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ABBA hit single “Eagle.” The opening track from ABBA: The Album (1977), “Eagle” is ABBA’s longest song in its original form at 5:51. However, upon its limited release as a single it was shortened in an attempt to make it more radio-friendly. “Thank You For The Music” served as the B-side.

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It depends. There are a few, such as Eagle, Nia, and even X, that I believe would be a good influence on her. There are others, such as Gremlin and Cerberus, that I would worry about. I do not want her to get ideas and bring home all sorts of creatures. 

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So a bald eagle showed up in my mom’s yard today on Inauguration Day (cool) and immediately murdered one of the squirrels my mom feeds (sad) and is now perched above the nest where a pregnant squirrel has been chilling (terrifying)

Like what kind of fuckin omen

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Goblin Eagle Hunter por mikenashillustration en DeviantArt

Goblin Eagle Hunter por mikenashillustration en DeviantArt

Goblin Eagle Hunter de mike-nash


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So that’s how they do it…

USPS Overnight Express Service (1986)

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