thebaddestofbatches · 19 hours ago
Echo: *gets a paper cut*
Rex, under his breath: Hasn't he suffered enough?
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marvellfashion · 2 days ago
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Favorite Looks of the Week (January 19th, 2022)
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skylightz · 14 hours ago
one mans trans is another mans gender..... is this anything
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leeleebee · 2 days ago
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Busy few days! Time for a doodle 💛
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miss-alice-evelynn · 2 days ago
My mum is a very accepting person in many ways yet she never seems to understand why I get so passionate about representation.
A favoured expression of hers is "It's just a movie" or "it's an animated film!"
I know.
I doubt I am the only person who adores it when there's a tweet with a picture of a small child with a beaming smile on their face when they see themselves on the screen.
Just one example I've seen:
Tumblr media
I asked my mum the other day, "Mum, when was the last time you saw an animated movie centered around Colombia and its culture?"
No answer.
I'm white so I never had any trouble finding white dolls when I was little. Sure, I'm not skinny like a barbie but at least I could go to shops or find movies where a white character wasn't rare.
I can't pretend that I know everything about minority groups or much about Colombian culture but I've been learning a lot from word of mouth or videos or articles online.
I saw a video of a little boy who was so excited to see Antonio on the screen because he looked just like him. The smile on his face made my day.
That's why representation is so important.
You don't have to understand why but don't invalidate other people's feelings.
It's like with Hawkeye and Eternals. I'm not deaf or hard of hearing but I was so excited for the people that are to know that they could watch a movie and say, "Hey! They're just like me!"
So yeah, it may just be an animated film but for some it could be a ray of sunshine in an otherwise dreary world.
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smallestbubs · 12 hours ago
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dinbeskarbaby · a day ago
Everytime Omega mentions Crosshair:
The Bad Batch:
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echosong971 · 2 days ago
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can’t sleep so have some doodles
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saltybluffs · 16 hours ago
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Just playing a bit while in quarantine this week.
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hazelminesims · a day ago
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Voidcritter Fun
Trying out @ravasheencc‘s new voidcritter gaming tablet. I love that this one is portable and has an app to go with it.
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clonehub · 2 days ago
Echos been craving salt and seasoning since he joined up with tbb he can't take any more of hunters fucked up food creations this man made some toast and then warmed some milk to room temperature. Dipped the toast in the milk. Called it "milktoast" he insists it's the best thing ever invented. Echo is heaving he's so distraught
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chilliminal · a day ago
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chaoticvampirejedi · a day ago
Not to be dramatic or something, but if we don't get the TBB season 2 trailer soon, I'm going to summon all the demons I know and ask for their help.
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houndtails · a day ago
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i like how the frogs in stardew go “whomp” 🐸
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tattycoram · a day ago
Fives: Are we leaving?
Echo: No, I'm leaving. Me. By myself.
Fives: Oh fabulous, I'll get my things
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theballerinajedi · 2 days ago
Tech to Crosshair : With all do respect. Fuck you.
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radioactivedotcom · 17 hours ago
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[transcript under the cut]
[ECHO] I didn't know you were holding interviews to be a security guard. If I'd known, I'd have dressed better.
[NYX] You should learn to mind your own frakking business, Pallas. 
[ECHO] Oops. my bad.
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splendidcyan · 7 hours ago
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Alright alright alright, trying to get better about sharing my art again. Here is a whole dump of Bad Batch doodles that I did over the last semester, mostly of Omega cause it's easier to draw kids than adults aaand cause she is my daughter and I love her, and cause I've basically just been giving her
All of these were done with watercolor and gouache on either hot press watercolor paper or Bristol paper. The Bad Batch redesign was touched up digitally. I know I've seen other people redesign them and I wanted to throw my hat in the ring, mostly with jaw and head shapes to really push the clone-ness of them, as well as a more appropriate skin tone and hair texture for them. I also think albinism and vitiligo are super interesting things to explore in the clones to give em variety, (from what I read, vitiligo is triggered by stressors and like,, what is more stressful than being mechanically implanted?? Vitiligo Echo is my beloved ok)
The Omega with the flowers and the gold vase is a redraw of some historical piece I found on Pinterest, it's reference will be below a read more for the sake of keeping this already long post short, and my favorite Omega is her in the tank top and 99 logo sweatpants that clearly don't fit her... She's just so cute 😭 and finally, alt text will be in captions... Now Tumblr plz don't crash when posting this
(EDIT, my god it posted, I haven’t been able to successfully post from tumblr mobile for AGES.... some of the images got messed up but tumblr desktop doesnt seem to be able to fix it so ya’ll just get a kinda funny post, sorry gamers)
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adorationandelation · a month ago
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Also Yelena appreciation...
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smol-bean-buchanan · a month ago
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that last fight giveth me ✨life✨
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