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You said send a character, you already know who I'm about to say, the brainrot is so bad i need help 😔
“Where’s my angel?”
Jean switches the light on in his daughter’s room, chuckling as he catches her squirming under her blankets. A soft giggle escapes her bed and Jean can’t help the smile that spreads across his face at the sound. 
“Is she still asleep?” he asks loudly. The giggle sounds again as he draws nearer. “She better not be,” he huffs. “It’s time for breakfast, and she wouldn’t want the tickle monster-”
“No!” Her squeal interrupts him as she tosses her covers off to reveal a mess of curls and Paw Patrol pajamas. “No tickle monster!”
Jean cocks his head to the side when she scrambles onto her feet on the bed. “Why’d daddy have to come get you then?”
Jean braces himself as she crouches. “Dunno,” she giggles, and then she launches herself at him. With a handful of squirming toddler Jean backs out of her room, one hand brushing the hair out of her face as he takes her into the kitchen.
“Thought you’d be excited to see mommy,” he muses. His daughter gasps, jerking away from his chest to stare wide eyed at him. “Did you forget mommy was coming home today, angel?”
“I did!” She squirms getting comfortable when he deposits her on the counter and slides a plate of waffles within her reach. 
“‘s okay,” Jean soothes when she pouts. “We’ve got a couple hours before we have to go pick her up.”
“Good, because we have to get flowers,” she says around a mouthful of food.
“No talking with your mouth full,” Jean chastises. He daubs gently at some syrup at the corners of her mouth, his eyes glued to her face as she chews. 
He doesn’t think there’s anything he can do that will ever properly convey how much he loves his daughter or you for helping him create her. He’s only half listening as she babbles, dutifully opening his mouth when she aims her fork at him, and smiling when she wiggles in excitement. 
A short while later, after she’s helped him clean up and sat still long enough for him to comb her hair into something presentable, Jean helps her pick out an outfit and then straps her into her car seat. She’s easily distracted by her iPad until Jean parks near the flower shop. It’s almost as thought she can sense it. Her squeal has him squeezing his eyes shut.
“Easy,” he soothes when she starts bouncing in her seat. “I’ll get you out.”
Jean chuckles. “Yeah angel, flowers.”
The florist knows your daughter by name. Unsurprising considering how many afternoons Jean had spent in here getting flowers for you. Jean sets her on her feet and trails after her as she goes around showing the nice old man the ones she wants for her mommy’s bouquet.
“Oh?” Mr. Kirishima chuckles when your daughter stops near a display of vibrant sunflowers. “Do you like these ones?” The man squats to get on eye level with her as she twiddles her fingers and nods shyly at him.
“They’re very pretty,” she points out.
The man laughs. “They are, they’re called Sunflowers. Do you know what makes them really special?”
She cocks her head at him.
“These flowers—” he starts, huffing as he straightens to pluck one out of the vase and hand to her “—represent adoration, loyalty and longevity.”
Jean smiles when his daughter turns bright confused eyes on him. “Do you want to add these to your mom’s bouquet?”
She nods quickly, eyeing the flower curiously. Later, as Jean helps her out of the car at the airport she asks the question he knows she’s been dying to ask.
“What does long- long—” she fumbled with the word, pouting when she comes up empty of the rest.
“Longevity,” he supplies.
“Mhm! What does it mean?”
She’s clutching the giant bouquet carefully in both hands, waddling a little as she attempts to balance it. Jean pauses, before he answers, to admire her. His perfect little angel. It hits him like a ton of bricks in this moment that he wants more.
More kids.
“It means forever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever—”
Her giggle interrupts him and he can’t help himself as he takes the bouquet from her and hoists her into his arms to smother her cheeks in kisses.
“C’mon,” he says, when her squeals die down. He can’t find it in himself to return to her feet after that and so restores to carrying her through the airport. “Let’s go get your mama.”
His daughter spots you first. Her scream echoes in his ear as he lowers her to the ground. You’re beaming when you spot him, abandoning your luggage to spread your arms to capture your run away child as she comes barreling toward you.
“Oh, I’ve missed you so much,” you breathe, eyes closed as you soak her in. Her familiar scent soothes you. Settles all of your nerves. Your husband’s presence has you opening your eyes.
You coke face to face with a beautiful bouquet of flowers. Sunflowers, and roses. It’s beautiful, and when your husband peeks his head around it you can’t help but break out in a wide smile.
“Welcome home baby,” he greets, closing the space between you for a brief kiss. “Our angel helped me pick out the flowers.”
“She did?” You let him get your luggage as you take the bouquet from him. Your daughter nods.
“Mhm, and Mr. Kirishima told me about sunflowers!”
“Did he?”
“Mhm, he said they represent long- long—”
“Longevity,” your husband tells her.
“That! And daddy says it means forever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever. And that’s how much I love you.”
You’re tearing up in the airport parking lot. Your husband’s knowing smirk in the background and your daughters wide innocent smile in the foreground.
“Oh angel,” you sniffle. “I love you that much too.”
“And me?” Jean asks with a faux pout.
“I love you that much too.”
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accidental confessions
inc. itto, albedo
summary. you accidentally make your feelings for them obvious when you least expect it
Tumblr media
“well hey there, (y/n)! i wasn’t expecting to see you today!” itto exclaims, patting you on the back just a bit too hard.
you stretch your shoulders. “yeah, but my plans cleared up so…”
“that’s good, for me at least! call me crazy but the days i don’t get to see you are always so boring!” he groans.
you zone out as he continues talking. for the past few weeks, you had been feeling different about itto. he was a great friend of yours, but every time you looked at him, you just felt… different. you didn’t want to be just friends with him anymore. and it freaked you out. what if things changed if you started dating him? what if he didn’t like you back? what if you finally mustered up the courage to tell him and he thought it was a joke? what if—
“ooh, you know what we should do?” itto asks, finally breaking through your endless thoughts.
you clear your throat. “what should we do, itto?”
“do some good ole sparring, that’s what!”
you sigh. you were tired of going up against him and ultimately losing because you didn’t want to fight him in the first place. especially because you were just practice for his rematch against the tengu warrior kujou sara (which was definitely never happening.)
“ah… i dunno,” you start, trying to figure out how to gently shut down his idea.
“oh, come on!” he pleads. “my skills still need refining you know! especially if i’m gonna win against kujou… kujou… kujou the procrastination warrior!” he says.
you roll your eyes. and by the expression on your face, itto thinks he’s figured it all out.
“ahh, i see,” he says, stopping in his tracks and crossing his arms. “you’re jealous of kujou sara!”
“what? no, i am not jealous!” you shout back. some of the people in the outskirts of inazuma look towards you and itto, who stares back at you with a shocked expression. slightly embarrassed, you turn away and start walking again.
you can hear itto’s footsteps behind you. “hey… uh, sorry if i upset you back there… wasn’t my intention,” he apologizes.
“it’s fine,” you shoot back. “i’m not mad.”
“just annoyed?” he questioned. another sigh leaves you. he can read you like a book.
“i just… wish we would do more things than just sparring, you know?” you say softly.
itto pauses for a moment. “oh.”
it falls silent between the two of you for a few moments before he continues. “but, why…? i mean, hey, i take it as a compliment, but i didn’t know you were actually interested in just hanging out with me,” he explains.
“well, i guess it’s because i like you, itto.” you blurt out. your eyes widen at what you just said and you pray that itto didn’t hear you.
“i like you too, bug!” you cringe at the nickname he gave you. “that’s why i want to spar with you all the—“ he stops talking when he looks to you. “…oh.”
you squeeze your eyes shut and wait for him to start laughing. or reject you. or get freaked out. but he doesn’t do any of that.
“you mean, like me like me, right?” he asks.
you nervously fidget with your fingers. “uh… yeah,” you reply quietly.
itto suddenly starts cheering, nearly making you jump out of your skin with his sudden yells. “no way! i had no idea and i mean, like NO idea you liked little ole me!” he exclaims. “i gotta be the luckiest man in all of inazuma!”
“magnesium, please.” albedo says.
you’re deep in thought; mostly about the blonde boy next to you. especially when he was right next to you, it was hard to collect yourself.
“magnesium.” he says louder.
“oh — sorry,” you reply, quickly handing him a nearby vial.
you had taken up his offer to be his lab assistant for the day. you thought it would just be a nice gesture to spend some time with him, but you completely forgot to take in account that you had an almost overwhelmingly large crush on albedo. the kind of crush where all you can think about is them, and every time you see them you get flustered. you had told sucrose about your feelings since she was a close friend, but you were too scared to confess to him, because—
“pipette, please.” albedo says, raising his voice again.
you pick up the pipette and hand it to him. “sorry!” you repeat.
albedo pauses. “(y/n)? are you feeling alright?” he asks.
your cheeks get warm at his question. you didn’t mean to make it so obvious. “i’m fine… i just have a lot on my mind.” you say, trying to brush it off.
“oh,” albedo remarks. “would you like to tell me about it?”
“no,” you say quickly. “i mean… i don’t wanna bother you with my thoughts. it’s nothing serious.” you tell him.
“don’t worry about that. i’m all ears, especially for you.” he tells you.
you want to scream and run away. he had no idea that he was only adding on to the weird, warm feeling in your chest. “uh… really, its… okay,” you stutter.
“…alright,” albedo says softly. he uses the pipette to transfer some liquid into the container in front of him. “i won’t pressure you.”
the rest of the day went by smoothly — you had managed to pull yourself together and help albedo successfully, and his experiments were a success.
“thank you again for helping me,” albedo tells you, helping you put your coat on. “i couldn’t have done it without you.”
“i’m glad i could help,” you respond, grinning. “i had a nice time today.”
“are you sure you don’t need me to escort you back to mondstadt?” he asks.
you nod. “i’ll be fine on my own.” truthfully, you’d love for albedo to walk with you, but you couldn’t stand to be with him any longer or you might just explode.
“alright,” he says. “please be safe on your way down.”
“i will!” you answer. “i’ll see you soon, albedo.”
you start to walk away from his camp, but albedo calls your name.
“(y/n)! wait! i wanted to ask you something.”
“oh, uh… sure. what’s up?” you ask.
“i heard you talking to sucrose the other day…”
you nearly fall to your knees and roll down the moment right that second.
“…and i quite like you too. i wanted to ask if you’d like to come back here tomorrow, just you and me, to walk around dragonspine. i know it’s not an ideal date, but it’s something i’d like to do with you.” albedo says. “so what do you say?”
“you… heard what i said to sucrose?” you ask, mortified.
albedo smiles. “yes. i didn’t want to make things more awkward by making myself seen, but… it seems a bit foolish not to seize this opportunity, no?”
you can’t hide how embarrassed you are, but you quickly nod. “i’d love to see you tomorrow! and… sorry you had to find out that way.”
albedo shakes his head. “no, i don’t mind. in fact, i’m quite relieved that my job was made a bit easier since i found out you feel the same way.” he looks out towards mondstadt. “it’s getting dark… we should get going.”
“we?” you ask.
albedo nods. “there’s no way i’m letting you return to mondstadt by yourself now… i need to make sure you get back safe myself.”
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katsukisbimbo · a year ago
Then and Now | one
Tumblr media Tumblr media
✯pairing: ryōmen sukuna x reader x gojo satoru
✯summary: where gojo’s best friend is the reincarnation of sukuna’s former lover.
✯wordcount: 4.3k+
✯warning: fem! reader, she/her pronouns, swearing
✯note: omg i’ve literally been sitting on this for 3 weeks but here it is!!! i’ve fallen down a jjk hole and i don’t think i can ever get up
part two
Tumblr media
“Satoru! Where’s Megumi? You said he’d be here? Something about looking for a special grade?” you bounced around, grasping his arm and shaking it along with you. You loved annoying him. The two of you had always been close. As a child, Gojo was still as bright and cocky as he was today, he had many proclamations of being your protector. Though, as you two aged, you learned how to protect yourself, becoming a jujutsu sorcerer whilst staying by his side. Of course, you were nowhere as talented as Gojo, but you never let that stop you, and he never used that fact against you.
You were still high in the rankings, a grade 1 to be exact, and you worked hard to get there. Not because you wanted to catch up with Gojo, but because you wanted to make him proud. He was the only one who had supported you through it all. Your parents weren’t much help, but Gojo was there for you when your world was crashing down, when you had broken into pieces he would be the one to put you back together.
There had never been a time where you had doubted Gojo. Until, maybe now.
“I dunno, I got souvenirs!! Kikufuku Mochi! They’re really good! You gotta eat some with me!” his mouth quirked up into a boyish grin. Gojo never lost his childishness and that was something you had always admired, even if his personality constantly irked you during your tween years. Nonetheless, you both stay loyal to one another.
You couldn’t help but smile at him.
“Why’re ya smiling like a weirdo? You got a crush on me or somethin’? He teased, using his free hand to boop the fluff of your cheek with his pointer finger. He never failed to ruin the moment. Typical Gojo. You sighed, running a hand over your face. “Shut up Gojo, let's go find Megumi before something bad happens to the kid.” you huffed, earning a laugh from your companion.
“You didn’t tell me the cursed object was Ryomen Sukuna’s finger.”
“You never asked.”
“You little-”
“What’s the situation?” he suddenly spoke, cutting you off whilst catching the attention of both Megumi and the strawberry haired male. You knew in an instance that this male was the vessel of Ryomen Sukuna. He emitted the curse energy of Sukuna himself. You always felt a connection to Sukuna and had helped find several clues and his fingers, resulting in the higher-ups permanently putting you on this case. 
 “Gojo-sensei! Why are you here?” Megumi exclaimed, his eyes soon darted to your figure right beside Gojo. “Y/n-sensei too?” he gaped. It was obvious that both you and his mentor were close, though, lately, it felt like there was something deeper going on between both of you. 
“Hey! How are you Megumi?” you chimed, approaching his wounded figure. “I don’t think he’s good Y/n. He’s all beat up!” he responded, fishing his cell phone out of his pocket. “I should show the second-years!”. He laughed as he snapped a few embarrassing pictures to send to his other students, causing Megumi to turn and hide his shame, along with his injuries. 
 “The higher-ups wouldn't shut up with a special-grade cursed object missing, so I stopped by while doing some sightseeing.” he huffed, knowing Gojo, he rolled his eyes. You did understand his dislike for the higher-ups. They tended to be more traditional and strict with their ways, while Gojo was...not. Of course, you would always stand by Gojo, even if it meant going up against your superiors. It was all or nothing with him. 
“Then Y/n showed up! I don’t even know where she came from!” he loudly exclaimed, as if he wasn’t that skilled to the point where he could sense you the moment you step into the vicinity. You rolled your eyes, whilst the two boys sweatdropped. “So, did you find it?” he queried, staring directly at his student. 
“Um… Sorry, but I ate it” the strawberry-haired male awkwardly chimed in. 
A pause. 
“For real?”
“For real.” the two replied in unison.
Gojo moved to observe him, leaning in close to his face. His chin propped onto his right hand in contemplation, a little pout forming onto his lips. He leaned in close with a laugh before pulling away from the male. Sometimes Gojo forgot that boundaries existed. The thought made you sigh, your mind suddenly recalling the time Gojo had tried to convince you to take a bath with him while still being in the tub, the bubbles barely covering what they needed to cover. Of course, Gojo enjoyed teasing you, along with being able to see your cute flustered face. You were pulled out of your daydream as he suddenly spoke, not realizing that you had completely missed their conversation. 
“Then give us ten seconds. Once ten seconds are up, come back to us.” Gojo demanded as he stretched. You stretched your hand out towards him, taking his souvenir to protect it. You knew Gojo was craving to fight Sukuna. You could feel it. You were aware that he was stronger since he had only ingested one of twenty cursed fingers of Sukuna, but that still did not ease your anxiety. 
Megumi, knowing how much of an overthinker you are, gently grasped your hand hanging on your side, lightly squeezing it in reassurance, as if to say ‘He’ll be okay, he’s the strongest.” You proceeded to nod at him and return the gesture. You pulled out a clean handkerchief, moving to slowly wipe the blood away from his face, aware of the fact that it would take some time to get him the proper medical attention he needs. 
“Don’t worry, I’m the strongest.” he cheekily responded. That eased your anxiety even more. You rolled your eyes once more at his cockiness. A small part of you hoped that Gojo would be graced with the opportunity to get his ass kicked, but a bigger part of you was aware of how strong Gojo was, and knew how quickly he would be able to defeat Sukuna’s vessel. 
You slowly sat beside Megumi, straightening the short length of your skirt while stretching your legs. You had a love-hate relationship with your jujutsu uniform, love because you looked amazing in it, and hate because a certain someone made your skirt length a tad bit too short. Of course, you wore shorts underneath, but it was still irrational to force all of the females to wear something as revealing as a skirt. 
Technically, it wasn’t mandatory for you to wear the uniform but Gojo insisted as it would raise “morale”.
As Gojo continued to ramble on, a dark figure was already ascending, aiming for Gojo himself. 
“Behind you!” yelled Megumi, frantically reaching for your hand to pull you away but you just brushed him off, patting his knee to reassure him. “Don’t worry Megumi, I got you, just let Gojo have his fun.” he slowly nodded, still listening to his mentor ramble about mochi. 
In a split second, Gojo was sitting atop of Sukuna, whilst Sukuna was crouched between your thighs, his arms on either side of your legs, the skin of your thighs barely brushing against his forearms. You laughed at his incredulous expression before raising a hand to pat his cheek and mockingly pouting before blowing him a kiss. Leaving him stunned, he quickly snapped out of his daydream before continuing to attack Gojo. 
Your eyes fluttered open, the bed of flowers soft underneath your fingertips. You glanced around, hoping to find something, someone, anything familiar within the vicinity. Panic engulfed you, bile steadily rising in your throat. Tears began to gather in your eyes. Being in unfamiliar places had always given you a large amount of anxiety, especially since you’d just been sitting beside your pupil while watching your best friend fight the king of curses. 
“What are you doing just sitting there dumbass?” a gruff voice called from behind you. You whipped your head back, hoping to find someone you know, but no such luck. The person behind you was quite intimidating. They emitted straight power and confidence. Unable to say anything, you stood there gaping at the stranger.
“What? Why’re you staring at me Y/n? You like me that much?” he teased, stepping closer to your figure to brush the stray leaves that had fallen onto your head. Even if he was a stranger, you felt no need to flinch or run away from him. The air around him had a sense of familiarity. As if he were a warm blanket amidst a harsh winter. You wanted to wrap yourself in him, feel him and his warmth. His love.
“Come on, let’s go princess. I don’t need you getting sick ‘cuz you were being a dumbass.” he sighed, wrapping his arm around your waist before pressing a kiss on your forehead.
At that moment, everything had faded away, leaving you with nothing but butterflies and the tingling sensation left on your forehead from his loving kiss.
You glanced at your shocked pupil. His eyes are wide with his mouth agape. “Y/n-sensei… Have you finally lost it? Y-You just patted Sukuna’s cheek!” he loudly exclaimed, throwing his arms up in the air. You laughed before avoiding his gaze, concealing the visible traces of shock etched on your face with a smile. 
That vision. You have never had something of that sort ever occur in your lifetime. Your mind was completely muddled. Barely registering the next words that leave Gojo’s mouth. 
“Both my student and my future girlfriend are watching, so I’m going to show off a little,” he smirked, leaning back onto Sukuna. They continued to fight, not that you were paying attention. You felt Gojo’s stare land on you a couple of times, yet your mind was still occupied with what you had seen. 
You suddenly shot up, carrying Megumi as Sukuna’s vessel came skidding towards the both of you. You ran behind Gojo, knowing that it would be safer for Megumi. You sighed once more before sitting Megumi down. Dusting your skirt, you dug into Gojo’s bag of treats before munching on a piece of mochi. 
“You jujutsu sorcerers are always trouble, no matter what era!” Sukuna growled, pointedly staring at you as he launched another attack at Gojo. “Though that doesn’t mean much to me.” he continued smugly before his eyes widened, seeing as the three of you had come out fully unscathed.
Megumi sighed as Gojo continued to count down, Sukuna’s vessel returning to his body once more after ten seconds, just as Gojo had instructed him to do so. You droned out for the rest of the conversation, lost in your thoughts on who the male could be. It couldn't be Gojo, the male's voice had a gruffness that Gojo didn’t have. 
“You can really control it.” Gojo mused, stepping towards him. 
“He’s kind of annoying though, I can hear his voice. He keeps mentioning this girl. Her name is Y/n I think? He keeps cursing her out! Saying things like ‘After almost a millennia she shows up!’ and ‘I’m never forgiving her, no matter how pretty she looks in that skirt.’ and--” he paused, scratching the back of his head. “He just swore at me for exposing him.” 
Both Gojo and Megumi turned to you, eyebrows raised in curiosity. You froze. You weren’t sure of what these two wanted to hear, as you are just as clueless to the situation as they are. Contemplating how to answer, you ended up shrugging your shoulders, stuffing your face with even more mochi, resulting in Gojo sighing before knocking out and carrying the male. 
You sighed, throwing yourself onto your bed before glancing at the cursed object currently on the palm of your hand. Sukuna’s severed finger was long while his nails were sharp. You traced the skin of the fingers, your curiosity getting the best of you. You studied his fingers from time to time but never got tired of looking at them, feeling the immense power it held. 
“Why are you still up?” 
“Fuck you Satoru. I hate it when you sneak up on me like that you bastard,” you grumbled, shoving your face even further into your pillows to avoid seeing his cheeky smile that you adored. “Aw. You’re so mean to me,” he fake pouted. “I just wanna be… appreciated,” he yelled in tiny, quoting that one lady. 
“Come here. Take off your jacket and go change into proper nightclothes, assuming you’re staying the night again.” rolling your eyes. Satoru had made a habit of sleeping in your room, leaving his quarters almost always vacant. He basically lived with you! Even when both of you would see each other almost every day! Excluding the days when you are both on missions. 
He smiled before rummaging through your drawers and silently made his way into the bathroom, shutting the door with a soft ‘click’”
When he came back, you were already fast asleep. Your fluffy sheets enveloping your whole figure, making you look so small in the mess of sheets you peacefully laid in. So beautifully peaceful. He smiled, leaning down to give your forehead a small peck, then situating himself beside your figure and pulling your body into his arms, knowing how well you slept when you were held. 
You inwardly groaned, feeling as if your head was about to be split into two. You looked around, stuck in an unfamiliar place once more. This time, it was real life. You could feel it. You were able to control all your actions unlike during the first occurrence. Meaning that the vision you experienced may have been a memory, maybe from your past life. 
This place had a menacing aura, a silent force pushing you to bend to its will. You knew better. Being an experienced sorcerer yourself. You grasped the holsters located under your skirt, silently clutching the pair of your guns before walking forward. You were able to enclose your cursed energy into your guns, shooting them out whenever and however you pleased. 
“Nice guns. I remember when you didn’t use any weapons at all. Only using your cursed energy to fight. You were a much better fighter back then.” a voice drawled, a shiver going up your spine. You whipped around, eyes widening at the King of Curses sitting on his rightful throne. “What are you talking about Ryomen Sukuna?” you growled, clicking the safety off of your weapons. 
“So formal. You used to call me Su-chan, you know?” he smirked, greedily enjoying your facial expressions. “That was then. Before you fucked me over,” he growled, his face contorting into anger. “You don’t remember what you did to me. Do you? You’re selfish. Then and now. You’re so fucking selfish. Get out before I lose my patience with you.” he growled, fists balling. 
Your jaw dropped in shock. You didn’t expect his personality to flip so quickly.
“Fuck you, man. I don’t even know you. You don’t even know me like that. Stop acting like you do! What do you mean ‘back then’? You’re swearing at me without even telling me what I did!” one step. “You’re a bitch!” two steps. “You’re a pussy!” three steps. “Fuck you!” you were running now. “You’re a fucking dick! Suck my dick!” you spat right in front of his face, leaving him stunned. Who was crazy enough to curse out the literal King of Curses?
One, in his domain. Two, when he’s no less than a foot away. And three, to his actual face. Only an absolute mad person. It was a fitting description. You angrily peeked at his expression. Waiting for him to obliterate you. His hooded expression is dark. You stilled, unsure of what to do. He… He wasn’t moving nor speaking. Could you just leave? You weren’t even aware of where you are or how you even got here. 
“Hey... Are you okay? You haven’t moved in a while. I’m sorry for swearing at you, but you kinda deserved it, not gonna lie.” scratching your head. You continued to stand awkwardly, hoping that he would just stop tormenting you with the silence.
“He-Ah!” you screeched as you were pulled into his lap. His arms wrapping around your waist to constrict you from moving, his hands entwining behind your back. You positioned one of your pistols beneath his chin, forcing him to meet your gaze. He smirked, placing a kiss on the barrel of your gun, further flustering you, warmth spreading to your cheeks. 
“You still don’t know how to listen. After a thousand years.” he chuckled. “You’re still the same. Disregarding my anger, even though you’re aware of what I’m capable of.” he softly smiled. An unfamiliar sight. “You never liked listening to me in the first place did you?” he queried, tilting his head up to face you. The grip on your gun faltering. You leaned into him, your weapons falling down your side, clattering down the floor. Sukuna licked his lips.
You moved to kiss him. Your arms wrapping around his neck and pulling him closer to you, your lips fully pressing against his. The feeling of his lips hot and familiar on yours. You moved to clutch his hair, wanting to pull him into you, only for your world to break apart, plunging you into darkness. 
You jolted awake, flying off of your bed and into the bathroom. Startling Gojo in the process. You splashed water onto your face in hopes of somehow calming your heart down. You remembered your dream vividly. Heavy footsteps made their way to you. You turned to face Satoru, tearing stinging your eyes as he automatically opened his arms and pulled you in.
“What’s wrong kiddo?” he cooed, pressing soft kisses onto your forehead. ‘Kiddo’ had been a childhood nickname bestowed upon you by your childhood friend himself. Seeing as you were younger than him. You clutched him tighter, wanting to feel him surround your whole body. 
“I don’t know bunny. I just don’t know anymore.” you continued to sob whilst Satoru continued to hold you, his concern evident through the crease of his eyebrows, his bright cerulean eyes piercing through you. You didn’t understand what you were going through. Were you upset because of your affiliation to Sukuna? Were you upset because of the kiss? How were you going to tell Satoru about the kiss?
“You don’t have to tell me what’s going on. Even though I might already know. But, just try to calm down okay? Can you take deep breaths for me kiddo? Come on, you got this. You’re a good girl. In. Out. Yeah, that’s it baby.” he continued to comfort you, the sound of his voice soothing all your negative feelings and thoughts. 
After another ten minutes of standing in the bathroom wrapped in his arms, your cries have finally ceased, your soft sniffles and puffy red eyes the only proof of your sadness. “Come on kiddo, wash your face for me. It’ll fix the puffiness.” rubbing your arms before making his way out of the bathroom, giving you time to gather yourself. 
 Your mind drifted back to Sukuna. Your fingertips unconsciously drifting to your lips, the kiss plaguing your mind. He had spoken quite a bit about how you never listened. Very accurate but how would he have known? It wasn’t as if he knew you. The possibility of knowing Sukuna in one of your past lives was close to impossible. He must be playing tricks with you, trying to bend you to his will. You may have had a moment of weakness last night, but it was going to be the first and the last time you let yourself go in front of him. 
“Eat my ass Satoru!”
“Well, I’ve been trying for years bu-” he yelped, clutching the arm that you mercilessly attacked. He had a nasty habit of making too many sexual jokes. Of course, you weren’t going to deny the fact that you’ve shared similar thoughts, but you would rather jump out of a moving car than admit it to your best friend. Knowing him, his ego would triple and nobody had the time or patience for that. 
“You are so mean!” he pouted. 
“I am not! You’re just a little piss baby.”
“I’m filing for a divorce. I can’t tolerate this slander anymore.” he huffed, walking away after absolutely destroying him in Mario Kart. His pride took a hit. He had taught you that game! You couldn't be that much better than him, the screen displaying fifth place while you came second. You giggled as you followed him, clinging onto his arm as you peeked at his sour expression. 
“Don’t be a sore loser Satoru. It’s not cute.” you chastised. Pointing your index finger at him, resulting in him playfully biting at you. “So what I’m hearing is, I’m cute the rest of the time.” he flirted, lowering his sunglasses to wink at your steadily heating face.
“Sure, but we both know who’s the cutest.”
“Of course you’re the cutest kiddo.”
“I was talking about Nanami, but sure. That’s good too.”
His jaw dropped. Did you find Nanami cuter than him? The Gojo Satoru? He was visibly stressing, running a hand through his soft snowy locks before letting out an exasperated sigh. “Fine. You’re not cute. You can go play with Nanami. I don’t like you anymore.” he pouted once more, shaking you off of him. “Noo-” you tightened your hold on him, pulling him to the exit of the arcade. “Let’s go get ramen. My treat since you’re so cute.” You teased.
You smiled at him before facing forward, missing the way Satoru’s lips parted in awe, a light blush dusting his soft pale cheeks. His wide eyes are full of love hidden behind the lens of his sunglasses. He turned away from you, placing his vacant hand on his chest, a futile attempt at calming down his racing heart. 
“Oh. You’re back.” he deadpanned, eyes boring into your figure. The setting was different today. Instead of being in what you had assumed what his domain looked like, you were sitting beside him on the engawa of a quaint traditional Japanese home. You scowled, furrowing your eyebrows as you scowled at the nonchalant male.
You lunged at him, hoping to pin him down to press for answers. Not realizing that your attire had also changed, tripping on the length of your floral patterned yukata, resulting in you landing on top of Sukuna himself. His eyebrows almost flying up to his hairline. 
You peeked at him. His hair dishevelled, a rosy blush adorning his cheeks. Your eyes trailed lower, unable to look him in the eyes. A mistake on your part. His white yukata had slightly unravelled, exposing his tan, golden chest to your wandering eyes. Your mouth is drying up at the sight. Unconsciously licking your lips. 
His shocked expression replaced with his usual smirks, his fangs making an appearance. “Didn’t know that you wanted it that bad, princess. What’s wrong? Your little friend isn't enough for you?” he sneered, gripping your waist with his hands, his razor-sharp nails slightly digging into your sides, causing you to squirm uncomfortably. 
“What is your problem you freak?” you growled, fisting the fabric of his clothes. 
“Me? I’m not doing shit babe. It’s you who has a problem.” he scoffed, sitting up, inching his face close to yours. Your noses lightly bump into each other as you felt your cheeks heat at the contact. 
“Why so shy princess? I remember when you used to make me eat my words. You were so cute back then. Thinking that you owned me, thinking that you were in charge of me. Learn where you stand. You are nothing to me” 
Lies continued to spew out of his mouth like vomit. He knew he was lying. He knew that you had him wrapped around your finger that moment he saw your face once more. The anger of the past dissipated. Only you left. It wasn’t his fault. You were his only love and you left him. Well, that's how he saw it. 
The pain of losing his love had left an ever-present scar on his nonexistent heart. You had been the only person to ever stay by his side, no matter how much he tried to push you away, to insult you, make you hate him. To no avail, you bulldozed your way into his life and his heart. 
“Stop lying to me. I know you’re lying. I can feel you lying Sukuna. I-I don’t know how to explain it...but I just know. I don’t know you, but you feel so familiar. Your habits, your personality. I keep getting flashbacks, or memories. I’m not sure. Though, I do know that they aren’t mine. At least… not in this life…” you trailed off, avoiding his piercing gaze. “But I know that the guy in those visions are you. It just… feels like you. Your warmth, your words, your voice…even your touch” you gently placed your forehead against his, closing your eyes for no sole reason. Only wanting to feel his energy. Feel him. 
He sighed. 
“Still the same as ever, princess. Always find your way into my heart” he heartily chuckled before continuing, placing the warm palm of his hand against your cheek. Your eyes flutter open at the contact. “I’ll explain since you asked so nicely” he winked, patting your cheek almost mockingly, reminding you of the time you once did the same. Heat rose to your cheeks. 
“So…” he started.
What was going on?
You saw his mouth moving though no words escaped. You tilted your head in confusion, causing him to pause before cupping your cheeks.
No words were heard. You were even unable to hear your cries.
“I’m sorry.”
Then black.
Tumblr media
© katsukisbimbo 2021 — all rights reserved. please refrain from modifying, translating, reposting of any kind. plagiarism will NOT be tolerated. please be kind and enjoy! ALL CHARACTERS ARE AGED UP!
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baroquebucky · 8 months ago
smooth like butter
Tumblr media
bucky just loves flirting with you
word count: 3.7k
a/n: hi hi bffs !! hope ur all doing well <3 here is a flirty bucky fic inspired by butter !! he is so charming i am gonna punch a wall,, hope u all enjoy let me know what u guys think & remember to stream butter <33
Bucky didn’t think he had it in him anymore, he thought surely that part of him from the 40s was long gone, erased from him after all these years.
Then his eyes landed on you at the coffee shop, a bright smile on your face as you picked up your order and made small talk with the barista, you looked so happy and god you were the most beautiful person in the world. He felt himself blushing as you turned around, his gaze quickly focusing on the the coffee infront of him.
He pulled his phone and immediately texted Sam, not know how to handle the situation.
just talk to her buck, I’m sure you’ll fall into routine like back in the day ;)
Bucky scoffed at his message, looking up to find you but you were nowhere in sight. He frowned, looking out the window and seeing you walking down the street, coffee in hand. His heart dropped a bit, upset he would never see you again, but he brushed it off quickly.
Sam was over for the weekend, the two sat in Buckys living room, watching a soccer game and making small talk.
“was thinking of getting a cat” bucky mentioned, taking a sip of his beer and looking at Sam. The man smiled, nudging his friend.
“ooh okay! gonna get yourself a little grumpy staring partner i see” Sam teased and bucky rolled his eyes smiling at his friend.
