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mavywvy · 2 days ago
You know when you search for meanspo but it no longer works cuz of it has become a regular thing to your brain...
Like it's normal at this point iv read so much that nothing works anymore
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aljdkskjx · a year ago
someone: “yk it’s crazy i eat so much and never seem to gain any weight haha”
every bitch with an eating disorder:
Tumblr media
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rottenhumangarbage · 3 months ago
me seeing chubby people: "beautiful perfect amazing stunning"
me seeing myself: "disgusting repulsive abhorrent revolting"
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hungryforcigs · 10 months ago
to every eating disordered person who's reading this:
reasons why you should make yourself a nice warm tea right now!
it basically doesn't have calories!
it's really good for you, since dehydration is very real.
it's getting colder because winter is coming, so it'll warm you up, too!
it fills your stomach and surpresses your hunger.
it's good against boredom, too! (because it takes you some time to boil the water and stuff)
don't you miss tasting something?
and please take care of yourself!
(ironic, i know.)
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korra-northeast-germany · 23 days ago
Tw: eating disorder, food in a bad light. Dissocistion. If there's a chance you'll be triggered do not read!!! You have been warned
I'm not hungry
"Mammon come eat it's almost 10 am" Beel frowns, looking at his older brother, it's been a while since he's seen Mammon eat with the family and maybe he just likes eating alone? No he couldn't accept that something as telling him otherwise.
"No thank you Beel, I'm not hungry." The older sibling turns the younger away with a gentle reassuring smile. He wasn't hungry no not at all. "I'll eat later I promise." He heads back to his room, allowing himself to huddle up within his bed and watch some YouTube on his computer.
"Mammon it's lunch time, Lucifer's calling for you come join us won't you?" Levi sounded annoyed, why the hell was Mammon taking so long? He skipped breakfast didn't he? Why would he skip lunch?
"Nah not hungry plus I'm busy with something Kay?" Mammon spoke from the other side of the room. "And tell Luci to shove his head up his ass" a mustered up giggle. It was not fake it was so authentic, of course it was Mammon was indulging in his favourite YouTuber after all.
"Fine fine whatever" Levi made his way back to the others.
It was dinner time, Mammon forced himself out of his room to eat be with his siblings otherwise Lucifer would get pissy with him and he's get accused of stealing. Like always.
"There you are Mammon you having eaten all day" frowned the eldest "come join us will you?" His brother, of course he offered. Lucifer didn't like when Mammon doesn't eat for long periods of time. It worried him.
Dinner was tense for Mammon for he wasn't actually hungry. Instead the more Mammom consumed the food given to him, the more his stomach felt like it would burst and or he would need to vomit. 'Fuck me I hate this' thought the demon of greed. "You know what, beel you can hsve the rest of my food slright I'm not hungry" he gives the rest to the 5th born, pats his head, then returns to his room.
It was past 12. Usually humans angels and even some demons such as himself were asleep by now. It's late everyone needs to be ready for whatever daily chore they have to do. Well not mammon. He was still awake with an upset stomach for having not eaten a proper amount of food. how he hated that feeling, he needed it to go away. Cautiously he leaves his room, slowly and as quietly as possible making his way into the kitchen to grab some bread and jam. 'Who doesn't like a midnight snack like bread and jam.'
Yet as he quietly spread the delicious jam upon his piece of nicely toasted bread, he was approached by a not so good mooded Lucifer. "Mammon..." Fuck why was he up? No one is ever up when he does this so why now? Why now of all times? "You should not be up by now, it's past 12 you should be asleep. Don't you know other people are sleeping?" Blah. Blah. Blah. The greed lord does not answer, his mind shutting down in favour of his founds focused on the jam spreading task. He doesn't notice his elder sibling leave until he's already long gone.
"...did....did I just get scolded for wanting toast.." He grunts. "Whatever I'm not that hungry anyway. He quickly cleans up taking said toast to his room boy to not eat any of it, instead throwing it outside where it's eaten by the racoons that lurked the streets.
That night Mammon goes hungry.
That night toast will never be considered a safe food ever again.
A/n: Mammon it's time for me to project my feelings upon you :). Also caring brothers? Real??!!
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mthrfckrr · a month ago
I feel all my fat again.
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xkaiiix · 10 months ago
Thinspo for my lovely black women
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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bagvomit · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
My current existential crisis.
(sorry if someone did this before me lol)
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Guys it is winter break! Time to starve and show everyone in school what a skinny bad bitch you are!
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xan-oid · a year ago
idk who needs to tell you all this but theres no way youre gaining weight from eating 500 cals a day, its physically impossible. you literally just need to take a shit bro
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aljdkskjx · a year ago
reminder because apparently we need it:
your ed is not an excuse to be a dick about anyone elses weight. your ed is not an excuse to be fatphobic. your ed is not an excuse to demonise, bully or make anyone feel like shit because they are overweight/obese.
fat people with eds are valid. fat peoples eds are just as serious as anyone elses and they are deserving of love and help just like everybody fucking else.
you are not better than anyone else because you are thin.
