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#dust blue

Blue followed after Skylar happily, pointing out every little thing in every shop they passed. Skylar would nod and laugh, knowing she couldn’t stop him from touching things. They happened to pass a candy store, old-style with candy and little stuffed animals filling barrels. There was even a wide staircase right in the middle that led to a second floor. Blue tugged on her sleeve, begged her, and when she jokingly continued to walk away he picked her up and carried her in with him.

Inside, children laughed and adults laughed with them. It was a cheerful place, with many types of candy from different places. Skylar let him wander around, walking over to a stuffed beagle puppy. It wasn’t large like other stuffed animals were. This one was very soft, having come from a different country. She liked these sorts of things, getting to see different a culture through a single object. She carried the toy with her as she went to find Blue.

Blue had, of course, explored the entire downstairs and had immediately ran up the staircase, skipping steps. The upstairs was like the downstairs – an entire world on its own with candy, people and toys. There was even a wolf monster giving out samples, which Blue wandered over to. The wolf greeted him, his nametag reading “Hello, my name is Lavius.” Lavius gave him a piece of candy, wrapped perfectly in a white wax paper. The ends were tied with a thin red ribbon and a tiny card attached to one end. In western print the words “European Butterscotch Caramel” was written.

Blue had no idea what “European” was, but he was curious and unwrapped it. He nibbled a tiny bit off one end and brightened immediately. It was good! He finished and tossed the trash. He turned as someone tapped his shoulder. Skylar held up a toy puppy, fur fluffy and colorful.

They walked around the store for a while longer, Blue now holding a small but full brown paper bag with those butterscotch candies. They paid and went out, Skylar saying she was unsure of how Blue even got away with convincing her to get him that much sugar. She had a bag as well, but it wasn’t for the toy. It was for the other candies she had bought. Blue had helped her pick them out, telling her which ones the other skeletons would probably like the best.

Skylar had a large bag she had woven herself over her shoulder, and she put their bags there. Blue had insisted that he could carry it for her, but she wouldn’t let him. They went through other shops, nothing quite interesting Blue the way the candy shop had. They also went through an art gallery, pastry shop, and skate shop. They both commented on how Fresh would never leave the skate shop if he went there.

The last store they went to was a small one, with little precious trinkets and fragile objects. Blue had stopped his bouncing, not wanting to knock something over. Skylar inspected a small moon-shaped brooch before moving onto the other brooches.

Blue had walked over to a shelf with little snow-globes, and one had two birds sitting beside each other. They were ceramic and painted white, and shiny silver glitter lined the bottom of the glass sphere. He carefully picked it up and looked at the bottom. There was a little on-off switch, and Blue flipped it. Nothing happened and he was a little upset. A person came over to Blue, a human with a tag reading “staff.”

“It has no batteries,” The man told Blue. Blue nodded, figuring as much. What surprised Blue was when he came over and took the globe, flipped it over and took the cover off the battery compartment. He placed three batteries in it and closed it again. He held it upright and flipped the switch. The glitter began spinning gently around the globe and a soft light illuminated from it. Quiet music played, a gentle and light melody.

Skylar had walked over as well to see it. She seemed to like it as well. The man switched it back off and placed it in Blue’s gloved hands. Blue looked down at it for a moment before looking at Skylar with that look she knew meant he really, really wanted it. She sighed and took it carefully from him.

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He felt numb. He tried to reach up and tug his hood further down over his skull but found he couldn’t. He let his eyelights scan over the unfamiliar clearing. He had managed to find a break in all the trees, an escape from the shadows. Now he lay quietly in the tall, soft grass, basking in the moonlight. Only then did the whispering become more prominent.

“Brother. Get up. We have work to do,” The skull glowed a faint red, the tattered scarf and gloves that were connected to it glowing with it. “Get up.”

He groaned. He lifted a skeletal hand to trace the crack that ran from his left eyesocket to the top of his skull. Papyrus continued to nag him, whispering non-stop. But something about this clearing seemed to be quieting him, he sounded muffled. That, or the crack was messing with him. One of the gloved fingers began prodding the back of his skull and he swatted at it, sitting up.

