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#eda clawthorne
sheltered-uno · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Eda and Lilith time! I dunno lilith’s dress makes Eda look sassier and I’m all in for it :>
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pizzaboat · a day ago
Hunter: You killed her.
Eda: Actually, I believe she died of natural causes.
Lilith: *Returning from checking Kikimora's body* Knife in the neck..
Hunter: I thought you said she died of natural causes?!
Freshly unbrainwashed Raine: There's nothing more natural than dying from a knife to the neck.
Eda: *Nodding* What would be unnatural is if she'd survived.
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jess-the-vampire · 2 days ago
can’t believe it took me this long to recognize the similarities between eda’s public petrification
and the public executions of criminals such as witches that were indeed going on in the 1600s
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fuckthisshitimin · 2 days ago
Raine, singing: It's a beautiful night...
Raine: I'm looking for something dumb to do~
Eda: I'm dumb, do me.
Raine: I was trying to propose to you.
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owlwitchs · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Are you ready to give up? You’ve barely scratched the surface.
THE OWL HOUSE 1.09 | Something Ventured, Someone Framed
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kindaorangey · a day ago
luz's gonna return home having acquired 1 mom 2 brothers 1 brother/pet and 2 girlfriends
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owl-house-incorrectly · 2 days ago
Raine: What’s the first thing you notice when the law approaches you
Eda: The audacity
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novelist-becca · a day ago
Owltober day 22: Theory you really thought would be true, but turned out to be wrong
Y'all are gonna hate me for this… I almost thought Raine was gonna be bad.
Yes, I thought Raine would pull the bullshit "You have a family? Forget that, we're saving the world, which is better for these reasons" move.
But I'm glad they didn't. Instead it was kinda the reverse. "You have a family? Forget this plan, those people are more important and I understand if you can't go through with it."
It was very refreshing to see.
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incantatrice-hex13 · 2 days ago
Lilith: What happened?
Eda: I tried punching a wall. The wall won.
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