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And what they hear isn’t laughter after all It’s just your voice learning for once to stand up tall
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wavesbeneaththerevenge · a day ago
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“I am the shore and the ocean, awaiting myself on both sides”
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toadstoolsandtrafficjams · 9 hours ago
ed was pouring his heart and soul out on that beach and stede was just like
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so entranced. look at him. he's nearly fucking cross-eyed he's concentrating so hard on what ed has to say. and for ed, who's been this figurehead of terror, who's never able to be close to someone long enough to share his thoughts, that's so precious and i am going to pass out
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My Favorite OFMD Season 2 Theories
Lucius in the walls (of course)
Lucius pretending to be a ghost to mess with Ed and/or Izzy
Stede finds the red silk
Izzy dragged into a redemption arc kicking and screaming
Anne Bonny + Mary Read and/or Hornigold appearance
Oluwande in a leadership role
3rd Badminton sibling/other Badminton relative (also played by Rory Kinnear)
More “unhand me or bleed” Stede
Spanish Jackie gets more husbands (or a wife? 👀)
Jim gets through to Ed with the same advice about revenge that they got from Jackie
Use of an ABBA song
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tothechaos · 14 hours ago
47- ed and izzy
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apologies to con o'neill, i don't think you're actually a foot and a half tall gremlin of a man. izzy hands, however......
prompt is from this drawing meme!
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natjennie · 18 hours ago
do you ever just... ed teach 💕🥰✨😌💖
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laurenablack · 2 days ago
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auntygrumpycow · 2 days ago
"I do wish your Mr. Hands had a hobby other than yelling at the crew, dear," Stede sighed walking into the captain's quarters and making a beeline to the pot of tea gently steaming on the desk.
"Huh?" Ed answered vaguely from where he was sprawled out on the couch idly leafing through one of Stede's books.
"A hobby, darling, other than yelling at the crew, they fret terribly when he's on one of his tears."
"Oh," Ed nods, still distracted, "he's got one--" he leans his head to the side, then turns the book upside down.
"Does he?" Stede asks, biting his lip to keep from cooling at how adorable Ed looks at that moment.
"Oh yeah," Ed nods more at the book than anything else, "he fucks."
"Pardon?!" Stede almost drops the cup he's just filled, the china clanking as he sets it down to be safe finally dragging Ed away from the book he's been studying.
"He fucks!" He repeats cheerfully, "got a brothel he likes almost in every port, spends his whole leave there. Not something he can really do on a ship, being the first mate and everything. But on land, and off duty--"
"Brothel?" Stede repeats dumbfounded that Ed is so casual about the subject.
"Yeah, says it's less effort than finding a fuck at a tavern, and with the right madam all the workers are clean. Prides himself on never gotten the clap or anything!"
"You discussed this?" The thought of carnalities being discussed openly is horrifying and strangely titillating. Polite society would have ostracized a man for even the rumor of them frequenting a paid companion...and here were pirates discussing it openly. Visiting brothels in the light of day like Stede would visit a library.
"Sometimes," Ed shrugs, "he doesn't really like to, but I've been along a couple of times. Iz knows the best spots to relax!"
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my imagination is not enough i NEED to know what his hugs feel like.
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magnuspng · 16 hours ago
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I love one man <3
Reference: Mapplethorpe’s “Dressed and Undressed”
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stedebonny · a day ago
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With Stede on the ship, Ed had someone make the decision to check on him without him asking (which he’d never do), and then being comfortable enough to sit with him while he’s having a trauma response and to talk through his feelings with him. Once Stede is gone, Ed’s again left alone, with no one to knock on the door when he’s crying.
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changethecircumstances · 2 days ago
i know it wasn't intentional but i'm just thinking about how Con said Izzy would have a snake for a pet and thinking about that scene where Ed beat the snake to death and like it's a coincidence, i get that, but also ✨SYMBOLISM✨
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aziraphalesbowtie · a day ago
during the “run me through” scene, did izzy actually think that they were buggering on the deck?? i know that the implication is there, but did he ACTUALLY think that that’s what was happening??
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sunnibits · a day ago
edward teach rlly is so girlcoded to me I can’t explain it. not even in a transfem way (like yes in a transfem way but) just like. he’s a girlboss. he’s a woman with a broken heart. he’s a crazy ex. he’s a girlfriend. he wrote a song about you and made an angsty music video for it. I don’t know where I’m going with this.
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natjennie · 12 hours ago
the intricacies of femininity and masculinity are so utterly inane and arbitrary to me so I can't be articulate about it but ed teach ofmd is sooooo fucking gender to me. like the "careful what you ask your god for, she just might answer" and the shaved face and the kohl eyes and the nail polish and the FUCKING breakup robe.... that shit makes my brain buzz and light up like a pinball machine.