“I’m up. You can shut up now,” Dust said plainly. He stood and looked around the clearing again, seeing something glowing a faint gold. It was tiny and moved around in the air. Dust hadn’t ever seen something like this, and judging by Papyrus’s sudden silence, he hadn’t either. He stayed still and only watched for a moment before holding out his hand. He didn’t know why it happened, but right after he did that dozens of other little gold things flew up for the grass.

Dust gasped and stepped back. Papyrus had fizzled out of view, leaving him completely alone with these strange little things. He looked around, unsure if the clearing was safe anymore. He turned and froze, one of them on his shoulder. It moved up Dust’s shoulder a little and he got a better view of it. It was a bug, but it glowed. He began to reach out to touch it, but it took off. Dust sat back down, unsure of why he had been afraid of tiny glowing bugs.

“You have to act afraid of everything, brother?” Papyrus had come back into Dust’s view and now circled him tauntingly. “Really? You know what these are, then?” Dust shot back. He didn’t want to listen to Papyrus’s muffled whispering. The floating skull shook its head a little before disappearing once again.

He sighed and laid back in the grass, watching the little lights fly around above him. The crack had begun to pulse with a sort of refreshed pain. Something dark flew past overhead, followed by many, many more. Dust sat up quickly, adding to the pain in his skull, but he ignored it as he stared up. These black things, flitting in the sky not much higher up, and they were everywhere. Dust knew what birds were, and these were not birds. High-pitched squeaking was coming from them, and they all moved in the same direction.

More and more came, and before Dust had any time to react they were flying right past him, black wings and fur brushing against him from everywhere. He dropped down, pulling his hood further down, holding back a screech. Too many, there were too many for him to handle, and now Papyrus was whispering near him, driving him further into his insanity. He’d had enough and screamed, drowning out Papyrus.

He buried his face in his hands, shaking. The clearing was silent again and he lifted his skull. Nothing. They had never existed. He was losing it again, he knew. Hallucinating. He swallowed thickly, trying to calm his racing soul. His breathing was ragged and uneven. He was being dumb, overreacting to nothing. He began to laugh, a sound that was not out of joy. He laughed, laughed at himself and laughed out of pure insanity. The laughter twisted around into sobs and tears streamed down his face. A short laugh would break the sobs now and then. He hunched over, curling into himself. Papyrus wasn’t there again. He knew he wasn’t the one that could calm Dust. It was Blue, a joyful little skeleton that was at least two feet shorter than Dust. He wore the same blue bandana all the time, and Dust always knew, even if he couldn’t see his face, that it was him, just by that bandana. Even dressing up into a costume for fun he would wear it.

Blue knew, too, that he was the only one who could calm Dust. When he had his breakdowns and insanity outbursts Blue would come over and help. He would, when Dust had calmed enough, lead him to the kitchen and they would bake something, which was a hobby Blue loved. Even if it was something simple like cookies, Dust would appreciate Blue’s efforts. And he knew he didn’t deserve Blue’s help.

With the things he had done in the past, he didn’t deserve any help from anyone. He was alone now, to suffer by himself. They way, he knew, things should be always. No one would find him here, anyway. He was lost, having strayed too far from where home was. Lost in a human and monster universe, but there was no actual timeline. Just an extra universe. And there were other universes like this one, so if anyone was actually bothering to look for him they wouldn’t find him for a long time.

Dust sat up and hugged his knees to himself, rocking back and forth, and hiccups shaking his body now and then. There was an odd thing about the silence, how it was calming but unnerving at the same time. He stood, shaking, deciding to at least try to find a path, anything to get him out of this forest that trapped him with his own insanity.

He stepped back into the trees and just walked. He tried to make as little sound as possible, though, knowing he wasn’t the only one in this forest. The sky was beginning to lighten a little, and Dust knew day was near. Something for him to look forward to, at least.

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What happens when you leave swap paps, SF paps, and Mc are left alone to their own devices.


*swap papyrus hanging upside down from the ceiling fan.*

*SF paps passed out in a small pile of Smarties dust and covered in silly string and glitter from the pantry, clearly having snorted it.*

*Mc duck taped to the wall covered in whipped cream with their hair put into a single spike using whizzer cheese.*

*SF sans sitting in a corner having an aneurysm with waffles stacked on his skull*

Mc: ……. Art.

