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Definite articles are the equivalent to the English word the, however, in Portuguese they can vary depending on gender and number.

Every single object, idea or person in Portuguese is either masculine or feminine, except for very particular cases. The definite article helps you then to determine if the noun is:

  • feminine = a
  • masculine = o
  • plural feminine = as
  • plural masculine = os.


  • o travesseiro = the pillow (masculine singular)
  • os travesseiros = the pillows (masculine plural)
  • a cama = the bed (feminine singular)
  • as camas = the beds (feminine plural)


They also have genders, matching the English words “a” and “an”:

  • masculine = um
  • feminine = uma


  • um carro = a car
  • um ovo = an egg
  • uma casa = a house
  • uma hora = an hour

Note: Portuguese doesn’t have different words depending on the next word’s beginning, so both “a” and “an” translate to the same word (um or uma depending only on gender).

Do you feel like getting advanced?

The indefinite articles also have plural forms: uns and umas (masculine and feminine). Their meaning, however, is “some”:

  • Uns livros = some books
  • Umas palavras = some words
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I have been studying Portuguese with Duolingo and its great, really… But i am a little concerned about some of the sentences here…


A menina fala com o lobo

“The girl is talking with the wolf”

Yea, i believe she should NOT be doing that.


Você nao e um tubarao

“You are not a shark”

…No, i can assure you i am not…


Nosso gato come queijo

“Our cat eats cheese”

Uhh… are you sure it is a cat and not just a very big rat?


A abelha escreve uma carta

“The bee writes a letter”

…GREAT. First they learn to write, next thing you know they’ll want to VOTE.


Eu nao falo portugues

“I don’t speak portuguese”

SIR, i think you should have told me that 15 lessons ago!?

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Ways I motivate myself to study languages (or do anything really)

  • Boredom - whenever I waste my time, I become aware of it and tell to myself “let’s do some Duolingo while I waste time” and I do that until I find something to do.
  • Nothing is interesting - sometimes I stick to an activity (watching YouTube, checking Instagram etc) even if it’s boring and I know everything about it so when I’m finally done with my own misery I start doing productive stuff.
  • What are people anymore? - if I reach to this level, it means something or someone did something to annoy me and at this point I just want to stop talking to anyone and focus on myself
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🇪🇸Hola! La semana pasada fui a visitar unos amigos de universidad. Durante las meses pasadas estaba sola la mayoría del tiempo, así que me encantaba estar con mis amigos otra vez, y hacer actividades para un torneo con otras sociedades de la universidad, como capturar la bandera o pelear con lightsabres.

El resto del tiempo, he sido haciendo papeles para mi universidad en Japón, y vigilando la situación con viajes y Coronavirus. No siento ningún temor sobre el virus mismo, porque tengo un sistema inmunológico muy bueno, pero estoy preocupada sobre lo que va a ocurrir si la situación empeore, y no puedo ir a Japón y cumplir mis estudios. De momento, estoy estudiando kanji y rezando que todo estará bien.

🇯🇵こんにちは! 先週、大学の友達を会いに行きました。半年ぐらいの間、一人でちょっと寂しかったけど、友達といると嬉しくなりました。また、サークルとイベントをするのが楽しかったです。


🇬🇧 Hello! Last week I went to go visit some friends from university. During the last few months I was alone most of the time, so it was so nice to be back with my friends, and competing in activities in a tournament between societies, such as lightsabre battles and capture the flag.

The rest of the time, I have been doing paperwork for my university in Japan, and watching the situation with the Coronavirus and travel. I’m not afraid of the virus itself, as I have a very strong immune system, but more so if either my home university or Japanese university decides to cancel my programme, and what will happen to my degree. For now, I’m studying kanji and hoping for the best. I’m also on a like 60 day Duolingo streak for Portuguese! Is Luis okay…?

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