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blissful-bard333 · 2 days ago
I really like the steddyhands ship and i absolutely adore morning scenes. Could i trouble you for a soft grumbly morning cuddle and some breakfast. (Extra points is they all bicker while making the breakfast)
Thank you!
PROMPT: Steddyhands soft grumbly morning cuddles and breakfast
TOS: Fluff & Lemon
LENGTH: Medium - 790 words
The slowly rising sun was appearing out of the ocean's veil. Its rays were slyly crawling up Izzy's body, which was kept close between the sheets and the captains. They eventually reached his sleepy face and of course, he started to rub his tired eyes. A few blinks made him realize his placement in the bed. He still gets flustered, no matter how many times they've done this. He looked to find his clothes draped on top of the couch. He then slowly started to peel the blankets off of him, legs carefully slipping out. But once he started to lean away, Ed instantly took a hold of his wrist, eyes still closed.
"Iz," Ed said muddled in the pillow. "It can wait..."
"Oh really? My duty can wait?" Izzy questioned with sarcasm tainted in his tone.
"Yes. Now lay back down. Please...?" He used his deer-like eyes to try to win him over.
Izzy exhaled faintly, taken aback by his glorious mocha eyes, yet his trance ended fast.
"Fuck this, I'm going." He mumbled.
He moved his legs over Stede's blanketed body. Ed sighed.
"Stede." He blankly said.
Suddenly, Izzy's torso was gripped tight, making the top half of his body hang off the bed. He was amazed by Stede's hidden strength but he would never say that to his face, ever.
"Got him, dear." Stede said groggily, his purple mask still covering his eyes.
Ed uncovered his chocolate brown eyes and kissed him tenderly. They gazed for a while until Stede whispered:
"I'll go grab breakfast, ok?"
"Of course, hun. Since you're the only one decently clothed." Ed whispered back.
This made Stede giggle through his nose. "Let's switch places, alright?"
Stede then let go of Izzy's waist only to be replaced with Ed's tan tattooed hands and arms. He hugged him tightly which made Izzy sit up against Ed's warm chest and stomach so he could be more comfortable since he could tell he was going to be stuck there for a while and there was no way of getting out now.
"I'll be back soon, my loves!" Stede said, putting on his yellow robe over his translucent white nightgown.
Ed gave him a homey grin while Izzy just gave him a glare and grumble.
"Why are you such a grumpster in the morning, Iz?" Ed asked once Stede was gone, resting his chin on Izzy's exposed shoulder.
He didn't respond.
"Oh, you're giving me the silent treatment, then? Ok, I see how it is. Well..." He then slowly slid his hand against Izzy's bare chest and neck, then jerked his chin to face him, grazing his thumb on his bottom lip.
"At least this doesn't require talking." They fiercely started kissing, tongue and all.
Izzy ran his fingers through Ed's snowy ebony hair, cautiously placing his head on the back of his neck. But he squeezed Ed's plush thigh harshly, in need of support. After a while, they both needed a breather from the passionate battle. Izzy was breathing heavily while Ed was delicately gasping for air. Both looked into each other's eyes with arousal, filled to the brim.
"Ah, you've shut him up." Stede said, walking in with a tray in his hands.
Straight away, their arousal drained out, being replaced with the clouds of admiration for Stede's rays of kindness.
"Yep, nothing that a kiss won't fix." Ed responded.
He started to get up, feet wandering to the table to look upon the delightful breakfast Stede was placing in their spots.
"There we go!" Stede said, presenting his neat arrangement of the plates.
This made Stede smile and laugh from adoration. He quickly gave Stede a kiss, his hands cupping his doll face. He naturally wrapped his arms around Ed's waist, his red robe rubbing his arms sensually and graciously, wanting the kiss to last longer.
"I love you, you know that?" Ed whispered to Stede.
"Of course, my darling! But do you know... that I love you more?" He whispered back.
They both giggled softly. "Well, breakfast is served!"
They all finished their food and tea, conversating through it all. It wasn't until Izzy had to break off.
"Well, I'd better head off, for real this time." Izzy said, tightening his tie.
"Not before we give you our farewell kisses!" Stede said eagerly.
"Oh fuck off." Just as he started to walk away, his wrist was gripped and pulled back, Stede's hand latching onto his waist.
"I said... not before." His tone started stern but ended cheerfully.
"O-ok then, yeh." Izzy said softly, enticed by Stede's hidden dominance.
They then gave Izzy's cheeks a peck of love.
"Right then, have a wonderful day, Iz!" said Stede.
"See you later then, mate." Ed said chillfully.
Izzy was entranced for a bit but quickly headed off to his job.
Once he arrived on deck, the crew was busy and flirty, as usual. But it wasn't until Lucius slowly crept up next to him and questioned quietly, in a sultry tone:
To which Izzy responded with a coarse, "Fuck off."
Well, I did my best.
Hope you like it!!
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paleoleigh · 2 days ago
Logging in to tumblr.com and heading to the ofmd tag to check up on my fictional babygirls
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