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squidsponge · a month ago
December isn't canon in Star Wars, but neither is happiness, both of which have been ignored in a galaxy where Palpatine choked on a nuna leg and Fox had nothing to do with it.
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thememerman · 5 months ago
something I realized about Echo’s infamous handprint:
Tumblr media
this is probably the original armor that he was in at Rishi outpost, where Rex gave it to him in the first place. He probably updated the rest of his armor to be fit in with the 501st while still adding his own flare to it (like those groovy lil lines on his helmet), but I’m betting that he probably just painted his og shiny armor.
Tumblr media
but then here he’s in his Newly Promoted Fancy Phase Two Arc Trooper armor. He has the extra grey plate on top of his main chest plate, like Fives does. And the handprint is on it. So this begs the question: during his painting, did he dip his hand in paint and recreate Rex’s symbol because he got attached to it and people knew to differentiate him because of it? Did he ask Fives to do it? Did he go up to Rex in his brand spanking new Arc Trooper armor with a bucket of blue paint in hand like “sir would you please uh. do the thing” and did Rex just do it because heh yeah it’s Echo of course he can keep his handprint and did that make Rex get even more attached to this wide eyed shiny I NEED TO KNOW THESE THINGS
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cyareclones · 5 months ago
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“I’ve got you vod…”
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kay1mi · 6 months ago
No thoughts
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Same energy
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unlightsabered · 4 months ago
sw as my text conversations 11
All of them
the post w context for weirdest texts
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aight ima head out now see u next time x
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anstarwar · 2 months ago
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They love 🥺😭
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one-real-imonkey · 28 days ago
Everyone looks at the Domino Twins and sees impulsive Fives and cautious Echo and makes their assumptions.
It’s the twins greatest weapon.
It takes the 501st more time than they’ll want to admit to realise that Fives is usually the smartest person in the room, that his mind works at 500mph, and that if he’s doing something, he’s probably thought through the consequences already and calculated the risk. If he looks like he’s not paying attention, he is, he’s just also working on 100 other things.
Echo is the one who comes up with the truly crazy ideas, though that’s not to say they’re not effective. Even when he comes to more normal plans (and typically he and Fives will come up with something similar at the same time and silently confirm it to each other) he’s simply the one to actually explain it.
Echo is happy to pretend to be the one holding Fives back when Fives wants to be underestimated, and Fives is happy to take the credit when Echo comes up with the most chaotic plans, technically not against the regs, but not really how they are supposed to be interpreted either. Fives trusts that Echos will keep them from being court marshalled.
They’re happy to be underestimated.
It gives them the advantage, and from day one it’s been them before anyone else.
They’re twins.
That’s just how it works.
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astriloquiis-art · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
you ever think about how they were twins.. who deserved SO much more.. ...starts sobbing
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fivesblaster · 24 days ago
echo: what time is it?
fives: i don't know, hand me that saxophone and we'll find out!
fives: *plays saxophone loudly and extremely out of tune*
fives: it's 2 am!
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suck-a-egg · 3 months ago
Fives: You are, of course, wondering why it is I have brought you here tonight.
Echo: Actually, Fives, after all these years, I just sort of go with it.
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peachpatrols · 7 months ago
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having no reference for baby clones so u have to make some up. I wish there was baby clones in the show for at least a second that would have made me melt... little babeys !
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leeleebee · 3 months ago
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Oh you know, just these dorks again. Beware of buns under the cut! 🍑
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thememerman · 2 months ago
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I noticed the similarities between these stills and this parallel is just. the absolute worst thing in the world because it just makes you think about how Rex was able to save Echo and how Fives couldn’t save Echo OR Tup even though he would have put himself in their places in a heartbeat and it reminds you of how Fives should have been there with Echo and Rex and on TOP OF ALL THAT it shows how the clones have such a capacity for love and the war prevents them from showing it to hardly anyone but their brothers and it will forever be so sick and cruel that they had to watch the people they loved most suffering and dying right in front of them over and over again
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commander-spaceboy · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
Some times you think about the past and it hurts, remembering someone you used to know but can’t truly remember. It weighs on your mind and wears you down, but what can you really do about it other than move on and live for their sake.
AKA: echo thinking about how much he misses fives
I really enjoyed working on these piece cause I got the chance to draw prosthetics again, I have my own clone who has a prosthetic leg, but I don’t draw him very often.
I might make my own ref for my echo redesign but you know I’ll figure that out later, for now though!, please enjoy my echo angst!
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monako-jinn-stories · 3 months ago
Fives chews his ice cream. Don’t even try and argue with me on this because it’s just the truth. He does it to piss Echo off he does everything to piss Echo off, let’s be honest
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elainecreations · 3 months ago
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POV: You’re asking a child (me) to draw some clones 🥰
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anstarwar · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
What if they just live happily ever after and enjoy long walks to the coffee shop, and quick snuggles in alleyways? But what if...?
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fictional-men-ruin-lives · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
It was supposed to be a quick and rough sketch. Supposed to.
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arcjesse · a month ago
 Fives laid down still and cold, a quiet ringing in his ear played as he stared blanky upwards. Grey upon grey was just the sort of dull he was used to, a lack of color and expression, calculated masses fit together like a puzzle.