“dunno if i should, you know since we go on missions all the time” he frowned and Sam shook his head.
“you can always ask your neighbors to cat sit if your gone for too long, I’m sure it won’t be too much of a hassle” Sam assured his friend and bucky smiled, nodding his head as the two friends relaxed.
The next day bucky headed to the nearest animal shelter, nervous to pick out his new feline friend, his eyes shining as they took him around the facility, presenting each of the cats with utmost pride.
“this guys name is alpine, he’s quite mellow and sweet, very well behaved and house trained” Buckys eyes met with the cats and he smiled, the cat purring into Buckys hand.
“I’ll take him” he smiled, the cat cooing up to the super soldier with ease. As he signed all the papers, alpine continued to purr into Buckys touch, excited to finally have a home.
“you can pick him up in two to three weeks after we finish up checking him out and giving him some shots! We’ll give you a call two days prior if that’s fine with you?” The receptionist smiled and bucky nodded, waving goodbye to alpine and walking out the shelter doors.
Bucky had a smile on his face and his eyes were for once off the floor, smiling to himself as he shopped for his new friend, getting him all sorts of toys and treats. He easily went up the stairs to his apartment before stopping at his door and realizing he need to unlock the door. The boxed and bags he had so delicately balanced came tumbling down as he set them down to reach for his key.
“fuck” he whispered, trying to balance everything only to have him drop his key.
“let me help!” he heard a sweet voice, he was too embarrassed to look up, fumbling with everything as you took half the things in your hand and let him grab the keys. Bucky looked up and met your eyes, his heart raced and he realized it was you, from the coffee shop.
He didn’t let his state linger for long, quickly moving to unlock the door and grab the rest of the things from the floor, holding the door open and inviting you in.
“you can set it on the counter, thanks so much” he smiled, you nodded, placing everything down gently as your arms already shook from how heavy the boxes were.
“you’re getting a cat?” You smiled and bucky heard sams words ringing in his ears, just be yourself, let the 40s flow back to you, he had scoffed at him before but now here was bucky, letting himself just trust his gut.
“yeah! i get lonely sometimes and ive always wanted a cat” bucky smiled, your knees buckled. God his smile, that had to be the most charming smile in all of Brooklyn, you were sure of it.
“oh nice! I used to have a cat, his name was mittens” you smiled, nervous as he looked at you, your fiddled with your fingers before realizing he probably wanted you to leave.
“I’ll get going don’t wanna bother you” you smiled, waving goodbye to him.
“wait!” bucky called out and you stopped in your tracks, face flushed as you turned around. Bucky smiled at you before speaking up.
“what’s your name? I could’ve sworn I’ve never seen you around, i would’ve remembered someone a pretty as you” he asked and you chuckled lightly, blushing at his words and your palms sweating a bit.
“y/n, I’m two doors down” you smiled and he returned it, walking up to you, your heart raced in your chest as he stuck his hand out for you to shake. You shook his hand quickly, noting the way his hands were much warmer than yours and how his calloused hand felt against yours. Your stomach was in knots by the time you pulled away, mind racing and wondering if he felt how sweaty your hands were.
“I’m bucky” he replied, “I’ll see you around i hope” bucky grinned and you nodded.
“if you ever need anything you know where to find me!” You shot him one last grin and walked out, face hot and heart racing. You felt a bead of sweat rolling down the side of your face and you couldn’t stop yourself from laughing once you shut the door to your apartment, you were so flustered by him you were fucking sweating.
You had seen bucky in the halls a couple times, flashing each other a smile and making small talk. Each and every time you found yourself nervous under his gaze, sweating once the two of you parted ways and you hoped to god he never noticed. Bucky being the observant super soldier he was, did notice, but he found it sickeningly sweet. His heart fluttering as he noticed the way your heart rate quickened around him, the way you fumbled over your words at times and fiddled with your fingers.
Bucky took any and every opportunity to talk to you, helping you with groceries even if you weren’t struggling, dropping stuff on purpose for you to help him out. He even invited you out for dinner a couple times, the two of you getting along perfectly and conversation flowing easily.
“you know you have a really nice smile” you complimented him as you stopped infront of your door.
“do i?” Bucky grinned and you nodded, heart racing as you looked away from him, “then whyd you always look away when i smile at you?” He teased your mouth flew open.
“i- well it’s just- you-” he cut you off with a small laugh.
“just teasing you doll, i have the same smile as my mom” he spoke softly and you smiled, you hand squeezing his slightly, “you should get to bed, don’t you have work in the morning?” Bucky grinned and you nodded.
“You’re quite the charmer james” you whispered and you looked into his blue eyes, leaning in and giving him a quick kiss on the cheek, “I’ll see you soon” you smiled before walking into your apartment, leaving bucky outside smiling like a fool.
The shelter called bucky a couple days after that date and bucky couldn’t get to the shelter fast enough, excited to bring home his new friend. Scooping him up into his arms and signing a couple more papers before walking out of the shelter with a wide smile, cooing at the white cat.
“got someone who i think’ll wanna meet you buddy” he smiled, pulling into the apartment complex and walking up to his apartment, letting himself in and setting down alpine to explore.
“youll pee here, this is your litter box, best of the best for you” bucky smiled, pointing everything out to the cat. He played with him for a bit, giving the cat sometime to get used to his surroundings before going two doors down and knocking, a smile on his face.
Your heart jumped at the sudden sound, you weren’t expecting anyone so who was this? You looked through the peephole and saw bucky, a small smile on his face as he looked down at the floor and then back down to his door.
“oh god, oh fuck” you whispered, looking at the mirror next to you and taking in your appearance, you were in sweats and a t shirt, hair slightly messy. You tried fixing your hair to the best of your abilities before taking a deep breath and opening the door.
Bucky could hear you panicking, he bit his lip to stop the smile on his face. But he failed miserably as you opened the door and gave him a shy smile.
“hi bucky! i wasn’t expecting you” you laughed softly and he gave you a small smile.
“sorry, i just- i got alpine- my cat, i picked him up today and figured maybe you wanna meet him?” he asked, rubbing the back of his neck and your eyes lit up, a smile on your face as you nodded quickly.
“oh! yes oh my god yeah let’s go!” You giggled, following bucky quickly down the hall and into his apartment. Your eyes landed on the white cat and your hands flew to your mouth.
“he’s so cute!” You cried out, bucky smiling at your reaction, alpine quickly noticing you and walking up to you. “hi little kitty, are you alpine? such a sweet name for a sweet boy!” you cooed, smiling as you crouched down and let the cat. Bucky couldn’t stop his heart from fluttering, cheeks flushing as he watched you.
“can i pick him up?” You asked, looking up at bucky and he nodded, you swiftly picked the cat up with a wide smile.
“you can sit on the couch if you’d like” bucky smiled and you thanked him, gently sitting on the couch and bucky followed suit, giving you some space. The two of you took turns petting and cuddling on alpine, soft giggled filling his apartment.
“thanks for introducing me” you spoke and bucky grinned at you.
“‘course, had to show him the most beautiful gal here” bucky smiled and you blushed at his comment, but he didn’t stop there. “i was wondering actually uh- stark has this gala thing- i mean you can say no it’s just- do you wanna go with me?”
Now it was Buckys turn to blush, he knew there was a huge chance you’d say no. I mean you hardly knew each other, the longest you had talked was for like 30 minutes in your apartment when he helped you bring up groceries two days ago.
“me?” You questioned, eyes wide as bucky nodded.
“I’ll get a dress for you and everything, just need to take someone and I’d prefer it be you” he smiled, how could you say no to him?
“uh- i wow- i mean” you sputtered out before stopping yourself and nodding, “yeah okay” you smiled and bucky grinned.
“thanks so much doll” he spoke and you couldn’t wipe the smile off your face, giddy with excitement.
Soon enough the gala came and bucky dropped off your dress, letting you know he’d drop by at 5:30 to pick you up to head to the dance. You were nervous as you slipped the gown on, it was a black to match the suit he’d be wearing, somewhat simple but had some pretty accents throughout that made it absolutely stunning.
You got ready quickly, bucky knocking at the door before you had a chance to slip your shoes on. You opened the door with a smile, Buckys mouth falling open.
“oh wow” was all he said, immediately closing his mouth and clearing his throat, “i mean- i- hi” he chuckled and you smiled, letting him.
“i brought you flowers” he grinned and you blushed, smiling at the beautiful roses he handed you.
“bucky barnes ever the gentleman” you grinned and he smirked.
“only the best for my gal” he shot back and your heart raced, moving to put the flowers in water and rushing to slip your heels on.
“let me just finish getting ready, I’ll be done in a minute” you smiled, looking at him through the mirror as you put on some earrings.
“you’re so gorgeous, melting my heart like it’s butter” he smiled, dazed in your beauty. Your heart continued to face and you smiled, rolling your eyes at him.
“oh hush” you protested, finally finishing and holding the door for the two of you to head out. He offered you his arm and you gladly too it, taking the elevator and stealing a glance at him. Bucky noticed and smiled, standing up a bit straighter.
As the two of you arrived you grew self conscious, there were so many other people here, so many girls that were much prettier than you and most likely much better than you. Bucky noticed your discomfort quickly and pulled you closer to him, giving you a reassuring smile.
The two of you walking over to where the rest of the team was and he smiled widely as Sam and steve made eye contact with him. Tony flashing you a smile.
“hey guys” bucky smiled and you followed his lead, grinning at everybody, trying to appear composed even though you were absolutely yelling your lungs out on the inside. “this is y/n, y/n this is- well this is the rest of the team” he chuckled and you laughed softly.
“hi! it’s a pleasure to meet you all” you greeted and they smiled, wanda immediately coming up to you and giving you a hug.
“I’m wanda! It’s nice to meet you, do you wanna get a drink?” She asked and you looked at bucky quickly before smiling with a nod, natasha following the two of you as you all walked over to the bar, bucky sitting next to steve and Sam.
“you’re dating bucky?” She whispered and you blushed, shaking your head.
“oh no! we’re just neighbors- well we’re friends, we talk sometimes” you rambled and Natasha smiled.
“ever since you helped him with whatever it was last week or two weeks ago he hasn’t shut up about you” Natasha whispered and you blushed, looking over at where bucky was and your heart raced as you made eye contact with him, quickly turning your head away from him.
“it’s true, even came to me for advice, I’m the one who suggested he ask you to come tonight!” Wanda smiled widely and you took a sip from your drink.
“let’s change the topic, what’s your favorite pasta shape?” You smiled.
Steve and Sam cheered on bucky as he sat down next to them.
“told you she would say yes!” Sam smiled, patting his back.
“i knew you still had it in you” steve smirked and bucky couldn’t stop the smile on his face as he watched you talk and laugh with nat and wanda.
“shes perfect” bucky mumbled, face beating up as Sam and steve made a fuss, “oh will you two shut up” he rolled his eyes, smile still on his face as his two friends continued to tease him, forcing him to spill his guts.
“can i buy you drink sweet cheeks?” You heard from behind you, but you ignored it, thinking they were talking to Natasha or wanda. The two girls looked at you with wide eyes when you didn’t react. Your eyes wide when you realized they were talking to you.
“me?” You asked, laughing slightly as the man nodded, a smirk on his face. You looked over at wanda and Natasha and they gave you a wink, your heart raced.
“uh- okay i guess” you smiled, ordering up enough for the three of you before smiling at the man, downing your shot with wanda and Natasha and ditching the man before he could even see where the three of you headed off to.
Bucky smiled as he watched the way you doubled over in laughter with the girls, wiping at your eyes softly to stop the tears of joy from ruining your makeup.
Soon enough the three of you walked back to the team, you sat next to bucky, letting yourself relax into his touch. After a couple minutes you saw steve and bucky both perk up, the sound of some 40s song playing as couples swayed on the dance floor.
“would you care to dance with me doll?” bucky asked with a smile and your heart raced.
“oh i don’t know how to dance” you whispered and Buckys smile only grew, “I’ll teach you darlin” he smirked as he easily pulled to to your feet, leading you to the dance floor and ignoring the whoops and cheers from the others.
With seconds the two of you were on the dance floor, bucky looking at you with soft eyes as you stood in front of him, looking around at everyone.
“eyes on me doll, or else you won’t learn” he teased you felt your stomach flutter. “side step right left to my beat doll, just follow the flow of the music” he spoke softly, your arms snaking around his neck and his cautiously let his hands rest on your hips.
“look at you, already getting the hang of it” he praised you and your heart raced, smiling up at him, you were only inches away from his face.
“you know nat and wanda told me some pretty crazy things” you whispered and bucky hummed.
“things like what?” he smirked, already knowing what you were gonna say.
“like how you’ve been talking ‘bout me” you spoke, the two of you still swaying to the music.
“i have been doll” he replied quickly, spinning you around before catching you back in his arms once again.
“what’ve you been saying?” You asked, breathless as the two of you were closer than before.
“oh you know, just how you’re the girl of my dreams, how i wanna make you my girl but i dunno what you’d say” he spoke smoothly, his cool tone causing your knees to buckle. Bucky held you up firmly, smiling at you.
“oh” you managed to squeak out, “well i wouldn’t say no” was all you managed out and bucky laughed softly. Your blue eyes met his and you felt your heartbeat in your ears, eyes flickering down to his lips. “what- what else did you say” you asked and he smiled.
“let me show you, talk is cheap and don’t mean a thing” he mumbled, slowly leaning into you, without a moments hesitation you crashed your lips onto his, your eyes fluttering closed as your mouths moved together, smiling into the kiss and pulling at the hair at the nape of his neck.
For a second the world melted away, it was just the two of you, rocking back and forth to the soft music as you smiled into the kiss, pulling away breathless with sparkling eyes and pink lips.
Then everything came back to you, suddenly everyone’s presence was a little too prominent for your liking, face growing hot. Bucky smiled at you, not wasting a second before grabbing your wrist and pulling you along, walking out of the venue and waving goodbye to everyone hastily. Wanda and Natasha shot you a thumbs up and you smiled brightly.
Within moments the two of you were alone outside, the cool Brooklyn air refreshing both of your flushed skin.
“you know, was gonna ask you to be my girl with a bunch of flowers and over a candle lit dinner” bucky chuckled and you smiled softly at him, your fingers intertwining in his hand.
“why don’t you?” you asked softly, he smiled at you as he threw his head back with a soft groan.
“cant wait that long doll face, i just wanna be yours already” he grinned, looking at you with soft eyes, adoration clear on his face.
“what’re you waiting for barnes?” You teased, stopping in your tracks and crossing your arms over your chest.
“for us to get back to your apartment so i can kiss you all night” he shot back with a smirk, loving the way you looked at him with wide eyes and your heart raced. He pulled you into his chest, kissing you on the lips quickly before pulling away, not caring that he had red lipstick all over his mouth or that it was now smudged on your lips now.
“will you be my girl y/n?” He asked breathless, the stars twinkling above the two of you and the cold New York wind cooling your hot bodies.
“depends” you smiled, “how much time do i get to spend with alpine?” Bucky smiled brightly at you, picking you up in his arms and walking to the car.
“of course I’ll be your girl james” you replied, kissing up his neck and leaving a trail of red lipstick. Bucky opened the door with one hand, easily holding you up with his other before setting you down in the car seat.
“i know, just wanted to hear you say it” he smirked and you gasped.
“you’re too cocky for your own good” you teased him as he slid into the drivers seat.
“not cocky, just charming, that what you called me didn’t you” he replied quickly, leaning over and kissing you before starting to drive back to your apartment.
It’s safe to say that you spent a lot of time with alpine, cat sitting when bucky was away on missions and lazing the weekends away cuddled in bed or on the couch with bucky.
There was never a dull moment in your relationship with bucky, constantly flirting with you as if he hadn’t been dating you for years already. The Brooklyn boy was head over heels for you and was not afraid to let the world know.
Which is why he reminded you everyday how much he loved you. Because to him, you were his whole world and all he’d ever need.
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avintagekiss24 · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
—belated; bucky barnes
pairing: mob!bucky barnes x black!reader
word count: 4738
warnings: 18+ ONLY, smut, sex, rough sex, anal sex, biting kink, choking kink, spanking, pain kink, vaginal fingering, mean bucky (my fave), ring kink cuz i love it when boys wear rings
squares filled: @buckybarnesbingo Y3: Birthdays ; @badthingshappenbingo Biting ; @star-spangled-bingo N1: Taking Charge
request: bucky barnes + "pay attention to me or i'll make you" + anal + choking + spanking + biting + pain
author note: it's been foreverrrrr! i'm so sorry! i had to work myself through a little slump! hopefully this makes up for the almost two months we've gone without a fic! this is story #2 for my 5k celebration, all fics will be tagged #5k...holy god. this was formatted in the beta text post editor on desktop, if anything looks weird, that's why :)
gif by @pedropcl ; line divider by @firefly-graphics
Tumblr media
James Buchanan Barnes is possessive.
One of those massive hands around the back of your neck as you walk casually through the streets. Fingers wrapped around your wrist, or shoulder, or hip in a tight grip. He pulls you in close— right into his side as shopping bags hang from the tips of his metal fingers.
Bucky Barnes wants every man on the streets of Greece to know that you are his.
Not that you mind; quite the contrary. You just smile and giggle when he throws his heavy arm around your shoulders and hooks the crease of his arm right underneath your chin. Slip your hand into the back pocket of his loose dark jeans (giving that little tush of his a squeeze). Slink your arm around his little waist and breathe in his scent— heavy and woodsy— as the two of you stroll.
After all, he’s just as much yours as you are his.
All of his friends, Sam, Steve, Clint, all see the change in him. The little soft spot for you that blinds him entirely— turns him in a mushy puddle of emotions and puppies and rainbows. Very different from the Bucky they grew up with, but a Bucky that the three of them have come to enjoy. It’s a change of pace from the enforcer they know.
The two of you don’t talk about his work— in fact, it’s the reason why you’re in Greece to begin with. A late birthday present to make up for the fact that his “work” just happened to be the waiter at the restaurant he chose to take you to for your thirty second birthday. Come on babe, he chuckled as you scowled back at him over the rim of your wine glass, watching as he stained his white napkin red with his bloody knuckles, you know what they say, kill two birds with one stone… not funny?
Two weeks, two nonrefundable, open ended tickets, and five grand in bikinis, shorts, and shoes later, you’re getting some much needed Greek sun on your deep brown skin.
He’s even letting you call the shots for a change. Letting you wake him up at the ass crack of dawn to have breakfast— a spread of breads, cheeses and fruits on the balcony of your room as the sun rises. He doesn’t say a word as you drag him through the city, stopping at each little boutique and shoe store. Sits patiently as you try on every dress, every skirt, and every silk top in the entire country it seems.
Bucky even bit his lip as you gazed at engagement rings— hinting that princess cut is your favorite as you held your hand up into the natural sunlight as one adored your finger. Smiling over at him and wiggling your eyebrows all the while as he narrowed his eyes and plastered a fake smile on his face.
Today has been like all the others, a lazy day spent on the beach, a quick nap underneath an umbrella, a concoction of too much sun and too many margaritas going straight to your head. Now, you’re kinda sleepy and kinda drunk, but most importantly hungry— and Mykonos sounds like a great place for dinner. Despite Bucky’s objections (you’re too tired and too drunk to handle a ferry), you’re dressed in a cute little flowery sundress, him in an out-of-character white tank top, open pale blue and green striped button down and khaki chinos— you forbade him from bringing anything black— and you’re flip flops are slapping against the cobblestone street towards the ferry.
“Drop your attitude,” You say, glancing over your shoulder as he pays for your tickets, “You owe me.”
“Yeah, yeah, that excuse is wearing thin, girl.” You stumble a little with the motion of the ferry as you step onto it, having to grab onto the railing to steady yourself before Bucky grabs hold of your wrist, “Water only for the rest of the night.”
His voice is low and borderline threatening as he presses his lips right against your ear, and you know not to press him any further. You like to stick your toes right up against his line and that’s what irritates him most about you (always what he loves most), but you and he both know you’d never dare cross it.
Bucky pulls you behind him, hand around your wrist, that possessive trait rearing its head as male eyes fall on you as the two of you pass by. He finds an empty spot, away from the crowd, and plops down on the bench as you step up on the lower rung of the railing and stare out over the sea.
Within twenty or thirty minutes, the ferry pulls away from the dock and you can’t wipe the smile from your face. The sun sets off in the distance, the bright lights of the city turning into little pinpoints. Small droplets of the cool, salty water splashes up in your face as the wind and the ferry whips it up. You keep glancing down at the phone in your hand as you broadcast your current view to your instagram, laughing softly as hearts and emojis explode on your screen.
You lean forward, tilting your phone and smiling wide, waving into the camera before you shout out how much you love it here. The words are barely out of your mouth before an arm wraps around your middle, a wide, hard chest pressed into your back, “That’s enough,” he reaches with his metal arm, grabbing your phone, ending your live feed, “You’re too drunk to be hanging off the side like that.”
“I am not,” you struggle against him lightly as he sets you on your feet, “What is your problem?”
“I’m annoyed.”
“Well, duh. Why?”
He slips your phone into his pocket and crosses his arms over his chest, sharp blue eyes piercing into yours, “Pay attention to me,” he says low, eyes dropping down your body real slow as he drags his bottom lip between his teeth, “Or I’ll make you.”
So that’s what it’s about. Bucky Barnes feels neglected between all the shopping and beach days and margaritas. Jealousy is cute on him.
The words though, they strike you right to your core— feel them down to your bones. A hard swallow pushes through your throat as your lips part, big brown eyes softening as your breath starts to rush a little harder. You hate to admit— not really— you love this Bucky. This is work Bucky, a man you rarely get to see. Slightly scary, anger brimming just below the surface. Jaw tight, eyes hard, head tilted just a bit. He’s menacing, and it makes your lips twitch into a small smile.
Shrugging defiantly, you cross your arms over your chest, “You didn’t pay much attention to me on my birthday.”
“Not true.”
“Not true?” you nearly shout, eyes going wide, “I ate alone while you beat the hell outta our waiter behind the building! I had to wait two hours for my slice of cake!”
“How is that my fault?”
You scoff, “Oh, I dunno, maybe because our waiter was spitting out his teeth in the alley out back— all thanks to you.”
“I have to work. You know that.”
“Not,” you hiss, “On my fucking birthday.”
He knows he’s wrong for that shit, so he stands there, huffing quick before he cocks his head again and just blinks back at you— unamused. He won’t apologize, it’s just not in his nature, but his usual attempts to make you happy after he’s fucked up aren’t working; so he’s at a loss.
And you’re enjoying that. A little too much if you ask him.
But alas, it’s not fun to fight on vacation, and you have taken far too many liberties when it comes to his tolerance for attitude. It’s been fun— and you’re just drunk enough to push him one last time.
You move slow, walking right up to him, so close that each inhale pushes your tits into his body. The smirk quirked up on your lips grows as you peer up at him, eyes bouncing between his as you place your hands on his forearms still crossed over his chest.
Bucky lifts his eyebrow as you push up on your tiptoes and push your chin forward to bring your lips close to his, “And just how are you gonna make me pay attention to you, James?”
He inhales deep, pushes it out real slow as he tilts his head even further. A smile spreads on his face and you just know that this is the last thing his work sees before he rearranges the bones of their face. This is exactly why his clients pay him as well as they do.
Thick fingers are wrapped around your wrist again, nails digging into your skin as he starts to pull you behind him. He weaves you through bodies, you nearly having to jog to keep up with his strides. Laughter bubbles up in your chest, a little shriek escaping as he pulls you down some stairs to the lower level of the ferry. Once your feet hit the last step, Bucky whips you around his body, sending you spinning and laughing until you bounce into an old, rusty metal barrel.
The smell of salt fills your nose and lungs as you inhale, covering your face with your hands. Your skin is hot, lips slightly numb as you dissolve into laughter again. He’s right, you’re a little too drunk for this.
“I don’t think we’re supposed to be down here.” You mumble, brushing your wild hair out of your face.
“I could give a fuck,” he answers, stepping up to you, grabbing your face in his hands, “You’ve been testing me the entire time we’ve been here all over some stupid shit.”
Another giggle pushes through your lips as you bat your eyes, “I wouldn’t dare, Mr. Barnes.”
Bucky sucks his teeth as he drops his metal hand around your throat and squeezes gently, the rings on his fingers cool against your skin, “I was stupid, okay? But don’t put on that little innocent act, girl. You’re trying me, and I’ve had enough.”
A smile cracks onto your face, teeth sinking into your bottom lip. You wrap both hands around his one wrist and slip them up his arm, feeling the soft metal as you continue to goad him, “You got some proof, big man?”
The tip of his black and gold thumb prods at your lip, pushes just inside. You wrap your tongue around it and suck gently, keeping your eyes on his all the while.
Bucky laughs, deep and earnestly, “Proof, she says. She needs proof.” He glances around before he spins you quick, facing you away from him as he lifts your dress to reveal your pink satin thong.
You squeal loud, pushing and slapping at his hand as he grabs a handful of your ass, “Bucky! There’s people!” you laugh, “Oh my god!”
“Keep your voice down,” he warns, wrapping his metal fingers around your throat again, “Understand?”
A jolt of electricity flashes through you as you wiggle in his grasp. He tightens his grip around your neck as you wrap your fingers around the edge of the barrel, swallowing hard.
“That requires an answer, honey.”
The chill in his voice, added with the slow circles and soft tickles of fingertips against the back of your naked thigh sends a pang through your belly, “I understand.”
He chuckles soft and with a quick peck on the cheek whispers, “Good girl.”
Bucky curls his left arm around your chest, hooking your chin in the crease of his arm as he grips your right shoulder. You grab on to it with both hands, out of instinct, eyes wide and skirting around for any signs of other human presence down here. Bucky turns, moving you with him to eye the steps quickly again before that flesh hand sweeps around to the front.
The soft material of your dress falls over his hand as he rubs your stomach— his rings catching and snagging your skin. That hand pushes downward, over your thighs, gripping and kneading the soft flesh before he grabs the hem of your dress and pulls it upward, exposing those expensive panties again.
“Bucky,” you hum, his name trembling on your lips with the vibrations of your excitement, “Baby.”
He rucks your dress right up— right up around your waist and pulls the slack behind you, pressing his body into yours to keep it in place. The dark stubble adorning his cheeks and chin cuts into the side of your face as he nuzzles in, humming to himself soft before he kisses the corner of your mouth.
Those fingertips start to trace the hem of your thong— slowly. Back and forth, back and forth. From hip to hip. Your eyes flutter. Fingers grip the soft black metal of his arm a little harder. Legs go to jelly as another hard swallow passes through your throat.
“Ain’t got all that mouth now, do you?” He whispers, fingers slipping just inside the silk of your panties to tease the delicate skin underneath.
When he slips his hand in— all the way in— cupping hot skin, fingers dancing between folds and teasing a wet slit, an influx of air fills your lungs. A gasp, small and clipped sounds in the back of your throat as his fingers start a rhythm. You melt into him, head resting on his shoulder as your hips push forward to meet greedy fingers.
A naughty finger pushes in quick, and then a second— all the way to the black and silver rings dressed on them. His arm tightens around your neck as he presses his lips right against your ear, “You need to apologize.”
He fucks his fingers into you, withdrawing slow, and then pushing back in— each time the edges of his rings stopping him from going deeper. You can’t help but purr as you continue to grip his arm with both of your hands.
“I don’t think—“
“All I want to hear,” his words clip yours, each one slow and drawn and deep, “Is I’m sorry for testing your patience. I won’t do it again.” He curls his fingers, the pads stroking that sweet little spongey spot, making you clamp your legs closed around his hand, “Let me hear you.”
You can’t. You won’t. Too stubborn and too drunk to give in to him, wanting to win just this once.
If there’s one thing James Buchanan Barnes does not like, it’s hesitation. It’s dangerous, he always says. You think too long, you get hurt. Predators don’t hesitate.
Well, you like being his prey.
Only a few seconds pass before Bucky tuts in your ear, seemingly disappointed in your obstinate behavior, but you both know it’s just the opposite. His cock pressing into your ass tells you so.
The fingers disappear. The arm choking you just right pulls away and your dress falls back around the middle of your thighs. You huff, wiping quick at your forehead and pushing your wild, curly hair out of your face again.
Your hands find your hips in irritation but he slaps them away quick as he sucks his teeth, “You must really want this spanking, girl. Keep it up.”
That you do— keep it up. Huffing again. Crossing your arms over your chest like a petulant child. Brown eyes cut back at him over your shoulder to find sharp blues already on you. A smirk on his face.
Metal fingers curl around the back of your neck, pushing you forward gently until your thighs press against the old metal barrel again.
“Lean forward, kitten.”
Voice as smooth as silk while you do so, gripping the rusted edges for balance. Your dress is yanked up again— rough this time— and twisted around his Vibranium hand. Then there’s warm, the warmth of skin against yours. Gentle brushes of fingers and a palm rubbing slow circles, then pinching and grabbing soft— prepping your skin for what’s to come.
He pauses for just a second, no doubt to scan your surroundings and then pulls his hand away. You lung forward with the slap he levels to your behind within a fraction of a second— the sound sharp and heavy.
There’s another, and then a third in quick succession before he’s massaging your skin again. Real soft and sweet. Tears burn at the back of your eyes at the sting that radiates through, all the way to your bones but the molten heat deep in your belly spreads like a fire. Each breath is hard and shaky, heart thumping against your chest but it’s so good.
Bucky switches to the other cheek, skilled fingers sweeping over your canvas of skin before he cracks you— one, two, three.
You squeal with each one. The thud of those heavy rings around his fingers send a quick, new shockwave every time, building on the one before it. The tips of your fingers go red from holding on to the rusty old barrel as tight as you are, but your brain? She’s fuzzy and warm, and drifting up into the clouds with each swift slap.
Bucky is a methodical man. Three for the right cheek, three for the left, three right in the middle. His hand sneaks around your hip, giving it a squeeze before it comes back around and drops to the inside of your thigh. Grabs the meat of it— digs his fingernails in just to hear you yelp. Cups your cunt in his palm, feeling the heat and the wet— makes him groan all low and dirty.
He bunches your hair in his hand, tugs you up by it. Spins you around to face him before hoisting you up and settling you on top of the barrel.
“You want me to fuck you so bad, don’t you?” He growls, ripping at the button and zipper of his jeans.
You just hum in response, wrapping your legs around his waist and throwing your arms over his shoulders.
Bucky grabs your chin, forcing it up before he squeezes your cheeks, “Huh? Answer me.”
Damp eyelashes flutter as hot air escapes from parted, hot lips. He leans in real close, cock pushing right at your slit and kisses you hard as he slips his arm around your waist. He breaks away quick, sloppy and loud before pecking your lips once, twice, three times again.
“You want me to fuck you, girl?”
The weight of his words are felt right down to your core, a shiver passing between the two of you. You let your heavy head fall back and your eyes close as Bucky nuzzles into the side of your face, his pretty white teeth skipping along your neck, nipping and nibbling.
“I want you to fuck me,” you whisper after mere seconds, finally submitting in this cat and mouse game, “Bucky, please.”
That’s all he needs— all he wants. For you to submit, after letting you have the reins for one day too long. He sinks into you slow, spreading you open with each inch, biting down into the side of your neck as he bottoms out. His teeth dig in a little deeper, a little harder as he starts to move, rocking back and forth almost succinct with the waves of the water.
You’re moving with him too, meeting each of his thrusts with your hips. You keep your legs tight around his waist, feet dangling and bouncing against the back of his thighs. A trail of hot kisses are pressed along your neck and down your shoulder before traipsing back up— teeth grazing along your jaw.
Long fingers skip up your side and between your bouncing tits to only wrap around your neck again. They squeeze, gently, as his pace starts to pick up, hips shoving harder and faster— that old barrel starting to scrape against the wood floor.
The force makes you louder, moaning with abandon as if the two of you are all alone on this little ferry. Bucky makes quick work of you, shoving metal fingers into your mouth— giving you something to suck on to keep you quiet.
“That’s a good girl.” he growls, voice gritty and low.
He’s punishing after that. Each snap of his hips thrusting you backward, the barrel you’re on top of tipping back and then slapping down on the floor. You yelp with each one, your mouth going slack around his digits as your hands fall to the edges of the barrel for some semblance of balance.
It’s obscene, the way you can hear your fuck. The wet of your cunt. The squeak of his cock plunging into tight, slick muscles. The heavy thud of his hips pounding into yours. The slap of your flip flops falling to the wood floor as he’s quite literally fucked them right off of your feet. It’s filthy— crude— and so very Bucky.
You’re back on your feet before you know it— before you realize it. Spun back around, Bucky’s hard chest and stomach pressed into your back. He grabs both of your hands and places them back on the barrel, his metal hand staying on top of yours, fingers gripping fingers.
Eager hips wiggle back into his as you hiss and sink your teeth into your bottom lip, groaning low. Your head drops when you feel his cock push through your ass cheeks— wet cockhead pressing against your hot rim.
He starts to fumble around behind you, each passing second making you more and more impatient. There’s a soft click, and then a light suction sound— something squeezing.
“Bucky,” you hiss, pushing back into him again, “Hur—”
The word breaks off right in the middle as he levels a quick smack against your hip— a warning. Then your ass cheeks are pulled apart, wet, slimy fingers sliding and prodding at your quivering rim. He brushes slow strokes, circling, pressing his fingers gently as he preps your little hole for what’s to come.
“What kind of freak brings lube to dinner?” you smile, gasping as he pinches the inside of your thigh.
You lurch forward when he grabs the back of your neck and yanks you back into him, lips right against your cheek, “The kinda freak that was gonna fuck you in an alley after dinner. Now shut that mouth.”
