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Since I’ve been loving you
Fezco x Female Reader
Tumblr media
Summary: The story of how Fez fell in love with his ray of sunshine
Word Count: 13.6K
Warnings: Drug use, mentions of sexual assault, anxiety and mental illness, mention of Nate Jacobs being an asshole and smut!
Fez was a picture of pure contentment as Rue practically skipped into the convenience store. The way the drug dealer stood, leaning against the wall with the beautiful woman draped over him, cemented him as one of the luckiest bastards in this small, cursed town. Anyone driving by could see it.
Rue smiled instinctively as she saw the couple, the blatant display of affection she still wasn’t quite used to seeing from good old, sweet and quiet Fezco, despite the fact that the couple had been together for years.
The two of them seemed meant to be, a concept she still had trouble wrapping her mind around.
Fezco and Stevie had a way about them, they always seemed to defy the odds. 
As soon as she saw the young girl walking towards the store, Stevie gasped, a bright smile growing on her face.
“Holy shit, Rue?” 
Rue waved weakly, but couldn’t help the laugh that escaped her as she was brought into a fiercely tight hug. Stevie was good that way. She had a way of making you feel like the most important person in the world. 
That was probably why Rue allowed her to hug her the way she did. Stevie was just about the only person who was allowed to treat Rue like the damaged person in serious need of love that she was.
Rue never felt threatened by her affection. She knew it was always genuine. 
“I’m so happy to see you.” Stevie gushed, still crushing her in tight grip. “How long have you been out?” 
“Like 5 days.” Rue shrugged.
Stevie finally let her out of her hug and planted a big kiss on her cheek. “You look amazing.” 
“Hey, there’s some new girl I think you’re gonna be friends with. She looked all sailor moon and shit, thought she looked like your kinda girl.” Fez drawled as he took a long drag of his cigarette.
“She seemed pretty cool.” Stevie told her, her bright smile, like the light of a thousand suns, never wavering. “So… how do you feel?” 
“Well, ever since I gave my life over to my lord and savior Jesus Christ, things have been like, really good.”
“Word? That’s what's up.” Fez responded, ever the supportive friend.
Stevie snickered, knowing exactly what Rue was pulling.
“I’m fucking with you, Fez.” Rue laughed, making the drug dealer scoff and shake his head in amusement.
“Well, I’m glad to see Rehab hasn’t stolen your Rue-ness.” Stevie nudged her playfully. 
“Speaking of, is Ashtray in the back?”
The question made the couple bristle and look at each other, sharing equal looks of uncertainty. That definitely hadn’t been the question they had been expecting from their newly rehabbed friend. 
“You serious?”
“What, you think ‘cause I went to rehab, I stayed clean?”
“Ain’t that the point?”
Rue looked at Fez like he was crazy and shook her head with a laugh. “Well, the world’s comin’ to an end and I haven’t even graduated highschool yet.” She commented as she stepped into the store to find Ashtray and the plethora of drugs he had to offer.
Stevie crossed her arms over her chest, her gaze following Rue, her expression falling into one of troubled worry. Turning to her boyfriend, she found the same concern written across his face.
“We should’ve stopped her, shouldn’t we?”
Fez sighed heavily, taking another drag of cigarette and shrugged. “Rue’s gonna do what she wants. We sure as hell ain’t gonna stop her.”
“We could.” 
“Stevie, c’mon, baby. There ain’t nothin’ you can do for someone who don’t want your help.” Fez told her and beckoned her closer. She stepped forward and perched herself in his lap, her eyes closing in contentment as he pressed a kiss to the top of her head.
“Don’t stress ‘bout it.”
“I know.” She mumbled, forcing herself not to dwell on the horrible feeling churning in her stomach, the worry she had for Rue, and nestled in closer to Fez, allowing herself to feel comforted by his arms around her.
That was how Rue found them as she exited the hidden freezer. Her lips twitched, a strange feeling of longing growing in her as she saw the couple curled up in each other, the perfect picture of a healthy relationship, one not common in this area. 
The story of Fez and Stevie was an interesting one, one that was the talk of the town for a long time. But despite all the gossip, no one could deny how perfect they were for each other.
Stevie was a rarity, that was for sure. She was just about the most genuine, real person Rue had ever met. It was no wonder she had found her way to Fez. On the outside, Stevie seemed too good for him, too prim and proper for a man like Fez, a man who made his living by selling drugs. 
But they didn’t know the full story.
Stevie was born to drug addicts. It was a miracle she was born healthy and functioning. Her mother certainly hadn’t been careful about making sure her baby was safe. She had smoked and drank throughout her pregnancy, not giving a damn about how it might affect her daughter.
With all the drugs her mother had pumped into her system ever since she was a teenager, her heart was weak, barely functioning without a daily line of cocaine. She couldn’t take the delivery.
Her mother’s heart stopped the second she came into the world. 
Her father, just as oblivious to the world as her mother had been, didn’t shed a tear the day her mother died. She wasn’t the love of his life, she was just a woman he had gotten pregnant. 
Her father, high as a kite the day she was born, thought it would be hilarious to give her a ridiculous name. He could barely breathe, he was laughing so hard, as he signed the birth certificate of his new, beautiful baby daughter ‘Steve’. 
Her father thought it was the funniest prank he ever pulled, no matter if it was at the expense of the person he was supposed to love and cherish the most.
By the time she was old enough to talk, she penned herself Stevie, albeit, with all the bitterness she possessed in her young body. She wanted to be named something lovely, something delicate like most girls she knew were named.
She wanted to be named Daisy or Lily, after a beautiful flower. She didn’t want to be the butt of a joke and she resented her father since the day she understood what the emotion resentment was.
She wanted nothing more than to meet the nurse that let her junkie father’s stupid joke slide and slap her across the face for the years of torment that damn ‘prank’ earned her.
Each first day of school from kindergarten to her senior year was hell. The mumbled and bitter ‘it’s Stevie’ each time the teacher called her given name made the others in class snicker and look at her just like her father wanted, as the butt of the joke.
She was almost thankful she didn’t have to grow up with that jackass.
A motorcycle accident when she was four years old took him away from her forever. She didn’t cry the day he died. She had no reaction as the woman who lived next door who was babysitting her fell to the floor in sobs as the cops at the door told her the news.
She didn’t cry as she was taken into the policewoman’s arms and brought to the station. She didn’t cry as a woman she didn’t know who claimed to be from Children and Family Services told her she was going to live somewhere else.
Stevie always wondered if that made her a bad person. 
At the age of five, after spending only a year in foster care, her prayers were answered as The Warren’s, a picturesque family, rescued her from the hell that was a life in the system. They were a put together, well-mannered couple who, by some unfortunate miracle, couldn’t have kids of their own.
They were nice enough. They didn’t abuse her, they didn’t neglect her like she was used to with her biological father. 
They were the embodiment of what she saw on a sitcom from the 1950s. Her father went to work, came home, opened a beer and watched tv while dinner was made for him. He never had to lift a finger, he never even had to look at his family. 
Her mother, the sweet woman that she was, always had her hair styled to perfection and pearls around her neck, no matter the occasion. She didn’t seem to mind having to cook everyday. She didn’t seem to mind having to do the dishes after every meal. In fact, she seemed happy to do it.
It made Stevie’s skin crawl.
She loved her parents, but not in the conventional sense. She loved them because she was grateful for the care they gave her. She loved them because they kept a roof over her head and put food on the table every day and gave her an education.
But she didn’t like them.
She hated that they never talked about her culture, where she came from. They wanted her to fit in with their white, nuclear family ideal. They were so scared that if they talked about her life before she was adopted by them, she’d remember all the bad memories of her living with her absent and addict of a father.
They didn’t know that she already had memories of him, bad memories she thought of daily. She never told them that. She never told them that she was old enough to remember her biological father and they never knew how that neglect she faced at a young age affected her her entire life.
She thought they were too soft, too naive to know the truth.
Stevie was always a pacifist, looking out for others, not wanting to stir up trouble in fear of making someone else’s life difficult, even if it meant her suffering. And she suffered a lot.
As a child, she had trouble making friends. She watched her peers easily create lasting connections, but she was always too scared to try. When she was seven years old, her mother put her in ballet classes and the night before the first recital, she had her first panic attack. 
By the time she was ten, panic attacks were a regular, practically weekly occurrence. Her parents, who had no idea what to do, who had no idea that they stemmed from the trauma she experienced as a child, threw her in therapy. 
She was medicated by the time was eleven, dosed with a heavy prescription of anti-anxiety medication in the hopes that she would maybe someday be a functioning member of society. 
In the eighth grade, Stevie had her first boyfriend. Nate Jacobs was a picture of perfection. He was the perfect boyfriend - well, whatever a boyfriend could mean when you were that young. 
He would hold her hand as he walked her home from school, planting a sweet and innocent peck to her lips as they said goodbye, he would sit and eat lunch with her, he would cheer her on at her soccer games. It was all so sweetly innocent. Until it wasn’t.
She lost her virginity to Nate Jacobs and he lost his to her. 
It soon went downhill. After they had sex, Nate became possessive, he became jealous and at times, he became downright mean. It scared Stevie, to see this other side of him she had never seen before. 
She was strategic, scared of his reaction, so she broke up with him the day school ended, right before she left for a family vacation for the summer so she didn’t have to face him or the wrath she feared he’d have against her.
Even after all these years, she made sure to stay clear of Nate Jacobs. She saw a darkness within him that she wanted no part of. 
Stevie had meaningless encounters with men throughout her young life. 
None of it meant anything like she thought it would.
She was a quiet, anxious person who was desperate to fit in. She didn’t have sex because she wanted to, she had sex because she felt like she had to. She loathed to have any trait that separated her from her peers, any reason for her to be ridiculed.
She had enough of them, her name, her parentage, her history, she didn’t want anything else to separate her from the pack.
She hooked up with boys from her class at parties, seeking validation she felt she’d never received before. Every fumble with boys was a manifestation of her twisted daddy issues, something she was sure no one even knew she had. 
By the time high school came around, she had a good group of friends. She was known as the quiet, slightly awkward member of the group but she had a heart of gold no one could deny. 
She listened to Cassie talk about falling in love with a boy from their class. 
She listened to Kat fantasize about a man who didn’t exist but would treat her like a queen. 
She listened to Maddy have unrealistic standards of boys in their grade.
Rue and Lexi at least didn’t talk about boys. They didn’t seem to care, something she appreciated greatly.
Sevie thought she was the only one who was aware of what the reality was of what boys were like at their age. She expected average, she expected to be disappointed. It was the only thing she knew.
It wasn’t until she met Fez that her standards changed drastically.
She met him the first day of her sophomore year. She had thankfully skipped a grade, something her parents had boasted about at every family function for the next year. Stevie was just relieved because it got her further away from Nate Jacobs and the constant scowls he had on his face whenever he looked at her.
Stevie sat next to Fez in biology, the course he struggled with the most. As she took her seat next to him, she smiled, a quick and nervous smile, but it lingered with Fez to this day, even after all the time they had been together. 
He thought she was the sweetest person he’d ever met and he knew it since that first smile. He knew he was doomed since that first smile.
As the teacher went through attendance and called her name, picturing a well to do young man in her place, forcing her to correct the male name to the one she gave herself monotonously, Fez was the only one to not snicker at her expense. 
She always remembered that.
One day, just two weeks into class, as they worked on a pop quiz, Stevie finished quickly and moved to the front of the room to hand in her work. As she walked back to her seat, she noticed Fez scratching at the back of his head nervously, his tormented and stressed gaze locked onto the paper in front of him. 
Her eyes lingered on his quiz as she passed, noticing the question he was stuck on. She grabbed her backpack, throwing it over her shoulder and as she moved to the front of the class to exit, she turned on her heel, clearing her throat to subtly gain his attention.
His eyes lifted at the sound, meeting her playful gaze. 
“B.” She mouthed, giving him the answer to the question he was struggling with. 
Fez perked up in his seat, looking back at her with a bewildered expression. She just raised an eyebrow, a smirk growing on her lips. Fez eagerly looked back down at the quiz and circled in ‘B’. 
At lunch time, Fez elbowed his way through the crowds, desperate to find his savior. He found her sitting at a table by herself, her nose buried in a book, her headphones planted over her ears. 
He approached her nervously, his fingers anxiously playing with the strap of his backpack over his one shoulder. 
“Hey,” He called out softly. 
She looked up at him, her brows furrowing in confusion. “Hey.” She said, taking off her headphones.
“Thanks for helpin’ me out in class.”
“Oh… that was nothing.” She waved him off, downplaying her actions, something Fez hated in that moment. It was something he hated even years into dating. 
“Nah, wasn’t nothin’. You saved my ass back there. If I got another fail I’d be in some deep shit.” 
Stevie smiled shyly, not used to the praise she was getting. 
“I’ve never seen you ‘round before. You new in town?” 
“No, I uhh, I skipped a grade.” Stevie admitted shyly, slightly worried her explanation would come off as bragging. 
“Damn, really? So, You’re like, smart smart, huh?” 
“I just… I dunno, I guess so.” She shrugged, unsure of how to respond to his niceness. “I could… help you out, if you want.” She offered before she even knew what she was saying.
“Yeah?” Fez looked at her in surprise. He hadn’t expected such a request from her. He could tell she was shy, that she was the kind of person who liked to keep to herself. “You don’t gotta. Think I’m pretty much hopeless with that science shit.”
“No, you just have to have the right teacher.” 
Fez looked down at her, biting his lip to repress the smirk of amusement that threatened to grow. “You don’t mind?”
“Of course not.” She smiled widely, ignoring every anxious instinct that told her to keep to herself. 
“Cool.” Fez nodded, smiling lightly. “I’m Fez.”
“Stevie.” He repeated slowly, a smile forming on his lips. “That’s a pretty dope name.” 
A wide smile grew, her heart racing in her chest at his words, a compliment she knew he didn’t realize how much meant to her. 
That was the beginning of their friendship. 
Fez would meet Stevie at the library, always showing up ten minutes early to their tutoring sessions. He didn’t understand why, but those sessions with her were the only time he showed an interest in school at all. She had a way of talking him through the things he didn’t understand without making him feel stupid, something his teachers throughout the years hadn’t managed. 
Fez thought about dropping out of school all the time. He later realized the only reason he lasted so long was so he could keep seeing Stevie everyday. 
They met up every Monday and Wednesday after school and it soon became something they both looked forward to. Their friendship developed quickly and easily. 
They found themselves in some sessions not even opening their books. They would spend hours talking and for someone like Fez, who spent his entire life only putting forth few words when needed, it was monumental. 
He found he liked the way she talked about life. 
Fez soon realized how easy she was to talk to and Stevie soon realized how unlike Fez was from the other boys at school. He listened to her when she spoke. His eyes wouldn’t wander down her shirt as she spoke, he wouldn’t make a pass at her, hoping to get into pants. 
Fez loved that Stevie didn’t judge him when he talked about wanting to drop out. He appreciated that she didn’t look down on him like so many others did.
“I don’t blame you. I get it, I’m counting down the days until I can get out of this hell hole.”
“But you’re smart, you ain’t got nothin’ to worry about here.”
“Being smart doesn't mean I have it all figured out. I feel like I’m just going through the motions here, just waiting for it to be over.”
Fez looked at her intently, feeling his stomach doing a strange flipping feeling, one he had never felt before. 
He had never heard his own feelings put to words so perfectly. 
“Damn.” He mumbled, shaking his head in slight disbelief, a small smile growing across his lips. “You really a genius, huh?”
Stevie laughed and nudged him lightly, mumbling a quiet and bashful ‘shut up’. 
One day, they had lost track of time talking and, before they knew it, the library was closing. Looking at the time on her phone, she cursed under her breath, knowing her mom would have stern words for her when she got home hours later than she said she would be home.
“I gotta go.” She announced, closing the open book they had only read one page from and ignored for the rest of the time. 
Fez watched her pack up her things, disappointed but already looking forward to their next session.
“You need a ride?”
“No, I’m good, I got my bike.” She said with a bright smile as she slung her backpack over her shoulder. “I’ll see you tomorrow.” 
Before Fez could even form his next sentence, she leaned down and kissed his cheek. He was left to sit there with his face blank, all words gone from his brain, his wide-eyed gaze locked on her until she was out of sight.
Fez knew she was an affectionate person, he had seen her kiss her friends on their cheeks many times and he knew that was her way of showing she cared for them. He felt honoured to be one of them.
He just wished it had been more than just platonic. 
They found themselves texting each other every day, their eyes glued to their phones all hours of the night as they talked about random things they thought of. None of it meant much, but it meant the world to them.
“Huh?” She looked up from her phone to catch her mother’s disapproving glare. 
“Phone away at the table.” 
“Sorry.” She mumbled and placed her phone down, continuing to eat the dinner in front of her. When her phone buzzed, her eyes locked onto it, trying to read the text Fez had just sent her on her lock screen before it faded to black.
“Stevie, what is so important that you’re ignoring us?” Her mother called out impatiently. 
“Who’s Fez?” Her father asked, his head craned towards her, his narrowed gaze on her phone screen.
“You’re texting a boy?” Her mother asked, her annoyed expression now one of excitement.
“He’s in my class. I’m tutoring him.”
“Oh, so you’re texting about school, then?” 
Stevie’s eyes flickered between both her parents and their waiting gazes. “Yeah, we have a test coming up.” She answered swiftly, her heart pounding in her chest as she lied. 
Her parents shared a look, neither one of them believing her answer, the nervous tone of her voice gave it away instantly, but they didn’t say anything. They spent the rest of the dinner in silence and as soon as Stevie placed her plate in the dishwasher, she was racing up the stairs, ignoring her mother’s scolding for running in the house.
Closing her bedroom door, she flopped onto her bed and pulled her phone out from her pocket, a smile gracing her lips effortlessly as she finally read Fez’s latest text. 
Their friendship was progressing quickly and despite the fact that there were things in both their lives they kept private, not yet divulging to the other, they both felt as though they could tell the other.
They were at a point of no return, where it would be impossible for them to go back to the way things were before the beginning of the semester. They wouldn’t be leaving each other’s lives any time soon, not if they both could help it.
One Wednesday, Stevie was running late to their tutoring sessions and she was practically jogging through the halls, while still being mindful not to draw too much attention to herself. She was panting with exertion as she made her way inside the library and she began to make her way through the maze of stacks to get to their usual spot.
She stopped in her tracks, her eyes going wide as she saw Fez do a not-so-subtle handshake with a senior football player, the exchange clear to her. 
With the interaction finished, Fez pocketed the money and turned on his heel, finally meeting Stevie’s bewildered gaze. His heart dropped to his stomach as he knew he was caught red handed. 
He never wanted to divulge this part of his life with her. It was the part of him that always stopped his thoughts of her from wandering into that territory. It was the part of him that made him certain she was too good for him to even be thinking of her in any romantic capacity.
“Hey.” He called out, plastering on a fake smile, though it was weak, portraying just how scared he was of what would come next.
He expected the inevitable look of disgust, the toss of her hair over her shoulder as she turned her back on him and stormed off. 
But none of that came.
“You ready to study?”
Fez’s brows furrowed at her words and he looked at her incredulously, briefly wondering if he had imagined the look on her face when he had first turned around. He wondered, incredibly hopefully, that his cover wasn’t blown, that she hadn’t seen the true him.
But he could tell she had. She was withdrawn from him, her eyes barely able to meet his. He knew he fucked up. 
They walked to their usual table, Fez stealing looks at her every few seconds, his heart still racing, still reeling from getting caught. 
“You ain’t gonna ask ‘bout all that?” Fez asked quietly, wincing slightly as he prepared himself for the barrage of insults he worried would come his way. He’d heard all of them before, the petty names of ‘junkie’, ‘low-life’, ‘dumbass’. But he knew he couldn’t handle hearing it from her.
“Don’t think it’s any of my business.” 
The sentence, no matter how simple, practically knocked Fez off his feet. 
“But… I don’t-...” He stammered, unable to put words together to convey just what he was feeling in that moment. “You still wanna tutor me?” He asked, his voice laced with worry. He feared she would end this and he wouldn’t get this treasured time with her.
“Of course I do.”
“You… you ain’t… judgin’ me ‘cause’a that?” He asked, still in disbelief by her calmness.
To be honest, what she saw scared her. But Stevie wasn’t one to be hesitant around drugs, her upbringing made sure of that. If anything, the only thing that terrified her was Fez getting in trouble. If he got caught, he’d be far out of her life.
“Everyone has to make a living.” She stated simply with a shrug. 
Stevie kept her head down, her eyes focused on the textbooks she brought out of her backpack as she flipped through the pages to get to the chapter she and Fez were working on. As she moved, she felt his eyes on her. 
Turning her head slowly, her gaze met his and she smiled lightly, feeling her heart flip at the amazed look in his eyes as he stared at her. 
No one had ever looked at her like that.
Fez cleared his throat and scratched the back of his head nervously, unsure of what to think of the new feelings surging within him. He pulled his chair closer to her, his arm brushing against hers and they both ignored their racing hearts, both overwhelmed at how such a simple touch set them alight.
From there, it was getting harder and harder for Fez to ignore the thoughts of her that were constantly swirling around in his head
As he worked at the store, he looked at the selection of candy before him, wondering which one was her favourite. As he watched tv, he wondered if she ever saw the show he was watching, he wondered if it made her laugh like it did to him. As he drove and a song played on the radio, he wondered if she had ever heard it, if she liked it.
He wanted to know these things about her. He wanted to know everything about her.
On a friday night, Fez was working at the store, Ash at his side as the young kid sat on the counter, rolling joints like a pro. 
He could hear the girlish giggles from around the corner and he sighed heavily, preparing himself for the onslaught of annoyance that came with young high school girls who thought they were playing out a Tarantino fantasy as they asked for drugs. 
But he was pleasantly surprised as he noticed a familiar face in the group of girls. 
Stevie scanned the aisles, grabbing a bag of cheetos and a can of cherry cola, ignoring the droning of Maddy as she continued to talk about Nate Jacobs. 
Maddy didn’t know about her brief relationship with the man and while Stevie wanted to warn Maddy about Nate and his toxic traits, she was hesitant to tell Maddy that she had a history with the man she was crushing on hard. Her friend could be temperamental at times and that was putting it lightly. 
She looked up, her passive expression morphing into one of surprise as she saw Fez at the counter.
“Hey, I didn’t know you worked here.” She grinned as she stepped towards the counter, ignoring the confused looks her friends sent her. 
“It’s a family business.” 
“Is this your brother?”
“Yeah, this is Ashtray.” 
Stevie’s brows raised in surprise at the name, but she didn’t exactly feel like the person to judge anyone’s name. 
“Nice to meet you, Ashtray.” She said politely to the kid who looked over his shoulder at her and nodded in greeting.
Stevie laughed slightly, the child the embodiment of a twenty-something drug dealer. She turned back to Fez, biting her lip nervously.
“So my parents are out of town this weekend and I’m having a party at my place tomorrow night. You should come.” 
“For real?”
“Yeah, why?”
“Dunno, you just… don’t seem like the type to disobey your parents.” 
Stevie’s expression fell, her chest aching with an uncomfortable feeling that was all too familiar for her. Noticing the change in her expression, Fez stood up straighter, worry coursing through him that he’d made a grave mistake.
“Sorry, didn’t mean shit by that. Just… you seem like one of the good ones.” 
“Well, I won’t be shooting up heroin in the bathroom, but I still know how to have fun. I’m not a total prude.” 
Fez chuckled, taken aback by her blunt words, but he found he liked it. She was slowly showing parts of her, the real her, that both surprised and delighted him.  
“Nah, didn’t think you were.” The way she reacted to his drug dealing certainly proved that. “But, umm, I'd love to go.” He said, hoping he didn’t sound as nervous to her as he did to his own ears. And he wasn’t about to tell her that he showed up to every party to deal. 
Stevie smiled and grabbed his hand, making his smile falter as he stared down at her in shock. It wasn’t until she grabbed the marker on the counter beside him that he understood and he watched, entranced, as she wrote her address on his palm. 
“Stevie, come on, let’s go.” Kat called out, the group of them ready to go. 
Slightly disappointed, Stevie stepped away from the counter, smiling at Fez. “I’ll see you tomorrow.” 
“Yeah, see you.” 
As Stevie left the store, fighting the urge to look back over her shoulder at him, she heard Ashtray’s mumbled voice.
“That’s Stevie?”
She bit her lip, her stomach flipping at the knowledge that Fez had talked about her. 
“What’s up with you?” 
Stevie was startled out of her daze and looked at Cassie who was eyeing her suspiciously, though the coy smile on her face was telling that she knew exactly what was going on.
“Since when are you friends with Fez?”
“We have bio together.” She shrugged innocently, not yet ready to divulge just what she felt for the quiet drug dealer. 
