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#eastern europe
aetherv3rse · 2 days ago
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Bridesmaids from the village of Kalosca, Hungary, photographed by Rudolf Balogh for National Geographic (1938)
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bigbrotherlouis · 10 months ago
eastern europeans how betrayed were you when you found out english only has one word for cherry
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urartian · 4 months ago
in armenia, gay marriage is illegal, openly gay men are banned from joining the military, gay couples are not allowed to adopt, and there is no law prohibiting discrimination based on sexual/romantic orientation. even though homosexuality has been legal (only) since 2004, it remains taboo and misunderstood. homophobia and transphobia are rampant.
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armenia has been ranked 47th out of 49 european countries for lgbt rights.
please consider donating to pink armenia if you can. happy pride month especially to my fellow lgbt armenians! <3
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zarya-zaryanitsa · 14 days ago
You know, I will never forget the very first time I spoke critically of polish communism in an international group chat and a british girl told me to be more respectful because she’s a communist too. I’m sorry did 50 years of my ancestors’ poverty and persecution offend your delicate sensibilities? Was it my grandma wasting quarter of her day in queues to buy basic groceries, or my grandpa wasting his 20s in prison for wanting to live in a democratic country? Was it the galloping inflation? The violence towards protesters? Read the fucking room.
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marble-elegance · 6 months ago
Every Eastern European household has this very specific set of cabinets used to store crystal glasses for "special occasions" (that never actually or very rarely get used) that shakes the whole apartment when you try and open it.
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testoster2 · 3 months ago
i wish people praising EU countries for having open borders knew that
1. those borders are Not "open": refugees seeking asylum have to go through a lengthy process in order to cross borders between european countries, and most european countries deny asylum to a Lot of refugees (often, people whose homelands were bombed by an european country will then get denied access in said country). don't get me wrong, fuck ICE, but americans should stop seeing the EU border policy as something to strive for. especially w the influx of liberal politicians in the US who describe scandinavian (and other european countries) as some kind of "socialist" "paradise", it's important that american leftists see those countries for the deeply racist settler colonies they are instead of praising their abysmal treatment of refugees.
2. the reason borders are "open" in the first place is to exploit eastern europeans easier lol. yes, citizens of poor eastern european countries (the countries are poor bc of ottoman and russian imperialism) can easily move to a rich western european country (the countries are rich bc they colonized others). but the caveat is that a foreign eastern european worker in a western european country will get a far lower wage, less benefits, and so on. far from "sharing their wealth w those ungrateful slavs", like some western european nationalists will claim, the "open border policy" only exists to perpetuate exploitation. also real talk, fellow eastern europeans: how many empires will have to invade us before we grow a spine and start opposing all forms of imperialism? just bc politicians and capitalists in our countries are deepthroating the colonizer's boots doesn't mean we have to follow their example
3. also notice how the only eastern europeans who enjoy the benefit of being exploited abroad are "citizens". this is significant bc romani people (and other people of color) face systemic racism in eastern europe and are often denied access to the proper paperwork by the governments of the countries they live in. so many eastern european roma people are treated as "illegal immigrants" in western europe.
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foxantoine · a year ago
Belarus is a small post-soviet country in eastern europe, closely ro Russia. It doesn't have a lot of resources as oil or gas. Belarus' population, of the whole country, is about 9 million people. It is nowhere near Russia, USA or China in terms of global influence and power, BUT!!! It does not mean that a lot of injustice is not happening here. Right now. Today.
I know tumblr is not the best place for a political discourse. This app/site is very-very USA-centric and let's be honest "western" world, especially on the other side of the Atlantic ocean, rarely really knows what's happening in eastern europe nor does it care.
Belarus has the same president for the last 25 years and Alexander Lukashenko won again, over 80% of votes, BUT!! the this year's election was rigged. As always. As not only in Belarus, but also in Russia. And people didnt agree with it at all and the protests all over the country were started. There was no violence from the protesters. There were no pogroms, no property damage, no fights to provoke the police. But the police attacks the protesters, they use tear gas and explosives to disorient people. Several people were injured. They buils brricades to protect themselves from the police brutality.
I don't know what to say, but please, don't be indifferent!! Share the information, spread the word!! I know that for a lot of people on the other side of the Atlantics and and western europe people who live in Russia and other post-soviet countries seem like savages who thrive under totalitarism and choose to be ignorant and undemocraric, but it is not true!! PEOPLE IN BELARUS ARE EXPRESSING THEIR RIGHTS AND OPINIONS AND DEMAND ANSWERS AND CLEAR DEMOCRATIC ELECTIONS NOW! #ЖывеБеларусь 🇧🇾
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eastern-anarchist · 2 months ago
Slavophobia - roots, causes, consequences
This will be a series of posts about a type of discrimination that you rarely hear about - Slavophobia. However, it has roots from the Middle Ages and, like many types of discrimination, crystallizes in the age of nationalism and fascism. Today we will consider a brief description of Slavophobia and the main historical moments.
