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i’m glad 2021 was a twilight renaissance come back
we’re gonna be watching new moon in the retirement home
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aquanova99 · 2 days ago
Precedence (Alec x reader)
A/N: mostly fluff I gotta admit. Thank you for reading you beautiful human
A/N: thanks to @avyannadawn for asking for this I had fun writing it, don’t know if it’s any good if not I’m sorry! Never written for Alec 😅
Tumblr media
Present Day
You could hear your mate humming and softly singing to her music. You entered her room to find her sitting down legs crossed in the closet. She was facing away from you deep in concentration on whatever she was working on. You loved seeing her in her natural state, when she thought no one was around. Y/n had brought out a softer side of you that you hidden away for years. A side not even your sister knew about. She had been so patient with you, going at your pace for affection.
Once you had opened up to her and let yourself be happy for the first time in who knows how many centuries it was hard to keep you away from her. Now, if you were both in the room your hands were linked with hers, no question. If you were around others you would pull her on your lap and hold her waist. She was too perfect for you world and yet you couldn’t imagine a world without her. You often found yourself thinking about how fate had brought you together.
Yourself, Jane, Felix, and Demetri had rushed into a bookstore on the way back from a mission. The sun threatening to reveal your secret and it felt as if the clouds were just messing with you. They would provide cover for maybe minutes at a time and some newborns were dangerously reckless. Beginning to feed during the day. The mission hadn’t taken long to take care of but since they had to do everything during the day they had to be careful.
You had been so reluctant to allow yourself to fall for a human at first. You guys had been in such a hurry to escape the sun you had bumped into her on her way out. When you finally saw her leaving you had been speechless. You knew she was your mate right away, but why did it have to be a human? You said nothing to the group, not even Jane. You had decided to check in on your mate from a distance.
On one of these check ins you found her at a park feeding the ducks. You weren’t planning on speaking to her but at one point a group of guys decided to bother her for her number. She had rolled her eyes and ignored them, but when they persisted you couldnt help but interfere.
“You! You’re the one from the bookstore.”
“You remember me?”
“Yeah I’m not really sure why either, but yes. What’s your name?”
“Y/N, nice to officially meet you, thanks for getting me away from those creeps.”
You hadn’t been sure what to say, still unsure of humans so you just nodded. Y/n looked as if she had been waiting for you to say more but decided to let you be, “well I should be going, thanks again Alec.”
“Wait.” You had stopped and grabbed her hand, “I think I need to tell you something.”
She had taken it surprisingly well once she realized you weren’t joking. Even going as far as accepting your invitation to the castle. The kings took kindly to have her visit before she decided to move.
That’s when it had gone downhill, you hadn’t told your sister about your mate yet. Y/N said she wanted to meet your friends as a human before knowing her as your mate. She pretended to be a new secretary that Aro wanted to introduce. Demetri and Felix never minded humans and had no problem accepting her, your sister had been a different story.
Y/n had tried to say hello to everyone individually, but Jane ignored her completely. Y/N didn’t mind you had told her about both of your aversions to humans.
“Brother how do you think she’ll react if I use my gift on her. She’s too perky for my taste.” Jane said low enough for just the vampires in the room to hear.
“Don’t touch her sister.” Alec warned. “Aro won’t like that.”
“She’s just a human. Just a quick one. It will be funny.”
“Jane. Don’t. Touch. Her.” Alec growled loud enough for y/n to hear now.
“Alec maybe I should go.”
“Yes maybe you should.” Jane directed the message at her but was glaring at her twin.
Demetri and Felix decided to take y/n around the castle and give the twins a bit of space.
“Tell me exactly who this human is?”
“You know who she is. She’s my mate.”
“How long have you known?”
“A few months, when we all had to duck into that bookstore for that one mission.”
“You didn’t tell me.”
In all honesty besides being slightly scared of how Jane would react, you also wanted something you didn’t have to share for once. Y/n was your mate. You understood why your sister had been upset but shouldn’t she just be happy for you?
“Well now you know. Please, I’m asking you to be nice to her. She isn’t like the other humans.”
“I don’t have to be anything to her. All humans are the same. When are you going to turn her?”
You didn’t want to turn her, not yet.
“Jane she just found out about our kind, and still agreed to come to the castle.”
“I see.”
“Sister, she isn’t going to be going anywhere. Please, you two are the most important people in my life now. I won’t ask you to like her but at least be civil.”
“No. Keep her out of my way. Mate or not, I will use my power on her if she oversteps.”
