jack-o-phantom · a day ago
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"Oh, little Diver"
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carpethedamndiem · a day ago
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Eclipse (2014 short film)
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playday-nightlight · 15 hours ago
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here’s a few eclipses we’ve had sitting around for a hot minute. these brothers are basically “bastard teenage son with a toxic waste sign on his bedroom door” and “baby boy baby so leetle and smol”. more attendants for the mega pizzaplex au the better. Ee’s design is ours and Clips’ is @donitkitt’s. 
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eebiedeebie · 2 days ago
Would you draw eclipse👀
wonder how they would look in your style
Oh! I've actually drawn them a WHILE ago! Here they are!
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My style changed drastically, might redraw them at some point
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butterflykiisies · 2 days ago
Sundrop / Moondrop Headcanons
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Sunny ☀️
• a sucker for forehead kisses, literally would beg for them if he had to.
• strong paternal instincts, gets extremely protective over young children who get lost or separated from their parents.
• likes lofi and sometimes latin jazz, it helps his anxiety when he gets overwhelmed.
• loves butterflies, once a butterfly found it’s way into the daycare and he cried for an hour when he had to let it back outside.
• wants to drink mango juice SO BAD, it’s his least favorite thing about being an animatronic. he just wants to taste the juice so bad.
Moon 🌙
• loves learning about the ocean and space, the unknown fascinates him. he often asks you to bring him books from the library about the mysterious deep sea.
• absolutely HATES the smell of pizza, he cannot understand why people think it’s so tasty- it genuinely nauseates him.
• deeply enjoys anime and movies in foreign languages, since he’s an animatronic he is programmed to understand and speak multiple languages- it makes him feel more normal.
• stumbled across 18+ material once while snooping in your phone and was significantly startled, he didn’t understand at first but after a deep dive into the safety controls of his hard drive- he bypassed the security and found himself… intrigued.
• loves holding babies, newborns love him and so when he can get his hands on them- they just drift right to sleep. he has a gentle heat that radiates from his arms that soothes them just enough.
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alexelloser · 2 days ago
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felt like posting this cute pic of me plus the eclipse the other day because who doesn’t like ass and the moon
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chibinotan · 2 days ago
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Full Red Moon
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embrythecall · 2 days ago
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gildedblazes · 2 days ago
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outcastsketchbook · 15 hours ago
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jack-o-phantom · a day ago
Here’s a thought: I just hold onto eclipse’s finger 24/7
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No no, this is how he'd hold you
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frozenhi-chews · 16 hours ago
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Okay so
@jack-o-phantom 's Mer!Eclipse? HOOUGH!! He's pretty! So I made a little sketch of a nose boop cuz I am a massive simp for this massive lad. I adore this guy so much!
(Click for better quality)
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mmm-colors · 2 days ago
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- like or reblog!
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kjoye-arts · a day ago
I know @bamsara said Eclipse wasn't gonna be in Celestial Omens, but I ended up coming up with a little writing thing for them to go along with Sun and Moon's anyway.
*pitches this at you and hopes you enjoy it*
Tumblr media
The beach may not be for everyone, but you always found it hard to believe that the gentle roll of the ocean waves wasn’t a sound that each and every person on earth found relaxing. That, in combination with the setting evening sun and the distant call of gulls, made for a prime summer setting.
You could understand, however, why most - if not all - people would be totally against lounging in a float in the middle of the open sea while an obscenely large celestial siren swam underneath them with a wide, toothy grin on their face.
Speaking of which, you decided to peek down over the edge of your circular inner tube (polka dots weren’t your plan, but it’s all they had at the corner store closest to your house) to check in on said sea creature, who, upon seeing your face peer from over the water’s surface, happily swam upwards to meet you with their beaming maw.
“Done floating?” they asked, which of the two was talking practically indiscernible as their words were short and to the point like Moon’s but carried Sun’s cheerful cadence.
“No, I was just checking on you,” you responded with a smile, “Don’t mind me.”
With that, Eclipse dipped back into the water, returning to their satisfied circles of wading beneath you.
