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Vignettes update. …

1- Aussies love a drink and long weekends.

Easter, there was limits on purchase quantities. My father in law went Wednesday, picked some beer, a bottle of wine and a bottle of whiskey. Goes to the checkout staff to pay.

The guy says “sorry sir, I can’t put this sale through, you have 3 different categories of drinks, you’re only allowed 2”

At which point he gives up the bottle of wine, pays for the beer and whiskey.

Next day, the Thursday before Good Friday, no limits on buying alcohol.

(Because the shops will be shut Friday for Easter)

2- panic buying not limited to toilet paper.

Last week, went to the chemist to get my refill prescription for blood pressure. Social distancing markers, ok. I did ask the chemist though, were things settling down? Oh yes, lots of older customers panic buying bought extra medication if they could. Now they’ve run the course of medication, they’re slowly returning to the normal cycle.

3- centrelink queues are a insult to injury.

So with so many people being out of work, they go to centrelink to apply for the income relief or support, or submit documents required.

Social distancing means that the queues go out the door.

And doing this lining up as winter drops temperatures, adds rain and wind.

Makes an exhausting experience extra miserable.

- Just catching up with notes of observations.

5th June 2020.

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Diante da Cruz

Que a cada dia nos lembremos do sacrifício de Jesus, e que procuremos estar perto de dele não apenas na páscoa, mas ao longo de todo o ano.

musica: Aline Barros -  “ Diante da Cruz”

texto: True Happiness

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