He’s pressing again, this time harder, his cockhead popping into you with force. You grunt with the initial intrusion, Bucky stopping his assault to allow you time to adjust to him— but that doesn’t last long. Your mouth goes slack again. Eyes slam shut, head falls forward as he slips in, deeper and deeper and deeper until his stomach is flush with your ass.
He wiggles— so you can feel him, feel him tickling the deepest part of you. Slaps at your ass again, quick, fingers glancing off your skin and leaving behind a hell of a sting. Then he’s fucking you again, slower this time, savoring the tight, glove-like hold your body provides.
Metal fingers grab at the hem of your dress again, tugging it up before they push back into your panties, finding a swollen, hot nub. Pinching and rubbing smooth circles against it, flicking and thrashing at the bundle of nerves before he shoves his fingers back into your cunt. They curl, those fingers, and pet your insides with surgical precision— only James Buchanan Barnes knows how to fuck you like this.
The heel of his palm slams against your clit as he fingers you rough and fucks your ass with gusto. Sleazy sounds gurgle up in your throat, the slapping of skin and the waves crashing against the side of the ferry, the rush of the wind filling your ears. Bucky pulls you flush against him and slithers his tongue just beneath your ear before his teeth grab a hold, tugging soft.
Teeth keep nipping— along your jaw, your cheeks, ears, neck. He fucks into you hard as he shoves his flesh hand into the neckline of your dress, gripping your tits. Pinching and kneading hard, thick nipples, mumbling sweet nothings all the while.
Your stomach churns, muscles tensing and flexing as synapses start to fire off in quick succession. Quick goosebumps pop up along your skin as your stomach tightens and you can taste it it’s so close. Bucky knows it, feels it as your walls constrict around his fingers, your asshole tightening around him. Vibranium fingers keep rubbing, keep fucking into your pussy hard, palm slapping against your clit, adding more and more pressure until the coil snaps.
It’s hard, and sudden— your body freezing as your orgasm consumes you. Bucky clamps a wet hand over your mouth as you mewl and bite into his palm, your hips thrusting forward with each wave of your release. He pulls his fingers from you to slap at your jumping clit, pressing the pads into it before he rubs quick little circles and then slaps at it again.
He drops his hand to your chin, yanking it up as you nearly cry, mewling and trembling with your release to kiss you hard and sloppy as you come. He kneads your tits with his mammoth hand as aftershocks flash through you, your used body jerking at random. Within seconds, there's a cloud of warmth in your ass. Rough grunts in your ear, growing louder with each spurt of his cock, your hot muscles milking him.
You let him use you, let him fill you up full of his silk. Grab his hands and lace your fingers with his as he empties long ribbons in you. Pull his arms around your waist and hold them there as he rides it out, his head falling to your shoulder. The two of you stand there, resting against that old barrel, breathing hard, skin sticky and balmy. Salt from the ocean in your nose.
Bucky’s the first to pull away, glancing back at the stairs before he pulls himself gingerly from you, leaving your body empty, a dribble of his come slipping out with him. He catches it with his fingers, drags them up the back of your thigh and between your ass cheeks before he shrugs out of his collared shirt and white tank top.
He cleans you up sweet with the tank top. Keeps his arm around your waist to steady you as he wipes at your thighs and your hot, sticky, puffy cunt, shushing you soft when you jump and whimper at the contact. He flings the messy tank top over the side of the ferry and rubs your hips and stomach real slow, murmuring into your ear all the while.
Diligent fingers then rearrange your thong— and cop a little feel, cupping your sensitive, swollen sex, giving it a little pinch so he can laugh when you shiver and squeak. Bucky pulls your dress, tugging lightly to get it back straight around your waist before smoothing it over your ass and thighs— even pulls at the top, making sure your tits are sitting pretty.
You can’t even open your eyes, overcome by alcohol and sleepiness and a post sex high. He fumbles with your fingers as your head lulls on his shoulder, a soft hum vibrating in your throat in your murky haze. Bucky lifts your arm by the elbow, sliding his hand up your forearm until he’s cupping your hand in his.
“Open your eyes, baby.” You groan in protest, causing a chuckle to rumble through his chest, “Come on.”
So you do. You always do whatever this man wants you to do— and there, right on your finger sits that big princess cut engagement ring you teased him with days before.
“How about we skip dinner and find a church, huh?” he whispers, kissing your cheek soft and sweet.
You glance at him over your shoulder, eyes wet as a smirk tugs at the corners of your mouth, “And if I say no?”
“You just can’t help yourself, can you?” He laughs as you adjust in his arms, pushing up on your tiptoes to cup his handsome face and kiss him on those pretty pink lips, “Then I guess I’ll have to fuck some sense into that pretty mouth of yours, won’t I birthday girl?”
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luminnara · 11 months ago
Nesting | alpha!kiribaku x omega!reader fluff
Something soft and fluffy w a/b/o dynamics w kiribaku? Or just one of them if you don’t do poly things
Oh ho ho, don’t you worry I LOVE poly things! I especially love kiribaku x reader because like, how can you NOT lol
I made this super sweet and nice because I crave that feel good fluff! This is SFW but there’s a little mention of some adult stuff. Nothing past that though!
Requests are open!
Warnings: none
Gender neutral reader
Having two alphas wasn’t typical, at least not as far as you knew. Yeah, you were sure that there were all kinds of people and arrangements out there, but you had never really heard of alphas being willing to share an omega. Most of the time, they just got too possessive; when alphas went into ruts or omegas into heats, the pheromones being pumped into the air were sometimes strong enough to ruin entire friendships.
Not for you, though.
When the three of you became a thing, there was no drama. There was no fighting between the two boys, no conflict. You hadn’t really set out to date both of them, but, well...one thing led to another, and next thing you knew, you were all living in an apartment together, and you had two big mating marks on your neck.
It all happened so naturally. It was almost as if the three of you were fated to be together, or something. Yeah, you had your disagreements—Katsuki’s temper was infamous, and Eijiro could almost be too nice sometimes—but what relationship didn’t have a few spats here and there? Your fights never lasted long, and all in all, you were happier than you ever thought possible.
“I’m home!” Eijiro’s voice called, followed by the sound of the door closing.
But of course you already knew. You could smell him the second he walked in, and you were already up and running towards him.
“Whoa, hey!” He laughed as you launched yourself at him, catching you easily and grinning that shark grin of his. “Miss me or somethin’?”
“I always do,” you smiled, hooking your arms around his neck.
His hands settled on your butt as he held you, and he nuzzled into your neck. Both alphas always wanted to be covered in your scent, but Kirishima especially loved it, constantly shoving his nose against the glands and sometimes rubbing his entire head over them. He once told you that he liked being able to smell you on him even when you weren’t around, and the thought of him strutting around at the agency, absolutely reeking of you, made you blush whenever it crossed your mind.
“Is Katsuki home yet?” He asked, walking you down the entry hall and into the living room.
“No,” you sighed. “I think he’s working late tonight...”
You tried not to let your disappointment sound in your voice, but it was impossible to hide anything from Eijiro. He knew how stressful it could be, with both him and Katsuki working as some of the top pro heroes in the city. There were plenty of days where they both came home late, too tired to do anything other than drag themselves into bed and curl up around you. It had a tendency to leave you feeling dejected and alone, and lately, you had taken up a new hobby to try to distract yourself.
Well...hobby was a loose word. It was more just...something you had found yourself with the sudden urge to do, and tonight, the fruits of your labor were finally ready to be revealed.
When Kirishima stepped into the living room, he stopped, and you knew he had seen it.
“Hey, is that...?” He asked, voice trailing off as he stared.
You wiggled out of his arms, beaming up at him as soon as you were standing on your own. “A nest? Sure is!”
The look on your boyfriend’s face was priceless. His eyes were wide, like he couldn’t believe what he was seeing. The living room floor was covered in blankets and pillows, all strategically piled up to form the best, coziest nest you could make. As Kirishima took a step closer, he spotted a few of his shirts and hoodies mixed in, a grin finding its way onto his face.
“Babe,” he finally spoke up, his voice soft, “are you really nesting?”
A small blush crept to your cheeks as you nodded, suddenly feeling shy. “Yeah, I guess so...I dunno where it came from really, I just started getting the urge to make it...”
Suddenly, he swept you up into his arms again, a loud, humming purr vibrating in his chest as he gave you a squeeze with those strong arms of his. “It looks amazing, baby.”
You sighed happily, relaxing against him. “Do...do you wanna come try it out with me?”
He almost dropped you again in shock. “H-huh?”
“Yeah!” you freed yourself from his grip once more and grabbed his hand, giving him a tug. 
“Y-you trust me enough...?” his face was adorably surprised, eyes wide as he let you pull him towards your nest.
“Well yeah, duh!” you plopped down in the center of all the blankets and clothes, smiling up at him as he stood over you. “Of course I trust you...you and Katsuki are the best alphas anyone could ask for. Why do you think I felt safe enough to even make a nest?”
You could swear you saw some tears welling up in his eyes, but he quickly wiped them away. “Fuck, I love you so much...”
“Then c’mere, silly,” you laughed lightly, patting the space next to you. 
He finally obliged, hunkering down and sighing happily as he surrounded himself with your scent. The nest was cozy, but big enough for three, and as you waited for Katsuki to get home, you found yourself chattering to Eijiro about exactly how it was made, what shirts you had snagged from his and Katsuki’s drawers, why you had piled up those pillows over there and those way over there, why every single plush in the apartment was strategically placed on top of everything else, and why he kept finding more and more of his belongings buried amongst the blankets. 
“Babe, this is mine,” he said, holding up an old, fraying wallet. 
“Yes, and?” you snatched it out of his hand, tucking it back in its spot. “You never use it. And it smells just like you.”
He chuckled, putting an arm around you and pulling you up against his chest while he continued to explore the nest. “Still can’t believe you went and did all this so quickly. You must have been working nonstop all day.”
You puffed up proudly, but before you had the chance to reply, you heard the door slam open and the sound of heavy boots stomping in. A warm, smoky-cinnamon smell wafted in, and you trilled happily. Katsuki was finally back home, and as you stood up on your knees, you saw him kicking his shoes off and hanging his coat up by the door. 
“Oy, I’m home,” he called tiredly, too busy putting on his house slippers to glance over at you yet. “Shitty hair, where are you? You make it back alive today?”
“Still in one piece, Katsuki,” Kirishima laughed, leaning back on his hand as you shot out of your nest to greet your other alpha.
“That’s something, I guess.” Bakugou grunted, turning towards the kitchen. He was moving slowly, like all of his muscles ached and he just wanted to go to bed. 
You weren’t about to let him, though. Not yet.
“Katsukiiiiiii,” you called, scrambling up onto the couch to get a better look at him. 
“Hey there, kitten.” he tossed his bag down in its usual place at the table, finally looking up at you. 
You saw his usually harsh gaze soften as his red eyes met yours, something close to the beginning of a smile tugging at the edges of his lips. Katsuki was a rough guy, always grumpy even while he was out there being one of the best heroes in the city, but at home, he was quieter. Home was a safe place for him, and even though he was still a handful, he was your handful, and you wouldn’t trade him for the world...although right now, you were starting to get irritated by the fact that he had yet to see the nest you worked so hard on.
“What’re you two losers doin’ down there?” he asked, walking towards you lazily. “Fuckin’ on the living room floor, without me?”
“Katsuki, come on.” you rolled your eyes. 
“What? It’s a valid question.” he said as he finally reached you, placing his hands over yours where they rested on the back of the couch. He closed his eyes, tilting his head up for you in an open invitation. “Miss me today?”
You nuzzled up against his chin, feeling him relax around you as you pumped out a happy, pheromone-filled scent for him. “Why don’t you take a look at what I spent all day doing, and then you tell me?”
He sighed, grumbling something under his breath as he cracked his eyes open. Then, he fell absolutely still, and when you pulled back and looked up at him, you saw that he was staring, eyes wide in disbelief. He had frozen completely, as if he had absolutely no idea how to process what he was seeing.
“Like it?” you asked, following his gaze back to your nest. 
Kirishima was still sitting in the center of it, resting one arm on his knee while he supported his weight on the other. There was a gentle, lazy smile on his face, and as he saw that Bakugou wasn’t moving, he tossed his head. “Katsuki, come see what our little omega worked so hard on.”
“Yeah, Katsuki.” you hopped off the couch, walking around the end of it to take his hand and drag him towards your nest. “Come join us.”
He let you pull him down, and for a moment, all he could do was take a deep breath and inhale the scents of his two mates. Ever so slowly, his face relaxed, and as the three of you snuggled in, he pulled you close and pressed a kiss against your forehead.
“What do you think?” you asked, getting cozy between your two boys.
“It’s fucking perfect, baby.” he said. “You’re fucking perfect.”
“Guess we’re not too bad at this whole alpha thing after all, huh?” Kirishima asked, leaning forward to greet Bakugou with a light kiss. 
“Never said we were.” Katsuki huffed, bristling for a moment before he calmed down. “Still...there are some alphas who never get to see their omega’s nest, let alone be invited in. I guess...you must feel pretty safe with us.”
“I do!” you chirped, grabbing a blanket and pulling it over yourself. “I’m happy. Well...I made this nest because I was getting so lonely during the day, and I wanted to be able to smell you guys while you were gone...”
The boys frowned at each other. 
“...but just making it made me feel better.”
You heard Katsuki sigh in relief as Eijiro gently headbutted you. 
“We have been working a lot lately...” he said quietly. 
“So we’ll change that,” Katsuki said roughly. “Our omega comes before anything. If you aren’t happy, what’s the point?”
You couldn’t help the wide smile on your face as you tugged them both down for a kiss, one by one. You spent the rest of the evening cuddled up in your nest, falling asleep on top of your boys, happy to finally, finally be getting the quality time you had been missing so much lately.
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forever-rogue · 9 months ago
A Bucky request for you queen: Reader takes Bucky to meet her family for the first time, and he’s already nervous, but he’s even more nervous when you ask if he wants to hold your sisters new baby bc he doesn’t wanna hurt the baby and he thinks he’s still damaged.
But eventually you convince him to hold the baby and then he sees how good you are and he thinks about having a family for the first time and things can either get fluffy or smutty, whatever u r feelin
Have a great day love!🤍
Tumblr media
A/N: enjoy some soft fluff! 🥺
Pairing: Bucky x Fem!Reader
Word Count: 2.4k
Warnings: none
»»————- ♡ ————-««
“Bucky?” you stared at your reflection, putting your earrings in to complete the final outfit touch. You were getting ready to head over to your sister’s house in order to see her, her husband, and their newborn baby for the first time. You were excited to go, beyond ready to see her again and meet the newest addition to your family. Meanwhile Bucky was going through a series of emotions as he tried to ground himself and settle his nerves. He’d been reluctant to agree to go, not because he wasn’t happy to come, but more so because of the bundle of nerves that had welled up at the prospect of meeting a tiny, brand new life. As soon as he’d seen how your face light up in excitement at the prospect of going over, he couldn’t say no when you invited him to come with you. Then again, Bucky could never say no to you, “are you ready to go, my love?”
“I’m ready,” he agreed quickly as he stepped out of your shared bedroom, clearing his throat as he pulled on his leather jacket. You turned, flashing him a dazzling smile that still made him weak in the knees, when you noticed a worried expression on his face. You flounced over, hands going to his shoulders as you offered him a reassuring squeeze. You gazed into his eyes, trying to gauge what was going on in his mind when he let out a small huff. He knew you could read him like a book, “alright. I-I’m nervous about meeting...the baby.”
“James,” you reached up and rested your hand on his cheek, relaxing as he lightly keened into your touch. His hands found purchase on your waist as you leaned into him, brushing your lips against his, “you have nothing to be worried about. She’s just a baby, she’s got no right to judge and she won’t. She’ll see Uncle Bucky and fall right in love. Talk to me, love, tell me what’s going on.”
“You’re going to laugh,” he turned his gaze away, but you reached up and put your hand under his chin and shifted his gaze back to you, “it’s stupid.”
“I’m not going to laugh,” you insisted quietly, “you could tell me anything and it wouldn’t be stupid.”
“I just worry,” he sighed after a few beats of silence passed between the two of you, “what if...what if he’s still in there? Some small part of him and he...snaps. Or something. She’s going to be so small and all it would take it one little-”
“Bucky,” you reached for his hand and squeezed it tightly in your own before lacing your fingers together, “you are not him anymore - he is not you. He never was. You are James Buchanan Barnes and no one else. He is not a part of you anymore at all. You are free of all of that. You are good, you are. I know sometimes it’s harder to believe than others, but it is true.”
“I know,” he closed his eyes for a few moments, lashes fluttering against soft skin as a small sigh passed his lips. He squeezed your hand back before resting his head on your shoulder as you wrapped your arms around his waist, “it’s just...I don’t want to have a moment of...weakness.”
“You won’t,” you insisted softly, “maybe right now you don’t need to believe in yourself, but can you believe in me?”
“Always,” you could feel him smiling lightly against your warm skin as he nodded.
“Good,” you pressed a kiss to the side of his head, “now, trust me because I trust you in you. Now, let’s go, otherwise we’ll be late and then then everyone will be mad.”
“Everyone’s going to be there?”
“Just my parents, my brother, my sister and her husband and the baby of course,” you stepped back and looked him over before leaning in and kissing him quickly, “they know you, Bucky. The real you and they love you. There’s nothing to fear. Might I also add that you look very handsome today. You’ll knock ‘em dead.”
“You look beautiful,” you just happened to be wearing one of the dresses he loved most on you. He’d never commented on it, but you’d seen the way his blue eyes had lit up when you’d first worn it. You figured it would be something to help ease his nerves, almost to ground him as you had a suspicion that he might be nervous. He’d gotten much more comfortable around your family over the last year, but you knew that his general anxiety and fears sometimes bubbled up, “I love you.”
“I love you too,” you promised as you held your hand out towards him. He strode over slowly before taking your hand in his and inhaling and exhaling deeply. He could do this - you knew he could and he knew he could too. Your support had meant everything to him and have him that little push he needed to get over the lingering bit of insecurity he had.
»»————- ♡ ————-««
“She’s so small,” you said softly as you held the small baby in your arms. She was sleeping soundly, her little lips forming a perfect pout as you rocked her gently, “she’s beautiful.”
“She better be,” your sister joked, “nine months and then 30 hours of labor - she better be beautiful!”
“You’re the worst,” your eyes widened in surprise before you giggled quietly, “how’s she been?”
“Aurora’s been so good,” she said and you traced over her chubby little cheeks, “lots of long days and nights and more dirty diapers than I care to admit, but she’s worth it. I wouldn’t change a thing.”
“I can see why,” she was so small and tiny, a new life that had so much ahead of her. The idea made your heart melt, “it must all be terribly scary and exciting.”
“It is,” she agreed as she nudged your knee with hers, “what about you and Bucky? Ever think about starting a family of your own? You guys have been together for a while and it’s something to think about…”
“We’ve...vaguely discussed it,” you confessed, looking up just in time to spy Bucky casting a quick look at you. He was mid-conversation with your father and brother but shot you a soft smile before turning back to the conversation. Your breath caught in your throat as a warmth settled in your belly, setting off a course of butterflies. What you hadn’t seen was all of the other gentle, tender glances he’d been throwing your way since you’d gotten there. You sister cleared her throat before drawing your attention back in, “but umm...it’s never really gotten that far. I dunno what’s going to happen, but I like to think maybe one day we’ll get married. I don’t see a future with anyone else.”
“You really love him, don’t you?” she asked softly as you nodded, feeling a warmth creep up into your cheeks as you avoided looking at her face.
“I do,” you bit your lip as you stared at the small baby that had started cooing softly. Her eyes slowly opened as she nodded before looking around and smiling. She waved her chubby little arm around before reaching for your finger and curling her fist around it. You beamed at her before pressing a kiss to her forehead, “just like you already.”
»»————- ♡ ————-««
“Bucky?” your voice was soft as you walked outside to the backyard where he was standing and watching the sun slowly setting and painting the sky in brilliant pinks and purples. He hesitated for the slightest of moments before turning to you with a half smile on his features.You were holding Aurora in your arms, and she was already back to being half asleep. His nerves shot up but he quickly calmed down when he realized how tranquil the portrait painted in front of him was. You made it all seem so easy and effortless - it was new and foreign to you too, but you were handling it so well. Maybe he could as well, “would you like to meet your niece? To hold her?”
“I don’t...I don’t know if that’s a good idea,” he said softly as you both took a few steps towards each other. You offered him a hopeful little smile as the baby opened her eyes and turned to look at Bucky. He met her eyes and she babbled excitedly at him. Suddenly, something within snapped as his whole demeanor shifted and his expression softened as he took in a shuddering breath. He could do this, he realized, he could do this.
“Bucky?” this was more hopeful and optimistic as he came towards you and cautiously held his arms open to you. He only nodded as you looked at him to make sure it was okay. Shifting the tiny human from your arms to his, you watched as Bucky took to water like a duck to water as he made sure she was secure in his grip. It was a sight to behold and you felt your heart beat wildly.
“She’s so...new,” was all he could get out as you laughed at him. He almost couldn’t take his eyes off her as you gave his shoulder a squeeze, “so tiny.”
“That’s kind of what a baby is,” you joked as you stuck your tongue out at him and he jokingly scoffed, “see, it’s all easy squeezy lemon peasy.”
“It’s not as hard as I thought,” he confessed after a few moments, “it feels…”
“Yeah,” you pressed a kiss to the side of his head as you finished for him after a few beats of peaceful silence, “I know.”
“Do you think I could have a few moments alone?” he asked as you nodded, standing back and admiring the sight of your boyfriend holding your niece. It struck up something within you and while you weren’t quite sure what it was, you couldn’t help but revel in it.
“I’ll be inside,” you promised, “dinner will be ready soon.If you need anything, just say the word and I’ll be right there.”
“I know,” he grinned, “I know.”
»»————- ♡ ————-««
Bucky watched you walk back inside and close the screen door, holding a hand up as he lightly waved back at you. A wary sigh escaped his lips as the baby watched him with nothing but curiosity in her eyes. He’d held babies before, in another life, one which was stolen from him but had led him here. But he wasn’t angry about that anymore; he’d spent many years in anger about it and he was past that. He knew, one of the things that had helped him out of that anger and hatred was you. If his cards had been played any differently, you wouldn’t have been a part of his, and you had slowly but definitely become one of the best parts of his life.
It felt so foreign but so right in that moment as he stared at the small life in his arms. He’d never really pictured himself with a family of his own, once in his old life he might have, but he hadn’t in a long time. With you, something had trickled in, slowly blooming over time to become stronger and stronger. And after seeing you with the baby, there was something in him that had come full circle. And as he looked at her little face, he couldn’t help but wonder what your own child would like. Would they have his eyes? His dark shock of hair? Or would they take after you? Either way, he knew whatever child the two of you might have would be beautiful.
“Hi Aurora,” he whispered to her as he allowed him to touch her cheek, finding the faith and trust deep within himself, “you’re still so new to this world. You don’t know about all the horrors and scary parts yet. But there are so many good things too, lots of beautiful things. I will do my best to protect you from all the bad parts, I promise. Whatever you need, I will be there.”
She smiled at him, a toothless, gummy thing as he beamed at her. Maybe...maybe one day this could be a reality for the two of you as well. Bucky let himself relax as it felt like a weight lifted off of his shoulders at the realization that he was okay. That nothing had happened and nothing would happen. He was okay...he was okay. He closed his eyes for a moment as he remembered how you looked holding her earlier. The sight had sparked something within him too; it was a sight he had thoroughly enjoyed seeing. For the first time in a long time, he had allowed himself to think that maybe he could have this too, that he could have a family and happiness of his own.
A sigh, this one contented and happy, escaped his lips as he cradled Aurora against his chest and watched the sun disappear behind the horizon, “I think maybe one day I could be a dad. I think..I think I’d like that. Especially after today...I feel like it could be an actual possibility. I was nervous about today - meeting you. I know it sounds silly, especially since you’re just...a baby. I wasn’t sure if I could...trust myself - it’s still hard sometimes. Not often but there are times. You helped me to see that maybe it’s not so hard after all. Whatever it is, I-I’m willing to try. Especially with your Aunt. You’re going to love her, you know. I do.I really, really do. I think she’s everything.”
“Bucky?” you poked your head out the door and beamed, “dinner’s ready!”
“Coming,” he slowly made his way back over to you. Opening the door wider, you ushered him inside, a hand going to the small of his back as he handed Aurora back over to your sister. He returned to your side, an arm snaking around your waist as he kissed the top of your head, “hi.”
“Hello my love,” you grinned back at him, “how’d it go? She seemed to like you...you seemed to like her…”
“I did,” he agreed, “we had a good talk. Well, I did most of the talking, but she’s a good listener.”
“Hmm,” you snorted in laughter, “you’re something else, Barnes.You’re lucky I love you so much.”
“I love you, sweetheart,” he leaned in so he could whisper in your ear, “maybe later we could talk. There’s some...things that have been on my mind for some time.”
“Bucky?” you gave him a confused look but he cut you off with a soft kiss to your lips, “everything alright?”
“Yes,” he promised gently, “everything is perfect.”
»»————- ♡ ————-««
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thefanbasewhore · 8 months ago
Summary || Mob leaders Steve and Bucky are closer then what people think and they don't like when people stare at their girl, especially a meeting in their own home.
Warning/content || Bucky and Steve, poly relationship, fluff, implied smut, mob au, mafia au
Paring || Bucky x reader x Steve
Tumblr media
It's always assumed to be rumors.
That Bucky Barnes and Steve Rogers, the men who own the most notorious and gruesome mafia are in fact more then just business partners. Just the thought alone of two powerful, equally dangerous men, would never work. Too strong willed and determined, one always wanting more power, asserting dominance but that wasn't the case.
Steve and Bucky had loved each other since they were kids - best friends since birth, Steve's father took care of the business, pretty much owned the whole state of New York City and even currently after his death, Steve has managed to keep it that way. And just like his father, a Barnes being his right hand man, but it was much more then that.
Then they met you, a sweet girl, filled with laugher and happiness, something they have been desperately been needing in their life. Where they work too long, you're there to remind them they're human, to eat, to sleep. When they're enraged, about to act of feelings, you're there to remind them it's only temporary, it will pass.
Business is good as ever but now instead of the drug trade, stealing and laundrying, they have decided to start a business - the goal to be one hundred percent legitimate by two years but of course some things always get in the way.
Like the fact no one can seem to do their job and their employees always seem to have sticky fingers. A huge financial loss, one that can set their planalmost a whole year behind.
Bucky sits up straight, shoulder to shoulder with Steve as he flips the data sheet over with equally displeased scowls. Bucky's the first one to look up, steel blue eyes darkening as long table of men nearly shake. "How did this happen? When we hired all fifteen of you, it was to make sure we don't loose any fucking money."
"Sorry sir, we just assumed -."
"Shut up." Steve huffs as he brings his hand up to rub his beard, leaning into the table with an elbow. "You're going to get that money back or else, I'm not paying with you fucking idiots no more. It's my money, you lost it, you go find it."
A calloused but soft hand reaches into Steve's light hair, he lets out an a hum of acknowledgment and leans into Bucky's touch. The men around them freeze but they don't seem to care; agreeing to not hide it anymore.
Bucky's concerned eyes leave the sight of his boyfriend but narrows at the wide eyed men. "Is there a problem?"
"N-No, not at all sir."
"Good." Steve claps his hands, "Tell us exactly what happened last night, not one detail left out."
Meanwhile the sun shins brightly through the slits of white curtains, adorming and glistening from the lotion on your skin. The white searing light makes you wince, claiming it's too bright, unknown that no one is listening.
"Steve, stop opening the curtains, close them!" He's always the first one up, opens all the curtains in hopes that you and Bucky will take up; you never do. There's no answer, squeezing your eyes in annoyance as you reach over to tap Bucky, he'd close them even though he wasn't much of a morning person like yourself.
"Buck -." But no one is there, the bed incredibly cold, depsite the size of the bed, it feels so small without them.
You hiss at the contact between the cold, morning floor and your feet through the bedroom and into the hall, where you found yourself jumping from area to area rug in the ridiculously long hall way.
Decending the stairs and heading right towards the direction of their home office, it had to be something work related to pull your boys away, if they left they would have woken you up to tell you.
The moment you open the large, double doors you're greeted with seventeen pairs of eyes, two pairs being got of your boyfriend's. Clearly displeased with the intrusion.
To start, they try to keep you away from the business as much a possible, sparing any details and keeping it short. You're aware of who b they are, what they do but they're trying to change.
You're completely oblivious to the fact that you stand just and only a thin white shirt, no doubt Bucky's from the night before and a very small pair of cheeky black underwear, which showed through the translucent white.
“Pretty girl, go back up stairs ya?” Steve bites his inner cheek. The crowd does a double take, eyes widening as they realize his words - were you his too?
"We'll be up in twenty minutes, keep the bed warm. Put some pants on." Bucky's words confirm it - you're both of theirs.
In an instant your cheeks are on fire, flushing at the realization you're pretty much naked. Frozen in embarrassment.
Bucky and Steve's eyes along the crowd of men, daring any of them too look again but no one has a death wish today.
“I was hungry, I’m sorry I didn’t know you had a meeting, was wondering where you went." Bucky reaches over, pressing his lips into your hand, mumbling against it. "Wait it the kitchen for us - won't be long and put some freaking pants on."
The moment you leave, Steve clears his throat. "Get me my money back, I don't care what you have to do. And bring that jerk-off to me, teach him something about stealing money."
"Are we understood?" Bucky adds. "Now go, we have other business to attend to."
You don't miss the way the men tip their hats to you, respectfully and not for too long as the exit the house. A gentle hand cups your hip, chest pressing against your back to sandwich you between them and the counter top. Steve's lips find your cheek, trail to your ear. "Hi honey."
Cheeks blazing hot as Bucky's gaze catches your attention, a sly smirk that makes you pout. "You know, next time a warning or a note would be nice."
"Was," Steve's lips press against your temple, "No," now to your hair, "Time."
"Okay sweetheart," Buck huffs, "Quit hogging her up, cmere, give me my morning kiss doll."
A smile curls at the ends of your lips, legs still naked despite his warnings but trail over to kiss him. With one small kiss his other hand reaches out for his other lover, "Steve - sweetheart, come here. Wanna kiss babe."
Bucky pulls you into lap with a lady grin, hands falling to cup your rear. "Next time, put some pants on."
"I dunno, maybe." You tease him, sticking your tongue out only for him to tap his finger against it.
"Mmm, never have to wear pants around me." Steve comments finally joining the two of you with a teasing smirk. "Like ever, ever again."
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echo-of-sounds · 2 months ago
a feel good birthday
Tumblr media
-Hound Dog x f!reader-
smut drabble for ryo's birthday
My laptop isn't working that well. I've tried to edit this as much as possible, but if there are any mistakes, I'm sorry. I hope it's still readable. Though, like, maybe ten people like Ryo enough for something like this.
Warnings: Daddy Dom, rimming, ball worship, domination/submission, degradation, and piss kink
Tumblr media
“Are you sure you don’t want to do anything?”
“Are you really sure?”
Ryo said your name. You sighed his, plopping beside him on the couch. Thankfully, he didn’t have any extra work today, but staying home, watching Tv all evening, didn’t feel much like an exciting birthday bash.
“Why does it matter?”
“I don’t know. I guess I just want you to feel celebrated, and this is just kinda boring.” You shrugged, not really knowing how to word it.
He downed the rest of his beer, setting the bottle aside after. “I don’t need some stupid party to feel celebrated. I got enough annoying wishes at work. Right now, I don’t need anything else but drinks and you.” A hand found your waist, tugging you snug against him, almost on his lap.
Brushing aside his fluffy hair, you kissed his neck. Peach fuzz bristled your lips. His bare chest let all his body heat spread to you, chasing away the frosty night air. It worked better than tea or soup. And it gave you an idea.
You mumbled against his jaw, lightly sucking as you did, “Can I at least make you feel good tonight?”
“What do you have in mind?”
“I dunno.”
“Gotta have something. You brought it up.”
Too lazy to pick up your lips and tongue, they dragged across his skin. His head tilted to the side for more access and more smooching. Your palm found his chest, feeling up the picture-perfect muscles.
He squeezed your side and droned, “I think you have an idea.”
“Maybe.” One thigh slid over his. Your fingers followed the thick, happy trail downward, pausing at his waistband. “Maybe I can take care of you today.” With his hands locking your hips in place, his thigh jolted up, sternly rubbing against your crotch. You breathed in sync with his frisking. Your voice waned, submitting faster than you wanted, “Daddy, I wanna… I wanna take care of you, Daddy. I can make you feel good, like you always make me feel.”
“You make me feel good all the time.”
“But I wanna be…”
Canines grazed your collar bone. His tongue came next, licking the divot, still grinding you over his thigh. You spoke between giggles and sighs, “Please…”
The motions cut short. Hands left your sides. The sudden stop sunk a chill into your body. You missed his hands and tongue. They belonged on you, holding and biting strong, marking his property. It felt-
No. You were supposed to be giving the pleasure right now. That was your job. And you were gonna do it.
Taking the release as a go-ahead, you stood, removing your shirt and shorts, showing off your breasts and panties. The nip in the air already got your nipples hard. He leered as you kneeled between his legs, never breaking eye contact while you grabbed his waistband and slid them and his underwear down.
His cock pulled your gaze. It was too beautiful not too: his shaft faintly throbbed, stirring to life; balls hung low; foreskin gathered; the tiniest drips of precum leaked. Not wanting it to go to waste, you kissed it, delighting in the familiar taste.
He gripped and pulled himself away from your mouth. “Your dumb baby brain can’t resist my cock, can it?”
“No.” His free hand scratched behind your ear. You leaned into the rough palm. It only ever brought pain with your permission. All other times, it was comforting and secure — even in the pain, it was comforting and secure.
