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#eating disoder thoughts
aeris-poetry · 8 months ago
when I was dying
I think it is really fucked up
to start a sentence like this
everyone complimented me
on slowly turning to ashes
'You look so pretty dear'
they said
and I heard
'try harder'
when someone is suffering
from lung cancer
You don't light them a cigarette
You don't
You do not hand a suicidal person
a loaded gun
unless you want them to die
so why did you?
why did you handed me a gun?
what was I supposed to do with it?
besides pulling the trigger
when you are sixteen
and at some point
we all are
nothing is as easy as dying
without anyone noticing
dying isn't like it is in the movies
a 60 second sequel
with blood and wounds and lots of noise
it is a quiet long-term-process
You do not recognise the dead
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khinnate · 6 months ago
A problem: *Appears in my life*
Me: Oh well, maybe it’s becaus-
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skinnydreams824 · 6 months ago
One of the saddest things I ever experienced is that even when you don’t actively participate in this disorder the thoughts still haunt you every day. And eventually you always give in and come back to your old ways
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boysnbones · 10 months ago
Tumblr media
i lowkey wanna make my phone like thinspo or whatever but then ppl who look at it will be worried
not actually pro ed, just tags
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wanna-be-thinnnnn · 2 months ago
I have 2 reactions when someone tries to take some of my food.
1. No! I know the EXACT AMOUNT of calories in this & you are not going to ruin that for me.
2. Yes, please, have as much as you want! Less calories for me!!
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alixfam · a month ago
my friend: did you eat today?
me,who’s been on a fast for 24 hours: yes
them : oh? what did you have then?
*me,who for some fucking reason, forgetting every meal that’s ever existed*:
Tumblr media
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