You felt yourself growl at her again, angering her even further. Y/n had finished with Demetri and Felix at that moment. “Uhm Alec?”
“Don’t interrupt, human.” You leapt in front of your mate, and made sure she was behind you.
“Alec maybe I should go.” Y/n had turned around and stepped out of the room they were in. Maybe you should have stayed and talked to you sister but all you were thinking about was your mate. You chose to follow her.
“I’m sorry. I warned you. We aren’t, we aren’t used to humans.”
“You don’t have to apologize Alec and neither does Jane, she didn’t do anything. I don’t want you guys to fight because we met. I mean we don’t know very much about eachother yet. Not really. I won’t be upset if you need me to go.”
“I-I don’t want you to go.” She gave you a quick kiss on the cheek.
“Then I’ll be here, one day me and Jane will get along. I feel it.”
Y/N had moved in with you a month later. She wasn’t close with her family so all it took was making the disappearance not suspicious. It’s been 6 months since then. Y/N had told Jane that even if she was your mate she would never try and split the two of you up.
Jane accepted your mate after a few months but didn’t go out of her way to talk to her unless it was necessary.
You were surprised she hadn’t noticed you yet, you gently tapped her.
She still jumped, she was jumpy it was very cute
“Alec! you scared me!”
“Sweetness I’ve been here for like 5 minutes.”
“I thought you had guard duty until later”
“Are you not happy to see me?”
“Oh stop, of course I’m happy to see you. It’s just, I went out with Heidi today and got some gifts for you and Jane.”
You would say you were shocked but y/n was determined to win Jane over one day.
“Oh and what did you get us?”
“Well I was in the process of trying to wrap up the boxes, but I guess since you’re here you can help me.” She took a small box out, “here this one is for you.”
It was a small silver pendant. It was beautiful
“Wait look, it also opens. So you can put one of our pictures in there and when you go on missions it’ll be like I’m right there.” You could feel yourself choke up.
“It’s perfect, I love it.”
“Good I was worried you wouldn’t like it but it matches your aesthetic, and look this is for Jane.”
She held up a beautiful porcelain doll,
“It’s like a little Jane! You told me she likes to collect things like this. So I got lucky that she had cute blond hair. Even her dress looks like janes.”
You were touched that she thought of Jane even when Jane was still so distant from her.
“Do you think you could give it to her later? I don’t want to bug her.”
“Of course, my love.”
She smiled wide, “well since you are done early, what do you want do today?”
“Would you like to watch a movie?”
She laughed, “you just want me to play with your hair again.”
“Perhaps, I enjoy laying on you. I feel as if its the closest I get to actual sleep.”
“Well then let’s watch a movie, I like running my hand through your hair anyway.”
You didn’t wait for her to say anything else, you carried her to the bed and the two of you got close.
“Thank you.” You whispered
“It’s just a necklace, love.”
“No not for that, for choosing me.”
She kissed the top of your head “thanks for choosing me too…I like when you get like this it’s so cute.”
“Don’t tell the others.”
“Wouldnt dream of it. Do you want to go hang out with the other guys? I can always keep doing this later.”
“No. I just want to lay here with you, you’re my priority now, sweetness.”
She laughed and began running hers fingers up and down your back. “Love you.” She whispered
“I love you, always.”
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hatso · a day ago
Daycare hierarchy
Hampal, Taller than the babysitter so obviously head honcho.
Glitchy, Second in charge. Probably stabbed the others.
Mii, We don't know what he's doing but its weird.
Clown, Spoiled brat /lh
Tumblr media
@eclipsestarnightmare <- is the normal kid
@glitchysquidd @hampal @ask-mii-sanses @awholeclxwn
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foxy-disaster · 2 months ago
With the Twilight Movies out on Netflix please considering donating to the Quileute tribe as they are trying to move to a safer zone on higher ground for their community
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before-life · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
Solar eclipse by Gallery 360
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there was no other way to end the story but having resume end up with jacob? really
Tumblr media
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aquanova99 · 2 days ago
Not What You’d Expect (Felix x Reader) pt16
Pt 15
Next part
A/N: god I really just write until I am somewhat satisfied with a chapter huh? Thank you to whoever sticks out this series 😅😅😅
A/N: warning there’s some medical stuff happening and Jane does Jane things but other than that 🤷‍♀️
A/N: Have a lovely day, you lovely person! Sorry for any mistakes!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
God your head was pounding. You opened your eyes. Wait. You were back in your room. Why were you connected to all the tubes you saw an iv next to you and another tube along your leg. Your heart must have started racing because Felix appeared in front of you in an instant.
