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the moment his hand comes down over mine, my thighs jump, a deep throbbing pulsing inbetween my legs at the firmness of it- i couldn’t help but like it, wanting to be put in place, wanting an overruling hand was so hot and i /wanted it/.

nodding, i sigh, still keeping my hand on his thigh, i tighten my hold on it slightly- squeezing, unable to keep myself from doing so.

can i suck on you cock- please?

i question, just like he told me to- mouth nearly drooling at just the thought of it, wanting to feel and taste his cock, knowing it’s bound to be as pretty as him-

i know… we haven’t- i haven’t done it yet… but i really wanna.

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From your creations, choose 4-6 gifs and do a split of before and after adding your colouring!  

Thank you for tagging me @yibobibo and @lan-xichens

Right hand side is the before, left is after. I really am not that adverturous with colouring yet, it’s definetly something I need more practice with! (I really liked nmj the way he was in that gif!) Also, not that much difference in sharpness as I rely on vapoursynth to do most of the heavy lifting in that area too.

Seeing everyone else’s before and after though has really inspired me to try something a bit more extreme, I can’t believe some of the results you guys get I’m in awe!

Tagging @significanceofmoths @yiqiie @mylastbraincql @gusucloud @ohsehuns

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<div> —  ilragazzodellultimobanco </div><span>Indossare le cuffiette e alzare il volume al massimo e fumare, resta il miglior modo per affrontare una giornata di merda.</span>
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Played a bit of the the dlc then i died and rage quit like the mess i am. Lmao anyway so like:


I made this as a joke for my pfp but i love them and im a fl4k simp 😶


Edit: heres zer0 cuz i ship them and made them both. Yes i hc them as agender btw

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Last nights conversation was everything.

I am so happy.

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if it’s real, then we’ll find each other again

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Se si avverassero non sarebbero sogni.

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Casa di nonna e i suoi profumi, siempreh.

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members of the jury as a gender neutral form of address

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So over at my trash dumb ( @squids-trash-dump ) i had a little revisit to the kratts fandom and uh… well… how bout’s ill just uhhh…

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hey guys is it normal to be constantly confused and lack focus/get a lot of focus so much so you forget that time is a thing and you’ve somehow time-traveled from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm and people get mad at you for doing a thing wrong or doing a thing slowly because you’re confused or doing a thing in a weirder way or is everyone not like that?

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o kadar soğuk davranmana rağmen hala bir umudum vardı.

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