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im slowly giffing the other members from the meet & greet and im trying not to get distracted bc i want to finish it first but there’s so much new skz content every day it’s overwhelming bc i want to gif everything but i CANT because it’s too much like. can they calm down for a SECOND :(

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To asking to me neither

A neibhoor thought

Credit a great one thoughts ahead

Sound advice? To influence: don’t believe in; Though raised, it is what is around you there is to praise.

Blame? Before ‘you’ blame others. (Funny - away)

Much easier to see our own. To understand others,

we know and have been much deeper than our own.

To find in others their true placement, their best potential.

To drive out stricken in headless rest, goess much stricter as a blame. Not our own.

But we our selves cant get upset as we, with full knowledge of our soroundings, know how we wish to benefit non other than our own. (Funny - away)

To a sword, in the air a worthy one. Fighting ghost. A ghoully torment not their own. Pin or grapple, moves comes at our own. Will to survive, we all understand torment, but to make out as such… Funny, i dont see away with that.

Pain back, how far did you get wronged. The crest in this town not big enough for our own. If an ego is to be possessed, than the after life I hope others get cut short as no more. If misunderstanding in life ghost try to redeem to remedy, but for some no much hope. To their own in what little to their character not to bare their own name in shame, offer comes as a fall back; but “we all understand,” so to let go ignore the one who climbs as we all turn our backs. Who keeps writing on our backs.

A memoria. lets hope as they want: clever.

Did we all think it for them. As they read it.

Faith and hope to make it back. Ours as much their faith, trust they make it back.

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So one night at like 2 AM I started working on a texting story-type thing.. and it got absolutely ridiculous. You can literally see the point my braincells started dissolving and everything getting more stupid. It revolves around the concept of UTMV characters getting a Discord server after some sort of truce has been established and Ink just being the most gigantic troll ever.

SO as this is my newly established account I thought it would be PERFECT for my first writing post!

There are a lot of HCs sprinkled in so beware. Also I encourage you to try and figure out who is who.

Literally every character is OOC but it’s a crackfic so you know what it’s fine. Enjoy!


I’m too much of a coward to tag anybody but here are the characters in order of appearance.

Ink belongs to @/comyet 

Error belongs to @/loverofpiggies

Dream & Nightmare belong to @/jokublog

Killer belong to @/rahafwabas

Cross belongs to @/jakei95

Horror belongs to @/sour-apple-studios

Blue belongs to the community

Dust belongs to @/ask-dusttale


inkblot: GUYS

glitchyboi: what


inkblot: teehee

that’s what i’m excited about, i gave us all amazing names

a literal octopus: I swear to god, Ink, if my nickname is dumb I’m making a new server, inviting everyone, and banning you from it.


sunflower: nice!

oh god, Ink why this is embarassing.

inkblot: @everyone

i like knives: wonder what my name is



daddyissues: WHO PING



inkblot: it’s not my fault that gaster had a god complex and pretty much neglected you for 80% of your life

daddyissues: ..

true though…


inkblot: lol no

daddyissues: :o senapi 

a literal octopus: NO.

Also if you’re going to use that insufferable nickname at least spell it right, smh.

daddyissues: SMEAPI

sunflower: lol.

a literal octopus: I SWEAR TO THE EVERLOVING-

theonlyonewhocancook: Did someone ping

Excuse me what

starboy: HEY I CAN COOK TOO!!


theonlyonewhocancook: Blue, I’m begging you, turn the capslock off

glitchyboi: says the guy who refuses to turn off the dumb auto-capitalization thingy


theonlyonewhocancook: ..


starboy: Good.

This is even worse somehow.

a literal octopus: None of you can pull off grammar without it seeming weird.

i like knives: come to the dark side nightttt

sunflower: I don’t think Night has any setting other than “formal.”

a literal octopus: see i was going to keep speaking like a civillized human being then you went and challenged me like this

are you happy

inkblot: IT’S A MIRACLE

a literal octopus: INK


starboy: Please.

i like knives: no wait don’t change mine i like mine


inkblot: i’m hiding somewhere

you’ll never find me

sunflower: if you change our names I’ll hang around you for the rest of the day.

inkblot: HM

positive emotions


daddyissues: y’all don’t know ink if you think he can be swayed through threats, the only way to make an impact is bribary

inkblot: i-

i mean if you give me enough

i’ll give in

but until then

suffer >:D

theonlyonewhocancook: killer you and me are like the only ones who like our names

i like knives: WAIT YOU LIKE YOURS TOO?


inkblot: WAIT

nightmare you hate your name right

i have a better one

a literal octopus: i do

shorty: wait what are you planning







sunflower: this is payback for calling me “short” when we are literally the same height.

inkblot: wait you know who hasn’t shown up

glitchyboi: who?

starboy: Oh Dust.

