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princesscatherinemiddleton · 8 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
The Alexander McQueen lilac chiffon gown - worn at the BAFTA Gala in LA (2011) and the Earthshot Prize in London (2021)
The Jenny Packham pink gown - worn at the Ark Gala in London (2011) and the EACH Gala in Norfolk (2016)
The Jenny Packham teal gown - worn at the Olympic Gala in London (2012) and the Tusk Trust Awards in London (2018)
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tomboy014 · 4 days ago
It seems like a lot of the DP/DC crossovers I’ve seen have Danny either secretly related to Bruce or Damian or Dick, and if he’s not directly related to one of them, Bats is at the ready with adoption papers.  But if it’s a fic where anyone is related, it’s one of the bats related to Danny, but I think there’s a better candidate.  May I present for the Phandom’s consideration:
Sam Manson.
Hear me out!
Bruce and Sam have a lot in common.  They both
Have black hair
Have eyes in the same color family (Bruce and Sam’s parents are blue, Sam’s are purple)
Are both goth
Come from inherited, generational wealth
Are Jewish
Are intelligent and athletic
Will aggressively fight for causes and the change they want to see
And of course, they both fight superpowered entities that should be beyond their capabilities to handle as normal humans.
The timing also works out for Martha and Ida to be sisters.  Out of ease, the kids use the titles of Aunt and Uncle for Bruce, Pamela and Jeremy even though they’re actually cousins. They don’t really see each other that often, mostly for holidays and big events like graduations or Sam’s bat mitzvah. Every so often, they all get together for more formal galas and charity events.
Plus, it makes it so much funnier if these are the “cousins” Sam refuses to babysit.  Can you blame her?  Would you want to be in charge of keeping Tim and Damian from killing each other?  Plus, the interactions between them and the way they relate would be great!
Bruce (43), Dick (26), Jason (21), Cass (19), Steph and Tim (18), Duke (15-16?), Damian (10), Sam (14)
Dick:  Is the perky ball of sunshine Pamela wishes Sam could be, and she get compared to him a lot.  Sam can’t stand him.  Dick has never seen Sam when her mother isn’t around, so his impression of her is she’s moody and surly.  Doesn’t like being in the middle of their fights or getting his cheeks pinched by Pam every time he comes over.
Jason:  Pamela can’t stand him.  Due to whatever cover story they made up to cover up Jason’s death and return, Pamela is now convinced that he’s some delinquent who’ll wind up a criminal (she’s not entirely wrong?).  Such a shame since he was so sweet as a kid.  His death is what started Sam’s interest in the occult.  Sam’s favorite cousin.  She loves that he’s actually a giant dork and bookworm behind the cool, tough-guy façade.  He keeps Sam well supplied in combat boots.  If they both disappear at a function in Amity Park, they’re probably hanging out at the Skulk n Lurk. 
Tim:  Another problem child according to Pam.  He’s the one who introduced Sam to videogames and Doomed.  Tim changed the Manson’s home theater set-up so they can play videogames on the big screen whenever the Wayne’s come over.  Will go out of his way to piss Pamela off.
Steph and Cass:  Steph doesn’t always come over when the rest of the Wayne’s do, but when she does, she sticks to Cass.  Big sister vibes from them both, scarily insightful, and good listeners.  They’re cool.
Damian:  They have the most shared interests, so you’d think they’d get along, but neither can stand the others’ attitude.  It’s a case of like repelling like.  Sam helped him figure out what kind of vegetarian he wanted to be and gave him a bunch of her favorite recipes.  If the two of them disappear while at Wayne Manor, you can usually find them hanging out with Batcow.
Duke:  The newest addition to the family, Sam is aware of him, but they haven’t met yet.
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tinydeskwriter · a month ago
You mean her exes?
Tumblr media
A/n: in the Cosmopolitan Couple Timeline Harry and Liam are mentioned, this is a complete list of her ‘exes’, some are only rumours, but they still made it to the list.
Cosmopolitan: Here’s a Complete Timeline of Everyone Y/n Y/l/n Has Dated (and Rumored Dated)
Let’s be real: Y/n Y/l/n has had the dating game on lock for a while now. I mean, she had an adorable thing going on with Shawn Mendes when they were teenagers, ended up marrying the very handsome, very hot, rapper turned actor Jack Harlow, she (possibly) dated the talented Timothée Chalamet, ofc there was her fast-moving, PDA-filled international relationship with Harry Styles, and then she mended (and broke again) the heart of the super hot Australian actor Liam Hemsworth…we can only wish we had that kind of track record. Along the way, she’s always been super honest about her feelings, whether she’s in a relationship or enjoying being single. And that’s pretty damn admirable.
Luckily, we’ve created a complete history of Y/n’s love life, from her early days up to the present, and laid it all out for you here. Feel free to use this as a template/inspiration/dream board for your own romantic life.
Shawn Mendes: 2015- 2017
They met young, Shawn was still 16 when the two started dating in 2015. It's unclear how these two met, but it's impressive that they stayed together until 2017. Y/n and Shawn broke millions of hearts when they announced their split. of their cute relationship. In an interview with Ellen in 2016 Y/n confessed that Shawn was her first boyfriend. Cute.
Harry Styles: 2017- 2019
Y/n and Harry were first photographed together in Italy a few weeks after the actress broke up with Canadian singer Shawn Mendes. The couple never posted anything on social media, nor did they ever confirm their relationship. But photographs speak a thousand words, and for almost a year the couple was spotted around the Globe together. PDA included. Rumor has it that she was Harry’s muse for a few of the songs in Fine Line.
Timothée Chalamet: 2019
Y/n and Mr Chalamet were reportedly ‘getting to know each other better’ after being photographed together around New York City. But that same month Y/n sat down with Elle US and told that she isn’t in a relationship, saying, “I’m 21, I’m going on a few dates.”
Liam Hemsworth: 2019-2021
Miley Cyrus got into a relationship with Cody Simpson, Liam Hemsworth went public with his relationship with Y/n. And what a beautiful couple they made. 
They looked like they were made to last. Both genetically blessed, family inclined, with traditional family views, very discreet people.
Rumors of an engagement began to surface since Y/n moved to Australia during the pandemic to be with Liam. Things seemed to be heading towards church bells when out of nowhere the couple announced their separation.
According to sources close to the couple “Liam was  ready to remarry, he was sure with Y/n, he wanted to start a family with her, I mean his family loves her, everyone was on board for her to join the Hemsworth clan, they are all sure that she was the one for him, but Y/n is only 23, she's too young, she likes Australia to spend sometime, but misses Vermont, she doesn't see herself living in Byron at all, and she still doesn't imagines herself as a wife or mother for five to ten years, while Liam wants that now.” Yep.
Jacob Elordi: 2021
Shortly after moving back to Los Angeles post-break up Y/n was photographed in the company of another Australian, Euphoria actor Jacob Elordi.
Jack Harlow: 2021- forever (?)
They met on September 13th 2021 and have been together since. Their love story is tooth-rotten sweet (we covered it here). Jack proposed to Y/n on July 13th 2022, less then a year after they met. Romantically enough they got married (legally), one year and a day after they first exchanged glances at the Met Gala, on September 14th 2022 in Las Vegas with only their parents present as witnesses.
Their wedding in November 13th was nothing short of fabulous.
Jack and Y/n got married in Italy. Drake was among the groomsmen, the guest list was eclectic and star filled, three of Y/n exes were in attendance, Harry, Timothée and Shawn—we love an evolved couple, and if there's one thing Jack doesn't lack, is confidence for this kind of ballsy move—, 600 people were invited to the weekend long celebration. The bride wore a very romantic creation by Dior, while the groom wore Givenchy. Taylor Swift—a friend of the bride—serenaded the couple on their first dance with the very romantic ‘Lover’. 
The newlyweds left for their honeymoon in a yacht.
In January 2023 we got confirmation that Y/n legally changed her last name to Harlow “We are that kind of people, it was important to him, it was important to me, my mother has my father's last name, and so on, I didn't drop my last name, I just added my husband's last name. I don't understand why people are making such a big fuss about it…”
The couple recently announced that they are expecting their first child.
Tumblr media
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redlotus98 · 2 months ago
Batfamily Headcannons 1 | Gender Neutral Reader
Tumblr media
Genre; Fluff and Angst
Summary; headcannons for how the Batfamily would react to a family member with movement issues
A/N; you never specified an age- so I've left it vague with mentions of some ages
Requested by; anon! I also get bad pains in my knees, moving up to my hips and the pain is awful - sorry this took so long but I also suffer the same and I really wanted to do this justice😘💙 - Also thought headcannons worked nicely - if you want a full out fic lemme know okay? I'll write more! - Also if you want more Batmembers!!
Tumblr media
He met you when you were 10. You were in a children’s home abandoned once more because unfortunately adults just didn’t want to deal with your disability. 
He saw a strong, remarkable child who never gave up, despite everyone around you failing you.
The two of you got to know each other and two weeks later you were returning to Wayne Manor with him.
You were now the baby not Jason (11). He makes sure him and Dick (16) know that sometimes you struggle walking or sometimes you can't lift things.
They're both extremely understanding and protective. Aint nobody messing with you and Bruce is super proud.
Overall, Bruce makes alot of time for you despite being the Bat and he will do anything for you - that includes that one time at a gala when Two-Face attacked and your legs gave out so he piggy-backed you to safety.
He’s the oldest sibling- despite only being six years older than you, he babies you - but not in an undermining way.
He checks on you regularly. Makes sure you have heat pads and anything else you need.
When it's a day that's really bad and you're stuck in bed in agony he does everything for you. You need a drink? Dick's got it. You're hungry? Dick's got it.
He just wants the best for you. But sometimes it does become too much and you gotta remind him that you're still functional.
The little acrobat likes to teach you little things that get movement in your legs - especially after bad days. He just worries and wants to make sure you’re going to be okay - best thing to do - humour him. Jason and yourself like to mock it, but deep down you know he cares and you love that about him.
Jason at first wasn’t impressed. He didn’t understand why Bruce would adopt someone who couldn’t be Robin. What if you injured yourself? 
But then, he actually met you. One look and he was like - oh. I need to protect this human with my life. Big Brother Mode Activated. 
He’s not a mother hen like Dick. He’ll chill with you if you’re having a bad day. Movies, talking, sleeping through it? He’ll keep you company. 
If anyone talks shit about you - calls you anything or makes fun of when a limb just doesn’t want to work for you? You can bet they’ll be face-to-face with Mr. Jason Todd.
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sywtwfs · 6 months ago
2021-22 Japanese & Russian National Championships: Info & Streaming
Two of the toughest national championships in the world will take place this week in Japan and Russia! This post will be updated as more information becomes available.
The competition will take place in Saitama. Japan’s entries to the Winter Olympics and ISU Championships will be announced after the national championships. Japan has 3 Olympic spots in women’s and men’s singles, 1 spot in ice dance, and 1 spot in pairs.
Tumblr media
Results & entries | Schedule | Website | Fuji TV website
Japan Standard Time (UTC+9). Subscribe to our Google calendar to get all competition times in your own time zone.
Dec. 23: Rhythm Dance 14:50; Women’s SP 16:20
Dec. 24: Pairs’ SP 15:30; Men’s SP 16:20
Dec. 25: Free Dance 15:40; Women’s FS 17:05
Dec. 26: Pairs’ FS 15:30; Men’s FS 17:05
Dec. 27: Gala 15:00
Fan streams: The following fan streams may show the competition; check when the events are on. The streams should be available worldwide. 房中有片林子, 主播花花, 花样滑冰FigureSkating
Fuji on Demand: Subscribers to Fuji on Demand can stream the entire competition live. The service is only available in Japan.
