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#ed recovery
voldy-morts · a day ago
Avoidant Personality Disorder (AVPD)
I literally NEVER see posts about mental illnesses outside of like, anxiety and depression and eating disorders, let alone personality disorders which are still highly stigmatized. I had literally never heard of AVPD up until being diagnosed, which is wild considering it affects around 2.4% of the US population.
AVPD is a Cluster C personality disorder characterized by anxiety and fear. People with AVPD have chronic feelings of inadequacy and are highly sensitive to judgment from others. People with AVPD often consider themselves to be socially inept or personally unappealing. They avoid social interaction for fear of being ridiculed, humiliated, rejected, or disliked, and avoid becoming involved with others unless they are certain they will be liked.
According to the DSM, to have a diagnosis of avoidant personality disorder patients must have:
A persistent pattern of avoiding social contact, feeling inadequate, and being hypersensitive to criticism and rejection
Along with ≥ 4 of the following:
Avoidance of job-related activities that involve interpersonal contact because they fear that they will be criticized or rejected or that people will disapprove of them
Unwillingness to get involved with people unless they are sure of being liked
Reserve in close relationships because they fear ridicule or humiliation
Preoccupation with being criticized or rejected in social situations Inhibition in new social situations because they feel inadequate
Self-assessment as socially incompetent, unappealing, or inferior to others
Reluctance to take personal risks or participate in any new activity because they may be embarrassed
AVPD is easily confused with social anxiety. However, social anxiety tends to dissipate the longer you spend time with specific people, while AVPD does not. This means that with SA you may eventually feel comfortable with a close group of friends, with AVPD you will still fear rejection an judgment, etc.
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urgonnawishubelievedme · 18 hours ago
you are not made up of the future
you are made up of the present and bits and pieces of memories and happiness
so eat that slice of cake, wear that outfit, cut your hair, change your name, use that bath bomb
don't deny yourself the simple pleasures of life because you don't think it's "the right time"
your future self will thank you for taking care of yourself
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enby-life · 6 months ago
*shakes you gently*
Eat. Food was not made for you to turn it down. The human race didn’t perfect the invention of milkshakes for them to go ignored due to diet culture. We didn’t make hundreds and thousands of combinations of bread, vegetables, spices, and meat for all of that hard work to go to waste.
We made spaghetti. We made ice cream and chocolate and coffee and rice and pickles. We saw chickens making eggs and we discovered how to make them scrambled. We saw wheat and turned it into cakes and pies. Food was not created as an accident, it wasn’t perfected just to hurt you. We are living in a time where you can drink a strawberry milkshake with a silly straw shaped like a cat. Embrace it.
The future is infinite and made up of infinite moments from “now”. You can’t be happy in the future if you won’t allow yourself to be happy now. You might regret it later, or you might not. You don’t know that. All you’ll know is you’ll regret it now. Stop that.
Eat the goddamn meal. You have permission, you’re not a bad person for it, eating won’t make you a bad person. Eat. Drink. Enjoy yourself. Treat yourself. You have one body, stop neglecting it to fit your ED’s ideal. It wants you dead. It wants you hurting. It wants you to isolate yourself.
You won’t be “skinny enough” until you’re dead. The “ultimate ideal” of eating disorders will always result in being a cadaver six feet under. Saying “I’ll only skip this one meal” will end up turning into two, then three, then fasting. Your eating disorder wants you dead. Don’t let it succeed.
[if you leave negative comments on this post I will fucking GUT YOU and will I report every single thinspo blog that touches this]
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whollesome · 19 days ago
Tumblr media
i don’t know who needs to hear this, but being disciplined should not equal punishment towards yourself, your body and your mind.
Tumblr media
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recoverycat · 5 months ago
It is okay if all I did today was breathe. I am a human being, not a human doing.
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styrke · 4 months ago
gaining weight can be a form of self love.
losing weight can be a form of self love.
maintaining weight can be a form of self love.
physical recover from any type of disordered eating looks different from person to person. when we start to live a healthier life being more active and eating better (for some it means eating more, for some it means eating less, for some it means eating differently) our bodies can show any of the change mentioned above. none of them are wrong, it all depends on your personal journey through recovery.
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and-how-to-heal-from-it · 6 months ago
Feeling comfortable in your own skin is hard. Don’t beat yourself up if you can’t do it just yet. 
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enby-life · 9 months ago
Eat when you’re hungry
“But it’s late at night-” eat!
“But it’s the middle of the day-” eat!
“But I’ll be having lunch soon-” have lunch earlier! Or have a light snack!
“But I don’t deserve to eat” I promise you do, you deserve to eat and feel full I promise you
Eat when you’re hungry! When you’re hungry, you’re sad. And that will just add to whatever else is upsetting you at the time. Even if it’s something like popcorn or a strawberry or toast or meat and crackers or a breakfast bar, eat when you’re hungry!
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punkfairyinthewoods · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I love her. I wish this was better quality... but maybe I don’t, it would loose some of its charm.
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whollesome · 23 days ago
Tumblr media
quick self care check in! if you see this post, you have reached a checkpoint. a few friendly reminders that you may want to:
stretch your body and fix your posture!
take your meds or vitamins if you haven’t.
grab a snack or a beverage!
take off your binder for a breather.
change your tampon or pad!
take a moment for yourself or do something light and fun.
alright! that’s all! i’m proud of you, friend. keep scrolling! you’re awesome!
Tumblr media
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aeris-poetry · 10 months ago
when I was dying
I think it is really fucked up
to start a sentence like this
everyone complimented me
on slowly turning to ashes
'You look so pretty dear'
they said
and I heard
'try harder'
when someone is suffering
from lung cancer
You don't light them a cigarette
You don't
You do not hand a suicidal person
a loaded gun
unless you want them to die
so why did you?
why did you handed me a gun?
what was I supposed to do with it?
besides pulling the trigger
when you are sixteen
and at some point
we all are
nothing is as easy as dying
without anyone noticing
dying isn't like it is in the movies
a 60 second sequel
with blood and wounds and lots of noise
it is a quiet long-term-process
You do not recognise the dead
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