Cassie’s knowing smirk made Stevie blush and she quickened her steps to get to the car faster and end the conversation. 
By the next night, her house was crawling with teenagers, most she didn’t even know. She never understood how parties got this crazy. Looking around the crowds, she kept her head on a swivel, looking for the one person she was desperately wanting to see.
She felt nervous at the prospect of seeing Fez in such a casual way, one that had nothing to do with their tutoring arrangement. She downed the spiked fruity punch in her cup in one swallow and quickly made her way to the kitchen to get more to sate her nerves. 
When Fez arrived at the party, he was on the lookout, his eyes scanning every face that passed him in search of her. 
It took awhile to get through the crowds but he eventually found her. He smiled at the sight of her, a strange feeling settling within him as he watched her laugh, leaning heavily on Rue for stability as her laugh shook her entire body. Fez was enamored with the sight.
She was quiet around him but he got the feeling she was the type of person to give you her all once you had her trust. He longed for the day she could laugh like that with him. 
He stepped into the kitchen, sending a node to Rue who greeted him happily, equating his presence to an incoming drug haul. 
“Hey, you came!” Stevie called out excitedly over the loud music. Without a thought, she stepped forward eagerly and practically jumped into his arms. 
Fez was stunned by the tight hug and his arms floundered for a second before he snapped out of his daze and hugged her back. 
Rue watched, her face creased in confusion as she saw the expression on Fez’s face change. His usual passive and uncaring demeanor was nowhere to be found. He looked downright gleeful in that hug. 
Rue placed her hand over her mouth to hide her laugh. 
As the two pulled away from the hug, their eyes met and they shared a small smile, the both of them nervous as any teen with their crush would be. 
“You, uhh, you look great.” Fez stuttered, cursing himself for the hitch in his voice but when he saw the blush bloom on her cheeks, his humiliation quickly turned into triumph.
“Thanks.” Stevie said as she curled a strand of hair behind her ear, a nervous tick she’d had since she was a kid. 
“You two know each other?” Rue asked, eyeing the drug dealer wearily. She knew her friend didn’t partake in hard drugs, nothing more than weed, and she found it hard to believe they would be close friends.
“She’s helpin’ me with school.” 
“Oh, cool.”
“Do you want a drink?” Stevie asked, quickly changing the conversation. She knew how uncomfortable Fez felt talking about school, something that was a big insecurity for him. He nodded and followed her to the table stacked full of alcohol.
“Hey, so I was wonderin’ if maybe, on Monday, if you wanna study at my place, ‘stead of the library.”
Stevie looked at him, her heart racing, her mind running wild as she thought of what he could possibly mean by his proposition. Surely, it had to mean more than just studying, right? She was sure Fez never did anything with a hidden meaning, he was the type to tell people what he meant, straightforwardly, but she couldn’t help but hope.
Suddenly realizing she hadn’t said a word and Fez was looking at her, nervously awaiting her answer, she shook herself out of her thoughts.
“Yeah, yeah, of course.” She replied, hoping she didn’t sound as eager as she worried she did. 
“Cool.” Fez nodded, his lips twitching upwards. 
Suddenly, the sound of a loud crash from the other room broke the moment. Stevie sighed heavily, rolling her eyes in frustration.
“Fuck, I gotta go deal with that.” Stevie said and began to make her way out of the room but turned on her heel to look back at him, only to find his eyes still on her. “I’ll be back.”
Fez nodded and continued to watch her leave. 
It wasn’t until Rue laughed that he was forced out of his trance-like state. 
“Damn, you got it bad, Fez.” 
“The hell you on about, Rue?” 
“You and Stevie. You in love with her or something?”
Fez shook his head, ignoring the way his heart jumped at her accusation. 
“You’re crazy, bro. You know that?” 
“Oh come on.” Rue admonished with a roll of her eyes. “Your eyes turn into cartoon hearts when you look at her. You’re whipped, dude.” 
Fez didn’t have a response. He had no rebuttal because it was true. He couldn’t deny how he looked at her, he couldn’t deny the strange feelings within him whenever he thought about her. He couldn’t deny what Rue was teasing him about.
“Holy shit, you’re really in it, aren’t you?” Rue asked in disbelief, noting that he had no teasing comeback. He was serious in what he felt, something she’d never seen from him before.
“Fuck,” Fez sighed, scratching the back of his head. “Don’t say shit ‘bout it, kay?” 
She could see how agitated he was getting at the prospect of her telling on him and her expression of shock never wavered, she had never seen Fez so worked up before. 
“Alright, I got you. But it’s gonna cost you.”
Fez sighed heavily, regretting not walking away from Rue when he had the chance. “Fuckin’ hell, Rue, you know I ain’t givin’ you shit for free.”
“Not free, just a discount.” Rue offered, giving him an innocent smile.
“Shit, you know you owe me like a hundred bucks already, right?” 
Rue opened her mouth to argue back, but it quickly shut when she realized Fez was right. He scoffed in amusement and clapped his hand on Rue’s shoulder as he passed her and began to make his way into the hoard of people in search of Stevie. 
Across the house, with her arms full of vases, Stevie pushed her way through the crowds to get to her room. She knew her mom would freak out if she came home to find her best crystal shattered. 
The music was muted upstairs, away from the chaos the main floor held. She pushed the valuables under her bed, making a note to remember to put them back tomorrow before her parents got home and realized what had happened in their absence. 
Stevie jumped in fright and turned abruptly, placing a hand over her racing heart. A cute guy stood in her doorway, a charming smile plastered on his face.
“Shit, sorry, didn’t mean to scare you.”
“That’s ok, I just wasn’t expecting you.” Stevie assured him, shifting on her feet, feeling slightly uncomfortable in his presence. “The bathroom’s down the hall.”
“I wasn’t looking for the bathroom. I was looking for you.”
Stevie’s hackles raised immediately and she crossed her arms over her chest protectively. “For me?”
“Yeah, I’ve seen you ‘round, thought I’d finally make my move.”
Stevie looked at him in confusion, her expression one of shock and hesitance, weary of what brought him up to her room. 
“I’m Jeff, we have english together.”
“Oh right, sorry. I think I’ve had too much to drink tonight.” 
“Nah, that’s ok.” He smiled and began to slowly make his way into her room, closing the door behind him.
Stevie’s shoulders tensed, her eyes zeroing in on the closed door. A sense of dread began to overtake her and she felt the hairs on the back of her neck stand at attention as every instinct told her to get out of the room as quickly as possible.
Downstairs, Fez was still on his quest to find her. He was stopped multiple times by other party goers looking to buy drugs off of him. He didn’t care that he was making money, he was only getting annoyed that they all kept slowing him down.
Fez began to make his way up the stairs, his eyes falling over every picture that lined the walls. He smiled to himself at the sight of her childhood self, noting that she looked nothing like her parents. 
He wondered why that was something she had never talked about before. 
As he got to the upper level, he flinched slightly at the sound of a slamming door. His brows furrowed, his expression morphing into one of concern as he saw Stevie storming down the narrow hallway, her face dark like a thundercloud, a look he had never seen on her face before, a look he could never even fathom on her face before.
“Hey, you alright?”
His words seemed to startle her and she looked up at him, her dark expression changing into one of fear and it made Fez’s stomach twist uncomfortably. He never wanted her to look at him like that.
He stepped closer to her, his senses now on high alert.
“What’s wrong?” He asked, his voice low with worry. 
“Nothing, I’m fine.” 
He raised a questioning brow, knowing she was trying to blow off his question. “You sure you’re-”
“I’m gonna get another drink, you need one?”
Fez faltered for a moment, taken aback by her obvious brush off. “Nah, I’m good. You wanna talk-”
“I’ll meet up with you later.” She interrupted his questions of concern again, giving him a fake smile and breezed past him to make her way down the stairs. 
Fez watched her go, feeling as though his heart cracked more with each step she took away from him. He ran a hand over his face and sighed heavily, trying to wrack his brain for a reason, if there was something he’d said that ruined her night.
The sound of a door opening behind him broke him out of his thoughts and he looked over his shoulder, his entire body going rigid, his blood running cold as a preppy looking douchebag came out of the same room he’d seen Stevie exiting from.
The man gave Fez a jovial smirk as he fixed his jacket which was askew on his frame, evident that he’d thrown it on hurriedly. 
Fez felt his hands clench into fists as his mind raced with the thousands of possibilities of what that interaction meant. He didn’t know what happened in that room, but one thing was for sure, he hated the smug smile on that douchebag’s face.
Downstairs, Stevie found solace outside, her shaking hands trying and failing to light the joint at her lips.
“You need some help?” 
Stevie jumped and cursed under her breath. “The fuck, Rue? Where the hell did you come from?”
“I’ve been out here this whole time watching you struggle. You good?”
“I’m fine.”
“Where were you? I think Fez was looking for you.” Rue teased as she moved to sit next to her on the grass. 
“I saw him.” She answered monotonously. 
Rue eyed her friend curiously, noting the clipped tone of her voice, one so unlike the Stevie she knew. 
“Did something happen? Cause if Fez overstepped a boundary you know I have no trouble getting my hands dirty. I’d take him by the shoulders and just- pow!” Rue mimicked a groin-kicking motion, though it did nothing to make Stevie crack a smile.
“No, Fez is fine.” She said quietly. 
Rue’s face turned serious, all traces of joking, she even felt more sober at the very quickly unfolding reality that something was seriously wrong with her friend.
“Who did something?” She asked, having a pretty good, yet horrendous idea about what had her looking so haunted.
Stevie turned her head, looking at Rue head on for the first time in the interaction. She looked almost scared that Rue had correctly guessed just what had her shaken.
The young woman sighed and leaned back in the grass, tossing her joint to the side, giving up on lighting the damn thing. Rue laid back with her, scooting in closer so her shoulder brushed against hers, awaiting her explanation with bated breath.
“Some guy from my english class.”
“Shit.” Rue whispered, placing a hand over her eyes as she winced. “We can go to the police and nail that asshole to-”
“He didn’t rape me.” Stevie interrupted, stopping to revenge train Rue was full steam ahead on. “He wanted to, I’m sure, but I… I shoved him off before he…”
Rue remained silent, taking in her words with a heavy feeling settling on her chest. She felt disgusted, she felt beyond angry and she felt sad that her friend, the sweetest fucking person she knew on this planet had to go through something so twisted. 
“I just don’t get it.” 
“Don’t get what?”
Stevie let out a ragged breath, her mind replaying the incident over and over again. “I said no so many times and it… meant nothing to him.” 
Rue squeezed her eyes shut, loathing to hear the details. 
“I know I’m overreacting, It could’ve been a lot worse. Girls have been through a lot worse and here I am freaking out over nothing.” 
“It’s not nothing.” Rue said fiercely. “That asshole violated you. It doesn't matter if it went all the way or not. It’s fucking wrong.” 
Stevie felt her eyes sting and she settled for just nodding in response, not trusting her voice not to break if she spoke. 
Reaching into her pocket, Rue pulled out one of the few remaining pills she had. She wordlessly handed one over to her friend. Stevie looked down at the small white, seemingly completely innocent pill she knew was anything but innocent.
“You wanna forget tonight ever happened, right?”
Stevie nodded and without any more explanation or thought about the matter or the possible consequences, she grabbed the pill and dry swallowed it like it was her only salvation. She let her eyes fall closed, preparing herself to forget about the disastrous night.
It didn’t take long for the drug to start affecting her.
The world turned on its side and she hummed softly as pure relaxation settled over her. Behind her closed eyes she pictured Fez and despite what had happened that night, she felt herself smile. 
By Monday, as Stevie was walking into her last class of the day, english class, she felt a pit of dread as heavy as lead in her stomach at the thought of seeing the man who had pushed her too far. 
She kept her head down as she took her seat, but her brain, as if trying to torture her, couldn’t help but force her to look up each time someone entered the classroom. As Jeff finally made his way into the room, Stevie’s lips parted, her jaw falling slack with shock.
The teenager’s face was black and blue, his bottom lip swollen nearly tripled its normal size, his left eye almost completely swollen shut. 
Throughout the entire class, Stevie couldn’t keep her eyes off of the guy, drinking in every last inch of his bruised face with a delight that should’ve been off putting to her, but honestly, it was just downright satisfying to see him busted up.
As the final bell rang, she eagerly made her way out of class, a strange sense of happiness she didn’t have at the beginning of the day coursing through her. She saw Fez waiting by the front doors and she waved when his eyes found hers. 
She navigated her way through the throngs of people to get to Fez, not noticing how he watched her fondly. Her smile was dazzling as she made her way to him and Fez couldn’t help but find his own smile growing at the sight of her.
“Hey, how was your day?”
Stevie laughed slightly, still not quite used to his genuine nature. 
“As good as it can be here.” 
“Yeah, I feel you. You ready to go?” 
She nodded eagerly, her heart beginning to race within her chest at the prospect of going to his house. 
As she moved to follow Fez to his car, she noticed his shoulders tense. Turning her head, she saw Jeff passing by them. The injured man’s eyes widened when he saw Fez and they averted to the ground, not daring to look at her as he practically scurried past them. 
She watched the scared man leave, her eyes narrowing as the pieces began to fall into place. Her gaze moved to Fez and when he refused to meet her eyes, she knew she had her answer. 
Fez was the one who put those bruises on Jeff’s face.
They wordlessly got into his car, neither one of them commenting on the situation at hand as the car was started and they pulled out of the parking lot. 
Stevie was taken aback, wondering why the hell Fez had done what he did. She couldn’t help but feel her stomach twisting with excitement at the mere thought that he had done it for her. She didn’t think she’d be the type of girl to swoon over violence, but Fez was making her feel like she didn’t even know herself anymore, but in the best way possible.
“It was you, right?” She finally blurted out, desperate to break the tense silence that was driving her crazy. 
“What?” He asked as he shared a brief glance with her before quickly averting his eyes back to the road. He knew exactly what she was asking, but he was reluctant to speak on it, suddenly fearing that he’d overstepped, that he grossly misread the situation. 
“You beat the shit out of Jeff.” 
Fez just shrugged, trying to hide his nervousness. “Asshole had it comin’.”
Fez just shrugged again, not willing to say what he feared that scum of a man had done to her at her party. He became furious just thinking of it.
“Did he do something to you?” 
He couldn’t help but laugh, a soft sound of shock that he couldn’t hold back. It was obvious to him that something had happened at her party, something deeply upsetting and here she was, concerned for him. 
“You serious?”
Stevie was even more confused and she shifted in the passenger seat, worried this would spiral into a conflict she had no idea how to deal with. The shock and anger in his voice scared her, not because she worried he would hurt her, but the idea of being on his bad side, of being someone he no longer wanted around, was terrifying to her.
“I know that asshole did somethin’ to you at your party.” 
She opened her mouth, but no words escaped her and she was left to gape at him. 
“He left your room right after you. Knew you were actin’ weird, knew he hurt you.” 
“And you beat him up because of it?” 
“You angry?” He asked, his voice low with barely contained worry. 
“No, why would I be?”
“Cause I beat the shit outta your boyfriend.” 
“He’s not my boyfriend.” She corrected quickly, desperate for Fez to know she wasn’t a taken woman, especially not for a man like Jeff. 
Fez just nodded slowly, trying not to show how elated he felt at the knowledge of her lack of relationship. But there was still one burning question that wouldn’t leave his mind, no matter how much he feared to know the harsh truth. 
“So what the hell did he do to you?”
Stevie opened her mouth to refuse that there was ever a problem with that night, that there hadn’t been a fear inducing moment with that asshole, but Fez beat her to it.
“And don’t give me any shit, kay? I know you, Stevie, I know you were upset that night and I know it has somethin’ to do with that asshole.”
She was left to stare at her shoes, refusing to meet his eyes. She didn’t think she could look into those deep pools of blue that captivated her so greatly as she told him about that night. 
“It’s not…” She began but trailed off, sighing heavily as she tried to buck up the courage to say the words to the one person she really did not want knowing. “It’s not that bad. He just… it took him some time to understand the meaning of the word ‘no’.” She admitted quietly, her fingers picking at a thread on her jeans anxiously. 
The car came to an abrupt halt, a flurry of horns sounding from pissed off drivers behind them. Fez then cranked the wheel, maneuvering a rapid u-turn.
“What the hell are you doing?”
“Gotta teach that playboy a lesson. Fucker can’t be walkin’ ‘round after that shit.” Fez said, his voice low and simmering with anger.
Stevie had to ignore the feeling that bloomed in her stomach that was definitely not anger.
“You already beat him up, what else are you gonna do, kill him?” 
“Would be doin’ the world a favor.”
“Fez, stop. Just leave it alone.”
“Why?” He yelled, angered beyond belief by her insistence. He wanted to see the man suffer for what he did. 
“Because you’re not going to prison over me!” 
His jaw clenched, his teeth grinding together so hard it was a wonder his teeth didn’t crack from the pressure. His hands clenched on the wheel tightly, his bruised knuckles turning white. 
“Fez, please.” She pleaded, her voice softer, portraying just how worried she was.
With a heavy exhale, Fez eased his foot off the gas pedal and put his blinker on to turn around, seizing his rampage for revenge. 
Stevie let out a loud breath and slumped back in her seat, running a hand through her hair that was tangled from the wind breezing in from the open window. Fez looked over at her, his chest tightening at the sight of her looking so stressed. 
“I’m sorry.” He said quietly, shamefully. “Didn’t mean to scare you.”
“You didn’t scare me.” She assured him, looking over at him with reverence. “You could never scare me.” 
Fez felt his throat go tight, like he could no longer breathe. It was quiet in the car, the radio playing on a low volume the only sound between them as he tried hard to force his brain that felt like it was short-circuiting to think of something to say to her. 
It was silent between them for a few minutes before Fez finally gained the courage to speak again.
“I’m sorry he did that to you.” 
Stevie felt her heart swell at the genuineness in his voice, one that always blew her away because it was something she seldom ever heard from anyone else in her life. 
“It’s ok. I’m fine, I’ll move on.” 
Fez frowned and looked over at her. “Yeah, well, I think..” He cleared his throat, shifting in his seat nervously. “Think at the next party, you should stick with me.” 
Stevie felt her lips twitch, wanting so badly to grin like a madman as happiness swelled within her, pushing down every anxious thought she had just seconds ago. She was amazed how he could turn her to mush with such innocent words.
“I can do that.” 
As the car pulled into the lot in front of his apartment complex, the energy around them had flipped, a lighter air around them now that everything had been aired out. Stevie still felt as though a cinder block was resting on her chest as she thought about everything that had happened on the weekend.
She was an anxious person and stewing about events were a constant. 
But with Fez, it seemed easier to brush them off. It seemed easier to think of anything bad as a nothing but a fleeting, passing thought.
She couldn’t help but look around, drinking in every inch of his home, hoping it would tell her everything she needed to know about the guy she was quickly falling for. He guided her to the couch and they got their textbooks out, making her shoulders slump in disappointment. 
She should’ve known this was truly just to study. 
Stevie tried her hardest to focus on the words on the pages in front of her and answer every question Fez had about the homework for the night, but her mind was scattered. On one hand, she wanted nothing more than to confide in Fez about all the bad shit she was feeling. But on the other hand, scaring him off was the last thing she wanted to do.
And letting the skeletons in her closet roam free for him to see was something she definitely couldn’t do if she wanted to be desirable to the man. 
She didn’t want to screw this up. 
But, Fez, someone who had been observant all his life, knew something was nagging at her.
“You ok, you seem lost.” 
“I think I’m a bad person.” Stevie said before she could second guess herself. Her desire to get things off her chest outweighing her insecurities. 
Fez looked over at her, his face twisted with disbelief. “That’s bullshit. You’re the coolest fuckin’ girl I’ve ever met. And you’re dealin’ with me, there’s no way you a bad person.”
Stevie laughed softly at his words, though it was weak, like she wasn’t convinced. Her smile slowly faded as she thought about the past weekend and the many things that had happened that made her look back in regret.
“I did oxy with Rue at my party.” She blurted out before she could stop herself.
Fez’s eyes widened and an instant shock of protectiveness swelled within him at the thought of her spiraling down a dark path of addiction. He wanted to shield her from everything bad in this world and the thought of her getting hurt because of his own supply made his chest ache in a way it never had before.
“Shit.” Was all he was able to say. 
“I don’t- I’m not like going crazy to do it again. It was cool, but… I dunno, I think it just stressed me out more than anything.”
Fez blew out a long breath, feeling like he could relax knowing she wasn’t about to start asking him for drugs now. He didn’t think he could live with himself if he sold to her and ruined her life. 
“Wait, that why you think you’re a bad person?” He asked, looking over at her with disbelief.
She floundered for a few seconds before nodding slowly. 
“Both my parents - my birth parents - are dead because of drugs. But one of my best friends in the world is an addict. You deal drugs and I love spending time with you.” Her words made his heart jump and he fought hard not to show just how fucking elated he felt.
“I should hate drugs, I shouldn’t be experimenting, I shouldn’t feel so… neutral about them.” 
Fez felt out of his element, but he would be damned if he didn’t try his hardest to soothe every worry in her mind that to him, had no business tarnishing any part of her beautiful spirit. 
“You don’t gotta base your entire life ‘round other people, even your family. You’re a person, your own person and you gonna do what you want. You gotta live your life without worryin’ what other people think.”
Stevie was pleasantly surprised by his words. His very Fez-like delivery made her smile, holding back a smirk, but she couldn’t deny that what he was saying made sense. 
“And you’re last person capable of bein’ bad.” He added, suddenly feeling courageous to say exactly what was on his mind, just to make her feel better. “You’re smart, funny, you actually give a shit about other people and… you’re beautiful. You’re a ray of fuckin’ sunshine.” 
He shocked himself and the courage he possessed in that moment as he looked her directly in the eye, needing to make sure that she knew that he meant every word. But all he saw was disbelief in her gaze, the instinct to disregard his compliments and tell him he was wrong.
“Don’t look at me like that.” 
“Like what?” She asked, her voice weak, still reeling from his words. 
“Like what I’m sayin’ ain’t the truth.” 
Stevie was stunned to silence. No one in her life had ever spoken to her with such a genuine need to show her how special she was. Not even her parents had ever tried this hard to pull her away from the negative lens she placed over herself. 
Her eyes slowly moved upwards, finding Fez still looking at her with nothing but that pure-hearted, genuine gaze of his. 
The moment shifted suddenly, the air around them no longer innocent, no longer a moment between two friends. It was electric, heavy with unspoken words and ignored feelings. It came to a head in that moment, both of them too fucking sick of holding back what they felt, what they had been dancing around for weeks.
Stevie noticed Fez’s eyes flutter down to her lips before quickly averting upwards, like he had done something wrong by wandering, by the silent gesture of wanting more. 
“Fez,” She said softly, barely a whisper, and he swallowed thickly. “You can kiss me.” 
He swore his heart stopped. He hadn’t meant for his gaze to wander, to give away just how much he wanted to kiss her, not after what she’d told him about Jeff and that asshole trying to force himself on her. 
He wasn’t about to put her in that situation, not so soon after what she’d been through.
He shook his head and let his gaze fall from hers. She moved in closer to him, placing her hand on top of his that was nervously plucking at the couch cushion below him. Her other hand surprised him, landing softly on his cheek and she gently coaxed him to look at her again.
“I want you to.” 
His blue eyes were wide and though there was still a lingering sense of hesitance, worried how this would change the nature of their relationship - neither one of them wanted to say goodbye to their friendship - there was excitement. They couldn’t deny that this new step into strange territory was one they wanted so badly.
Fez leaned forward slowly and he heard her breathing hitch slightly, making his eyes fall closed with a heavy breath because, goddammit, that was the sexiest fucking thing he ever heard. His heart was thumping fiercely as he gently pressed his lips to her, still tentative, worried she would think of Jeff and what he tried to do to her and push him away in fear. 
Stevie’s stomach twisted and flipped and rolled into knots instantly as he kissed her with all the gentleness she knew he would possess. 
A colorful firework display was happening behind his closed eyes and he knew he was doomed. He wanted this feeling to last forever.
The kiss was slow, hesitant and brief, innocent in the way only two friends exploring their deeper feelings could be. 
But as their eyes opened, a shared look of realization passing between them, something shifted. They knew there was no going back now. 
Within a second, Fez crashed his lips to hers again, Stevie meeting his kiss with equal fervor. His hands traveled down the length of her body to grip at her waist, needily pulling her in closer to him. 
Stevie gripped the back of his neck, tilting her head to deepen the kiss as she felt his tongue swiping against her own, the moment now much more lustful than curious. She held onto him tightly, letting him guide her into his lap.
Fez’s hands slowly started to rise, his touch gentle as he felt her bare skin beneath her shirt’s rising hem that was too tantalizing not to touch. 
“Fucking hell.” 
They broke apart abruptly, Stevie practically throwing herself off his lap. 