Fuji TV: Fuji TV and related channels will air parts of the competition live. Broadcast schedule in JST:
12/23: Rhythm Dance 14:50 (live, Fuji TWO); Women’s SP G1-3 16:20 (live, Fuji TWO); Women’s SP G4-5 19:00 (live, Fuji TV)
12/24: Pairs’ SP 15:30 (live, Fuji TWO); Men’s SP G1-3 16:20 (live, Fuji TWO); Men’s SP G4-5 19:00 (live, Fuji TV)
12/25: Free Dance 15:35 (live, Fuji TV); Women’s FS G1-2 17:00 (live, Fuji TWO); Women’s FS G3-4 19:00 (live, Fuji TV)
12/26: Pairs’ FS 15:30 (live, Fuji TWO); Men’s FS G1-2 17:00 (live, Fuji TWO); Men’s FS G3-4 19:00 (live, Fuji TV)
12/27: Gala 15:45 (live 45 min in, Fuji TV)
Unblocked Fuji TV stream (alternative link)
On demand: Some videos will be uploaded on the Fuji TV Sports Youtube. Videos may also be uploaded by fans. Search skaters' names on Youtube and filter by upload date for the latest videos.
The competition will take place in St. Petersburg. Russia’s entries to the Winter Olympics and ISU Championships will be announced after the European Championships. Russia has 3 Olympic spots in each discipline.
Tumblr media
Results | Entries | Schedule | Website | 1tv website
Moscow Time (UTC+3). Subscribe to our Google calendar to get all competition times in your own time zone.
Dec. 23: Men’s SP 13:15; Rhythm Dance 16:05; Pairs’ SP 19:05
Dec. 24: Free Dance 12:45; Men’s FS 15:15; Women’s SP 18:20
Dec. 25: Pairs’ FS 15:30; Women’s FS 18:00
Dec. 26: Medal Ceremonies 13:00; Gala 14:00
Channel One: Channel One will stream the entire competition live on their website and Youtube. Broadcast schedule in Moscow Time:
12/22: SP Draw 19:25 [Youtube stream]
12/23: Men’s SP 13:10 (live); Rhythm Dance 16:00 (live); Pairs’ SP 19:00 (live) [Day 1 Youtube stream]
12/24: Free Dance 12:40 (live); Men’s FS 15:10 (live); Women’s SP 18:15 (live) [Day 2 Youtube stream]
12/25: Pairs’ FS 15:25 (live); Women’s FS 17:55 (live) [Day 3 Youtube stream]
12/26: Medal Ceremonies 12:55 (live); Gala 13:55 (live) [Day 4 Youtube stream]
1tv stream (geoblocked)
On demand: Videos will be archived on the Channel One website and Youtube.
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RERUN Fairy Gala ~A Festival for the Fairies Calling for Spring~
April 28th 16:00 - May 13 14:59 (JST)
Tumblr media
How to Play
Collect Fairy Dust during Lessons (History / Flying / Alchemy) and use those to read the Event Story. Complete event missions for rewards.
Information found below:
Event Characters
Story Info
Rhythmic Info
Magic Info
Mission Info
Shop Info
Event Characters (Gala Couture)
The event cards this time don’t seem to have any special bonus as there’s no battle or special drop. For event freebies, we have SR Kalim and R Ruggie.
Making the cards permanent:
R Ruggie: Complete the Event Story (obtainable on Episode 6)
SR Kalim: Complete the Event Story and collect 1000 Hair Accessories total (obtainable on Episode 11)
Story Info
Spend Hair Accessories to unlock the Event Story episodes. Some episodes need you to collect a certain amount of Hair Accessories to unlock.
Episode 10: 50 Hair Accessories total
Episode 14: 100 Hair Accessories total
Rhythmic Info
Unlock the rhythmics as you progress through the story. The Hard rhythmics required a certain amount of Hair Accessories to unlock.
Rhythmic 7: 200 Hair Accessories total
Rhythmic 8: 300 Hair Accessories total
Rhythmic 9: 400 Hair Accessories total
The drops from each of the Rhythmics are as follows:
Tumblr media
TIP! You don't have to actually "win" the rhythmic to get the drops. Simply starting the rhythmic and letting it run will work.
Each rhythmic has the option to multiply the amount of Fairy Dust you spend to complete the rhythmic. Spending 1x, 3x or 5x the amount of Fairy Dust required will give 1x, 3x or 5x (respectively) the amount of rhythmic rewards. The added benefit of selecting the 3x or 5x options would be to churn through the Fairy Dust faster to help gather the mats faster.
For example, in Rhythmic 9, Spending 10 Fairy Dust normally will give you 10 Hair Ornaments and 4 Red Bells. If you the 3x option (spending 30 Fairy Dust), for a single play, you'll receive 30 Hair Ornaments and 12 Red Bells instead. For the 5x option (spending 50 Fairy Dust), you'll receive 50 Hair Ornaments and 20 Red Bells.
Magic Info
[R] Ruggie and [SR] Kalim require the use of the Blue, Yellow, and Red Bells that are dropped from the rhythmics to increase their Magic. The table below shows how many total are needed of each to level up their magic:
Tumblr media
Mission Info
Tumblr media
Shop Info
Tumblr media
Kalim and Ruggie duplicates will only be unlocked in the store once they are permanent.
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reliablemitten · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
Most stories are 18+, stories marked as Explicit (E) or Mature (M) Minors DNI 🔞
Tumblr media
Idol!AU, Strangers to Lovers to In Love
Some chapters Explicit, 18+ 🔞
WC (so far): 35k?
Summary: You meet Kim Namjoon at the library during a yearlong fellowship in Seoul. You’ve never heard of BTS, but you like him. Is there a place in his life for you?
Part I: The Library
Part 2: The Apartment
Part 3: The Gala
Part 4: The Mountain
Part 4.5: The Gallery
Part 5: The Noodles
Part 5.5: The Headquarters
Part 6: The Kitchen
Part 7: The Plants (18+, Explicit)
Part 8: Her Studio (18+, Explicit)
Part 9: His Studio
Part 10: The Stadium
Part 11: The Couch (18+, Explicit)
Part 11.5: The Bedroom
Part 12: The Stardust
Part 12.5: The Hallabong Tree (18+, Explicit)
Part 13: The Apartment Again
Part 14: The Comeback (18+, Explicit)
Part 15: The Chuseok Dinner (18+, Explicit)
Part 16: The Restaurant
Part 16.5: Halmoni’s House
Drabble: 200
Part 17: The Normal Weekend (18+, Explicit)
Part 18: The Tour Mature (18+)
Part 18.5: The Heights
Part 19: The Museum (18+, Explicit)
Drabble: 700
Two Years Later: The City
Three Years Later: The Mess
Four Years Later: The Daesang
Five Years Later: The Universe
Twenty One Years Later: The First Heartbreak
Banners: One, Two, Three, Four
Working For It (Explicit, 18+ 🔞)
Enemies to Lovers, Friends to Lovers, Coworker AU
You’ve had a falling out with your best friend and co-worker, Namjoon. How hard are both of you willing to work for it?
Second Heart - Explicit 18+ 🔞
Second Heart, Pt. 2 - Explicit 18+ 🔞
Namjoon x OC, Strangers to Lovers, Smangsty sculptor KNJ
“The past beats inside of me like a second heart.” John Banville
Five Fridays in December - KNJ
Two Sundays in December - Explicit, 18+ 🔞
TL;DR: Idiots to Lovers at Christmas
Joon and the Full Moon
Summary: You’ve moved back to your university town. Will you tell your best friend how you feel? Featuring a 6ft tall blow up mooning Santa.
Rating: T — read full warnings on story
Tumblr media
Skin Care and Smut Saturdays
Steamy fic recs and fancy faces on sporadic Saturdays — cause we all deserve something nice.
Have a suggestion for a pairing? Tell me!
Episode 1
Episode 2
Episode 3 - Holiday Edition
Episode 4 - 2021 Favorites
Tumblr media
Everyday is Saturday - MYG
Series List / AO3
Summary: You’ve moved to Tokyo for work and to escape a broken heart. Your bestie in the music industry invites you to a dinner and across the table from you is Min m’fing Yoongi. Sparks fly in the DJ booth and you bond over your shared love of dumplings and music, but will distance and work get in the way of what might be the real deal?
Rating: 🔞 Mostly M, Explicit chapters marked 36k words - COMPLETE 🎉
Tumblr media
TL;DR: It’s a love story with spies and smut.
Bona Fides: Proof of a person’s identity, used by spies to prove cover stories.
Rating: 🔞 Explicit 18+ (most chapters) - plus a warning for violence in some chapters, full warnings in each one
Series List / AO3
Bona Fides Spinoff
Series List - Complete
Summary: What happens to Bona Fides Namjoon after he’s taken to Seoul right after the events in Paris. This is a new OC, the Bona Fides OC is not mentioned by name.
Rating: Some chapters 18+ 🔞
What a Racquet - KSJ / AO3
Summary: What happens when you leave an anonymous note for the piano player in your building?
Rating: T, some cursing, some kissing, full warnings on fic
May I Have This Dance? JHS
TL;DR: The man next to you at dance class is wearing a huge t-shirt and is very hot.
Rating: T mainly for language
Useless Magic
TL;DR: Enemies to lovers with magic pastries
Rating: T for language
Namjoon recs; Namjoon Idol recs
Full Namjoon List
My Fic Rec Masterlist
All fic recs (#fic rec)
Lists and Games
Where would my characters sit?
Ultimate Skincare List Like One Person Asked For
Ask my characters game
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zlmzym · 11 months ago
Tumblr media
volleyball player!haechan x dancer!oc
summary. - in honour of the blue moon this year, the student parliament decided to hold a blue moon gala for the school. along with that, they created an activity. you pay $1.50 for either a lock or key. each lock and key have a pair with the opposite pendant (you would know if they were your partner if the key can unlock the lock). the person you pair with is your partner for the gala. mina thinks it’s fucking stupid. donghyuck, well—he’s always looking for some excitement in his life—but deep down he just wants someone who doesn’t like him for just his reputation.
genre. - smau, crack, fluff, high school au
status. - ongoing
disclaimers. - mark, 00s and the girls are all the same age (grade 12), while chenji are also the same age (grade 11)
a/n. - got ideas for this so why not KDSJHSDKFJ
taglist. - taglist???? maybe??? idk man just lemme know 😫
—.•° ✿ °•.—
- profiles pt.1 ☾ — the girlz
- profiles pt.2 ☾ — the boys™️ pt.1
- profiles pt.3 ☾ — the boys™️ pt.2
- 01. ☾ — work in progress
- 02. ☾ — piss on the court
- 03. ☾ — “GET THE FUCK OFF OF ME”
- 04. ☾ — untouchable
- 05. ☾ — just a bunch of shirtless dudes standing there shirtless
- 06. ☾ — the girl who comes to every game
- 07. ☾ — thick skull
- 08. ☾ — mutual friend
- 09. ☾ — 5head moment
- 10. ☾ — stay strong y’all
- 11. ☾ — hillary clinton?