You began by placing a few kisses on his thighs, cradling them as you did. They were muscular, easily able to crush a watermelon, and layered with dark hair, but you still treated them with patience and tenderness.
However, when your mouth closed in, you realized he never gave explicit permission. So you asked for it, “Can I, Daddy? Can I take care of you?”
“Yes, you can. You’re a good girl for asking again.” He held his cock out for you.
“Thank you,” you barely breathed before taking his head inside. Foreskin tickled your tongue. You played with it, pinching and pulling with your teeth, sometimes lovingly, sometimes a little meanly, earning you a hiss. You swirled your tongue around it, worming inside, loving the smells and tastes it brought and the sighs he made.
“You do love that, don’t you, baby?”
You nodded and hummed, your mouth too preoccupied with the toy to speak. Sadly, the more you nursed, the less you had to nurse with because his foreskin retracted, putting an end to your playing.
You just moved on to his balls, specifically under them. Thick musk and salt awaited a cleaning. And you moaned the second you got to taste it, snuggling close, licking along his raphe. Testicles shifted and loose skin rolled your tongue's persistence. Hairs clumped in your mouth. Saliva pooled, occasionally trickling down to his ass.
“Fuck. Stay just like that, little girl. That’s perfect.” Daddy blessed you with a lengthy, deep groan. You nested right where he said to, relishing in the delightful he made because of you. And you got to watch his face soften, cock pulse, and hand wander over his chest, amusing his nipples.
Enamored and absorbed, your thighs wedged together to lessen your clit’s neediness. You rested on his thigh, closed your eyes, and breathed him in, surrendering to your Daddy’s desires. Not that you’d ever complain. It was wonderful and so damn fulfilling.
Fingers grazed your temple. Soft compliments said his aroused, guttural tone fluttered your heart. “I hope you know how proud I am of you. You follow my rules, let me ruin you, and treat me so well.”
You whimpered, drinking in his contracting left testicle.
Time passed, filled with quiet sentiments, sharp suckling, and mounting arousal. Your jaw ached and knees cramped, but you wouldn’t complain. He and his luxury were more important.
The oral praise ended when he asked, “Does my little girl wanna make me happy?”
Spit clung to your lips as you released from his dark, pleased, pulsing balls. A lecherous fog started clogging your mind. You steadied yourself on his legs and breathed, “Yes, I do. I’d do anything for you.”
He repositioned. His cock bobbled like a treat. You had to physically resist the urge to latch on. But with his feet propped up on the coffee table and wide open thighs, you saw a better, tastier gift: his ass.
“Can I really?”
“That’s what it’s there for. Show me how much you love me.”
“Thank you. Thank you.” You scooted close, immediately kissing the pretty pink ring of muscles. Dark hair surrounded it, only barely clearing around him. But you didn’t care about the hair. If anything, it was an added pleasure as you licked the sensitive, vulnerable rim and carnal savors sunk into your taste buds.
“How do you like it?”
“It’s so good,” you wetly babbled. The more you lapped, the more you shuddered with excitement. Your tongue flatted along him, increasing in strength with each pass, but never pushing in. Balls hung, nearly laying on your forehead. Wrinkles grew plump. Spit lubed the area up nicely.
“Come on, get in there, baby. It’s all for you.”
You cupped his cheeks, using your thumbs to spread his little hole open. It took one potent lick to slick your tongue inside. At your throaty moan, muscles clinched. It goaded you deeper, lodging nice and tight against him, steeping both of you in drool and groans.
“Ah- Fuck. You dirty little girl. You like to act so cute and sweet out in public, but when I get you home, you just love sticking your tongue up my ass. Fuck.” His head dropped back, rasping and swearing, top lip rising to show his canines. Broad shoulders and his scarred chest moved in deep breaths. They looked too perfect, like they wanted your nails clawing and teeth gnawing at them. “That’s only for you. Only for my baby.”
‘Thank you,’ you thought, not wanting to pull away. Focusing on your new task, your eyes closed with a moan, feeling him clamp and rumble and grind against your face. Though, the tonguing quickly turned into sucking. He’d pucker once inside your imbibing lips, then purse, wanting to draw your tongue back inside.
You released with a delightful pop. You gently felt over the pulsing skin. “It doesn’t hurt when I suck, does it?”
“Not at all.”
“You taste so good, Daddy,” you lauded. “Thank you for letting me taste you. Thank you. Thank you.” You kissed him over and over, slurping and salivating.
The used skin fluttered, pinkening and puffing from your care. You gave the agitated area a break, pressing soft, sticky kisses to it. As you did, you cupped his cheeks again, rubbing over bulky muscles. Spit dampened his hair and clung to you. The sound made between your lips and him coursed down into your stomach, warming your panties. They squished against your calves, doubling the warmth and wetness.
The tempting, glistening skin pulled you back in. You lapped it clean before sucking again. But this time, you did it harder, fuller, covering the ring of clenching muscles with your mouth, nursing to your heart's content. The sipping pooled blood under skin, swelling and heating it twice over, and arousal into your limbs, making it near impossible to sit still.
Combined with the sucking and your tongue rushing inside, so many gorgeous groans charmed your ears. That’s all you wanted — that’s all you ever wanted — to please Daddy. It’s what you were good for.
Dark eyes caught yours. He grunted your name and you, begrudgingly, straightened. His thighs lowered, resting on either side of you again. One hand fisted into your hair, commanding but not painful. The other used its thumb to grab your bottom lip. “Open.”
You listened. His tongue barged inside, clearly wanting to taste exactly what you did. Only after frisking your entire mouth did he pull away, leaving plenty of his saliva in your mouth. Breathless, you asked, “Am I making you feel good? Happy?”
“You are. You’re doing very well today.” The clutch on your hair remained, locking your gaze, as claws graced down your tummy, tickling and taunting their way into your panties, smoothing over your clit unnecessarily harshly. His rakish grin signaled he loved what he felt. “You’re a fucking mess, aren’t you, baby?”
“Uh-huh,” you huffed, unable to speak under his oppressive glare. He didn’t grant you much pleasure. Only one fingerpad focused on your clit, not too hard and not hard enough. Your hips bucked.
He clicked his tongue. “Don’t know if I should help you or make you wait some more. What do you think?”
Your mouth froze open. It was his birthday. This was supposed to be about him, but fuck, did a single finger rile you up like you were an untrained, unused virgin. But you said you’d please him. But you couldn’t stop the mess in your underwear. It was too much. Thinking wasn’t your job. You mouthed, “Don’t wanna think.”
“You want Daddy to think for you?”
“Of course I can. You just sit still for me.” He licked your cheek and chin clean and gave your clit one last rubbing before his hand left.
Your ankles and toes tingled, your knees ached, and your hips stung. Yet, you didn’t want to move from the position — not until he said you could. This didn’t start with you being as submissive as usual, but now that you were here, you knew the rules, and always obeyed Daddy. He was the smart one.
He spread his legs open a bit, sitting on the edge of the cushion. His cock wobbled so close, so beautiful. Precum dripped off in large blobs. Foreskin flushed over and off his glans as he stroked himself. Balls tightened with every downstroke, tempting your mouth for just a tiny kiss. But you couldn’t. Not yet.
“You are a good girl, you know that?” He cupped your cheek, letting you rest on it, still pumping his cock.
“Yes, Daddy.”
“You know what I’m going to do to you?”
“Your cunt really enjoyed it last time.”
A thrill rocketed through your body. It remembered the utter mess he made, soiling your undies and body with his heated urine. Your breathing picked up; butt wiggled. You held his hand, repeatedly kissing his palm.
“You liked it that much last time, huh?”
“How’d it make you feel?”
“Warm and special and… and owned. It’s like I was yours, Daddy, because I’d never let anyone else do that to me.” You happily bit the side of his palm. “Only you.”
The affection was returned: he licked your temple and forehead, nudging you with his cold nose after. “I love you, too.” His licking traveled down. Breath fanned into your neck. “Why don’t you touch yourself for Daddy?”
“Kay,” you purred, reaching into your panties, rubbing relief into your swollen clit.
“That’s perfect, baby. You’re just perfect.” The husk in his voice spurred moans and grindings. “And I’m gonna ruin you — piss on your body — make you soaked and filthy.” “Please… Please. I only trust you.”
After one last lick to your lips, he sat up and jerked himself off. His dark red glans aimed at your chest. Your hand sped up. Teeth bit your lower lip in anticipation. You just couldn’t sit still, no matter how much you tried.
“Go on, keep touching yourself.”
You did, circling your clit hard, just like he would. You watched his brows relax, eyes never leaving yours, even when the first spills fell to your stomach. The patter rendered you frozen. Irregular drops turned to a stream, spiking your breath to pause and hand to work faster with the spreading musk.
Warm liquid poured to your chest, heating the chill that had covered your nipples, seeping all over your tummy, and eventually into your panties. You gasped, feeling the material wet on the back of your hand and wrist. Despite being the one fondling yourself, he was still the one giving you the pleasure, enforcing his ownership by soiling your entire body. And you could feel his relief by just how used you — see the pleasure in his eyes and shoulders, proud of his work — hear the utter hedonism in his throatful groans and grunts and gluttony.
You shuddered under his dominance, wriggling from your overtaxed clit. You had to catch yourself on his thigh as your hips jerked and bounced, needing to move against the orgasm forcing your muscles taught. Drool dropped to his thigh. You bit it next, wanting something to suck on.
The stream faded in sync with your climax. Your body went lax, wet and aching. A finger traced your jaw. It was still fastened into his leg.
“Let go, honey.”
You did and were immediately manhandled, placed against the couch’s back, legs open and bent. It took a bit to realize your panties were gone. That wanton fog cloaked your mind now, leaving you to feel instead of think.
“You’re so fucking wet.” Rough hands circled your thighs. His dick plopped right onto your clit. You hissed. It stroked along you, lubing itself in your cum and his piss. Nails clipped into your skin, giving you a second’s warning before he thrusted in fully, firmly.
Your back arched as you gasped out. The heft inside was nearly too much on your ignited nerves. But you couldn’t wiggle away; you were caged under him, legs resting on his chest, arms held to the couch in a vise.
“It’s… It’s…”
“Fucking amazing.” He withdrew. The rim of his glans hitched, needing a tinge more force. Your arousal connected him to you in wet strands. And just as fast, he sunk again, full and firm, balls mashing against your ass. “Your pussy’s only for me. Only for Daddy. Do you understand?” he growled, biting your shoulder.
“It’s yours. It’s yours, Daddy.”
“That’s my girl.”
You whimpered at the looming threat. Again, he withdrew, leaving the tip of his cock barely touching you before driving his hips forward, fucking you into the couch, using his muscle and weight with every single drop, stretching you for all you had. Thighs slapped to yours. Wood creaked and knocked, straining from the movements. And you scratched and moaned and rolled your eyes.
“Your little pussy’s quivering.”
“Good?” Sounds struggled to get out.
“The best I’ve ever had.”
Air heated. Sweat flicked off his biceps. His forehead met yours, flattening his muzzle down your face. His crude, rutting body jostled your sticky, sore one, keeping a rhythmic pace. It never slowed or changed. It just kept going — he just kept fucking you. This was your job: be a fleshlight for Daddy to use and bruise.
You wanted to last longer, to feel this longer, but you just couldn’t. You tried gasping for him. No intelligible sounds formed.
He seemed to understand what you meant, though. He groaned, “Cum on Daddy’s cock. I want to feel just how tight your little pussy can get, okay?”
You grit your teeth, anchoring your nails into his arm. Hips rocked at the expert angle, forward and upward. A pint of pain and rapture rippled through your body, courtesy of his cock, no doubt bruising your insides like any responsible Daddy does.
“Let me feel it,” he gnarred, commanding your body.
For the last time, you did as he said. Your eyes clamped shut as you did. Pressure released from your neck and stomach, letting you indulge in the ripples of heated contractions. A couple of tears cooled your face, maybe some drool too.
It helped very little because, the next thing you knew, you were being filled with cum, adding fuel to the inner flame. Combined with the ringing in your ears, the sweat and breath and thick, sex-filled air, that was too much.
“Jesus fucking Christ. Ryo, I- It’s- Fuck, Ryo…”
With arms around your back, he lifted you. It wasn’t jostling like earlier. It was careful, delicate, bringing you with him when he laid down. The stickiness on your stomach and between your legs was tolerable, for now, only uncomfortable. He brushed his hair from your face, giving you open air.
You only just caught his words. “Are you alright?”
“I’m great,” you lazily smiled. “Just hot.”
“Take some deep breaths.” While you did, Ryo licked your forehead, probably enjoying the salt. His palm smoothed over your back, kneading where your muscles held too tight.
“Did you feel good?”
“Beyond. Your tongue’s gotten better. Have you been practicing for me, baby?”
Not admitting to anything, you curled up and looked away. Both of your bodies were a mess. So wasn’t the floor. But your body could finally relax after all the aches and pains of your session.
His tongue returned to your face, continuing with its cleaning. Amidst the licks and kisses, he mumbled a simple, soft, 'I love you.'
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extratragic · 9 months ago
four times you sat in Matthew’s chair + the one time they called him out
warning: none
summary: like keith, matthew has a chair in the house that no one is allowed to sit in, but he never has a problem with you sitting there.
word count: 2.6k
Tumblr media
Everyone knew that Keith’s chair was not to be sat in. Don’t sit in the chair, and don’t touch the remote. Everyone but Chantal avoided the chair when Keith was home, and you’d been around for so long that it didn’t even feel like a rule anymore. It was just natural to let Keith or Chantal pick what to watch while everyone got comfortable on the couch or another chair. 
It wasn’t a shock to anyone that Matthew bought his own chair at the beginning of one off season, and he had the same rule as his dad. He just couldn’t scare people like Keith did. If Taryn or Brady sat there, it typically ended with them wrestling. When you sat there, though, Matthew didn’t say a word. 
The first time it happened, you had no clue why everyone was so shocked. You were just sitting in a chair, watching TV with the Tkachuk family. Matthew was in the kitchen, getting snacks for the two of you.
"Get up for a sec?" Matthew mumbled, leaning down so his face was beside yours. 
You nodded and stood up, watching as he sat down in the recliner, then snorted when he pulled you down. He hummed softly and wrapped his arms around your waist, holding you on his lap.
"Really?" You asked, looking back at him with a smile on your face. 
He smiled and nodded, pulling you back so your back was against his chest. You smiled softly and got comfortable on his lap, eventually adjusting enough to lay your head on his chest. 
When you looked around, you saw Taryn and Brady staring at you with wide eyes and slack jaws. Chantal and Keith were smiling and shaking their heads, talking quietly to each other and looking at each other instead of you and Matt when they saw you glance at them. 
"Why are your siblings looking at me like I just told them I'm pregnant?" You whispered. 
Matt looked over at them and rolled his eyes, tightening his arms around your waist. "Dunno. Ignore 'em.” 
You nodded slowly, putting your attention back on the television and ignoring the stares of the younger Tkachuk's. 
The second time it happened, you were crying too much for anyone to even question it. 
"I just- I trusted him, Matty," you said weakly. 
"I know, y/n/n. I know you did," he sighed, rubbing your back. 
Your boyfriend of almost a year was cheating on you. Both Matthew and Brady suspected it, especially since your boyfriend had been acting strange around them since they’d gotten home for the off season. When Matthew asked you about it, you told him that your boyfriend was just stressed about working more often. Then, Brady saw your asshole boyfriend at a bar two months before when he knew that your boyfriend was supposed to be with you. Brady didn't tell you, though. He FaceTimed you that night and ask why you were alone when he saw that you were on your couch. That's when Brady had his first suspicion and told Matt. 
After that, Matthew seemed to notice everything that your boyfriend did that didn't make sense. Neither of them brought it up to you, though. If there really was nothing going on and your boyfriend was just an idiot, they didn't want to hurt you. 
But you found out on your own when you saw a necklace that wasn't yours on his nightstand, and then you saw a text on his phone from a girl you went to high school with, telling him that she left the necklace on purpose so 'they could fuck again before he put it on her.' In the moment, you were actually disappointed in the girl, because the text did seem desperate to you. That feeling faded as soon as it appeared, anger and sadness quickly replacing it. 
So, you ended up in the Tkachuk home after confronting your now ex, not even bothering to knock before walking inside. 
Matthew and Brady were in the kitchen and Brady was the one to see who walked in, calling for Matthew as soon as he saw your tears. He pulled you into a hug, but it only lasted a few seconds before Matt was pulling you to his chest and bringing you to his chair. Neither of them questioned you and you eventually told them what happened. Matt was pissed, but he didn’t think for a second about leaving you. Taryn was ready to chirp him when she saw you sitting on his lap, but the words died on her tongue when she saw how your body was shaking. 
It didn’t stop Taryn or Brady from chirping Matthew as soon as you fell asleep, though.
The third time it happened, Brady and Taryn didn’t openly stare at you like they did the first time. They just joked quietly with each other on the couch across from the chair. 
Both you and Matt knew that they were talking about the two of you because they kept looking over at you two and snickering every five minutes. 
Matt told you to ignore them, chalking it up to them talking about him, not you. You went along with it and stayed curled up into his side with your head on his shoulder. A movie that Keith and Chantal picked was playing on the TV, but you weren't paying much attention. 
Matt was whispering to you, talking about how much the team missed seeing you. He was leaving in two weeks and said that Johnny and Noah wouldn't shut up about him bringing you to Calgary, at least for a few days. David Rittich even texted him, telling him that his wife was begging him to bring you so she could take you out for brunch. You were giggling quietly as he told you how Johnny just wanted you there so he could take you out for dinner and show you how bad Matt had been treating you. 
"Johnny wants to take me on a date? Hold on, let me tell him I'm on my way," you joked, reaching for your phone. 
Matt glared at you and slapped your wrist when you opened your text messages. 
"Hey, quit that," he whined childishly. 
You grinned widely and looked up at him, seeing him pouting. Since you knew your way around your phone without having to look at it, you were able to open up Snapchat and start recording him. 
"Pouty Matty today, huh?" You teased, holding the phone up enough so his face was visible. 
You thought his pout was adorably funny, but he didn’t like it when you tried catching it on camera. His pout dropped and he rolled his eyes. You snickered and flipped the camera to the back, zooming in on Taryn and Brady, who were now looking at the two of you. 
"Can I help you?" You asked. 
"You can help Matthew get a better personality,” Taryn said, making you laugh quietly and end the video. 
Brady smirked at his brother before looking at you. "Looks like she’s already doing it. He’s smiling while sharing his chair," Brady teased. Matthew groaned and squeezed your hip. 
"Matty's chairs are my chairs," you replied easily. 
The fourth time, you were so used to Taryn staring that you didn't even notice anymore. The Senators were in Winnipeg, so Brady wasn't there that night. The Flames played the Blues that day, though, so Matthew was home. 
He got hit hard multiple times, something that always seemed worse to you when you saw it in person, so you were babying him. He didn’t get into any fights, thankfully. You hated those more than him getting hit. 
"Need ice? Heating pad?" You asked, rubbing his shoulders. 
"Nothin' at all. Just wanna lay like this,” he mumbled. 
'Like this' was his back against your chest and his head on your shoulder. The footrest was up and Matt was laying between your legs, some of his legs hanging off because he was so tall. You'd been rubbing his shoulders and trailing your hands down his arms to his wrists, then back to his shoulders. There were a few times where your hands would move to his chest and he would hum and try to move closer to you, making you giggle. 
Neither of you noticed Taryn recording the interaction. 
"Your hair's getting long, Matty," you commented. You loved his curls, but you wished that he’d consistently take better care of them.
"I'm planning on cutting it after the season ends, don't worry," he said. 
Your eyes widened and you moved your head so he could see you looking at him. "Don't do anything crazy," you said quickly. 
He chuckled and nodded, smiling softly. 
Chantal walked in and you smiled at her before looking at Matt when he started talking again. She looked at her daughter who was smirking at the two of you. 
She watched her oldest child grab your hands and lace your fingers together, laying them on his chest. You placed a kiss on the crown of his head and he closed his eyes, smiling contently. Chantal always loved seeing how Matthew acted around you. When the two of you were younger, it was definitely more of a sibling relationship. Protective, rough, playful, loving. Matthew treated you like you were part of the family. 
Now, though, the relationship was very clearly, to Chantal, a romantic one. Even though the two of you wouldn't dare admit it, she could see the love in both of your eyes when you two looked at each other. 
She could see how you watched Matthew when he played. The way you were constantly worried when he would chirp an opposing player, and how you would quickly stand up to see over the people in front of you and worry your bottom lip when he fought. She noticed how bright your smile was when Matthew scored and how loudly you cheered. They all noticed how happy you were to run into his arms after waiting for him to come out of the locker room after a game. 
She noticed how Matthew fondly watched and attentively listened when you were speaking. How he held you tightly in every hug. How he pulled you closer to him when he felt that you were too far away. He would put everything he could into anything celebrating you. Ever since he turned 16, he would get you a gift that he knew you wanted but would never ask for because it would cost so much money. He would spend weeks begging Chantal and Keith to help him pay for it. He never failed to make you feel like the princess, or even queen, on your birthday, or just a day that was special for you. 
She knew her son, and she knew that he was in love with his best friend. 
"Alright, what the hell?" You asked. 
Taryn, Brady, Johnny, and Noah looked at you with wide eyes, not expecting you to call them out. They had been staring at you and Matt for the last twenty minutes, whispering to each other and glancing at you two repeatedly. At first, you didn’t understand why three grown hockey players were squeezed on the couch with Taryn until they started gossiping with each other ten minutes into the movie Matt put on. Chantal and Keith were having a date night, so Matt finally got to pick what everyone watched.
"What?" Matt asked, looking away from the TV. 
"Is there something on my face? Every time I'm here, I feel like there's something on my face 'cause you guys are always looking at me,” you whined.
Matt sighed and shot a quick glare at the four on the couch before looking at you again. "No, y/n/n, there's nothing on your face. You look fine," he told you.
You crossed your arms over your chest and looked at the four, waiting for an explanation. 
"You're always in his chair! And he doesn't complain!" Taryn exclaimed. 
Brady groaned and practically threw himself back against the back of the couch. 
"I- what?" You asked. 
"Matt's chair. He never let us sit there. He still doesn't let us sit there. He throws a damn fit every time we sit down in his stupid chair. But every single time you sit there, it's fine!" Brady explained. 
You looked at Matt and he sighed again, shaking his head. "You two are being dramatic," he told his siblings. 
"Actually, I don't think so. You're kind of a dramatic person, and if we know you as well as I know that we do, you would throw a fit if anyone sat in your chair. But you actually pulled her onto it," Noah said. 
"You... huh? What is the big deal about me sitting in a damn chair?" You asked. 
"The big deal is that if you were anyone else, you'd get thrown to the ground for sitting there. But it's like it's your chair, too," Johnny said. 
"'Cause Matt's in love with you," Taryn said. 
Everyone's eyes went wide and Brady slapped his sister’s arm. Noah put his fingers over his mouth, trying to conceal his laughter, but his smile was clear and it was growing by the second. Johnny had a wide grin on his face as he looked at Matt, not bothering to hide it. Taryn looked shocked that she even blurted that sentence. 
You looked at Matt, seeing him blushing and looking at the floor. 
"Matt's not in love with me," you said, furrowing your eyebrows and shaking your head. It hurt you to say that. Even though you had strong feelings for Matt since you were 15, it felt impossible for him to feel the same way about you. 
"Bull shit," Johnny scoffed. 
"He talks about you all the time," Noah said. 
"Shut up," Matt told them. You looked at him, seeing him glaring at his teammates. 
"I think we should go," Brady said, standing up. He motioned for the other three to stand up and, reluctantly, they left the room. 
"Matty," you said softly, putting your hand on his shoulder. 
Neither of you spoke for a minute before he sighed heavily. His eyes never left the floor. 
"Well, I guess you already know,” he muttered. 
"Know what, Matthew? That your friends and siblings are telling me you love me?" You scoffed. 
He looked up at you and your heart squeezed when you saw the look in his eyes. You’d seen Matthew go through almost every emotion in the book, but you’d never seen him look at you like that. It was soft, and also scared. 
"I do, dummy," he said. 
“You don’t love me,” you said, your voice quieter than you expected it to be. 
Matt huffed out a breath through his nose and shook his head. “I mean, I don’t think I’m in love with you, but I’m pretty damn sure that I’ve been in love with you since I was 16, y/n,” he said. 
When you didn’t respond, he took in a deep breath. “It’s okay if you don’t feel the same. It... This doesn’t have to change anything. You’ll always be my best friend,” he told you.
"What if I told you that I do feel the same?" You asked. 
"Then I'd kiss you. You know, if you wanted me to," he said, smiling shyly. 
You bit your bottom lip and smiled, moving your hand up to the back of his neck. His curls brushed against your fingers and you ran your fingers through his soft hair. He let you properly take care of his hair the night before, so the curls were softer than usual.
"I feel the same, Matty. I have since I was 15," you grinned, making him grin widely. 
"So I can kiss you?" He asked giddily, his pretty blue eyes looking into your eyes. 
You laughed and nodded and he wasted no time in pressing his lips against yours.
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a-gal-with-taste · 12 days ago
Hey!! I wanted to say that I think your writing is lovely, truly. Could you please do a Vander x fem!reader? I’d love to see Vander notice Reader struggling with her lungs, and notices his smoking is only making it worse, though she never says a thing about it? And maybe the kids are concerned too, noticing how her health is going down. Thank you for your time and have a lovely day!
First non-Silco request, let's goooo! Love me some crimerat, but it's nice to shake up the pace every so often. I'm still working on writing Vander's character, I'm not familiar with him as I am with others, but I hope you don't mind if I use this to practice writing with the hellion-kiddos of the underground. I rewatched Episode 1 and had to squeeze them on into a story
Vander X F!Reader
Warning: Language, serious illness, minor blood, hurt/comfort, tobacco usage and second-hand smoking. Also first time writing some characters, so apologies if they seem ooc
As soon as the kids came to know they were safe, would be fed, and had a warm bed to return to at night, they were off running. Away, yes, but now that they knew they had a place to return to, they always did so, after a long day of wreaking havoc in the Underground.
Today was one such day, and considering the lateness of the hour was beginning to make those in the shadows more and more bolder, locating the children was becoming a greater necessity by the minute. "Mylo, I'm taking your picks for a week unless you tell me where they went." You said in your best parental-tone, earning a squawk and frantic shake of spiky hair as he continued to insist he didn't know.
"I dunno either! I thought it was our turn hiding, I didn't think to look." The boy flushed, reaching up to adjust his just-too-big googles in his sheepishness. You sigh, and wave a hand in assurance, pausing as you glanced down an alleyway. Premonition, and frankly, experience led you to glance further up, through the oversized pipes and gears jutting out between buildings... "Can you climb, or do I have to come get you?" You called up, your voice bouncing along the metal as it echoed upwards.
Violet, of course, hopped down without further ado, despising the very idea of help. "Tattletale," The older child snarled at Mylo, giving him a small shove that you halted with a look as the boy whined. "Hey now, be nice. You can pick up the game tomorrow." Turning back to let the two simmer their attitudes down, you squinted as you gazed up through the pipework, calling again, "Powder...?"
A beat, before a tiny hum sounded, an anxious tune that made your heart twist even as you rolled up your sleeves, voice calm as you called up, "Okay sweetie, I'm on my way, don't worry..." Holding out an arm as Violet quickly steps up, face twisted in determination, and independence, "No, Vi, I need you on the ground. Keep these knuckleheads from disappearing again, alright?" Said-knuckleheads let out twin indignant sounds at the idea of babysitting, but the pink-haired girl gave a sharp nod, fists tight at her sides as she leveled a gaze upwards to the jungle of pipes and metal her sister was stuck in.
After scanning the bars and pipes for a minute, you took a short running start before leaping, using the momentum to step off onto the building wall, and haul yourself up to the first level.
There was a beat of anxiety in the air as the children heard your rasp from that action alone. "I-i can go get Vander..." Clagger offered, starting to back up, but a tiny whine from high above made him stop. "Don't leave me! I-i can get down on my own, I promise-" "No, sweetie, you stay right there." You ordered, after catching your breath, taking a sharp inhale through your opened mouth before balancing with years of skill and survival on the pipeline. "Nearly there, okay? Just hang tight, monkey..."
You don't know when the rasping started, but the kids, primed and conditioned to take every new development with a mountain of suspicion, noted it instantly. At first taking it for sickness, Violet had been quick to hustle the other children away whenever you were in the room, peering suspiciously as if you were collaborating with your germs on how best to spread and compromise the youngsters health.
Anxiety for her flock soon included anxiety for you, leading her to reach out in little ways. Water shoved into your hand at a seconds notice. Running errands in your place, grunting and growling away your insistences that it was your job to carry the heavy objects. The other kids picked up on it too, helping out in their own, little ways to prevent from hearing the uncomfortable sound of your labored breathing, but no one said anything.
At least, no one said anything that made it's way back to Vander. Which is what you preferred, knowing the man already had more than enough on his shoulders, you didn't want the children to race off and worry him with what's probably just the consequence of a life down in the undercity.
"Hey, spidermonkey. Climbed a bit too high?" Your joke comes out as a wheeze, but the pinched, anxious look on Powder's face melts a bit at your joking tone as you balance on the thin catwalk she's huddled on. Thankfully not as high as you anticipated, but after taking a moment to catch your breath, you hold your arms out which leads to her instantly latching onto you. "... 'orry," She whimpers into your ear as you need another moment to catch a breath with her arms locked around you.
"Don't sweat it, sweetie." You said, turning your cheek to press a quick peck to her temple. "Listen, how about you get on my back, we'll climb down, and then later we'll stop by that food stall you like. I know her bread rolls are your favorite..."
The blue-haired girl was already perking up, and she couldn't restrain a giggle at your pout and heavy sigh at the end. "I'd like yours too, if you didn't burn 'em!"
"I make them crispy, thank you very much."
Another few chuckles that calmed her down some, but her grip around your neck was still iron-clad as you secured her heels on your hips, standing up with hitched breath as you gazed down. Violet was staring up, on the verge of mutiny as she met your gaze while you caught your breath from the trial of simply hoisting a girl onto your back.
Taking a small breath, ordering your lungs not to start a rebellion that could doom you both, you whispered to Powder to hang on tight, before hopping down to the next pipe-level.
A squeak from behind as you staggered, hand catching yourself on rusted metal as you let out a soothing hush. Another breath, ragged more than the rest, before you dropped another two levels, catching yourself on a oil-slick pipe.
"S'okay, we're okay..." You had to take a minute to close your eyes, breathing slowly as you kept your body still and calm. Then a hoarse cough suddenly yanked from your lungs, one that couldn't stop, and you slipped.
"Shit!" "Oh no!" "Powder!" "Language!"
Somehow, you landed on the ground with Vi racing to tug the immobile girl from your back, as you pressed your palm to your mouth to stifle the cough. Your knees were stinging smartly from the impact, after managing to catch yourself at a lower level before, ungraciously, dropping down the rest of the way. But your chest was feeling some true pain from the laboring task, and as you finally managed to suck in a wet, but stable breath, you pulled your oddly sticky hand from your mouth...
"... I killed her, there's BLOOD!" Powder's screech made your ears ring as you quickly curled your fist to hide the evidence from the kids crowding around you, but it was too late. "N-no, kids, really, i'm..." You wheezed as you raised yourself on shaky legs, and even though he looked pale from the sight, Clagger immediately reached over to help you up onto your feet. "I'm fine..." You finished lamely.
"Bullshit, I'm telling Vander." "No." You said to Violet immediately with a frown, looking at other the kids firmly. "I... I know some guys. They can take a look at what's up with me. Do not bring this to Vander unless I bring it up with him, understood?" The casting of glances between the four made you nervous, and you put on a stony expression as you held your hand out, pinkie extended.
"Swear it, or I'm hiding your lockpicks, wrist-wraps, tools and no food stall trips. For a year." Each kid, besides the equally-stony pink haired one, gawked at your gall. Begrudgingly, Mylo and Clagger stepped up, too attached to their precious, sometimes questionable passtimes to risk losing them despite their worry for you, but Violet held Powder's hand to keep her at her side. Your frown deepened as you saw the mutiny in her icy blue eyes. "Vi..."
Jaw tensing, and hand tightening around Powder's, the girl whipped around and raced off. Knowing exactly where she was going, and knowing you had zero chance to even begin to break the distance between you two, you stood, and began walking back to the tavern to face the music...
The music was quite lovely, actually. Vander already had your favorite album playing in the background as you staggered in. That always put you in a good mood, which is why he always played it when you were about to have an argument.
You didn't feel betrayal when you saw Vi give you a glare as you walked in, still holding a worried looking Powder. Ushering the boys along, you saw the eldest give an uncertain glance before she finally moved her sister and brothers back to the door to the basement, leaving you and Vander alone in the tavern. Weekday, so it wasn't surprising, but you could imagine him ushering out a few remaining patrons before you walked in.
"I'm already planning to see someone," You announced quietly as you took the barstool closest to him as he was wiping down the counter. "Maybe go up to the Lanes for a bit, get some fresher-air."
"Were ya going to tell me? Or just shove off?"
You frown at the accusation. "Van, of course I would've told you. I wouldn't run out on you and the kids like that." The larger man huffed a bit, reaching for his pipe abandoned behind the counter. "Right, you wouldn't run off but ya would keep the kids from telling me you've been hackin' out a lung after every jog."
Smoke soon arises as he raises the pipes to his mouth, bushy brows furrowed as he raps his fingers on the counter. You swallow, and open your mouth to reply, but you speak only with coughing. Your partner immediately swears, slipping around the counter to put a hand on your back to try and help clear your airways. "Shite, poppet..."
