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like the fandon in general?? no not really. fucking unfortunate. me??? i have so many fucking opinions hello eddie gluskin is Not cis or straight i do not care what ppl attempt to tell me. i have been out here considering writing an entire au where eddie is a transman who doesnt know it yet (and also has synesthesia).

my main headcanon is nonbinary eddie. high school eddie donning dresses and doc martens and then forcibly internalizing that when he repressed MOST of themself as a defense mechanism. post-mount massive eddie finally exploring themself in a healthy way and discovering terms they identify with and enjoy.

anything else yall want either?? im so down to explore even more Not Cis content for eddie and write out shit for it after class this morning, im starved for content soo

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people can draw the ed edd n eddy characters however they want, unless they dont draw Edd’s tooth gap or get rid of Ed’s unibrow. You will put the gap and brow back and face the facts

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eugh theres smth so soft abt accidentally skipping class w my bf

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super epic bpd momence when its ur anniversary w ur fp and its the first anniversary you get to spend with her and you want to kiss her and take her on a musical forest date so bad but you cant and now ur jealous and bitter and wanna do some dangerous but ultimately attention seeking behavior even tho you know you wont and will just silently suffer and be in pain instead :]

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fellas yall ever cum 5 times in an hour and still have the energy to make ur bf cum twice. bc 😳👉🏽👈🏽

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im in a pretty dress and i need to be beat upppppp 🥺👉🏽👈🏽

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cisphobia is real and i am a cisphobe. if ur cis dont look at me

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