- 12. ☾ — don’t let history repeat itself
- 13. ☾ — worst nightmare
- 14. ☾ — not like you people
- 15. ☾ — “donghyuck is toxic, pass it on”
- 16. ☾ — if the math is mathing
- 17. ☾ — special mayonnaise
- 18. ☾ — "celine, you actual fucking dumbass-”
- 19. ☾ — tough one to crack
- 20. ☾ — ego check
- 21. ☾ — ez sweep
- 22. ☾ — ".. ever heard of dms u fucking boomer”
- 23. ☾ — the last thing i would ever do
- 24. ☾ — the boys™ are just a bunch of degenerates
- 25. ☾ — the h in haechan stands for hopeless
- 26. ☾ — nuisance
- 27. ☾ — caught yo ass in 4k
- 28. ☾ — it’s been a while
- 29. ☾ — "sheesh o0o record for u huh”
- 30. ☾ — explain urself
- 31. ☾ — built different
- 32. ☾ — bit of a predicament
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hangesidekick · 6 months ago
request: Hi could you write some stuffs for Adrien, Chloe and Marinette where the reader is a party animal? Please?
requester: @emmacata
note: this is based off of what happens in typical american ragers/high school-college parties :)
warnings: 16+, mentions of alcohol/liqueur, typical ragers, making out
links: navigation station + recent post + taglist
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
when you persuaded Marinette into coming to a party, she did not expect you to be dancing on top of a dining table, with your shoes off, and in a semi-revealing outfit. she trusted you, don’t worry, and she would be there to punch any douchebag that decided to stare at you in the wrong way, but she would prefer to be in the corner on the couch crushing playing with you in ultimate mecha strike three. see, Marinette isn’t much of a party animal herself but she supported you and all your hobbies. she’ll make sure that if you drink you’ll have a bottle of water in between drinks; she’ll hold you cup, and won’t let you leave outside of the 5 feet barrier that she’s set. and when you drag her to the dance floor she’ll dance with you, hands on your hips or your shoulders, and she makes sure no one is looking down past your face. very much a protective baby!
Adrien is a party KING okay? he is always down for a party; he’s more uptight when he’s unmasked but he still loves to dance, play beer pong, and other party games. he’s very attentive so when you start to come down from the high of the adrenaline he’ll keep you close to his side, pecking your lips every so often and watching the surprised look on your face because it’s so spontaneous every time. if you go separate ways during the party you both have a rule that you tell each other exactly where you’re going and what you’re doing, and once you’re done you go and tell the other that; it’s a good system. anytime Adrien sees someone flirting with you he walks next to you placing a hand on your hip, pulling you close, and staring at the guy in blatant disinterested, until they leave you two alone. it’s nice having a boyfriend with loaded pockets and a scary ass body guard that could go King Kong on every one in the room.
ironically, Chloe hates parties. no matter how rambunctious, or cheap the party is, all parties remind her of the galas and dinner parties her parents throw in an attempt to romanticize family and put up a farce that they were perfect. which never worked, Chloe realizes that now, after the intense growth period and maturity that she chose to force herself through. though despite being more mature, she’s still a little petty; that’s why you’re now straddling her lap and in an extreme make out session in front of the girl who tried to make an advance on you before Chloe stepped in. maybe it was the fact that you had a can of hard seltzer but you were not even phased that you were putting on a show to half the people at this party. once you were done, Chloe asked if you could both go home because, “pageantry is ridiculous, utterly ridiculous!” - “but Chloe, wasn’t it you who made out with me, to spite that girl and the rest of the party?” - “be serious y/n, i would never do something that petty!” yeah… sure she wouldn’t…
bonus: Nino is the dj at every party. every. party.
Tumblr media
taglist: @tamakii-amajiki @putting-the-fun-in-dysfunctional @just-your-local-fanart-weirdo @the-corner-redacted @storm-xv @lerivaleriano @tbehartoo @oyasumimosura @itszero16
Tumblr media
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princesscatherinemiddleton · 8 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
The Duchess of Cambridge’s formal evening wear in 2016 (aka probably her strongest year for evening gowns)
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disease · a month ago
Tumblr media
“In Dalí’s objects, he undermines the familiar nature of such mundane objects as a phone, a shoe, a drawer, or a jacket, by combining them with such provocative items as a lobster, a sugar cube with pubic hair, the Venus de Milo, or a series of shot glasses filled with crème de menthe and dead flies. In each case, Dalí produces an object that is not about artistic beauty, but rather about sexual obsessions and psychological complexes.
Dawn Ades has observed, ‘Dalí’s Surrealist Shoe seems more like a compendium of sexual references running from fetishism to pornography.’ Freud interpretation proposes, ‘the last impression received before the uncanny traumatic one…typically becomes the fetish object. Thus the foot or shoe owes its attraction as a fetish object.’ Other interpretations classify the shoe as a symbol of the female genitalia.”
[assemblage with: shoe, white marble, photographs, a glass containing wax, a gibbit, a matchbox, hair and a wooden scraper | 19 x 11 x 3 11/16″]
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shyestofhearts · 8 months ago
Well. I mentioned one of my favorite personal headcanons with Reverse Robin aus being that Damian basically adopts half his siblings himself by forging Bruce's signature so now I gotta make a Reverse Robin au
Reverse Robins AU
(I'm gonna try to keep to some big events in some characters lives but also mess with time so some big events may change)
Bruce honestly didn't think much about having kids of his own since he is Batman and he didn't want to leave his child an orphan like he was
Then he met Talia, fell in love and started getting excited at the idea of having a child
Until she told him she miscarried and disappeared and he was alone with Alfred again
He never thought about being a father again
Until Damian walked into his life at 10 years old with an "I thought you'd be taller" and became his sidekick, Robin
Bruce honestly had no clue how to be a dad but he'd be damned if he didn't try. He was almost overbearing with how involved he tried to be in Damian's life
Damian didn't really mind (most of the time) because he'd always wanted to meet his father (though sometimes he did react poorly if he thought it was because his father didn't trust him so Bruce made it very clear that it was because he wanted to be a part of his life)
They were Batman and Robin for four years, and Damian had adjusted well to his life in Gotham with the help of Bruce and Alfred
Then: Damian died and Bruce was devastated. He never wanted his kid to be orphaned but he was very unprepared for his kid to be ripped from him the way his parents were
Batman was noticeably much more angry without Robin
So when he got a new partner (AKA Damian got revived and is 15 now but didn't really feel like returning as Robin because he couldn't bring himself to wear that suit anymore) people were a bit relieved to see him sorta healing from that loss (unaware that his new partner was in fact his old Robin)
Which is why "Robin" returning comes as a shock to Damian and Bruce and ofc an investigation ensues and they find one 12 year old Duke Thomas in foster care that sneaks out with his own homemade Robin outfit each night
Soo Damian forges Bruce's signature onto a bunch of paperwork and gets his first sibling
Bruce only figures this out when Damian starts moving Duke in but Duke seems grateful and he can't turn him away
Bruce is also so used to his ex-assassin child that he forgets sometimes what is considered normal child behavior and what isn't but he's fairly certain he should be concerned about the fact that Duke has jumped off a bridge before even if he was clearly okay now
The next to get adopted into the family is one 8 year old Cassandra, who Damian sympathizes with a lot considering they were raised similarly and thus another series of forged signatures later Bruce has kid #3
13 year old Duke, 8 year old Cass, and 16 year old Damian make for a very chaotic family and Bruce is Tired™
Especially because it's almost like these kids hardly argue with each other and instead constantly team up to pull off some scheme or another
Duke and Damian do teach Cass how to speak and how to sign (because I headcanon that both of them already know sign language) and because they're the ones teaching her Cass speaks almost exclusively in slang
They also talk shit about people at Galas constantly
Damian doesn't let people get close to his siblings at Galas and Cass will glare at you if you approach either of her brothers as well
You don't want to be on the end of a glare from any of the three kids, it's terrifying
Cassandra likes to use her assassin training to play hide and seek with her brothers and they have to use their detective skills to find her. So basically they play hide and seek but more intense
Now this post is getting too long so I'll cut it off here
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myherowritings · a year ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
SUMMARY. Todoroki Shouto was a wealthy, young CEO who inherited his father’s enterprise. You were a barista at a local cafe who wouldn’t mind some extra cash. One day, Shouto came in during an early morning shift and tipped you such a large sum of money, you were certain it had to have been an accident. To your surprise and complete pleasure: It was not.
PAIRING. ceo!todoroki shouto x barista!reader
GENRE. ceo/barista au, fluff, eventual smut
WARNINGS. sexual tension !! and umm sexual frustration ;p, not explicit but prob rated 16+, just read the title of this chapter BAHAHA
A/N. sorry this is coming a little later than planned ! :( but i hope the dressing room scene can make up for it u.u tysm for reading and for all the feedback! enjoy :3 xx sof
© myherowritings — all rights reserved. reposting, modifying, copying, or translating of any kind is not allowed. do not read my writing as asmr. do not plagiarize.
Tumblr media
What were you supposed to wear to a shopping date? you asked yourself. Not that today was a date or anything. Though maybe you sort of wished it were… 
The Naruhata Charity Gala was in a little over a week and Shouto would be coming over to pick you up in less than one hour and you still sat in your room with nothing but a towel on feeling more and more hopeless. 
It was a strange dilemma. He met you in your work apron wearing an unflattering work shirt and work pants. And when you met up over the weekend previously, you never paid too much mind on what you would wear. In fact, you were positive he wouldn’t even care how you looked. So why was it such a big deal to you now? 
Probably because of your recent admission of your growing feelings towards him, you thought crossly. 
In your defense, it wasn’t like it was your fault! Right? Seeing someone everyday… Wanting to see someone everyday… Texting regularly about the most random things, having the most banal objects you saw throughout the day remind you of something Shouto did or said… With all those occurrences it would’ve been practically impossible to not start crushing on him! 
Time passed as you stared at your ceiling blankly. If you kept this up, he was bound to show up in your house and find you half-naked. (Now that you mentioned it, that didn’t sound like the worst idea. But it wasn’t something you’d randomly spring upon someone.)
“Get up, Y/N!” you scolded yourself, rolling off your bed and heading towards your closet. 
In the end, you ended up settling for another variation of your usual go-to outfit and called it a day. It happened to be perfect timing since, by the time you finished getting ready, you got a new message on your phone. 
Shouto: Parked in front of your place
Shouto: Sorry I’m a little early. You can take your time getting ready :)
Y/N: it’s okay i’m ready now!! 
After hitting send, you put your shoes on, gathering your belongings you wanted to bring with you, and headed out the door. Excited to hang out with Shouto again, you walked with a skip in your step down the path until you reached his car. 
“Hi!” You waved through his half-opened, tinted window. To no one’s surprise, his car was a sleek black color with dark, tinted windows, and gold details along the sides. If it didn’t look so oddly sexy you would’ve laughed at how cutely dorky he was for matching his car with his credit card. “This is one hot car.”
He turned his head to the side when you entered the passenger’s seat. “Should I turn the AC higher?” 
“Huh— Oh!” You stifled a giggle when you processed the pun he made. “You’re funny, Shouto.” 
He only looked a little confused. “Thank you.” 
The interior of his car was no less—for lack of better term—sexy than the outside. Leather seats, a large screen for the radio and carplay, and the dashboard and side doors lit up a nice blue color. 
“Pretty!” you complimented, poking at the colorful light.
“Want to pick a color?” 
Your eyes widened. “It can change colors?!” 
Shouto nodded.
“Can it be pink?” you asked intently. 