After a moment, your coughing returned to hoarse breaths, and your reached behind you as Vander's large hand traveled up to your shoulder. Covering his with your much smaller own, you swallow and turn to look at his worried, pinched expression. "... It's the pipe, Van."
A slow blink, and you sigh, again needing to swallow air before you can speak again. "I know... it's stressful, taking care of all of us. Taking care of this city, much as we can. I know you don't have many things to cool down at the end of the day but... I don't have the lungs you've got, from the mines."
"... ya saying I caused this-" "No." You said, firmly as you squeezed his fingers with your hand. "No, I'm sure this has been a long time happening, honey." Where Vander grew in the deepest, darkest parts of the underground, you lived on the Lanes, practically within view of Piltover. The air was still tinged with the toxins, but the salt of the harbor had been clean enough in your youth. Since your departure into the undercity, you knew your body would have to get used to the clogged, dense air surrounding you, that others seemed to inhale with little to no problems, having been born into it.
Your body either had to get used to it, or rebel, and unfortunately, it looks like it was firmly the latter camp.
The pipe was put out, but he didn't remove his hand from your shoulder. "... I should've known better." "And I should've said something. We're both dumbasses," You assured him, turning in your seat to cup his face, giving him a small smile as you gently scratched at his beard to get his attention. His eyes flicked up to yours, and though he didn't turn warmer, you leaned into that hand that softly cupped your cheek.
"... You've gotten paler." "Long time from the sun." "... You said you knew some guys." "I'd trust at least two with the kids. I'll be fine, back up and running in no time."
He sighed, and his thumb gently brushed at your cheek. "'M sorry. I should've noticed." "Again, I should've said something. Dumbass parent we are, making the kids need to point it out for us." There was finally a small smile at that, and you turned, pressing your lips to his palm. "Vander, I'll be okay. We'll figure something out, we always do."
A small nod, as he made the quiet suggestion of asking the Enforcers for a favor. As the peacekeepers between the two, he had the best chance of not getting laughed at for such a request, but you still found yourself hesitating. "... Let me try my guys first. We can see what Topside might be able to help me with then, okay?" A beat, then you smiled gently at him, and he finally closes the gap, bringing you into one of those deep, enveloping hugs that immediately warmed you down to your soul.
"'M sorry," He stresses into your hair, and you hummed, swallowing another round of hacking to murmur assuringly. "I know, honey, I know you are..." Suddenly, if not for your man's grip of you, you would've gone flying from the lunge Powder gave as she finally got sick of eavesdropping, eager to be close to you. You heard a muffled apology for today's stunt as she buried her face into your side, and gave a small sigh with soft assurances, running a hand through her hair before glancing up at the others.
"... c'mon boys, bring it it." You ordered with a small smile, your two sons hesitant, but still quick to latch on to you and Vander.
You held them for a minute, hiding a smaller cough behind your fist as you glanced over to Vi, who was watching with a stern expression and arms crossed tightly over her chest. You would never be able to replace the mother she lost, she had always made it quiet clear, but you still gave her a matronly soft smile, letting the invitation hang in the air between you two.
"... I'm not saying sorry for tellin'." She insisted in a grunt as she latched onto the pile, all six of you together before an uncertain future. You could only chuckle, for a moment, lungs free from coughs as you whisper back to her, "Good, because I was planning to thank you."
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rocketrhap3000 · 12 months ago
Daddy’s A Superhero
requested: “Hi sweetie! I was wondering if you could write a Chris Evans x Reader request? I was thinking about a day at Chris's and Yn's daughter school where they present their parents, and when it is Chris time, your son/daughter tells everyone who her/his father is but without even mentioning the famous part? And Chris gets emotional and feels so human and alive because they mention things like "daddy knows how to fish and how to play the piano" and these simple things are what they love about him? Thank you 💕”
a/n: yes!!! i absolutely loved this idea!! thank you for requesting!!  and i am working on requests as best as i can so thank you all for your patience 💙
warnings: just emotional/angsty chris i think! maybe like one swear word? but its all fluffy fluff lol
no beta/loosely proofread so please excuse errors!
btw this picture 1000% looks like chris in an elementary school classroom watching his kid present something so i just had to use it with this request lol
Tumblr media
Bouncing in her seat at the counter, your daughter can barely contain her excitement. It’s a normal Friday morning, except for the fact that instead of just dropping the kids off at school today, you and Chris are going to accompany Sydney to her first grade class for what they’re doing as a little Parent’s Day. Calum, being one year in age and one school grade older than Sydney, already had this experience last year, and so, of course, Syd has been looking forward to taking you two to her class ever since.
“You gotta eat, Squid,” Chris encourages his daughter softly, seeing that the squirmy kid has barely touched her breakfast. 
“I’m too excited, Daddy!” she exclaims, wiggling out of her seat and attaching herself to her father’s legs. 
“Well how about you get excited after you get something in your tummy,” Chris laughs softly, lifting up his little girl in his arms and bringing her back over to her spot at the counter. She situates herself back into stool, Chris standing to her side while gathering some eggs on her fork for her. He then hands her the utensil and she looks up at him with big, blue eyes that match her father’s and a slight pout.
“Hey, I remember when you guys came to my class last year. Remember, Mama? Dad?” Calum speaks up with a sip of his orange juice.
“Yeah, Buddy,” you turn and smile at him.
“Yeah, me too, Pal.” Chris smiles, tucking some hair behind Sydney’s ear as she finally starts to pick away at the food on her plate.
“My friends thought meeting you was so cool! Remember, you signed Bennett’s Captain America lunch box and Joey’s Avengers backpack?” your eldest son exclaims proudly, almost spilling his juice.
“I remember,” Chris nods with a smile, gently smoothing back his son’s hair, but you can tell your husband’s demeanor has changed about the topic now.
You remember Cal’s day last year. And you also remember that as happy as Chris was to come in for his son, it was pretty difficult for him to just be dad for Calum when everyone only knew him as Captain America or “celebrity Chris Evans”. A couple parents came up to him and asked for pictures with their kids, and it was just a little much. Chris never openly talked to you about it, but knowing your husband, you knew he was upset after the day; he just didn’t let it get to you or the kids.
“Dad, do you think that when it’s time for Arley and Adrian to bring you to school, they will get upset because they have to present you and mom together?” Calum asks with orange juice on his upper lip.
“I dunno, Pal. They might be in separate classes when they start school. But guess we’ll have to wait and see,” Chris answers after taking a moment to think about the twins’ two contrasting personalities. 
You think about Arley and his leading, dominating nature; the older twin will most definitely be doing the actual presenting. Adrian, the younger, softer, quieter, but with more behind-the-scenes intelligence, will probably stand off to the side with you and Chris; it’s in his nature to follow his brother. The two are like peas in a pod, so you can’t imagine separating them for too many things in life. 
And at the mention of her little brothers, Sydney is reminded that they’re at Grandma and Grandpa’s house - Chris’ parents. You and Chris decided it would be a good idea to have your focus on the oldest two, mainly Sydney, for the day so that they feel special. Besides, Lisa takes every chance to spend time with her grandkids, and the high-energy twins would much rather be playing with Grandma than brought along to Sydney and Calum’s school.
“Mama, when can we have a sleepover with Grandma and Grandpa?” Sydney then asks you, and you look up from packing the kids’ lunchboxes to answer.
“I don’t know, Sweetheart. Maybe when we pick up the twins from them after school, you can ask them, okay?” 
She nods happily at your suggestion, and squirms out of her seat once more. You decide against trying to get her to eat again, knowing they have an early snack time at school and it’s a half-day, anyways. She hugs you and Chris takes over packing their lunches while you take the kiddos upstairs to brush their teeth and finish getting ready. 
It takes all of fifteen minutes before you’re heading back downstairs to get shoes and jackets on and to get out the door. Calum jogs to the car and situates himself independently, but Sydney sticks with Chris, ever the daddy’s girl, holding onto his hand the whole way to the car. 
As he buckles his daughter into her car seat, though, you notice Chris is a little off. You think Sydney even notices; she puts her little hands on his scruffy cheeks as he fastens her into her seat. He looks down at her with a small smile on his lips before clicking the buckle into place and kissing her forehead. 
You, while waiting patiently in the front passenger seat, talk over some words with Calum that will be on the spelling test he’s having today. He’s a bright kid, no doubt taking after his father in practically every aspect. It’s not long before Chris climbs into the driver’s side and starts the car. It’s silent for most of the short drive to school, save for the quiet chatter between Calum and Sydney in the back. You look over to Chris and you can tell he’s tense; his actual physical state and the position of his body looks wrecked with anxiety. 
“Chris,” you say in a volume just above a whisper. He looks over to you briefly, but quickly turns his focus back on the road. 
“You’re nervous,” you point out softly as the car stops at a red light. But he looks over at you expectantly, shaking his head and giving you what you know to be his cover up smile.
“Christopher,” you then quietly demand, reaching over to set your hand on his thigh. “Why?”
He sighs, but when you give his leg a squeeze, he speaks up.
“Because remember last year with Calum?” he asks you in a hushed voice as the light turns green and he steps on the gas. You can hear your son and daughter talking and giggling in the backseat so you know they couldn’t care less about what their mom and dad are talking about.
“Yeah, Chris. Cal loved bringing you in last year.”
“I know. And I loved being there for him.”
“Then why are you nervous for today?”
“Because… ugh, I don’t know. I guess it’s just... I don’t want Syd to talk about how our family’s always in the limelight. I mean, Cal was so excited about the new movie last year that it was all he talked about. He told his class I’m gone a lot and that’s just stuck with me.”
“Well, he also told his class that he wants to be just like you when he grows up. And remember how he said he loves going to set with you? He is so proud to have you as a dad, Chris.”
“I know. I know that he’s so proud of me. But I just felt so… un-parental. It seemed like I was just there for show. Like... using my son to promote the newest Marvel movie. I felt like a shit dad, honestly, (Y/n). It felt like the other parents were judging me, too. I don’t know.”
“Honey, I can assure you the other parents weren’t judging you. The dads all wish they could be Captain America and the moms were more like… borderline lusting over you,” you tease, trying to lighten his mood. He gives you a small smile as he looks over to you with sad eyes. 
“It’ll be okay, Lovie,” you promise him, extending your arm behind him to ghost your fingers over the hair at the nape of his neck. 
“I know,” he says with an unconvincing tone. “I know I should be happy that he thinks so highly of me, but I guess sometimes I wish I could be just Dad. Not a celebrity. Not Captain America.”
You nod, understanding where he’s coming from. You know he tries to be confident and strong for the kids; he wants to be a good role model for them. But you also know that he’s very emotional from time to time. He has a lot of anxieties constantly swimming around his head and the rough blending of his work and home life doesn’t help. 
You look back out the front windshield as he pulls into a parking spot and turns off the car with a small sigh. Unbuckling your seat belt, you watch as your husband does the same, but with trembling hands.
“Hey. You are an incredible dad, Chris,” you say softly, sliding your hand to hold his chin in your grasp. “Don’t ever forget that,” you insist, and he finally smiles back genuinely in return. 
“Thank you,” he says bashfully as a pink blush creeps up his neck and litters his  soft, pale cheeks. 
He leans in to kiss you sweetly. His lips are soft but cold and he tastes like coffee and strawberries. Being parents of four, the two of you don’t really get moments like this anymore, so you savor the times you do get them, relishing in the feeling of him. But of course, your son and daughter in the backseat have an opinion to share on the sight of their parents sharing a kiss in front of them. 
“Eww! Kissing!” Calum exclaims, and Sydney simply giggles along. Chris pulls away from your lips just enough to turn his head to look at the kids. 
“What, I can’t kiss Mama?” Chris asks, his voice playfully defensive. Your son shakes his head and rolls his eyes, and he looks exactly like his father while doing so. Sydney continues her giggles, and Chris kisses you again, this time exaggerating beyond necessary. 
“Mwah!” comes his overdramatic kiss, and you can’t help but laugh into his lips. 
The kids laugh, too, and before you know it, your family dynamic is back to normal. The four of you get out of the car and head into the school. Chris’ nerves are calmed just enough, but he still wants to hold your hand while walking into the building. Syd and Cal are a few steps ahead of you, and the sight of his son and daughter walking happily together is enough for him to breathe out happily.
You walk Calum to his grade’s hallway and he shows you his cubby where he hangs up his jacket and backpack. You and Chris walk him into his classroom, and unlike the other kids, he still accepts hugs and kisses from his mom and dad.
“I do not look forward to the day he grows out of that,” you sigh after walking away from Cal’s classroom and heading to your daughter’s hallway. Sydney, holding both yours and Chris’ hand and swinging your arms, is humming some song that Chris taught her on piano, and you think it’s the cutest thing ever.
“Out of what?” your husband looks over to you and furrows his eyebrows. 
“Kissing us goodbye,” you frown. 
“Ah,” Chris nods and chuckles. “Me too. We’re not even going to think about it,” he shuts his eyes and shakes his head as the three of you make your way down the hall. 
When you enter Sydney’s classroom, you and Chris are happily surprised to see that the board doesn’t say “Parents Day” but instead says “Special Grownup Day” because you know some kids may have living situations that look different than the picture-perfect nuclear family. Some students may have parents who can’t miss work so they brought another adult. Some kids may only have one parent or guardian. One of Sydney’s friends lives with her grandparents full time and one of Calum’s friends has two adoptive moms. You and Chris love that your kids are exposed to different kinds of families to show them while they’re still young that any group of people can be a family. 
“Mama, Daddy, look,” Sydney says in a hushed yet excited voice, still pulling on yours and Chris’ hands. 
She leads you to her desk, sits in the child-sized chair, and starts showing you all her things. Crouching down on either side of her, you and Chris can see that your little girl keeps her stuff well organized and you tell her you’re proud of her for it. 
A few minutes pass and the chatter of the classroom slowly quiets down as the teacher makes his way to stand at the front of the room. He introduces himself to those who may not know him and enthusiastically greets all his little students and their adults before calling on the first child. 
Things move quickly, but you enjoy listening to the kids tell about each of their special guests. The teacher goes down the list, and before you know it, it’s your daughter’s turn.
“Sydney Evans?” the teacher calls out, and your little girl springs up in her chair, almost over the brim with excitement. “Who did you bring in for us today?”
“I brought in my Mama and my Daddy,” she says, proudly standing up from the little desk and grabbing both you and Chris by the hand again to lead you up to the front of the room.
“Excellent,” the teacher smiles, then nods for her to start presenting whenever she’s ready.
“I’m Sydney Evans!” your daughter introduces to her class
“Good morning, Sydney. Can you tell me a little bit about your family?”
“Well, I have an older brother and twin little brothers and a dog named Dodger. And this is Mama and this is Daddy,” she says, pointing to each of you.
“And what would you like to share about your parents?”
“I want to talk about how awesome they are! Mama is a [______] and she’s super duper smart. She helps me with my homework and before I went to actual school, she taught me and Calum - that’s my older brother - at home. She does lots of things with us, like takes us to dance and soccer and gymnastics practice. She’s there for us for every recital and game and tournament and she always tells us good job, even when we lose. So maybe she doesn’t really understand when we lose, but it’s still nice that she is there for us. And she also makes really good chocolate chip cookies. Like, the best ever! Me and Calum can eat a whole tray of them! And she makes us pancakes every Saturday morning! And we get to put faces on them with blueberries and sprinkles and sometimes we make a big mess and-- oh oops,” she says, turning around and looking at you with wide eyes and blushing cheeks. “That was our secret we kept from Daddy!” 
The parents around the room laugh as your daughter shakes her head and carries on with her presentation. 
“Well, my Mama is the best ever and I want to be just like her when I’m a grown up because she takes really good care of all of us, including Dodger and Daddy and I love her so so much.”
“That’s awesome, Syd,” the teacher smiles. “And would you like to tell us about your dad?”
“Yeah! Daddy’s a superhero!” Sydney says proudly, but your stomach drops upon hearing your daughter’s words. 
You look to Chris nervously and he shakes his head, smiling sadly, ready to let it happen. You know your little girl means well, but you decide, for Chris’ sake, to try to sway Sydney from the topic. You crouch down and kiss her head before starting to whisper to her.
“Syd, that’s not all that Daddy does. How about you tell your class what you like to do with Daddy when he’s home? Talk about that.”
“I will, Mama. But he is a superhero,” she insists, then turns to her class. “One time when I was a little kid...” she starts again, and you and Chris look at each other with wide eyes and a small chuckle at her phrasing of time. “...Daddy was helping me learn how to ride my bike with no training wheels. It was hard, but he didn’t let me give up. One time, I got off balance and I was about to fall right face into the ground. But Daddy caught me just in time! 'Cause he’s a superhero and he always saves the day,” Syd finishes proudly, and the parents around the room chuckle again.
“That’s a fun story,” the teacher encourages. “What else do you like to do in your free time with your dad?”
“Well, Daddy likes to take me and Calum fishing sometimes. Sometimes, Daddy makes us wake up really really early, though. So me and Cal fall back asleep on the car ride to the lake. And rowing the boat out to the middle of the lake is super fun, but a lot of work. My arms get so tired, so I sit in Daddy’s lap and he helps me row. Cal is bigger than me and he’s way stronger, so he can do it all by himself. And then we get to the middle of the lake and we catch the really big fishies! Because Daddy always knows the secret to catching all the best and prettiest ones! One time I caught a sparkly red one and Cal caught a big blue one! Daddy took a picture of us holding them and it’s his lockscreen on his phone. But we always have to throw the fishies back into the lake so that they can go back to their families. Right, Daddy?” Syd says, turning to look at her father, and she’s out of breath at how excited she is. 
You swear you see tears in Chris’ eyes as he crouches down beside his daughter and gently tucks some of her unruly hair behind her ear.
“That’s right, Peanut,” Chris says gently, placing a hand on her tummy as he watches her continue to speak.
“And Daddy also plays the piano!” Syd then exclaims, and there is a collective, impressed ooh from the kids and parents around the room. Chris chuckles and blushes in response.
“Yeah, and he’s really good, too,” your daughter says matter-of-factly. “Sometimes, when I can’t sleep, he lets me sit in his lap with him on the bench and he plays for me to fall asleep. And then sometimes we all sing together, with me and Mama and Calum and my little twin brothers. The twins aren’t very good singers, though. They mostly only just yell like crazy,” she giggles, thinking of the toddlers. 
“But… so… yeah. Daddy’s the best at everything he does and he plays with us and cooks us dinner and helps us with our homework and has dance parties with us and… yeah I really love him and Mama both a lot.” Sydney finishes, still radiating so much enthusiasm as she tucks into Chris’ side and rests her head on his shoulder, catching her breath.
“That’s really cool Sydney. Thank you so much for sharing,” the teacher smiles, and there’s a small bout of applause from everyone in the room as you follow your daughter back to her seat. 
“You did a great job, Sweetheart,” Chris says to his little girl once the three of you are back at her desk. 
Syd smiles and blushes, sliding out of her chair and into his lap on the ground. You chuckle quietly at the sight and lean your head on Chris’ shoulder as the next student starts presenting about his dad. You feel Chris sigh as his daughter leans back and snuggles into his chest, and you know he must be absolutely over the moon with happiness. You see that certain sparkle in his eyes that tells you he’s overcome with emotion. 
“See?” you whisper to him as the people around you clap for the next presentation. “All is well.”
“All is well and my heart has never felt so full,” he nods, turning to you with a smile and placing a kiss on your head. 
By the time the school day is done and you pick up Calum from his classroom, it’s clear any and all of Chris’ anxieties about today are long gone. It also helps that no one asked for pictures with or autographs from him and you can tell he feels so much better than he did this morning. 
The four of you leave the school and pick up the twins from Lisa and Robert. As you suggested, Sydney asks when she and Calum can sleep over at their house. Then, because Chris is a sucker for his kids, you stop for frozen yogurt before dinner and give in to playing at the park. There’s no one else around, so the six of you get the playground all to yourselves. Arley and Calum are obsessed with the mini rock wall, Adrian is cheering them on from the top, and all Sydney wants is for Chris to push her on the swings.
You watch Chris as he laughs and romps around with the kids without a care in the world, helping them to cross the monkey bars, giving them turns to ride on his shoulders and back, and waiting for them at the bottom of the slides. You can’t remember the last time you were out and about as a family without Chris’ anxiety being through the roof. Normally, he’s in a panicked rush to get his wife and kids out of the spotlight, but not today. 
Because today, he isn’t an A-List celebrity. Today, he isn’t Captain America. Today, he’s just Dad. And it’s beautiful. 
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mizunetzu · 11 months ago
hello ~! could you do a quiet/cold male reader x kaminari,, like he goes 😐 at everything unless it’s denki doing something dumb LMAO
I was gonna do a drabble but it turned into a full fic so-
Kaminari x reader - Cold Stone Short Circuit
⚠️warnings - none, kaminari acting stupid
Pronouns - male, he/him
Tumblr media
“Come on-! Not even a smile!?”
Sero exasperatedly huffed out, running a hand through his hair. (Y/n) grunted, more interested in the small rip in his pants than Sero.
“Dude...give up, I don’t think I’ve seen him smile all year.” Kirishima whispered into Sero’s ear. Sero sighed in defeat. He’d been trying to make (Y/n) laugh or smile all morning, to no avail. Not even the stupidest of dad jokes could get him to crack.
“Can I go back to my seat now?” (Y/n) rubbed at his eyes. He was kind of tired. Maybe if he was quick he could take a small nap-
“Wheeey~! Wheeeheheeey~!!” Kaminari stumbled into the classroom, a goofy expression on his face and his hand turned up into thumbs-up signs. He twirled around giddly, before tripping on his feet and faceplanting onto the ground. Sero chuckled, while Kirishima tried stifling his laughter as he helped Kaminari up. He must’ve short-circuited or something.
“Man, I’d probably die before embarrassing myself like that, huh (L/-”
Sero stopped dead in his tracks when he saw (Y/n), the cold and silent (Y/n), covering his mouth, averting his eyes, and to top it all off, the faintest of blushes spread on his face. Sero gawked at the foreign expresssion (Y/n) was making.
He was blushing.
Sero looked from (Y/n), to Kaminari sprawled out on his seat, and back at (Y/n’s) blushing face.
“Kaminari! Yo-dude! Kaminari!” Sero nudged Kaminari awake from his spot on the common room couch. It was after classes now, and Kaminari was taking advantage of that. Kaminari jolted awake.
“I need you to do something dumb for me.” Kaminari deadpanned. Sero looked at him expectantly.
“Like...dumb what?” Kaminari rubbed at his heavy eyelids.
“I dunno! Something ‘Kaminari-like!’ I wanna see something.” Sero gestured in the air, thrusting his thumbs out and mimicking Kaminari himself.
“What am I gettin’ out of this?!”
“I don’t know! Whatever you want! I just-“ Sero eyed the elevator door as it slid open. Out stepped (Y/n), walking next to mina, with his usual deadpan expression. Sero pulled Kaminari up hurriedly. “Hurry! Go, go! Short-circuit or something!”
“Wh?! Why?! Yo-! Dude! Chill!” Sero was pushing Kaminari towards (Y/n) not-so-discreetly. Kaminari started pushing back.
“Stop resisting-! Just! Do it!”
“Hell no! What am I even supposed to do?! Ack!” Sero and Kaminari were full on wrestling now. They didn’t even realize when they ended up on the floor, grabbing at each others arms and rolling around like pigs in mud.
Sero heard Mina’s usual bubbly laughter, as well as her doubling in on herself while she was laughing so hard, but he couldn’t quite see (Y/n) from his point of view rolling around with Kaminari.
“Hey! What is this? Are you tryna fit Kaminari inside a Pokeball or something? Ahahaha!” Mina gasped between phrases, laughing so hard her stomach hurt. She immediately stopped when she heard quiet, almost inaudible stifled snickers from next to her.
She looked at (Y/n). A bright, bubbly expression hidden by (Y/n’s) hands peeked through, trying his best to muffle the growing snickers erupting from his mouth. Mina stared without shame as (Y/n) had to turn around, almost wiping tears from his eyes with how hard he was keeping in his laughter. It was the ‘happiest’ Mina’s seen him.
Eventually, (Y/n’s) senses came back down, and he straighten up, his usual dead expression back on his face. He turned to Mina. “That was a...funny joke...”
He timpered off into the kitchen as calmly as he could, hoping Mina didn’t notice the big blush on his face as he left. Mina turned to Sero, and they seemed to understand the same thing only by making eye contact.
Kaminari was the only person able to make the ice cold rock that was (Y/n)...laugh.
(Y/n) flinched when Mina threw herself over (Y/n’s) back, wrapping her arm around his shoulders in the process. (Y/n) gave her his normal deadpan glare, in hopes it would deter her from...whatever it is she was planning, but alas, to no avail.
Mina smiled a mischievous smile. “Heyyyyyy (Y/n)-y (Y/n)~”
“We aren’t on a first name basis.”
“You’re so cruel!” Mina pouted, but quickly shook it off. Her scheming smile returned to her face. “Anyways!”
Mina pulled (Y/n) out of the 1-A classroom, dragging him to a secluded spot in the hallways.
“Ashido-san, class is starting soon-“
“You totally like Kaminari! Right?! You like him so that’s why you only laugh or smile at stuff he does, right?!” Mina’s booming voice defeated the purpose of isolating themselves for a secret conversation. (Y/n) tensed up. He’s pretty sure the whole damn school heard.
Mina noticed the way (Y/n’s) cool demeanor cracked a bit. She smiled even wider, if that was a possibility.
“You toooootally like Kam-!”
Mina almost choked on her spit when (Y/n) abruptly put his hands over her mouth. (Y/n) shushed her violently, with the biggest blush Mina’s ever seen him with. It was like talking to a completely different person.
“S-s-shut up! People will hear you-!” Mina wriggled her face loose from (Y/n’s) hands.
“Holy shit! Are you stuttering?! You never stutter!”
“Shut up, shut up, shut up!”
(Y/n) shook Mina around by the shoulders. The desperate, flushed expression on his face was priceless. The stone cold (L/n) (Y/n) blushing. Over being teased. Because of a boy.
“O-o-o-kaaaa-aa-y-!” Mina gurgled out. Her voice was unstable and shaky with the way (Y/n) violently shook her around. He stopped, and dropped her shoulders from her grasp. It was silent for a while.
“...ok but like-you toooootally are crushing on Kaminari, right?!”
(Y/n) pursed his lips. His voice dropped from the high pitched screaming he was doing, back into its normal, monotonous tone.
“If I tell you, will you shut up about this whole thing? This conversation and Kaminari?” Mina vigorously nodded. (Y/n) sighed, and shifted his head to the side.
“....I-I may like Kaminari-san just...just a little bit.”
Mina squealed. “Kyaaaa! I knew it! You two would be sooooooo cute together, I’m just sayin’!”
(Y/n) bit his lip to keep him from blushing too much. Mina excitedly waved her hands around, going on about how cute they would be together.
“But don’t tell anyone I told you...! You’re satisfied just knowing right?! I don’t want to really do anything about it, I’m fine watching him be stupid and stuff.”
Mina eyed him down skeptically, before brushing it off and shrugging.
“Oki-doki!” Mina made a zipping motion on her lips. (Y/n) sighed in relief.
Remember when Mina swore she wouldn’t tell anyone? Yeah. Yeah that didn’t really last very long.
“Kaminari! Don’t tell anyone I told you! Y-you heard nothing-!” Mina had her arms flailing about in Kaminari’s room, having accidentally spilt everything about (Y/n) and his feelings for him. Kaminari was freaking out in his room.
“M’not gonna tell! Swear! Swear to fuckin’ god I won’t!”
Silence. Heavy breathing could be heard from the room after Mina and Kaminari’s post-freak out.
“...ok but do you like him back though?”
“Of course I do! Why the fuck wouldn’t I?!”
Mina squealed, her voice enough to rival a tea kettle.
“Aaaaah!” Mina buried her face into her hands, before shooting up and pointing a finger at Kaminari sharply. “But don’t tell (Y/n) that I told you if you ask him out! But like-ask him out you know? Just leave me outta this I don’t wanna be blamed-“
“Totally, totally!” Kaminari rubbed his chin. “But I wanna take things slow, y’know? Be all suave and make him swoon for me and shit~”
“Pfft. Like you could ever.”
“Shut up! Just you wait!”
‘Play it cool, Denki...play it cool...’
Kaminari repeated those words in his head nonstop the whole day. Ever since Mina’s slip up yesterday, he could help but be hyper aware of (Y/n) all day. Every time he walked by, every time he asked for a pen in that distant cold voice, hell, every time he breathed.
‘Play it cool...play it cool...you can do it, Denki..”
It was lunch now. Some how, the gods decided to bless Denki with the opportunity of snagging a seat next to (Y/n). It was the gods offer, totally not Kirishima, Sero, and Mina all shifting so the only empty spot was next to (Y/n). Bakugou, however, couldn’t care less. How did they get someone as quiet as (Y/n) to sit with them in the first place?
Kaminari rigidly plopped down in his seat. Mina facepalmed, as if she were saying ‘You’re being too obvious, chill out dummy!’...or something like that.
Kaminari shakily exhaled, and dug into his food. Food will occupy his mouth. And when his mouth is occupied he can’t say dumb things.
Every things going smoothly. All he has to do is get through hero training without doing anything dumb, then afternoon classes, then maybe try and get a little closer to (Y/n) today. It’s a plan...a very slow acting plan, but it’s a plan...
Without doing anything dumb, he said. Don’t do anything dumb, Kaminari said.
His head felt all woozy and stuffed with cotton the moment he went just a little too far with the electricity today in hero classes. Hey, it’s not his fault Bakugou came at him with the heat of a thousand suns...
He stumbled his way back into the 1-A classroom, smiling dummy and jutting his thumbs out without a care in the world. Hmm. Maybe he should go eat a hamburger after school or something. Wait, did he plan do something after class? If he did, he sure as hell couldn’t remember.
Kaminari sloppily threw the big classroom door open, letting out a mindless huff and rubbing at his eyes. Damn, that door is fucking huge. He stared up at the door for god knows how long, until he felt someone squeeze past him gently.
“Excuse me, Kaminari-san.”
(Y/n) brushed by his shoulder, drawing out a small “muh?” From him.
Pretty. So pretty. Pretty boy, ahh...he’s so handsome. Kaminari’s monkey brain went into overdrive. (Y/n) is so handsome today. Scratch that, (Y/n) is handsome everyday. Kaminari wanted a kiss. Kiss him all over. Ahhh, he’s so attractive it made his legs all weak.
Without thinking-well, it’s not like he could’ve thought in that moment-Kaminari was waddling his way to (Y/n), before draping his whole body across (Y/n’s) back in a back hug. (Y/n) made a low, choked, surprised noise while Kaminari nuzzled his cheek happily.
“Wheeeeheheey! (Y/nnnnn)~! Chu..!Haah...ahaha....wheeey~!! Chu...chu...!”
Kaminari pressed sloppy kisses to (Y/n’s) flaming red cheeks. Mina, Sero, and Kirishima physically turned their heads away in second hand embarrassment. Kaminari continued throwing himself onto (Y/n).
(Y/n) looked like he was about to explode. His cool, neutral face was inflamed with a heavy blush, sweat was running down his forehead from trying to keep his laugh in, and he was biting his cheek so hard he swore there was going to be a mark there later.
“Hehe...like you! I like (Y/n)! Like-like! Ahaha! Yay~!” Kaminari’s babbles broke down walls and walls and walls of (Y/n’s) defenses. The blush on his face just got impossibly deeper.
Kaminari wrapped his jelly arms around (Y/n’s) waist. (Y/n) raised his arms up instinctively, letting out a small, surprised squeak in return. Hold it in, hold it in, hold it-
“...wanna hear (y/n) laugh-! Warai warai~!”
Kaminari tickled (Y/n’s) waist, burying his face into (Y/n’s) neck and pressing against his body.
(Y/n) sputtered, choking into a big, cry-sounding laugh. Kind of like a motor starting up. He helplessly tried prying Kaminari’s hands off while laughing so hard his stomach hurt, and all everyone could do was watch. Watch as (Y/n) laughed so hard he could probably pee himself.
“P-pleA-! Ahahahaha! S-stop it! Sto-pffft ahahaha-!” (Y/n) cried out, desperately trying to push Kaminari away. His arms felt like jello in his grasp, and his stomach began to hurt from laughing so hard.
Sero gawked at (Y/n’s) newfound expression. He, the cold, emotionless, silent (Y/n)... laughing his ass off purely because Kaminari was tickling him. He felt like fainting. He turned to Mina, who was recording the whole thing on her phone.
“Pfft. Kaminari blackmail.”
“...send that to me later.”
“Deal.” Mina zoomed in on Kaminari’s dumbly concentrated face. He was so concentrated on keeping (Y/n’s) laughter alive he was biting his tongue hanging out of his mouth ever so slightly.
Kaminari would either kill or kill Mina for that recording of (Y/n) smiling and laughing so brightly.
“Yo! (L/n)!” Kaminari jogged up to (Y/n) joining him as he walked to the dorm building. Kaminari couldn’t remember a damn thing that happened right after he fried himself in hero training. He hoped he didn’t do anything embarrassing.
(Y/n) tensed up, and averted his eyes with a blush. Kaminari tilted his head, but brushed it off quickly.
“S-so um-“ Kaminari took a deep breath. “So I uh...I really like you and I was wondering if you wanted to go out for ramen later-!“
“I know...”
Kaminari’s heart stopped.
“...Y-you do—?”
“Yeah...yeah you told me.” (Y/n) absentmindedly rubbed at his sides where Kaminari ruthlessly attacked him. Kaminari exploded into a deep blush.
“Wha?! When?! When did I-?!”