We forgot about Dust.

theonlyonewhocancook: nah he’s sitting on the couch next to me too terrified to see his own cursed nickname.

inkblot: GET HIM ON


headlights: I’m scared


How is this a “good one?”

inkblot: LISTEN

so you know how you have really bright eyes


they’re like headlights


that’s your name now

shorty: literally the dumbest thing i’ve ever heard

headlights: Wait oh my god who is shorty

shorty: NOBODY

sunflower: it’s Nightmare.

shorty: NO


inkblot: it totally is

theonlyonewhocancook: guys I think you killed dust

he’s dying of laughter

headlights: NIGHTMARE I-



shorty: i’m officially declaring that the next person who says something is getting beheaded

inkblot: #whenyou’retechnicallyalreadydead

hi shorty

sunflower: “shorty is typing..”

i like knives: ink you should run

inkblot: like i said, i have the perfect hiding spot

glitchyboi: actually, i’m looking for your hiding spot, and when i do find you, i totally plan to rat you out to nightmare

theonlyonewhocancook: I think nightmare is planning your demise as we speak

starboy: Wait, Ink.

“Hiding spot?”


glitchyboi: COMING





daddyissues: well he’s dead

who wants to make bets on how long he lasts

starboy: Now I have three semi-immortal beings in my kitchen fighting to the death.

headlights: Wait who’s daddy issues

sunflower: that would be Cross.

headlights: While I find these nicknames absolutely hilarious they’re also really confusing

How does “dream” turn into “sunflower”

sunflower: it’s a dumb nickname Ink came up with to embarass me.

daddyissues: nono me AND ink made the nickname

your entire face turns yellow when we use it


shorty: literally*



also is ink dead yet

starboy: Ink is laying on the floor with various injuries, Error and Nightmare are on my couch now.

shorty: wait

we didn’t get him to change the nicknames

oh forget it i’m hacking his phone

glitchyboi: you mean i’m hacking his phone

shorty: that.

ALSO I’m using proper grammar again because I’m not a HEATHEN.

inkblot: hehe i have ink’s phone

i like knives: new phone who dis

theonlyonewhocancook: killer you are the only person who could possibly use such an old meme

i like knives: in my defence:

it wasn’t THAT long ago

and also, dank memes are the only memes

headlights: Wait you know what I just realized

Error gets to control our nicknames now

inkblot: that’d be right

choose your next words wisely

sunflower: you’re great at what you do, Error!

inkblot: the dream boy gets to live

dream: :D

shorty: If you change my nickname to something better I won’t trigger your haphephobia.

inkblot: wrong choice

the cutest being in the multiverse: What do you mean wrong choice?



inkblot: actually this doesn’t work because I’M the cutest, obviously

wait ink’s getting up

i’m totally transferring ownership to myself

starboy: You know I’ve just been sitting on the couch watching this transpire.

It’s actually hilarious.

daddyissues: WHAT HAPPENS NEXT

starboy: Ink wrestles Error for the phone while they both slide around because SOMEONE made the kitchen all goopy.

the cutest being in the multiverse: TENTACLES ARE HARD OKAY

theonlyonewhocancook: tell me about it, our entire kitchen is goopy

the shortest being in the multiverse: I DON’T EVEN GO IN THE KITCHEN-


Who’s controlling the nicknames as of now so I can MURDER them?

starboy: Look up.

It’s Ink.

inkblot: I’M BACK


starboy: You’re welcome. :)

the shortest being in the multiverse: Where’d the three idiots go?

i like knives: i assume one of those is me, and i’m so glad you think my intelligence is worth mentioning <3

anyway if you mean me, dust, and horror, we’re all in the same room now. dream and cross are here too. we started streaming the chat onto the TV because this is a RIDE

theonlyonewhocancook: Dust’s laptop has been taken over

headlights: I regret to inform you that I can still type

daddyissues: that’s probably for the best

inkblot: anyway back to the matter at hand

who wants their nickname changed

dream: I like my nickname, Error fixed it. :D

but if you could capitalize it….