“Light pink or hot pink?”
He swiftly obliged and with a hit of a touchscreen button, the interior lighting changed from blue to pastel pink. 
It turned green.
Cue the orange. 
Once you were thoroughly satisfied with Shouto showing you the whole color selection (you were almost embarrassed to admit it kept you entertained for a good ten minutes), you settled on a bright turquoise that reminded you of the color of his left eye. 
“Ooh, this color! My favorite,” you said simply, giving him a wide smile. 
A faint blush dusted his cheeks as he developed a sudden interest in adjusting his rearview mirror. “Hm.”
Shouto drove the rest of the way in a comfortable silence, occasionally asking how your week was outside of work and what type of outfit you wanted to wear so he could have a better idea on where to take you. 
“Did you eat?” he suddenly asked when he hit the next stoplight, one hand holding the wheel and the other resting comfortably on the gear shift. 
His hands looked nice and slender and soft to the touch. Pretty hands, you thought but shook yourself out of it because you could go down a rabbit hole of examining his hands and going into detail about them. 
You remembered the single, measly granola bar you had due to your rush getting ready. “I didn’t really eat yet, no. Did you?”
He shook his head and pulled into a food plaza with lots of stores to choose from. The two of you agreed on a noodle restaurant that apparently had some of the best cold soba (once you learned it was his favorite food, you wanted to be able to have some with him and today was the perfect opportunity to do just that) and promptly headed to the location. 
In the shop, a waiter sat the two of you down at a dimly lit booth with the perfect amount of ambience that if someone were to casually look over, they might even mistake this outing as a date. 
You grinned at the thought. 
“Excited for the soba?” asked Shouto, examining the smile on your face thoughtfully. 
That’s not why you were smiling, but it was close enough. “Mhm. And the udon. You can never go wrong with noodles!” 
Yes, you got both udon and soba. But in your defense, where else would the fun in life be if not in sugary sweets and carbs? 
As the two of you waited for your main dishes, you ate some fish cakes and edamame while talking about the ways in which capitalism could be dismantled. Rather sexy of him, if you did say so yourself. 
Before you knew it, you were done with your meal and headed back into his car to go fancy-people shopping. On the remainder of the ride, you asked yourself what color you should pick that would match well with both you and Shouto. After all, nothing said a cute couple who totally liked each other going on a totally real date to a gala like color-coordinated outfits, right?
He parked in front of a street of buildings with a dark glass reaching from ceiling to floor with security guards at the door. Just standing near it made you feel fancy. 
“This is a place my sister told me she liked,” he said, leading you to the store front with his hand on the small of your back to guide you. “I hope you’ll find something to your liking.”
You tried your best not to pay too much attention to the warmth you felt both on your back and your stomach from the fuzzy feelings that spread. 
“Hello, welcome!” the both of you were greeted as you walked through the doors. The interior of the store was lined with designer dresses, some long, some short, and all incredibly stunning. There were only a few other patrons in the store, but all of them looked so elegant as they tried on their dresses. “It’s so lovely to see you again Mr. Todoroki.”
Shouto nodded subtly. “Hello. This is Y/N, my date to the gala who’ll need your assistance today.”
“Hi!” you chimed in at his cue. “Nice to meet you.” 
The worker smiled and made her way over to you. “And you as well. I’m Masuda and I’ll do my best to make sure you leave the store satisfied with your purchase! Did you have a particular style or perhaps color in mind?”
“Umm,” you said sheepishly, looking around the wide variety of clothings and unsure where to start. “I’m not too sure. It’s my first time going to one of these things so maybe something comfortable, but also still...fancy?” You scratched the back of your neck. “Does that even exist?”
“Of course— Just have to find something that feels comfortable to you.” She told you to hold on one moment as she disappear into the rows of fabric. 
As Masuda collected some starter dresses for you to try on, a customer walked by with bags of clothes in her hands, her gaze lingering on Shouto, though neither of you paid her much mind. 
“In this setting, you look almost fit to be a sugar daddy,” you said jokingly, looking around in awe at the sophisticated yet lavish dresses. “You take all your sugar babies here?”
“Only the ones I really like,” he teased back. His voice was deadpan but there was the telltale hints of a smirk on his face to let you know he was only messing with you.
The door chimed to signal that a customer left and by then Masuda had returned with bundles of fabric draped on her arm. She led you away in a hurry and you hesitantly looked back at Shouto who followed in a safe distance. Seeing your moment of panic, he gave you an encouraging smile that somehow was enough to ease a significant fraction of your nerves. This may be new and confusing territory, but at least he was here to help you through it. 
Masuda set a dressing room up for you—it was one of those rooms in the middle of the store with curtains that reached the ceiling and mirrors all around—and placed a bunch of outfits she thought would suit your taste. It reminded you of when a bride would go wedding dress shopping with their family. When you had enough outfits for the first round, she told Shouto to sit down on a leather seat in front of your dressing room while he waited for you to try the different dresses on. 
In a way, it felt oddly intimate: Shouto sitting just a few feet in front of you as you undressed, only separated by the veil of a curtain. Would he offer to help button the back of your dress up, fingers brushing against your bare skin? The thought made you feel almost hot inside as you changed out of your street clothes and into the first dress. 
Unfortunately for you, this dress had no such difficult buttons to reach. 
“How’s it look?” you asked shyly as you emerged from the dressing room. 
The dress was pretty and didn’t feel uncomfortable to walk in, but there wasn’t any sort of attachment you felt towards it. In other words, it was simply...meh. 
Shouto looked up from his phone to take in the sight of you. He smiled. “You look amazing as always.” 
“You think so?” You spun around and curtseyed jokingly and he chuckled. “I don’t think it’s bad, but I’m not sure if it’s the right one.” 
“We’ll be here until you find the right one you want, then. Take your time, Y/N.” 
His voice was normally on the deeper side, but it sounded even more sensual and gravelly at this very moment. You felt goosebumps on your arms and it wasn’t just because of the sleeveless dress you currently had on. 
“T-Thanks, Shouto,” you murmured, turning around and walking back into the changing room to hide the look on your face. You didn’t even know what kind of look you had on your face, but you knew it was one that might give too much away. 
It wasn’t fair that he had to be so sweet and caring and thoughtful and handsome and rich… Most guys you met barely fit into one of those criteria, let alone all five. (Sure, the last two weren’t necessary in your opinion, but you couldn’t deny they were a nice bonus.) It was too bad you had no clue how he felt about you. 
There were moments where he felt flirty and teasing, like maybe he viewed you in a more-than-friends way. But other times he was so polite and proper and you couldn’t help but wonder if he was just being nice because that’s simply the sort of person he was to everyone. 
While you were trying to sort through all your thoughts, you completely forgot to change into a new dress the whole time you were in here. 
You saw a shadow at the floor of the curtain before a voice said, “Y/N? Are you okay in there?” 
Jumping at the sound, you scurried to put the next dress on, a blue one with almost translucent fabric and a delicate neckline. Judging from the proximity of Shouto’s voice and the shadow of his shoes, he was right next to you as you changed. 
“I’m okay!” you managed, hoping you didn’t sound as wobbly as you felt. You held the dress closed at the back, fumbling with the fastens. “I just, ah, needed help buttoning this one up.” 
A light ruffle on the curtain then a pause. “Should I...come in and help?” 
Your eyes widened, not expecting him to actually offer to button it up like you fantasized earlier. You fully thought he might called the worker to aide you just so he wouldn’t risk making you uncomfortable. (Not that he would’ve. At all.) 
“I apologize,” he said somewhat tensely after you didn’t respond. “That was indecent of me—”
“No, no!” you said profusely, poking your head out of the curtain while holding the fabric at the front of your dress to your chest. You tilted your chin to meet his gaze with a determined one of your own. “I’d love your help, Shouto.” 
With a dusting of pink coloring his cheeks, he nodded and entered your dressing room. “This dress is a nice color on you.” His voice was loud against the silence. 
Shouto ran his hand down the length of your spine and then up to unfold the column of buttons on your dress that curved inwards at your movement, his knuckles grazing against your skin like lightning striking water. You jolted at the sudden feeling but he didn’t remove his touch when he felt it.
“Sorry.” His voice was low, almost like a whisper. “Was just getting the buttons out.”
“N-No worries!”
His fingers began working on the bottom-most button at your lower back as he applied a steady pressure on the base of your spine to control the motion. Shouto slowly began his way up, fingertips cold to the touch. But you knew that wasn’t the only reason you felt yourself shiver. As he fastened the dainty buttons with immense concentration (much more concentration than was actually needed to fasten buttons, you were sure), you felt the heat of his breath tickling the back of your neck. You almost couldn’t keep yourself from arching your back in a mixture of anticipation and delight at his constant touch. 
When he finished the last button, Shouto let one hand rest on your hip, grasping the fabric between his fingertips to examine its silken texture. Your breath caught in your throat as you stepped back and bumped into his chest, but he was already there to steady you. 
With his arm on your waist and your back leaning against his chest, you made eye contact through the mirror in front of you. You weren’t sure if the pounding you felt was from your heart or his or a combination of both. 
There was something almost erotic about holding each others’ gaze in the mirror after Shouto just helped you dress, the two of you still not letting the other go despite the task being complete. 
“The dress… You look gorgeous,” he said, not taking his eyes off you for one moment. 
You nodded slowly. It did look amazing on you. And it was breathable and soft. (Plus, Shouto liked it, which made you happier than you’d care to admit.) “The only downside would be I need help getting into it.”
“We could get ready together so it’s no issue.” 
“I’d...also need help getting out of it.” 
You held your breath as his eyes darkened, his grip on your waist tightening ever so slightly in a way that made you curve your back before you remembered you were flush against Shouto and he could feel even the most subtle of movements coming from your body. But by the time you stopped yourself, it was too late. He already felt it and you wanted more.
His voice was hoarse. “I could help you with that too.”
Instead of beginning to unbutton the dress like part of you thought he would, he surprised you by spinning you around to face him, your shoulder blades pressed against the cool glass of the mirror and your palms lingering on the muscles of his warm chest. The contrast of the cold glass and Shouto’s body heat left a shiver down your spine.
“And how do you plan to help take off my dress when you can’t even see the buttons?” you said challengingly, a smirk on your face despite knowing full well your body was showcasing just how affected you were by this situation. By Shouto.
He tilted his head to the side in response to your daring tone, hands swiftly finding their way to your back and unbuttoning the top five buttons. It wasn’t enough to completely expose your breasts, but it was enough to loosen the fabric at the neckline in a way that made you gasp. 
“Seems doable to me,” he commented. 
You tugged him down slightly by the collar of his shirt. “I don’t quite believe you. Maybe you should prove it.” 
A guttural noise sounded from the back of his throat as he cupped your jaw and leaned in closer. You inched forward, eager to meet his lips. But before they could touch, a knock came from the wall next to the curtain, causing the two of you to freeze in your spots, bodies pressed against each other in an intimate flush.
“Hello, Y/N?” said Masuda cheerfully, blissfully ignorant about what was about to happen in a public dressing room in the middle of the store. “How are the dresses coming along? Did you like any?”
“Ah, actually…” you trailed off, exchanging frustrated but amused glances with Shouto. “I think we’ll take this one.”
