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#eda the owl lady
tortol · 3 hours ago
i often see the fandom writes eda and lilith’s parents as controlling and even abusive, but based off what we’ve seen i believe them being absent makes more sense.
both of them had a shit ton of issues even as children; lilith searched for approval by academically excelling and pushing herself, while eda became a troublemaker who attracted attention by causing mischief.
this contrast caused a huge rivalry between the two that manifested as they got older, and, as we know, ended horribly.
these behaviors play a huge role on assuming how they were raised... each of them could’ve just been searching for their parents’ attention and approval on their own unhealthy ways, but never really received the praise they craved.
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Belos: Your mentor cannot save you, girl. She is unfocused and undisciplined.
Luz: Well, then we’re perfect for each other!
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saz-and-maz · 13 hours ago
NEW VIDEO!!! Back at the Boiling isles and inside The Owl House Saz learns the truth of Eda's nickname "The Owl Lady"!...and Maz almost dies of cuteness overload.
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thatone-highlighter · 16 hours ago
Unpopular opinion:
Amity is an overrated character
Yea sure she’s very interesting and it’s awesome that she’s a confirmed Lesbian in a show for kids but the sheer abundance of content for her is a bit over the top I feel.
I just went and checked and as of 18/4/21 there are 3447 fics tagged with ‘Amity Blight’ and 3818 fics tagged with ‘Luz Noceda’ on AO3. The fact that there are less then 400 more fics tagged with Luz, the main damn character who is prominent in all 19 episodes, over Amity, a character who appears in 11 episodes total (including eps where she barely appears like Hootys Moving Hassle and Agony of a Witch), is insane.
If you think maybe that’s an unfair comparison Because a lot of them are ship fics then let’s compare her to the other two main characters who appear in every single episode, Eda and King. There are 2261 fics tagged ‘Eda Clawthorne’ and 1257 tagged ‘King (the owl house)’. Amity, who again only even appears in HALF of the episodes, beats out Eda by over 1000 fics and king by nearly 3 fold.
Maybe it’s just me not being super interested in her character over others but I still think it’s insane that there is so much content for a character who doesn’t actually appear that much at all
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arcadialedger · 21 hours ago
What I’m the most excited about The Owl House season 2 is not just the development of Eda/ Lilith’s and Luz/ Amity’s relationships, but the tension where the two meet.
As Luz and Amity get closer, the strife between Edalyn and Lilith grows deeper. These two girls are being mentored and drawn down different paths by these women, yet the trajectory of their relationship is moving in the complete opposite than these two women they look up to.
And I have to question how sustainable that is until it causes some tension. At some point, someone is going to have to give-- or Eda and Lilith will have to make amends for the sake of Luz and Amity.
Something I think Eda is going to be willing to do, not only due to her love of Luz, but for Amity. she both knows of and despises the kind of elitist pressure Amity’s parents put her under, and she will want to encourage Amity down the path of freedom and love Luz is leading her down. 
Eda has sacrificed a lot, but I have the feeling we are going to see her sacrifice a whole lot more. She might be conceited and think highly of herself at times, but she will always put other people’s well being before her own. Selfless is one of the many things our Owl Lady is, and as long as she has something to give for the benefit of those she loves, she will continue to lose.  
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whothehe · a day ago
Ok but imagine if Anne Marcy and Sasha at the end of season 3 get transported to the Boiling Isles and we discover that the portal to earth got destroyed but they still have some towards Amphibia. So the girls ask for help to a sketchy human stuff seller, a talking cat with too much rage and an artsy kid who seems to be a human like them! I'd love to see a gag where Luz doesn't understand how they are so calm in such a strange world and the girls are like "eh. I've seen worse." (Also Anne just got double betrayed so I don't know how much she'd care about this new world.) Not only we get a plot relevant crossover but a confrontation only between the girls without all of the other characters. Maybe Mittens helping Sasha figure her redemption arc out? Luz and Marcy gushing about their favourite fandoms together? Anne adopting Willow and Gus even if they are fucking op?
Also an heartbreaking b-plot of the Plantars teaming up with Grime trying to find a way to get the girls back home while fighting king Andrias...
This is never gonna happen and I am this close 👌 to writing it
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Me introducing my new hyperfixations be like:
Tumblr media
Yes I am hyperfixating on toh
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waterfire1848 · 2 days ago
Luz: Oh! She remembered.
Eda: Remembered what?
Luz: It was like months ago and I saw this pin in the window. I told her it was just like the one my grandma had when I was a little girl. I can’t believe she remembered.
Emira: I can’t believe she did this.
Edric: Come on, Amity? Remember when she had a huge crush on that one girl and bought her that expensive crystal duck?
Luz: What did you just say?
Edric: Crystal duck!
Luz: No,no,no. The crush part. Amity has a crush on me?
Edric: Oh, no, no, no.
Emira: That’s good. Just keep rubbing your head. That’ll turn back time.
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lilithswxfe · 2 days ago
Text 😭😭😭😭
Tumblr media
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novelist-becca · 2 days ago
I had a dream that Eda sacrificed herself and died in the TOH series finale.
What is wrong with me? 😀
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kprapture · 2 days ago
Belos: Give your report on the Owl House. We mustn’t let them foil my plans!
Owl Mask: Well, the human recreated her self insert “Asura Fanfic?” with the Blight child. Though they both got flustered and couldn’t finish.
The Owl Lady was trying to make counterfeit snails with the demon pet but they just ended up drawing mock drawings of you.
And Lilith was drinking large amounts of spiked Apple Blood and telling gossip about the coven.
Belos: ......
Owl Mask: I’m pretty sure they’re a bunch of idiots, sir.
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senjanoir · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
DREAM “ one can against the almighty "Super King-giant evil forces tremble at his mighty sonic roar”⚡🔊😈
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novelist-becca · 3 days ago
"Huh…so that's what happens when God takes a dump."
- Eda when a meteor falls
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