 Distantly he could feel the slight tingle of tiredness take over his mind and body, making him relax his fingers and his toes all the way till his eyelids felt heavy. It was moments like these where his mind ran the fastest and yet the slowest, conclusions were hard to come by but scenarios built up in his mind like a damn. 
 Each day had been one trashfire after the next, it was building up to something, something big. Fives just couldn’t figure out what it was.
 A shadow crossed his eyesight and as he honed his vision on it he noticed an identical man rummaging through a pack. 
 “Oi, that better not be my rucksack you’re messin’ with.” He called.
 “Oh, fuck off.” Ah, so it was Echo.
 “Eh, you’d miss me.” He paused for a moment before speaking, “Whatcha lookin for?”
 Echo looked up from the pack, he seemed tired at best, down right faint at worse. He seemed hesitant to say, the calculation in his twin brother’s expression was evident.
 “Did you...” There was a long pause before Echo spoke again, dropping his voice to a whisper, “Did you bring the blanket?”
 Finally, Fives propped himself up, he certainly wasn’t going to get any sleep soon.
“Your what?”
Echo looked impatient and spoke a little louder, seeming nervous about being heard, “The soft one. Y’know the one we got on leave?”
 Fives’ mental gears began to turn and it only seemed to frustrate Echo, still he waited patiently until Fives’ expression lit up.
 “Oh you mean the one with the cartoon-”
“SHHHHHH!” Echo just about lunged for Fives trying to keep him quiet, “Yeah that one, can’t you keep it down or something? I just need to know where to find it.”
 Fives grunted in acknowledgement as he sat himself up further, swinging his legs over the side of the bed and leaning over as he tried to remember.
“I ah- Uh I think I gave it away vod’ika.”
“You what?” 
 “Its still on the ship!”
 Echo’s glare worsened, “Where is it Fives? What did you do with it?”
 Fives bit his lip and shrugged; ok he was definitely not sleeping for a while. He made a gesture as he headed to the door, still in his blacks, “Come on, I’ll just show ya.”
Echo followed Fives despite wanting to berate his brother for giving away his blanket. He had won that thing fair and square and it wasn’t his to give away! Echo wouldn’t want to say he was angry, he was just frustrated that the first thing Echo got to call his own Fives had to go and mess it up. From his nonchalant and sometimes prankish behavior, the younger twin found it hard to feel heard sometimes. And that was why he was following for now, maybe there was a chance Fives could get it back...
Fives kept his pace rather leisurely as they made their way through the halls, he didn’t seem rushed in contrast to Echo who was about to pass him.
“Relax.” He told Echo in a firm tone, “You’ll wake everyone them up with how loud you’re thinking.”
Confusion crossed his brother’s face, making him smirk, “What? What do you mean-”
A quick gesture to the doors ahead would let Echo know exactly what Fives meant. Up ahead were the captain’s quarters along with the Jedi’s quarters right next to them. Rex would probably be fast asleep and the Jedi doing whatever they do at night, did they even sleep?
“C’mon, almost there.” Fives tugged at the younger’s arm heading towards Rex’s cabin, eventually knocking gently on the door once they reached it. Echo nearly had a heart attack when Rex opened it almost immediately and nearly had a second when he found his blanket. The blanket, bright pink and covered in cartoon animals wrapped around a small togruta. Familiar colors and markings had his jaw dropping.
“What are you two doing here.” Rex asked in a low tone, he held Ahsoka’s sleeping body close to his chest, “You better not be here to take the blanket back, she only just settled down.”
Echo could only stammer out half an answer before Fives pitched in.
“Course not. The blanket used to be Echo’s, I kinda... Gave it to you without asking. I wanted to show him what it was being used for.” Fives turned away from Rex, offering Echo an apologetic smile. “Sorry vod’ika, the little one needed it.” 
It took Echo a moment, a few moments of disbelief followed by resignation and disappointment left him pretty much silent.
“Vod? Is it ok? I can always get you a new one next time we’re on Coruscant...”
Finally, Echo spoke up. 
“No no... Its ok. The kid needs her rest...” He was trying not to sound too disappointed but it seeped through and sagged his face into a pout. 
Fives smirked, finding his brother’s display of discontent endearing while Rex just about crumbled. Their older brother was weak when it came to little brothers, the slightest tooka eyes could have him wrapped around anybody’s thumb. He just loved them all that much.
“Come on in kid.” Rex said in a soft voice, “Pile up in my bunk, its gonna be a long night.”
Their older brother then turned from the door and stepped back into his small cabin, compared to the General’s quarters this one looked like it could be a walk in closet. There was a single bunk sunken into the right wall and a desk at the end of the room. Barely enough room to stretch, but just enough room to squish in. Along the floor was an assortment of pillows and blankets Anakin had been sure to bring from the temple for Ahsoka, it looked pretty cozy compared to what Fives and Echo were used to.
Eventually they all found their placements, Rex and Ahsoka curled up in the bunk while the twins tangled themselves up in the blankets on the floor.
 Somewhere along the night Ahsoka slid off from the bunk and found herself wrapped still in the blanket but sandwiched between the two brothers, her two brothers. It was sweet, peaceful, and Rex had noticed before finally drifting off that Ahsoka hadn’t slept this well in months.
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one-real-imonkey · 24 days ago
The Domino twins have a psychic twin connection. That’s just how it is. I don’t make the rules.
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