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laheysdork · a day ago
pillow fort - stiles stilinski
request: (x)
word count: 1k
warnings: family issues???
a/n: finally another fic after such a long time i am soooo sorry it took me forever to complete this request :( but hope you like it!!
Tumblr media
Your sight is blurry from all the tears but you don’t care as you stand in front of the familiar door.
It is one of those days where your parents decided to be an ass and you’re physically and mentally incapable of handling it. Not wanting to further drain your already nearly lifeless body, you choose to take a break from your parents and their bullshit for a night. As you walk through the breezy night, warm tears dampening your cheeks, your feet unknowingly take you to the one person you feel more at home with instead of your own blood.
So here you are, waiting amid the chilly night for the only person you can think about.
“Y/N, what-“ He pauses the moment he sees your tear-stained cheeks, his face showing concern. “Are you okay?”
You can only simply shake your head, not having enough energy to explain any further as you burst into more tears from the exhaustion. Immediately, Stiles embrace your body closer to his, one arm on your back and the other on your head, as your tears soak his t-shirt. The palm on your head soothes you, as you clung onto him even tighter.
While comforting you, he carefully uses his other arm to close the door, the breeze hitting both of your bodies finally vanishes, replaced by the warmth of his house.
As he feels you give in to his touch, your body going from shaking to limp, he finally pulls away.
“Hey, do you want to talk about it?” he asks softly, his gentle eyes staring into yours.
“I don’t know Stiles, I’m just so exhausted,” you manage to speak.
“Hey, it’s okay. It’s gonna be alright,” he brings one of his hands up, wiping the tears on your cheeks with his thumb, before caressing them.
“I’ll get you some water, go sit on the couch,” he insists as you nod. He guides you to his couch before vanishing to the kitchen.
Arriving back to the living room with a glass in his hands, he slumps beside you, handing you the water. You slowly drink it, feeling yourself calm down as the cool liquid reaches your throat.
Placing the glass on the table, you lean back into the sofa, grabbing one of the plushies and hugging it on top of your lap.
“It’s just,” you pause and sigh, trying to put your tangled emotions into words. “My parents, they expect me to be this perfect ideal child they have created in their head, you know?”
“But sometimes I’m just so sick of trying to to be someone I’m not, just to fit into their mold,” you spit with frustration, feeling the knot in your chest unravel as you let them all out.
“Y/N, as cliche as this sounds, you are enough. I don’t care what your parents said but you don’t have to change yourself, okay? You’re already perfect.” His whiskey eyes stare into yours, filled with warmth and earnestness.
“Thanks,” you whisper, lips turning into a small genuine smile.
“Okay, get up, let’s do something.” He suddenly stands up from the couch, reaching his arms out for you to hold.
“Do what?”
“I’ll show you, come on.” He wiggles his arms as you let out a light chuckle before intertwining your hands with his.
“Remember when we were kids, you used to have sleepovers in my house every weekend and we always made pillow forts for us to sleep under,” he proceeds while he enters the room, you following closely behind him.
“How could I forget that?” You tour around the room, observing the posters he hung on the wall, the little figurines above his dresser, piles of papers about the supernatural on his desks, but your eyes catch onto one item, an old picture of the two of you, neatly framed on his bedside table.
“For good old times’ sake?” You turn around to him, lips turning to a grin.
“For good old times’ sake.”
────── ˋ*✧₊∘
You wipe the imaginary dust off your pants as you stand up, examining proudly the mini pillow construction the two of you just made. Stiles is sitting idly under the blanket, tapping the space next to him to invite you inside.
You oblige and crawl inside carefully, making sure not to tumble your hard work down. Settling down between the soft cushions, you sit next to Stiles, who is now holding the remote, searching for movies to watch.
“Can we watch Star Wars?” you suggest as he turn to you with his infamous ‘are-you-kidding-me’ look.
“You’re seriously asking me, the greatest Jedi master in the universe, that question?” You let out a small chuckle, knowing very well he’s the biggest Star Wars dork.
“Touché” He presses the button, the familiar triumphant main intro playing loud through the speakers.
Once the movie starts rolling, he leans back towards the stack of pillows behind him.
“C’mere,” he mutters as you scoot over to his side. He wraps his arms around your shoulder while you lean into him, resting your head on his chest. Closing your eyes, you take in a deep breath, inhaling the scent of his aftershave mixed with his laundry detergent as you are engulfed in warmth. You listen to his rhythmic heartbeat, the steady pulse giving you a sense of tranquility that you rarely get. Fluttering your eyes open again, you gaze up with a small smile on your lips.