Ashtray glared at both of them. “You two better learn to take it upstairs ‘cause I ain’t gonna be walkin’ in on this shit everyday.” 
“Sorry, bro.” Fez mumbled, his cheeks burning with a blush of embarrassment. 
As Ashtray stomped out of the room, grumbling about needing to wash his eyes out with soap, Fez and Stevie shared soft, knowing smiles. 
“Sorry ‘bout him. He’s an ass.”
“No, no, it’s ok.”
Fez nodded, biting his lip anxiously, a question burning in his mind. “So… was that-”
“It was perfect.” She interrupted what would have been a nervously stuttered question. 
“Yeah?” He perked up, looking at her with barely contained excitement, still quite not believing this was how the day had turned out.
“This is gonna make studying a lot harder now.” Stevie drawled and Fez snorted, placing a hand over his face as he leaned back into the couch. 
After that day, their relationship was different. 
Instead of meeting up to study, Fez took her out on dates, real dates that any other budding relationship would have. 
He would take her out on the weekends, eating greasy fast food on the hood of his car, driving around town, the radio blasting at an ear-splitting level. He loved to watch her sing, her hair wild with the blowing wind, completely uninhibited for the first time. 
He took her to see a scary movie and as everyone screamed in fright at a jump scare he heard her laugh. Looking over at her, his lips quirked upwards in amusement, she caught his gaze, still giggling and shrugged at the questioning look in his eyes. 
He couldn't resist her. They spent the rest of the movie tangled in each other, making out like the pair of wild teenagers that they were. 
She was beginning to spend more time at the store than her own home. She would make her way there after school and spend hours with Fez, sitting on the counter as she finished her homework as he worked. They would talk about nothing and everything. 
He told her about his grandma, how he got started in drug dealing. She told him about her adoption, about her sometimes crippling anxiety. 
One of the first things they loved about each other was the way they listened. 
Ashtray was getting to know her better, he no longer glared at her untrusting whenever she was around. He wouldn’t admit it, but he liked when she was around. He liked to see his brother smile. And he loved it when she would come over and make mac and cheese. He didn’t know what she did to it, but it was the best he ever had.
Stevie supported Fez through everything. She was there to sneak him into her room in the middle of the night after a stressful deal with Mouse. She would hold him tight, soothing him of the anxieties he had in his crazy life of his. 
He sometimes worried, wondering if he was being selfish for letting her be in his life that would inevitably have its moments of danger. But when she would hold him, when she would gently graze her fingers over his buzzed hair and kiss his forehead, he swore he would never let her go. 
She was there to help out with his grandma, loving to hear the stories of the badass woman she used to be and wishing she could know her now, secretly longing for the woman’s approval.
She was there when he finally decided to drop out of school.
She supported every decision in his life. 
And he was always there for her when her brain got too loud, when she had trouble discounting the negative voice in her head that told her she was being judged, that told her to retreat within herself and protect herself by never letting anyone in. 
Fez was always there in the bad moments, reassuring her of how special she was, how much he needed her. 
He always told her she was his ray of sunshine. 
On the nights she’d sleep over at his place, he was always there in the morning, reminding her to take her meds as he made breakfast for her and Ash. She blushed everytime. 
She wouldn’t never say this to anyone, knowing the roll of the eyes and judgemental looks that would follow, but they were perfect. Fez was perfect and the beautiful relationship they’d built was perfect.
After a month of dating, Stevie found herself lounging on his couch, watching some B-list action movie. Ash had already gone to bed, leaving the two of them to tangle together without the kid’s snarky comments ruining the mood.
Despite her best efforts, she couldn’t keep her mind from wandering, wondering just what would happen with the two of them, wondering what their relationship was. 
Fez looked down at her from her place on his lap and he smiled, running his hands through her hair. He soon noticed the concentrated look on her face, one that wasn’t reserved for the movie. 
“What’s got you thinkin’, sunshine?” 
“You’re thinkin’ bout somethin’.”
She turned to look up at him, her face twisted in amusement. “How’d you know?”
“You get this look on your face when you’re thinkin’, like you a million miles away. You bite your lip, your eyes get all squinty and you get that crease right here.” He explained, gently rubbing his thumb over the spot between her brows. 
A grin broke out onto her face, touched by how observant he was with her, how he could read her with such ease. 
“You worried ‘bout somethin’?” He asked, his tone more serious now. She sat up and leaned against the couch next to him, winding her arm through the crook of his elbow and resting her head on his shoulder.
“Nothing bad.” She assured him softly. “I was thinking about us, what we’re doing.”
Fez narrowed his eyes and looked over at her, slightly worriedly. “And?”
“And… I was wondering… what we are. We haven’t really talked about that yet.” 
He reached down and intertwined their fingers, bringing her hand up to place a kiss on her knuckles, reveling in the way she snuggled in closer to him.
“You’re my girl.” He said simply. 
Lifting her head from his shoulder, she looked at him with a barely contained smile. “Yeah? So we’re in a relationship, the whole deal?”
“Yeah.” He said with a slight scoff, like he couldn’t believe she even had to ask. “The fuck else you think we’ve been doin all this time?”
She laughed quietly and leaned over, kissing him softly. Fez kissed her back hungrily and with the movie long forgotten, he pushed her back against the couch and hovered over her, his lips never breaking from hers.
Making sure to still make time for her friends, which had gotten harder since she’d skipped a grade didn’t see them as often in school and now especially that she was in a relationship, she found herself at Maddy’s house one Saturday evening as they got ready for a party. 
Stevie was lounging on the bed, scrolling through her phone aimlessly as Maddy droned on about Nate as she did her makeup in front of the mirror. 
“He walked me home from school yesterday and I swear to god, I've never met a man as sweet as him. He’s like, the only good guy left on this planet.” Maddy gushed and Stevie could barely contain a roll of her eyes. 
She knew what Nate Jacobs was like and sweet was definitely not an adjective she’d use. 
She contemplated finally speaking up, finally telling Maddy of their past relationship and warning her to steer clear of that controlling asshole, but Kat’s exclamation of her name stopped her.
“Is that a hickey on your neck?!”
“What?!” Maddy and Cassie yelled simultaneously, looking at Stevie with excited, teasing smiles.
Stevie covered her neck and sat up, moving away from Kat who was poking at the dark spot she knew Fez had given her last night. 
“Who are you fucking?” 
“How long has this been going on?”
“Are you dating or just fucking around?”
“Why haven’t you told us?” 
Her friends’ questions came back to back and they all stared at her, waiting impatiently for the dirt. 
“I’m not fucking anyone.” Stevie lied. She loved her friends but they could be a lot, especially when it came to the topic of boys and sex. 
There was a part of her that wanted what she had with Fez to just be theirs and no one else's. 
“You’re so full of shit.” Maddy admonished, crossing her arms over her chest as she stared her friend down. “Just tell us, we aren’t gonna judge you.”
Stevie sincerely doubted that. But the more they stared at her impatiently, the more they wore her down and she eventually sighed heavily in relention. 
“I’m in a relationship. I have been for a couple of months now.” 
“Is that why you blew me off last weekend?” Maddy asked with a narrowed gaze and Stevie nodded slowly, wincing at the admittance that she worried made her a bad friend.
“Who is it?” Kat asked her eagerly, her kind eyes that longed for details making Stevie smile lightly. She knew Kat was a kind soul, a good friend who genuinely wanted to know because she was happy for her. 
“It’s Fez.” 
The room went quiet for a moment before it erupted chaotically in even more questions.
“You’re dating a drug dealer?!” 
“Jesus christ, Cassie, why don’t you say it louder, I don’t think my parents 5 blocks away heard you.”
“Didn’t he drop out of school?”
“Yeah, he’s got the store to run.”
“And a drug dealing business.” Maddy mumbled under her breath.
“Hey, he’s a lot more than just a drug dealer. And you visit him before every party so what’s your issue?” She defended, feeling her anger rising at the barrage of questions. She would defend Fez until the end. 
“Whatever.” Maddy rolled her eyes and turned back around to continue with her makeup.
“Is he good to you?” Kat asked her quietly and Stevie nodded, smiling at the genuine question. 
“Yeah, he’s…” She trailed off, a goofy smile overtaking her. “He’s the sweetest.”
“Is he good in bed?”
“Cassie.” Kat scolded with a blush on her cheeks, the topic now verging into territory that made her bashful. 
“What? Come on, you can’t tell me you haven’t thought about it. Fez is so quiet and chill, I can’t imagine him having sex.”
“Well, I would prefer if you didn’t think about my boyfriend having sex.” 
Kat snickered at the banter, but she had to admit, she was wondering that too. Looking over at Stevie, she leaned in closer, raising a questioning brow.
“Is he good?” She asked quietly.
Stevie bit her lip as her thoughts drifted to Fez and the many times she had ended up in his bed. 
“Yeah, he’s good.” She answered vaguely, her voice slightly dazed as she continued to reminisce.
“That’s it?” 
“Yeah, come on, give us some details.”
“Does he go down on you?”
Stevie felt her cheeks warm, another memory taking over and she laughed, leaning back on the pile of pillows behind her as she grinned like a woman in love. 
“He went down on me for like two hours last night.” 
Cassie’s jaw dropped and she looked over her shoulder at Stevie in disbelief before laughing loudly. 
“Wow.” Kat whispered, her mind wandering to fantasies as it usually did when her friends talked about their sex lives, making her lack of a sex life all the more obvious to her. 
“Damn, go Fez.” Maddy said with a soft laugh. Looking at Stevie in the mirror, she smiled. “You’re a lucky bitch.”
Stevie knew she was lucky, she had been lucky since the first date. She knew she was a lucky girl to have captured his attention. Fez wasn’t the type to drool over girls, he was more pragmatic than people gave him credit for.
But she was counting her lucky stars that she was the one to turn his head. 
She’d been with other guys before but they never excited her, they always made her long for something more, something better. But everything was different with Fez.
She had the best now. 
Stevie could’ve spent the rest of the evening gushing about Fez, gushing about how her entire outlook on life had changed. 
She used to see sex as an itch to scratch, or even a social liability, something you better get done before people start looking down on you, thinking there was something wrong with you for not getting to it. 
Of all the cliches she’d heard in her life, sex was infinitely better with someone you love, was one she knew was true. 
Fez could make her toes curl, her eyes roll into the back of her head, her back arch, her vocal chords to sing without restraint. 
He touched her with a desire no one else ever had for her. He sent her into a desire no one ever had before. 
“Fez,” Her soft voice sounded in the dimly lit room. Her hands trailed up the length of his back to grip onto his shoulders, leaving goosebumps to rise on his skin in the wake of her touch. 
He moved deliberately but slowly, thrusting into her with reverence. He pulled away from where he had been lavishing her neck with desperate kisses and held himself above her, looking down at her in awe, relishing in the way her lips parted with a gasp at his next thrust.
His face was one of concentration and when her hand reached up to cradle his cheek, his eyes fluttered closed and he leaned into her touch, keening softly as he very subtly quickened his pace. 
He leaned down, letting his forehead rest against hers and his one hand, which had been clutching to her waist, moved to grab hers, intertwining their fingers and holding them against the bed below them. 
He kissed her sporadically through their panting breaths, using his other hand to grasp at her thigh, hiking her leg upwards further on his waist. 
She let out a shuddering breath, her head falling back onto the pillow below her, her eyes squeezed closed as he moved steadily, his hips grinding against her in the perfect way that neve failed to make her shake. 
“You close, baby?” Fez panted, his voice ragged and desperate. He needed her to fall off the edge and soon because he knew he was close to losing his control. 
She nodded frantically, her chest heaving with her heavy breaths as he drove her to ecstasy. She could’ve cried at the gentle way he held her, at the way he looked at her with a gaze filled with nothing but love. 
“Fez, please.” She breathed out, begging for more. 
He groaned lowly, a raspy sound that sent shivers down her spine. Her mouth dropped open, a whine escaping her, and her hand clenched in his own as he quickened the pace, fucking her deeper, with more vigour, making her head spin pleasurably.
He felt his control slipping from him each time his name fell from her lips. The way she dug her nails into his shoulder and tightened her legs around his waist, holding him in closer to her brought him dangerously close to the edge. 
Fez moved deliberately, looking for that one spot he knew drove her crazy and he knew when he found it when she let out a loud whine and shuddered against him. His breathing became ragged, his hands moving to cradle her head, his fingers tangling in her already messy hair. 
He crashed his lips to hers fiercely, muffling her moans which were getting louder and louder. Her body seized against his, her lips parting from his, a sharp cry escaping her as she crashed head first into her orgasm. She clenched around him even tighter, making Fez squeeze his eyes shut, his face twisting with effort to work her through her high.
He grunted loudly, his hands pulling at her hair unknowingly as he reached his earth shattering peak. His hips stuttered against hers as he breathed heavily in her ear, his pace slowing until eventually stopping. He slumped over her, resting his weight on top of hers comfortably.
They basked in silence as they caught their breaths. 
Fez held her just a little tighter, placing a gentle kiss to her shoulder before rolling off of her with a hearty exhale. But he didn’t move too far. He kept her in his arms, planting his lips on every inch of her that he could find in his exhausted and sated state. 
“Do you gotta go home tonight?” He asked quietly and she shook her head, leaning in closer to his touch.
“No, I’m staying right here.” 
His touch eased her mind, something no amount of medication could ever do for her. 
She found solace in his arms. She found her problems meant absolutely nothing in his arms. 
But, as she knew from living in this town, peace was never a lasting image. 
I will definitely be writing more about this couple! The next part will be based on the show’s plot and shit will go down with Nate and Mouse and all that angsty goodness. 
Hope you enjoy xx
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zayeaw · a day ago
Ok ok can you do like you did w Jean fav body parts for the rest of the aot guys?? Or at least eren and Levi pleasee
(If you accept requests no worries if not)
hii ! oohh sure anon why wouldn't i🥺 im sorry if its rushed tho >:(
jean ver. ( contains nsfw content )
where the aot guys like to touch!
ft: eren jeager, levi ackerman, porco galliard
Tumblr media
Eren loves each and every skin you have on yourself man, he loves the curve on your back, your thigh, your calf, your achilles  heel , the skin behind your ears, your tummy: this man loves it all and needs to , not want mind you, NEEDS to touch you everywhere when you're with him.
BUT, his favorite part has to be your boobs -followed by your ass, he dosent care if you're an A-cup or a DD cup though, he just loves the concept of boobs, your boobs to make it precise. 
You know ,like how some cats pick a comfort spot on your body to permanently make it their bed? yeah, that's exactly what eren did.
Rested his face on every crook n inch of your body and when he finally laid on your chest he felt like he discovered his new home. his hands are always there if you want your back massaged, hell , he'll even encourage you not to wear a bra saying " wtf are my hands for then??".
he kinda gets the urge to slap your bouncing tiddies when you both are fucking but he dosen't thinking you might get hurt, so if you ever give him the permission to slap em, those hands are always ready.
Dw he'll kiss the pain away later
some of ya'll might say levi is def a boob guy bc of his mommy issues. i dont rlly agree with that tho. he loves your boobs don't get me wrong but,that crook of your neck yeah? That's all he wants.
he could rest his head in there and squeeze your ass with his other hand for all of eternity. nuzzling your neck and ears while you shiver against him gives him life.
How your breath becomes uneven when he breaths against your chin and how you kiss his forehead when he pretends to sleep in that position, gives him literal butterflies,fr his stomach does the flip.
during sex he bites your neck, leaves such read hickies it almost like he wants to mark you as his, the godly thrusts and the bites drive you insane. he also bought you a bunch of turtlenecks so that you can go for work the next day.
Ik no one asked but he definitely intertwines your fingers with his while you fuck, locking you with him.
100% an ass man. Your ass isn't yours now. Its his. My guy here uses it as his pillow,stress ball,laptop stand , arm rest and taps on it like a drum when he is bored.
This dosent have to be said but slaps it whenever he can, and leans back and watches them jiggle and jumps forward to hit it again until you turn around and run behind him to smack his ass. 
He totally abuses those cheeks when you’re in bed lol, he slaps it and grabs it , and even kisses it when he eats you out and fingers you.
his favorite position his reverse cowgirl. He wants to see your ass jump in and out of his dick swallowing his cum , and your sweet moans make it even better.
buys you the jeans which show your ass off the best, i mean he has to keep a hand on them when in public so that the other guys can get jealous right?
Tumblr media
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rulaineyu · 9 hours ago
Genshin Boys As Your Knight
Fandom: Genshin Impact
Characters: Knight!Diluc, Kaeya, Childe, Zhongli, Xiao x gn!Noble!Reader
Type/Genre: Headcanons, fluff, hurt/comfort
Warnings: Mentions of violence/injuries, master is used as gender-neutral term, not proof-read  
A/N: self-indulgent headcanons of the genshin boys as your knight in shining armour <3
Everyone knows how fiercely loyal the Dawn Knight is to his master. He was like a living fairytale—children argued to be Diluc when playing knights, and bachelors and bachelorettes alike wistfully prayed for a lover that would look at them the way Diluc looked at you. 
No one would dare slander your name in front of him. Even as he crosses his arms while waiting for you to finish your conversation with some of the townspeople, his body is tense, as if ready to pull out his sword within a moment’s notice to protect you 
The moment he senses the tiniest hint of danger to you, Diluc is already in motion. Grabs the perpetrator by their collar, throwing them against the wall and placing his blade by their throat, asking if they had a death wish.
Strict about your safety and reputation. You have been on the receiving end of many lectures about how you should be more careful with who you interact with, how you should act more like a noble, etc. 
Despite his cold exterior, Diluc has a soft side reserved only for you. He merely grumbles when you tug at his cheeks and ruffle his hair. He finds it irritating, yes, but to see you laugh gives him the strength to endure this humiliation a little longer
“If it were up to me, I would have executed him on the spot. But if you really want to…I will let him go.”
Doesn’t care if you’re his employer, he’ll constantly be trying to flirt with you, greeting you with pickup lines on the regular 
You’ll roll your eyes, telling him that he would have to try harder than that to get a pay raise, but you can’t help smiling as well 
Teases you on the regular. Your relationship is more akin to friends rather than master and servant 
Goes drinking with some ragtag villagers and ruffians each night after making sure you’re safe in your chambers
One night, you decide to follow him, just to see what he does after hours. You just thought you would be taking a quick peak—you’ve never been to a pub before, so you were curious as to what kind of place it was
You didn’t expect to be questioned by a group of scoundrels as to why such a well-dressed person was entering a pub
Just as you were stumbling over your words, Kaeya casually slides himself between you and your bullies, telling them if they wanted something from you, they had to deal with him first
Some of them visibly pale, and they mumble something before walking away
You grab onto Kaeya’s arm out of relief, thanking him for saving you 
Stiffens for a moment but gradually relaxes into your touch 
“Now…what are you doing past your bedtime? Did you miss me so much you couldn’t stand one night without me?” 
Tartaglia’s name is well-known throughout the kingdom. Some people talk about him with an exasperated sigh, others whisper his name in fear 
He’s a rowdy knight with a loud bark and a mean bite to back up his proud words
Regularly gets into duals with others. It worried you at first, but seeing how Childe always wins you start worrying for the other person 
Complains when you tell him not to kill the opponent but follows your orders anyways 
points at you and shouts “this one’s for you, my liege!” before throwing his sword aside and kicking the other person across the training ground
You dislike it when he gets into fights, but the way he slightly shakes his head as he lifts his helmet off, letting his ginger hair spill out in tendrils makes your breath hitch
His light-hearted grin is a sight for sore eyes
Extremely competent. All the maids love him because he helps clean and sew
Will take any opportunity to show off his skills and loyalty to you 
It’s because he got hurt once many years ago, and seeing your tears fall hurt him more than the wound on his shoulder
Swore to never get injured in front of you and make you cry again 
“I am your sword and shield. Even if the Gods were to stand against you, I swear on my life I will not let you be hurt.” 
Has a soft, guardian-like aura
With how calm and mild he usually acts, it can be easy to forget he’s a knight. He gets along with everyone in the castle, and newcomers are shocked to learn that he isn’t your tutor or even another noble, but your bodyguard 
Always has your happiness and wellbeing in mind
Specially chooses the tea leaves and snacks that are served for your afternoon tea, ensuring your favourite flavours are included
When you’re not feeling well or having a bad day, he’ll send a request to the cook to make you your favourite meal 
Accompanies you at balls, helping you remember the names of all the important people who approach you 
When he helps you onto your horse, his grip is firm but you can sense a soft adoration underneath 
His swift reaction time and impeccable weaponry skills prove his worth as a knight. When he needs to, Zhongli will sit you in front of him on his horse, holding onto the reins with one hand and a lance in the other, all while shielding you from any arrows flying overhead  
“Don’t worry about me. It is my duty as your knight to protect you.”
He’s more of the quiet type, a man of few words 
Follows you around like a shadow. He’s good at hiding his presence, and the way he walks without jostling his armour or making any sort of sound sometimes makes it seem as if he isn’t even there
Has startled you on more than one occasion. You forgot he was with you, only to turn around and almost bump into him 
Intimidates other people just by looking at them. People whisper to you, asking if something put him in a sour move, but you brush them off, assuring them Xiao always looks like this 
You can tell he’s a bit awkward around you, but you find his presence comforting 
Sometimes a pain to bring him around. He can be overly protective, pointing his spear at anyone who just so happens to look at you the wrong way 
Despite his shorter stature, Xiao is an actual monster in battle. Arrows had buried themselves between the weaknesses in his armour and into his shoulder, yet he gripped his spear firmly
Grits his teeth as he pushes you behind him, bracing himself for another wave of enemies
“...I’m fine. Don’t leave my side.”
— please reblog if you enjoyed! thank you <3
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hotxcheeto · 2 days ago
Hi! Recently stumbled across your tumblr & was wondering if you could possibly write some vi x winged!reader fluff? Don’t worry if not though! (Reader would be from piltover and their wings would be bulletproof,so like a harder / protective set of feathers on top of the soft / delicate ones - romantic)
𝙈𝙮 𝙇𝙞𝙩𝙩𝙡𝙚 𝘼𝙣𝙜𝙚𝙡- 𝗩𝗶, 𝗔𝗿𝗰𝗮𝗻𝗲
Tumblr media
𝙥𝙖𝙞𝙧𝙞𝙣𝙜(𝙨) - Vi x G/N!Reader 𝙬𝙖𝙧𝙣𝙞𝙣𝙜𝙨 - tooth rotting fluff
𝙖𝙪𝙩𝙝𝙤𝙧'𝙨 𝙣𝙤𝙩𝙚 - I forgot to add Sevika to my list of characters so she's there now I did that with Abby too
Tumblr media
You stared at yourself in the mirror, standing to the side so your back was visible. There, on your back, the mutating, scarred remanence of an experiment years ago sat laid against your skin. You flexed the wings that dug deep into your body, part of you since so long ago, you couldn't remember what it was like to not have the feathery things there.
You then moved them outward, the darker feathers underneath poking out of the usual soft, white ones. For a moment you wondered when the last time you'd used them was.
"Yikes, I think you've lost a few feathers." "What?" You panicked, looking at Vi leaning against the door frame watching you, amused. You moved and brought your wings around looking for the spot she may have been talking about. "Where?" Vi laughed a bit to herself, pushing herself off the doorframe and moving towards you, her hand lightly grazing the sensitive feathers.
She just behind you, looking at you in the mirror as her fingers ran along you feathers. Goosebumps rising on your skin as they trailing along the direction of the feathers.
"Right... oh, I guess I must've been wrong." "Vi.." You dragged her name out, looking at her with a slight pout before tucking your wings back again so she could wrap her arms around you. "You're adorable." "You're not funny." "What, I'm not allowed to ruffle your feathers every now and again?" You turned your head to her and gave her a glare, walking past her to your guys shared bed.
"You're like my little hedgehog." "Hedgehog?" You turned around to her, watching her walk across the room and collapse onto the bed. Of all things, hedgehog? "Yeah. You're adorable, but those sharp little feathers underneath are real scary, especially when you curl up into a ball." You huffed, blowing a piece of hair out of your face in the process.
"I'm not a hedgehog." "Would you rather me call you a porcupine?" You stared at her, her expression unfazed as she rested her chin on the bed giving you a smirk. "I hate you." "Mm, I doubt that angel." You rolled your eyes and walked to the end of the bed, sitting beside her before wrapping your wings around yourself like a blanket, laying down to face the ceiling.
"I wish I could do that. It's like always having a jacket." "Yeah, until the jacket stabs you. Or worse, gets wet." Vi raised an eyebrow at your ideal, sitting up and turning around while you only continued staring at the ceiling. "Sometimes I wonder what I'd be like without them." "Less cool." You moved your head to look at her, mouth dropping slightly while she laughed.