A pink phone with video loaded up in it crawled up into Kaminari’s vision. He stopped. A bubblegum pink hand reached and tapped the ‘play’ icon on the middle of the screen.
‘Chu! Chu! (Y/nnnn)-chan’s sho cute~!! I like-like-like (Y/n)-chan so muuuuuch! Wheeey~! His laugh is sho cuuuute-weeeheheyyy~!’
‘Aah-! Ahahaha! K-kam-ahahahaha! S-s-stop it, ple-EASE! Ahahahaha-!’
Kaminari wanted to crawl in a hole and die. (Y/n) simply bit his lip and shoved his hands into his pockets.
Mina retracted her phone once the recording was finished playing. “Nice one, Kaminari. Reeeeaaal smooooooth of ya~”
Mina cackled as she boyantly strode off, waving her phone in the air as if she was dangling the video under Kaminari’s nose. He blinked, his mouth hanging open in pure embarrassment, before turning to (Y/n).
He suddenly bent down in a 90-degree angle, his arms patted down stiffly to his sides as he bowed. “I-I am so fucking sorry! I-I-I was planning to ask you out all smooth and stuff but my dumbass was-“
Kaminari shut up again once he heard the quiet chuckles emitting from (Y/n). He looked up.
(Y/n) was chuckling with the softest smile he’s ever seen, cupping his mouth loosely with the faintest blush on his face. Kaminari could stare at him forever. It was...beautiful. A warm expression from a stone cold prince.
“You’re so funny...it makes me feel all....warm inside.” (Y/n) ran a hair through his hair. Kaminari couldn’t look away from the gentle smile harbored on (Y/n’s) face. “I’ll let you take me out on a date if you make me laugh some more...”
Kaminari pinched himself on the arm to make sure he wasn’t dreaming. The burning sensation throbbing from his arm made him wince ever-so-slightly, but the pain was wash out by the overall joy running through Kaminari’s veins.
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shinichirosbabymama · 4 months ago
In an attempt to free myself from the chokehold my post-timeskip Osamu brainrot has me in please enjoy some tooth rotting domestic dad!Osamu fluff below. 
Osamu x Reader
Summary: You all settle down to watch Uncle Tsumu in the Olympics. 
Genre: Fluff 
Warnings: None 
Word count: 653
“Uncle Tsumu! Uncle Tsumu!” Your son shrieks, launching himself off your lap to get a closer look at the TV the moment Atsumu’s face comes into view. You smile, leaning forward to ruffle your son’s unruly brown locks as you watch intently as well.
“Samu!” You called softly as your polite way of telling him to hurry up before he missed the start of the game. You heard a few pots clinking in the kitchen before Osamu finally appeared balancing a plate of onigiri and placing it down delicately in front of you. You resisted the urge to giggle at the fact he took his work habits home with him.
You waited until he was sat down next to you to look over at him, noticing the small smile playing on his lips as he watched his twin’s every move on the screen.
“He’s feeling good today.”
“How can you tell?”
“Dunno. I just know.”
You shook your head, smirking to yourself as your marvelled at the weird telepathic link between them.
The game had started now and the room lapsed into silence as the three of you watched. When it came to Atsumu’s serve, your son stood and quickly ran to Osamu’s side, holding onto his leg, enraptured but also overwhelmed.
“Nice serve.” Osamu commented and your son pouted, resting his cheek on his dad’s knee as his eyes bored into the TV screen.
“But it wasn’t a service ace!”
“Uncle Tsumu doesn’t get those every time.” You laughed, watching as your son ignored your comment and resumed his seat on the floor in front of the TV as the flow of the game continued.
Japan won the first set and you squeezed Osamu’s hand as he watched his twin high-five his teammates.
“It sucks that we can’t watch it in person. You could have gone. I wouldn’t have minded.” You spoke softly, feeling a small stab of guilt over the fact that Osamu had decided to stay home during the Olympics due to the pandemic.
“Nah. I don’t wanna bring back anything that could make you guys sick. Plus he knows we’re watchin’.” Osamu replied, wrapping his arm around you as you settled against your husband’s broad frame. Secretly, you were relieved he had decided to stay with you during the games.
Straight into the second set and Atsumu had scored his first service ace. Your son was stood up in a flash, tiny hands on his head as he cheered loud enough to wake the street up.  You leant forward to get a look at his expression, elbowing Osamu to do the same.
“Look at his face. Does that remind you of anyone?”
“I know. I was never that obsessed that’s fer sure.”  Osamu huffed a little and crossed his arms but he was failing to hold back a smile as he watched his son look like a carbon copy of his twin with how elated he was by the game.
The game ended in a victory, all of you exhausted as you tided up the kitchen while Osamu put your son to bed. He was adamant that he wanted to call his Uncle right NOW to discuss the game but you told him he could facetime him tomorrow.
You made your way upstairs, poking your head into your son’s room to see he was passed out clutching his MSBY mascot plushie.
“We should probably find him a team.” You mumbled against Osamu’s chest once you were settled into your own bed.
“But whose gonna take on Onigiri Miya when we’re old and nasty?” Osamu replied, fingers massaging your scalp idly as you tried not to fall asleep.
“Hmm we’ll need a few more kids I guess.” You yawned and Osamu’s fingers stopped abruptly as you found yourself being flipped onto your back with your husband hovering above you, a devious smirk on his face.
“Great idea. Let’s start now.”
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applepiekyuu · 10 months ago
“almost funny”
Tumblr media
synopsis: suna rintarou thinks you’re out of his league, and you think he’s out of yours.
tagged: general dumbassery, fwb-to-lovers, some profanity, sexual references but nothing explicit.
commitment level: 5.6k words.
Tumblr media
It’s almost funny, really. It’s funny how what started out as a purely physical transaction has now transformed into a one way ticket to Simpville with the name Suna Rintarou stamped on it in big red letters. Suna runs a hand through his hair in frustration as he stares down at your sleeping form, curled up in his SF Giants tee that fits you like an oversized nightgown. He loves how you look there, wearing his clothes, bed head resting on his pillows. It’s almost embarrassing how much he loves it. How much he might love you. 
He doesn’t really remember when he started seeing you as more than a good fuck. Maybe it was that time you told him he looked pretty with your lipgloss smeared across his mouth. 
“That’s a nice shade on you,” you’d laughed as he wiped his lips on the back of his hand. “You should wear it more often.” 
Then, before he could respond, you’d yanked him back in by the collar, licking into his mouth, deep and dirty. He shivers now even just thinking about it, recalling the taste of that lipgloss. Strawberry lemonade, the sort that comes in little bottles at the dollar store. However “pretty” he might’ve looked in that moment, he’s sure you looked a hundred times better. You always do, and you don’t even have to try. You’re the prettiest thing he’s ever seen, even in your worst moments. 
Or maybe it was the time you remembered his birthday when no one else did. January 25th; all his friends had taken off on their ski trips or tropical vacations, but you showed up to his apartment toting a cupcake and a single candle, belting a loud, out of tune rendition of ‘Happy Birthday’ until he shut you up with an impulsive kiss on the lips. You’d been surprised, but not so surprised you couldn’t kiss him back. Suna’s pretty sure most friends-with-benefits don’t do that sort of thing. They don’t sit across from each other at the kitchen table, splitting a vanilla cupcake and laughing over matching frosting mustaches. They don’t hug each other goodbye after two hours of scrolling through YouTube and nothing else, content to linger in that air of tentative familiarity and pseudo-friendship. 
Whatever the reason, whenever it happened, all Suna knows now is you’re more than just a fuck buddy. He doesn’t even want to associate the term with you — it feels disrespectful. He wishes he could just stop pretending. Stop pretending he doesn’t want you to be his. 
Suna grins at your low, throaty morning voice. It’s cute. 
“Hey,” he responds, reaching forward to flick your shoulder. “You slept in.” 
“Did I?” You blink the sleep from your eyes and squint at Suna’s bedside clock. 9:06. “Oh, shit. Shit, shit, shit.” 
You fly out of bed, wiggling into your jeans and tossing your hair into a careless ponytail before frantically scanning the room. “Have you seen my sweater anywhere?”
Suna exhales through his nose before getting up and walking over to his closet. “I hung it up last night so it wouldn’t be wrinkled.”
You freeze in your tracks, slowly turning with a teasing grin plastered on your face. “Oh? How considerate of you.”
Suna shrugs, avoiding your gaze. He feels a flush rise to cheeks and desperately hopes it doesn’t show. “Just being polite.”
“If I didn’t know any better, I’d think you had a little crush on me,” you crow before taking the sweater from the hanger and slipping it over your head. 
“You wish,” he snorts, but all he can think is you’re absolutely right. 
You ignore him and begin shoveling all your things into your purse: a compact mirror, lipstick, house keys. You glance at the clock again. “I’m gonna be so late to this lecture. Damn. Maybe I can text Aiko and ask her to record the first part for me.”
Suna raises an eyebrow. He remembers your friend Aiko from a party last year, before you and he began your… arrangement. She’s outgoing, friendly, and probably the flakiest person he’s ever met. “She’s not gonna do that. Just let me drive.”
“No, it’s fine,” you automatically brush him off, heading into the bathroom to splash your face with lukewarm water. “You probably have your own shit to take care of.”
Yeah, you, he thinks, but instead he says, “Not really. Plus, you’ll probably miss the whole thing if you try to bike to campus. Let me take you in the car. I’ll strap the bike onto the back.” 
You give him a look. “Are you sure, Rin?”
“It’s really not a big deal,” he says, throwing on a shirt. “Outside in five, and I’ll have you there by 9:30, easy.” 
After a few more weak protestations, you finally agree, and as he drives you to your university, he lets himself pretend you’re his girlfriend sitting there in the passenger seat. He turns on your favorite artist’s Spotify mix on the aux and smiles to himself when you hum along, watching the city fly past out the window. What he wouldn’t give for that reality, one where he can love you without all these restrictions, these tricky boundaries between friends and lovers. When you jump out of the car, calling a cheeky “I’ll text you!” over your shoulder, he pretends it’s an affectionate “I’ll see you for dinner tonight!” instead. He pretends that instead of rushing to get away from him and into the lecture hall, you kiss him on the forehead and squeeze his shoulder, reluctant to leave.
“Fuck me,” Suna says angrily before slamming his palm into the horn, scaring a few freshman walking to class. “And fuck you too!” 
He’s not sure who “you” is. Maybe the universe. 
No, Suna Rintarou doesn’t know why or how it happened, but he’s in too deep now. And he’s pretty damn sure you’ll never feel the same way. 
You slide into your seat beside Aiko just as the guest lecturer pulls up his power point, breathing out a sigh of relief. Aiko shoots you a grin, waggling her eyebrows. Suna? she mouths, and you roll your eyes, nodding nonetheless. Aiko can hardly wait until after the lecture to start pestering you about it. 
“So,” she says as you leave the auditorium together. “Did you tell him yet?” 
“Tell him what?” You dig in your bag for your water bottle, groaning when you remember leaving it on the edge of Suna’s sink last night. 
“Tell him that you’re in loooooove,” Aiko sings, nudging your shoulder. 
You scoff. “Okay, first of all, I don’t love him.”
“But you like him,” Aiko persists, and you hold up a finger. 
“And second of all, even if I did, I would never tell him.” You yawn, rubbing your eyes before realizing you hadn’t taken your makeup off and thus probably have awful raccoon eye bags. “He’s so out of my league it’s not even funny. It’s kind of pathetic for me to think he’d ever like me back.” 
Aiko scoffs. “If anything, you’re out of his league. You could pull any guy you wanted to. And when I say any, I mean any. Like, I bet you could even get Jake Gyllenhaal.” 
You laugh. “Why specifically Jake Gyllenhaal?”
Aiko shrugs. “Dunno. Just the first hot guy that came to mind. But forget him. My point is, Suna Rintarou is definitely yours for the taking. All you have to do is —”
“I know, I know,” you interrupt. “All I have to do is confess.” 
“Exactly,” says Aiko. Before she can open her mouth again, you cut in. 
“Okay, but listen, Aiko,” you say. “Suna’s the kind of guy who doesn’t let himself get attached. He fully admitted to me when we first hooked up that he’d never had a girlfriend. And that’s obviously not from lack of female interest. It’s because he doesn’t want one.”
“Or maybe it’s because he hasn’t found the right person yet.” Aiko starts heading towards the campus coffee shop, and you follow her. 
“Sure,” you say, getting in line. The cafe is crowded with students getting in their daily caffeination, inhaling sugary lattes and bitter espressos just to stay awake through their next class. Ah… college. “Or maybe he just. Doesn’t. Want. One.” 
Aiko keeps arguing all the way up until you reach the cash register, where you realize you haven’t even decided on what to order yet. 
“Hey there,” says the cashier, smiling sunnily. “What can I get for ya?” 
You blink. He’s attractive. Very attractive, actually. Bleach blonde, a crooked grin that screams trouble in the best sort of way. Miya, says the little name plate pinned to his shirt. “I, uhh…”
“Take your time,” he says leaning forward like he’s about to tell you a secret. “Between you and me, we have an excellent mocha latte. Not too sweet, y’know?”
You find your manners. “Oh, um, yeah. That sounds great, actually.” 
“One mocha latte, then?” he asks, picking up a cup, and you nod. “And to whom do I owe the pleasure of serving today?” 
When you tell him your name, he smiles to himself and scrawls it on the cup. “Pretty.”
You flush and pay, hands shaking a little when you slide your card down the side of the machine. The cashier notices and shoots you a knowing look. Five minutes later, when you pick up your drink from the other side of the counter, you see not only your name written on the lid, but a phone number, too, along with a tiny winking face. 
“What’d I tell you?” exclaims Aiko shrily when you leave the shop. “Any. Guy. Period.” 
You shake your head in exasperation, but you can’t help but throw a final glance over your shoulder, meeting the eyes of the cute cashier one more time. Maybe Aiko does have a point. 
That weekend, Suna’s stretched out on his couch, dangling his feet over the armrest and staring up at the ceiling. It’s one of those lazy Saturday afternoons, and usually he’d be enjoying his alone time. Not today, though. Today there’s something — someone — on his mind, and that someone is spelled y-o-u. His phone pings, and he snatches it up with embarrassing speed, groaning when he sees it’s just Atsumu. 
“Bastard,” he mutters, not even bothering to open the message. Probably just asking for the O-chem lab answers. 
Suna rolls over onto his stomach, pulling up your contact name. What he really wants to do is see you, but how is he supposed to do that without sounding weirdly desperate? Hey, he types out. Wanna come over and watch a movie? He pauses for a moment before adding, Pizza’s on me. 
He buries his face in his hands and deletes the text. That makes it sound like he’s asking you out. Well, that’s what he does want to do, but you can’t know that. He’s fairly certain if you knew how he felt about you, you’d freak out. Girls don’t like to be tied down, he reminds himself. Suna groans again, grabbing two fistfuls of hair in irritation. 
“Why are women so complicated?” he says aloud, letting the words echo in his empty apartment. He takes a couple seconds to close his eyes, take a deep breath, and unlock his phone again, this time settling on a simple Come over. Short, sweet, and to the point. Well, not exactly. That makes it sound like all he wants to do is sleep together, when he’d really rather just… talk. Spend time with you. 
“Oh, God,” he mutters. “I’m so done for.” 
It takes what seems like forever for you to arrive, breathless from biking, hair slightly mussed. Suna grins, biting his lip. You’re so beautiful, he thinks, pulling you in for a hungry kiss. Even if all he can get is the sex, then he’s sure as hell going to appreciate it. You smell like lavender laundry detergent, he notices when you press yourself into him, fumbling to close the door behind you without breaking the kiss. 
“Well, hello there,” you laugh when he finally breaks away and draws in a shaking breath. “Somebody’s eager.”
Suna rolls his eyes. “As if. You just took so long to get here.” 
You cock an eyebrow. “You texted me like half an hour ago.”
“Yeah, and you’re half an hour too late.”
You snort and hurl a pillow from the sofa at him. He catches it and smiles, taking your wrist and drawing you in for another messy, open-mouthed kiss.
“Sorry that I don’t have the power of teleportation,” you quip, laughing when he pulls you into the bedroom. Suna resolves to take his time with you today, undressing you carefully, trailing his lips down your sternum and collarbones, grinning to himself whenever you gasp. He almost catches himself saying “I love you” at one point as you cling to him, mumbling his name, but he placates himself with kissing you extra hard at the end instead, pulling you into his chest and falling back into the pillows. 
Usually, you’d take a few minutes to lay in silence, tracing shapes in his skin, and he’d lean back with closed eyes, imagining what it would be like to be loved by you. Slow early morning kisses, skin on skin, whispering and giggling and everything cheesy he used to hate but now wishes he could experience with you. Today, though, you peel yourself off of him and grab your phone as soon as it buzzes, fingers flying in response to whoever had texted you.
“New boy toy?” he jokes, almost choking when you don’t immediately say no. Oh, shit. “You’re kidding.”
“Just a guy I met the other day,” you say casually. Suna stares, slack jawed. “Works at the coffee shop near the quad.” 
“Coffee shop?” He furrows his brow. Doesn’t he know someone who works there? He internally scowls, digging into the back of his brain. Aran? Osamu? 
“Mm,” you say, suppressing a smile as the nameless suitor sends another text. “His name’s Atsumu Miya.”
Suna’s heart nearly falls right out of his chest and cracks at his feet. “No.”
You look up, raising an eyebrow. “No?”
“Not him,” Suna says, forgetting himself, forgetting the nature of your relationship. 
“I didn’t realize you were in charge of who I can and cannot be interested in,” you say bitingly. 
Suna sits up. “I’m not. It’s just, Atsumu… he’s not your type.” 
“You know him?”
“Yeah,” Suna says, thinking back on his days observing the Miya twins’ antics. “He’s not your kind of guy, trust me.”
“Pray tell then,” you say. Oh, fuck. You’re irritated. “Who exactly is my kind of guy?” 
Me, he thinks. I’m your kind of guy. “I don’t know. Just trust me though, okay? Atsumu… he’s difficult.” 
“Thanks, Suna,” you say, tone tinged with sarcasm. Suna cringes. You only ever call him by his surname when you’re upset with him. “But I think I can go out with whoever I want to go out with.” 
“Fine.” The word tumbles out more harshly than he’d meant it to. 
You stare at him in disbelief. “What, are you mad at me or something?” 
Suna exhales heavily. “No, I’m not mad. It’s not like we’re dating or anything. I just wanted to give you a little guidance. As your friend.” 
“As my friend?” you repeat. “My friend?”
Now it’s Suna's turn to be confused. “Are we not friends?”
“I don’t know, Suna,” you say, swinging your legs over the side of the bed, pulling your clothes on. “You tell me.” 
“I’m not sure what you want me to say here,” he says, watching as you struggle to pull your shorts back on. He knows what he wants to say. No, we’re not friends. We should be together. Isn’t it obvious? 
You huff, grabbing your bag and the water bottle you’d left behind the other day. “You know, I don’t really know either. Forget I ever said anything. I guess I just thought…” 
You trail off and shake your head, heading towards the door. Suna scrambles out of bed to follow you, pulling on his pants as he hops down the hall on one leg. “What’s that?” 
“I said forget it,” you call over your shoulder, trying to slam the door, but Suna catches your wrist. As you stare up at him, he thinks he sees your lip quivering, eyes shining with half-formed tears. “Let me go.” 
“I’m serious,” Suna says. “What did you think?” 
You draw in a deep breath, and for a second, Suna thinks you’re about to say the words he’s always wanted you to say. Then you look away. “Let. Me. Go.” 
Slowly, Suna releases you from his grasp, and you stumble backwards, wiping your eyes on your sleeve. 
“Don’t call me.”
“Wait, no —”
“Don’t call me, Suna!” you say loudly, before turning on your heel and speed walking down the stairs. 
Oh. Oh. Suna stares in shock at the place you were just standing on his doorstep. “Fuck. Fuck, fuck, fuck.” 
When he heads back inside, head empty but for the single thought, I’ve just lost the best thing that ever happened to me, he glances at his phone on the counter. In an instant, he’s opening up his messages, pulling up Atsumu’s. 
Met a cute girl LOL. Gonna bring her to that party on Friday. 
Then, in a separate bubble — Btw: chem answers? 
“And then he called me his friend,” you say angrily, handing Aiko the box of Oreos. The two of you are sprawled on the floor of her dorm room. “Just like we were two bros who got together to play XBox every once in a while, instead of two people who had literally just banged.” 
Aiko takes a cookie before handing them back to you. “Asshole.”
“I mean, I know technically we were ‘friends with benefits,’” you say, stuffing an Oreo in your mouth. “But I guess I thought we could be something more. I thought there was no way he could kiss me like that, look at me like that without feeling something. Guess I was wrong.” 
“Screw him,” Aiko says. “You’ve got boys lined up around the block, and he thinks he can treat you like rubbish? Absolute bullshit.”
“I don’t have boys ‘lined up around the block,’” you remind her, smiling regardless. “Just one.”
“And that one is hella cute!” Aiko says. “You’re way too cool to pine over some guy who thinks you’ll just answer his every beck and call without even committing to a relationship.” 
You sigh. “Yeah, you’re right. It’s just… ack. I don’t know. Am I jumping to conclusions? He seemed like he wanted to talk to me more, but I kind of stormed off without saying anything.” 
“Seems like he was pretty clear,” Aiko says with a shrug. “Your call, though. If I were you, I’d forget about him. Plus, you have Atsumu now. That’s a promising route.” 
You smile down at the Oreos, thinking about the cheery bottle blonde. “Yeah… he invited me to a party this coming Friday.” 
Aiko gives you a look and nudges your knee with her own. “You’d better wear that black dress.”
“You think?” you laugh, momentarily forgetting about Suna. 
“Oh, definitely. Gotta look your best on the first date.” 
“Right, and then after that I can just dress like a bum,” you joke. You purse your lips. “Rin might be there. Apparently he and Atsumu are pretty close.” 
“Even better,” insists Aiko. “Make him suffer a little bit. He won’t like seeing you all dolled up on Atsumu Miya’s arm.” 
“I’m not gonna try to make him jealous, Aiko,” you say, and Aiko shakes her head.
“No, I just think he needs to understand what he lost,” she says. “You don’t even have to pay attention to him at all, though. You should try and get to know Atsumu a little better.”
“Yeah, okay,” you say, before reaching down for another cookie. “Oh. We’re out.”
“Gas station run?”
“Gas station run.” 
When Friday rolls around, you’ve successfully managed to avoid thinking about Suna the entire day. You have a calculus exam in the morning, and then a club meeting in the afternoon, and by the time you get done with everything it’s already time to get ready to leave for the party. It’s across town at someone’s loft apartment, so Atsumu offers to give you a ride, rolling up in a shiny Lexus, a sharp contrast from Suna’s old Chevy. 
“Hey,” he says, getting out to open the door for you. “You look great.”
“You don’t look too bad yourself,” you say. “Although, I might prefer the work uniform.”
“Oh, please,” Atsumu says with a grin. “That apron does nothing to flatter my figure.” 
“Mhm.” The ride there is a slightly awkward one, but that’s normal, you tell yourself. You’ve gotten so used to the easy, teasing camaraderie you and Suna have that you’re rusty in regards to flirting. Atsumu has a different sense of humor, too, nothing like the dry sarcasm Suna’s such an expert in. You shake your head. Stop thinking about him. 
Even sitting next to a new guy, you can’t help but run last weekend’s drama over in your head. The past few months have been a jumble of mixed signals, and last Saturday was no different. How he tenderly brushed your hair from your face as he hovered over you, how he pulled you into his arms afterwards … how he seemed almost jealous when you mentioned Atsumu. Was it really jealousy? Exactly how much does Suna Rintarou care for you? You roll the numbers inside your head, trying to quantify the soft touches and lingering stares. He’s not easy to read; trying to understand Suna is like trying to decipher Greek without ever taking a single class. 
Even trying to get a measure on how much you care for him is difficult. You definitely like him as more than a friend. The only reason you agreed to the whole friends-with-benefits thing in the first place was because of a little crush that grew, that fed on that intimacy… but you’re not so sure now. 
“Here we are,” says Atsumu, jolting you from your contemplation as he pulls up alongside the curb. When you climb out of the car, he takes you by the hand, flashing you a quick smile. Your heart trips over itself, and you smile back. “Let’s do this.” 
Suna doesn’t show up to the party. He spends most of Friday busying himself at home, paying off a couple electricity bills, cleaning out the fridge. He even does a load of laundry. That’s how bored he is. By the time the clock strikes eight, he feels as though he’s Swiffered every single kitchen tile, folded every shirt, and wiped down every counter in the entire apartment, all to avoid stewing over you and him and all the ways he keeps messing up. But after doing everything on his to-do list and watching a movie and cooking his own dinner (unheard of!) he finds himself pacing around the living room, biting at his nails and thinking about you. More specifically, you and Atsumu. He hopes you’re not wearing that little dress you wore to the club with him a couple months ago. Not that you don’t look great in it — you do, and that’s the issue. The better you look, the more likely Suna will never get a chance to be with you again. 
To be fair, he’s not entirely sure how much of a chance he’s ever had with you. You’re incredible, plain and simple. Gorgeous, intelligent, the best player two on every video game he’s ever played with you. You’re not especially adept at the games themselves; no, there’s just something about you. There’s always just been something about you he can’t seem to find anywhere else. 
“Damn it,” Suna grunts aloud, flopping down on the couch. It’s nearing half past eleven now. He wonders what you’re doing. Dancing to some shitty music in some crowded living room. Sipping a can of cheap liquor. Letting Atsumu touch your waist, his hand dipping lower and lower until — 
Suna buries his face in the couch cushion. He’s usually not one to let his imagination run away with him, but tonight seems to be one of many recent exceptions. If only there was a way to know where he stands with you, or at least where you stand with Atsumu…
Well, there is a way, actually. Almost of its own accord, his hand inches towards his phone, sliding it open and somehow finding its way into his Snapchat. Fingers shaking, Suna clicks on Osamu’s story. It’s dimly lit, a mass of bodies, loud, drunk guys and scantily clad girls. The music is too loud, even through the phone. Suna squints at the screen — there’s Aran, even Kita’s there, quietly sitting in the corner, but no sight of — Suna’s eyes nearly pop out of his head. Because there you are, and you’re not alone. You’re sitting on Atsumu’s lap, but he can’t see your expression because Atsumu is kissing you sloppily, and — oh, God — it looks like you’re kissing him back. 
And you’re wearing the fucking dress. 
“Damn,” Osamu says in the background. “Looks like he’s getting some tonight.”
Suna throws his phone across the room like it’s a grenade, staring down at his empty hands in disbelief. This can’t be happening. Not to him. Not to you. 
For the first time, Suna Rintarou thinks he understands what it really means to want someone. Not in a sexual way, but in the deepest sense of the word. Want. He wants you, and he’s pretty sure he’s never wanted anyone or anything quite so much in his life. 
All of a sudden, before his brain even has a chance to catch up, Suna finds himself shrugging on a jacket and snatching his keys from the table, dashing out the door like he’s being chased. If he leaves now, he thinks, starting the car and nearly slamming the door on his foot, he can get to the party before you leave. And then, well, then he’s not quite sure what he’ll do, but he’ll do something. 
Again, though, it seems as if the universe might be against him, because there’s an accident on the highway and it takes twice as long to get across town as it should. Suna cusses loudly over the incessant honking and chews on the inside of his cheek until it bleeds. When the traffic lets up and he finally pulls up to the apartment complex, parallel parking in a spot that’s probably illegal, he races up the stairs and into the loft, grabbing the first partygoer he sees. The poor kid’s plastered beyond belief and stares at Suna like he’s an extraterrestrial, eyes glassy.
“You see a girl leave here? ‘Bout this tall, probably left with some douchey looking blonde dude?” 
The kid blinks, hard and slow, before nodding. “Yeah, man, you just missed her. That your chick or somethin’? Because she was sucking face with —” 
Suna spins on his heel before the kid gets a chance to finish his sentence. He’s lucky Suna doesn’t deck him the head, he’s so irritated. 
“Sucking face,” he mumbles, climbing back into the car. He has the route to your house memorized (although he’s not sure how), and he’s pretty sure he breaks about twenty traffic laws trying to get there, so it takes significantly less time to arrive, but to Suna, it feels like an eternity. How did he ever sleep soundly at night knowing other guys had a shot at you before this? He doesn’t know, and he hopes he never has to worry about it again. Not after tonight. 
He gets there just as Atsumu’s pulling out of the driveway. Suna flashes him a mental middle finger and resolves to kick his ass later. No time for that right now. You’re still standing on the front porch, and when Suna stumbles out of the car, you turn towards him, mouth agape. 
“Rin? What are you—”
“Give me a chance.” He’s breathless, eyes wide and hair whipping around his face in the cool breeze. His heartbeat pounds in his ears like it’s about to burst blood vessels.
“Give me a chance,” he repeats, reaching forward to take your hand. Your palm is cold against his. “I can do so much better, I promise.” 
You furrow your brows. “What in the world are you talking about, Rin?”
The dam breaks. The dam breaks, and everything — the longing, the frustration, everything — comes pouring out in a waterfall of rushing words he doesn’t even have time to think over before they splash at your feet.
“I can do so much better than Atsumu. He doesn’t know you. I know you, and I, well, I’ve liked you since forever, okay? I know your favorite color and your birthday and which Chinese place you like to get takeout from on Saturday nights.” Suna clears his throat. “I know that you like to be hugged from behind and that you hate it when people see you cry. I know so many things about you, and I want to know more.” 
He holds up a hand. “Just listen. I know we’re just fuck buddies, or friends with benefits, or whatever the hell you want to call it, but I want to change that. You mean so much more to me than the sex. God, even if we never slept together again, I would still love you.” 
You stare at him. “Love?”
Suna swallows hard. “Yeah, fuck it. Love. I love you. Whatever that means to you, it means to me. I love your stupid jokes and your stupid laugh. To be honest, I’m so in love it feels like I’ll never love anyone else.”
He stops to take a deep breath and a shaky laugh. “Pathetic, right? I know it is. I can’t help it. I’m well aware that Atsumu is way more charming and outgoing, and I was probably wrong when I said he wasn’t your type… but I just need to know if I have even the smallest chance of winning you over.” 
There’s a beat of silence. Then another one. You’re gazing at him, head cocked, and the seconds tick by. He still has your hand in his, growing warmer via body heat. Suna feels himself grow increasingly nervous at your expression, curious and almost apathetic — until a wide smile breaks across your face. You laugh, and he thinks it must be the best sound he’s ever heard. 
“You weren’t wrong.”
“He’s not my type,” you say. “We didn’t click.” 
“But — I saw, uh — Osamu’s story,” Suna stammers. “Sucking face.”
“Sucking face?” You squint in confusion before chuckling again. “Ah. Yeah, I kissed him. It was part of some stupid game. He’s kind of bad at it.” 
“Atsumu’s a bad kisser?” 
“Well,” you say, drawing the word out. “I wouldn’t say bad. It’s just… you’re better.” 
Suna’s silent for a second, letting the words ricochet around his brain. He’s better. He’s a better kisser. It was just a game. You’re not into Atsumu. “So… does that mean…?” 
“I love you, too.” You smile, and it’s not like your usual cocky grin. It’s sweet and almost… shy. 
“You love me, too?” Suna repeats in utter shock. He hadn’t expected to get this far.
“That’s what I just said,” you say. “What are you, a parrot? Speaking of which, though, I think that whole speech was the most I’ve ever heard you talk.” 
Suna doesn’t respond. Instead, he takes a step closer and pulls you in for a hug. A real hug, not like the hesitant embrace you’d given him on his birthday, or the side hug he gave you after running into you at the grocery market a few weeks ago. No, this is a true, bona fide hug, and he translates everything he’s ever wanted to tell you but couldn’t into his arms wrapping around your waist. 
“So… wanna come in and watch a movie?” 
A little while later, Suna’s stretched out on your mattress with you between his legs, chin resting on the top of your head. You’ve changed out of your dress and wiped the makeup from your face, and Suna catches you yawning in the corner of his eye. There’s a trashy romcom droning on your laptop at the foot of the bed. To any outside onlooker, the scene is mundane, just a typical couple enjoying each other’s company. To Suna, though, this is paradise. 
It’s almost funny. It’s funny how, a week ago, Suna was a boy pining for a girl he thought he had no chance with. He looked at you and saw something unattainable, someone who would only ever want him temporarily. (And, unbeknownst to him, you felt the same way.) He experienced an overwhelming amount of want, heart knotting in on itself and twisting and turning until it pushed him over the edge, forcing him to confront his own desires. His own inadequacies. 
It’s funny how love is what everyone longs for, but it’s also the hardest reward to earn. It’s the most uncomfortable, heart-wrenching, nerve-wracking, anxiety-inducing pathway to happiness Suna’s ever seen. But still… he’d do it all over again if he had to. The months of headaches, the overthinking. It’s worth it. You’re worth it. 
Oh, well. What can he say? Suna leans down and presses a featherlight kiss to your temples, and you tilt your head up to smile at him. Love’s a funny thing. 
Fortunately, Suna’s always down for a good joke.
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seita · a year ago
the contract girlfriend | semi eita (m.)
Tumblr media Tumblr media
˒ pairing: semi eita/reader ˒ genre: angst, fluff, smut ˒ wordcount: 𝟺𝟹𝟹𝟷 ˒ tags: friends2lovers, fake dating, musician!eita ˒ cw: dirty talk, loss of virginity, virgin kink if u squint: sweet talking, pet names, mean girl ex, mutual pining, unrequited love(?), angst with a happy ending, UNEDITED
+ note: this is a collab along with the other writers for the kkc! i would also like to thank @bokutobabie​ 𝖿for her help with this plot bc it was kickin’ my ass.