“Thank you, Stiles,” you mumble which caused him to glance down at you.
“Sure, it’s really nothing,” he dismisses.
“No, seriously, it’s not just for tonight. Thank you for being there for me, for making me feel safe and loved.” Hearing your words, he smiles softly.
“And I’ll always be here, Y/N,” he reassures, squeezing your sides as you snuggle deeper into his chest, feeling at home under his touch.
The little circles he draws on your arm soothes you to sleep, your heavy eyes drooping shut. But just before you are fully unconscious, Stiles presses a chaste kiss onto your forehead.
“I got you,” you hear him whisper before you fall into your deep slumber.
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magicalnerdsworld · a day ago
Stiles: Hey, you want a tarot reading?
Theo: Those are Pokemon cards.
Stiles: You got a magikarp.
Theo: ...
Stiles: It means 'fuck you'.
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biles-bilinskiii · 14 hours ago
Hi, if you're doing requests, can you do a stiles stilinski x reader smut and the reader is innocent so stiles offers to help her and ends up taking her virginity and it soft smut but he's also really dominate and like can it have a spitting kink and thigh riding and face-sitting pls (if you're not comfortable writing that kink you don't have too) love your writing<333 take your time:)
a/n: hi, thank you so much!! <333 and yes ofc i can write this :) i actually capitalized this because i wanted it to look fancy-
warnings: smut, spitting kink, thigh riding, face-sitting, oral (f), cussing, kinda the whole sha-bang, but let me know if i should add
(not my gif)
Tumblr media
Right now, you and Stiles were on his bed with homework pulling high, highlighters of all colors thrown around, and sticky notes everywhere, but not one peep of homework was spoken. Instead, you talked about The Deadpool. So far, Lydia had figured out the first list with the code “Allison” and was trying to figure out the second. You and Stiles, being the only humans in the pack, were not on the list, and not going to be on the others.
“How much do you think I’d be if I was on it?” You asked, barring your lashes for dramatic effect. Stiles sighed and rolled his eyes
“Like, $5. Maybe! I would be…. $100,000.” He sat up straighter and smirked causing you to scoff and push his shoulder
“Liar. You’d be worth maybe $2. Maybe!” You retorted, mocking him, sending you both into a fit of laughter. There really wasn’t anything too funny, maybe it was just the lack of laughing you had both had this past year. Void had really taken a toll on Stiles, you were the only one who took deeper notice to this. So, you spent more time with him. Isaac broke up with you after Allison died. He said it was “too much to handle” and he “wanted to have a semi-normal life” but you knew he was lying. You weren’t blind to see the way the two flirted. It hurt, but maybe it was for the best.
Stiles snapped his finger in front of your face in effort to snap you back into focus. “Hey, you still with me?”
You didn’t even realize he had started to talk about the Econ homework, too caught up in your thoughts. “Yeah, sorry. Just a bit on edge.” And it wasn’t a lie.
A few days before your best friends passing, you and Isaac talked about going farther in your relationship. Meaning, he was going to take your virginity. He knew how nervous you were, how much you had to trust him in order to open up and tell him that.
“Oh, okay. Um, well, let’s just….” Stiles trailed off, eyes flickering to your lips, he shoved his books on the ground and looked back up at you. A confused look covered your face with the loud noise that he just created, and the mess he had made
“I- was that loud?” He questioned, watching your face
“A little, yeah.” You confirmed while nodding and thinning your lips. He then took a deep breathe, his nerves were going crazy. He leaned in, connecting your lips. Reluctant at first, you melted into his touch. Not thinking about Isaac, The Deadpool, or the homework he had just thrown around. Just Stiles.
Teeth clashing as he ripped his flannel off, being sure to not let his lips leave yours. Tongues dancing as you grabbed his hair, pulling him closer to you. You broke only to lift your tee shirt off and then lifting his off as well. You took a second to admire him. Running your hands over his stomach, causing him to tense when you went a bit lower to his bellybutton. You made eye contact again when he took his jeans and socks off, leaving him in his underwear. He went to take your leggings off before you stopped him.