"At least pretend to think. Or care." You said with fake-offense, the pink-haired girl moving to lay against the pillows, hands on her stomach. "C'mere my little hedgehog." "Stop calling me that." "Never." You groaned and climbed up beside Vi, laying your head on her stomach, one wing draped over body while the other stayed tucked in, comfortably laying against your back and then bed.
"You're, like, a free blanket." She said, grinning down at you while you giggled slightly. "Is that why you keep me around?" "No, I keep you around because you're hot, angel." You felt your face heat up a bit, no matter how long you'd known her, she never failed to create the blush. "And because you have a wonderful personality, of course." She added nonchalantly making you laugh again.
"Oh sure." Vi absentmindedly ran her fingers along the top of your wing, then along each feather that laid on top. "I like you and your wings." She mumbled, deadpanning as she stared at her own hand, moving up and down. "What if I didn't have wings?" "I'd like you still." She paused for a minute before slowly turning to look at you. "More or less?" You questioned, your wing fluttering when she hit a sensitive spot.
"Wouldn't change. But I'd probably be more cold." She said it with such seriousness you couldn't help but laugh. Burying your head in her stomach while her other hand ran through your hair. "Me too. But less soggy." It was Vi's turn to laugh, wiping a tear from her eye with the hand that was in your hair. "Do you know how long it takes for these things to dry? And they take special soaps, they're sensitive."
"I could only imagine." You hummed snuggling deeper into her warmth. "You gonna fall asleep?" You hummed again, a small chuckle escaping her lips. "Love you, angel." "I love you more, Vi." You muttered back relaxing into her touch as her hand continuously raked through your hair.
She smiled, your wing fluttering under her touch again before it relaxed once again. Laying against her body, the darker feathers tucked away as you began drifting away to a land of dreams. The attached body part tightening around Vi, keeping her there as if she'd move in the first place.
Tumblr media
A/n: I hate my dad - also added Sevika to my list of characters cannot believe I forgot mommy her
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bonny-kookoo · 2 days ago
Jungkook/Jimin: Okay (1)
Tumblr media
In which you meet Jimin and Jungkook by complete chance- running off before you could even notice the connection you have with not just one- but both of them.
Tags/Warnings: Wolf!Jungkook, Wolf!Jimin, Wolf!Reader, fluff, Angst, smut in future chapters, injustice against werewolves, mistreatment, judgment, past abuse, poly! Relationship, mentions of death, Idol!Jungkook, Idol!Jimin
Tumblr media
The Album in your bag feels like a treasure carried, as you try and lay low in the room filling up with people. You've never been comfortable around strangers- but you didn't want to pass up a chance like this either.
You also need to keep attention off of you as best as possible; knowing that if they noticed, it could prove fatal and keep you from meeting any of them, considering your species. After all, all staff surrounding them have to be human, or bonded, to make sure they didn't end up accidentally starting a relationship.
That would be devastating to the fans.
But technically, every since Jimin and Jungkook had admitted to being mates, things should've been able to loosen up; considering that they're both bonded, no one would ever be able to pull them apart again. Fans like to photograph and swoon over their shared bite mark- compilations of their interactions and photos of their moments all over the world wide web- the relationship of the alpha and beta wolf something that's not very typical.
It makes you long for something like that as well.
It's a little unfair, really, as you watch them both give autographs and interactions to the fans in line for the fansign, while they're being praised and awed at. The way they flaunt their relationship, their bond, their species- while you're denied the basics each and every day.
As far as you can smell, there's not one other wolf amongst the fans waiting. And you already feel eyes on you; the bracelet the government forces you to wear suddenly itching against your wrist, metal heavy against your skin as the red mark on it stares back at you; a simple head of a wolf, the universally decided sign for wolves amongst humans. Neither Jimin, nor jungkook need to wear theirs; their universal status enough to free them of all worries and downsides of the werewolf life it seems.
Sure- they do get the occasional backlash and comment- but they're generally in a way better place than you are.
They don't know what it's like to face reality like this. It feels less like safety, and more like branded cattle. And you can already hear some people whispering, making up assumptions about your intentions or scoffing at your bracelet, as if you're flaunting it to relate to them both. You don't try to do that at all- even though wolves have become the vast minority by now, with less than 20% of the population being one, and you should be proud to be one.
You are; just in your own way.
So when you're letting the first members sign your album, you're careful to hide the bracelet away, not showing it. It's when you meet jimin, that you know simply hiding the piece of jewelry won't be enough to trick the fellow wolf- because his eyes widen, corners of his lips turning upwards as he looks at you with crescent shaped eyes. "What a pretty wolf you are." He flirts, and you know it's just the way he is; but it still gets under your skin, his scent making you shudder a little as you try and compose yourself.
He still notices, however.
"What's your name, omega?" He wonders as he starts writing something already, before you hum out your name, already regretting the entire thing as soon as he gets your secondary gender right. Even through your scent blockers, he is still able to notice it.
You feel uncomfortable.
"Thats a pretty name. It fits you." He winks, before he leans a bit forward, eyes scanning your shy face, before the next member next to him scolds him gently, Taehyung helping you out of the tense situation- having noticed the way you stiffened up. Jimin seems a but disappointed- but also notices the poisoning glances you already receive from other fans around you, their whispers loud enough for his sensitive ears to pick up.
Which means you hear them too.
You try and calm yourself down by chanting that you're almost done- but the biggest problem comes right after Taehyung, when you're facing Jungkook in front of you; the alpha wolf trying to catch a glimpse of your face that's turned downwards. "You're a shy one." He comments with a little chuckle, writing something on your album. "I'm sorry if Jimin made you uncomfortable. I noticed your interaction; he can sometimes seem a bit much." He apologizes.
"Its fine." You simply answer, making his eyes snap towards you, his entire attention on you. "I guess you guys.. you know, can't help it." You shrug. "With me being an omega and all."
"Dont." He scolds gently, hand that's not holding his pen resting ontop of your palm that sits flat on the table. The gesture makes your skin tingle. "Alpha, Beta omega- that's got nothing to do with it. You're simply very pretty- one would be stupid not to notice that." He chuckles, making your blink for a second, before staff suddenly grabs your shoulder, pulling you away with a scolding face. Jungkook furrows his brows- seeming as if he wants to say something, but he decides against it when he sees you shake your head.
This is your reality. Because even if he says it's got nothing to do with the attention you unwillingly receive wherever you go-
Being a wolf isn't as carefree and fun for someone like you as it is for him.
And being an omega is a nightmare.
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mamamamadrigal · 2 days ago
An odd introduction
Dolores Madrigal x reader
Summary (?): You are a tailor in Encanto and Dolores goes to your shop almost every day, rising her mother's suspicion so she follows her daughter one day and finds out about you
I also actually like this one lol
"Dolores, aren't you going to eat that?" Camilo asks, eyeing the quesadillas that were left untouched by Dolores. Dolores rolls her eyes before passing her plate over to Camilo's side of the table, the boy happily accepting the quesadillas as he munches down on them.
"Dolores, mija, you haven't eaten anything again. Are you alright?" Pepa asks her daughter worriedly
"It's fine mama, I'm not hungry" Dolores assures her mother, glancing at the clock. Her family found her behavior odd, but they pretended not to notice.
Once the family finished their meals, Dolores was the first one out the door. This ofcourse, did not go unnoticed by her family.
"She claims she wasn't starving but her stomach said otherwise. I could hear it grumbling. And I didn't even need her super hearing." Mirabel points out while watching her cousin walk away. Her words made Pepa even more worried for her daughter, a small cloud forming above her head.
"She hasn't eaten her food for days" Antonio noticed, also concerned for his big sister. And although Camilo enjoyed eating seconds, he was also worried about her.
"Do you think something's wrong?" Pepa asked Félix.
"I'm honestly not sure mi amor, but I'm sure she'll tell us whatever is going on. We just need to give her some time" Félix comforts her, one hand rubbing her shoulder with the other trying to shoo the cloud away.
Pepa seemed to calm down at his words. Or so he thought, because as soon as he finished shooing the cloud away, Pepa turned to him with a determined look. "I think we should follow her"
Félix widened his eyes "Mi amor, I don't think we should-" but before he could finish, Pepa had already grabbed his hand and walked towards the exit of casita, dragging him with her. The town was small, so she was sure she could find her daughter in no time.
Meanwhile, Dolores was still walking to her destination, occasionally exchanging greetings with other villagers that she would pass by. She stopped at the door of a tailor shop, just in the middle of the village. The windows were covered and the door had a sign that said 'Sorry, we're closed' but that didn't stop Dolores from knocking. Soon enough, the door was opened.
"I was starting to think you wouldn't come today" You told her, a small smile gracing your lips when she kissed your cheek. "Nonsense mi vida, I would never miss an opportunity to spend time with you" she answered as you stepped aside, allowing her to enter the shop.
Just a few houses away, Pepa was talking to every person she saw. "Señor Cruz, Have you seen my daughter?" Pepa asked, still gripping her husband's hand. Apparently, finding Dolores wasn't easy as it sounded so she had to resort to asking the villagers of her whereabouts. No one seemed to know, until she bumped into Señor Cruz.
"Dolores? She always goes to the Tailor's shop at this time, even if it's closed." Señor Cruz responded, having known this because he lives infront of the Tailor shop and sometimes sees you open the door for her.
Félix and Pepa looked at each other, both confused. Their daughter already had nice dresses. Did she not like the designs on her dress?
They asked where and which Tailor shop Dolores went to and Señor Cruz pointed to the direction of your shop. Pepa quickly thanked Señor Cruz and headed off, her husband right behind her.
Back in the shop, Dolores sat on the counter, waiting for you to sit beside her. "So, what delicious delicacy did you make today?" She asked excitedly
You sat beside her on the counter and smiled at her. "We'll be having arepas" You told her, handing her a basket with a few of them. The scent of the delicacy wafting in the air.
Ofcourse, Dolores loved her tia Julieta's cooking, but she loved eating with you and seeing you smile everytime she'd compliment your food. Sure, she had to skip her meals at the Casita to be able to eat with you, but it was worth it.
She took one from the Basket, enjoyed the scent for a few seconds and glanced at you. You were looking at her anxiously, wondering if she would like it or not.
She finally took a bite and wow, it was delicious. She might even dare to say it was better than her Tia's version of it. She took another bite and moaned loudly at the taste. She didn't seem to notice the sound she had made, but you had, and you blushed at it.
Unfortunately, you weren't the only one who heard her subconsciously moan. She was to immersed in the food to hear anything.
Pepa and Félix were at your door the exact moment their daughter had made that sound. And the next thing you knew, a loud bang startled both you and Dolores, and your door was now laying on the floor. Across the room, was a very, very angry Pepa.
Pepa didn't waste any time and marched over to you, pulled you off the counter and lifted you up by your collar, a rain cloud above her with lighting striking random places in your shop.
"Mama!" Dolores squeaked and dropped her arepa, afraid that her mother might hurt you. And trust me, if it weren't for Félix frantically trying to calm her down, you would've definitely been electrocuted by now.
"What. Were. You. Doing. With. My. Daughter." Pepa asked you slowly, a murderous glint in her eyes.
"Nothing Señorita! She was just eating food I made- my arepas!" You stumbled over your words, pointing at the basket on the floor, with arepas now spilling out of it. However, Pepa didn't seem to believe you.
Félix did seem to believe you atleast. He looked at his daughter for confirmation and she nodded vigorously, her eyes filled with terror. Félix sighed, knowing his daughter was no liar.
"Pepa, amor, calm down. They're telling the truth" Félix told her while looking at you. Pepa still didn't let go of you. "Pepa, do you really think our daughter would do something like this?" He asked her, and Pepa hesitated to answer. Instead, she turned to you.
"Why does Dolores come here almost every time?" Pepa asked you, her grip on your collar slightly loosening.
"She...comes to visit me. She also tries the food I cook or bake." You answer her, a blush forming on your cheeks.
Félix notices your blush and puts two and two together of why Dolores won't eat at the Casita and why Señor Cruz told them Dolores comes here almost everytime. He whispers something to Pepa and Pepa's eyes widen.
"What is Dolores to you?" Félix asks you, and Pepa looked at you expectantly.
"Dolores... she's my everything. We've just started dating a few weeks ago. So I've been wanting to take it slow, especially since mi amante's family are the Madrigals" You explain shyly, Dolores blushing at your explanation and the name you called her.
Pepa seemed to process your words and finally let you go, making you drop to the floor. You were honestly surprised of how strong she was. Dolores instantly went to your side and asked if you were okay.
Pepa and Dolores made eye contact, and all Pepa did was nod and leave, with Félix left behind. He looked at the two of you and then his wife's retreating figure for a while before finally walking over to Dolores.
"You know, Instead of coming here every meal time to eat with y/n, you could invite them to eat with us instead" Félix told his daughter and winked, before heading out to catch up with his wife.
Dolores and you looked at each other, both shocked at the invitation. You? Having a meal with the Madrigals?
You looked around your shop and realized the shop was a mess. There were strips of burnt cloth on the floor from the lighting and tools like scissors or measuring tape scattered everywhere. Your arepas were on the floor, and so was your door. You didn't mind though, you were too happy about the thought of meeting the family of the woman you wanted to marry in the future. Although she doesn't need to know that yet.
As for Dolores, she knew she would bring you to meet them sometime.
(But maybe after she helps you fix the shop.)
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andmaybegayer · a day ago
Right. Elastomeric half-facepiece respirators as an alternative to disposable filtering facemasks. I highly recommend getting one.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Mug for scale, in both cases.
Basic pitch: since I got this I have been much less anxious wandering out and about in the world and I have not worried nearly as much about infection as I have while wearing practically any other mask, because you can fit-check yourself every time you put it on and be practically assured that everything you breathe is going through your filters. This is also cheaper and produces less waste than disposables in the long run, and are more comfortable for long-term wear. Downsides are that it's pretty big and bulky, and some models are particularly hard to talk through, it requires some basic maintenance, and you might not be able to get the one you want if you have very particular needs or if you absolutely must have filtered exhalation as stock.
Longer pitch: What's different about these masks, pros, then cons, in more detail, plus what to look for when buying, and finally less-effective semi-reusable alternatives that are less eye-catching.
These are reusable elastomeric facepiece respirators, which means they seal onto your face with a broad rubber seal rather than an overlapping fabric sheet like disposables do. They also use (almost) non-elastic head straps, so they compress gently onto your face rather than pulling on your ears.
Tumblr media
These broad rubber seals provide a more complete seal across a wider array of face geometry than is possible with simple textile masks.
Fit-checking: Because air goes in and out through very well defined routes (in through two filters, out through an exhalation valve) you can fit check these. To fit check, you seal the filters by pressing on them, and breathe in to stick the mask to your face. If you don't feel any leaks, you can be more or less sure that any air you breathe has come through the filters. this is for me the main benefit over disposable masks, which can be difficult to fit check. When I'm wearing this I do not have to care at all about people who are walking around with their masks half undone or about walking past a restaurant full of people eating. I have plenty of guaranteed filtering, it's such a load off my mind.
Comfort: if you need to wear a mask all day, this is the way to go. The face seals are soft so they don't press into your face too hard, and the head harness doesn't require constant adjustment and won't cut into your ears. There's a lot more breathing room inside the mask than inside a disposable, and because it's hard-bodied it isn't going to just fold down and rub all over your mouth. You can more or less breathe naturally. In addition, because the seal is almost always perfect, glasses just don't fog up. Effervescent.
Cost and waste: One mask plus a single pair of P3 or P100 filters will run you about USD 30 from an official 3M supplier. Filters are rated to last six months or until they clog with dust, but in day to day use outside of a workshop it's expected that six months will come up before the filters become seriously blocked. Replacing a pair of filters costs about USD 10-15, and that's another six months of filtering. In contrast, assuming you use 3 masks a week (very optimistic estimate!) and you can get those for USD 0.7 each (also an optimistic estimate), six months of masks will run you around USD 50. You'll also produce much less waste, a couple of filters a year, if that's a concern for you.
Hard to talk through: unless you buy a model with a speaking diaphragm, these muffle your voice far more than a disposable. If you need to do a lot of talking, disposables are still your best bet, unless you can get a speaking diaphragm model like the HF-800.
Big and bulky: You can't really fold these down to transport them, so if you are travelling they can be a bit of a nuisance. On the plus side, you only need to carry one, rather than a pack of N95's
Cleaning: since you're using it for months or years, you have to keep it clean. Minimum is wiping it down with a damp cloth after use and letting it dry, but you should be cleaning out the internals with soap at least once a month if you're using them regularly, which can be time consuming. Spare parts are readily available, but it's still more effort than just throwing away a disposable.
Exhalation Filtering: if you absolutely need exhalation filtering for source control, most off the shelf respirators don't provide this. NIOSH research finds that the integrated exhalation valves are about as good as a surgical mask, but if you suspect you're sick then this is less ideal than a valveless disposable. NIOSH and 3M have recommendations on how to adapt a valved half mask for source control by removing the inhalation valves and taping over the exhalation valve, but it's hacky.
Politics: I have had absolutely zero issues thus far, but in some parts of the world wearing one of these will get people to intentionally mess with you. These are very eye-catching and you may not want that. There's some alternatives I'll get to later that are good for obviating this risk a little.
Models and Buying
3M is the only major respirator manufacturer with a serious foothold around here so I can't really talk about anyone else. If you use another manufacturer, reblog with some notes!
For 3M stuff, I recommend finding your nearest official 3M supplier via the 3M website rather than going through Amazon or whatever.
All 3M respirators come in small, medium and large. According to 3M's ergonomics department, medium fits 80% of people, so I'm going to use the Medium part numbers below. Anyways here's a few options:
Basics: 3M 6200
Tumblr media
The simplest respirator you can get, the 6200 is unbelievably common and extremely cheap, you can find them for about USD13-20 depending on your area. Good quality without any specialist features, and because it's so common a lot of aftermarket add-ons work with it. I've used these in workshops a few times, they're pretty comfortable. Main downsides is forward-facing exhalation valve, which may worry some people. You can buy filtering modification pieces on Etsy that screw in to the exhalation valve, converting this into a completely source-controlled respirator. Small and Large are the 6100 and the 6300 respectively.
Speaking Diaphragm: 3M HF-802SD
Tumblr media
The HF-802SD is a new line that uses Secure Click filters, and has a convenient fit-checking button that seals the inlets of any filter system. I have several friends who swear by these. The speaking diaphragm makes you much more audible while wearing these, making them a good choice if you need to talk a lot. Downsides are bulk, higher cost, lower stock due to it being new, and in particular filters can be harder to find, whereas normal 6000 and 2000 series filters are kept by every paint shop in the world. No options for exhalation filters, unfortunately, but lots of people just slap a mask over it. Small and Large are the 801 and 803 respectively.
Softer fit: 3M 7502
Tumblr media
Another exceedingly popular design that several of my friends use, the 7502 is a bigger, chunkier mask with wider seals and a generally sturdier build from the "professional" lineup. Downward-venting exhalation valve means it's a bit better than the 6200 at source control, and it's popularity means there are also filtering kits available for it. It has a convenient slip-through mechanism that lets you drop the mask off your face without taking it off, which is nice. A good choice for longer term wear if you don't mind a really big mask. Small and Large are the 7501 and 7503 respectively.
Quick-fit: 3M 6502QL
Tumblr media
The one I'm using! This is 3M's midrange line between the basic 6200 and the professional 7500. Smaller and lighter than the 7500 but with a few useful tricks, most importantly to me, the quick latch mechanism, which lets you do this to quickly don and doff the mask:
Otherwise, very similar to the 6200, but with a downward firing exhalation valve. It's harder to find aftermarket filtering parts for this, although people have come up with ways to put filter material over the exhalation valve. Small and Large are the 6501QL and the 6503QL respectively.
For the vast majority of 3M masks, you'll be using 2000, 6000 or 7000 series filters. These are disks and boxes. Filters typically last until they clog or six months from opening. In daily use outside of a dusty work environment, filters are unlikely to clog before their lifespan is spent.
Disk filters are 2091 and 2097 (P100's) and 2135 and 2138 (P3's). The P100's are the classic pink ones, and will be more prevalent in the USA and thereabouts. The P3's are roughly equivalent but found in Europe and elsewhere. Disk filters are cheap, light, and readily available, they're the most common filters you'll find, and you'll be able to buy some pretty much anywhere large construction projects exist.
Box filters are the same standards as above, with the 7093 (P100) and the 6035 and 6038 (P3). Box filters are basically the same internal filtering materials, but within a hard case. They're heavier but better protected, and are usually recommended where splash or weather protection is needed. I skipped out on these, but they're a good choice and they're 3M's official pandemic recommendations. They're also slimmer and less likely to interfere with your field of view, if that's important.
Tumblr media
The Secure Click HF-802SD mask takes D3135 and D3138 P3 filters or D3091 and D3097 P100 filters. They're little boxes that clip into the mask, and they're some of the more breathable filters 3M makes. The downside is that they're new, and stock can be hard to find, unless you buy in bulk online. These are /only/ for the HF-800 series masks, and the HF-800's cannot take standard 2000, 6000 and 7000 series filters.
When buying filters, you want to be wary of counterfeits, look for original packaging and make sure all the markings match the official product marketing. This is another good reason to use official suppliers, they're less likely to screw you over.
This list is extremely non-exhaustive and really only contains stuff I've looked into. Project N95 and Mask Nerd have larger lists, but a lot of their focus is on disposables so you'll have to dig.
Tumblr media
A mask company with a silicone seal around the face providing a more positive seal than conventional fabric masks, and with heavier duty head straps that won't wear out as quickly. No fit-testing, but it's not too hard to get a good seal with a soft rubber face seal. The masks are fully disposable but are intended to last for several months of wear. They have appropriate N95 certifications.
Flo Mask
Tumblr media
Another design that looks like a fairly ordinary mask but with reinforced head straps and a silicone face seal. Originally only for children, there's going to be an adult size model out in a few months, and it's worth considering. This one takes replaceable filters and it's supposed to come in two sizes to cover most people.
There's lots of other ones that are probably good, again, check MaskNerd's coverage, but I highly prioritize "high quality seal" so that's what I'm recommending here. In theory any well-fitting filtering mask can last weeks or months, but cheap elastic ear straps and uncleanable dirt building up on the surfaces make that much less practical, so while you could wear a generic N95 mask for two months, it's going to get grody and unpleasant and possibly lose its seal.
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destinywritessometimes · 2 days ago
Triplets of Encanto Book 1: Pepa Madrigal
Chapter 2: The Size of a Dime
before the 3rd generation of Madrigals were navigating the world, their parents dealt with their own struggles. so let’s go back a couple decades and see what life was like for them.
Everyone’s worried Pepa can’t keep her emotions in check, including her, but what happens when her cloud acts out of turn, and their concern turns into fear?
Word Count: 3, 502
Tw: mention of burn injury (idk if that’s a trigger but might as well just in case)
First Part, Next Part
a/n: AH sry this is a whole week late hope the word count will make up for it, anyways hope you like this chapter :)
Tumblr media
Every time their birthday came around, each of the Madrigal triplets had a separate party.
Even though they insisted they’d be fine if they were all celebrated at once, Alma insisted on it, proclaiming that each one of her little amors deserved their spotlights.
Each year they’d take them celebrating their actual birthday, and this year it was Pepa’s turn.
The three of them were turning fifteen, and now the time had come for Pepa’s celebration, right on her birthday.
She’d swapped with Bruno the year before because their birthday fell on a super moon night that year and he’d always been into astrological events, so she let him have it.
Pepa had grown into a nice young woman. Her eyebrows were perfectly defined and her hair resembled that of Aphrodite’s in the Birth of Aphrodite.
She would have been textbook pretty if not for the noticeable gap between her teeth. But despite this, none could deny that she was one of the most beautiful girls in all of Encanto.
But with her growing up came concerns, specifically concerns about her emotions.
Whispers and mutterings were shared about all the possibilities of what might happen when her ‘teenage emotions’ took control of her.
People prepared for funky weather, especially the farmers who would adjust their planting to whatever Pepa Madrigal happened to be feeling.
At times she’d hear them blame her for it. Like she asked for any of this. Her gift was fun but only when she was alone or just with Juli and Bruno.
But other times of course she was amazing because her crying brought them out of a dry spell.
They were all concerned about what she was feeling in the worst ways possible.
Even though the Madrigals were the sort of head family of the village, their birthday parties were usually private.
But since this year their birthday fell upon the final day of harvest, which they usually had a celebration on anyways, it was public this time.
That’s where she heard most of the rumors spread about her.
Often she’d have moments where she felt a strong emotion and silently panicked until it went away, no need to repeat the fiasco that went down at her gift ceremony.
Pepa stepped away from the crowd and stood off to the side, half hazardously gazing up at the mountains that surrounded the Encanto.