You still didn’t quite understand how it worked; it was as if they had fused somehow, but maintained their differing personalities. Sometimes it was like they were one being, other times they started arguing with one other in the same body. But it didn’t seem to hurt them at all, and you were still able to keep them passive with your presence, so you’d just decided to go with the flow, same as the previous few times this strange incident had occurred.
Suddenly, you felt yourself and your float begin to rise. Body jerking instinctively, you fruitlessly tried to grasp at the intertube’s ring, your fingers slipping over its plastic exterior. Looking up, you saw Eclipse’s large head breach the ocean’s surface, water spilling over the decorated fins crowning their face. They were lifting you in one of their large, clawed hands, palm just big enough to cradle the inner tube you were sitting on.
Nervously, you shot them a big smile, attempting to compensate for the uncertainty tensing up your body. “What’s up, buddy? You ready to call it a day or-“
“Huh?” It came out more like a gasp than a questioning sound, your brain still not caught up with what they’d said.
“We want a kiss!” Eclipse explained matter-of-factly, though their tone was laden with happiness and excitement.
“Oh, uh…” You struggled to play things cool as you gripped at the inner tube beneath you, nails digging and face burning as you tried to think fast. “Well, I dunno how that’d work with, uh, how big you guys are right now, so…”
Eclipse’s head tilted as your eyes darted to the side in an attempt to avoid theirs, practically impossible with their sheer size. Not to mention they literally had you in the palm of their hand in the middle of the open sea.
“…but I guess I could try,” you sighed in resignation.
With that, they perked up, practically bouncing in the water as you sat up in your inner tube. You felt your face run even hotter as you awkwardly attempted to scoot forward, slipping back into the stupid thing during your first two attempts before managing to sit on the edge closest to Eclipse’s face, their eyes on you all the while.
“So, um…should I just..?” you mutter, moreso to yourself as you map out their features, deciding where would be best to plant your lips on their large face, which is nearly half your body in length.
“Right here is fine!” Eclipse finally said after a moment spent watching you puzzle to yourself, their large, clawed index finger coming to point to the middle of their face.
“O-Okay.” Your voice was shaken as you gave them a meek smile. Beckoning them forward with your hands, you rested them against their face, balancing yourself as you tentatively leaned forward to push your lips against the scaly spot where their nose might be.
Eclipse was instantly giddy, chirping with laughter as their shoulders hiked up to their head fins with glee, tail splashing about in the open water behind you. As their blank white eyes opened, they finally noticed how drenched in water they’d left you from their excitement.
“Oh, sorry! Sorry, friend!” Their tone was genuine, but still bubbling with laughter.
You only gave them a deadpan look as you kept your arms raised beside you, now-soaked sleeves dripping with sea water, like you’d just been run through an aquarium car wash.
You couldn’t find it in yourself to stay mad at them, your frown quickly turning into a smirk, followed by playful laughter; this was certainly the best way to spend a summer afternoon.
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peterpost · 2 days ago
Red moon
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Fuente: Bryan ruff (peterpost)
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butterflykiisies · 2 days ago
early release scene
Tumblr media
Moonfall (eclipse revisited)
“How dare you? She’s only been gone two weeks. How fucking dare you?!” He laughed in disbelief, hands clenched into fists. “Who even are you? Where did you come from? Another rat scraping its way from the catacombs?” He stepped closer and closer with every question. “Hm? Answer me.”
You felt a hesitation, all you wanted to do was take him into your arms. You just wanted to be home again, safe and sound. “I-it’s me. It’s really me, Moon. I-im so scared. I don’t know what’s going on, please help me.” You pleaded, breaking down into violent sobs. Hot tears could be felt streaming down your metallic face and without thinking you lunged forward to wrap your arms around the animatronic.
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vangoghcore · 11 days ago
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by pantaleon_aquiles_brazuca
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donitkitt · a month ago
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another eclipse for a different thing
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jennablackmorebooks · 11 days ago
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Tonight's lunar eclipse, as viewed from the doorway in my kitchen. (05.16.2022)
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bucephaly · 11 days ago
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