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rottenhumangarbage · 3 months ago
reminder that 'naturally skinny' is a myth
so-called 'naturally skinny' people simply just eat less. whether they know or not.
i miss back when i was 13 and was like that.
i was always skinny, this wasnt because i had an insanely high metabolism, but because i just ate less than i did when i developed depression. i would eat lunch and dinner when it was put in front of me and didnt bother to look for snacks in the day.
that 'naturally skinny' friend who has the biggest meal of everyone when you go out to eat, had a snack for breakfast and forgot to eat lunch
that 'naturally skinny' coworker who eats all day, has a few bites of a snack at a time.
that 'naturally skinny' cousin says he ate a bag of crisps, only had three crisps then forgot about the rest.
but people are so jealous of their 'insane metabolisms'
its an illusion, i promise.
EDIT: should probably add that I'm talking about naturally skinny as a result of a superhuman metabolism (which doesnt exist) many people are just naturally inclined to eat less or have different stats etc.
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hungryforcigs · 10 months ago
Tumblr media
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justasmallfox · a year ago
𝐅𝐨𝐨𝐥𝐩𝐫𝐨𝐨𝐟 𝐀𝐧𝐭𝐢𝐛𝐢𝐧𝐠𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐆𝐮𝐢𝐝𝐞
Psychology and nutrition science based method.
Part I - Stop The Binge In Its Tracks
Sit or lie down somewhere comfy. Close your eyes. Take deep breaths. Count to 10. Do it again. Count to 100 if you can.
Positive affirmations: “I love myself and I will respect myself by not binging.” “I WILL achieve my goals. Binging is not a part of my success.” “Even though it’s hard, I will protect myself by not binging.”
Understand that the need to binge is a sign you are loosing weight, but it may be a sign you are dehydrated or malnourished. Go hydrate with a hot drink which will relax your body and make you feel full as well as interrupt the hunger signals.
Your body needs vitamins and minerals. If you don’t have enough, you will binge more. Take multivitamins. The cost of malnutrition is far far worse than the small number of calories in vitamins. I take the gummy ones and chew one at a time slowly which feels like a treat but very very low cal.
After you have taken deep breaths to calm down, reminded yourself of your goals, used self affirmation to protect your mental health, (a healthier brain can achieve goals better than a brain berated by negative self talk), and taken vitamins...
Put something in your stomach to stop the urge, but it needs to be a nutritionally complete food. Studies show that eating or drinking a complete food will make your body feel satisfied and will prevent binges in most people. Nutritionally complete foods can also prevent hair loss, heal skin, and prevent brain fog, fatigue, etc.
Part II - Anti Binge Foods
Huel. Huel is a low calorie nutritionally complete food. It comes in bottles or powder that you mix. It’s allergen free and delicious. It makes your body feel completely full and deeply satisfied for hours. You’re consuming fewer calories but 100% nutrition. Liquid foods also give your digestive system a break and can reduce inflammation and bloating.
Protein shakes. Same reasons as Huel but usually not totally nutritionally complete. A good option though.
Quest Bars. So delicious and tastes as good as junk food usually. I keep these around always. Eating half a Quest Bar is less than 100 calories and much much better to eat a nutritious food that tastes like cake and nourishes the body, than to eat a cake. Also other protein bars that are flavored like junk food.
Volume eating. Volume eating is an amazing way to eat as much as you want but with very few calories. It will cure constipation, give your body a ton of vitamins and minerals and feels satisfying. All you do is get as many veggies as you want. Most veggies have under 50 cals or less for a huge serving. Stir fry them or make a salad with a low cal dressing or sauce. Then eat your fill. You can literally eat a massive bowl of this and it’s less than 100-200 cals depending on veggies and sauce. It boosts mood, boosts metabolism, heals your gut, makes you poo, and feels so satisfying.
Part III - Forgiveness And Goal Setting
If you do binge on junk, remember that one binge or even two won’t completely destroy your progress. It takes time and consistency to change your body whether it’s weight gain or weight loss.
Laxatives are useless. It only makes you poo faster, you still absorb all the calories. Just eat fibrous veggies, take a deep breath, and get back on track. It’s ok.
Many of us struggle with self love and that’s ok, but remember that trying to forgive and be compassionate towards yourself will make you lose weight faster and achieve your goals faster. Studies show that practicing self compassion boosts goal setting tremendously. You can want to improve yourself and recognize areas that need work in yourself and simultaneously be your biggest cheerleader and support network in the process of achieving your goals. Every day, tell yourself “I love you. I forgive you. Thank you for working so hard.”
Apps like Since can help you create a mindful method of avoiding binging or other self harm habits. Binging is a form of self harm. When you build up a streak of days without binging you will be less likely too. And remember, the first week is always the hardest but you can do it!
Journaling is helpful. You can vent about your feelings and frustrations. Often times, binging is a form of suppressed emotional expression. By journaling before you binge you can usually release the emotions in the journal and then feel more stable and less likely to binge to express emotion.
Take a probiotic! Probiotics come in many forms but the pills are zero cal. They help heal your gut, prevent malnutrition, heal acne and skin, help hair grow, and even treat and prevent depression and anxiety. Research which strains to take for which problem.
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fatuglybtch · 8 days ago
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jenn-ed · 2 months ago
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bagvomit · 8 months ago
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why am I like this
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