Tumblr media
a/n: so...mirror sex/sex in a dressing room as a bonus chapter? u.u why yes of course. i’m one step ahead; did u even have to ask? LMAO and hm i wonder if y/n’s fEeLiNGs~ are reciprocated skfkfkdg ALSO THEY WERE SO CLOSE TO KISSING BUT DIDN’T I CRY hopefully the wait will be worth it ;3
what to expect in the next part:
yes y/n finally gets the fancy candy they so desired
we get to see shouto’s sexy penthouse
shouto says eat the rich >:c
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theprologues · 8 months ago
Hello Pro! In light of the recent easter eggs, I felt compelled to compile them (in addition to the initial T/K baby speculation list I made before, yep I'm the same anon 😅) for us remaining Kaylors. These may vary from very strong to might-be-nothing easter eggs, and a mix of the T/K baby speculation and just plain T/K connections. Here's my little contribution to the fandom! ✨ (this is only for 2021 easter eggs so far):
1. Taylor's "Cancel the DNA test..." tweet (February 2021)
2. Taylor's Grammy dress.. having last minute changes to the original design to include little daisies and sunflowers on it. (March 2021)
3. Lover's crest on Fearless Vault + strikingly "K" outline/design on the vault door + the 13th word from the vault was "BABY" (April 2021)
4. Taylor's Periwinkle nail polish as a possible easter egg/response to your past anon's ask about if they still check your blog/kaylor blogs. (May 2021)
5. Matching Levi's overalls of Karlie (lategram while pregnant) and Taylor's IG post about evermore vinyl. (May 2021)
6. Karlie's IG story with a Santal 26 Candle (Tay's fave) in the frame. (May 2021)
7. Taylor wearing the VSFS angel wing ring on her acceptance speech for NMPA award (June 2021)
8. Karlie's avocado toast with a "13" on it (while pregnant.. lategram) (July 2021)
9. Karlie using a similar bg design for her KWK to Taylor's "Renegade" aesthetic. (July 2021)
10. Karlie reposting an IG story birthday greeting by Lily to K, with a photo from VMAs 2015, and Taylor visibly in the background. (August 2021)
11. Lover's crest still on the RED Vault + "K" outline/design still on the vault door + "KK" on the crossword puzzle (note: the letters were unused ones. Meaning, they weren't needed for any of the song titles. T still chose to put KKs near each other). (August 2021)
12. Karlie releasing/announcing her Adidas "Red" line the same day/timeframe Taylor posted Red Vault. (Her red was almost, if not exactly, the same shade of red Taylor uses for her RED TV era). (August 2021)
13. Taylor starting her Tiktok page, with a caption ".. let the games begins"; The next day, Karlie posted a photoshoot on IG with a caption "What's black and white and red all over" (the answer: Newspaper.. Reputation album cover link? 🤔). The dress she wore also have these race car flag design, which 9sw1ft pointed out, the flags were also used (by taylor) for the Taymoji of RFI, specifically for the line... "Let the games begin". (August 2021)
14. The day before the MET gala, Karlie posted an IG story with a direct line/caption "Let the games begin". (September 2021)
15. Karlie's MET GALA DRESS.. American Rose.. "A red rose grew up, out of ice frozen ground". Also note that The Met gala was on September 13th (9+1+3=13). (September 2021)
16. Taylor releasing Wildest Dreams (same week as the MET) and wearing a sweater (on the cover) that has little KKs on it. Not to mention, the brand/design of the sweater is from a 2014 line (and the brand had connections/collaborations with Karlie). (September 2021)
17. Taylor's announcement of RED being moved to Nov. 12th.. then mentioning in the same post to "Celebrate the 13th". (Note: Taylor and Karlie officially met/bonded on Nov. 13th VSFS 2013) (October 2021)
18. Taylor wearing an obviously similar RED ROSE DRESS to Karlie's Red Rose Met dress on her IG Reel/Video. (October 2021)
I'm aware that there are more (subtler and smaller) easter eggs in betweens, but I'm afraid this'll get toooo long haha! I also heavily emphasized on Taylor's hints more than Karlie's (Karlie has a lot more captions/pics that are sus) because people love to claim that Karlie's just baiting Kaylors. Please feel free to add other easter eggs I've forgotten about 😅 Will be updating these if/when we get more :) Enjoy!
This is amazing and well organized!
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twstgameplay · 24 days ago
[JP] Fairy Gala IF ~A Festival of Illusions with the Fairies~
May 30, 2022 17:00 JST ~ June 17, 2022 14:59 JST
Tumblr media
How to Play
Collect Fairy Dust 2022 during Lessons (History / Flying / Alchemy) and use those to read the Event Story. Complete event missions for rewards.
Story Info
Part Two of the event story is available from June 6th. Silver will be available after this date.
Information found below:
Event Characters
Rhythmic Info
Magic Info
Mission Info
Shop Info
Event Characters (Gala Couture)
The event cards this time don’t seem to have any special bonus as there’s no battle or special drop. For event freebies, we have SR Silver and R Jack.
Making the cards permanent:
R Jack: Complete the Event Story (obtainable at Episode 10)
SR Silver: Complete the Event Story and Collect 1000 Hair Ornaments (obtainable at TBD)
Part Two of the event story is available from June 6th 16:00 JST. Silver will be available after this date.
Rhythmic Info
Unlock the rhythmics as you progress through the story. Rhythmics 3 through 9 will be available on June 6th.
The drops from each of the currently available Rhythmics are as follows:
Tumblr media
TIP! You don’t have to actually “win” the rhythmic to get the drops. Simply starting the rhythmic and letting it run will work
Each rhythmic has the option to multiply the amount of Fairy Dust you spend to complete the rhythmic. Spending 1x, 3x or 5x the amount of Fairy Dust required will give 1x, 3x or 5x (respectively) the amount of rhythmic rewards. The added benefit of selecting the 3x or 5x options would be to churn through the Fairy Dust faster to help gather the mats faster.
It is suggested that you wait to play the harder rhythmics, as the mat drop rates will be much more efficient.
Magic Info
[R] Jack and [SR] Silver require the use of the Pink, Purple, and White Bells that are dropped from the rhythmics to increase their Magic. The table below shows how many total are needed of each to level up their magic:
Tumblr media
Mission Info
These are the current missions in game for the event. If the mission set holds true based on the previous events, we should get more missions in part two.
Tumblr media
Shop Info
Tumblr media
Silver and Jack duplicates will only be available in the store once they are permanent. The event background will be available once the story has been cleared.
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floral-and-fine · 8 months ago
Making a Home
Bucky Barnes x female reader
Summary: After the events of Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Bucky becomes a househusband to the reader. This was inspired by The Way of the Househusband.
A/n: I suddenly had the urge to write for Bucky, I wrote this, and I had planned to write more but I lost interest. So I figured I'd share what I did manage to write.
Warnings: Some smut
Tumblr media
Bucky glared at all the different types of apples displayed on the stand, yellow, green, red, small ones, big ones, he was trying his best to remember which ones were the ones you liked the best. The last time he made a mistake and bought dark red ones, you seemed disappointed but you didn’t complain or bring it up. He wished he had paid more attention to which ones he had brought home that had made your face light up when you took a bite.
The other shoppers in the market kept their distance, especially as Bucky’s brows furrowed and his scowl got bigger. A few people watched him from afar, it wasn’t every day a man with a metal arm wearing all black and combat boots with a knife strapped to his belt was just casually shopping. They all turned away immediately, as his eyes snapped up as if he had some kind of 6th sense and could feel them staring.
Finally, Bucky settled on the small gala apples, selecting a few after a close inspection before putting them in a bag.
For the rest of the shopping trip, Bucky marched with purpose, expertly navigating the aisles and grabbing everything that had been on the list, which he memorized before leaving the house.
The checker with shaky hands tried his best to engage the ex-assassin in a friendly conversation, “G-Good afternoon, did you find everything you needed, sir?”
Bucky didn’t answer, didn’t even blink, simply watched closely as the boy scanned each item. The checker laughed nervously, fumbling with the box of condoms as he rang them up. The kid was probably only about 16, tall and lanky with braces, obviously, he was still in high school getting so worked over something like condoms.
A box of tampons was next in the conveyor belt, “So, um, shopping for your girlfriend?”
Bucky raised a brow, the poor checker grimaced worried he’d crossed some kind of line.
“Wife,” Bucky stated evenly.
“Oh, nice,” the checker sighed, relieved he hadn’t pissed him off. “That’ll be $74.34.”
Bucky paid, and exited. You weren’t really his wife since he couldn’t marry you legally, not without alerting Hydra or the US government, especially considering he was supposedly dead or MIA. The term girlfriend, however, diminished how significant you were to him, it was because of you he was able to have something that resembled a normal life. So as far as he was concerned the two of you were husband and wife.
As he unloaded the groceries and started putting them away, a part of him wished he could contribute more to the household, like get a job, but you reassured him constantly that his love and support were enough.
You had never expected your relationship to unfold the way that it did.
The day you had met Bucky, it was like stumbling upon the meanest stray cat you had ever seen with his icy stare and his clenched jaw, if you had been any closer he probably would’ve lashed out or bolted.
Most people would’ve minded their own business, walked past him without a second glance, or would’ve been too intimidated by his hostile nature to even approach him. But you could tell from the way he carried himself that he was injured, alone, and lost.
In your eyes it was as if he was a puppy or kitten, your big heart was ready to care for him, nurse him to health like you would with an actual stray you’d find in some back alley. It probably didn’t even cross your mind that he was potentially dangerous, the poor man just needed a safe warm place and lots of patience.
Things happened slowly at first, you provided him with a place to stay, food, and company. You attempted to get him to open up, but Bucky didn’t even know where to start. His memories were spotty, to say the least, so much killing, so much guilt. Plus, he was worried about scaring you off once you realized you opened up your home to an assassin.
When the nightmares started, you insisted that he slept with you in your room so you could be there for him. He didn’t sleep in the bed with you, preferring the floor over the soft mattress.
One night, his dreams took a turn for the worse, he was thrashing around on his makeshift bed. You slid out from your bed, joining Bucky on the floor. You ran your fingers through his hair, stroked his cheeks, and whispered comforting words in his ear.
Feeling you beside him, brought him out of the past and back into reality. He was here with you, in your home, safe. He pulled you close, wrapping his arms around you tightly, you were his anchor keeping him from being swept up in the ocean of gore and violence that had been his life. After that night, Bucky trusted you completely and became fiercely loyal.
The next day, you had taken all your pillows and blankets off of your bed and moved them onto the floor beside Bucky’s bed. Neither of you mentioned it, but he couldn’t believe how fortunate he was, you knew what he needed without him having to say a word.
It didn’t take long for the relationship to heat up after that, what had started out as sweet little kisses goodnight soon turned into long sessions of lovemaking on the floor. Surprisingly, or not so surprisingly, sex wore him out, helping him fall asleep faster and stay asleep.
On those nights that Bucky did jerk awake in a panic, you were right there to soothe him, right there to pull him away from the events that haunted him.
Bucky sat the cutting board on the counter and expertly started chopping up the potatoes, carrots, onion, and celery for Borscht.
It was very important to him to try to take care of you the best way that he could right now, he focused on making home-cooked food, keeping the house tidy, and anything else he could to make your life easier.
Digging through the drawers, he finally found the vegetable peeler for the beets. The poor peeler looked like it had seen better days, the blade was dull and it was slightly loose from the handle. Bucky made a mental note to replace it.
Once the soup was simmering in the pot, he wandered into the laundry just as the dryer buzzed. He dumped the clothes into a basket and headed towards the bedroom where he started folding them and putting them away. Shortly after, he got caught up in tidying up the room, putting little things you had left out on the dresser away, and straightening up the bedding on the floor.