The summer air was one of her comforts. Sometimes just standing there and letting it wash over her was enough for her to be ok.
She turned to see Julieta running up to her and a smile immediately graced her face.
“Did you try the pound cake Carlos brought?” Julieta laughed when Pepa shook her head, “you have to! It's amazing! But you better get over there, Bruno’s already eaten like half of it.”
Running off with Julieta towards this supposedly amazing pound cake, Pepa forgot about whatever was troubling her.
Her siblings were her main outlet. Whether it was picking flowers with Juli or drawing pictures with Brunito she loved them both to death.
But then came time for the singing.
Pepa had grown to hate the birthday song, or at least when it was being sung to her. All that attention wasn’t something she enjoyed.
Of course, she used to love it, but that was back when she didn’t have to wonder why people were staring at her, whether they were laughing with her or at her.
Seated at the head of the table, she simply panned around at all the singing guests, hoping whatever expression she wore on her face was pleasant and didn’t seem forced.
The thought that it would all end soon was the thought that kept her going, and the constant reminders that her siblings had her back helped too.
That night, when the three of them were supposed to be sleeping, they all met up in the nursery to talk before bed, as they usually did.
The nursery was where they’d all stayed before they’d gotten their gifts and rooms along with them.
What started as a barren green room, now had writings and drawing covering the walls.
Pepa often focused on a part of it they’d all contributed to when they were around 8.
She’d written, ‘Pepa was here’, in big yellow letters, and Julieta had added, ‘you live here idiot’ in blue. And of course, ever the peacemaker, Bruno had written in his favorite pink marker, ‘I love you guys and they’d added hearts all around it.
“I think this year went well,” Bruno was lying on the floor parallel to the two of them when he looked up and noticed Pepa’s face, “honest!”
“It may have looked that way,” Pepa shook her head, “but I had so many close calls.”
“No one could even tell,” Julieta spoke in a soft tone, sitting behind Pepa as she braided her hair, “besides, even if you let a few clouds, who would care?”
“Everyone would Juli!” Pepa sighed, “everyone except you two. And it would’ve been a big disaster.”
Julieta and Bruno shared a look.
“Do you want comfort or advice, Pepi?” Bruno asked.
“Advice,” while comfort would be nice, it wouldn't have helped her in the long run. She just wanted a solution. A way to not feel so much. Or at least as deeply as she did.
“Well,” Julieta began, “I don’t know how to suppress your emotions, but I’d recommend whenever you’re feeling something harsh, you try and remind yourself of something not so harsh. Maybe a favorite food, flower, etc. And if that doesn’t work, step aside and take a minute or two to let it all out.”
She’d always been the best at giving advice, and her reputation remained accurate.
“Step aside and let it all out,” Pepa repeated the words quietly to herself. That sounded good. She could do that.
“Have I ever told you guys you’re the best?” Pepa grinned at the two of them.
Bruno faked embarrassment, “Oh stop it.”
“I’m sure you have,” Juli nudged her, “but I’m always open to hearing it again.”
Pepa laughed.
She’d be sure to try out Juli’s advice when the time came, and she was almost certain it’d come soon.
And sure enough, it did.
A couple of days after the party, the three of them had lessons in the school building near the center of town.
Bruno and Julieta usually stuck with Pepa anyways as they had most of their classes together, but they were sure to be especially attentive to her.
Pepa thankfully didn’t hear anything people were saying about her, because she was sure they were talking, but she still did get people staring at her cloud.
She already felt insecure as is just being a teenage girl, she didn’t like having to worry about her emotions being on display.
Trying her best to ignore it, she hugged Julieta and kissed Bruno on the cheek as they left for the only class they didn’t have together.
“Pepi!” Bruno pulled away, “not right now.”
“Oh! Suddenly shy of kisses are you?” Pepa accused, wearing an offended look on her face, “I'll see about that!”
She grabbed his face and started covering one side of it in little pecks, and soon Juli took on the other side.
“Stop! People are gonna start staring! You’re making a scene!” Bruno tried to sound stern, but they both could hear the playfulness in his voice.
“Now we should go,” Juli looked at the two of them, “don’t want to be late.”
Bruno and Pepa both nodded, and with that, they were off.
Pepa simply had to round the corner to get to her class.
Sitting down in her usual spot and pulling out her, she’d grown used to the subtle shadow that her cloud cast. She didn’t always have one, a cloud that is, but today when she was constantly feeling gloomy as ever, she’d had one consistently.
“Surprised you didn’t explode yesterday, Madrigal,” some girl Pepa didn’t care to look at remarked, “I even remembered to bring my umbrella this time, just in case.”
Focusing all her attention on her textbook, Pepa drowned everyone else out until the teacher walked in and class officially started.
Pepa liked her teacher, she was good at teaching and always seemed to have good intentions, but Pepa admitted that at times she could be somewhat ignorant to things happening in her classroom.
Including when a couple of kids decided to start throwing crumpled balls of paper at Pepa.
She couldn’t see who was doing it, because she sat in the second row near the center of the classroom. And of course, it wasn't anyone in the first row, that’s where all the goodie goodies sat.
Pepa took in a sharp breath after the next piece of paper hit her back, and tried to imagine something that would calm her down before she did something she’d regret.
“Clear skies, clear skies,” she mumbled under her breath and her eyes followed the words her teacher was writing on the board.
“Alright class,” the teacher glanced at the time before looking back at the class, “it’s quiet hour, but this time I will step out to finish a few things. The same rules apply.”
And with that Pepa was left alone in a classroom of people who just loved to tease her.
Trying to make the best of the situation, she pulled out her textbook.
At least then she’d have something to focus on when they bugged her.
But then instead of people throwing things at her, they started whispering.
“Imagine if she killed all the crops just because she was having a bad day.”
“At least I can control my emotions.”
“Literally why can’t she just calm down.”
Her cloud growing just seemed to encourage them all.
“Hey Reina del drama!” this girl however wasn’t whispering, and Pepa couldn’t help but listen, “does it rain blood when you get your period?”
Whipping around, Pepa glared daggers at her.
“How dare you say such a thing!” She started yelling. How was she expected to just ‘stay calm’ while every one of her classmates was doing their best to make sure she couldn’t?
Pepa was thundering, and it wasn’t like she hadn’t thundered before, but soon her cloud would act out of turn.
Sometimes her cloud seemed to be a separate entity, something that she couldn’t control.
And what it did would change everyone’s perspective on her. From now on, people wouldn’t simply tease Pepa Madrigal, they would fear her.
In her rage, a lightning bolt rained down and struck a boy on the arm. The teacher’s son.
Guilt was the only thing Pepa felt.
He hasn’t even been involved. He hasn’t even been teasing her or being mean to her, yet he got hurt anyway.
“I’m sorry, sorry, I didn’t mean to,” she started rapidly apologizing. In her eyes, the wound looked massive, in all actuality it was just a small mark the size of a dime.
But Pepa wasn’t just gonna let that slide. And neither were the other students that witnessed it. Except for the boy, he didn’t look upset.
When the teacher came back, the other students weren’t shy to exaggerate the tale, and Pepa believed everything they said, despite knowing deep down they weren’t true.
Up until then, she’d thought of her gift as harmless, annoying but harmless.
Punishment was inevitable, and eventually, she found herself in an empty classroom.
The Encanto always seemed filled with the warmth of home, as if everywhere you went there was some sort of familiarity that would never leave you.
But in that room, Pepa felt no familiarity. It was cold, like harsh rain blown into your face like sharp winds. And her constant coughing due to the chalk dust didn’t help.
She’d been made to write lines on the chalkboard,
specifically ‘I will not thunder’.
She had to get better at suppressing her feelings and learn to shrink her clouds. She couldn’t let something like this ever happen again.
Drowning in her thoughts, the sudden call of her name pulled her out of it.
“Pepa!” Julieta ran into the room, Bruno holding onto her arm, both of their faces were filled with concern.
Had the school day already ended?
She’d lost track of time.
“Dios Mio,” Julieta put her hands on her mouth when she looked at the countless lines on the wall, all written by Pepa, “how could they?”
“How dare they,” Bruno’s wasn’t usually angry, and if he was he didn’t show it on his face. But it was always clear to everyone that he was.
Pepa had been trying to keep it together, but now that she was with her siblings she broke down.
Running into Juli’s arms, Pepa started explaining everything, including the story about how she electrocuted that boy, which at that point was more of a fairy tale.
Thankfully, Julieta had heard the story in the halls and knew it wasn’t as awful as Pepa claimed it was.
“How could she do this to you?” Julieta muttered to herself, “we have to tell mom.”
“She’ll just get angry! Please don’t,” Pepa pleaded with her.
“I’ll tell her,” Bruno spoke up, and Pepa nodded. Pepa knew he had a way of saying things that got their mother to feel for him, even if he wasn’t talking about himself. And Bruno knew that the story wasn’t that bad, so he wouldn’t even need to be convincing.
Wiping her eyes, Pepa breathed in deep, “I’ll be ok, we can just go home.”
Julieta just nodded, pulling her eyes away from the wall.
The two of them went to leave but Bruno put his hand on Pepa’s shoulder.
“I won’t stand for this,” he shook his head, “who did this to you?”
“Bruno, no one did,” Pepa’s voice was cracking with guilt, “I’m the one that messed up.”
She starts going on again about how awful of a person she’d been.
Bruno once again shook his head, “No, no,” he pushed past them out into the hall, muttering to himself as he did.
Sharing a worried glance the two sisters followed him.
The other students were lingering in the halls, not seeming to notice when Bruno went to stand among them.
Pepa and Julieta were both worried he was going to lash out. Bruno was usually slow to anger, but once he was pushed far enough there was no telling what he would do.
“Hey!” Bruno waited for them all to quiet down, before sticking his arm out towards a blond girl, “you!”
Pepa recognized her to be a friend of the girl who’d made the blood rain comment towards her.
Just as casually as he would’ve asked one of them to pass the salt, he said, “I had a vision, and you’re going to die in two days.”
It was a quiet few seconds before subtle panic broke out.
“Come on,” Bruno motioned to his sister as he walked to the door.
Pepa knew she should’ve scolded him like Julieta eventually did, but she couldn’t help but find it funny.
“Thanks, Bruno,” she kissed his cheek. She knew they’d never mess with her again.
Soon enough Julieta laughed, “I have to admit it was quite brave of you of our little Brunito.”
“Stop!” Bruno always got defensive about being the shortest of the three of them.
When the three of them reached home, Bruno kept his word and was the one to tell Alma about what had happened, while Pepa stood with Julieta listening in on the conversation.
It was safe to say within five minutes Alma was marching down to the school to have a word with that teacher, dragging Pepa along with her.
Pepa would have enjoyed laughing about it all outside the school while her mother spoke to her teacher, but Alma had instructed Bruno and Julieta to stay home.
So there Pepa was sitting outside alone, crouched down in the dirt.
She made a small rain cloud and drew pictures in the mud it made.
How would the teacher even react to that?
She'd probably be targeted in class for this if it went awfully. Pepa loved her mom, but sometimes she was a bit, well, fiery.
Guess she knew where Bruno got it from.
After drawing a very accurate stick figure portrait of her family, a shadow was cast over her work.
She ignored it, chalking it up to just her cloud enlarging or shrinking or whatever it felt like doing.
“I’m sorry about what happened in class today.”
Pepa looked up to see the boy. The same one she’d burned in class.
He was short, shorter than Pepa at least, with black tightly curled hair, light brown streaks running through because of his time spent in the sun. His clear dark skin also reflected that.
Pepa always noticed how mischievous he looked no matter what he was doing.
She’d spoken to him a few times when they were younger, they were on a soccer team together once when they were 6, but that’s all she could recall.
Her face became paler than it usually was, and she shook her head, “It was my fault,” she tried to keep her words sparse. Not wanting her cloud to go wild again.
She couldn’t help but glance down at the burn she’d left on his stem before she turned back to her mud.
“It wasn’t,” he leaned his shoulder against the schoolhouse, looking down at her, “Maria shouldn’t have said that to you, and I shouldn’t have stayed silent.”
Pepa was taking her turn now to stay silent.
“I get it if you don’t want to talk to me,” he sighed, “but I really am sorry.”
It was quiet for a while, neither of them talking, the only sounds being whatever noises the mud made as Pepa painted circles in it.
After a while, she looked up at him and nodded, still not saying anything.
He returned it, though a bit awkwardly, as if he’d gotten used to the silence.
Then without another word, he turned and walked away.
She was stunned out of her thoughts, not being able to help her habit of overthinking every interaction she had with anyone.
It was Bruno.
He ran up to her, though his eyes were trailing after Felix.
“Why are you here?” Pepa didn’t mean for it to sound as mean as it did, “didn’t mom tell you to stay at home?”
“Well yeah,” Bruno shifted a bit, “but I wanted to make sure you were alright.”
She smiled at his efforts, “I’m fine.”
He gave her a look.
“Really, I am,” she stood and put her hands on his shoulders, “I’m fine.”
He seemed satisfied with that answer, and moved on to another topic.
Furrowing his brows he asked, “Why was Felix talking to you?”
She was about to ask how he knew his name, but Bruno knew practically everyone.
“Oh,” Pepa had almost forgotten, “he was just apologizing for earlier.”
“Was he the one that made that comment about you?” Bruno looked like he wanted to run after him.
“No, no!” She laughed at his suspicion, “it was some other girl, apparently named Maria. He’s the boy I burned.”
“Not surprised,” he scoffed, “still weird he came to talk to you. Glad he left.” He started looking in the direction he had gone, a glare forming on his face.
Pepa sensed his tone of voice, and a small smile formed on the corners of her mouth, “Bruno, are you getting protective?”
Bruno quickly looked back at her, “Of course not, I was just worried some boy was messing with my sister.”
She still didn’t believe him and it showed on her face.
“Really! I’m not,” Bruno crossed his arms.
“Alright then,” she still wasn’t convinced but let it go, “head back to casita before mom catches you, Vamo, vamo, vamo!”
He did as she said, and soon enough Alma came ‘round the corner to fetch Pepa, and they headed home.
“He really stood there with you all that time!” Julieta was in shock.
Once again the three of them had met up in the nursery, recounting the day's events, and Pepa had been telling Julieta about Felix. If there even was enough to say for it to be considered telling about.
Nonetheless, Julieta was interested, and Bruno was rolling his eyes.
“They barely even spoke!” He was once again sprawled out on the floor.
“That’s the good part,” Julieta had started obsessing like a mother, “he waited there for her, and didn’t push her at all to speak, it was so subtly perfect.”
“Wasn’t it?” Pepa has to admit she’d thought it was sweet.
“It wasn’t.”
“Bruno!” Julieta kicked him, and the two got into a friendly argument, while Pepa sat there, thinking.
Of course, this was all nice to think about, but she didn’t need anyone else to think about.
Anyone else to feel for.
She was probably thinking too far into it.
Bruno was right, it wasn’t that big of a deal.
Surely it wasn’t.
Yay! Enter Felix :D I love him sm isnfjdbdb but yeah I was looking for a way to add him into the mix and I thought this would be a cool way especially since I love the idea of Pepa and Felix being childhood sweethearts
Anyways yeah that’s all for this week the next one will come out sooner 😭
Have a nice day and night !! ⛈
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lokai-fi · a day ago
Among Other Things
Hongjoong x reader
Genre: fluff, clueless boy Hongjoong
Word count: 1.1k
Tumblr media
Hongjoong watches it happen daily. Your simple little touches to the other members, your pinky locked with Yunho, your enveloping hugs for San. Even Jongho gets the chance to feel your touch as you gently rub his temple to relieve his headache Wooyoung has no doubt caused. Yet not once has Hongjoong felt your touch. He swallows and looks back down at his laptop, trying to forget that you have your arm hanging off of Yeosang’s shoulder. 
It works for the most part.
He almost misses your goodbye as Mingi walks you out of the studio. But he doesn’t miss the way his hand ruffles your hair or your playful shove back.
He still remembers the day he met you. Yunho had been gushing nonstop about how the company was able to bring in one of his favorite choreographers to work with them. So when you walked in, with eyes bright and a smile that could outshine any star, what else was he supposed to do but stammer over his words. 
He takes note as you chat with each member. How you match San’s energy, how quickly you  befriend Yeosang despite his disdain for meeting new people. You end each conversation with a grin and a touch to the arm, so when you don’t do that for Hongjoong he panics. Had he said something wrong? Your smile was there but your hands stayed loose by your side. 
Hongjoong tries to write it off as a fluke but when practice comes to an end and you give everyone a farewell hug but him, he knows he's done something wrong. He can’t help but hold on to that sliver of hope that once you’re done fixing your shoes that you’ll pop up and embrace him. Instead you throw your coat on and ask about any good coffee places nearby. He says the one up the road makes his favorite americano.
You show up the next day with two iced coffees in hand. You chat with the other members, mainly telling them to stretch before making your way over to Hongjoong. He doesn’t know why but he feels like you’re going to tell him off. Instead you hand him the other coffee and tell him to get ready. He watches you walk back to the rest of the group as he takes a big gulp of coffee. 
“Did I get your order right?” you ask and Hongjoong wonders how you still manage to look so pretty after dancing for hours. 
You still don’t touch him.
“You’re still here?” 
He’s surprised to see you standing in his studio, looking between your phone and him. It’s not unlike him to work past midnight but he’s beginning to wonder why you’ve done the same. 
“Have you eaten?”
“Ah, no. I got caught up in my work.”
You purse your lips and sigh. He barely catches your ‘stay here’ as you stomp out of the studio. He doesn’t know what to do in the sudden silence. You had left your duffle bag on the sofa and he contemplates running after you to return it. You return five minutes later and Hongjoong feels the worry leave his body. He also feels something very hot in his hands. 
“Seonghwa told me you liked pasta, that was the only bento I could find that had pasta so I hope it’s okay.”
He thanks you for the meal, curious as to why you’re staying. You make yourself comfortable on the couch and the two of you strike up a conversation that lasts till two a.m. 
Yet you never lay a hand on him.
He spends the next few weeks desperately trying to figure out what he said wrong. He over analyzes every interaction he’s had with you. He chooses each word carefully, presents himself perfectly yet each time your hands steer clear of him. 
Hongjoong finds himself rambling to Seonghwa one night while he works on a new jacket to keep himself busy. 
He doesn’t know why you're careful not to brush his fingers when you bring him coffee. Why do you stand close enough for him to feel the heat radiating off of you, but just far enough away where your arms won’t brush. Or worse yet, why won’t you run your hands through your hair as you lean against the back of his chair listening to his latest work in his studio.  
Seonghwa wonders if he hears himself.
“For a man who hates being touched-”
Hongjoong’s glare causes Seonghwa to stop, he shifts on his bed and continues. 
“For the record, she’s never brought us coffee, or late night dinners.”
Seonghwa’s words don’t dawn on him until Wooyoung’s pouting that you always bring Hongjoong coffee and never him. 
“It’s only cause you like him.” 
Hongjoong’s never seen you be so quick to scold someone. The pink tint on your cheeks plus Wooyoung’s statement has him thinking. 
Do you like him?
You don’t treat him like the others. You bring him coffee and food. You stay much later than you have to just to keep him company.
The words fly out of his mouth before he has time to stop them. 
“Do you?” 
You stammer over your words as Wooyoung retreats.
“Well, I-I can’t lie and say I don’t feel something for you.”
Hongjoong doesn’t say anything, he doesn’t think he can. But he’s thrilled! He’s beyond thrilled, you like him too! He knows he should phrase this carefully as he watches you squirm in the silence, but he’s too excited.
“Then how come you never-” he pauses, sighing as he realizes just how awkward it would sound. He gestures to your hands instead, hoping you’d understand what he was trying to get at.
 He grimaces. 
“Well, you hold Yunho’s hand or you give Jongho shoulder massages but you always avoided me.”
You can’t help it as your eyes widen, a shocked grin painted on your face as you realize exactly what he’s referring to.
He’s almost taken aback by your giggle as you try to hide behind your hands. 
“Hongjoong, Woo told me you hated skinship. So I brought you coffee and food and hung out with you instead. I never wanted to make you uncomfortable.”
“I’m going to kill him.”
“Please don’t, I can’t hold your hand if you’re in jail.”
Hongjoong beams.
“You want to hold my hand?”
“Among other things, but we can start there.” 
There’s no sour feeling in his stomach nor a chill down his spine as he laces his fingers between yours.
Instead there’s just comfort. 
And a lot of teasing from his friends.
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thusspokeshan · 2 days ago
The Past
Jotaro Kujo x GN!Reader
Let's not bring the past back anymore.
WARNINGS: mentions of having a breakdown, jotaro might be kind of ooc
this is more like.... a vent..... thing so yea,, and my emotions are messy so this is also messy because im a messy person but anyways
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Tumblr media
Jotaro Kujo.
Such a bittersweet name that brings you equal amounts of joy and pain whenever you hear it. He became such a huge part of your life that you can't forget about him even if you force yourself to.
He was like the can of beer he likes so much—it tastes nice at first, but leaves a burn and such a bitter taste down your throat, but even then, you can't seem to get enough of him. You knew it wasn't a good thing to be close to him, to be so attached—but you still did. The heart wants what it wants, you would always tell yourself; trying to justify your feelings.
You met him during freshman year of high school, and you've always been attracted to him. Not much happened for the first few months, but the real turning point of your relationship was a single night.
It was late at night, and you couldn't bring yourself to stay in your room. It was suffocating—your thoughts were suffocating and the darkness of the room didn't help with your thoughts. You needed air, it doesn't even matter what your parents will do to you if they catch you leaving the house wee hours into the night.
You need to breathe.
And as if everything was perfectly planned and orchestrated by the Gods in heaven, the one person you were attracted to also happened to decide to have a late-night walk—you never did know why he was out so late into the night as you never got to ask—and in a moment that you were sure only happened in telenovelas, the two of you bumped into each other.
Jotaro didn't know what to do then, you would have laughed at his surprised face as he watches you have a breakdown in front of him, ranting about things he barely understood as you gasp your words in between your sobs. He wanted to hug you then but was afraid of upsetting you even more so the two of you just sat down on the side of the pavement and he allowed you to vent, listening closely and attentively to every word you said. He stayed with you until you finally calmed down, barely even saying a word—but you were grateful for his company.
You tried to apologize, but he just shrugged off your apology, telling you to stand up and it's time to go. You smile and said your goodbyes then, afraid you may have hogged his time too much already. Surprisingly, as you started walking back to your home, his tall frame followed you. It was halfway through your walk home that you've noticed he was still on your trail—turning to look at him confusedly, he senses your eyes on him and answered without even looking at you.
"It's late. It's dangerous."
"It's only a five-minute walk"
"A lot of things can happen in five minutes."
Ever since that night, he became your one and only confidant. You would tell him things you can never usually voice out—it was messy, the words coming out of your mouth feel so foreign, but he seems to always understand what you were trying to say. It was nice being able to vent to him, because after he would still act around you like usual. If he did worry, he never showed, and a part of you was grateful for that—it's bittersweet when people worry for you vent to them, it makes you happy that they care so much but at the same time it feels like you're wasting their emotions making them worry about you when they can be spending their time on much important things.
Somewhere along the way, it wasn't just you who was venting. The man who barely spoke two words around others started opening up to you as well. It's only fair, he said, for him to trust you as much as you trust him. You became his confidant as well, and he started telling you just as much as you would tell him.
Nights belonged to the both of you—in the comfort of the cold air, the moon being your only witness, the two of you professed the feeling you both always bottle up inside; whether it be hatred, loneliness, or most of the time in Jotaro's case, how he hates the way other girls treat him, how they fawn over him and cling to his arm when he just wants to be left alone.
When the sun comes, the two of you would go your separate ways. Go to school on your own and greet each other at school with a small wave here or a nod there, just small hints to other people that the two of you were close, but not enough for them to fully conclude you were friends.
Your friends, however, always had a feeling that something was going on between you and the delinquent. After all, Jotaro hadn't really hidden his concern for you all that much when you weren't around.
Most of the time, when he sees someone he knows you are friends with, he would suddenly stop them in their tracks just to ask them a single question,
"How is (Y/N) doing?"
There was even that one time where he saw you were pissed off. He knew better than to follow you but he did grab the opportunity to speak to one of your closest friends, asking what happened and if anyone hurt you—your friend even repeated what he said word for word with such glee that you couldn't help but blush.
"If anyone dared to lay a hand on them, I'll wipe out their whole bloodline."
The constant worry he had for you that he mostly shows when you weren't around gave you some sort of weird confidence boost the night the two of you met up to talk to vent to each other again.
"You know, I'm quite jealous of your fangirls," you said with a chuckle. It was a joke. You meant to say it as a joke, but you watched as his brows furrowed, looking at you with confusion swimming in his azure eyes.
"You don't have to be," he responds, his voice laced with seriousness. "I'm only yours."
