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#earth day

I just remembered it’s gonna be Earth Day soon. So here’s the glow up of my mystery plant, Lydia(named after the movie version of Lydia because the way the leaves grew reminded me of her hair).

The video I was reacting to was from May last year. She was part of a succulent arrangement and look how far she’s come.

I honestly think she’s some sort of gasteria haworthia hybrid. Definitely not an aloe(as some people have told me she is).

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“CalumWorthy: Climate change is the world’s greatest threat. Young people have announced their plans for 3 days of climate action April 22-24. I signed up & I’ll be there fighting for their future. We need to fight like our world depends on it - because it does. Link in bio to sign up #EarthRise #StrikeWithUs
• April 22: The 50th anniversary of #EarthDay 🌍
• April 24: The next international climate strike”


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The 22nd is Earth Day and I think we should all support our planet by staying inside, not traveling, not working (besides those deemed necessary/essential workers) We are paying back our planet by reducing air pollution therefore reducing co2 levels, among many other benefits to nature. Please do Earth a solid and do your loved ones and others and their loved ones (who may be at a very high risk for covid) a solid and stay home. Stay safe. Stay sane.

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* Earth’s Bear Hug Magnet by #Gravityx9 at Zazzle * Polar bear, at the top of the Earth, trying to give it a big hug…a big, bear hug.  *Earth Day magnet * refrigerator magnet * Polar bear magnet * global warming magnet  * budget gift ideas * gifts under $10 * gifts under 10 dollars * inexpensive gifts * small sized gifts * stocking stuffers * inexpensive gift ideas * #earthday #polarbear #polarbearmagnet #globalwarming #conservation #refrigeratormagnet #Magnet #stockingstuffer #custommagnet  

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