˖˖ summary: when he was an unknown musician, his girlfriend left him. now that he’s made it, he wants to make her jealous at a fancy party so he can get her back.unfortunately, he asks you to be his fake date. the downside? you have a very real crush on him.
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
© all content belongs to seita 2020. do not modify or repost.
Tumblr media
“I have a proposition,” is never a sentence you want to hear when you sit down to lunch with your best friend. Especially when that friend is Semi Eita. 
“What..?” you ask apprehensively, taking the cup of coffee he’d obviously gotten to bribe you. You took it regardless, not willing to pass up the offer of free coffee.
“Nana is gonna be at the party this weekend,” he muttered, swirling his fingertips around the rim of his cup. You felt your heart drop into the pit of your stomach at his words, “I want you to come and pretend to be my date.”
Just as you’d expected. Not something you wanted to hear.
Nana was Eita’s first love, his first serious relationship, really. They got together when he was fresh out of highschool, the two of them spending almost all of their time together. 
It was when his career as a musician was just beginning, he was playing small gigs and there was nothing really successful. But he was happy. And he thought she was too.
Until she dumped him in favor of a much more famous man. He was a big movie producer and offered her a leading role in an upcoming film. Of course, she took the offer. 
She would much rather be mingling with the rich and famous than be hanging out with “a nobody like him”, as she put it. You remembered the hurt Eita felt, the tears and heartbreak it took almost 3 years for him to get over. 
“Why?” you finally asked with a sigh, “What will that accomplish?”
“Well if she gets jealous, she might want to get back with me,” he grinned impishly, shrugging his shoulders like it was the most obvious thing in the world.
You recognized the look in his eyes, one of determination. So you sighed, nodding your head, “Alright, I’ll be your date.”
He beamed, uttering out endless thanks to you as you went on with your lunch until he decided to go back to the studio. He slipped his hat on low, making sure his mask was in place before hugging your goodbye and leaving you sitting alone at the table. 
You sighed, downing the last of your coffee. Your spirits were low; you had no idea what to expect from this party. 
Would she fall for it and run back into his arms now that he had had his big breakthrough and became mainstream? She surely must have known by now; his band was already breaking records, wracking up fans by the thousands, his songs were being played on the radio. 
Maybe now that he was famous enough, she’d actually want to be with him. Not that she deserved him. And he didn’t deserve someone like that, either. He was too good for her, too good to be treated like that. 
You let out another sigh and stood up, grabbing your purse from the back of the chair.
This was going to be painful. You weren’t sure how you would cope with pretending to be his girlfriend all for the sake of him getting back with her. 
Surely your heart wouldn’t be able to take it.
Because as much as you tried to hide it, you were irrevocably in love with your best friend.
The entire getup was supplied to you by Eita; from the jewelry to the dress itself. You felt like a different person. Despite the fact he was your best friend, you hadn’t attended one of the big parties since his band’s breakout single. 
This particular party wasn’t in celebration of his band, but he was invited regardless so naturally he went. He was still enjoying the high life and was getting used to tasting fame. You were glad it hadn’t actually affected his personality. 
“You look nice today,” Tendou complimented with a breezy smile. He was nursing a glass of champagne, which was uncharacteristic to say the least. He had always been more of a whiskey kind of guy.
“Thanks,” you shrugged, “I’m not really a fan of this kind of thing.”
“I know,” he grinned, “You look terribly uncomfortable, that’s why I came over to be such a good pal and keep you company while your darling boyfriend is off galavanting with the people!”
You rolled your eyes, “He’s not my boyfriend, Satori.”
He giggled, taking glee in your embarrassment, “But you wish he was.”
“Are you already drunk?” you raise a brow, making him snicker.
Someone called his name from the crowd and he flashed you a knowing grin, “Eita may be too dim to see it, but the rest of us aren’t!”
You pout and find yourself alone once again. Looking around, you search for your ‘boyfriend’. Suddenly, a heavy arm falls across your shoulders and the familiar scent of his cologne reaches your nose. 
“Hey, babygirl,” he coos, making your heart skip a beat at the pet name. He sounds so fond and you feel yourself smiling before he busts out laughing, shaking his head before letting his arm fall from your shoulders, “That’s just so weird. I dunno if I’ll be able to get through this tonight,” Ouch. “Anyway, Nana just arrived so…” he takes your hand but you can’t bring yourself to smile as you feel the ache in your heart at his words.
If he takes note of your deflated behavior, he doesn’t say anything, merely leading you over to the balcony. You breathe in the fresh air and feel the ache in your chest dull.
“Eita? Is that you?” a perky voice makes you cringe. 
“Nana,” Eita breathes, tugging you against his side as she breaks through the crowd to stand in front of the two of you.
Her smile promptly disappears at the sight of you crowded in Eita’s arms.
“Eita...who’s this?” she asks, a smile returning but you can tell it’s plastic. 
You remembered everything you had gone over with him before the party; the two of you had sat down for a few hours to sort out your story and rules. It had felt like you were making a binding contract with him when you told him no kissing on the lips. It was your only stipulation and you swore you saw a brief downward tug of his lips when you told him before he beamed and readily agreed. 
Maybe you were imagining that disappointment in his eyes too. 
“This is my girlfriend, _____,” Eita introduced, giving your arm an affectionate squeeze.
“Oh,” she gave you a strained smile and held out her hand for you to shake. When you slipped your hand into hers, she gave it a tense squeeze that made you flinch, “I’m Nana, Eita’s ex.”
“I’ve uh…” you cleared your throat and pulled your hand away, “I’ve heard stories about you.”
“All good I’m sure,” she replied flippantly before setting her sights on him once more, “We should totally catch up, you know? Reminisce about the good old times~”
The sultry, flirtatious undertone made your skin crawl. Even if you weren’t really dating, she thought you were and for her to not respect that made you angry. But still, Eita pulled away and placed a kiss against your temple that set your heart ablaze.
“Sure, why not?” he grinned and gave your hand a squeeze, “You go have some fun, sweetheart. I’ll catch up with you later.”
You gave him a hollow wave as he quickly vanished into the crowd without a second glance your way. You knew this was the end goal but still, to see him walking away hurt. A sense of rejection was seeded within you and you felt your spirits slowly being crushed. 
It took all your power to continue on with the party until it felt acceptable to leave. Throughout the party, you kept getting glances of the two of them. 
Eita wore a serene smile, his eyes sparkling as he looked at her. Whenever she looked at him with a flirtatious smile and a subtle caress, you felt jealousy pool in the core of your stomach. You wanted to march over there and scream “he’s mine!”. But you couldn’t, because he wasn’t really yours. 
He was only pretending to be yours so he could have her. 
Your phone vibrated as you downed your final glass of wine, making you look at the screen with a frown.
“I’m heading to Nana’s apartment for the night! See if Satori can give you a ride home, thanks for the help!!”
Your jaw ached from how hard you were forcing yourself to keep from crying. When you tried to find the elusive redhead, you found he was drunk and dancing with two girls so you decided to leave him be and simply call an Uber. 
For just a short time, you had simply been a contract girlfriend for him to use. Though you knew it was fake, it still felt so nice to be called his. 
So you went home, removing your expensive clothing like Cinderella after the ball and decided to relax on the couch. It was only a little past midnight when you got out of the shower, turning on the TV to watch whatever late night nonsense was playing. 
Eita thought that being with Nana again would be everything he wanted. But as he laid beside her, her head resting on his naked chest, strangely all he could think of was you. 
When he asked you to pretend to be his date, he hadn’t thought of the possibility of how it would really feel. Sure, he had touched you before, naturally. Sometimes he hugged you and held your hand. But that night, when he placed the kiss against your head, the way your eyes lit up in response had his heart stuttering when he thought back to it. 
Truth be told, when you told him he couldn’t kiss you he felt so...disappointed. He had thought of assigning the same rule but decided against it at the last moment, secretly thinking about how nice it may feel to kiss you. 
He had quickly dashed that though because of how wrong it was to think of you like that. 
Yet there he was, thinking of you with his ex girlfriend back in his arms again.
“Eita?” Nana asked, lifting her head to look drowsily at him, “Are you okay?”
“Um...yeah,” he clears his throat, “I should probably get going.”
“Why?” she whines, “Don’t worry about her.”
“Huh? Who?” he asks, confused.
She giggles and clings to his arm, “Your girlfriend! She doesn’t have to know!”
His heart ached at those words -- true, you weren’t really dating but he felt like he had done something wrong. And for some reason Nana’s blatant disregard that he had cheated with her made him nauseous.
“I...I just want to see if she made it home safely,” he gave her a tight lipped smile and picked up his phone. 
She rested against the pillow, head propped up on her hand as she watched him dial you. When you didn’t answer, he gave a frustrated sigh and dialed Satori instead. 
It rang a few times before the slurred voice of his best friend answered, “H-Hey man, what’s up?”
“Satori, did you drop _____ off okay?” Eita asked.
The redhead made a confused sound over the line, “What’re you talkin’ about? She never asked me to take her anywhere.”
“What?” Eita frowned, “Did you see her leave the party?”
“Gotta tell ya, man, I wasn’t watchin’ her,” Tendou replied, a feminine giggle in the background making Eita frown, “Wasn’t that supposed to be your job?”
Eita sighed, shaking his head, “Alright, dude, just...let me know if you hear from her.”
“Hah? Why would she call me?” Satori chuckled, “Why don’t you just check on her? Better safe than sorry...I mean, she’s a cute girl, you never know what kinda scoundrels were eyeing her in that pretty little dress tonight. If i was a less honorable friend, she would be the one in my bed right now!”
Eita scoffed and hung up as his friend started cackling gleefully over the line. Eita stood up, shaking off Nana’s grabby hands as he slipped his jeans back on.
“You’re not going back to her, are you?” she pouted.
Eita sighed, “I gotta check on her. No one knows where she went off to.”
“She’s a big girl, c’mon Eita~” she purred, letting the sheet fall from her bare body as she crawled towards him.
He shook his head and threw his shirt on, grabbing his keys off of her dresser before moving to the door, “I gotta see her.”
He ignored her obnoxious whining as he bolted out the door. Any sleepiness that was in his system had evaporated at the worry he felt over you. 
The drive to your apartment was quick enough, it went by in a blur. He took two steps at a time up to your place on the 3r floor, not patient enough to wait for the elevator. 
The knock on your door made you jump. Throwing the pillow you held in your lap aside, you checked through the peephole to see a familiar head of sandy blonde hair. 
Pulling the door opened, you looked at him with wide eyes, “Eita? Aren’t you supposed to be with--”
“I couldn’t get a hold of you,” he breathed, stepping past you to enter your living room.
“And?” you laughed, shrugging your shoulders.
“I got worried! Why didn’t you go home with Satori?” he sighed, sitting on your couch with a huff.
You chuckled again, though it was humorless, “He looked like he was having fun, I didn’t want to impose.”
He sighs and relaxes against the couch. As you sit next to him, for a second things feel normal. 
You almost feel okay, as if you could forget about everything happening. It’s so easy to forget your crush on your best friend and the fact he wanted to be with another woman. 
It was easy to forget it all until it came rushing back into your face in the form of Nana. 
You and Eita were having a lunch date, as was normal for the two of you. Unfortunately, amid his retelling of a story you had heard a million times over, she showed up with an obnoxious screech of his name.
“Eita!” she squealed and rushed over to him, throwing her arms around his shoulders. 
You let out a soft sigh, your eyes falling to your half-finished plate.
“Nana…” he greeted, eyes wide in shock, “H-How did you find me? What’re you doing here?”
“I wanted to see you, silly!” she chirped, taking a seat in his lap in a way that was far too comfortable. Suddenly, her gaze shifted to you and the smile vanished off of her face, “Oh, you’re here.”
“Nana…” Eita sighed but didn’t make any move to get off of him.
“What? I thought you were going to break up with her?” she whined loudly, making your cheeks burn as people looked over at the two of you, “You said you were going to dump her!”
“I--” Eita started.
“You should go,” Nana grinned at you, shrugging her shoulders as she hugged Eita closer to her, “Seriously, he’s mine now. He was fucking me at that party instead of you.”
Although nothing about your relationship that night was real, the humiliation you felt at that very moment was. She was smug that she had gotten your boyfriend to cheat on you and was making a spectacle of her victory. 
Biting your lip, you reached behind you to grab your purse, “I-I’ll see you later, Eita.”
“______ wait!” he called but you were already rushing towards the entrance. 
You had no idea that he was hot on your heels until you reached your apartment. You went to close it only for the foot to intercept it. Looking over your shoulder, you found Eita panting before he was pushing the door open completely.
“_____ I--” he paused, “Why are you crying?”
“I am?” you wiped under your eyes and frowned when you felt the moisture there, promptly wiping it away, “Sh-She completely made a fool of me, Eita. I don’t know what you ever saw in her and I don’t know why I helped you get back with her.”
“I know, look…” he ran a hand through his already messed up hair, “I feel the same, alright? I’m sorry I pulled you into all this, _____, I really am. Alright, I told her to get lost.”
You sighed and took a seat on your couch, “She only wanted you back because you’re famous now. You know that right?”
He chuckled and sat down, nodding his head, “I guess I was just...hoping for something I guess.”
“What?” you asked.
He shrugged, “I don’t really remember anymore,” he confessed. 
“Well,” you didn’t quite know what to say, simply leaning back on the couch to appear relaxed, “I always wondered why you didn’t date after her anyway.”
He shrugged once more. How was he meant to say that he didn’t want anyone impeding on his time with you? 
“I guess...no one really came along, you know?”
You nodded, “I guess it’s the same for me.”
He snorted, “You’ve never even dated anyone before.”
“You don’t have to bring that up!” you whined, playfully shoving his shoulder.
He laughed, melodic and pretty, “I think it’s cute. What’s your story then?”
“Eita, we’ve been friends since high school, you know everything about me,” you smiled, feeling your cheeks warm at the soft look he was giving you.
“Yeah but…” he bit his lip, fingers inching closer towards you, “You’re...pretty and sweet. There’s plenty of good looking guys around me that have tried flirting with you before. Hell, Satori even said he was into you.”
You smiled and shook your head, “No, none of them are right…”
“Who is right then?” he asked, unable to hide the hopefulness in his voice.
“Eita…” the smile falls from your lips, your heart hammering in your chest as he moved closer towards you, “I…”
“Hm?” he hummed, his nose brushing against yours, breath fanning over your lips.
“I...I won’t regret this, will I?” you asked. 
His breathing stuttered against your skin and he shook his head, bringing his hand up to cup your cheek, “You won’t.”
After those words left his mouth, he brought your lips to his in a sweet kiss that was perfect for a first. You could tell he was experienced, knowing exactly how to move. 
There was something sweet lingering on his tongue that you found utterly addictive. 
You wish you could find it strange or even scary to wind up in bed with your best friend. The fact your entire relationship was going to be changing should have concerned you but all you felt was anticipation. 
He hovered over your body, the two of you stripping your clothes with unhurried ease. His body was firm from working out, a habit he never let go of from his time as a volleyball player. 
His hands were calloused and warm as they touched your body, caressing your breasts in a way no one ever had. The feeling of him thumbing over your nipples had your back arching in arousal, your panties becoming soaked embarrassingly fast. 
He was hard and throbbing in his jeans, the constricting material almost painful but all he really cared about in that moment was seeing all of you. 
Hooking his thumbs into the band of your panties, he pulled the material down. He cursed under his breath at the strings of slick that attached to the fabric. 
“You’re so wet,” he breathed, licking his lips as he tossed your panties over his shoulder to be lost somewhere in your room. 
“Sh-Shut up, don’t tease me…” you mumble, feeling embarrassed by your body’s own reaction to him.
He smiles, pressing a soft kiss against your knee, “I’m not, baby. It’s sweet...I love knowing you react so honestly to me.”
“Eita…” you whined, reaching up to cover your face as he spread your legs.
“Hmm?” he bites his lip, sliding two fingers between your folds to spread them apart. 
Your hole clenched around nothing, drooling more slick for him to gather on his fingertips. He used it to rub smooth circles around your clit, the sweet moan that fell from your lips at the pleasure he so easily gave you. 
“I’ll get you nice and prepped, baby,” he cooed, the nickname making your heart soar. 
You were so wet, making it easy for him to slide two thick fingers into your pretty cunt. You clamped down tight around the digits, making his cock throb at the mere thought of what that would feel like around his hard cock. 
Twisting his wrist, he crooked his fingers up to hit your sweet spot, his thumb coming up to circle around your clit. The inexperience of your body made it so easy for him to bring you to the edge. 
You had never felt this, no one had ever touched you so intimately so your body was more reactive than ever. 
Reaching down, you wrapped your hand around his wrist, meeting his gaze with wide eyes. He smiled, capturing his bottom lip between his teeth.
“You cumming?” he asked, though he could very easily feel your walls spasming around him. 
Still, you nodded, mouth falling open but no sound escaping, “E-Eita…”
“C’mon, baby,” he groaned, fasting his pace to fuck your dripping cunt. The sounds were wet, lewd and if you were with anyone else you would have been completely ashamed. But it was Eita, the person you trusted the most in the world. He groaned as your body began to quake, “Let it go, pretty girl. Cum for me, that’s it.”
At his encouragement, you released with a shrill whine of his name. He eagerly fucked your gushing cunt through the high, only slowing when your back met the bed again. 
Pulling his fingers from your hole, he was mindful of your sensitivity. He still couldn’t resist placing a fleeting kiss against your throbbing clit before sitting up to meet you for another heated kiss. 
Your body was still trembling as you wrapped your arms around his neck, your thighs spread open around his waist. His clothed cock hovered above your sensitive core and he made sure the rough material of his jeans didn’t make contact.
“Please, Eita, c-can we…?” you asked, biting your lip, too embarrassed to utter the words.
He smiled and nodded, brushing some hair behind your ear before sitting up to discard the remaining clothing on his person. His skin was pretty, tanned and built. His cock reached his navel, dripping precum down the length which he used to easily slick his cock up with his fist. 
The sight of your best friend jerking himself off over your naked, trembling body felt beyond taboo. But it only made you more eager to have him. 
“Please, Eita...I want you,” you breathed. 
He flashed you a smile and sat up on his knees, sliding the dripping tip between your folds. Brushing past your clit, you whined at the sensitivity. 
“It might hurt a bit, pretty baby,” he whispered, positioning himself at your entrance. 
You had already guessed it. He was big just by looking at him. But nothing compared to when he began to sink into you -- that’s when his size really became apparent. 
“Ah, Eita!” you whined, digging your nails into his shoulders.
He hissed but didn’t stop you, eyes falling to where his cock was steadily stretching you open. When he got halfway in, he pulled back until the head remained within your clasping walls. With an experienced roll of his hips, he pushed his cock back in, this time easily bottoming out. 
“Fuck!” you squealed, back arching. 
He could feel you gushing, dripping down his balls. There wasn’t a single sign of pain in your features so he quickly began to move, the both of you riled up and eager to have each other completely. 
Everything felt so right, so sweet. Having him in your arms made you feel so happy. 
“You’re mine now, baby,” he groaned, burying his face in your neck, “All mine. N-No more, fuck, of this friend shit...I love you.”
“Eita,” you whined, tears pricking your eyes as you hugged him tightly against you, “I love you too. P-Please make me cum.”
“Fuck, I’ll get you there, baby,” he promised, reaching between your bodies to find your clit. Your walls immediately clamped tight around him as he played with your little bud, “C’mon. Cum for me. I wanna feel you cream, pretty baby. Can you do that for me? Show me how good this cock makes you cum.”
His filthy words, whispered in his sweet, deep voice were enough to throw you over the edge. As you squeezed around him, trembling and gushing through the amazing orgasm, he spilled within you. A soft whimper of your name fell from his lips as his balls throbbed, cock spitting out load after load until you were so filled, it dripped from your cunt. 
Finally, the both of you stilled. He leaned back to look in your eyes, tucking some damp hair behind your ear before pecking your lips. 
“I meant it, you really are mine now,” he said.
You nodded, “You’re all mine too.”
“Well,” he gave you a teasing grin, “You have to share me with my millions of adoring fans.”
“Don’t be so full of yourself,” you giggled, biting your lip as he pulled out, “You have thousands at most.”
“Oh, way to bruise a guy’s ego,” he laughed.
You were grateful to have him, everything with him was so easy. Everything between you was fine, perfect even. And you didn’t have to worry about ever losing him to another girl again.
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katsupeach · 10 months ago
summer storms
pairing: southern gentleman!kirishima x reader
wc: 4,388
summary: when y/n’s internship falls through she’s devastated to be stuck spending the summer in her small town,  convinced it’ll be the most boring 3 months of her life. Fate has other ideas, and love, adventure, and just a dash of danger are brewing on her horizon. 
taglist: @fantasycantasy @patchworkpuzzle
pt 2
a/n: reader/kirishima are juniors in college. southern gentleman!kirishima, pre law, high school valedictorian reader, kirishima is sweet babie boy, smut, a dash of angst, coming of age, mostly fluff and fun. part 1. quirkless au. daddy kink.
if u enjoy pls send me a lil note, im soft af
A stream of violent curses falls from your mouth as your engine stutters to a stop on the dirt road outside your hometown. You bang your hands against the steering wheel, trying to resist the urge to cry from frustration, at your shitty old car, at your phone on one percent, at your smoking engine. You didn’t even want to come home at all, you’d gotten an internship in the city for the summer, but it didn’t start until July, and neither did your housing. You smooth your hair, trying to force the wisps reacting to the humidity back into your ponytail before stepping out into the hot midday sun. You touch the hood of your old station wagon and jump back, blowing on your burning hand. Surrounded by fields of waving grass, there’s no respite from the beating sun. 
So when you hear the roar of a truck coming down the road at first you feel a deep sense of relief. That’s until you recognize the huge silhouette in the front seat, see the cloud of dust come up from the tires when the red vehicle pulls over next to you. Kirishima Eijirou, local football star, and unavoidable presence, hops out of the front seat of the car. Of all the sixty two members of your graduating class, you can’t imagine one you’d be less happy to see while stranded like this.
“Everythin’ alright ma’am?” he says, a charming smile painted on his handsome face, and then, if possible, he lights up even more. “Wait, y/n!” He beams at you. “I didn’t know you were comin home this summer.” You flush, you didn’t realize he even knew your name. 
“I’m um, not.” You clarify, shielding your face from the sun so you can look at him without squinting. “Just for the week.” He pouts a little, and then takes a look at the car. “I um, I don’t know what’s wrong with it.” You say sheepishly, gesturing towards the car. “Thanks um, thanks for stopping.” He looks at you like your insane. 
“Think if I didn’t stop my momma would have beat me with whatever spoon was within reach.” He says, shaking his head. “What are they teaching you at that big city college?” You laugh. 
“Kirishima, you play football at Clemson.” He puts his palms up. 
“It’s not NYU!” You blink at him. 
“You remember where I went to school? I don’t think we’ve had an honest to god conversation since second grade.” He smiles softly. 
“I left my lunch at home though, and you gave me half of your ham sandwich. I didn’t forget.” He goes over to his truck, hopping into the backseat and prying open his big metal toolbox, grabbing a crowbar and pair of gloves. “Did you try and open it?” You nod. 
“I um, I burned my hand a little.” He frowns, leaning the crowbar against your car and first coming to you. 
“Lemme see, darlin.” You hold your hand out and he takes it gently, gingerly examining the red shiny burn. “You can’t just touch the hood of your car when it’s over 90 degrees out.” He scolds you. “You’re gonna have to ice that.” Feeling self-conscious, you withdraw your hand from him, he towers over you, even more than he did in high school. He’s still as attractive as ever, but more of a man than you remember, in a white tank top and jeans, with a flannel tied around his waist. 
“I uh, it doesn’t hurt that much.” You say quietly. His dyed red hair is tied in a little bun on the back of his head. He doesn’t look convinced but he picks up the crowbar and opens your hood, stepping back when a cloud of smoke billows into the sky. He raises his eyebrows at you, waving the smoke away. 
“When’s the last time you put coolant in this?” You frown nervously.
“Antifreeze.” He clarifies. 
“Never.” You say. He nods, with mocking wisdom.
“That’s gonna be the problem.” He takes a look at the back of your car. “I’ll give you a lift back to town, I can drop you at your place.” 
“I’m so sorry to put you out like this.” You apologize and he laughs, opening the back of your car and grabbing your suitcase, throwing it in his backseat. “I dunno what I was thinking,” you touch the back of your neck self-consciously. “With the um, antifreeze.” He pats you on the shoulder, walking you around to the other side of his truck, scoffing when you reach for the door handle. 
“What are those big-city boys teachin’ ya, y/n?” You laugh, climbing into his passenger seat as he holds the door. 
“Nothing good, I’m afraid.” He pats the hood before getting in next to you. 
“Is that right?” Your face warms under the intensity of his gaze, but he drops it after a second, his engine purring to life. The radio starts, a soft guitar blaring, an easy grin on Kirishima’s face as he drives with one hand on the wheel, one hand on the console, inches from your thigh. He taps it to the music. Her daddy says, he ain’t worth a lick, when it comes to brains he got the short end of the stick, but Katie’s young and man she just don’t care, she’d follow Tommy anywhere, “She’s in love with the boy,” he sings, completely butchering the melody, the wind streaming through his open windows, sweet as the hay drying in the fields. “You know my mom loves this song.” You nod, the blue cloudless sky unchanging as you tear through the countryside.
“Mine’s name is Katie, so she said she got sick of it.” He laughs. “How’s um, how’s college?” He keeps his eyes on the road. 
“Harder than I thought it would be.” He admits. “I didn’t think I’d miss home at all, but damn if I don’t wake up on Sunday morning and wish I was coming home to dinner with my grandma that night.” You laugh. 
“Yeah honestly, I feel the same way.” He looks at you carefully. “What?” 
“You didn’t make it a secret that you wanted out.” He says. “You even barely came to see me play football, which didn’t hurt my feelings at all by the way.” You giggle. 
“As if you noticed that one girl didn’t come to see you.” 
“I noticed.” He says very seriously. “You’re welcome to try and make it up to me,” he tosses you a cheeky smile, “Invite me in for some lemonade or somethin’.” 
“Of course I’m gonna invite you in for a drink!” You protest, “I haven’t completely forgotten my roots, Kirishima.” He shakes his head. She’s in love with the boy, the radio says, tinny harmonies though a low-quality speaker, even if they have to run away. 
“Coulda fooled me.” He says. “You look great though.” He eyes your legs, “Did ya pay extra for those jeans to have holes in them?” You flush, looking away. He reaches over, smoothing your hair out of your face without taking his eyes off the road. He drives carefully, not too fast, not too slow, except maybe on the turns, where he presses the flat of his palm against the wheel, and you tense with worry. After the second time that happens, he laughs. “Dontcha trust me?” You shake your head. 
“Why would I?” He feigns hurt. 
“I’m a great driver.” 
“Why don’t you have both hands on the wheel!”  you protest. “Kirishima,” you cry, as he picks up speed, you’re the only car on the road, dust billowing behind his truck. He grins at you. 
“Because usually when I’ve got a pretty girl in the front seat I like to do this.” He rests a hand on your knee. “If that’s alright with you ma’am.” You laugh lightly. 
“Ma’am, huh?” He shrugs. 
“You hardly know me,” he sniffs, “Didn’t come to my games, betcha don’t even remember what I’m studyin’ at Clemson.” You relax into his touch, but reach over and swat at him.
“You think my momma let me forget about you?” You say, incredulous, “Every phone call, Kirishima Eijirou’s studyin’ psychology, he’s gonna be a doctor, a therapist, maybe he’d put up with your moods!” He laughs, hard. 
“Your momma doesn’t sound like that,” voice full of mock reproach. “You’re makin’ fun of her accent?” He says, doing a heavier one. 
“Now you’re doing it!” You protest and he shakes his head. 
“Yours is almost gone.” He says quietly. “You look so different. But good.” He says quickly, “You look good.” He squeezes your thigh. 
“Thanks. How’s your grandma?” He stares at the road. 
“Older. But same attitude, I caught her trying to water her garden today in hundred degree heat. The woman is ninety-four years old.” He pulls into your driveway, shaking his head. You reach for the handle on your door and he stops you. 
“What is wrong with you?” He says, smiling, getting out and walking around the car, offering you a hand to help close the distance between the seat and the ground. You take it, but slip at the last second, crashing into his hard chest. He catches you easily, setting you on the ground, inspecting you carefully. “You alright?” 
“I’m fine.” You say quickly. “Come on.” You wave him onto your front porch, he watches you fumble with your keys, and struggle with the lock before finally wrenching the swollen wood open. “Oh my god,” you sigh with happiness at the air conditioning on your skin. He nods his agreement. 
“Hey remember when the AC went out at our high school?” You shudder. 
“I try not to. The kitchen’s this way. Looks like my mom’s out.” You open the fridge, unaware of his eyes on your silhouette in your jeans and white floaty top. “We have uh, beer, sweet tea, and lemonade.” He glances out the window over your sink, watching the tall corn sway in the heavy breeze.
“What kinda beer?” He asks, leaning on the white peel-up counter. 
“Blue moon,” you say, standing, trying to keep your eyes off his broad freckled shoulders. 
“Sounds good to me.” He says with a grin, and even when you hand it to him, the condensation runs down the glass and pools on his hand. “Now let’s see that burn.” He says, opening the twist off easily. “Get your first aid kit and sit tight, darlin.” You flush a little, but luckily for you it seems like your parents haven’t moved much since you were last home. He watches you open a cabinet and rock up onto the balls of your feet, arching your back to reach for something. He lets you struggle for a second before resting a hand on your hip and reaching above you, taking the plastic box from the top of the cabinet for you. “Come on,” he pulls you by your good hand into the living room. You sit down and he examines it gingerly, watching you wince as he spreads cooling aloe on it. He kneels next to you while you sit, beer on a coaster on the coffee table. 
“Oooh,” you moan softly, “Hurt’s Kiri.” His head snaps to you at the nickname and your face colors. “Sorry I-” 
“Don’t take it back now.” He says with a grin. “This isn’t too bad, but hopefully you learned your lesson about touchin’ hot cars, huh, darlin?” You swallow. “You know,” his eyes flick over your body. “City looks good on you.” 
“Thanks.” You say softly. “I um, I don’t remember you being this nice.” He laughs. 
“I’m surprised you remember me at all,” He breathes, “Mrs. Pre Law I’m Getting Out Of This Town the Second I Get The Chance.” He wraps a bandage around your hand and then sets it on your thigh, reaching up and brushing your hair out of your face again. “Whatcha got planned for this week, huh?” 
“I’m um,” You say, he leans in closer. “I’m not sure. You look um,” you can’t break eye contact with him. “You look good too, Kirishima.” 
“Betcha wish you came to some of my games now,” he says, drawing you to your feet. “I’m lucky though, that I got ta come along when that shit car of yours finally gave out.” 
“Why’s that?” You ask, knowing the answer, not believing it. He doesn’t answer, instead, cradling your body to his, slowly, giving you time to tell him to fuck off, leaning in, until his lips brush against yours. 
“Always thought you were so pretty,” he says, right into your mouth, and that’s when you kiss him, tenderly. There’s something about Kirishima standing in your parent’s living room, smelling of sweat and cedar, skin warmed by time in the sun, that feels like coming home. You let out a soft gasp as he guides you to the wall, his hands on your back, pressing your body flush against his. He groans softly into your mouth as you grind your hips against his. His mouth moves lower, pressing a hot open mouth kiss just under your jaw. “What happened to our goody two shoes class valedictorian, hm?” He growls. You let out a short gasp, he lifts you easily, hands on the underside of your thighs, your back pressed against the wall. His hands roam your body as you cling to him, arms wrapped around his neck, holding him close. 
“Wait,” you breathe into his mouth, and he freezes, looking at you carefully. “Upstairs.” You say shyly. “In case they come home.” He nods, carrying you through the foyer and up the stairs that creak under his weight. He doesn’t have to ask which room is yours, your name spelled out in pink letters on a white door. He opens it with his hip, kissing you as he lays you down on your twin bed, climbing on top of you, and turning your stuffed animals around to face the wall. 
“Want you so badly,” he groans as you rock your hips against his, kissing him desperately, he pulls your shirt over your head, pulling back for a second to study your soft form, palming your breasts through your bra, “So fucking beautiful.” He says, his voice full of worship. Then he roughly yanks your jeans down to your knees, ripping your panties off you while you squeal, “Shhh darlin,” he says, leaning down to kiss your inner thighs, “Bet you taste so fucking good,” he groans into your warmth, even just his breath on your sex makes your body tremble and he shoots you a cocky smile before diving into you, swiping his hot tongue over your clit. 
“Ah,” your back arches involuntarily, “Oh, oh, oh, fuck, Kirishima,” your eyes close and you gasp again, feeling his soft lips on your clit, then a flick of his tongue before he sucks hard, eliciting a gasp from your lips. It’s the most beautiful music he’s ever heard, he thinks, he could listen to your soft little gasps for hours, your hands tangle in his hair and he chuckles into your warmth, feeling your hips roll and buck into his mouth. 
“Come on,” he says into your softness, “You taste so fuckin’ good, darlin, tell daddy how he’s makin’ you feel.” You gasp again, another high-pitched sweet sound. 
“Daddy,” you warble, “Daddy, feels so good, feels, ah,” you lose the ability to form coherent thoughts when he sucks hard on your clit, 
“Hmmm,” he groans into your warmth, “Gonna cum on daddy’s tongue baby,” your eyes screw up, pleasure radiating through your body. He slips a finger inside of you, “So tight,” he praises and you cry out again, 
“Fuck, daddy,” you moan, “So close, just,” you squirm under his attentive touch. “A little more I-” he slips a second finger into your core and curls it inside you, feeling you contract around his digits, your cunt fluttering as your orgasm rips through you, “Kirishima, I, fuck,” you swear loudly as he carries you through your high. He watches you twitch, your soft lips parted as you catch your breath. 