“Shhh, I’m here. Don’t stress yourself okay?” He helped you sit up.
“What are you talking about? I’ve never been better.” You tried to joke with him but Felix was not having it.
“I thought I told you to stay out of trouble.”
“I mean I wasn’t trying to get into trouble this time. What happened to him?”
“Let’s just say clean up was a bit more difficult.”
“Geez dark.”
“If you had seen the condition you were in when we found you, you would think that was nothing.”
“Oof that bad?”
Felix just gave you a look
“I’m sorry, that must have been hard.”
“Don’t apologize love, it wasn’t your fault.”
“No but I should have tried to let demetri find me sooner, I guess I wasn’t thinking straight. I was worried about you guys. Is everyone okay after dealing with those newborns?”
Felix chuckled “believe me little one, that was nothing compared to that next week, I thought I lost you.” Felixs voice got small.
You squeezed his hand, “hey you’re not getting rid of me that easy.”
Felix kissed you “I missed you, you know that?”
“I missed you too,” you wrapped your arms around his neck and kissed him again. The two of you stayed holding eachother for a little. As if either one let go the other person might disappear again.
“Ugh.” Felix moaned
“What’s wrong?”
“You have a lot of people waiting to see you, apparently I’m hogging you.”
You giggled, “well I guess we should let them in, we have forever anyways.”
Felix grumbled “fine. But after you’re done, you’re all mine.”
“You’re cute when you pout, don’t think I forgot about the compliment thing either I’m going to have to make it up later.” Felix laughed and went to open the door.
Heidi was first, you could have sworn her hug almost broke your ribs “oh my gosh y/n, I’m so sorry.”
“Whoa Heidi, why are you sorry? You didn’t do anything.”
“She’s been feeling guilty ever since that night.”
“Awe Heidi, that wasn’t your fault. Edward actually planned everything pretty well. And you’re not my bodyguard your my friend.”
Heidi was crying “I still should have been able to do something. But thank god you’re okay.” She gave you another hug and went to get whoever was next.
“Alec! Demetri!” You smiled, it was so good to see everyone made it out okay “I’m so glad you guys are okay! I was soooo worried!”
Demetri gave you a hug and a kiss on the cheek first, “cara you realize you’re the one who was in hospital bed like two days ago?”
“Well I do now! How long have I been out?” You turned to Felix who was scratching his head
“Thank a lot D, and you were there for two days, you were in and out but I don’t think you knew what was going on they put you on a lot of pain meds.”
“I’ll be honest I don’t remember like anything past you guys leaving to deal with the newborns.” You turned your attention towards Alec, “Alec hello, come here and give me a hug, you were included in the list of people I was worried about.”
Alec came over and gave you a tight squeeze “you need to be turned sooner rather than later, I don’t want to keep worrying about you putting yourself in unnecessary danger.”
“I missed you too, kiddo.” You ruffled his hair and noticed Demetri and Felix talking about something. “It’s rude to whisper you two.”
“Apologies cara, but something happened when we reset your leg, and none of us can really explain it.” Demetri hesitated, “if you can’t remember, it may be hard to duplicate and the kings are going to have to find a way to ‘motivate’ you.”
“I don’t like the sound of that. How would they go about doing that?” You really didn’t want to hear the answer
“They won’t do anything to you but they encourage Jane to use her gift on Felix.” He continued.
“Absolutely not. If I can’t remember I have no way of controlling whatever you think you saw. And i don’t want to even think about something happening to Felix, I remember how strong her gift is.”
“Y/N you don’t have anything to worry about, I’ll be fine. I’ve had my fair share of Jane using her powers on me.” That did not make you feel better
“We all have.” Demetri added. That didn’t help either “except maybe Alec.”
“I’ve experienced it myself but not as often as you two, I don’t try and get on her bad side.” He burrowed his brow, “it’s too soon for her to try any of her powers. She needs to rest.”
“Alec is right. We can talk about this later. You should try and go back to sleep, love. You can see the rest of your fan club later.”
You rolled your eyes, “yeah okay, but can you stay with me Fe? I don’t want to be by myself right now.”
“Of course.”
“We will see you later, y/n.” Demetri and Alec quickly left the room.
“Alright. Spill. What happened?”
“I thought you agreed to try and rest.”
“I will after you tell me what happened.”
“The thing is, we don’t really know. Demetri and Rose were trying to reset your leg and when the set it back in place you woke up screaming and then they both flew across the room.”