“Wait- hold on.” You grabbed his hand as he looked up at you, thinking he had done something wrong
“What’s wrong? Do you want to stop? Damn it. I should have asked. I’m so sor-“ He started to ramble before you cut him off
“No! No, that’s not it, I swear. I just- Stiles, Ive never done this before.” You but your lip, expecting him to judge you, but he didn’t
“Do you want to change that?” You saw his eyes go a bit darker when he asked you that, you nodded your head under his gaze
“Words please.” His hand on your waist as he held eye contact
“Yes, please, Stiles.” You whimpered, feeling smaller when he looked at you like this
“If you ever want me to stop, tell me, and I will, got it?” His voice went softer and still maintained eye contact. He wanted this, bad. But he wanted you to feel safe even more
“Got it.” You nodded again, lip jutting out in a pout
He smirked again, ripping your leggings off, leaving you in your bra and underwear as he kissed up your legs, between your thighs, and on your belly. Sucking dark purple marks into your thighs, you squirmed and made tiny noises he could barley hear.
“Stiles, please-“ You whined, looking at him as he swirled his tongue over the marks he made
“Be patient. My orders.” He stated, announcing clearly that he was in charge, not you. Earning a limp nod as he continued to kiss up your stomach, and coming in contact with your bra. He pulled that off and licked between the valley of your breasts, then sucking your right nipple and occasionally biting leaving you breathless.
He went back down, and slipped your panties off, throwing them to the other side of the room and got up, leaving you confused.
“Stiles? Wha- What are you doing?” You said, still trying to catch your breathe
“Sit on me.” He stated, very clearly
“What?!” You furrowed your brows as he brought his arms out and pushing your center to his mouth so you were sitting on his face. He laughed and you jolted from the sensation.
“Is this okay?” He went soft again, making sure you were comfortable with this, earning a soft ‘yes’ and he carried on. Diving his tongue into you. Circling your clit as his hands went under and around your thighs to hold you down. He started kissing and sucking and your body started to go limp on him, leaning forward and having to push on the wall for support, eyes going wide as he stuck his tongue inside of you and continued the actions from before.
“Stiles, weird feeling in ‘m tummy.” You held your stomach and he stopped, lifting you off of him as he set you on the side of the bed to take his boxers off. Then his phone started to ring and he groaned. His boxers already off, he grabbed the phone and sat down beside you and kissed your forehead
“Sorry, it’s Scott. Hold on.” He answered and sat next to you. But suddenly, an idea struck you. You got up and sat on his leg, earning a confused look from Stiles but dismissed it and continued to talk to Scott about The Deadpool.
You sat facing him and put one leg on each side of one of his, sitting down for some release, as he didn’t let you cum last time. Moving forwards and backwards to release some tension, his breathe hitched when your knee would touch his cock, red and dripping of pre-cum. You moved faster and held your moans in, tilting your head back, you missed Stiles hanging up and tossing his phone back on the bed, biting your nipple again, causing you to haunt your movements.
“That wasn’t very nice. I was on the phone and you just couldn’t wait, could you?” He pushed you back on the bed and stroked himself as you looked up with big doe eyes.
He squeezed your face together and spit in your mouth, surprising you, but you liked it.
“Swallow it.” He demanded as he settled himself in between you. You did as he said, his spit running down your throat
Looking up at you again, he raised his eyebrows and you nodded your head, telling him you wanted this.
He pushed his tip in, waiting for you to adjust, allowing him to go further. You hissed when he was half way.
“Are you in?” You panted out, it didn’t necessarily hurt, just stung a bit as he stretched you out
“Half way.” He saw you nod and pushed himself in all the way, throwing your head back, you moaned and adjusted to the new feeling. He was big, and you didn’t expect it.
“Okay, you can move.” You told him, and he did
He started going at a slow pace. Rocking in and out as he held himself back from just going faster and harder, but he didn’t have to wait too long
“Stiles, faster….please.”
So he snapped his hips, you cried out as he continued this. He grabbed your hips as your head bobbed a bit, enjoying the pleasure
You were sure he was going to leave a bruise, but you didn’t care. He felt so good
Bringing him into a sloppy kiss, you moaned into it as he drank it all up. Wanting to do this for the past two years, he was cherishing this moment
“‘M close, so close” You blabbed out
“Hold it.” He grunted as he went faster than he did before
You were grabbing his neck at this point, scratching his back and bucking your hips with his, you wanted, no, needed, to cum with him.
“Cum with me, Y/N.” He groaned and you clenched around him, squeezing him like a vice as he moaned and spilled inside of you
He then realized what he did.
