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That’s what I’m thinking! A part of me wants Luz to have an owl. I’ve even considered the idea of Eda gifting Owlbert to Luz, but after entertaining that idea for a little while, I realized that it’s important that Luz chooses and makes her own palisman. It’s an important part of her growing into her identity as a witch. So, what I’m saying is that I totally agree with you. An eagle, hawk, or other powerful bird would fit into Eda and the show’s vibe perfectly while still giving Luz her own thing.

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Part 13 of the Moonlit Masquerade Series

Amity sat quietly at the kitchen table, having her customary morning cup of tea with Lilith before the sun came up. She had become a master at slipping out of bed without disturbing Luz even a little, depending on how wrapped around her the human was, usually it was just an arm, but sometimes she was snaked around her like a python.

Even Hooty was still asleep, so it was quite still in the house. Usually, they chatted but it was quiet this morning, Amity lost in her thoughts and Lilith content to let her think in the quiet, lost in her own idle thoughts.

She had something to do today, something she had been putting off for almost two weeks now, but there was nothing left to do but rip the bandage off and be done with it. She sighed quietly into her cup of black tea, making Lilith look up at her.

“Something on your mind, Amity?” she finally asked

“I’m going to see my parents today, tell them that Luz and I are getting married,” she says.

“I see, I was under the impression that you didn’t speak to your parents anymore,” Lilith hummed.

“To my mother, no. She prefers to try and send passive-aggressive messages through my siblings though from time to time. I do keep in occasional contact with my father though, I don’t want to lump him in with her, he was never the warmest man, but I don’t think he was ever aware of the kinds of things that went on when I was a kid…” Amity frowned into her cup.

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This happens in like. all AU’s. but ESPECIALLY in Four Years. Luz almost dies like 8 separate times (at the MINIMUM) in the span of just ONE year. You can see a lot of these times from the scars she sports. And it’s not uncommon for the twins or even Eda to go off the map for a day or two. Sometimes they’ll come back fine, other times they give Amity and Viney a heart attack. We simply can’t be specific here there is just Too Many Situations

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