Bucky cursed when he heard the broth starting to boil over the pot, rushing back to the stove he immediately lowered the temperature. He stirred the soup and realized that some of the vegetables had stuck to the bottom.
“Honey, I’m home,” you called, entering your small house and dropping your keys and purse on the table by the entryway. Kicking off your ballet flats, you shuffled into the kitchen barefoot. “Smells delicious.”
Bucky frowned. “It's overdone,” he muttered, pushing the food around with a wooden spoon. He looked so cute in your tiny kitchen wearing the apron you bought him.
You chuckled, “I’m sure it’s great, you’re just picky.” You rubbed his shoulders, giving him a quick peck on the cheek. You had to bite your lip to keep yourself from laughing as you noticed the charred bits of vegetables floating around in the soup.
He gave you a half-smile, before serving you a bowl. The two of you made your way into the living room, getting comfortable on the couch.
“How was your day?” He asked.
You made a face and sighed loudly, “Long and boring. How was yours?”
He shrugged, “Normal.”
You smiled, knowing that for Bucky, normal was a great thing. “Thanks for doing the shopping and laundry.”
Bucky shook his head, “It's the least I could do.”
Flipping through the channels you finally settled on a movie, Pearl Harbor.
You stretched out on the couch, hugging one of the cushions to your chest and resting your legs on Bucky’s lap. Absent-mindedly, he started rubbing your feet and playing with your toes as the two of you watched the movie.
Bucky was quick to point out all the historical inaccuracies, and during one particular scene, he even rolled his eyes muttering how ridiculous it is. You laughed and eventually joined in, no longer able to take the drama seriously, instead both of you were joking around and criticizing everything about the movie, not just from a historical angle, but also critiquing the writing and the acting, making each other laugh.
“C’mon, doll,” he muttered, stretching his arms over his head as the credits rolled. “Let’s get to bed. I’ll take care of the dishes in the morning.”
Bucky, who was already dressed in sweatpants and a tank top slipped under the covers as you changed into a big t-shirt. After turning off the lights, you curled up beside him pressing your chest against his back and reaching around to hold his hand in yours.
You inhaled deeply, taking in his scent and with freehand moving his hair away from his neck. He groaned and shifted slightly as you peppered his cheek and neck with light kisses.
Rolling onto his back, Bucky’s hands started roaming your body, moving under your shirt and caressing your sides, before slowly moving higher to cup your breasts. You gasped at the sensation from his cool metal fingertips tracing over your nipple.
You leaned forward, capturing his lips with yours in a passionate kiss, and humming in approval as he slipped his tongue into your mouth. One of his hands moved from your chest down over your ass to your thigh, then guided you to straddle him.
He threw his head back and moaned, as you moved your hips, grinding yourself on his hardening cock. Peering down at him, you bit your lip, he looked so damn good, his dark hair a mess, face flushed, chest heaving, eyes shut… perfection. You pushed his shirt up and lightly ran your nails down his chest.
“Fuck,” he hissed, involuntarily jerking his hips. He couldn’t hold out much longer, everything about you drove him crazy, your soft skin, sweet lips. He could barely even think straight.
Sitting up slightly, Bucky reached into the nightstand drawer pulling out an unopened box of condoms, and literally tore it open.
You giggled, “In a hurry?”
“It's all your fault,” Bucky muttered. “Wearing just a shirt and panties to bed.”
You rolled your eyes, “You mean what I usually wear to bed?”
“I just can’t resist your charms,” he added, kissing you again, before moving to your neck and nibbling against the tender flesh.
You sighed, clinging to him tighter, your clothed sex still rubbing against his member.
He pulled back and tore the condom wrapper with his teeth, before shoving his pants and boxers down hurriedly. Getting the hint, you got off of him long enough to shimmy off your underwear.
Slowly, you eased yourself onto his cock, savoring the way it felt to be stretched and filled. At a casual pace, you started to ride him, lifting and lowering yourself on his shaft, your hands bracing yourself on his chest.
Bucky admired you from below, the moonlight seeping through the curtains making you look absolutely perfect. He was so lucky to have someone like you in his life, someone who was so loving, patient, and understanding. God he loved you.
Bucky’s hands rested on your hips, holding you in place as he started to buck from underneath you, unable to handle your slow pace any longer.
Your fingers slid between your legs, rubbing your clit as Bucky fucked you. Your walls were slick as they squeezed around his length getting closer to your release.
You moaned loudly as you came, your entire body tensed as your cunt throbbed around his cock, before you fell onto his chest limp like a doll as he continued to relentlessly pound into you seeking his own climax.
He shivered, feeling your breath tickling his neck, the little noises you were still making motivated him further. He started panting, his fingers digging into your soft skin, finally, he came biting his lip hard.
Sighing, he took a moment to catch his breath, Bucky tilted his head to the side kissing you gently. Then, carefully pulled out of you to remove the soiled condom, tossing it into the small trash can.
“I love you, doll,” Bucky said quietly.
“Love you too.”
Waking up, you felt absolutely giddy that it was finally the weekend, instead of getting out of bed right away like you normally did on a workday, you instead opted to stay in a while longer, pulling your blanket up higher and snuggling closer to Bucky who was surprisingly still in bed with you.
You gave his hand a small squeeze, as you spooned him.
“Morning,” he whispered, voice slightly hoarse. “Did you sleep well?”
“Shhh,” you started, peeking an eye open. “I’m still sleeping.”
“Ah,” Bucky chuckled. “Then I guess I should let you sleep then.” He shifted in bed, sliding your arm off of him and pulling the covers off.
“Don’t go,” you whined, grabbing his hand and using all your might to keep him from leaving.
Bucky tried to give you a stern look, “Do you remember what happened when I fell for that last weekend?”
You nodded, giving him a sheepish grin, “Yeah.” The two of you spent the whole day in bed, only leaving for necessities. “But I think it still turned out to be a pretty great weekend.”
Buck sighed, “I need to mow the lawn, and I promised Mrs. Nelson, I would help clean her gutters.”
Finally, you relented, letting go of his hand and sitting up. You could care less about the lawn, but Mrs. Nelson was the sweetest elderly lady, she was one of the only people who welcomed Bucky into the neighborhood, not intimidated by him in the slightest, treated you and him like you were her own children. You knew how important it was to Bucky to help her out in exchange for her kindness and baked goods.
“I’ll make breakfast before you get to work,” you said, shuffling out of bed.
After Bucky mowed the lawn, you tagged along with him to Mrs.Nelson's, while he worked on the gutters, you kept her company.
“Your husband is just the nicest young man,” she admired. “Reminds me of my husband.” She pointed him out in a photograph on her mantle. “The love of my life.”
You smiled looking at the picture, he was a handsome man like your Bucky, “Yep, there aren’t many men like them anymore.”
“It’s a shame,” Mrs. Nelson nodded in agreement. “Wish I could pay him for his time. He’s been so helpful since he moved into the neighborhood.”
She sat a tray down on the dining table, a teapot, teacups, and pastries rested upon it.
You shook your head, “Buck wouldn’t accept it anyway, he’s not that kind of guy.”
When Bucky finished, he respectfully stood on Mrs.Nelson’s front porch not wanting to bring in any dirt into her spotless home, even with her insisting that she could mop up the floor after. But he explained politely that he was far too sweaty and grimy for a proper visit and would see her later on next week. As payment for his hard work, she handed him a plate piled high with cookies.
“So what did you ladies discuss today?” Bucky asked as you two walked idly down the street.
“Not much, just about how amazingly sweet you are,” you teased.
“Sweet,” Bucky murmured to himself. “I must be a disappointment to assassins everywhere,” he joked.
“Why don’t you go ahead and shower, babe,” you suggested, arriving home. “I’ll make us something for lunch.” He nodded, stripping off his t-shirt as he made a beeline for the bathroom.
Just as you were setting a couple of sandwiches on the small bistro table in your kitchen, Bucky shuffled over, still drying his hair.
“Thanks,” he said, giving you a quick kiss before taking a seat.
The two of you casually chatted as you ate, talking about your plans for the rest of the weekend, about your job, about what plants you'd like to grow in the yard after Bucky finished his landscaping project.
Suddenly, you were interrupted by your cell vibrating. “Hey dad,” you answered your phone, excusing yourself from the table and taking the call into the living room. “I’m good, how are you?”
Bucky stayed at the table, playing with his food and resisting the urge to follow you.
Closing his eyes, he tried his best not to eavesdrop on your conversation, but he couldn’t help feeling curious. He hadn’t met your parents, you talked about them a few times expressing to Bucky that your family wasn’t what anyone would call close-knit.
However, he was curious to know if you had mentioned him, or if your family knew you were in a relationship at least. He trusted you wouldn’t share things about his past, but a part of him worried you were keeping him a secret. He figured his past and who he was might strain the relationship at some point, yet he hoped that you would at least feel comfortable enough letting people know you were in a serious and committed relationship.
“Dad,” you sighed, not bothering to hide how annoyed you were, which caught Bucky’s attention. “It’s not like that, he’s not using me.”
“He’s a great guy, he’s supportive and caring,” you explained.
You paused, groaning as your father continued to lecture you about dating some bum, demanding to know why Bucky didn’t have a job.
“It’s complicated,” you answered. “And in all honesty, it’s not really any of your business.”
Bucky pushed aside his plate, having lost his appetite. He appreciated that you were so willing to defend him, but your father’s concerns were the same worries and doubts that Bucky constantly struggled with since the beginning of your relationship.
Back during his time, it was unheard of for a woman to support the family, and in cases where a man couldn’t provide it was severely frowned upon. He was aware that things were different now, but it was hard to look past his own upbringing, which was still blurry and spotty thanks to Hydra.
He rubbed his forehead, it’s not like getting a job was even an option, he had to stay off the grid, not only for himself but for your safety as well.
Taking his plate, he headed towards the kitchen, scraping off the leftovers into the trash can before setting the dishes into the sink.
Even if he could apply for a job, he wasn’t sure what he was even qualified to do. His only valid work experience was back from when he was a soldier, most of the people who could’ve given him a recommendation were probably dead or senile. And it’s not like he could add Hydra assassin to his resume either.
He’d be lying if he said he hadn’t thought about going into business for himself, to be a hitman or a mercenary, but the thought of killing people for money, especially people who didn’t deserve to die made him sick to his stomach.
“Babe?” you called outstanding beside him. “Everything alright? You’ve been washing the same plate for almost 5 minutes now.”
Bucky shook his head, “I’m fine.”
You rocked on the balls of your feet debating if you should press the subject, usually Bucky just needed some time to work things out. “Why don’t you let me finish the dishes, you made dinner after all-”
“I’ve got it!” Bucky snapped a lot harsher than he meant to. He apologized right away, setting the sponge on the counter and sighing.
“You overheard my father and me, didn't you?” You asked gently. This wasn’t the first time Bucky had struggled with this, and it wasn’t the first time some idiot butted in about your relationship.
He nodded, his eyes downcast, staring at the soapy water in the sink.
“Sweetie,” you murmured softly, resting your hand over his. “You could easily kill my father in at least 6 different ways without breaking a sweat. Don’t let what he said get to you. My parents have the worst example of marriage, so obviously sticking to societal norms didn’t help them any.”
At the mention of marriage, Bucky’s frown grew, and clenched his fist tighter, he couldn’t even do that for you.