The intensity of his words and gaze made you freeze on your spot, silently agreeing to him as you were too stunned to even say anything back—one thing that you truly regret as now, you weren't sure what your relationship with the delinquent was.
You have feelings for him, but does he have feelings for you? Was that his own way of proclaiming that he reciprocates your feelings? Are the two of you... dating?
The two of you grew even closer after that, and it went on for quite a while, with you building up the courage to finally ask him what you two were or to confess your feelings to him once and for all............
But you never got to.
He suddenly stopped going to school—with you left in the dark as to why. You've heard that he went abroad with his grandfather, and you never had the courage to go to his home for some reason. It was a few months later that you finally saw him again, bandages on his body and his arm on a cast. Unfortunately, you only managed to get a glance at him as he was already on his way to leave through the gates and you were too far to catch up.
And that was the last time you'd ever seen him.
Last you've heard about him, he was living a good life—his family apparently moved to America for some reason you never knew of, you heard he was even in a relationship with someone! And truly, you were happy for him, but at the same time, you hated it.
You were left having to pick up the shards of your heart that was broken, and perhaps the reason that his name still stings even after years of never seeing him was because you never truly had closure with him. Every now and then your heart still aches, thinking of what could have been, you wonder if he would still be with you had those... months he wasn't at school hadn't happened.
But you quickly shake the thoughts away from your head. Lamenting on the past never brought you any good, and it would never change what happened.
You just wish things had gone differently.
Maybe if it did, then you wouldn't feel the need to cry every time his birthday comes around and the name Jotaro Kujo wouldn't break your heart so much.
Tumblr media
The Past - Jed Madela
Canon!Jotaro Taglist: @transparentmochi @diurit @outofthiszawarudo @marygut1407 @cloudcoco @zeldan7 @parkeepingparker @michikoru @inumakiiz @bicrosof @thusspokeleena @mis-star @brunowo
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miraculous-clowncar · a day ago
clowneyyyyy have you seen kuro neko yet??? I'm so angry at how little appreciation ladybug has for chat like why do the writers hate her so much
Tumblr media
(sorry, I've been caught up in life atm so I've been pretty absent) I'm going to be honest, the blatant disregard for nuance in this fandom is getting exhausting. Both Marinette and Adrien are experiencing a lot of growth this season, which means that we're going to see their flaws.
There is no "good guy" or "bad guy" in this scenario. It's simply two people struggling with managing the personal challenges they're facing in their lives and these challenges negatively impact each other.
The two main sources of conflict in this episode are Ladybug's ambivalence towards Chat Noir and Adrien's sense of identity being contingent on how much Ladybug needs him.
Keep in mind, this episode takes place after Ephemeral. This means that, not only is Ladybug still on edge after everything that happened in that episode, but that is now compounded with her trauma from Chat Blanc (note: @gentil-minou did an awesome meta on this in this post and I highly encourage everyone to read it). Not to mention, she's had plenty of close calls this season: Shadowmoth has found out the identities of some of the miraculous holders and targeted them, including Nino in Optigami and Alya in Sentibubbler. This means that she has to place all of her attention on reinforcing her team and not showing any weakness to Shadowmoth; she's not really in a great headspace to deal with Chat Noir's feelings (which, as we now know, aren't as trivial as she initially perceives them to be), because everything else is much more pressing to her.
This episode was essentially the Ladrien parallel to Marichat's dynamic in Glaciator 2.
Tumblr media
Throughout Glaciator 2, we have Marinette and Chat Noir being the versions of themselves where they are at their most natural (not to be confused with their "true selves"); Marinette learned that, instead of getting caught up worrying about what could go wrong, it's much more worth it for her to take the risk of being vulnerable to strengthen her relationships, all while Chat Noir learned how to communicate with Ladybug about her boundaries. Marinette was comfortable enough around Chat Noir for her to relax and be vulnerable with him, and Chat Noir sees this and finds himself absolutely endeared by her.
In Kuro Neko, similar themes are further explored with the opposite dynamic. Ladybug learns a lesson in relationship maintenance, and Adrien starts to find his footing in establishing his own identity.
Tumblr media
Plagg brought to Ladybug's attention just how out of touch she is with Chat Noir, and how she's made little effort to address the growing distance between them. While it's understandable that Ladybug has a lot on her plate from guardian duties, she absolutely has been using it as a crutch to avoid an uncomfortable situation (a.k.a. vulnerability™) with Chat Noir. Ladybug views Chat Noir's love for her as a weakness, and in Ladybug's mind, weakness = the end of the world. After fighting alongside Catwalker, Ladybug learns that the specific bond she has with the real Chat Noir is crucial to their success as a partnership, and she has to make sure to frequently reassure Chat Noir that he's still important to her. And, with the help of Plagg, Adrien realizes that his identity is something that he decides for himself, not something that is determined by others.
I wanna say more but it's almost 2am and I have to get up for class in like 4 hours lmao
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gremlinimagines · a day ago
Pairing: Matt Murdock x reader!
Summary: Reader is stressed and Matt comforts them.
Word Count: 844
Warnings: Reader is stressed, but that’s all.
Author’s Note: None.
Tumblr media
Today had been a hard day at work. Your manager blamed you for a problem that wasn’t even your fault, your co-workers were to busy lazing around to help out, and the customers found every reason they could to yell at you. No, it wasn’t your fault that the pizza was taking ‘to long’ for them. 
When it was time to leave, you didn’t say goodbye to anyone. Just grabbed your coat and while waiting for the bus, left a voice message to your boyfriend: Matt Murdock. “I hope your day was better than mine. Miss you, Matty.” You had said, sounding more choked up than you wanted.
You didn’t like making Matt worried. 
Once you got home, your clothing drench from waiting in the rain for the bus, you changed out of your clothes and fell into your bed crying your eyes out. All of the stress at work was starting to get to you. It was not a healthy environment at all and if you didn’t need the job, you would have quit months ago. However, you have to pay the bills and its the middle of winter in New York. 
Finally, the tears stop coming and you get up to do something, but is startled by a knocking on your door. You go to grab your knife, holding it close to your chest in case you needed to defend yourself. When you look through the peep hole to see a brunette with stylish red glasses, you smile. 
“Matt, what are you doing here?” You say, opening the door. “I thought you had-” Your words are cut off by a sudden embrace, Matt’s hand grasping your body softly and tight. There is a tenderness to way he held you. Instead of pushing him away, you sink into his embrace; he's warm. Lucky bastard, the rain must have just finished. The universe must not like me, you think.
Matt finally pulls away and holds your shoulders, his walking stick on the floor. “You sounded like you were about to cry in your message. Are you okay?” The question is simple. Everyone both asks and answers it, yet his voice is soft and you lose it. Tears start pouring down your cheeks again and he’s pulling you to your couch, listening to you ramble about what happened today. After staying the night so many times, he memorized your apartment.
You let him pull you into another embrace - your back to him - and he brushes his hands through your hair, as you continue to tell him just how stressful today was. “None of that was your fault. Your manager shouldn’t have done that.” Matt assures you before smirking. “If you give me a name, I could pay him a visit. Maybe give him a few punches if you want me to.” His offer makes you snort.
Playfully swatting his shoulder, you look up to him. “As much as I want that, my manager isn’t your typical target. He’s just an total asshole.” 
“Wouldn’t be the first time I knocked an asshole’s teeth in.” Matt shrugs. For the first time today, you smile. You don’t know how he does it; how he can make you smile or laugh even when you feel like the whole world is crumbling. As you look at him, eyeing each and every inch of his handsome face, you think to yourself: how did I get so lucky? Maybe the universe does like me.
“I would much rather we stay here.” You turn around completely and sit on his lap, wrapping your hands around his neck. Your lamp is positioned directly behind him, making his head glow like a halo.
Hell’s Kitchen may know him as the devil, but to you, he was the light bringer, Lucifer, before his fall. “I just want you.”
“I’m right here, sweetheart. I’m not going anywhere.” Matt’s hand returns to the back of your head and gently nudges you to lean your head on his shoulder, the other holding you around your waist. “Later, though, I have a manager to beat.”
You shake your head and laugh. With your tears now stopping, you are able to breath and calm down. Having Matt here to comfort you and make you laugh is exactly what you needed today. Usually, you could handle the stress of your job, but it had been pilling up for weeks now and today, the dam broke. All the emotions of being stressed out beyond your mind came all out at once.
Matt kisses the top of your head. “You can rest, I’ll be here when you wake up.” 
You nod your head and move out of his embrace before laying back down on the couch, head on the other side and feet on his lap. You could feel him rubbing his hand on your thigh, trying to assure you that he meant what he said. 
“I love you.” You whisper, your words slurring. Before sleep consumes you, there is another whisper you barely manage to hear.
“I love you to, sweetheart.”
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strawberrytsukkixx · 2 days ago
Hi there!
I’ve been having a pretty bad week, and I wanted to request a Bakugou x reader where the reader is usually really tough on the outside, but they kinda have a breakdown/anxiety attack because of stress or something, and Bakugou is there to comfort them and calm them down? Hopefully that makes sense, thank you!
Hi Anon! I’m sorry you’re having a rough week! I hope this can help at least a little and I hope things take a turn for the better soon ❤️
The blank white space of your assignment seems vast and terrifying the longer you look at it. It seemed to swirl around you, clouding the world around you until you were surrounded by it. The silence suddenly seemed deafening, pounding in your ears like a drum. Unable to take it anymore, you shove the paper and the rest of your materials off the table, desperate to get them away from you. You scoot back, trying to put as much distance as possible between yourself and the source of your stress, clamping your hands over your ears and squeezing your eyes shut.
“What the hell are you throwing shit f—“ the harsh words stop short, realization hitting Bakugou like a freight train. He pushes himself up immediately, coming to crouch next to you, hands hovering near you but not quite touching. He debates with himself for a moment before tentatively touching your shoulder.
"It's me," Bakugou says quietly along with the touch, and to his surprise, you don't shy away. Instead, you lean into him, almost like you're looking for a place to hide. He's happy to provide you that, wrapping you up in strong arms to shield you from the world.
The initial hysteria fades quickly, replacing itself with an overwhelming weight in your chest that you don't have a name for. You don't even notice the tears at first, simply struggling for breath as the unnamed feeling tears through your chest, settling heavily in your lungs. You cling to the solid frame of your boyfriend, the only thing that's holding you together right now.
Bakugou seems to know just what to do, gathering you into his lap to cage you in tight, one arm around your middle, the other cradling your head against his chest. You don't realize for a long few minutes that he's whispering to you, trying his best to be comforting even though it definitely is not his element.
" -- got you, don't worry. You're okay. You're okay."
It takes some time, but, eventually, your breathing levels out enough that you can actually get a decent lungful of air. You take several deep breaths, shaking less and less with each one. You feel Bakugou's crimson eyes on you the whole time, but they don't feel heavy and pressuring. They feel concerned.
"I -- I'm sorry," you mumble, fisting your hand in the material of his shirt.
"Nah, you don't need to do that," Bakugou answers quickly, pressing a warm kiss to your forehead. "S'okay."
"I just --" you sniffle, taking in a shuddering breath as your body continues to calm itself from your crying. "I'm so overwhelmed lately. I thought ... I thought I could handle it but -- I guess I couldn't. That assignment seemed like it was trying to swallow me whole."
You wince at how stupid that sounds now that you've said it aloud, but, you don't have any other words to describe the feeling. Bakugou's arms tighten around you for a moment, squeezing gently.
"Why ... Why didn't you tell me sooner?" He asks, voice softer than you've ever heard it. You're also fairly sure this is the longest he's ever gone without calling you a pet name or by some silly insult that doesn't really sting. "I could've helped you take some stuff off your plate."
"I didn't know." You say, then amend, "I didn't notice."
Truthfully, the idea of going back to that table to finish your homework still seems daunting. The idea nearly throws you back into tears. All you want to do is crawl into your bed and never come out again.
"But now you do." Bakugou says this very matter of fact, pulling back a little from your embrace to meet your eyes. "A-And ... now you can let me help you before this happens again, idiot."
Ah, there it is. That word ought to hit you straight in the gut and throw you back over the edge, but it does the exact opposite. You feel your heart warm, a smile tugging at your mouth that you can't resist.
"Can we take a break before we dive back in?" You ask, pulling Bakugou in for a brief kiss. "I don't think I can handle it just yet."
"Yeah, 'course." He pauses, then smiles wickedly. "You wanna let me smoke your ass at Mario Kart for a little while?"
"Big talk for the guy who couldn't even catch me last time! As I recall, only one of us fell off Rainbow Road twelve times, and it surely wasn't me."
"Oh, you are in for it now, you shit."
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blue-starlight · 9 hours ago
thinking about burn scars.
thinking about tubbo, who's spent what feels like years bandaging and caring for the scars from the festival, teaching ranboo which potions and ointments to use, and how to wrap the bandages so they don't chafe.
thinking about them bonding again slowly; quietly forgiving each other with actions instead of words-- help tying a bandage, aloe smeared over a sore, dinner cooked when one or the other is too tired and lying on the carpeted floor together when one of them is in too much pain to get up.
those few weeks after the explosion, as ranboo gets used to more limited movement and the morning and nighttime routines they go through to care for their wounds, tubbo barely leaves his side, guiding him around and making sure he knows how to care for himself.
ranboo doesn't complain; he's missed his husband, and it's good to get to spend time with him again.
they stay in snowchester, with michael, and for the first time in a long time, tubbo feels like he has a home.
gradually, just barely a whisper at first, comes the suggestion of moving into the mansion; neither of them remembers whose idea it was, but it doesn't matter much, they both agree.
once ranboo has healed enough, he begins to go back to his house in the arctic, taking items, slowly, one by one, and putting them in the mansion. the decision isn't official yet, but he figures it couldn't hurt.
on one of these trips, ranboo receives a visitor; masked and clad in green, a once-kind face now scarred and sad, and angry grief carves itself into every line and bend of his expression as he ties ranboo's hands and leads him off into the prison.
that night, ranboo doesn't come home, and tubbo worries. he pretends not to, though, spending the evening looking through the mansion. he gets lost once or twice. he hasn't checked on michael today, and he didn't have a chance yesterday, but that'll be all right. he'll visit once ranboo is home.
when ranboo still isn't back in the morning, tubbo vows to go looking once he has the chance. but he is still the leader of snowchester, and he has duties to attend to, and he loses himself in his work all day.
the next time he hears about his husband, it is evening, and the burning worry of the tall enderman's absence has been replaced by the slow rhythm of technical ideas and planning.
and that is when technoblade comes, the hulking warrior with his pig-skull mask. tubbo sees him, and a rushing, thundering fire sweeps across across the scarred side of his face, a phantom summoned by that mask, that cloak, that armor.
armor that disappears slowly as technoblade disarms himself, leaving a false air of vulnerability hanging about his person. tubbo wonders if he could get his revenge now, if he could kill the person who killed him, complete their sad story.
he doesn't, though. he won't be quackity or wilbur, so caught up in revenge as to forget logic.
when technoblade tells him the news, tubbo goes silent. it's the only thing left for him to do, the only way for him to be safe, as he breaks. shattered into a thousand pieces, like a hammer thrown into glass.
when tommy died, ranboo had comforted tubbo. he'd had tommy after wilbur and schlatt, and his cabinet when he'd thought tommy was dead the first time.
now, he has no one; the only person here for him is his enemy.
so tubbo does what he does best. he pushes the grief down, far, far away, and he focuses on the problem at hand. michael is gone too, and that, he can fix right now, even if it means working with technoblade.
tubbo can push down that fear, too, that hatred and resentment and panic that flows over him whenever he sees that damned pig skull. he'll keep it down until they find michael.
then, he's going to track down dream.
tubbo isn't going to lose anyone else, he refuses to.
after all, if he can work with one old enemy, why not throw them both into the mix?
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geeky-politics-46 · 13 hours ago
Friends, Just Friends: Part 2 - The Confession
Friend, Just Friends: Part 1
Pairing: Stephen Strange x Reader, Bucky Barnes x Reader
Summary: Why was he jealous you were dating Bucky? You were just friends. Granted you were friends who had woken up in each others beds, but you were just friends. So why does he feel sick thinking about you in Bucky's bed?
Warnings: Smut (NSFW) - 18+ ONLY - oral sex, fingering, vaginal sex, unprotected sex, dirty talk, pet names, jealousy, language, Strange being pouty & sad, complicated feelings, cheating (kinda sorta)
There is gonna be an alternate ending, where the other guy gets the girl because frankly I love them both & they both deserve love & lots of sex. For now though, one must win & one must lose... *gif is not mine* PS. This part is long!
Tumblr media
The sound of the bathroom faucet slowly pulled you from your sleep. Your senses immediately reminding you that you were not at the Sanctum in your own bed. The smell of old books was replaced with the smell of his cologne & shampoo. You nuzzled your face a little deeper into comforter & smiled at the memories of the night before replaying behind your closed eyes.
Hearing the bathroom door open you smirked to yourself & pulled your bent knee up closer to your chest. Displaying your cunt even more to the gorgeous man moving back towards the bed. You heard a low growl rumble from his chest as his eyes raked over your nude form.You kept your eyes closed feigning innocence at your revealing position, even though you knew he wasn't fooled.
Your smile widened when you felt the bed in front of you shift & his warm body snuggle in close to yours. He placed his large right hand over your hip & began running his thumb back & forth, as he placed a soft sweet kiss on your forehead.
"Hey you." You said warmly still with closed eyes as you extended your own arm to rest over the side of his ribcage. Finally opening your eyes when you felt the heat from his skin under your palm.
"Hey. Mornin' doll." His blue eyes glittering & his sheepish smile mirroring your own. "I hope last night everything was good for you. It's been a very long time for me, so I'm definitely a bit rusty. Wasn't sure I'd be any good. Plus things are certainly a bit different now. So I gotta admit I was worried I'd wake up this morning & find last night had just been an incredible dream. That there was no way the most gorgeous girl I've ever met would be naked in my bed with me."
"All a dream huh? Strange tends to refer to me as more of a nightmare, but potato potahto." you said with a teasing giggle before placing a soft kiss on his lips & snuggling a little closer.
"Last night was better than good Buck. It was amazing. I found absolutely no rust on your moves. Suave as ever. In fact, as soon as I saw you in that suit last night, Bucky, there was no way I wasn't waking up naked in your bed. So glad we snuck out of the party early." You tightened your jaw & exhaled through your nose as you arched into his body. Fingers gripping his side a little tighter as your pelvic bone grazed against the tip of his quickly hardening cock.
"Someone seems a little frisky this morning. I wonder just how frisky my little babydoll is..." He teased, biting his bottom lip as the hand that was on your hip started moving over your ass, before dipping downward towards your aching heat.
You helped him gain access by hitching your leg up over his hip. Moaning as his fingertips made featherlite contact against your labia. Each stroke of his fingers pulling more arousal from you.
"Mmm, your pretty pussy is just soaked baby. What got you this wet? Can't be just because of me." Bucky whispered against your lips between kisses, grinning as he knew full well that it was all his doing.
Your other hand had now moved down between your bodies to stroke the sides of his thick cock, now rock hard. Letting the pad of your index finger circle his tip smearing the bead of pre-cum that had formed there. A breathy moan escaping his plump lips.
You decided to tease him back a little. "Must be the same thing that got you this hard."
"I'm always hard when I'm around you doll. Had the hardest time not taking you right there on the dance floor last night. If it weren't for Strange playing chaperone & staring daggers at me, I might have just spent the whole night teasing your needy little pussy until you were begging me to fuck you."
His statement made your brain stop in it's tracks even as his fingers were circling your clit before switching & sliding up & down your wet slit. "Stephen was watching us? That's weird. I'm not sure why he'd care."
Bucky had now started placing soft open mouth kisses under your jaw & moving toward your neck. "Don't know, but the second I could sneak you away I did. Needed you all to myself. Needed to do all those filthy things you were whispering in my ear. You've got quite a mouth on ya doll... I like it."
You tried to shove the thoughts of Stephen out of your head. You two were just friends, he had no reason to keep an eye on you. You were a big girl, & he knew Bucky. He knew you were safe. He must have been watching someone else.
You pulled your focus back to the sexy naked super soldier in your arms. He looked ready to devour you, & you let yourself relish the feeling of his mouth biting & sucking little love bites on your neck. Already excited at the idea of showing off the marks he was leaving.
A mischievous grin found it's way to your lips at his last statement. When you got riled up your dirty talk could give a porn star a run for their money. Hearing that Bucky liked it made a new wave of arousal flood your cunt. You had been worried it would be too much & overwhelm him. You imagined dirty talk in the 40's was much less explicit. He was still trying to assimilate into modern culture, & was normally so quiet & reserved. You had no idea what to expect once you were both horny & naked.
Threading your fingers into his short chestnut brown hair & bringing your face nose to nose with his. You pulled on his hair slightly ellicting a needy groan from him  You put on your most innocent face, & indulged him in your filthy mind & your fithy mouth.
"I couldn't help myself Buck. You just do things to me baby. You turn me into such a little slut for you. All I could think about at the party was how bad I wanted your fingers, & your mouth, & your cock. Wanted to bounce on your cock & feel you cum in me. My pussy was just aching for you." You bit your bottom lip between your feet & started rutting your hips against his hand that was still toying with your pussy lips. "I'm aching for you right now Bucky. Need you to make me cum for you. Need you to fill me with your cum."
With a feral growl Bucky rolled you onto your back & positioned his body between your legs. His mouth now ravishing your breasts & sucking on your nipples, eliciting little squeaks of pleasure from you whenever his tounge teased the very tip of your buds. You could feel his cock, now leaking pre-cum, pressed against your abdomen turning you on more & more.
He truly had a beautiful cock. His length was impressive, but not the biggest you'd ever had. That title belonged to a man you were desperately trying not to think about. Why couldn't you push Stephen completely out of your head?
It was Bucky's girth that made your legs fall farther open & made you feel impossibly full. The first stretch from him splitting you open last night made your head spin & your mouth fall open in ecstasy. There was no where inside you his cock wasn't pulsing against.
Bucky was now laying over top you & hungrily taking you in. Your body starting to curl around his strong form wherever you could reach. Your soaking wet sex now sliding against his hard shaft. Your lips crashed together in a frenzy of tounges & teeth. He bit your bottom lip & groaned when he felt your pussy flutter against his cock. His need to be inside you becoming fervent.
"My bad little girl, thinking those dirty filthy things with all those people around. If my babydoll needs to cum, I will always make my little pussy cum. Cum on my fingers, on my tounge, & on my big fat cock. Then fuck you until your nice & full of me. Gotta take good care of my best girl."
He continued kissing down your body occasionally nipping at a particularly tempting spit triggering a purr & a giggle. Then he begins to settle between your legs. Stroking your legs up & down, coaxing you to spread your legs farther for him.
You reach down & run your hands through his hair as he peppers your thighs with kisses. His eyes devouring your most sensitive spots, staring at your glistening folds like they were a work of art. A content smile on your lips & your breath hitching as you let him worship your body.
"You know I really love it when you call me babydoll. It makes me feel special, & so so wanted." You coo to your lover between your legs.
Bucky lifts his head & gives you a quick soft lopsided loving smile "Well you are my babydoll, you always have been & you are most definitely wanted. I've wanted to be between your legs, right here, since the moment Strange introduced us." He placed a tender sensual kiss on you're inner thigh before bringing his eyes to yours. "Let me show you how much I want you babydoll. How much I want you to be mine. How special you are. Please, let me worship you & this beautiful wet, tight, pretty pink pussy."
You bit your lower lip suddenly feeling shy & hiding your giant smile behind your hands. You gave a small single nod before making doe eyes towards him as you asked him "please Buck, I need you. Please eat my pussy like you did last night & make me cum. Then get up here & fuck me with that massive cock of your's Sergeant."
That was all Bucky needed before he growled & face planted right into your dripping cunt. Latching his mouth over your entire pussy & dragging his flattened tounge up your slit before sucking briefing on your clit & pulling away with a wet pop. Only to repeat the process.
It would take hours, & several orgasms for both of you, for him to be done with you. Only letting you out of his bed once your body couldn't possibly take any more. Sending you home to the Sanctum a love drunk, & cock drunk, satisfied mess
You couldn't stop smiling as you turned around to close the portal to the Sanctum Sanctorum from Bucky's room behind you. Him giving you a cheeky little wave & a wink. Blowing a quick kiss back to him as the orange glowing embers of magic collapsed completely.
You had purposely chosen this particular hallway to portal into because it led right to the kitchen. Hoping you could sneak in to grab a snack & some water, or maybe some leftover coffee, before heading to your room.
For some reason it felt like you were a teenager sneaking in after curfew instead of a grown adult woman who could make her own decisions. You were never one to buy into the misogynistic idea of the "walk of shame" before. Yet now you desperately hoped to avoid being seen.
