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“Dans sa marche en avant vers le conquête planétaire, le marché, lui, ne s’est pas endormi. En se mondialisant, il a sapé les bases de cet « État-providence ». Il n’a certes pas détruit l’État comme machine oppressive à son service (et de plus en plus), mais il a détruit L’État comme nation de citoyens, et l’État comme système social de contre-pouvoirs. Résister à ces processus est une nécessité pour la survie même de la planète et de l’humanité.”

Décoloniser l’imaginaire, Serge Latouche

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Acknowledging Climate Change as a Central Moral Issue of our Community

The Big Bold Jewish Climate Fest is a free, virtual and collaborative festival by and for people who want to activate Jewish values to move the needle on climate change. We believe the time has come to make climate action a central moral issue of our community, and our current moment is a unique opportunity for collaboration and engagement that might otherwise not have been possible.

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Peru, biodiversity in danger

The biodiversity in Peru is enormous and unique, 3000 to 4000 varieties of potatoes, 52 varieties of corn, 163 varieties of tomatoes, 7590 varieties of flowers that exist only there, 4400 varieties of butterflies, 3 varieties of cocoa, avocados, cotton. We use only a few varieties of each crop in Europe. If these were to get infected with diseases, we would have to return to Peru to use another one.

The Amazon is the largest river in the world, the largest source of plant biodiversity. Most of our medicines come from the Amazon.

But this biodiversity is in danger. To extract gold, all it takes is a bulldozer and mercury to separate the earth from the gold. This mercury is not recovered in containers but is rejected into the Amazon, giving it a gray color. It is a poison that destroys everything. The companies that exploit the gold scrape the land down to the rock, destroying everything with no chance to grow back because the rock is bare, expelling without further ado the inhabitants who are exiled to Lima, a metropolis in the desert with 9 million inhabitants that can not decently accommodate them. 6000 hectares of Amazonia are destroyed every year.

The companies that exploit these resources have more means than the government itself; they use violence and are not held responsible in their countries of origin.

The UN intervenes through an education program and there are draft laws in the countries of origin to hold these companies accountable.

Biodiversidad en el Peru – Lima 2019:

Catalogo-Papas – Ministerio de la agricultura del Peru:

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Owed to Nature: Medicines from Tropical Forests – Rainforest Trust:

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Why Switzerland stuggles with dirty gold: tales from Peru – swissinfo:

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Mathieu Henderson (@Mat__Henderson) Tweeted: Alors que l’initiative “Entreprises responsables” est rejetée à la maj. des cantons, les sympathisants du texte parlent déjà de nouvelles propositions. Ils comptent aussi “regarder si les multinationales ne commettent pas de violations graves”. Le cons.national PS Baptise Hurni:


Perú, biodiversidad en peligro:

Le Pérou, la biodiversité en danger:

Golden Rivers and Freedom wars:

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I bought this book about creating less waste and I just think it’s so cool that it was made with sustainability sourced paper and vegetable ink!

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WEEK 13: Ecology and Design

  • Perceived obsolescence is a kind of perception of “staying up to date and maintaining social status” created by companies on people. This perception is usually created by advertisements. Although this perception is in many sectors such as fashion, nowadays, the target is especially technological products because we live in a technological age. Technological products are no longer for need as before; they are taken for color, popularity, etc. So it’s like following the fashion program, whatever’s in this year’s creation is taken. The best-known example of this is the iPhone. The iPhone 1, produced by Apple in 2007, is expected to be 12 in 2020. 12 updated top model in 13 years (excluding models such as pro vs). You buy the most popular phone in the year you bought it, not because you actually need it, but as popular. As if you pick up that phone, you will be up to date and you will not be left behind, here is the classic herd psychology. However, when you get that phone, it’s not too long before a top model comes out. New features have been added, existing features have been further improved; camera, battery, etc. This time, that phone you get because it’s actually popular suddenly seems outdated or garbage to you. Even though you don’t need it, now the new product becomes psychologically your need, and you find yourself buying a top model phone. In addition even the company has set a strategy, the old model that you have is slowing down after the new model comes out. So if you don’t want to follow this herd psychology, the company is forced to make you up and you have to. Then again the same vicious circle after buying a top model. Better, more beautiful, more popular, more up-to-date, better quality, better photographer etc. In short, there is no limit to this. In fact, the more we consume, the more we become depleted. We can call it a black hole for perceived or planned obsolescence.