Immediately you knew you had accidentally brought up another touchy subject. God, how you wanted to kick yourself for mentioning the whole marriage thing. You took a moment choosing your next words carefully. “If I lost my job would you leave me?”
Bucky faced you, giving you a questioning look, “Of course not, you know that.”
“Right, instead we’d figure out a way to make things work,” you added. “Bucky, I honestly believe our relationship is better than most because we’re together for all the right reasons.”
He peeked over at you, listening to what you were saying carefully as you made your point.
“You’re not just some guy who was looking for a woman to replace his mother, someone to do all the cooking and all the cleaning, just like how I’m not some girl who was looking for some guy to pay all her bills,” you explained. “We’re together because we make each other happy because we care about each other, and we trust each other. So who gives a damn about which one of us works and which one of us does the shopping, none of that is important.”
Bucky sighed, placing his hands on your hips, his head nuzzling against the nape of your neck.
“Y’know, it’s not always going to be like this,” you urged, running your fingers through his hair. “In a few years we both might be working, or both of us might be out of work.” You said, scratching the back of his head gently. “But you know what won’t ever change? How much I love you.”
You could feel Bucky smile against your skin. “God, you’re so corny,” he laughed.
“Yeah, well, I got you to smile didn’t I?”
“You’re such a dork,” he joked playfully, flicking water at you from the sink.
“Hey,” you screeched. “Not fair!”
He splashed you again, more aggressively this time, “What's not fair?”
You laughed, taking the sponge and throwing it at him.
“Gross,” he complained, a smile still lingering on his lips. “I love you.”
The next few weeks went by without a hitch.
After your recent heart-to-heart, Bucky was feeling more secure about everything.
The deck in the backyard was coming along nicely, he just needed to stain it before planting some hydrangeas along the edge, and then the two of you could pick out some patio furniture. He really liked the idea of having a nice outdoor space, probably due to his time with Hydra, having been kept frozen for such a long period of time, and then under the ever-watchful eye of a handler, being outside gave him a sense of peace and freedom.
He ran his fingers through his hair as he pictured a big golden retriever running around in the grass. Lately, you’ve been hinting that you wanted a pet, getting super excited about every dog and cat you came across, subtly mentioning to Bucky how you worried about him being lonely while you were at work, but he remained on the fence about it.
Maybe if it was a rescue he’d be more open to the idea.
Going back inside Bucky grabbed the grocery list from the fridge, his mind was still occupied weighing the pros and cons of having a pet. He wondered if he was more suitable for owning a cat or a dog. He would discuss it with you, but he worried about getting your hopes up and then disappointing you if he had a change of heart.
Getting into the car, he tried to focus instead on what he wanted to make for dinner.
Steve grabbed a few boxes of protein bars and a large tub of protein powder before heading towards the dairy aisle for milk. As he pushed the cart along, he saw someone familiar in his peripheral. He twisted around catching another glance at the man, Steve couldn’t believe it, it was Bucky.
Who would’ve susoected that Bucky had been hiding out right under the Avenger’s nose, especially when he had Sam searching the other side of the world?
“Bucky?” He whispered to himself, immediately ditching his cart and following the dark-haired man that just passed who seemed caught up in his thoughts.
“Bucky,” Steve called out louder, the man halted but didn’t turn around as Steve approached him.
Bucky’s eyes widened, his grip tightening on the cart handle. He could feel the life he had made with you slipping from his fingers. His eyes shifted back and forth, trying to decide what to do, a part of him just wanted to take off running.
Steve cautiously placed a hand on Bucky’s shoulder and he went rigid.
“Do you remember me?” Steve pressed.
“Yes,” Bucky answered, finally looking at his best friend. So much time had passed, but Steve was still the same, not as scrawny anymore of course, but just as stubborn and reckless.
When his memories started coming back to him, Bucky had felt a tremendous amount of guilt weighing on him. He didn’t think or believe that Steve would be able to forgive him. All the things he had done, the crimes he committed, the government, and the rest of the world wouldn’t be able to look past these atrocities. Yes, he had changed, no longer Hydra’s puppet, but he wasn’t that confident and cocky soldier either. Whoever Bucky was now, was somewhere in between.
“Can we talk?” Steve asked, looking like a kicked puppy.
Bucky nodded, his face void of any kind of emotion despite him being on the verge of a panic attack, “I need to check out first.”
The two men sat silently across from each other at a coffee shop, neither one knew where to start.
Steve had a million questions he was dying to ask. What had Bucky been doing for the past year? Why was he still in New York? How much did he remember about his past?
Bucky was more concerned about how this would affect his life, his new life, if Steve found him it was only a matter of time before the remnants of Hydra would. In the back of his mind, he had feared that something like this would happen. He was fortunate that it was Steve who found him first instead of some Hydra operative.
“So, what happens now?” Bucky sighed, finally breaking the silence. “Are you going to take me in? Lock me up?”
“No,” Steve said, utterly confused. “I want to help you.”
Bucky narrowed his eyes, “I was a Hydra agent, an assassin, I killed people for decades.”
“I know,” Steve said evenly. “But you didn’t have a choice. I know what they did to you, how they brainwashed you.”
Bucky visibly relaxed and Steve smiled, their bond still strong after such a long time.
“Steve,” Bucky started, fidgeting with empty sugar wrappers. “I met a girl.”
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maxgovroom · 6 months ago
for people wondering whether max is a good driver or he only just relied on his car this year to win the wdc i’m gonna be straightforward and say max is objectively an amazing driver.
we’re talking about a guy who won about 23 titles in karting alone, multiple drivers who have raced against him during that time have said that he was the benchmark, he was the guy to beat.
then we move on to single seaters when he’s around 15/16 where he had just one season of formula 3 (and he participated in another formulas but not really full time) and came 3rd in the standings as he got narrowly beaten by his arch enemy from brazil esteban ocon (who, let’s be honest, was in a better car and had been more consistent in the earlier part of the season).
at the time he signed with red bull to be in their academy and by the end of his season in formula 3 it was announced that he would be joining the toro rosso team in 2015 at just 17 years of age. this wasn’t very unexpected as max had racked up a lot of wins and pole positions in f3 and had dozens of previous titles that by this time every single team in formula 1 wanted him. we’re talking about the paddock filled with rumours about who was the lucky team that got max verstappen into their ranks. and after declining mercedes’ offer as they couldn’t guarantee him a seat in formula 1, max and his dad signed with red bull.
max qualified a number of times in the top 10 in his first year and even got two p4 finishes in races where his aggressive style of racing shined as he made incredible overtakes on much older and much more experienced formula 1 drivers. his first year was very impressive and he won rookie of the year at the fia gala as well. then we move onto 2016 where daniil kvyat was having a rough time in the red bull car and couldn’t get the results the team expected from him. so, prior to the spanish gp it was announced that max would replace him in the senior team and kvyat would be relegated to toro rosso.
max qualified on the second row for his first race with the big team and was able to take the lead after the mercedes teammates crashed each other out of the race. he managed the race perfectly and brought home his maiden win on his first race with the senior red bull team, an achievement that described by niki lauda “will never happen again”. and the rest is history, max was able to get several wins and podiums in every year that followed proving to red bull they had made the right decision when promoting him.
if y’all want more details i’d recommend watching this video https://youtu.be/ocT64A0WvG4
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drarryspecificrecs · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
H/D Domesticity Fest 2021 : (fics only)
@hd-domesticityfest || official masterpost || AO3 || ∑ = 16 works The Mods : @ladderofyears & @polly-weasley + Banner © : @scarlet47
1. Always has been (right in front of me) by @thegirlontheblackhoodie [T, 3k]
“So you’re telling me that I have been getting the bluest balls in history for no reason at all?” That gets a laugh out of Harry. “Yeah, it seems like that.” [...]
2. Burnt Casserole by @samunderthelights [G, 2k]
Harry and Draco secretly dated during their Hogwarts years, and only Ron and Hermione knew. Things didn't end well, but now, years later, the two men have found each other again. Tonight they are meeting up with Ron and Hermione for their first dinner party, and Draco is more than just a little nervous about it.
3. From Fisticuffs To Frottage by @veelawings [M, 800]
Draco is eternally long-suffering. And also locked in with Potter.
4. The Golden Catch by @iero0 [G, 3k]
Draco and Harry go to the Magical Menagerie and look carefully at each of the animals, trying to decide which one to get. In between flammable salamanders, furious half-serpant-half-bird-creatures, and the fluffiest Crups and Kneazles, they find the perfect addition(s?) to their little family.
5. Harry and Draco's Little Talk by @ladderofyears [T, 5k]
Harry is holed up at work, avoiding the moment that he has to leave. His boyfriend, Draco Malfoy, had been argumentative and moody for weeks and now he wants to have a 'little talk' over dinner. Does this mean the end of their love affair or has Harry got the wrong end of the broomstick?
6. Hold what's dear in your hands (and never let go) by @polly-weasley & @faevorite-main-blog [E, 16k]
Of all the things Harry wanted in life, a family was his top priority. He had always dreamed it all: the omega, the kids, the dog and the picket fence. However, as he was growing older and seeing all his friends go on with their lives, Harry decided he needed to work harder to get what he wanted. Applying for a famous wizarding matchmaking company for marriage wasn't difficult - he only never imagined who they paired him up with.
7. Just You and Me, Plus Him Makes Three by @midore-fuse903 [T, 4k]
Despite Draco’s concerns, Harry’s... cousin, if you could even call him that, was coming to stay. Several days of destruction and sleepy cuddles later, and they are all still alive… kind of.
8. Magical Homes, and Where to Find Them (in the arms of your lover) by @erebeus-roxy [G, 2k]
in which Harry comes home to love and a husband. Featuring a movie night and backrubs.
9. Nine’s a Crowd by Quentin_threepwood [M, 5k]
Harry and Draco Potter have been happily married for over twenty years. They have five wonderful children, all almost adults. The last thing they want is to fall pregnant again. Especially with Multiples.
10. Secretly, between the shadow and the soul by @teacup-tai [T, 2k]
The thing about surrender is that once you accept the unavoidable rhythm of change, the surprising uncontrollability of life, and the astonishing inevitability of feelings, it is easy.
11. Stay (With Me) by @dorthyanndrarry [M, 6k]
Harry and Draco have been seeing each other casually, whenever they bumped into one another at Galas and Balls and other social events, always keeping one another at a careful distance. But one step forward seems to remove all space between them, sending them crashing together with an almost inevitable gravity.
12. Unspoken Affection by @janieohio [M, 2k]
Harry finds a stack of post-its, and what starts as simply leaving Draco a reminder with a bit of romance turns into a lifetime of memories.
✔ other fests in 2021 ✔ fests in other years
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whataperfectwasteoftime · 6 months ago
Born to Run / Epilogue
Tumblr media
Pairing: Marcus Pike x Marathon Runner f!reader (no y/n)
Rating: Overall rating: E (smut). Chapter rating is T at most.
Word Count: 2.3k
Warnings: Tooth. Rotting. Fluff. (not responsible for your dental bill) VERY brief mentions of sex and of d/s dynamics.
Summary: One year later, you run the Chicago marathon. Marcus waits for you at the finish.