“I’m sorry, Rose? As in Rosalie is here?”
“Like I said fan club. We called them when you went missing and they all showed up the next day.”
“Okay I’ll address that after. What do you mean they flew across the room?”
“That’s it. They flew.” Felix paused. “There’s….there’s more.”
“Oh boy”
“Yeah Edward, he kept asking ‘how did she do that?’ and started talking about Carlisle and Bella but they weren’t there. He also seemed to know that Rosalie and Demetri were going to go flying. I mean we all were pushed back a bit those two just got the brunt of it.”
“I mean I don’t know, I don’t remember. But I know if I let demetri track me then Edward would be able to read my mind so maybe I was messing with him? That’s the only thing I can think of since I don’t really let him hear my thoughts. Unless I had something mean to say.”
“Maybe.” He didn’t look convinced, “now will you try and sleep?”
“I can try, you’re going to keep me company?”
“Nowhere else I would want to be.”
You woke up with a start, you remembered something, it was brief but it was still a flash of something. You turned to look for Felix but went face to face with Rosalie.
“Well, it’s about time you woke up.”
She hugged you “are you okay you looked pretty freaked out when you woke up?”
“Just thought I remembered something? What are you doing her?”
“Oh you know just stopping for a visit.. what do you think I’m doing here? Who else in the guard has a recent medical degree? Why are you always putting yourself in danger?”
“That’s a lot of questions.”
“Y/N, seriously you had us worried sick.” Before you could say anything she propped you up “let’s get all of these tubes off of you. We will get you all cleaned up.”
You wanted to argue but you knew better than to mess with Rosalie when she was upset. “I’m still glad to see you, I’ve missed you guys.”
“We missed you too. A lot. I’m going to get Bree and Heidi to help okay?”
“Oh yay I’ve been wanting to meet her. How is she?”
“She great, honestly me Emmett and jazz love having her around. She’s doing pretty well with our diet too. But she’s amazing.” She went to grab the other girls and they all helped you figure out how to get back on your feet, well one foot you were going to be on crutches for at least 5 months according to Rosalie. Five months before the aro would try and get you to recreate whatever happened to you. You decided to focus on meeting Bree, she really was the cutest thing. She was barely 14 but if for some reason Rosalie and Emmett could have a kid Bree would be it, she loved to have fun but was super smart and was very witty. You loved her immediately.
“God I wish you guys could stay here, I miss you guys and me and Heidi could use more girls here.” You said once it was just you and rose again.
“Please can you imagine the shenanigans Emmett, Felix, and Demetri would get into?”
“Don’t act like you don’t love it.”
“Of course I do….I don’t think me and Emmett would be able to be in the volturi anyways. Jasper maybe. But we don’t have any gifts.”
“So neither does Santiago, he’s just strong.”
“And the diet?”
“Yeah, I guess that would be hard for you guys.”
“It’s okay you can say for me, Emmett could care less about the diet, he really just does for me. Bree does it because she feels bad about the whole Bella thing. Jaspers gift doesn’t let him be a vampire or he wouldn’t do the diet either. Just me who refuses.”
The two you sat together and you rested your head on her shoulder, “just because you do the diet doesn’t mean you are holding the others back, you know? Emmett really just goes for the flow if he wanted to be off the diet nothing is stopping him, I know you and you would love regardless. You never got mad at him with his singers and the people the Heidi brings….honestly it’s better that they are gone.”
“That’s true, I’ll talk about it with him. Him and Jasper are going to be excited to see you. You always encourage their behavior.”
“I think they’re funny!”
“They are. Come on, I’ll help you walk around, you need to start retraining your body to walk with a cast.”
“If you move in with me you can just help take me around everywhere.” Rosalie rolled her eyes and gave you a shove.
Felix came in right after and soon your room had company coming in and out. you met with Emmett and jasper and caught up with them and what they had been getting into. The three kings stopped by. Even the queens paid you a visit, and also gave you scolding for not being more careful. It made your heart fee full to know you had so many people that actually seemed to care about you. But after talking to that many people your social battery was on empty, and you fell against Felix.
“Everyone does realize that it’s just a broken leg right?”
“It could have been a lot worse, dolcezza. Let people worry about you for a change. Have you remembered anything else about what happened?”
*sigh* “no I thought I did earlier but I’m not sure.”
“Perhaps Aro can fill in the blanks, he touched alice so he would have known what Edward was going to do to you.”
“Not a bad idea, love. But tomorrow, I cannot do any more interaction today.”