“Good girl,” he croons, “Such a good girl for daddy.” You reach for him, pulling him up to the top of the bed, and he kisses you, letting you taste yourself on his tongue. You hold him close to you, mind still running at one percent, there’s only Kirishima, only his muscled arms, soft lips, kind eyes. His heart is racing, he’s dreamed of touching you for years, chased you on the playground, almost got the nerve to ask you to dance at prom, begged anyone who had it for your number only to draft a hundred texts he never sent. Rolling around with you on your twin bed was nothing short of a dream come true. 
This remained true when a few minutes of furious kissing later, you’re fumbling with the button on his jeans when you both freeze, hearing your mother’s voice on the stairs. 
“Hello, y/n?” She calls. He laughs into your neck, standing up from your bed, tucking his erection into the band of his boxers while you slip back into your shirt. 
“Hey Ma,” you call. “Be down in a second.” Kirishima pulls you into one last kiss, combing his fingers through your hair. You take a deep breath, did that happen, did Kirishima Eijirou just go down on you in your childhood bedroom? You lead him back down the stairs and your mother does a double-take. “Hey,” you give her a hug, “You remember Kirishima?” She beams at him. 
“How could I forget the boy who won us states your senior year of high school?” She cries. “Stay for dinner, please.” She says and he grins. 
“It would be my pleasure, Ma’am.” He gives you a look. “I’m afraid to tell ya I found your daughter in a sorry state on high 593.” Your mom looks at you skeptically. “Yeah, that old wagon of yours needs some antifreeze, and probably a mechanic.” 
“Well thank god for you.” Your mom takes both of his large hands and pulls him into the kitchen. “We’re having chicken and dumplings. And then you’re gonna tell me what exactly you were doin’ upstairs with my daughter.” Kirishima goes as red as his hair and you laugh. 
“Taking my suitcases up for me,” you say quickly. “Now that you know where to go, do you need any help?” He rolls his eyes. 
“No Ma’am.” He quips, practically running out the front door.  Your mother eyes you carefully. 
“F/N M/N L/N.” She says. “I know you weren’t showin’ that boy where to bring your suitcases.” You give her a hug.
“Don’t be gross mom.” You say, following her into the kitchen. 
“You invited him for supper, right?” You nod. She looks relived. “Oh thank god. You know,” she starts to say, turning the oven on to preheat. “A boy like that, might even follow you to new york.” You scoff. 
“Mom I’m begging you to stop talking.” She takes a bag of marinated meat out of the fridge, depositing it in a pot. 
“Your father’s gonna be home later.” He says. “We got somethin’ um,” she looks nervous. “Some bad news.” You freeze. 
“What’s happening?” 
“I know we said we could find the money for your housing this summer if you saved up for the half of it.” Your blood turns to ice. “But um,” her voice trembles, “We couldn’t, um, we couldn’t do it. I think  you’re gonna be stuck here.” She studies you. “I know you’re disappointed, but your daddy’s having a meeting with the D.A. of Altuna, and he said you could intern there!” You swallow. 
“Yeah.” You say, barely getting the word out. “You know it would have been um,” you wipe your eyes, “Good to know, a few weeks ago.” 
“Are you upset?” She asks desperately, “I’m so sorry baby, we really tried.” You swallow the lump in your throat and give her a quick hug. 
“No Ma, I’m sure the job in Altuna will be fantastic.” She brightens a little. “And it’ll give me the opportunity to spend more time with you.” You hear a clatter as Kirishima elbows the front door open and takes your suitcase through the hall. He pads upstairs, lifting your suitcase easily and slipping into your room. His face warms a bit at the thought of what you’d been doing when your mom had come home. He takes a moment, looking at the graduation photos on your desk, of your 9th-grade art project hanging on the wall, a sunset over the ocean, a faraway dream, given the actual distance between Crystal River and the sea. He doesn’t pry, walking quietly down the stairs. He rounds the corner into the kitchen at the same time that your father walks through the front door. 
“I’m hoooome,” He sings, “And I’ve got a little monster with me.” Kirishima’s head turns and he watches your little brother run into your arms, gap toothed and bright eyed. 
“Mr. L/n.” He says, giving your father a firm handshake. 
“Kirishima found our baby on high 593,” your mother says, “Because that car of hers finally gave out.” 
“That so?” Your dad rumbles. “Gotcha that job in Altuna, sweetheart.” You smile and Kirishima watches it stop just shy of your eyes. 
“‘Fraid so,” Kirishima confirms. “Little antifreeze and it should run again.” Your father nods. Dinner is delicious, your brother goes on a twenty-minute monologue about a dream he had where he turned into a cashew at a baseball stadium, and you nod politely but you clearly seem far off. He stands to help you clear the dishes away when there’s a knock at the door. Your father gets up, walking quietly to the front of the house. Kirishima follows you to the kitchen, but it’s impossible not to notice the way your face falls when the two of you are alone. “What’s up?” He asks and you smile like you’re about to cry. 
“Turns out  you’re stuck with me all summer.” You, voice shaking just a little as you start to soap up a dish. “Please don’t look at me, I’m gonna cry or something.” He ignores you, standing behind you and wrapping his arms around your waist. 
“Shhhh,” he breathes into your scalp. “S’alright. Cry.” You can’t help it, you relax against his chest. 
“This is so embarrassing,” you choke out, “You don’t even know me, you should, you can leave.” He laughs. 
“Why would I wanna leave when I gotcha right where I want ya?” You laugh bitterly. “S’true.” He says, only touch defensively. “I’ve only liked you since the second grade. And all through high school when I tried to talk to you you’d hide from me.” That gets a more genuine laugh out of you. 
“You were scary.” You sniffle. 
“Because I’m big?” He murmurs into your scalp. 
“Because you were popular.” You mutter. “Momo and Kendo would have clawed my eyes out anyway.” He laughs. 
“Their claws ain’t so sharp. And I’m sorry. About your internship.” He reaches into the soapy water in the sink, taking your hands. “Promise I’ll show  you a good time this summer, if you let me.” You’re about to respond when you hear a crash and a shout. You drop the dish you were scrubbing into the water and the two of you dash through the dining room to the front door. Your father is talking with a man who’s sweaty and overdressed for the June heat. 
“I’m not gonna sell.” Your father snaps, in a tone of voice reserved for his strictest moments, the time he found out you’d drawn all over the bathroom wall, when your brother had kicked a soccer ball through the front window. “I’ve told ya, we’re blockin’ your number, and if I see you on my property again I’m calling the sheriff.” The man holds out an envelope. 
“We have ways of changing your mind.” The man says coldly, his black hair reflecting purple in the porchlight. You come up behind him and snatch the envelope, speaking coldly and firmly. 
“You’re trespassing, in violation of at least three county codes right now. I could have the sheriff throw your ass in jail.” Your mother gasps a little at your profanity but the man does blanch a bit, taking a step backward and giving your father a little wave goodnight. “Dad,” you say quickly, “Who was that?” 
“AFO. Industries wants to build in our little town.” Your father says. “They’re tryna get a bunch of us locals to sell.” Kirishima nods. 
“Yeah, those guys won’t leave my grandmother alone. I’m gonna start sleepin’ on her front porch.” 
“That’s harassment.” You say, in a tone Kirishima recognizes from debates in high school history class. You rip the envelope open, and study it. “The farm is worth way more than this, dad, this is crazy.” He wraps an arm around you and gives you a squeeze. 
“I know, sweetheart, that’s why we arent’ selling.” You relax a little, turning to Kirishima. 
“You know I almost have my Pre Law B.S.,”  you offer, “I could take a look at what they’re sending your grandmother and see if it’s legally harassment or oversolicitation?” He smiles at you. 
“That would be great.” He says with a smile, then turns to your parents. “With your permission, I’d like to attempt to cheer your daughter up.” Your mother beams and your father scowls. They speak at the same time. 
“See you tomorrow!” Your mom says, and your father says,
“2AM. Latest. I don’t care if you’re gonna be a senior in college next year, my house, my rules.” Kirishima nods. 
“I’ll have her back here before then, sir. Promise.” He offers you his hand and you take it, letting him pull you out of the house onto the front porch and down the steps, out to his car. “Alright,” he says, opening your door for you. “We’re gonna go for a drive, you’re gonna talk, and I’m gonna listen.” You look over, measuring the sincerity of his expression. 
“Alright.” You agree, and he speeds off into the blue twilight, engine’s hum drowning out the crickets song. 
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babybugwrites · a month ago
Idk why but all I can think about today is bfd!javi and a crotchless panties scenario. Like what if the reader comes over as usual and she's wearing them on purpose. Would he go feral? 🤔
Like how would he stay calm
this scenario but purposely bending over in a skirt <3 (18+ ONLY, MDNI)
Javi gets not only a view of you bent over in front of him, not only a view of your ass and pretty panties, but your PUSSY as well ?!?!
look at that man short circuit, look at him want to cry because this feels like torture for him, and the fact that you’d worn them just for him?? but fuck can you imagine that instead of them being actual crotchless panties, they were actually normal panties prior to the last time Javi tore the crotch apart with his hands?????
“what fucking game do you think you’re playing, chiquita?”
“i dunno what you mean, Jabbi; but last time i wore these, some old man with a huge dick ripped my pretty panties. i thought it wouldn’t be right to just throw them out when they were still brand new,” you joke, a smirk plastered on your plump lips.
and definitely DON’T imagine him lifting you on top of the kitchen counter and hiking your skirt up to get a closer look at them. he himself doesn’t remember doing it, most likely have been far too caught up in the haze of lust, but as he runs a finger through your slippery slit, he wants more.
“my naughty, little bunny; are these just for papi to see? well, i hope you didn’t think that you’d get away with being such a slut in my house,”
“all f’ you, you… wanted to see if y’could keep up with me, old man…”
the grin on his face is intoxicating, something nasty hidden behind the mask as he squeezes your thighs making you yelp. giggling, you hold a hand against his chest and meet his dark gaze, awaiting his response.
“i’m wondering if you can keep up with me, my little brat,”
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echo-of-sounds · 8 months ago
Small, smut drabbles with Toshi and Hizashi.
This is for @shirogane-tsumugi​! She asked for soft, little drabbles of them rewarding the reader and for it to include cockwarming with light ddlg themes. Thank you so much for the commission!
Warnings: Daddy and DD/lg themes
Tumblr media
Yagi Toshinori
Ten minutes to midnight, keys clicked in the door. You tossed your phone aside and jumped up, running to it in time to hug Toshinori as soon as it opened. He laughed, “What’s this about?”
“Missed you,” you mumbled, propping your chin on his chest, looking up at the pink lips and blue eyes you’ve been so deprived of.
He kissed your forehead. Lips tickled your skin while he talked, “I’ve missed you too, honey. I’m sorry I’ve been working so much.”
“Hmm, it’s okay. You have tomorrow off, right?”
“Yes, I’m all yours.”
At his promise, you grabbed his hand and led him to the bedroom. All laundry was either hung or folded and in its place. Fresh sheets and a new, sea-green comforter laid atop the bed, perfectly smooth. Pillows sat neatly. Your giant teddy bear waited against them, surrounded by smaller stuffed animals.
“Oh, you sweet girl, you did all your chores today.” His arms circled you tight. You squeezed too, nuzzling as close as possible, your body needing his. And his was nothing but safe and sound, especially with the large, doting hands skimming along your back. Fingers lightly drummed. When you muffled a yawn in his shirt, those fingers drifted to the bottom of yours. He instructed, “Arms up.”
You listened, and your shirt was slipped off. He did the same to your shorts and underwear. Cold, rough palms flattened to your sides, summoning chills and giggles. Lips found your mouth: fingers, your clit.
In reflex, you lifted onto your tiptoes, allowing him easier access. You sighed as they edged in. Hours of passing time on the couch worked you up plenty, just imaging your bodies moving together. But following the rules, you never touched yourself.
“You’ve been waiting for me for a while. I’m sorry my work’s left you alone.” His tongue and fingers wetly, tenderly ebbed and flowed. “It’s left you needy too, hasn’t it?”
Kissing to your neck, he rumbled with a heavy breath, “Oh, sweetheart. You’re my sweetest girl. I’m all yours tomorrow.”
The words riled, fluttering soft and light. Tomorrow was too far away. You clinched his sleeve, flimsily whispering as lips caressed sensitive skin, “Daddy… what about tonight?”
Fingers left. “Are you sure? It’s pretty late, and I don’t want you to be too tired.”
“Don’t care… Just want you.”
“Alright, we can start tonight. It’s the least I could do for you,” he swiftly gave and pulled away to undress. You were already warm. Seeing his body escalated it. Unable to contain the bubbling excitement, you bounced in place, watching as his stomach, scar, and splendidly tan skin were revealed.
Daddy settled between the teddy bear’s legs, lounging on its pillow-like body. He flopped half-flaccid but immensely arousing. After slicking on a little lube, he smiled, reaching out his hand, “Come here.”
You climbed on and straddled him. Fingertips dug into your hips to slow your lowering. “Easy, easy. Don’t force it.”
“I’m not.” You lined him up and sunk, moaning at the stretch, whimpering at the depth. Length-wise was always a bit to take, even when not fully erect. You halted when the excitement caught up and twinges jolted you.
“Does it hurt?”
“No,” you sighed, nestling him inside, long, lanky, and warm. Kisses spread over your face. Hands gripped your thighs to lure you to his chest. You sighed again, content with the rough skin under your fingertips and the heartbeat against your ear.
“I love you,” he repeatedly hushed. Fleece graced your cheek. He placed your bunny stuffie in your arms, letting you cuddle it while he coddled you.
His cooing weighed your eyes dull, and the Tv quietly played, both providing background noise to your coupling. You huddled small in his arms, simply absorbing, appreciating, and experiencing the man you’ve missed so dearly. “I love you, sweetie. Get some rest now.”
Tumblr media
Yamada Hizashi
“It was so thoughtful of you to cook me dinner, baby.” He kissed your temple, running his hands up your side. “You’re so good to me. And you’ve been so, so good lately. I think you deserve a little reward, don’t you think?”
You relaxed against his chest, laying your head on his shoulder. His lips brushed down your cheek. Hands rubbed over your stomach with no real direction. You sighed, pressing into him, grinding just enough to feel his cock. It called your name and hand, warming in your palm when you reached behind.
Hizashi hummed, “What are feeling like now, baby girl?”
“Do you want Daddy?” his voice lowered, thrumming in your ear and heart, flittering your eyes closed. He knew what it did to you. One hand coasted down to your shorts. “What do you say? Does my little girl want some Daddy time?”
“Then go get that little nightgown on. I’ll be in in a minute. You know how to wait for me.” He patted your ass as you scampered away.
The pink nightgown hung in the closet. Cute strawberries decorated the soft material. You hurriedly undressed and slipped it on, kneeling on the edge of the bed after, bending down, presenting yourself for Daddy whenever he walked in.
And just like he promised, he did soon, whistling at your bare ass. You expected the usual greeting of a smack, but warm breath and loving lips touched you instead, kissing along your cheek, inching close to your clit. Enthusiasm wiggled your hips. Your clit only wanted a little kiss, a tiny suck from Daddy. It wasn’t too much to ask.
Yet, it never came. Before you could whine, your secret box was plopped beside you. He rummaged for something specific with a foxy grin. His hands withdrew holding a silicone butt plug. Thankfully, it wasn’t a big one, only with three beads.
“This one for today,” he licked his lips and disappeared behind you again.
After a small pop, cold lube was smeared along you, fingers expertly and artfully spreading you. He wasn’t in a teasing mood apparently because as soon as he deemed you ready, the first two beads slipped in. You gasped at the sudden push, gripping the sheets for a tense few seconds.
“Breathe,” he soothed.
A hand stroked your spine as the last, widest bead sunk, stretching you perfectly, creating a waterfall of whimpers. It wedged deep and snug inside your muscles. Palms flushed over your ass, kneading and squeezing and spreading you, complimenting the wet, charming view. He tapped the plug, tweaking it inside. His thumb graced your clit. You flinched.
“You’re already swollen. So cute.” He leaned down to bite your ear and growl, “It seems Daddy made the right choice, hmm?”
“Yes, Daddy.” You looked for a kiss which he gladly gave, shoving his tongue into your mouth. Your question jumbled around him, yet he still understood what you wanted.
“Good girl,” he praised and pecked your forehead, hauling you to your feet next, bringing you out to the couch. Your walk was more of a shuffle from the fullness inside.
“How should we cockwarm today, baby?” His thumb pulled your bottom lip down. “Want me in your mouth?” Using his other hand, two fingers heavily swept over your clit, jerking you onto your tiptoes. You clutched his sleeves, feeling his chest vibrate from his quirk-enhanced voice, “Or does your little pussy want me? It sure seems like it does.”
“I don’t kn-”
His fingers nudged hard, shutting you up. “Which one? Don’t make me ask twice.”
“Pussy. My pussy,” you fussed. “Please, Daddy.”
“That’s perfect.” He sat on the couch, legs apart, creating excellent lodgings for you. However, not want to be bad, you only moved when he pulled himself out and called you, making you scurry onto his lap and lower onto him. Nearly erect, he filled you, crowding you heated and glowing.
You moaned into his neck, settling into a comfortable position with the lightest friction to your clit. Hands resumed their aimless rubbing on your back. Amidst your purring, he kissed your cheek, whispering, “Just remember: It’s not your pussy, it’s mine.”
“I will, Daddy.”
“Good girl. I love you so much, baby.” He kissed you once more then built a cradle with his arms and blankets. There wasn’t any other way you’d want to end the night than warming him, safe in his tight embrace.
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eqgtart · 9 months ago
part eight | look
Tumblr media Tumblr media
*゚+.*. you’re tired of being the only that isn’t getting any. or at least, the only one who’s never gotten any before.
so when you decide to take matters into your own hands, it’s only natural that you’d want some guidance. and who better to ask than your attractive, kind, experienced co-worker, kuroo?
Tumblr media
*゚+ pairing: kuroo tetsurou/f! reader
*゚+ genre: fluff
*゚+ word count: 3.2k
*゚+ warnings: language, probably nsfw mention
*゚+ a/n: exams were great/horrible, glad to be back on board
Tumblr media
*゚+ prev | m.list | next +.*.
Tumblr media
The fatigue sets in immediately after he shuts the apartment door behind you and you manage to stumble to his couch before slumping against its cushions.
“Long day?” he laughs, dropping his bag on the floor beside you before tugging off his hoodie. It’s true that you’re exhausted, but apparently you’re not exhausted enough to not stare as he pulls it over his head. A stripe of golden skin peaks out from where his shirt rides up but your gaze catches on the waistband and upper crotch area of his pants, where a few white stains are still visible.
“Is something wrong?” he asks, hooking the sweater on a bare-looking coatrack near the door.
You tear your eyes away. “Maybe you should change,” you suggest, cheeks warm as you recall the way he’d so shamelessly been rutting against you.
That Kuroo had been something else; the intoxicating, almost overwhelming personification of desire. He’d swept you away, just like that, and now you were coming down from the high with almost no energy left to spare.
The Kuroo that leans down in front of you now is a bit different; his disposition a bit more mellow and soft around the edges. It makes you think of blankets and warmth and the colour yellow—not the bold, mustard shade, but something closer to a pastel.
“You should change too,” he murmurs and you loll your head to the side. Even getting up seems like an impossible feat now. Besides, you have no clothes and you tell him as such.
“You still have my shirt, right?” he says, gaze dropping to your bag. “You can wear that. I’ll look for some pants but the sizing might be, uh, tricky.”
Remembering your manners, you force yourself to sit upright. “Um, yeah,” you say. “Anything’s good. Thanks.”
You watch as he disappears down the dark and narrow hallway. The rest of his tiny apartment is quiet, save the background bustle of the city outside, but you usually tune that out anyway. The furnishings are nothing fancy, which is expected of a student apartment, however, it just means that there’s nothing to distract you from the hypnotic lull of sleep.
You lean back against the sofa, head sinking into the cushions as you try to blink the drowsiness away. Unsurprisingly, it only makes it worse and your eyelids shut after a short, unsuccessful attempt to rouse yourself.
You’re only vaguely aware of Kuroo’s re-entrance, his feet padding softly on the wooden floor.
“Are you okay?” he laughs, his voice sounding like its coming from somewhere to your left.
“’m sleepy,” you murmur, turning your head away from the light.
“I can see that,” he says, voice teasing. “But you should get ready for bed if you’re going to sleep.”
You feel the couch dip as he sits next to you , his presence warm and close. Leaning forward, you sigh as you feel your forehead come into contact with his shoulder.
“Can you do it for me?” you ask, voice muffled by the fabric of his sweatshirt.
He chuckles. “What? Help you get ready for bed?” he inquires, his hand coming to rest on the back of your neck. “Didn’t know I’d be babysitting tonight.”
You hum into the press of his body. “But you love kids.”
He makes a sound that’s somewhere between a scoff and a laugh. “Who told you I love kids?”
You lift your head, eyes squinted as to not let too much light into them. “Dunno, you just seem like the kind of guy who’d like kids.”
There’s a second of silence where you imagine he’s thinking it over. You can’t be sure because you definitely can’t see his face behind closed eyelids.
“Do you like kids?”
You give him another slow blink. “I—I don’t know,” you admit. “I guess they’re okay. Haven’t really thought too much about having them.”
“You make them sound like pets,” he asserts jokingly, but you’re much too sleepy to come up with a snappy response.
“Expensive pets,” you sigh, sinking back into the couch once more. “Pets that you have to send to college so that they can sleep through lectures and party and ask their friends to teach them how to be intimate with someone.”
“Those are some pretty productive pets,” he remarks. “Hope they don’t regret any of the choices they make.”
You open an eye. “Being young is for regrets,” you say sagely. “But no, I don’t think they’ll regret some of those choices.”
You feel his chest shake with a laugh. “If you say so. But you really need to get up. Can’t have you falling asleep here.”
“What?” you say, sounding a bit dazed. “If I’m not sleeping here, then where am I sleeping?”
“In my bed,” he murmurs, fingers brushing against your temple. “I’m taking the couch.”
“But you’re so tall,” you whine, with a pout. “You’ll never fit on here comfortably. You’ll get back problems.”
“Back problems?” he snorts. “It’s just one night. Plus, I’m still young so I’ll be okay.”
“Still,” you insist. “I don’t want to impose.”
He sighs. “Don’t be ridiculous. I’m the one who talked you into staying over. So just…just stop being stubborn, okay?”
“I’m not being stubborn,” you gripe, leaning back just a bit. “Besides, why can’t we just—I mean, if it’s big enough, why can’t we just share the bed?”
He raises an eyebrow. “That’d be quite scandalous,” he teases. “What would Yaku say?”
You roll your eyes. You know what Yaku would say—he’d tell you to either confess or stop playing relationship with his team captain.
“Yaku’s not my mom,” you say, like you’re trying to convince yourself of something. “Besides, it’s not like we haven’t done more…improper things than sharing a bed.”
He hums. “I don’t know…”
“What?” you ask jokingly. “Worried you won’t be able to keep your hands to yourself?”
His eyes flash as they look down at you. “I think I’m a bit more worried about you, knowing how eager you are.”
“Please,” you snort. “Like you didn’t corner me in the back room and beg to—to…”
“Right, right,” he says, looking away to conceal a sudden blush. “You got me there.”
Something nags in the back of your mind and you lean forward, pressing your palms into the worn fabric of the cushion.
“Why did you do that?” you ask, eyeing his expression carefully. You know it’s dangerous like this. After all, his face is only a few inches from yours. If he moves a bit closer and listens—really listens—you’re sure he’d be able to hear the frantic racing of your heart.
“I thought you were all about being careful.”
“Ah, well…” He scratches the back of his neck. “Like I said before, you look very cute today. Is it such a crime to express appreciation for that?”
“Not the usual way someone would do that,” you muse, gaze shifting to where your knee just slots against his thigh.
“I suppose.”
You take a second to think about this, mind running much slower than it would during the day. If he’s being honest, and you have no reason to think otherwise, then it was you—awkward, inexperienced you—that had somehow drove him to act that way. The thought sends a shiver throughout your body and you squeeze your eyes shut, wanting to let the sudden wave of arousal pass.
“We should get to bed,” he says, large hand settling on your upper arm.
You nod and allow him to march you to the bathroom with your (his) shirt in your grasp. He shoves another bundle of fabric in your arms before saying something about yelling if you need him before closing the door.
You stare at the newly added garment; a pair of bright red polyester basketball shorts with a worn drawstring threaded through the inside of the waistband. The material is stretchy, the dimpled mesh soft under your touch as you sling it over and empty hook. You suppose it could work.
Stripping, you kick off your skirt and soiled underwear, grateful for the foresight you’d had to start packing extra pairs of underwear after the incident in his car. After a moment of hesitation, you slide your bra off too, dropping it in the pile of wrinkled clothes at the foot of the sink. There’s no doubt that you’ll have to rush over to your place before your afternoon class tomorrow to change but you aren’t too worried about that now.
You change quickly and gather your discarded clothes, folding them to the best of your ability before opening the door again.
Kuroo is leaning against the wall just beside it, phone in hand as he types something to someone and you slip past him to get to your bag.
“Hey,” he says with an easy smile that makes you just wanna stand there and stare.
“Hey yourself,” you reply, tearing your gaze away to shove your clothes into your bag. You can’t be caught looking a fool, even if he is giving you ample opportunity to do so.
“I just want to ask you again,” he says, lowering the device. “I know you hate when I nag but, are you sure you’re okay with sleeping in the same bed? I promise I won’t try anything.”
“Mhm,” you nod, returning his smile. You think you’ve spent enough time with him to know that he wouldn’t try anything but you wouldn’t exactly be opposed to him trying anything either.
“Okay, I just don’t want you to feel uncomfortable.”
“No, I—I totally get it,” you insist.
“I’m sure it’ll be perfectly fine.”
Tumblr media
It is not perfectly fine.
At least not for your heart.
The moonlight shines bright through his bedroom window, unencumbered. You stare at the shadows they cast, dragging long across the shelves and trinkets in his room. The sounds of the city are more concentrated here, louder and more prominent here on the low floor of his unit, but that’s not what bothers you.
What bothers you is the silence in the room; the suffocating, all-encompassing quiet that feels more unnerving than peaceful.
Kuroo is close, so close to you, the heat of his larger form beating against your side like the warmth of a flame. It ignites all sorts of feelings within you, ones that swirl in your stomach and drain the sleep from your body.
Oh well, you never slept comfortably outside of your own bed, anyway.
You turn over, hoping a new position will help you to relax. To untense and just get some rest so that you can at least pretend to pay attention in your class tomorrow.
The body beside you stirs and you hold your breath.
“You okay?” Kuroo mumbles, his voice thick with tiredness. Dark eyes blink slowly at you, framed by lashes that you didn’t notice were so long until now. Even when he’s barely awake, Kuroo is a vision and you can hardly believe that you are where you are at this moment.
As nerve-wracking as this is and as much as it makes your heart pang with the knowledge that you can’t have this—not genuinely, not for real—you know there’s nowhere else you’d rather be.
“I’m okay,” you whisper back, turning on your side to face him. “I just can’t sleep.”
“But you were so tired earlier,” he laughs, his voice low and gravelly. “I thought I’d have to brush your teeth for you.”
“Don’t tease,” you mumble, burying your face in the soft fabric of his pillow.
“But it’s so much fun,” he returns, playful even when sleepy.
You slowly lift your head to look at him, your lashes brushing across the bedding as you blink.
“Kuroo,” you begin, heart in your throat as your eyes meet his. “Have you ever been in love?”
Surprise flashes across his features before its replaced by an easy quirk of his lips. “Why do you ask?” he teases.
You shrug, trying to maintain an air of casualness. “Just curious.”
He shifts, turning to lie on his back.
“I have,” he says quietly. But you know that.
“What is it like?” you ask.
He throws an arm over his face. “It’s…it’s hard to say. I guess it feels warm. Golden. Unlike any other feeling I’ve had before.”
You ruminate on this for a second; how are you meant to imagine a feeling you’ve never had before? It feels ridiculous to even try.
“But why?” he asks again, peeking at you from beneath his forearm. “What’s got you so curious about love?”
You shake your head. “I told you, I’m just curious. I’ve tried so many things that I’ve never done before over the past weeks with you and—”
“And?” He lowers his arm.
“And I… I guess I just didn’t know how much I might’ve been missing out on,” you finish. “Not just about—about sex or whatever, but about that kind of closeness with another person.”
You stare at the lightly shadowed grain of his ceiling.
“I think I’d like to try that too someday,” you say. “I think I’d like to try falling in love.”
Tumblr media
The commotion in the gym is thunderous, even fifteen minutes before practice is due to start.
Yaku is actively yelling at the stack of papers in your hand now, jabbing at lines of text that your brain is tired of reading.
“I can’t believe he took off half a mark on this question, the answer is technically right. I just didn’t use his stupid method for getting there,” he gripes, uncapped pen dangling precariously near his quiz sheet.
“So, you’re going to ask for a regrade on question 5 too?” you frown, hurrying to look at your own. “Because I think he took off a whole mark for me.”
“Yeah, fuck that guy,” he sneers. “No wonder his rating online is so shit. We should’ve never taken his class.”
You silently agree, scribbling down your remark argument in a notebook off to the side.
A ball slams onto the floor in the distance and you flinch, regretting the choice of venue for your post-quiz venting session. It’s not like you had a choice though; Yaku had practice right after the class when you’d had your quizzes returned and immediately insisted that he confer with you to appeal your marks together.
“We should’ve just taken a second year course or something,” he gripes, flipping through his notes. “I probably wouldn’t have taken it seriously but we wouldn’t have to teach ourselves the damn curriculum.”
“You didn’t want to take Plant Physiology II,” you remind him, picking your phone up from the bleachers to glance at the time. Twelve minutes before he had to go.
“Plants are boring,” he argues. “I would’ve fallen asleep every lecture and been in an even worse position than I am now.”
You sigh. “One and a half more semesters left.”
“So close but so far.”
You lean over to check an email notification that pops up when you feel a light poke on your bare knee.
“What’s with the skirts?” Yaku asks suddenly, gaze pinpointing on your grey woollen mini skirt.
“I mean,” he says. “Why are you always wearing skirts or dresses these days? I get that it’s still warm out, but you didn’t used to before.”
“Are you policing my wardrobe choices?” you ask, swinging one leg over the other.
“Not policing,” he remarks. “Just observing. And don’t get me wrong, you don’t look bad or anything—”
“Wow, thanks.”
“—it’s just not typical. From you at least.”
“Is it not enough that I just realized I look really cute in skirts?”
“Did someone tell you that?” he asks. “Did a particular tall, handsome, volleyball-playing—”
“I’m going to shred your quiz,” you warn. “And no, he didn’t tell me that he liked when I wear skirts, it’s just a personal taste thing.”
“Sure,” he says, thoroughly unconvinced. “But I suppose we could always get an opinion, right?”
“What the hell are you—?”
“Captain!” he calls out and you feel your soul slip from the aching husk that is your body.
Yaku seems to have caught him at the exact time he entered the gym because you know you would’ve noticed him before and prepared yourself for the interaction.
He waves at you before he starts up the bleachers, a grin breaking out on his face when you wave back.
“Hey,” Yaku starts, voice nearly bubbling over with malintent (directed towards you). “What do you think about skirts?”
“Uh,” he blinks, gaze shifting between the two of you. You’re actively looking away now, wishing you were far, far away, buried in the sheets of your own bed. “Like on you?”
“No, not on me,” Yaku corrects. “Well, I’m sure I have the legs for it, but I was really asking about her.” He jabs his thumb in your direction and you’re suddenly overcome with the urge to bite it.
You fold your legs beneath you in a bid to hide yourself but keep your ears open nonetheless. You hate how much you hang off of his words, but man, are you desperate to hear them.
“You’re asking me about how I feel about skirts on her?”
You look up. “You know, you guys don’t have to talk about me like I’m not here.”
“Sorry, he just—”
“I­—I mean, she looks great in them,” he says, sounding a little thrown-off. “Is there a particular reason why you’re asking…?”
“No,” you break in. “No reason at all, Yaku’s just…just really into women’s fashion these days. Berates me about every piece of fast fashion I own.”
“It’s horrible for the environment,” Yaku tacks on like an asshole.
“Right,” Kuroo says, nodding. “Well, it’s almost time for practice so could you maybe help set up the nets or something?”
“Are they made of sustainable fabric?” he asks, faking seriousness.
“Just get down there,” he sighs and Yaku hands you his quiz sheets before saluting him and grabbing his duffel bag.
“Skirts?” he asks, turning to you after Yaku has already bounded off the bleachers and into the fray of the court.
“just some stupid tangent of his,” you promise, shaking your head. “Don’t worry about it.”
“I meant what I said though,” he insists, gaze dropping to the bend of your knee. “They look good on you. Well, most things look good on you, but I like them.”
“Thanks,” you say, with a smile you can’t fight. Why even bother at this point?
You feel his gaze linger for a second more and you clear your throat. “Something interesting?” you ask, tilting your head as he snaps out of it.
He hums. “Forgive me,” he says, turning to follow Yaku. “It’s nothing.”
“Kuroo, if you don’t just tell me—”
He leans down, lips against your hair and his hand on your knee.
“It’s just easier,” he murmurs, his breath ghosting over the shell of your ear and knocking yours clean from your lungs.
You open your mouth to ask for clarification, but he’s already halfway down the bleachers, yelling something about warmups that for some reason, you can’t quite process.
And then it finally dawns on you.
Your phone buzzes.
From: Kuroo (work) [16:29] Meet me after practice?
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