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Private companies are allowed to censor as they see fit, eh?


The “government” is not allowed to censor, cus of ‘free speech’ etc. etc.

Thing is, the ecological physics work the same in both cases.

It doesn’t matter what party is doing the censoring; the result is the same!

Ideas are prevented from flowering and blooming out into society. Censorship is the culprit.

Private censorship (via Facebook or twitter) is not ecologically different from government censorship (via state news or other government propaganda utilities).

Both achieve the same ecological ends. Both prevent the dissemination of ideas.

In society, ideas should be able to be discussed and analyzed.

Preventing ideas from being disseminated, analyzed and discussed is harmful to human progress.

It doesn’t matter from whence the censorship stems; what matters is that ideas are being artificially prevented from being disseminated

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A couple of mammal skulls 😌


Currently studying mammalogy and one of their most defining features in terms of fossil records , is that the bottom jaw is all one single bone!

Another fun fact, our three little ear bones we have actually used to be part of the jaw in early mammals before they’ve evolved to how they are today

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Phlyctis argena

Whitewash lichen

This crustose lichen forms a thick or thin, smooth, cracked, or verrucose thallus of white or gray. Easy, right? It has a well defined prothallus (ring around the main thallus) of felty, white, radiating hyphae. The surface is typically covered in pale green soredia, giving it a dusty, eroding appearance. Immersed apothecia are rare, but when present, have a black disc covered in white pruina. P. argena typically colonizes smooth tree bark, and occasionally rock, in North America, Europe, Africa, and Asia. 

images: source | source | source

info: source | source | source

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Lilium canadense

Roadside cuts are a bit like powerline easements in the potential diversity they can hold.

Roadside cut, DBNF, reinforced by both fire whenever it happens and trimming, which occurs once a year. Diversity is brought about by forms of disturbance that do minimal damage to soil hydrology and texture. Deep disturbance like frequent compaction, herbicides, pesticides, fungicides, saltation, and deep tilling ruin the refugiums along these road cuts. On this road cut alone there are many rare and state listed species: Gentiana saponariaAconitum uncinatumLilium superbum, Clematis viorna, Echinacea pallida, and Dodecatheon meadia are all known from just this specific roadside cut. 

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The Bank of the Oriental Republic of Uruguay (BROU) and the Union of Exporters granted Biotek Petrol the Green Exports award, stating that “an exporter is an ambassador of Uruguay to the world and an exporter who receives this recognition is one who has opened paths for other citizens to follow; it is one who dreams big and puts passion and professionalism into turning ideas into reality”.

As Executive Director of Biotek Petrol, I am proud of this award. We work using bioremediators in various stages: physical, chemical and microbiological in order to break the carbon chains of the hydrocarbon fractions, through entirely ecological procedures.

Thus, “for Banco República and the Union of Exporters it is a joy and a responsibility to reward ambassadors like you, Biotek Petrol, every year. We want to support them because their role in generating income and employment is key, “said Salvador Ferrer, President of Banco República, and Andrea Roth, President of the Exporters Union.

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thinking about archeological finds in the distant future, and how our objects will be found completely intact a 1000 years from now because almost everything we own is plastic and won’t decompose by then :/

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Source: World Economic Forum, 2021

This planting technique boosts seedling survival rates from 10% to at least 90%, even in dry areas. A simple and nature based solution that helps fight climate change.

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Can anyone recommend any good zoology or ecology books? Just for fun reading. I am not a scholar of the topic. Or even cool marine biology books. i have the book about eels on order from the library

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90% of the Global Power Capacity Added in 2020 Will Be Renewable

A recent report found that carbon-free electricity will account for almost 90 percent of the total power capacity added globally in 2020, and the pace is set to accelerate in 2021

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