Your cheeks were still flushed from Bucky's flirty parting gesture as you began down the hall. At first you thought you had avoided any unwanted interactions. Only to then have your hopes dashed when you saw Wong exit the kitchen heading right toward you.
You froze on the spot & your mouth opened. Trying to find something to say. Eventually you ended up squeaking out a small rather high-pitched "hey". Immediately kicking yourself for not being able to just act normal.
Wong stopped before he passed you. He eyeballed you up & down curiously. You suddenly realized he was staring at your outfit. You had your dress from the previous night slung over your arm & your heels in your hand, instead wearing one of Bucky's t-shirts & a pair of his boxers instead. You swam in them, but it was far more comfortable than your cocktail dress & stilettos. It was a plus that they smelled like him.
He shrugged after a, or who you were doing, wasn’t any of his business to worry about. Nor did he really care all that much. He did offer you a word of warning before he continued down the hallway.
"Watch out. He's on a war path today."
You responded with a quick "thanks for the heads up", & continued towards the kitchen on your search for food. You were now tip-toeing & slowly peeked around the corner just in case Stephen was already in the kitchen, but the coast was clear.
Your steps became more sure as you spied the bowl of fruit on the island. You quickly dropped you dress, heels, & handbag on one of the chairs at the island counter before starting your foreage. First you grabbed an apple out of the bowl before moving to grab a protein bar out of the box you kept on top of the fridge. You attempted to shove those into the small purse with the apple not quite fitting all the way. It was close enough.
The last thing you had to grab was a bottle of water & you were home free.
You closed the fridge door with the bottle in hand & turned to grab the rest of your things only to suddenly see movement across the room. Your inhaled a startled breath & jumped in place.
It was Stephen. Standing just inside the kitchen doorway. At first his eyes softened when he saw your messy hair & smudges of last night's mascara under your eyes. Even when you were a mess, he thought you were gorgeous.
"Stephen, you scared the shit out of me." You exclaim as you place your hand on your chest. Waiting a second to calm down before you slowly start moving to collect your dress & shoes.
The corners of his mouth begin to turn up into a small grin, only to disappear just as quickly when he sees you reaching for the navy silk you wore the night before. Stephen then eyes you up & down. He notices you are wearing clothes far to big for your frame & he puts the puzzle pieces together.
You were just getting home. He was right when you disappeared last night. You had spent the night there, with him. You had slept with Bucky, well the slept may be debatable, & now here you were wearing his clothes. He had claimed you. You were his now.
Images of you & Bucky in throws of passion starting to push themselves into his mind's eye again. Stephen felt bile rising in his throat & tears starting to prick at his eyes. He wasn't sure if he wanted to throw up or hit something, preferably Bucky.
Turning back to face him you see the expression on Stephen's face has changed to on of anger & disgust. His normally cornflower blue eyes were now a stormy midnight. You had no idea what could have caused such a sudden shift in the sorcerer's facial expression.
"Hey Strange, you okay?" You inquired hoping he was just deep in thought, distracted by something he was working on.
His only response was to turn his back to you dropping his head to look at the floor, & storm off the same way he came in. The only verbal acknowledgement you got being a guttural growl in some form of protest.
You stood there not knowing what the hell just happened. Slightly in shock & slightly offended. Yeah Stephen had always been moody, hell he could be a complete drama queen, but he never targeted his tantrums at you before. He knew better. He knew you would call him on his crap, & that's exactly what you intended to do now.
It had been several hours, a shower & a change of clothes later, & it was now clear Stephen was avoiding you. It was really starting to piss you off. He was upset that you had spent the night with Bucky &/or judging you for fucking him. It's not like Stephen hadn't had his fair share of flings & one night stands. Bucky was your boyfriend, & Stephen was behaving like a child.
Luckily at this point Wong was so sick of his shit that he was trying to secretly text you whenever he managed to find Strange's newest hiding spot. As if on cue your cell phone buzzed in your pocket.
"Library, 3rd floor."
As quickly & quietly as you could you made your way to the library. At least you were already on the 3rd floor. As you approached you saw Wong loitering outside the door, making sure Stephen couldn't make another escape.
You exchanged glances & as you headed into the library. Once you passed the library threshold Wong allowed himself to wander off. Giving you 2 plenty of room to scream it out. He knew whatever happened he didn't want to be in hearing range.
You kept your steps quiet until you located Stephen in the labyrinth of shelves. He was sitting in a large worn leather armchair fully absorbed in the weathered text resting in his lap. The fingers of one hand pressed to his temple, his brow furrowed, & his lips pursed.
Something about his expression made you halt in your tracks. Lingering a moment longer to just watch him. He did make the cutest faces when he was concentrating. You found yourself smiling & your irritation waning.
That is until Stephen finally noticed you & rolled his eyes with a huff. You quickly walked toward where he was sitting before he could stand up & make another run for it. This was getting solved now.
He tried to speak before you "I really don't have time to-".
"No. We are doing this now." You cut him off with firm statement. You had him boxed into a corner. Whatever direction he went, short of opening a portal on the floor below him, you would be on him.
"You have had something up your ass ever since you saw me today in Bucky's shirt. He also happened to mention that apparently you were, & I quote, staring daggers at him at the party last night. According to Wong you were all pissy when you got home last night. Now I don't know if this is about Bucky's past as the Winter Soldier, or the arm, or the fact that I had sex with the guy I'm dating. Who you introduced me to by the way. Whatever it is you need to drop the attitude, grow up, & get over it!”
Stephen was now standing in front of you, book forgotten in the armchair. He bit his lower lip & turned his eyes to the side so he wasn't looking directly at you. He crossed his arms across his chest, closing in on himself.
"You know it's got nothing to do with his arm. Do you really think it would be that?!" A quick disgusted scowl flashed on his face at the idea that with his hands that Bucky's prosthetic arm would upset him.
"Frankly I couldn't care less about the Winter Soldier. It had nothing to do with me, it has nothing to do with me. Not my problem."
"So it's the fact that we had sex last night. Oh my god, that's really what your problem is?! Is it that I'm the one having sex? Or specifically that it was with Bucky? Or is there some other specific detail about the sex that you've discovered that you are objecting to?" The questions were coming out far more snarky than you had intended. You were quickly losing patience with Stephen & his attitude.
Stephen's eyes dropped to his shoes & he let out a chuckle of disbelief & frustration. "You really don't get it do you? You're really gonna say that you don't feel it, that you don't see it?"
The shift in his demeanor made your skin tingle, & your breath hasten. Little thoughts & memories bubbling forward in your brain. Little glances between you that lingered a bit to long. Fingers brushing arms or legs without meaning to. Hugs & moments of affection where it felt like you were home. No, he can't possibly say what you think he's about to say. Can he?
"Stephen, wh- what exactly are you saying? That I don't feel?  That I don't get?"  You were stammering now, & your questions came out sounding far more desperate then you had planned.
You stepped closer to Stephen, closing the space between you so much you could feel his breath on your skin. He looked up at you, his ice blue eyes gazing into yours. He began leaning towards you & ghosted his hands up your arms bringing them to gently cup your face.
Stephen swallowed hard & finally let the words that had been burning a hole in the pit of his stomach become vocalized.
"It's because it's not me. It's because you should be with me, not him. I don't know quite when this happened, but I am so madly in love with you. I can't stand the thought of you in his arms, in his bed, when you should be in mine instead. I love you so much it physically hurts to think about you with someone else, let alone actually see it. I know that this is a horrible time to tell you this, now that you are with someone else, & that we had a deal. We were just friends, who occasionally showed their friendship through carnal passion, but I can't be just friends with you anymore. I want all of you, & I don't want to share."
The wind had been kicked from your chest. You thought for sure you were in the process of being knocked into the astral plane & you would soon be staring back at your own body.
Hearing those words from Stephen, hearing the words you had long given up on, made your heart melt. This man had long held your heart in his hands, & you'd be lying if you said you didn't feel the same as him. You had just stuffed those feelings down so deep you had hidden them from yourself, until this moment when they came flooding to the surface. Yes, you cared for Bucky, & perhaps in time that could have flourished into a love of it's own, but Stephen had stolen your heart & your love years ago.
Your hands found their place poised on top of his wrists, allowing your thumbs to gently stroke the backs of Stephen's scarred hands. Your mouth opened & closed trying to find words to say all the things you were feeling.
Taking your silence as a refusal, Stephen took a deep breath breath & leaned forward to rest his forehead against yours.
"I'm sorry. I know I shouldn't have said that. I just, I couldn't keep it in any longer. I know I waited too long, that I only have myself to blame, & that you are with--"
You cut him off by closing the remaining space between you & pressing your lips to his. Feeling the electricity between your lips as they made contact. A moment of shock & tension before slowly succumbing to comfort of each other.
After a moment you pulled back far enough to make eye contact with Stephen. Panting slightly you finally confessed your own hidden feelings.
"I love you too. I have for so long, but I didn't want to push you. I love you Stephen Strange, I really really do."
Suddenly the world around you melted away & the only thing you could see was the other person standing in front of you. Your lips crashed together once more. This time letting your kiss say all the things you both had held inside.
Your hands moved to grip Stephen's thick salt & pepper hair, fingernails raking against his scalp. His found their way to wrap around your lower back pulling your body completely flush to his.
Feeling his body already responding to yours made you gasp against his mouth, allowing him to slip his tounge in to caress yours. The heat pulsing through you gathering in your center as you felt the first big rush of warmth & wetness spread through your cunt. Your hips involuntarily grinding forward into his.
Feeling your hips buck against his half-hardened cock made Stephen moan against your mouth. Only you could get his body to respond to you with mere words. Feeling you start grinding against him made him smile & he lowered his hands to grip your ass. Encouraging you to rut against him.
It didn't take long for both of you to run out of patience. You needed each other now. Stephen promptly backed you up & slammed your back into a bookshelf as he started hungrily kissing down your neck. Several books fell from the sudden impact & you could hear artifacts threatening to topple over.
When Stephen got to the spot at the base of your neck by your collarbone, where Bucky had left a small hickey you heard him growl posessively. Suddenly he had the same patch of flesh clamped between his teeth & was sucking against it, determined to cover Bucky's mark with his own larger one. You whimpered when he finally realeased the now deeply bruised patch of skin as he carefully licked at it to sooth any soreness. That moment turned both of you feral.
Suddenly you began clawing at each other with a new sense of urgency. He grabbed the hem of your shirt & tugged it over your head before attacking your lips once more. His hands wound behind your back & instead of fighting the small clasps of your bra he opted to simply pull it apart & break them instead. He then tossed your ruined bra aside.
Both hands grabbed at your breasts as you pressed your arms over your head against the bookshelf. As the moans & groans from you both grew louder the Cloak of Levitation made a run for it, not wanting to see you ravage each other any farther. It preferred to maintain so semblance of it's own innocence.
With the cloak now gone you began pulling at Stephen's robes, swearing under your breath each time you ran into another knot or clasp. Whoever designed them was not a fan of quickies. Once you finally got his shirt off you both finished stripping each other bare.
Stephen marveled at your naked form. Despite having seen it before, he was taken aback. He was more in awe everytime he saw you like this.
"God, you are so beautiful. Wanted you to be mine for so long."
You both crumpled to the floor to lie on top of the pile of clothes you had discarded. You began to lay back & pull him on top of you. One arm around his neck & the other hand grasping his hip  leading him to position his body between your spread legs.
"I was always yours Stephen. You just had to ask."
Stephen lowered himself on to his elbows & a gasp of pleasure escaped you as the underside of his cock finally made contact sliding through the lips of your sensitive soaked pussy. He was harder than you had ever felt him before, & you felt the pre-cum drip from his tip onto your aching clit. The sensation of the liquid sliding against your skin making you whimper.
The two of you lay grinding against each other kissing, licking, & nipping any parts of the other within reach until you couldn't take it any longer. Gazing into Stephen's eyes you ran one hand between your bodies & lined his throbbing cock up with your hole, already clenching around nothing in anticipation.
He slowly started pushing into you stopping when only his head was inside you. He needed to know this moment was really happening. You were really here with him, wanting him to make love to you.
"Tell me you're mine baby. Tell me you're mine, & no one else's. I need to hear you say it."
You lifted your head to plant a soft tender kiss on his lips. Pulling back with a peaceful smile on you face. You let your head fall back to the floor.
"I am yours Stephen Strange. Every part of me. My heart, my body is yours & no one else's. I love you, even though you sometimes you make me want to kill you."
Strange chuckled at your remark with the brightest smile you'd ever seen him give. Closing his eyes he slowly slid the rest of his length inside you with a whispered "I love you too baby."
Your back arched up of the floor as he bottomed out inside you, his length hitting places no one else could. You dug your nails into his back & rocked your hips against his urging him to move.
He started gently thrusting in & out leaving most of his cock deep in your warm cunt. Your hips rolling beneath him adding more stimulation for you both. The only noises were the soft moans falling from both of your mouths & the lewd wet squelch from where your bodies joined together.
The speed & depth of Stephen's thrusts steadily increased. By the time you hooked your legs around his waist he was pounding into you with a force that was knocking the breath out of you. Your back scraping the polished wood under you leaving what was sure to be a nasty floor burn each time he buried himself so deep his tip brushed your cervix.
As his speed started to peak, Stephen added a forward roll to his thrusts creating a delicious friction against your clit. A warmth was quickly bubbling to the surface & knotting itself deep in your low belly. His head dropped into the crook of your neck once he heard the high pitched noises that he knew meant you were teetering on the edge of orgasm. Knowing how to push you over the edge he started whispering both loving & filthy praises in your ear.
"So amazing baby. You feel so amazing. So tight & warm, like your little pussy was made for my cock. Like you were made for me. Meant to be mine. I knew I was yours since the night we first met. I love you so much baby. Just want to make you feel good. Need to make you cum. Cum all over my cock baby. Then I'll fill you up with mine. Make you mine. I swear I'm gonna keep you full & dripping. Might even give you a baby. Make sure everyone knows your mine."
Your head started to spin as you felt the warmth in your belly explode & encompass your entire body. You screamed Stephen's name & clung to his frame as your entire body convulsed with your climax.
Feeling your pussy flutter around him & his name fall from your lips pushed Stephen to the edge of his own release. He pushed his cock even deeper as his thrusts started to become erratic. Gripping his hands onto the backs of your shoulders, he held onto you for dear life as slammed his cock as far into your hot wet cunt as he possibly could one final time.
A loud guttural groan ripped through his chest as he came deep inside of you. Feeling a flood of warmth as his cum filled you completely. Being full of him & in his arms felt like heaven. You stayed wrapped in each other for several more minutes. Basking in the feeling of each other's climax & allowing your hearts to settle back into a steady rhythm.
When he finally rolled to the side Stephen immediately pulled you into his chest & peppered your hairline with soft kisses. You nuzzled your cheek into his chest & reached for his far arm so you could once again kiss along the scars of his fingers.
You have no idea how long the two of you laid there in silence, & frankly neither of you cared. Eventually it was Stephen who broke the silence first.
"I meant everything I said you know. I love you, & I want to be with you more than anything. I want more than a friend. I want you. If you'll have me that is."
The vulnerability was clear in his voice. This was your Stephen, the Stephen only you got to see, asking you to take a chance on him. For that Stephen you would move the moon & stars.
"I meant it too Stephen. I love you too, & if you want to give us a try then I'm in. Let's go for it. I want nothing more than to be yours, & for you to be mine."
You sealed your statements with a passionate slow kiss. Settling back into a comfy position once your lips parted. Suddenly a realization hit Stephen.
"What are you gonna do about Bucky?"
You looked at him with a shocked face, “you mean I can't just have you both?"
Stephen glared at you as you promptly broke into laughter.
"That's not funny."
Once you managed to regain your composure you started placing kisses along the top of his chest & reassured him you were just kidding. That he was who you wanted to be with.
"I don't know what I'm gonna tell him, but I'll figure something out. I waited long enough for you, I'm not letting this chance go."
You climbed over to straddle him, & placing both hands on his chest you lowered your body against his & melted into a kiss.
Suddenly a noise from the entry to the library caught the attention of both of you. Footfalls echoing far too loud, warning you & letting you know the owner clearly knew what they were walking in on. You quickly grabbed the shirt from Stephen's blue robes & draped it so both of your were at least somewhat obscured.
Wong stopped in the doorway just out of visual distance, he had just heard it & he preferred not to see it as well.
"First of all, took you two long enough. Second of all, get a room & don't ever do that in my library again. Ick."
As Wong wandered off again you collapsed onto Stephen as you both howled with laughter & embarrassment. He wrapped his arms around you as tight as he could, pulling your face nose to nose & let out a contented with before once again telling you the thing he had longed to say.
"I love you."
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shinobusupremecy · 22 hours ago
Can you do a one shot or a headcanon? where f!reader goes on a mission but does not return, Shinobu begins to worry to the point of asking the Hashiras for help but after a while the reader returns but looks and feels different, bloody and completely traumatized, when he sees shinobu, her collapses in tears begging for forgiveness, no one knows what the reader saw why he refuses to speak out of fear even if asked to explain (but that's left for the second part only if he wants UvU)
Shinobu x f!reader
A/N: Wow I really liked this idea of yours! It's so interesting! Hope I can write it just the way you want.
Art source
Tumblr media
Shinobu waited. And waited. And waited for you to return from your mission. Shinobu was getting a bit worried. She knew a day hasn’t even passed before you were gone off to your mission but Shinobu still couldn’t shake off a bad gut feeling she had no matter how hard she tried. You promised her to be home soon, in her arms but no you weren’t there. 
Shinobu was deep in thought until someone snapped their finger right in front of her face. Shinobu turned to Aoi who looked at her a bit sternly but still with slight concern behind her eyes. 
“Are you still thinking about Y/N?” Aoi asked, her voice laced with concern. 
“Yes, I am. She promised me to be home soon from her mission” Shinobu replied. She sighed out as she leaned against the wall.
“Shinobu please calm down. Not even a day has gone past and you’re already worrying” Shinobu didn’t reply with anything and Aoi shook her head a bit before walking away. 
Some days have passed and you still haven’t returned. Shinobu is really worried now. She could barely sleep, she just thought about you. Aoi and the butterfly girls noticed clearly how this was taking a toll on Shinobu so them being kind tried to comfort Shinobu as good as the could. They all made sure Shinobu was eating properly and didn’t skip meals or overwoking herself with paperwork just to think about something else besides you. 
Shinobu was currently sitting in her office writing her fourth letter to you. Before she was finished a knock could be heard from the door. 
“Shinobu! Aren’t you supposed to go to the hashira meeting?” Oh shit! How could she forget.
“Oh right! My, how clumsy of me! I’ll be there in a sec” Shinobu quickly stormed out of her estate to go to the meeting. She was the last one there which was a bit embarrassing since she usually is one of the first ones there. The master hasn’t returned yet so Shinobu decided to ask the pillars where you were since she’s still worrying about you, alot. 
“Ah, greetings Kocho-san! How are you doing this fine day!” Kyojuro asked with his usual booming voice. 
“Are you okay Shinobu-san? You have little eyebags?” Mitsuri asked with concern. Oh yeah, Shinobu couldn’t sleep so well without you. 
“I’m fine, it’s just- do you know where Y/N is?” All the pillars looked at each other questioningly. 
“I thought she was at a mission!” Kyojuro asked and Shinobu sighed. 
“She was but she hasn’t returned in a while and I’m getting very worried” 
“Is that why you have eyebags?” Giyu suddenly questioned. 
“I’m afraid that’s none of your buissness Tomioka-san” Shinobu smiled a bit angrily at Giyu. 
“I don’t think you should worry! She is a very fine demon slayer! She can handle things her own!” Kyojuro said trying to comfort his fellow pillar. 
“I agree with Rengoku-san” Tengen spoke up with a flashy smile. “She is a fine demon slayer from what I’ve seen. She’ll be fine” Shinobu really wished she could believe them but she just couldn’t. Their words didn’t help her at all. 
The master soon arrived and the meeting started after Gyomei was the one that greeted the master. 
Shinobu returned home, her mind wandering off. Shinobu was on high alert however when she heard the triplets going to greet Y/N before screaming. Shinobu quickly ran inside and there she saw you. You were bloodied and  traumatized. Your eyes were wide in shock and your mouth slightly agape. Aoi quickly dragged the triplets out of there not letting them see such a horrible sight. 
When you looked up at Shinobu you quickly broke into tears and collapsed on the ground. Shinobu was quick by your side. 
“Shinobu! Shinobu! Please forgive me, please. I’m so sorry! I beg you, please forgive me!” Shinobu was beyond confused. You came home to her bloodied and traumatized before collapsing on the ground and begging Shinobu for forgivness for what ever reason.
“W-why are you aplogizing? Please Y/N answer me” Shinobu pleaded but you only continued to cry and cry. 
“Y/N please answer me” Shinobu repeated but you shook your head. 
“No no I can’t! I can’t tell you!” You replied, your voice shaking. By your body language it was clear to Shinobu that you were too scared to answer.
“Alright you don’t have to tell us but let’s get you cleaned up” Shinobu got you up from the floor and led you into her bedroom. She cleaned up all the blood and treated your wounds. You’re face still held one of fear and you were still shook. 
Shinobu could only hug you and whispear sweet nothings into your ear. What was there to do when she barely knew what the problem was? 
When nighttime rolled around she was thankful you could sleep without big problems but her? She stared up at the ceiling with a frown on her face. Curiousity ate her alive and she wanted to find out what happened to you. 
Why were you scared to answer? Why were you so bloody? What happened? What did you see? 
If only Shinobu could answer all those questions she might’ve rested easy that night. 
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moonxpluto · a day ago
turning page || ajak.
A/N: LMFAOOOOOOOOO im so sorry. there will probably be a part two where reader finds out about ajak’s death! yay!
Tumblr media
“This is where we say goodbye. You are free to go. I want you to go out there and live a life for yourselves. Not as soldiers, not with the purpose you were given. Find your own purpose. And one day, when we see each other again, I want you to tell me what you found.”
This goodbye wasn’t the only thing lingering in your mind when you finally boarded the Domo in the early hours of the morning, when the sky was still dark, and the scent of war persisted in the air. It was already hard to separate from the ones you considered family after so many years spent together but the circumstances weren’t the best either. Why should she trust you? Druig’s outburst replayed in your head like a broken record, planting seeds of doubts in the crevices of your muddled heart. Your trust in your leader had been put to the test countless of times these past centuries and it always emerged victorious, though slightly bruised and cut with every challenge. We’re just like the soldiers down there… blinded by loyalty. You knew where your loyalty lied, you did. You knew what your purpose was as an Eternal, as Arishem’s faithful little soldier. The Celestial wasn’t the only one who held your devotion in his hands, and you were brutally reminded of it when the others went their own way, having already decided how they wanted to start this journey of self-discovery, leaving you with nothing to turn to other than Ajak.
You didn’t know where to go next. You had the world at your feet, so vast, yet it felt as though nowhere was far enough to dull the helplessness that overwhelmed your heart at the thought of her. You knew she would be looking for you soon, seeking comfort, but you didn’t have any to offer. Druig was right. How were they helping humans build a better world if they were ordered to stay passive at any sight of injustice? Tenochtitlan wasn’t the first moment in history that had you doubting yourself and Arishem, that had you doubting her and what she stood for. You were lost and for the first time since you landed on Earth, Ajak would not be able to soothe your mind.
When you heard the creak of your bedroom door as it opened, you didn’t look up, nor did you try to conceal the sniffles that escaped you. You knew it was her, because it was always her. The pained sigh that left her mouth at the sight of you was only confirmation. You felt her take a seat beside you on the bed, then her reassuring hand on your shoulder. You wanted her to leave.
“What’s wrong?” Came her worried question, and you didn’t have to look at her to know that her eyebrows were pinched together. She trailed her hand down your arm in an attempt to comfort you and you got frustrated when it worked.
Usually, you would let her whisper loving words into your ear as you melt into her arms, but not tonight. Tonight, you had enough.
You lifted your head from where it was hiding in your hands, staring straight ahead at nothing in particular. Ajak was still silent, offering the warmth of her presence, giving you time to compose yourself. So considerate, you thought, except when it comes to humanity.
“I came here to be away from you, you know.” Your voice is raspier than usual, a result of how much you cried earlier.
Ajak frowned but didn’t drop her hand from where it was resting on your arm. She couldn’t pull away even after you voiced your displeasure with her because she could see you were hurting and making you feel better was the only thing on her mind.
You continued before she could speak up. “I don’t want you to see me like this.”
“You don’t have to hide your tears from me.” She meant it, her palm warm against the skin of your bicep. The last thing she wanted was for you to feel like you couldn’t be unashamedly yourself with her. She loved you, all of you, all the parts she had discovered over the centuries and all the others she had yet to face. She loved them already, completely and openly.
