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I wanna know if it’s just me or not, don’t think bad of me please, maybe is the quarentine, idk 😂

But we all kinda think that Stiles might be bi or maybe just attracted to more than just womans, right? Ok, now that we stablished that.

In S3E22 when void Stiles gets into everyone’s heads, maybe is not just Void as Ethan that has sex with Danny, maybe it’s just Stiles having fun and I kinda like it 😂😂😂


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I mean… It’s just me??!

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Kind of craving a needy sub who would do anything for me.

The kind that gets flustered when yu touch yourself and begs to do it themselves

The kind that always wants a little bit more until they’re too ruined to want anything

The kind that begs and squirms and makes you feel in charge, yet loved

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(Firstly explanation for the gif: I have no drawing of him in common close any more. T^T )


Dylan Fuentes


Constantly saying “i love you” or only say “i love you” during really serious/romantic moments?

My Dylan is More likely to say “I love you” alot since if he feels something he’s going to tell you whether you want to hear it or not. If you give him the slightest idea that you like him or care about him he’s all over that.


I made Jay the same way. He’ll say I love you to Dylan when he says it first but Jay only says it on his own in intimate or serious situations.

Honeymoon at disney world or honeymoon on an island?

Don’t trust this man around kids. He is so vulgar. But he would rather go to an island where he could be alone with Jay without everyone around him having to censor himself “One at a time I’m not crazy…”


Jay would love the island as well he’s not a big fan of crowded and loud places. If there is to much going on around him he basically curls into himself zoning out till it gets quiet.

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Auntie Jia’s Training

Jia: (addressing future knights of Mewni) Ok, as knights, you’re expected to protect my lovely wife and husband when I’m not here. Which means you must be prepared for any opponent, whether they’re from Mewni or Earth. So I’m going to have you fight my niece and nephew.

Squire: (gulps) You don’t mean King Astro’s kids, r-right?

Jia: No, these two are from Earth like me. (Sees group relax) I wouldn’t relax around these two. One of them can literally smell weakness. Dylan! Nenet! Come out!

Nenet: (cracking her flaming knuckles) So these are the wimps whose asses we gotta kick?

Dylan: (pulls out his rapier) This will be too easy, Auntie.

Jia: (smiles) Show them why they shouldn’t mess with Earth.


Jia & Dylan belong to @laylaylamode

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Open starter | Dylan | Anyone can reply


Upon answering the phone in the eclectic mess of a room he was currently locked in, Dylan couldn’t bring himself to say anything as his captor taunted him on the other line. Without second thought he allowed the dated phone to fall from his hand. Though he didn’t show it, Dylan was extremely anxious.

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