A/N: WOW. Posting this epilogue is extremely bittersweet. I wrote most of this story in the span of about 2 weeks right after my marathon and I NEVER imagined the response. Thank you, EVERYONE, for reading and commenting and screaming about Marcus with me. I’m not quite done with Reader and Marcus–I’ve got a handful of smutty one-shots that I’ll be putting out there, and then after that I do have other story ideas that I’m working on. THANK YOU SO MUCH <3
Chapter 16
Chicago, 1 year later
You couldn't believe you were doing this yet again, you thought, as you passed a white placard next to the road that read '20 Miles.' With each race, you improved your time just a little bit, but you never expected to finish a marathon under four hours. But here you were, six miles to go, and you were well on your way to finish in your fastest time yet.
You figured you owed part of it to the altitude of your new home.
After a few hard, lonely months spent separately tying up loose ends, job searching, and house hunting, you and Marcus (true to his word at wanting to go somewhere new with you), settled just outside of Boulder, Colorado based on a fairly silly dream of seeing mountains in your bedroom window after spending most of your life in the Midwest.
(“It’s not silly,” Marcus had argued during one of your weekend visits to DC. “It’s as good a reason to choose a place to live as any.” He took your face in his hands and gave you a joyful, smiling kiss. “Colorado it is,” he said with finality.)
The little cottage you both fell in love with had not only a mountain view from your bedroom window, but also a spacious covered porch that faced the same direction. One of the first new items of furniture you had purchased was a large outdoor couch, and whenever the weather was nice, the two of you sat outside together--Marcus typically sitting with a book, you with your head on his thigh, listening to him read while he absentmindedly stroked the side of your neck.
Marcus managed to convince someone--you weren’t sure who--to let him transfer to the FBI field office in Denver. While he had voluntarily stepped down from his position with the international art crimes task force, he continued to work with them in a consulting role, which took him to Washington, D.C. several times over the course of the year. You accompanied him when your own schedule allowed, and encouraged and supported him from afar when it didn’t. The most memorable time that you went with him was when he somehow managed to get an invite to the New Year’s Eve gala at the White House. The two of you were both dressed to the nines and completely giddy with nerves and excitement as you walked among directors, diplomats, senators, and foreign leaders. Your favorite part of the night, though, was when you danced together, slow and close, just before midnight with eyes only for each other.
You had been incredibly anxious about finding a good job in a new area. Your past experience job hunting in Kentucky had left deep scars--you were still convinced that you’d have to wait around being a barista or a secretary before being able to secure a position that you actually cared about and were qualified to do. You were horrified by the prospect of taking a step back and stilting your career even more than it already was--and depending on Marcus to carry your weight in the meantime. That was before you picked up all the qualifications that came with your current job, Marcus had assured, and he was right. You were browsing the University of Colorado Boulder jobs site one evening and found what seemed like the perfect job for you--a Financial Analyst for the Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics. You nailed the interview, and you got it.
Your favorite perk of your new job was that the department head, with whom you became fast friends, secretly gave you a key to the observatory. You and Marcus snuck in from time to time with wine and snacks and gazed through the telescope. Although sneaking in after hours made you rather limited on what you could see, only able to look wherever the lens happened to be pointing that evening, you and Marcus never seemed to mind, even on the nights where it was merely pointing to a random set of stars in the blackness.
Your relationship couldn’t be in a better place. After the disastrous three weeks you had spent apart due to miscommunication, you and Marcus resolved to communicate as well outside of the bedroom as you seemed to be able to inside of it. What you found hilarious was that the two of you never had much use for a safeword during sex (‘stop’ was almost always sufficient), but under the advice of Marcus’s therapist, whenever either one of you said ‘banana’ during a fight, you’d immediately halt the argument and come back together to talk through the problem.
It was the healthiest relationship either of you had ever had.
You ran doggedly past the next few mile markers, but you felt your pace beginning to slide as the exhaustion caught up with you and your feet began to ache with every collision with the ground.
You called Marcus, a habit you'd picked up over the past year. Hearing his voice on the phone as you were nearing the end of a long training run or a race always gave you a little bump of encouragement to carry you through to the end.
"Hey, baby. Was waiting for you to call." You could hear the smile in his voice even through your earbuds. "What mile are you on?"
"Twenty… four…" you breathed with some effort. These conversations were usually pretty one-sided, but Marcus never seemed to mind.
"You're doing incredible, sweetheart. I'm proud of you." Marcus spoke. The sweetness in his words brought a lump to your throat.
"Hurts," you gasped. "I hate it."
He laughed. "You always say that, and then you go and sign up for another one of these a month later."
"This… time… I… mean it," you said in between breaths.
"Mmhmm," Marcus hummed, clearly not buying it. "You've trained so hard for this, baby. Don't let two little miles get to you. You're doing so good. My good girl." His voice dropped an octave as he delivered the last two words, trying to get a rise out of you using that soft-but-firm tone that you jokingly referred to as his 'dom voice'--a moniker he pretended to hate, but you knew he secretly liked. "You know what good girls get, don't you?" he teased.
Rewards, your brain unconsciously supplied. In any other circumstance, his methods would have worked, but all you could focus on was putting one tired, aching foot in front of the other. "Marcus, baby, I love you, but…" you took a few ragged breaths, "that's pretty far down on… my… hierarchy of needs right now… y-y'know?"
Marcus laughed. "Not talking about sex, my little love."
"W-what… are you--" you couldn't finish the sentence.
"Shhhh, focus on your breathing. You'll see what I mean when you get here. I'm waiting for you right by the finish line, baby. I'll see you so soon."
What was he talking about?
He rapidly changed the subject and launched into a little monologue about the museum you two had planned on visiting tomorrow, when you had recovered. “I’ve been wanting to see the travelling collection of Exekias pottery for ages,” he gushed. “What I love about his style is that it features images from mythological stories, like many other examples of Greek pottery, the scenes he chooses to depict are the moments before or after the action rather than the action itself. So instead of depicting the battle of Troy, he painted a scene of Ajax and Achilles playing a board game before the battle.” He explained.
Even if you hadn’t been out of breath and unable to respond, you still wouldn’t have told him that he had said all this several times before. You loved the smile in his voice when he talked about it. “There’s another one depicting a scene of Ajax burying his sword in preparation to jump on it following the death of Achilles. That one’s my favorite because it’s so chilling,” he said, a little too gleefully. “What mile are you on now?”
"T-twenty f-five."
"One mile left, baby. I'm right here waiting. I’m going to let you go, and you concentrate on running your heart out for the last mile."
You pressed a button on your headphones, ending the call, then put your head down and tried to increase your pace, giving it your all on this last stretch of road before the finish line.
In-two-three-four, Out-two-three-four. And repeat.
The last mile always felt like the longest minutes of your life. You ached with exertion, but you kept moving forward with the thought, the faster I run this, the quicker it’ll be over, and the sooner I’ll see Marcus at the end.
Finally, you passed the twenty-six mile and you knew the last two-tenths of a mile would feel like nothing. Turning a corner, the finish line--a beautiful oasis filled with water, bananas, granola bars, and Marcus--came into view. You passed your eyes up and down the cheering crowd, looking for his familiar, smiling face. Not seeing him among the other spectators, you turned your gaze to the finish line. And there, a few paces behind the volunteers handing out medals, was Marcus. How had he negotiated a place behind the barriers meant to separate spectators from the runners? You had a sneaking suspicion that he had flashed his badge and then sweet talked some of the volunteers.
The look in his eyes almost made you stop short only a few yards from the finish line. You couldn’t look away from him. You could see all the happiness you two had experienced over the past year swimming on the surface of his irises, reflecting the immense, profound love that he held for you. He was cheering, beckoning you forward excitedly, you could see his mouth moving, but you couldn’t hear what he was saying. It might have been “Come on!” or “You can do it!” or even just “I love you!”
Your eyes held his as you finally, finally crossed the finish line with a triumphant fist in the air, jogging straight to Marcus and falling into his arms with relief.
"We've got to stop meeting like this," you gasped tiredly. You said it to him after every race--a little inside joke between the two of you.
Marcus squeezed you tighter. "I wouldn't have it any other way." He grasped your shoulders, pulling you back to look at you. "I'd do it forever, even." He held your eyes as he slowly, slowly sank to one knee before you.
Oh, God. He was doing this here? Now? Your eyes immediately filled with tears that spilled over down your sweaty cheeks. Marcus blinked back a few tears of his own as he opened his mouth to speak.
"Yes!” You squealed, interrupting him, then swayed where you stood. “Marcus--I-I need to sit down before I fall down."
He shot up, taking you into his arms and lifting you to his chest with a laugh. "Shit--let's get you somewhere else." He carried you, bridal style, through the crowd.
"Marcus!" you squealed. "I'm so gross!"
"Mmmhmmmm," he replied, rubbing his cheek against your sweaty forehead.
"You disgusting, filthy man," you laughed, trying in vain to push his head away from yours.
He set you down on the curb where the crowd had thinned out, sitting beside you and throwing his arm around you. "You, uh, you didn't let me finish," Marcus said, softly. His eyes were guarded, cautious.
"It's an enthusiastic yes, Marcus." You blinked back a few more tears. “Definitely want to marry you.”
“Thank God,” he let out a shaky laugh and held you tighter. “Oh! Hang on--” he let go of you, pulling back and holding out your race medal. “Can’t forget this.” He hung it gently around your neck, trailing his fingers along the ribbon as he did. “There’s, ah, there’s something special about this particular medal. Turn it over.”
As soon as you picked it up, you saw the large emerald ring taped to the back of the medal. “God, Marcus, this is beautiful,” you said breathlessly. Fuck, it was huge--the beautiful green gem was surrounded by a circle of delicate diamonds, but it managed to be impressive without being overly gaudy or overstated--something you appreciated.
He slipped the ring out of the tape, and took your left hand in both of his. His hands, of course, dwarfed your own. One of his hands gently circled your wrist, thick fingers overlapping one another. The other gently caressed the back of your hand, taking special care around the knuckles, then carefully slipped the gorgeous band onto your ring finger. He covered your hand with his own, looking down as he caressed your fingers.
“This feels familiar,” you said softly, with a little huff of laughter.
Marcus smiled. “Thankfully no bruises this time.”
“Yeah-- and no scraped elbows to clean.”
Marcus raised his eyebrows, lifted his hands, and wiggled his fingers dramatically. “Still have these big hands, though,” he teased.
“You’re lucky I already said ‘yes.’” You rolled your eyes, playfully.
“What, no take-backs?” he joked.
Underneath his teasing; however, you could sense the rawness of his emotions behind the question.
You pinned him with a serious look, making sure he knew you meant what you were going to say. “Marcus, I wouldn’t want to take my answer back--not in a million years.”
“Or a million miles?” he smiled, capturing a sweaty cheek with his hand and guiding you towards his waiting mouth.
“Yeah, that too.”
Additional A/Ns:
Is it possible to cut 18 minutes off of your marathon time? Maybe, but I’ll probably never do it.
Why he chose an emerald ring: Marcus was OVERWHELMED at the jewelry store and when he saw the emerald, his last 2 brain cells went, "mmm bike trail has trees, trees are green," and that's about the extent of it. Don't judge him, he was so nervous!!!!!
Also, I want to make a note that Marcus in @the-ginger-hedge-witch's fic Read You Like a Book (the cornerstone of Marcus fics IMO) also got Anne an emerald ring and I assure you that was a weird coincidence and no intent to plagiarize or steal. This epilogue was already written when hers came out. I messaged her, she knows about it, and is fine with it. Now go read RYLAB if you haven't!
Marcus’s "breakup" in the show happened in 2014, so when they went to the White House it would have been during the Obama administration in 2015 and that's important for me to note 😂😂
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