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Okay so, here’s some random 4am rambling

Most of you probably know I DM a game. I have been doing so for over a year and +52 sessions, which is quite a bit! I have three players. And, I’ll be entirely honest: I haven’t ever given Inspiration to my players.

Not because I don’t feel they don’t deserve it, but mostly, because I don’t feel like I’m the one who can judge when do they deserve it. Maybe it comes from being quite burned from a past game, where my True Neutral character was slowly growing into Neutral Good, but made a decision (running away (to find help) instead of getting captured with the rest of the group), and the DM heavily punished me for it, saying I wasn’t being true to a Neutral Good character. I got the XP from that session cut in half, which set me even further behind to the rest of the party.

And ever since, I feel like I can’t be the jury on whether someone RP’d their character properly, so I don’t feel comfortable handing Inspiration on that basis. I even suggested my players for them to be able to give it to each other, but they didn’t really feel like doing so either. 

Anyways, what are your thoughts? How do you handle Inspiration in your games?

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Ok, so. Ive been playing dnd with some friends for about 4 months, but they already played together for about a year and a half. That means that all of them have DM’d at some point (except me cuz im relatevely new). Last session one of them realized and said “hey Mac, you should DM a oneshot sometime since u have never DM’d”.

An thats when the anxiety hit. Now getting anxiety cuz i want to DM but i fear im gonna do such a bad job they are gonna kick me out of the group or that they are gonna hate my campaign or that they are not gonna want to be friends anymore.

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Yo if you were a Con Paladin wearing loads of heavy armor and you were teleported over the BBEG, if you stick the landing on that bitch, would you have to roll strength for the attack, dexterity for the momentum accumulated or Constitution to compare your constitution to the BBEG to see whose armor breaks first?

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