopted by a kindly old gentleman named Count LeStig, who turned out to be one of the most notorious con men in the continent. Growing up and learning the game, Six found themself worshipping the deity Leira, the Lady of Deception, eventually proving enough of an asset in trickery that they gained powers from it. Their stunts caught up with them, and Six saw the Count’s estate go up in flames, presumably killing their adoptive father. Going on the run under an assumed identity, Six eventually returned, taking the form of one of the Count’s aliases, Emmett Ateur, seeking answers.

A Level 3 Trickery Domain Cleric (2)/Rogue (1) multiclass will hopefully be fun enough to roleplay, with their being a Changeling leading to all sorts of shenanigans. And I’ll probably mostly be using D&D Beyond for things, but I like having physical stuff to refer back to at a glance. I’m still debating what I’ll use the 2nd “free” Color Mini on the site for, but I’m super happy with how it turned out!

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Been drawing a bit in the style of Darkest Dungeon. I really like the style, always been a fan of Mike Mignola and the likes and finding out this style is directly inspired by him as well was just a cherry on top.

First pic is of my Triton Paladin who’s maybe a bit of an egotistical maniac, and the second one is a line up of my Party for dnd, Dmed by the wonderful @commanderkaye00​.

I do not take credit for the background of the second pic, that was created for the Video game Darkest Dungeon, which i seriously recommend checking out if you like tactical games, and lovecraftian horror.

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