“Y/N, omg. I just came inside of you. I’m so sorry. I can go get some Plan B right now! Okay, wait-“ He started to freak out that he had ruined your life. He didn’t want a kid just yet and he knew you’d have his head
“Stiles. Stiles! I’m on birth control, for my period. I’m fine. We’re okay.” You smiled lazily at him as he tossed you a flannel.
“Oh, okay. Good! Okay, hold on.” He rushed out of the room, leaving you confused
He came back in, boxers and sweatpants on only and damp cloth, along with two waters and chips
“Sorry, I know your sensitive, but I have to.” He cleaned you off and kissed you, handing you a pair of his clean boxers along with some of his sweatpants
“I can wear my own clothes, Stiles.” You assured him, but he shook his head
“Nope. I’m putting them in the wash with mine. You wont have a bra for a bit, sorry. But I want you to be comfy!” He yelled from the bathroom as he tossed the rag in the hamper, throwing a Star Wars tee shirt on, climbing in bed with you, smiling and putting tv on.
“Are you okay?” He checked, bitting his lip. You smiled at him
“Never been better. Thank you.”
He blushed and looked away. Looking back at you, he opened his mouth to talk
“Doyoumaybewanttogoouttodinnersometimebecauseivelikedyouforawhileandidontwantthistobeaonetimething?” He spoke too fast for you to understand as he gasped for air
“Slower, Stiles”
“Do you maybe want to go out to dinner sometime, because i’ve liked you for a while and i don’t want this to be a one time thing?” He still rushed out, but you understood this time
“I would love to.” Smiling at him you nuzzled your head into his side as you guys watched Criminal Minds and ate the Doritos he had brought up. There’s no where you would rather be right now.
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tayorswift · 16 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Just between us, did the love affair maim you all too well? Just between us, do you remember it all too well? Just between us, I remember it all too well   ALL TOO WELL: THE SHORT FILM directed & directed & written by taylor swift | starring sadie sink & dylan o’brien
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nessa007 · 16 days ago
me @ taylor’s writing/directing, the editing, cinematography and dylan/sadie’s acting and chemistry in the all too well short film
Tumblr media
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raisesomehale · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Dylan O’Brien’s likes on twitter are killing me
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feelingsarehar3 · 3 months ago
I know it’s not fucking easy, I know it hurts. You’re sitting there overthinking, a million and one questions running through your head. Unable to sleep, creating different scenarios in your mind, while making a mental list of regrets but you can’t keep blaming yourself for someone else’s inability to provide the type of love you deserve. Tonight is just like any other night, difficult as hell but you’ll do what you’ve always done. You’ll get over it. You’ll get through it. You’ll be fine.
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lovejoypilled · 16 days ago
i’ve seen already the criticism about the age gap between the actors in this, but watching it with both the giddiness and hesitance perfectly mixed in dylan and sadie’s performances, you have to see that this is on purpose. it is played uncomfortable on purpose. it is written uncomfortable on purpose. it’s supposed to make you cringe. as a writer myself, (BOO!) i could see this as taylor grabbing the audience by the shoulders and saying “SEE?” she’s talking directly to us through this uncomfortable and awkward portrayal, saying something along the lines of “all of this happened in real life. to me. and i was meant to pretend it was normal because everyone else treated it that way.” and this is her way of making us understand that confusing and and maddening realization that sadly most young women come to sooner or later; was i taken advantage of?

that’s why there’s so many shots of his hands on her. of her looking up at him starry-eyed. of so many sexually charged scenes that were hard to swallow. because that pill is probably still lodged in her throat. 
an excerpt from my all too well review
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proudtobeaswiftie · 16 days ago
The Three Gs & the All Too Well short film:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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thehotmilfnearyou · 16 days ago
just finished the all too well short film- so, so many thoughts
1) the cinematography i literslly can’t breathe, those and shots and colours and lighting were perfect i am on the floor
3) i could absolutely never hate dylan in my life, but for a split second watching that fighting scene, i did
4) the casting was absolutely perfect sadie and dylan were incredible choices and did it so well
5) watching this + seeing the people in jake’s instagram comments makes me realise that everything jake is getting right now, is going to be amplified tenfold towards john mayer when speak now comes out, and i cannot wait
6) say it with me now: fuck jake gyllenhaal
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3rdfloorwestside · 16 days ago
Taylor didn’t lie, these two acted their asses off
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imightbe-a-robot · 18 days ago
Tumblr media
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