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#dusty blue

Babies trodden over and crystal vases smashed.

Clothes hamper overflowing and a mistrust in natural gas.

Sad, no?

But feelings trodden over and dreams of home one day smashed.

Emotions overflowing and a mistrust in authority because of the past.

Whose tale am I telling?

They think that the hardest things are the things which come so easily to me,

Yet they ignore and misconstrue every emotion I feel as being one formed by me,

And aimed by me, into their bleeding hearts.

But what about my broken heart?

What about her lost heart?

What about his suffering heart?

What about the hearts of all of those from the past - and those in the future?

Are they always more important than the ones I’ve seen?

Will they always be the ones needing protecting, while the laws of gravity only apply to me?

Or will I forever be weighed down,

Sagging from the heaviness that others choices have placed on me?

Though the good are the ones who crawl to the cross,

It the evil that gets to fly through the skies that we see;

The fake amber and dusty blues perpetuating our beliefs that what we have is an autonomy,

And the fluffy whites or hefty grays tricking us into believing that there is depth

In this disfigured and unfortunate mess of a place we call “home”.

I’m telling the tale of you. No. I’m telling the tale of we.

Only, you don’t see it yet.

Those dusty blues and fluffy whites are still blinding you, relentlessly.

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The third day of crazy running around. Today the dusty blue napkins arrived through the mail. My dad and Andrzej have been finishing laser engraving the place cards and my mum and I found the ideal frames for the cats portraits to place next to the alcohol table. The whole house is buried under sparklers, decoration items, carefully ironed clothes, presents, and a million lists of things not to forget. 


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Today was our engagement anniversary and tomorrow there will be my name day. We decided to reverse the celebrations. So today we celebrated my name day by going to see Infinity War at the cinema and tomorrow we will celebrate our anniversary in a quite special way.  (*≧ω≦*) Stay tuned! 
Also I made an invitation to give it to someone tomorrow :) 


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Today the seal wax arrived through the mail along with the cutest little spoon for it. I also did a test on normal paper to see how everything fits together. I still don’t want to show the invitations too much before I deliver them to everyone. Alsoooo picking shades of envelopes is hard. It’s hard because I don’t want to be a freak obsessed with tiny details while at the same time manage to pick something I actually like.   (ง ื▿ ื)ว


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