- Slavophobia is a disdainful or hateful attitude towards Slavic peoples: Poles, Czechs, Slovaks, Ukrainians, Russians, Belarusians, Serbs, Croats, Bosniaks, Slovenes, Bulgarians etc., often - towards Romanians, Moldovans and Hungarians, as to peoples who have Slavic element. Slavophobia, due to historical circumstances, is often associated with anti-communism, considering Eastern Europeans as "uncivilized people with Soviet experience", but not always. Slavophobia is an independent discrimination.
- Slavophobia can have different manifestations: extreme xenophobia - an esoteric belief that "Slavic blood" is capable of spoiling the "pure European race"; the idea that the Slavs are "non-Europeans", the peoples that hovered between the West and the East; the portrayal of the Slavs exclusively as peasants, migrants, unskilled workers, sex workers, etc.; fetishization of Slavic women because of the perception of them as less emancipated than Western ones. - In the Middle Ages, the Slavs in the lands of Western Europe and Middle Asia were often used as slaves in the Middle Ages. There is a hypothesis that the economic growth in Western Europe in the 9-10 centuries was largely ensured by the trade of the Slavs. - In particular, the Slavophobia of the Germans towards the Poles has a long history, which is periodically renewed. In the 18th century, German "intellectuals" like Johann Georg Forster wrote openly about the "backwardness" of the Poles, and politicians encouraged this stereotype of inferiority. "Primitive Slavic culture" was contrasted with the "high German" one.
- Btw, the vision of the Slavs as "the most vicious racists" is also aren't a new phenomenon. "In the United States, the image of Polish immigrants held by their German immigrant predecessors bolstered the racist stereotype of Poles among other ethnic groups (White Men versus Polacks). The image of Poles as morons and the Pole as the worst anti-Semite was revived as the intense focus on the Holocaust arose in the 1960' s at the same time as the "Polack joke" became a major cultural phenomenon in the USA". (с) - Of course, the most noticeable phenomenon of Slavophobia in history is the time of the Third Reich and the spread of Nazi ideology. But a separate post should be devoted to this. - Although many nationalist organizations in Eastern Europe speculate on the Slavic theme, copying the concept of "race purity", Slavophobia is a real thing that should be criticized. You can hear it from the mouths of the German inhabitants, British politicians, the world press, tourists, and those who harass women in our countries.
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zillenialz · 4 months ago
plz shut up about performativity of this kiss, especially if you live in a country with gay marriage, gay adoption, antihomophobic regulations etc.
poland (and the majority of eastern europe) doesn't have any of it, lgbt+ ppl are struggling on daily basis and it's getting WORSE and WORSE
- today during Pride in Łódź (the second largest city in Poland) someone attacked people walking in the march
- last year in Białystok a group of far right homophobes threw cobblestones at the Pride crowd; the police did nothing about it
- Polish LGBT+ activists are constantly being accused of absolute nonsense, arrested and dragged through the courts for "offending religious feelings"
- there are "LGBT+ free zones" aka cities and entire regions in Poland
- not to mention the disgusting political campaign waged by the Polish president last year; he called LGBT+ people an ideology, multiple times
- there's no proper sex ed, no proper psychological help in schools, kids are sacred and depressed; a few days ago the Polish government applauded the speech of a left-wing deputy about the situation of LGBT+ youth and children in Poland; they FUCKING APPLAUDED when she said that children commit suicide because of the lack of acceptance in homes and schools
really, shut up if you don't have to face it every day; that kiss and Damiano's brief speech were a flawless use of his own privilege; he is aware of how hard it is in Poland, what those ghastly people in power are doing to the country, and he made sure to address that on live television; this dumb festival was watched by millions of Poles, lots of kids from small towns who are still living in the closet for their own safety; you have no idea what that stupid kiss could have meant to them
so shut up, please, and check your own privilege
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floweryavenue · 4 months ago
Can't explain it, but it's the funniest thing ever. Slavs will understand
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wintersglory · 5 months ago
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Zalipie, Poland
Photos by Mariusz Cieszewski
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polemik · 7 days ago
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Doğu Avrupa'da "Komünizmde hayat daha mı iyiydi?" sorusuna evet diyenlerin ülkelere göre yüzdesi.
Geçmişe özlem duymak yerine geleceği kurmanın gerektiğini de anlayacaklar.
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