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Are we ever guna talk about how RPatz was allowed to read Midnight Sun while filming Twilight and now we can see scenes in that movie where he is in the background reacting to hearing thoughts we didn’t actually know were a thing until 12 years later with the book being released. Like when Mike asks Bella to prom you can see Edward picking up on it and becoming upset before enough is said that he would have just overheard. His actions actually line up more with MS at times than what is happening in the movie. It’s like he had a second script that we didn’t get our hands on for over a decade. That is REALLY FRICKIN COOL

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This was meant to be done for three nights during the eclipse and the portal that just closed. Last night was my third night. However, you can still listen to this powerful meditation and receive some amazing benefits. Afterwards, make a list of all the things you wish to release, and then burn the piece of paper at sunset or sunrise.

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