“Except that I do.”
You stood up, needed to be away from her intoxicating, calming, loving presence. Why couldn’t she be like this with humans? Compassionate, caring, protective.
“How many times have I cried in front of you because of our inaction towards human conflicts, and how many times have you stood there, ordering me to keep on doing nothing?” You willed your voice to stay steady as you spoke, turning towards her. “This is obviously not as hard on you as it is on me and it is infuriating, Ajak.”
She let you get everything out, lips pursing in a manner you were too familiar with. You were no longer talking with your lover, but with your leader, and that realization only fueled the anger inside your chest. Ajak knew you would break one day and that there would be nothing she could do to ease your pain, not this time. The thought of it was as painful to her as it was to you. She felt unprepared still, lost in a sea of contradictory feelings.
She seemed composed as she replied, hands brought together on her lap, “Do you think seeing you in pain does not hurt me?” The words left her mouth slowly, almost hesitantly, as if she couldn’t believe you would think her so apathetic.
“I know it hurts you, when it comes to me, to our family, but what about them? Does their pain hurt you? How can you stand there and witness all of these atrocities under the excuse of our mission?”
The Eternal took a breath, closing her eyes at her exhale. She had told you the same thing countless of times before. You had been on this planet for millennia and still, you always seemed to revert to this conversation, though the bite in your tone made her feel like it would be the last time you would be having it. Ajak was tired. How could she tell you about Arishem, Olympia and your true purpose? The way your eyes lit up when you mentioned the fake memories of your home, blissfully ignorant to all of it not being real, was a cruel reminder of the lies she had to keep feeding you. She knew that the truth would only hurt you more and that, for Ajak to be the cause of your pain, would kill her. She was immortal, she had seen civilizations rise and fall all in a lifetime, humans evolve over the millennia, species go extinct. She didn’t fear death and had never felt anything close to it, as she was never in the middle of the battlefield, but to be the reason behind her beloved’s suffering? Ajak thought that was what dying would feel like.
“You don’t understand,” was her pathetic reply, followed by another tired exhale.
She knew you were upset, but in that moment, she also felt the aching need to be comforted; for you to report this inevitable argument to another day, to embrace her in your arms and reassure her that it wasn’t truly her that you were angry at but rather the orders that came from above.
“No, I don’t!”
“Screw Arishem!” You yelled, unable to contain your frustration any longer.
Ajak blinked at your sudden outburst, then furrowed her brows in disbelief. “How can you say that?” You had never raised your voice at her in this manner and with centuries of relationship behind you, that meant a lot. She was losing control of the situation, something that happened rarely.
There was only desperation on your face as you kept going, staring at her with a fire in your eyes she wasn’t used to gaze into, “Have you ever thought that maybe, maybe, he’s in the wrong? That his excuses are nothing but that, pathetic and pitiful? That he’s not here, watching innocent people get killed and exploited for power and greed?”
You could probably be heard a few rooms over, but you didn’t care. You were so exhausted of keeping everything in. You wiped the few tears rolling down your cheeks with a hand. Your bottom lip quivered as you looked at her, at the hurt in her eyes and the purse on her lips, knowing she was at war with herself, debating whether she would speak to you as Ajak and not the Prime Eternal.
“I can’t…” you swallow the lump in your throat, blinking as more tears spill from your eyes, “I can’t keep doing this, Ajak.”
Your lover is up in a second, almost taking a step towards where you were standing in the middle of the room. She wanted so badly to relieve you of your pain, to hold you against her until your troubles dissipated from your mind. Ajak was a healer, but she could not mend broken hearts, no matter how much she desired to.
“I think… maybe we should go our separate ways, too.”
That sentence came to stab her in the gut as Thena’s sword did hours ago, only it was not a wound she could make disappear with a wave of her hand. She blinked again as if to recenter herself.
“…What?” Ajak barely recognized her own voice, it sounding weak and uncertain, so unlike her, but she didn’t dwell on it, staring at you like you just announced the worst news of her life. That was probably true.
“You make me so angry.” The words were whispered in a strained voice. You couldn’t even look at her as you said them, gaze lowering to the ground.
“If you want to be alone, I can leave. We can talk another day, whenever you want to.”
She sounded pained but genuine and you knew she meant it.  She would give you space, as much as she could, even if that meant staying in a corner of the world for the rest of her immortal life, caged and suffocating. She would give you time, she had plenty of it to give, if you promised to come back to her, because what you wanted, what you needed, bypassed every instinct of the self-preservation she had been drilling into her children’s heads for centuries. Ajak would give you anything, but she could not go against what she was programmed for.
You didn’t think that her ‘whenever’ was anytime soon and it hurt to realize it, to think about telling her this. There was a time when you thought you lived for her, to follow her to the end of the world with undying devotion. While you would still sacrifice so much for her, you couldn’t ignore the crushing misery you felt every time an unnecessary war broke out between humans, not anymore. You had been selfish for centuries, you had let her attenuate the pain with sweet, loving words, focusing only on the way her arms would hold you securely close to her body, how warm and safe you felt in her embrace, how her lips would ever so gently press a kiss against your temple. You had let humans suffer because you could not stand up to her, could not bear the thought of losing her, of being away from her for so long. You needed her, needed her touch and her love to feel alive. But that time had passed, and you knew you were more than how she made you feel, more than a soldier executing Arishem’s design.
You didn’t wish to hurt her, but you needed time and space to think clearly, away from her. You had given up on wiping your tears, droplets falling freely on your shirt. It was the breaking point then. Seeing you like this, broken, because of her was too much to bear on Ajak’s shoulders alone. She was holding you in a moment, an arm around your shoulder, a hand in your hair. Your body melted into hers as if it was a physiological reaction even if you didn’t hold her back immediately. She felt your tears against her neck and her own spilt out of her eyes. You seemed to lose your balance, clinging to her clothing as you both fell to the ground. You whimpered, and Ajak knew this was how dying felt like. She lost all rationality, consumed by the overwhelming distress of her breaking heart as she cried silently.
You both knew this night was your last together for a while and it hurt to think about having to exist away from each other. You were sobbing now, succumbing to the bittersweet comfort of her hug. Your hands were in fists, holding the fabric of her dress as if scared to let go. You were scared, afraid that this meant the end of your relationship, terrified of starting over somewhere new and alone, with no guidance from the only person you had ever considered your lighthouse.
“I am terribly sorry, my love. I have failed to guide you in the way you needed it most.”
That made you cry harder, tears flowing faster than you can register, wetting her smooth skin and her already wrinkled clothes. Ajak had always taken each of the Eternals’ actions into her hands, as if she was personally responsible for the path they chose to follow. As one of her loyal followers, it felt comfortable to have a safety net waiting to catch you in case of a fall, to have someone to rely on despite your questionable behavior. But as her lover, you couldn’t accept her apology. She had not failed you in any way, you had never truly thought that. You were just angry and hurt and confused, wondering if your purpose as an Eternal was fair.
You couldn’t speak, were only able to shake your head pitifully a couple of times. You probably looked like a child craving comfort and reassurances, but you couldn’t bring yourself to care. Her lips were pressing a soft kiss into your hair next, and you already missed this, missed her and the way she made you feel loved with only a gesture.
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scandalous-chaos · 23 hours ago
a stroll, interrupted.
summary: what are the odds that you'd accidentally see Spencer on the very day you chose to take a sick leave? [FEM!READER, FLUFF]
Tumblr media Tumblr media
The world usually made sense to Spencer. The weather, the nights, the traffic – he broke everything down to facts and numbers, and it was how he functioned. If something didn’t add up, that’s when he started worrying. Like right now, and the problem being that you were yet to arrive at their meeting.
He knows deep down that you might have just missed your alarm, but could anyone blame him for being concerned? You had never missed a meeting before. Even on holidays, you volunteered first in any cases they had, all because the job felt gratifying to you. Maybe you shouldn't be getting such a high from catching killers, but it kept you occupied.
Plus, they had finished up a particularly gruesome case the day before, in which you were almost stabbed by the unsub. You seemed alright and Spencer tried not to fuss over you for his own selfish reasons.
He knew the team was aware of his increasing feelings towards you, and he’d never forgive himself if you actually came to know about them too. So he always took a step back in anything involving you, and busied himself to a point he wouldn’t get the urge to stare when you laugh across the room.
It had downsides too, like how he didn't get to know if you were completely okay yesterday. If you were, wouldn't you be here by now?
Spencer Reid was also a terrible actor, so he kept looking at the door every few seconds, something that didn’t go unnoticed.
“Have any input?” Hotch asked, concluding his speech a bit pointedly.
“Uh, no. No, I don’t.”
Poorly hidden surprise erupted around the room, to which he almost rolled his eyes. I don’t talk that much, do I? he wondered.
"Uhm, hey, where's Y/N?"
Spencer stayed behind after the meeting was over, knowing Hotch was the one resource he could trust. Unlike the rest of the team, his boss certainly wasn't going to tease him nor could he deny the answer to a harmless question. Hotch did raise an eyebrow though — he wasn't stupid.
"She took a sick leave, don't worry."
Spencer blinked. "Those contradict each other."
"She always comes in when she's sick and you're the one who orders her to go home. But if she voluntarily took a sick leave, that means she's not sick. There are very few reasons why she would lie, so I'm assuming it has something to do with yesterday's case. So yes, those two sentences contradict each other. She TOOK a sick leave so I SHOULD be worried. YOU should be worried. WHY aren't you worried? EVERYONE SHOULD BE WORRIED- WAIT, AM I YELLING?"
"Kind of," Garcia entered the room again, pointing to the glass doors, which showed agents staring at him with their mouths open. "You okay, Spence?"
"Yeah, I just—" he pointed to the elevator, then to himself, rubbed his hair and walked right off.
"Should I go get him back?"
"No, it's fine," Hotch sighed, like a very exhausted father.
It was funny how he ended up on your doorstep; the funny part being that he didn't know exactly how he ended up there. He had tried calling you, but it went to voicemail so he decided to come over to your apartment. He wasn't so sure about his decision now.
What if you thought it was weird he came over? What if you're really sick? Questions could go on, so he turned off his brain and knocked.
No one answered.
He tried again. And again. And again.
Alarmed, he looked around, as if you were hiding from him. Why wouldn't you be home if you were down with a cold? He had assumed it was a lie already, but now he was properly freaked out. From sleep to kidnapping, his mind went through all the possibilities, and only a few of them were comforting.
When he walked back into his car, he already had a plan in mind. He'll call Hotch and let him know something was wrong, ask Garcia to call your roommate, and — okay maybe not a complete plan but he had a start.
He hated how he couldn't think right. Being in the team came with a lot of sacrifices. It was part of the job to not be surprised if someone gets hurt.
But it was you. How was he supposed to have any coherent thoughts when your safety was all he could think about? You were all he could think about? You last Christmas in your red sweater, you rolling your eyes when a suspect tried to flirt with you, you walking in the park across the street feeding ducks—
Wait, what?
He blinked to make sure he wasn't hallucinating, then put down the phone he had taken to call Hotch. Slamming the door behind him, Spencer strode over in quick, angry steps.
"You owe us a lot of explanations!"
You groaned. "I knew it. I knew it."
It was his turn to be surprised. "You...did?"
"I knew you would know I wasn't really sick! I just wanted some quiet for one fucking day and I'm being busted by the smartest guy in the team."
He tried not to blush by your indirect compliment. Being called smart was not new to him. You calling him smart was an entirely new feeling. He relished in it before he snapped out of his trance.
"Wait, what? So you're not sick?"
"Of course I'm not," you scoffed. "I needed 24 hours to myself and taking a sick leave was the only way to do that. I love this job but it gets overwhelming."
"Yeah, I understand that," he nodded sheepily.
"You didn't know?" you raised an eyebrow. "Then why the hell are you here? UNLESS! AHA, I figured it out!"
Uh oh.
"You did?"
"Yes, you took a leave too! You lied to Hotch and you don't wanna —wait it'd be a huge coincidence to see you here then. Huh, nevermind I'm blank," you said, almost dizzily.
Spencer looked at you with concern, which only increased when you tried to hide a sneeze.
"So you are sick," he laughed.
"No, I'm not. I don't get sick," you mumbled quietly. "I did feel a bit odd in the morning but it has nothing to do with my leave. I think I'm allergic to ducks. Or you."
"Being sick is not a sign of weakness," Spencer said, shaking his head. "Statistically, everyone gets sick at least thrice in their life. It's as common as sleeping, just not as frequent. Resting helps, as well as chicken soup, but that's my to-go food of choice anyway."
"Soup does sound nice..."
"Then it's decided. I'll be your personal chef of the day," he said, clapping his hands. He didn't have time to be awkward. He'll save that for when he burns your kitchen down. "C'mon, let's go."
You followed him hesitantly, though grumpily as ever. "You never told me how you ended up here, you know."
"Uh, that. I was following up a case in the neighbourhood."
"What case?"
"Sick people shouldn't ask too many questions," he said, trying to hide a smile.
It was unsuccessful, just like his constant attempts to hide his feelings. You were nothing if not a good detective.
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Sweet scents (3)
Pairing: alpha!Jungkook x omega!reader
Tw: jk finally realizes what is going on. a little bit of angst but not too much bc they are great at comunication. a lot of back story on both sides. both just want to be with each other. a lot of understanding. also kind of soulmate au (??). Btw, true mates can comunicate with their wolfs voices in this
A/N: this is actually the last part of this series! this is where I wanted them to arrive, so from now on you can request any drabbles for them. for exemple, what if it's the mc who gets jealous, or her finally meeting Tae, another encounter with Seokjin...basically anything you want. Actually I have one that I'm working on that's it going to be about reader's first heat with Jungkook...but basically you can request anything if you want to see more of them. Also, yes the hoodie described is the one jk designed himself! As always I hope you enjoy it and thank you for your kind comments <33.
Tumblr media
‘So you are actually home today,’ said Taehyung, as soon as Jungkook opened the door, not even bothering to properly greet the boy.
‘It’s great to see you too, Taehyung,’ replied Jungkook, closing the door to his apartment. Taehyung took off his shoes and went immediately to search for something in the other’s boy apartment. This wasn’t anything new, both boys trusted each other more than enough to feel this comfortable.
‘How come today you are not at your secret place?’ Asked the older boy, his voice sounded distant, he was probably looking for something in Jungkook’s room.
‘Didn’t feel like it. And it’s not my secret place,’ scoffed Jungkook, from the kitchen, where he was pouring himself a glass of water.
‘Yeah, whatever. Then why you haven’t told anyone where is it?’ Continued Taehyung.
‘I already told you, because I need to be alone,’ Explained Jungkook for what felt like the millionth time these last few months.
‘What?’ Asked Taehyung. Did they really have to talk from different rooms?
‘I said I already—’
‘Where’s your hoodie?’ Interrupted him Taehyung. Jungkook groaned and leaving his glass on the sink, went to the bedroom.
‘I have a lot of hoodies. I think you need to be a little more specific,’ Said Jungkook, leaning on the door frame.
‘You know which one. Asymmetric, rough details at the end. The best one you have,’ described Taehyung, with sass. Jungkook’s eyes widened and he turned around to leave for the room.
‘It’s not here,’ he simply said, headed to the living room.
‘So, is it on the laundry pile?’ Wondered the other wolf. Damn him, thought Jungkook, of all days he had to come today.
‘No. I don’t have it here. I gave it to someone,’ answered shortly Jungkook. He could hear Taehyung’s steps suddenly following him.
‘To whom? You are always so jealous of your clothes,’ wondered Tae a bit surprised.
‘It’s none of your business. Instead, you should worry about buying your own—’ rushed to say Jungkook, trying to hide the blush that had started to rush into his cheeks.
‘You gave it to the girl?’ At those words Jungkook stopped walking and turned around.
‘How do you know there is a girl?’ Shit, he should have played dumb, but he had been caught off-guard.
‘What do you mean, how do I know? You practically stank off of someone a couple of weeks ago. I mean, what do you expect when she gave you a scarf and a beanie?’ explained Taehyung amused. Then, the older boy could see Jungkook’s brain working at full capacity while he tried to figure something out.
‘It-it was her scent all along? Hesitated Jungkook, more to himself than to anybody else.
‘Well, of course it was her scent, shithead. What did you think it was?’ Taehyung knew Jungkook had been having trouble with smells ever since Doyun, but he had figured that the younger alpha didn’t care about wearing another girl's scent on him.
‘I-thought-the park...’ Mumbled Jungkook.
‘Okay, now you know it isn’t. But if she has your hoodie know, it means she also has worn something from you. Are you guys like... you know, dating or courting or some shit?’
I- I mean, how could I? No, of course not.’ Sentenced Jungkook, while sitting on the sofa, trying to compose himself.
‘Well, to everyone else, it looks like you are, dude. Do you like her?’
‘I don’t know. I still think about Doyun all the time.’
About how she cheated on you? Listen, I know that you really loved her, but you know she wasn’t your true mate. You didn’t hear her omega, she didn’t hear your alpha. You tried to make it work because you were in love, and she screwed everything. End of story.’ Sentenced Taehyung, and Jungkook knew his friend was right. But now, he needed to talk to you.
Jungkook swore he had never run faster in his entire life. His lungs and his calves were on fire, but he didn’t care. He had to find you, and his only opportunity was going to the only place he knew you frequented. Had the park always been this far? It seemed like the faster his feet moved, the more he had to keep on going. When he finally arrived, he looked around trying to catch his breath, but it proved futile. When he saw you, sitting on the bench, his hoodie engulfing you, he lost his breath again. He had to control himself and approach you slowly. You didn’t even look up from the ground until he sat next to you.
‘I thought you wouldn’t come,’ you whispered, still without looking at him.
‘I’m sorry. I had no right to react the way I did yesterday,’ apologized Jungkook right away.
‘But, what did even happen? I just came and you looked so mad, I—’ You tried to explain, but then you couldn’t control yourself anymore and tears started silently coming down your face. Jungkook’s eyes softened at seeing your tears. It wasn’t the first time he saw you cry, but this time it wasn’t out of gratitude. His heart broke a little bit knowing he had made you this upset. Then, once again he gently put his hands under your chin and delicately moved your face to look at him. His thumbs instantly started brushing off your tears.
‘I think I have to start from the beginning, otherwise this won’t make any sense,’ started Jungkook, ‘actually, a little less than a year ago I had a girlfriend. Doyun. I-we had been dating for some time and everything was great. In fact, I had proposed her to be my mate. You know, in the future, when we both were ready. I started asking other alphas and anyone who was mated about being with someone who wasn’t your true mate. I mean, I know that it takes a while to hear our true voices, but even after some months it hadn’t happened to us. But I didn’t care. And I didn’t care how much everyone told me that it wouldn’t work, that we had true mates for a reason. I was determined to make it work.’ Jungkook paused, needing a moment to compose himself before continuing. He looked at you, your tears had dried by now, but your eyes were still troubled.
‘I was so determined, that I even started ignoring the signs of her cheating on me. I smelled someone else’s scent on her. Everyone did. But I started convincing myself that I was imagining things. I think—no, I know, that’s why I have been having trouble with smells now. I think I was so desperate to not believe what was happening, that my alpha simply refused to acknowledge it. But I couldn’t cheat my eyes. Neither my heart. So in the end I broke up with her.’ Finished Jungkook.
‘You—’ Both of you immediately shut up after seeing you were interrupting each other, and couldn’t help but giggle a little bit.
‘Please, continue,’ you said softly, knowing that he needed it all out of his chest.
‘For some weeks I couldn’t think about anything else. And I became really stressed about not being able to smell anything. I mean, I am an alpha. If my senses don’t work, I’m basically a prey. And then... I stumbled here and your scent invaded me. It felt so great to know that I still could feel something. That there was not something permanently wrong with me. At first, I thought it was the park. Can’t believe I was so dense, to be honest. And you gave scented gifts and when I wore them I felt so comforted, so at home. Even if that hadn’t been your intention.’ Your eyes widened after understanding the meaning behind your actions. You, tried to comfort him out of pure instinct, but maybe there had always been something else behind.
‘Yesterday, when I saw you with another alpha, I-I couldn’t help myself. I thought that it was because you brought him here, to our sacred place. But that’s bullshit. Anywhere you are is going to be is sacred for me. You—that day, when you first sat next to me and you asked me permission to sit... I know those were our wolves. I know it’s you.’ Sentenced Jungkook. The weight of his words was sinking into you too.
‘Yesterday, you saw Seokjin. He is an old family friend. Nothing more. Of course I heard your alpha, but...I’m the only omega in my family. All my little siblings that have been presented are either alphas or betas. And I’m the older one. When my father or one of them uses their voices with me...it’s usually to submit me to them. Yesterday, one of them forced me to give them the hoodie I was wearing because they had forgotten theirs. And that day, I only heard my omega asking for permission and your alpha granting it. I thought it was going to be the same...I don’t want to—’ Jungkook’s heart broke at your words. He remembered the day you told him you didn’t even had the space to nest. And even it he already knew a lot of omegas were taken advantage of because of their nature, he wished nothing like that had ever happened to you.
‘I’m sorry. I didn’t know, that’s not fair. And... I-I know my word doesn’t mean anything to you, but I promise I won’t ever force you to anything. I want to try this with you. I want to make you happy.’ He said, finally daring to bring you in between his arms.
‘O-okay. I want to try this too.’ You answered, hiding your face in the crook of his neck. Jungkook could even feel your nose faintly nuzzling his neck, looking for comfort. It was a good start, he decided.
‘Oh, I’ll give you back your hoodie,’ you said suddenly, breaking the hug, much to Jungkook’s dismay.
‘Keep it, it’s yours. Everything I have is yours. I’m yours,’ declared Jungkook, looking directly into your eyes. May I kiss you? You heard him ask. You answered with a simple yes. Too caught up in the first time that someone was asking you for permission. Jungkook softly put his lips on yours. Not demanding, nor setting a specific pace. Both of you needed time and trust. But somehow you were certain it was only a matter of time. And luckily you had been granted all the time in the world with each other.
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homebody-nobody · a day ago
So imagine Kie bursting into the château one night after a particularly bad argument with her parents, she is crying and a bit of a mess. The issue is, JJ is the only one of the boys there, and he has a girl with him.
What happens?
The Chateau is more than just John B's house. It is JJ's first and only home. It is Kiara's refuge. It is Pope's escape. It is Sarah's dream. It is the place where they can all just go. A place to be. There are no worries in the Chateau, no responsibilities and no anxieties. There is golden light and greasy food and glorious laughter. There is quiet comfort and and silent understanding and nonverbal conversations. The Chateau is a character in their lives, just as much as they are to each other. They all love the old place, John B and JJ most of all.
It's Friday night, and not an eventful one. Kie has to work, and Pope is working on college admission essays, so it's up to JJ and John B to find whatever approximation of trouble encounters them first. Figure Eight sounds like an excellent place to start; however, John B is approximately 800% more boring with a girlfriend, so JJ has to go find his own fun.
The fun, as it happens, is named Erin.
JJ likes Erin. Or, at least, she'll do. And he's not a total asshole. He makes a frozen pizza and gives her a beer and clears the coffee table so they can watch a movie before he makes his intentions perfectly and respectfully clear. Allie and Noah are dancing under a streetlight and Erin's head is tilting toward JJ's shoulder when the front door opens with a momentous crash.
"You will not BELIEVE what Michael and Anna fucking SAID to me!"
JJ curses under his breath and lifts his arm -- Erin leans forward and shifts to the side so he can get up. Kie is crashing around the kitchen, still yelling about the bullshit her kook parents have foisted upon her. In her defense, from what he's caught, bullshit seems to be a pretty accurate descriptor. She's chugged one beer and opened another by the time he makes it around the corner, leaning on the odd half-wall that partitions off the living room.
"Do you have any weed?" she asks as she turns to face him. There are tears rolling down her face.
"Fucking hell, Kie."
She swallows, backhands tears off her face, and takes another swig of cheap beer. More tears well up in her eyes. "I asked," she says, and her voice breaks. "If you have any weed."
"Of course I have weed." He doesn't move. Gives her about three more seconds.
She crosses the kitchen and slams into his chest, letting her sobs free from her chest. JJ's arms come up around her, one banding around her shoulders, the other around her waist. Kie tucks her face into his neck.
"Should I go?" Erin is peering around the corner, her jacket folded neatly over one arm.
Kie starts and tries to pull away but JJ holds on.
"Yes," he answers, even as Kie babbles apologies.
"I'll call --" she starts.
"Don't bother." He can feel Kie bite down on a smile against his shoulder. He holds her for a few moments longer, until the door opens and closes again. When Erin is gone, he asks; "Do you want Green Grocer or Girl Scout Cookies?"
Kie's voice is a quiet murmur. "Girl Scout Cookies."
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