inkblot: no, suffer

who else

the shortest being in the multiverse: WHO DO YOU THINK, SHERLOCK?

inkblot: FINEEE

only because blue is pouting

blueberry bean: Thank you.


glitchyboi: INK

inkblot: ERROR

glitchyboi: GIVE ME YOUR PHONE

inkblot: NEVER

headlights: I really could care less but I’m really still curious as to why you thought Headlights was the best name

You could’ve come up with literally anything better

inkblot: better?

haunted: Test

Wait this is really cool I like this

nighty-smepi <3333: Isn’t Cross haunted too?



inkblot: mhm?

nighty-smepi <3333: You have one second to run.

inkblot: NOT AGAIN

It was at this point the group of five arrived at Blue’s house.

They were able to witness Nightmare chase Ink through the streets of Snowdin, and they nearly immediately collapsed in laughter.

“What’s with the commo- Oh! You guys are here, come in.”

Blue motions for the five to come in, and they all watched Nightmare tackle Ink and steal his phone.

“We should get back on and see what Nightmare’s doing to our nicknames,” Cross suggested.

nighty-smepi <3333: I’M THE SERVER OWNER NOW.

inkblot: NOT FAIR

glitchyboi: guys literally everybody in this chat is within talking distance in real life

couldn’t we just talk there

i like knives: we can talk there while we wait for nightmare to choose our fates with the nicknames

Ink and Nightmare came inside, and all of them spoke while Nightmare fussed over the nicknames.

Nightmare: @everyone Nicknames are fixed and everyone gets nickname perms EXCEPT for Ink.

Killer: wait- so they’re just back to normal?

i like knives: i do not accept this

𝓒𝓻𝓸𝓼𝓼: cower before my aesthetic, mortals

Error: oi send the website with the glitch aesthetic

i owe nightmare: wait what did nightmare change my nickname to

Horror: wow

Dust: Nice

ê̸̤͕̩͚̝̙̖͛̈́r̵̢͉̍r̵̨͎̦̎̃̈͝ơ̸̥̳̤͔̝̅̍̉̋̎͝r̴̢̛̗̦͉̙͇̀̾̓̚: okay this is better

Blue: Error stop breaking Discord.

ê̸̤͕̩͚̝̙̖͛̈́r̵̢͉̍r̵̨͎̦̎̃̈͝ơ̸̥̳̤͔̝̅̍̉̋̎͝r̴̢̛̗̦͉̙͇̀̾̓̚: YOU CAN’T MAKE ME DO ANYTHING

i owe nightmare: did error just quote a vine

cancookwithoutfires: yes he DID

Dream: your name just looks like you can cook without any form of heat.

and thank god the capitalization is fixed.

cancookwithoutfires: I mean I can do that too

but the point is that I can cook without STARTING a fire

unlike some people :eyes:

Blue: Are you calling me out-

𝓒𝓻𝓸𝓼𝓼: he’s probably calling all of us out

cancookwithoutfires: no I’m specifically calling you two out. stop burning down the kitchen with TACOS



i owe nightmare: i don’t know what y’all are on because burnt tacos are THE BEST

Nightmare: I will never understand you.

ê̸̤͕̩͚̝̙̖͛̈́r̵̢͉̍r̵̨͎̦̎̃̈͝ơ̸̥̳̤͔̝̅̍̉̋̎͝r̴̢̛̗̦͉̙͇̀̾̓̚: are you guys forgetting that we’re all a few feet apart and don’t have to type anymore

like unless you guys are still changing your nicknames we can just talk in real life

“RIGHT,” Ink exclaims, and they all set their phones down. 

“Wait, I need to change my nickname,” Dust says, typing in something quickly.

👎︎🕆︎💧︎❄︎: Wingindgs




Nightmare: Good job.

After that, they all choose to set their phones down for real. Cross whines about Nightmare praising Dust’s spelling but not his, and they mostly have a conversation along the same lines of their Discord one. Chaos and hilarity ensues

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This is bad I’m sorry :’)

Ink- Comyet/Myebi

Error- Loverofpiggies/Crayonqueen

Dream & Nightmare- Joku

Dust- Ask-Dusttale

Horror- Sour Apple Studios

Cross and Cross Chara- Jakei

Killer- Rahafwabas

Blue/Swap!Sans- The AU Community

??????- krym-utau

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