“Ah well I should leave you be then.” Felix joked
“Ha ha you don’t count. You aren’t allowed to leave my side unless you absolutely have to. And I know that aro Marcus and Caius said you can take care of for at least a little bit.”
“Yes ma’am.” Felix chuckled as he let you fell asleep on him.
Aro had recounted everything that happened during the week y/n went missing and everything she had forgotten. Felix winced at the thought of her being alone through all of that. Aro said they would try and see if they could replicate what happened when she was fully healed. Aro had also said they would try not bring Felix into it but y/n knew that was just to make her fee better.
There was no getting out of it. Y/n had been stalling for upwards of a year, her leg had been out if the cast but Rosalie helped convinced aro to wait until she could walk normally again. They had celebrated the castles first Christmas in ages and her birthday had come and gone. Y/n loved spending time with both of her chosen families. Rosalie agree to stay in the castle as long as she could continue her diet and Emmett and jasper joined the guard, jaspers gift proving to be extremely useful in tense situations. Bree was allowed to come as well and she was just happy to have a stable family with Rose and Emmett. The cullens were all skilled fighters and replaced members of the guard who were not up to Caiuss expectations.
Today y/n joined everyone in the throne room. She had tried to recreate what happened by herself to no avail. Felix was told to not interfere with their first method of trying to recreate things. It seemed like a lot to y/n, she couldn’t figure out how or if she even did all the things they said she had. Aro had an unknown guard rush towards her to see if she would defend herself in a similar fashion but y/n just stayed still, she didn’t think they actually hurt her anyways. She was right the guard stopped centimeters away from face. Whoever this guard was wanted y/n to be scared.
Y/n decided she did not like him. Wish I could figure out what he was afraid of, She thought. A flash of a memory seem to go through her mind, but it wasn’t her memory. She shook her head, not really understanding it. Aro, however, had suspicions of her possible gift and touched her hand to see if he was getting somewhere. Then it was Janes turn.
You could still block her gift. So now aro asked felix to step forward.
“No. Jane don’t.” Y/N stepped forward
Jane did not care. She was still hesitant of y/n and not listening to aro was not going to happen. “Pain.”
Felix doubled over
Y/n began panicking “Felix!” She turned back to Jane. “Jane please.”
Jane did not stop. Y/Ns worry turned to anger “JANE. Stop.”
“Sister, I think you should stop.” Alec warned, jane had been focusing on Felix but y/ns eyes began to glow red. Jane didn’t stop look at y/n and increased the power she was using on Felix.
This time Felix actually seemed to groan in pain
“I said STOP!” Y/Ns hand moved forward and Jane flew backward. Y/N didn’t really care about that. She turned back to check on Felix.
“How fascinating” aro mused, jane was now upset. If y/n hadn’t been able to defend herself she would have turned her gift on her. Aro held his hand up to stop her.
“Seems like you are going to be one tough newborn.” Caius said proudly, Felix was his personal guard and he’d grown to favor y/n over the time she’s been at volterra. The fact that his own mate was fond of her added to it.
“Yeah. Fine. Just don’t do this again, please.”
“Very well, I am curious of something, so if you could come by later today. I saw something very interesting earlier.”
The room cleared out.
“What did you see Aro.”
“It seems our y/n, may be able to reach into others minds. Something quite similar to Demetri finding others tenors, but with a different element I’m not even sure of.”
“You need to be careful brother, if we harm her mate again her allegiance to the volturi may dissipate.” Marcus warned
“Ah yes, the only way her to really be able to train her gifts may be to be changed after all.”
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kedreeva · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Eclipse, going full hoatzin over here.
Those are her alulae digits, complete with a claw, which she is using to maintain her position on the sawhorse with her babies under her. She's been doing this the last few days so it's not just that she accidentally got into a weird position; this is very much on purpose, repeated behavior. I haven't gotten to see this in the other birds because they roost on 2x8 boards instead of 2x4 boards, so they can lay flatter. Eclipse has access to 2x8 roosts, but she chooses the sawhorse.
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before-life · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Solar eclipse by yerpop
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mtfuji · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
金環日食(7時33分ころ)-  日食(7時48分ころ) 
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stupidestlamb · 8 months ago
babe we have guests coming, bring out the fine china
Tumblr media
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detailedart · 11 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Io as seen by the Voyager 1 spacecraft on March 4, 1979 | A triple eclipse on Jupiter: Moons Io, Ganymede & Callisto cast shadows on the planet simultaneously, by NASA, 2004 | Callisto.
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