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Soooo I finally finished this big guy!!! It took so long, the shading was a pain in the ass, but I did it!!! And actually the initial plan wasn’t for it to be lineless but I turned off the lineart layer and it looked great so I just tweaked a few things and decided to keep it like that.

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Furby Haku - November 2020 Sticker

$5+ patrons get an exclusive new sticker design each month, with free international shipping. My two patreons have different designs; this month Eevachu patrons get a long furby… but make it Haku from Spirited Away and Squiggalaimon patrons get a furby mermaid with a complex relationship with both women and fish.

Stickers ship the first week of the next month and leftovers will be put up in my online store.

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{Dragons in my Path}

Dragons for me are a bit of a scary subject. Not in the sense that I’m afraid of them but in the sense that I’ve always had a different relationship with dragons then most people. Be it sheer luck or chance or divine intervention I got picked and that was a decision that was made.

When I was young I lost both my parents one after another. In that time I sank to a very low point. I don’t know if it was an accident or not but I got picked up by a dragon during my time of sorrow and she watched over me from the very beginning. She acted as a motherly voice many times when I thought I was gonna die. And over time other dragons also saw me as just another dragon.

Now in my older ish life I can walk up to any dragon (mostly) and they’re often friendly with me! And that’s a very special relationship that I’m very honored to have but this has always been normal to me.

So it’s been hard to try and interact with other people who work with dragons as my information on dragons comes right from the dragons mouth and others read books on them. So sometimes our info is different. I, personally, never thought this was weird because I was taught that dragons are infinite and can take on many different forms and shapes. They have different attributes depending on what magic they hold and use etc.

As you can imagine however, not everyone likes different opinions. So I tend to be shy about my work and my life because in place of being open minded many seek to try and put me down for my practice and the way I interact with my own family.

One of the big things though that actually bothers me is that dragons are not lizards. Dragons. Are not. Lizards. Some dragons don’t care if you liken them to reptiles because some humans can’t understand they dragons are just their own damn race of magical being but they are not lizards. Dragons, especially ones that go off planet, get very proud of who and what they are and that means calling them a lizard can often be an insult to them.

So personally I try to respect that even though I know I’ll meet people who don’t feel the same way. But ultimately lizards are lizards, dragons are dragons. Not all of them are cold blooded. I sleep with little baby dragons all the time and often I wake up in buckets of my own sweat because 12 little wiggles who are hot like fire sleeping in a bundle on top of you will do that to ya.

Dragons on my path are celestial beings born of starlight and molded with scales of metal and minerals. They hold the sacred flames of stars inside of them and are second only to the stars themselves. They can take many shapes sizes and even embody other elements (spend enough time in an element and they slowly evolve into that element is the basic summery) so water dragons become a thing and earth centric dragons and etc etc anything you can think of a dragon has tried to become and at least 1 has succeeded. This is how fruit and flower dragons happened.

So of course there will be dragons with cold blood and dragons with fucking star fire in their veins. Not all dragons are alike and dragons are still not lizards.

Thank you for coming to my semi vent semi educational TED talk.


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